Days Transcript Thursday 9/23/04

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 9/23/04 - Canada; Friday 9/24/04 - U.S.A.

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[Baby crying]

Mimi: Thank you. Aw... so cute.

Louise: You're such a natural with babies.

Lexie: Mimi, you're pregnant.

Mimi: Shut up.

Louise: You'll make a wonderful mother someday, Mimi.

Mimi: Sooner than you think.

Jan: Look, I'm sorry, Belle. I mean, I know that this has to be a huge hell of a shock, but not only were Shawn and I living together all summer long --

Belle: I don't believe that. He hates you.

Jan: No, he hates you.

Belle: But you lied before. You've lied every time we've talked to you, and you're still lying. I don't know what you did to him, but I know he would never give you his Brady family cross.

Jan: Well, I didn't steal it from him, if that's what you're implying. I mean, that would be a little counterproductive, don't you think?

Philip: Well, that depends on who you believe, Jan.

Jan: I believe in Shawn's love. Which reminds me -- he also gave me something else. We're engaged. He's the fiancé I've told you about.

Belle: Oh, my God.

Jan: You kept saying that Shawn sounded like my fiancé. Well, you were right.

Belle: No!

Jan: Yes. I mean, I wanted to tell you so many times, but, I mean, I knew you would take it like this.

Belle: This cannot be true.

Jan: Shawn would tell you himself, but he's unconscious. Come on, Belle. Did you really believe that I ran into him at a rest stop, and he gave me his purity ring to give to you?

Belle: At first, no. I didn't. I mean, it's not like Shawn to -- but then Philip had the ring box checked for fingerprints, and when his were all over it, well, I did believe you. I had no choice. But why? I mean, why would he do something like that to me? I mean, why wouldn't he just face me?

Jan: What can I say? People change. I mean, I'm sure he never thought that you would lie to him. Like I said, Shawn was in my bedroom at the house the entire time that you and Philip were there. And he wanted me to get rid of you in the worst way so we could get back to making love. Oh... and his proposal. Well, it would have been slightly more perfect had he not mentioned your name.

Belle: What did he say?

Jan: He said, "maybe by giving you this ring, Belle will finally stop running after me."

Philip: Jan, just stop talking. Stop lying.

Jan: It's the truth. Look, I don't mean to be insensitive, but I would really appreciate it if Philip took you home now, Belle. I mean, you're the last person that Shawn's gonna want to wake up and see. He's my fiancé, and he means everything to me. And he's in that room about to die -- just when we have our whole lives ahead of us.

Philip: This is crazy. You're crazy. This is --

Brady: Belle, we're so sorry about Shawn. We saw on the news. Jan Spears?

Nicole: What the hell are you doing here?

Jennifer: What are you thinking? You can't go to Tony for help. You can't trust him. He's probably the reason that we are all here right now.

Hope: I don't have any other choice. I have to get back through the force field and into the jungle to find Bo, and Tony is the only one who knows how to get through.

Roman: Hope! We know you're thinking about going back in that jungle, but we all talked about it. I'm sorry, but we can't let you do that.

Hope: Bo's out there. I'm going.

John: Get with the program. You're not going anywhere.

Bart: Man, when I got the call to come down here, boss, I had no idea I'd find you still alive. And this whole setup -- incredible. It's just incredible.

Tony: Oh, Bart, it took years to set and prepare this place. You must stay out of sight. No one is to find out that you're here.

Bart: That's fine with me, boss. I know your old man wants you to kill anybody who gets inside the jungle, am I correct?

Tony: We cannot afford to risk anybody finding out what or who is behind this side of the force field.

Bart: So, if Hope Brady or anybody else decides to leave New Salem, they get killed, but this time for real. Am I correct?

Tony: Exactly.

Bart: Okay. So now that I know everybody's still alive, I still have to ask this question, boss. How the hell did you and Stefano pull this off?

Tony: Ha ha ha ha. Oh, that is the big question, isn't it?

Bart: You bet.

Tony: Uh-huh. Ha...

Bart: It's sure the biggie. Big question. So, you gonna tell me, or what?

Tony: [Laughs] Oh, my. All right, Bart, why not? 'Cause actually... I'm very proud of it. Very proud.

Marlena: Hope, you've got to come to your senses. You can't go out there after Bo alone.

Jennifer: Well, she was just about to go find Tony DiMera to help her get through the force field.

Doug: Hope, no. You cannot go to Tony DiMera.

Abe: He's not going to help us. Now, we're here because either he or his father or both of them want to see us suffer.

Hope: We don't know that for sure. We're all still alive, right? Didn't he find the clotting agent that stopped Jennifer from hemorrhaging after the baby was born? Look, he's the only one who knows how to get through the force field, and he's the only one who can help me find Bo.

Jennifer: Will you just listen to your dad and Abe? You are letting your emotions drive you to do something really dangerous. Don't you see that?

Maggie: We all came here because we want to stop you from doing anything foolish. It's for your own good, Hope.

Hope: Look, I really appreciate your concern. Really, I do. But I will not risk losing Bo.

John: We understand that love is a very powerful driving force. Same force that drove Bo and me to this damn island. But what you fail to grasp is if you go out after Bo, you're going to put us all at risk.

Hope: But I know what direction he went in.

Roman: Hope, damn it, we can't let you go.

Hope: But it's okay for your brother to be out there by himself?

Roman: Who in the hell said it was all right? If Billie Reed's out there -- and that's a big if -- then I understand why Bo felt he had to go. But if I'd have known what he was doing, I'd have stopped him myself, but right now, we all got to concentrate our efforts on getting the hell out of here.

Bart: So... how'd you make it look like Dr. Marlena was the serial killer? I mean, have her remember all those murders without actually having committed them. Damn. And make it look like all the victims were really dead.

Tony: I can assure you, Bart, it was not easy.

Bart: No kidding. So how?

Tony: Marlena's subconscious was implanted with specific scenarios for each one of the killings. Marlena took medication that made her susceptible to have the images and ideas implanted in her subconscious. And my brother-in-law Abe Carver was the first victim. Marlena did confront Abe on the day of his son's christening as he left his house.

Abe: What are you doing here?

Tony: Marlena saw in her mind's eye what we wanted her to see. In actuality, none of what she was seeing really happened.

Abe: [Grunts]

Tony: As Marlena watched herself murder Abe, the dart knocked the victims unconscious.

Tony: And then they were injected with the drug that Dr. Rolf developed before he disappeared that slowed the respiratory and circulatory systems and perfectly simulated death.

Tony: Now you will have believed you killed him, but you won't remember -- not yet. Not yet.

Tony: The wounds were fabricated and simulated as well. The medical examiner -- he was working for us. Some of the bodies had to be switched after they were murdered, but we found look-alikes so convincing that Lexie and their relatives truly believed that our victims were really dead. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. And then we had the Funeral Director Milbauer -- mm-hmm -- he was on the payroll, too. So none of the victims were embalmed. They were put in the coffins, buried -- then they were taken out later, brought here. Then we injected them with a drug, and brought back to life, and voilà.

Bart: Wow. You make it sound so simple.

Tony: Oh, Bart. Nothing was simple. Each one of those deaths had special challenges. Especially Jack's.

Bart: How so?

Tony: Oh. [Baby crying]

Louise: So you and your boyfriend are planning on having a family after you're married, of course?

Mimi: That's the best way to do it, right?

Louise: Hey, I apologize for blurting out that I thought you were pregnant. I didn't mean to embarrass you, especially in front of your guy. It's just that you have that glow, you know? I guess you must be really happy.

Mimi: I am, and looking forward to our future together, but, um... Rex isn't ready to have a baby yet.

Louise: Trust me -- lots of guys are never ready to be fathers. It's scary. Suddenly they're facing a lifetime of responsibility. But once the baby comes, everything changes.

Woman: You're right about that. Everything does change when the father finds out, but not necessarily for the better.

Jan: Hey, Nicole. Long time no see.

Nicole: Yes. When did you get back to Salem?

Brady: All right, you know what? We can play catch-up later. How's Shawn?

Belle: He made it through surgery, but he's still unconscious. Lexie said he's in critical condition.

Lexie: [Coughs] Ahem.

Jan: Can I see him?

Belle: Can I see him?

Lexie: Uh, Shawn's resting. He shouldn't be disturbed. I don't want him getting agitated again.

Belle: I just want to sit with him. Please?

Lexie: I'm sorry. I'll check back in with you in a little while.

Philip: It's okay. Come on.

Jan: He doesn't want you there, remember? He was calling my name.

Brady: What are you talking about? What the hell are you doing here, anyway?

Jan: I'm keeping a vigil, showing support for my fiancé.

Brady: Oh. Congratulations. Who is he?

Jan: Shawn is my fiancé. God, does anybody get that?

Brady: Excuse me. What -- what the hell is going on here?

Philip: All right, Jan is the one who told us that Shawn joined the Merchant Marine, right?

Brady: Yes.

Philip: Well, now she says she lied. He's been shacking up with her the whole time.

Jan: We haven't been shacking up. We've been cooing like two little doves in our gilded cage of love.

Brady: Please. That's impossible.

Jan: No, it's not. I just didn't say anything before because I didn't want to hurt Belle. But now that he's in that room about to die, I know that I am the only woman that he wants to be with.

Brady: Is she crazy?

Belle: No.

Philip: Jan's the one that returned Shawn's purity ring to Belle.

Brady: Yeah, I heard that, too.

Philip: All right, well, now she's saying Shawn wanted her to do it because he'd moved on with her.

Brady: See, I don't believe that, 'cause when Jan was in Salem before, she had a lot of problems. Okay, she was delusional. She pretended that she was carrying Shawn's baby when the fact of the matter was she was raped by Nicole's father in Puerto Rico. She -- she convinced herself that Shawn was in love with her.

Jan: Hello, I am standing right here. I have 20/20 hearing.

Brady: Ahem.

Nicole: Um, I'd like to have a private talk with Jan, if you don't mind.

Brady: Uh, why?

Nicole: Because Jan and I went through a lot in Puerto Rico, and we got pretty close, and if Jan is delusional about her relationship with Shawn, maybe I'm the one person who can get her to admit it.

Brady: Yeah, it's worth a shot, I guess.

Nicole: Okay. Hey. Can I talk to you?

Nicole: What do you have, a death wish?

Hope: You really think we're going to get off this island.

John: Well, we're working on it, if we all stick together.

Marlena: Our captor can't expect us to just sit back and accept this living hell.

Abe: You know, it's not going to e easy getting everyone out of here together, and we're going to have to be especially careful with Alice.

Doug: Where is Alice right now?

Jennifer: She's upstairs with Jack and the baby.

Roman: Yeah, Mom and Cassie are putting together some food, just in case. Victor's down at the perimeter just in case he sees signs of Bo getting through the jungle.

Marlena: The most important thing is that we all stick together.

Roman: That's right. If one of us wanders off, it could put everybody in jeopardy.

Hope: Well, I'm not leaving without Bo. I won't leave him behind.

John: We won't. But when we get a chance to go, we're taking it.

Hope: Okay, fine, but I'm just telling you, if Bo's not back by the time we go, I'm not leaving without him. You're going to have to go without me.

Bart: Why was Jack so tough to kill?

Tony: Ah, killing him was easy. What was difficult was that we had to find an exact body look-alike because he is a goody 2-shoes organs donor. But thankfully, we were able to make that switch, and no one was the wiser.

Bart: How about all the others?

Tony: Well, more of the same. Maggie was shot with a dart. Marlena -- she was programmed to see the murder. But what was tricky was that I was almost caught by Mickey and the policeman. Luckily for me, I already had the killer's mask back on.

Bart: Okay. How did Caroline die in the church like that? I mean, you weren't anywhere around.

Tony: Ha ha. What we did there was drugged her tea, and we timed it perfectly that she would die in church. That was fantastic. And then, of course, there was Cassie. I caught her on the way to the police station, so I drugged her and stuffed her in the piñata.

Bart: But wasn't that risky, boss? I mean, putting that thing up in a public place like that?

Tony: No, it was Thanksgiving. It was early. Not many people about. But I tell you what was tricky was that Marlena had gone away with John. She hadn't yet been programmed in the confrontation with Cassie. So eventually we did that, before she made the confessions to the murders.

Bart: Okay, okay, all right. One thing's been really bothering me, and that's Victor. I mean, why is he here? Marlena did not kill him.

Tony: Well, we just took advantage of a particular situation of an incompetent killer. When they failed to kill Victor, we just walked in, did it, and that was it.

Bart: So who did it, anyway?

Tony: You don't really need to know that, now, do you?

Bart: Okey-dokey.

Tony: Mm. Next was Roman.

Roman: This can't be happening.

Tony: And then there was Doug. Now, he was particularly troublesome. We fought. He lived a little longer than I expected.

Doug: Oh. Aah. Oh. Ow.

Tony: Mlelena and I -- we were almost caught by the Keystone Kops. I only had enough time to inject Doug with half a dose. Oh, he took so long to collapse. That's why he had time to write a note incriminating Marlena.

Bart: Which Alice Horton found.

Tony: Yes, thereby sealing her fate, the poor thing. I didn't mean for her to become a victim, but we couldn't afford to have Marlena caught prematurely. Everything had to go according to the master schedule. Now, Marlena had to be killed. The tricky part was so many people out there that wanted her dead anyway. Ah, the timing of that was so crucial. We shot the dart into her heart by a sharpshooter... ha ha. I'm sorry, but he was also under our employ.

Bart: Ha ha ha ha ha. Man. I-I -- I'm -- I feel privileged, like I've been let in on Houdini's secrets.

Tony: Well, there you have it.

Bart: Not quite, boss. Not quite. Not quite. You've accounted for everybody -- everybody but yourself. You were the only one who was attacked in a public place. Why the hell would you put yourself through that?

Tony: Oh. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Right. Because they all suspected me. I was arrested, remember? So I had to think. In order to accomplish all the other killings, I had to become the next victim myself.

Bart: But, boss, you were very nearly really killed.

Tony: Yeah. Yes, I was. Oh, yeah, my death did get a little sloppy. [Tiger growling]

Tony: Aah! [Audience screaming]

Tony: Oh.

Louise: Mimi, Lori Jean. Lori Jean's a new mom. Just had her baby yesterday.

Mimi: Congratulations. Boy or girl?

Lori Jean: Uh, girl. Her name's Ariana.

Mimi: Pretty name.

Louise: Lori Jean's here to nurse. Honey, why don't you have a seat next to Mimi? I'll get your baby.

Lori Jean: Congratulations. You look great -- rested and all. Are you checking out today?

Mimi: Oh, no, no. This isn't my baby.

Lori Jean: Oh.

Mimi: I used to volunteer here as a candy striper, so I came in to rock the babies. This guy's mom had a pretty rough delivery. Aw.

Louise: Here's Ariana. Ooh, and she's hungry.

Mimi: She's beautiful.

Lori Jean: Thanks. The most beautiful baby in the whole wide world. I guess every new mom says that.

Louise: They sure do, and you know what? They're all right. You okay to go ahead and start nursing? I'm going to check on the other babies. I'll see you in a little bit.

Lori Jean: Okay.

Mimi: Why -- why did you say what you did when you first came in? Isn't your husband happy about the baby?

Lori Jean: I'm not married, and, um, my boyfriend, the baby's father -- well, he broke up with me as soon as he found out I was pregnant.

Mimi: Did you, um, ever consider... you know... not having the baby?

Belle: Lexie, can I see Shawn yet?

Lexie: I need to check his vitals. I'll let you know, okay?

Philip: Hey. Want to go get some tea or something to eat, anything?

Belle: No, I'm not going anywhere until I know Shawn's okay.

Brady: I really hate to ask this, but.. do you think that Jan could be telling the truth?

Jan: Look, I cannot stand here with you and chat. If Shawn wakes up in there, I have to be there for him.

Nicole: Not a good idea, Jan.

Jan: Don't worry about it. Just make sure that bitch Belle stays far away from him.

Nicole: Whoa, hey.

Jan: Hey, what is your problem? I'm just trying to be here for my man.

Nicole: Yeah, well, while you're waiting, why don't you have yourself fitted for a straitjacket? Look, he might have said your name while he was practically in a coma, but once Shawn regains consciousness, he's going to tell everybody what you did to him, and then you're going to a nice quiet place with soft walls for a long, long time.

Jan: I am sick and tired of you treating me like I am crazy, when I know exactly what I am doing.

Nicole: Oh, listen up, looney tune -- the only way to save your psychopathic ass is to do what I told you to do -- get as far away from Salem as you can and never come back -- before Shawn wakes up and rats you out.

Jan: Oh, Nicole. Shawn is never going to be with Belle, because once she's dead, he'll have no choice but to be with me.

Nicole: You can't still be thinking of going through with that.

Roman: Hope, you're going with us. No arguments. We're not going to leave you here.

Abe: Getting you home safely is exactly what Bo would want.

Jennifer: That's right. Listen -- listen to them, Hope. What good would it do Dhawn and Zack if both of their parents are dead?

Hope: Bo's not dead.

Maggie: Well, of course not. He's a very clever, well-trained, resourceful cop. We just have to pray that he finds Billie if she's out there, or realizes if she isn't, and he gets back to us soon. Hope, you can't go out after him. It's too dangerous.

Marlena: Hope, I know how much you love Bo, but right now, getting home to your children has to be your main focus.

Hope: Of course it is. I want to be with my boys. You know that. But my husband needs me right now.

Doug: Honey, look, we understand how you love Bo and -- and you're terrified of losing him, but we love you, too, princess. We don't want to lose you.

Hope: You know what? You're right. Everything you're saying makes so much sense. I'll do whatever it takes to help you with whatever your plans are, okay?

Doug: Oh, thank you.

Jennifer: Listen, I'm -- I'm going to go upstairs. I'm going to check on Gram and Jack and the baby.

Marlena: I'll go with you, sweetheart.

Maggie: Me too.

Roman: All right. Well, let's take another look at the map of that island.

John: I've got it right here.

Doug: We've been over that thing 100 times.

Abe: Yeah, well, Roman's right. We have to figure out where we are in relation to the rest of the Caribbean.

Roman: Well, John, you ought to have some knowledge of that from when you and Bo flew in. We should be able to figure out where the nearest mainland is and how long it'll take us to get there.

Hope: I'm just going to make some coffee. I'll be back.

Roman: All right. Well, let's take another look at this thing from another perspective, okay?

Hope: I know you all mean well, but I'm not leaving here without Bo.

Bart: Oh, man. Boss, those tiger scars, they're...

Tony: Yeah.

Bart: Damned ugly.

Tony: Yes, they are, aren't they? Oh, my damage. Aah.

Bart: They're --

Tony: There. There's one.

Bart: They're fake. They're all fake.

Tony: Well, obviously.

Bart: Obviously. Right. I-I -- but -- how did you -- what --

Tony: I was wearing body armor the night when the tiger attacked me, and it was my paramedics, under my employ -- they're the ones who removed it when I was in the ambulance. .. I forgot. I have an appointment.

Bart: Boss, boss, before you go, I just want to tell you something. This whole thing is nothing short of brilliant. It makes everything Stefano had done in the past look like child's play.

Tony: Oh, stop sucking up, Bart. You've got a job... if for the only reason I've got somebody to take orders.

Bart: You got somebody to take orders, boss, but for the record, I wasn't sucking up. I mean it. I'm very, very impressed. I just have one other teeny, tiny question.

Tony: What is it, Bart?

Bart: Well, actually, it's not so teeny.

Tony: What is it, Bart?

Bart: Okay. Why are you and Stefano doing this to everybody? What's the plan? What's going to happen to all the people here on this island and -- and their loved ones back in Salem?

Tony: All right. I'll tell you.

Lori Jean: You're asking if I considered having an abortion, right?

Mimi: That's a really personal question. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have...

Lori Jean: It's okay. I've talked about it with so many people. I don't mind. You know, I don't have a lot to give her except my love, and I do love my daughter, and I want to give her the best life. I thought for a while about adoption, too, but I'm her mom, and I'm going to be a great one.

Mimi: I'm sure you are.

Lori Jean: 36 hours of labor.

Mimi: No way.

Lori Jean: Yeah, and the morning sickness.

Mimi: Ugh.

Lori Jean: But I guess it doesn't get much worse than that, right?

Mimi: So do you have anyone to help you out -- your mom?

Lori Jean: Hell no. Sorry, Ari. You didn't hear that word. The further away she is from my family, the better off she'll be. And it's not like, you know, I'm going to be all alone doing this.

Mimi: Good.

Lori Jean: Her father's coming back.

Mimi: Oh.

Lori Jean: He's already been to the nursery twice now to hold her. Daddy's little girl. He's not going to be able to resist that smile. No, he's not. He just needs some time to -- to get himself together and accept what's happened. It's not what we'd planned, so it was a shock.

Mimi: What were your plans?

Lori Jean: Well, he was going to graduate, and I was going to work until he graduated school, but now he'll have to get a job right away, and I don't want to work until our daughter's at least 2 or 3. So there are a lot of adjustments, but I know he loves me, and he will come back to me.

Mimi: What if he doesn't come back?

Lori Jean: Don't say that. Of course he's coming back. He has to. I can't do this without him. Isn't that right, Ariana? Of course it is. Your dad will be with us real soon. Real soon.

Belle: No. I don't believe Jan's telling the truth. There's no way that Shawn would get involved with her again. He couldn't.

Philip: Belle, I know it doesn't make sense, but... how did Jan get Shawn's purity ring if he didn't give it to her to give back to you?

Belle: I don't know. But when he wakes up, we'll ask him. I mean, we'll find out everything that happened -- why he never got in touch with me and whether or not he's involved with Jan.

Brady: But, Belle, what if Jan is telling the truth?

Belle: Look, the most important thing right now -- the only important thing -- is that Shawn pulls through and that he's okay. I mean, he has to be okay, Brady. He has to be.

Nicole: You -- you cannot go through with your plan to get rid of Belle.

Jan: Sure I can. I need a little bit of insurance that Shawn won't wake up and feel sorry for her and leave me.

Nicole: Leave you? He's not even with you. He's still in love with Belle.

Jan: Shows how much you know. He's been in there saying my name, calling for me. I have finally gotten through to him. He loves me, and he cannot wait until he gets strong so he can put his hands all over my body.

Nicole: Yeah, right -- around your neck. Listen up, psycho sicko -- the minute Shawn is conscious, he is going right to the police, and he is going to tell them everything.

Jan: I don't think so. I mean, he didn't do that when he escaped, did he?

Nicole: He escaped for a reason -- hello?

Jan: Well, it doesn't matter anyway. I'm sure he doesn't even remember being handcuffed to our little love shack.

Nicole: Well, that is some wishful thinking.

Jan: He has a head injury.

Nicole: I'll bet he does.

Jan: Just shut up, okay? Shut up. Don't you forget, Nicole, if I'm going down, you're going down, too, so a little bit of help in this situation would certainly be appreciated.

Nicole: Help? To do what?

Jan: Help me kill Belle, silly.

Marlena: Okay, they are all asleep. Where's Hope?

Roman: She's in the kitchen making coffee.

Jennifer: Oh, good. Well, thank God she gave up that idea of going to find Tony.

Bart: Come on, Count. We've come this far. You -- so, okay... phase one -- the -c-called killings. Phase two -- getting all the victims to come here to this island, which just happens to be an exact replica of Salem, USA, and then phase three -- and this is the best part -- this is the best part -- lay it on me, Count. What's the Stefmeister up to here?

Tony: I'll tell you as soon as you put that down. I can't afford to have you break it.

Bart: Oh. Right, no. Wouldn't want that, considering that that controls the whole force field keeping everyone prisoner. And by the way, how cool is that force field, huh? I mean, so "Star Trek." I figure either the big fella's been watching way too much sci-fi channel, or he's about to pull off his most mind-blowing feat of all time.

Tony: Do you want to hear phase three or not?

Bart: I'm all ears. What's going to happen next?

Tony: What's going to happen next is the pièce de résistance of my Father's entire career.

Bart: I knew it.

Tony: Oh, Bart, the fun's just about to begin. Now, this is what --

[Doorbell rings]

Bart: Who's that? Huh?

Tony: No, no, no, no. I'll find out. Stay out of sight. No one's to know that you're here.

Bart: Boss, no, you can't do this. You can't leave me hanging at phase three. On second thought, it'll keep. [Knock on door] [Knock on door]

Tony: Why, Detective Brady. To what do I owe this pleasure?

Hope: I need your help.

Tony: Mm.

Nicole: If you do anything to Brady's sister, I will turn you in myself.

Jan: And the second you do, I'll have my lawyer send the proof to the police that you killed Colin Murphy. Give it up, Nicole. I'm holding all the cards. I'm going to get Shawn, and you're going to help me get rid of Belle.

Nicole: Hey, where do you think you're going?

Jan: I am going to check on my lover. You make sure bitch Belle does not go anywhere near him.

Jan: Is there any change? Can I please go sit with my fiancé?

Lexie: He's still asleep. Maybe later.

Mimi: Lexie, how's Shawn doing?

Lexie: There's no change, I'm afraid.

Mimi: Um, there's something I need to talk to you about.

Lexie: How are you feeling? Are you having morning sickness?

Mimi: I'm fine, but I --

Lexie: What? Sweetheart, I'm your doctor. You can tell me anything.

Mimi: I want to have an abortion.

Woman: Dr. Carver, Mr. Brady is regaining consciousness.

Lexie: Okay. Uh, Shawn's awake. I'll let you know if you can see him.

Brady: Oh. Ahem. Can I talk to you? So what did you find out? Shawn and Jan are not having an affair -- they're not engaged, are they?

Nicole: Well, I -- she wouldn't change her story, and I hate to say it, but it sounds pretty kosher to me.

Brady: All right, you know what? I-I spent some time with Jan in Puerto Rico, you know, after -- after she killed your father. Maybe if I talk to her, she --

Nicole: No, no, no, no. Not now. It'll only upset your sister. I think we should go.

Philip: Hey. What'd she say?

Nicole: Well, she wouldn't tell me anything she didn't tell you.

Philip: Nice work.

Nicole: Thanks.

Belle: Brady, I'm sure a hospital's the last place you want to be right now.

Brady: Belle, Shawn is family. I need to be here.

Belle: I'm okay. Philip's here. You should go home and get some sleep. Please, I just -- I couldn't stand it if anything happened to you, too.

Philip: We'll call you as soon as we hear anything, all right?

Brady: All right, well, take care of her, please.

Philip: I will. Don't worry about Belle.

Lexie: Shawn has regained consciousness. You can see him now.

Jan: I'm here, Shawn. I'm here.

Lexie: Shawn, Belle and Jan are both here to see you. Which one do you want to see?

Rex: I mean, having a kid right now would be the biggest mistake of our lives.

Mimi: I know what I have to do.

Hope: I need to get back out there and make sure that my husband is not in danger.

Tony: Danger from the deep, dark jungle, or from Billie?

Billie: What's going to happen on this island is crazy. Somehow, you have to be the one to stop it.

Bo: Stop what? What is going to happen?

Billie: You're never going to believe it.

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