Days Transcript Tuesday 9/21/04

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 9/21/04 - Canada; Wednesday 9/22/04 - U.S.A.

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Will: Beat that!

Lucas: I'm out.

Sami: How -- me too.

Lucas: You're on fire, man. You're smokin'. Where'd you learn how to play like this?

Will: At camp.

Sami: Wait a second, I think we sent you to a sports camp. You know, volleyball, soccer, horseback riding.

Will: The kid who had the top bunk over me was from Las Vegas. His dad's a professional poker player.

Sami: What else did this boy teach you?

Will: Not nearly enough. He had to leave early.

Lucas: What, did he get kicked out for gambling?

Will: Ha ha. No, he went home for his folks' wedding. They had an Elvis impersonator for a minister and everything.

Lucas: Nice, typical Vegas style.

Will: His parents are a lot like you and Mom. They had a kid, but they had never been married. They had broken up over a bunch of stupid stuff when they were young. But now that they're old --

Sami: Old? Older.

Will: Not old. Now that they've grown up, they're just as committed as you two.

Lucas: Good save there, kid.

Will: So, when are you guys gonna get married?

Kate: You scared me.

Man: Kate Roberts?

Kate: Yes?

Kate: You're with the I.S.A.

Man: I regret to inform you that your daughter, Agent Billie Reed, has died.

Kate: Oh, no. No.

Bo: Sorry, Fancy Face, but I had to make sure at least one of us made it back to Salem and take care of our boys.

Hope: Bo, please, don't risk your life, our life. She may not even be out there. You may have been hallucinating.

Bo: Hope, you know how much I love you, but I gotta do this.

Hope: Bo, please don't go. Don't go. Bo, please don't go. Bo!

Jennifer: Oh, hey. What is this?

Maggie: Warm milk. Maybe it'll help you get back to sleep.

Jennifer: Thank you. You just have no idea how great it feels, how safe and warm I feel here with the two of you right now.

Maggie: The feeling's mutual, darling.

Jennifer: You know, and to have my husband and my baby boy upstairs sleeping. I just -- I feel so blessed because even if we are captives here, and even if this place and this Salem is the furthest thing from our real homes right now, I am so grateful to be alive.

Maggie: Well, is there anything else I can do for you?

Jennifer: Well, I-I guess, if we had television reception, we could curl up and watch an old movie. Aunt Maggie, what's wrong?

Maggie: Oh, a little while ago, we had a special broadcast that our host arranged for us captives.

Jennifer: Of what?

Maggie: Oh, our loved ones back in Salem -- live from the Penthouse Grill. My husband doing the hootchy-kootchy with my housekeeper.

Jennifer: You mean Bonnie?

Maggie: In a dress -- she gave new meaning to the expression "boob tube." Ha ha. You know, I hate to say it, but I -- I'm almost afraid to think about what might be going on back at 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

[Bedsprings squeaking]

Mickey: Ha ha ha. Yeehaw!

Bonnie: Whoo! You certainly know how to drive those cattle across my range.

Mickey: Well, you know, there's something about you that brings out the young cowpoke in me, Bonnie. What's wrong?

Bonnie: You're so -- so good to me.

Mickey: Well, you're good to me. And you're good for me, too.

Bonnie: This isn't my first time in the rodeo, you know. But it is the first time I've ever been able to relax, laugh, cuddle... without worrying about some big old ambush waiting for me around the next corner. You were so sweet when Patrick disappeared, presumed dead.

Mickey: No, no, no, no, no.

Bonnie: I won't believe it.

Mickey: No, no, no.

Bonnie: My son is not gone.

Mickey: Mnh-mnh.

Bonnie: And you've been such a pal to Connor, taking him to pee-wee football try-outs at Horton field.

Mickey: We had a lot of fun together.

Bonnie: What did I ever do to deserve you?

Mickey: You better watch out, ma'am. I feel another stampede coming on. Ha ha ha ha. [Kissing] ************************************************************************

Julie: Dearest Laura, thank you for the e-mail. I am doing better. But I still have trouble sleeping. And every time I look at that telephone, I think it's gonna ring with terrible news. [Telephone rings]

Julie: Hello? No! Not Shawn!

Jan: Open your eyes, my darling. That's Shawn's bike. Is he gonna be okay?

Woman: Are you family?

Jan: No, but --

Woman: Then you're gonna have to leave.

Jan: Shawn, you can't die. I have our whole life together mapped out.

Lexie: Shawn's hanging on. But his head injuries are quite severe. We're about to prep him for surgery to relieve the pressure on his brain.

Mimi: I feel -- I feel sick.

Rex: Excuse us.

Belle: Wh-what -- what are his chances?

Lexie: Sweetie, we won't know until we operate.

Belle: But you have to know something. I mean, what do you think?

Lexie: Well, Shawn is still very weak, Belle. Honey, if I were you, I would hope for the best, okay? But be prepared for the worst. I'm sorry, I have to go.

Belle: H-how could this have happened?

Philip: I guess he was just going too fast.

Belle: Well, he was near Salem when he crashed his bike. I mean, maybe -- you think he was on his way home?

Philip: Maybe.

Belle: I can't lose him.

Philip: Look, Shawn is strong. He's young.

Belle: We've just -- we've lost so many people. I mean, my Mom and your dad. I can't lose Shawn, too. No matter what's happened, I still love him.

Philip: I know.

Belle: I need to go to the chapel and pray for him. Come with me?

Philip: Yeah, of course. Come on.

Rex: Mimi, hey, are you okay?

Mimi: Yeah, I just felt kinda sick to my stomach.

Rex: Maybe it's that bug you had, or whatever it was.

Bonnie: You're pregnant, aren't you?

Mimi: What if I am?

Bonnie: Listen to mama, sugar pie. Rex can never find out.

Mimi: How -- how would you feel about something like that?

Rex: Something like what?

Mimi: Like having a baby.

Rex: I can't think of anything that would excite me more. The most important thing is not having anything yet. I mean, a baby right now? That would be a serious mistake.

Mimi: Oh. It's probably just my nerves. It's so awful about Shawn. Let's go back and see what we can find out.

Rex: Actually, the doctors want us to keep that area clear. So...I got an idea. Come with me. Come on.

Julie: Hello, I just got a call from Judy at the Horton Foundation. My grandson Shawn Brady -- he's been in a terrible accident.

Mickey: I'm Mickey Horton. I have power of attorney for Shawn Douglas, and I authorized surgery over the phone, but I need to sign the papers as soon as possible.

Woman: Follow me, sir.

Julie: Well, did you just roll out of bed? For crying out loud, if you had to come to the hospital with Mickey, couldn't you at least have put your top on right side out?

Bonnie: This is not the time or the place.

Julie: No, it isn't. Oh, God, Shawn is so young, and this family has suffered so much. This is not fair.

Bonnie: [Blows nose]

Mickey: Lexie, wh-where are they taking Shawn?

Lexie: They're taking him to the O.R. I'm on my way to scrub in, okay?

Mickey: How bad is it?

Lexie: Mickey, I won't lie to you, it's going to take a miracle. I'll do everything I can, but I-I-I'm sort of thankful that Bo and Hope aren't here to witness this. Excuse me.

Maggie: Should I be worried about my husband and Bonnie Lockhart?

Jennifer: Aunt Maggie, Uncle Mickey, he -- he misses you terribly. You're the love of his life. You are. And if Uncle Mickey were to become a bit dependent on Bonnie, that doesn't mean that something romantic would happen.

Maggie: Well, I-I told Roman the same thing. He saw Kate dancing with John. It's just -- it's been a bit unnerving for all of us since that broadcast. [Sobs] I don't know. I'm sorry. I don't know what I would do if I lost Mickey to another woman. Okay. Best not to think about it. I will make us some sandwiches. That's what I'll do.

Jennifer: Wow. Am I a big, fat liar. I didn't have the heart to tell her that Uncle Mickey and Bonnie may be getting closer than we know.

Hope: I'm not sure of anything.

Jennifer: Well, we're sure that -- that Uncle Mickey is letting Bonnie manage Tuscany. We're sure that she's turned it into a honky-tonk, as Julie would say, and we're sure that she has him dressed up like a rhinestone cowboy riding a mechanical bull yelling "Yee-haw."

Hope: Maybe -- maybe it's Uncle Mickey's way of not giving in to despair.

Jennifer: Well, if something were to develop between the two of them, that would break Aunt Maggie's heart.

Hope: Which is probably exactly what our captor is counting on.

Jennifer: What? You think so?

Hope: Oh, I'm convinced of it. Uncle Mickey and Maggie aren't the only couple in Salem that he or she has interfered with.

Jennifer: Well, I know that. I-I know Roman and -- and Marlena --

Hope: No, I'm talking about Bo and me.

Jennifer: Bo?

Hope: He's gone.

Jennifer: Where?

Hope: Back out into the jungle... to look for Billie Reed. Hey, it's me, your crock-pot slow cooker.

Kate: How did she die? I know that you know something. I know you know what happened.

Man: She was on an undercover assignment, but her mission was compromised, and that's all I'm really allowed to say.

Kate: Oh, well, thank you so much. You've been a really great comfort.

Kate: Oh, God.

Sami: Are you boys ready for a treat?

Lucas: That's right. Your mom has perfected the art of popcorn making.

Will: You haven't answered my question.

Lucas: What, killer? What question?

Will: Uh, when are you going to make Mom an honest woman?

Sami: Hey. Are you somehow implying that I am less than honest?

Will: Uh, let's not go there. You know what I mean. Now that you guys are engaged, when are you going to set a date?

Sami: [Thinking] What if Lucas hooks up with Manda again? What if he starts drinking? What if he turns into the old Lucas and tries to take Will away from me?

Lucas: [Thinking] What if Mom's right about this? What if Sami reconnects with Brandon? What if she turns back into the old Sami and tries to take Will away from me?

Will: Well?

Lucas: Um, buddy, we -- we haven't exactly set a date yet.

Will: Why not?

Sami: Well, Will, we're still in mourning.

Will: Weddings cheer people up. It'll give a reason to bring all the families together and celebrate.

Lucas: The kid's got a point. What do you say? Are you ready for me to make an honest woman out of you?

Jennifer: Billie Reed is on this island?

Hope: Unless he was hallucinating, which is entirely possible, considering he has a head injury.

Jennifer: What? Wait -- what is happening? Tell me. I missed everything.

Hope: When Bo crash-landed here, he hit his head pretty badly. Jen, I'm worried about him. He had no business going back out into that jungle. It's dangerous. I don't care if Billie Reed is out there or not.

Jennifer: Wait a minute. Let's get back to Billie. She's in Europe. She was working for the I.S.A.

Hope: She was. She disappeared last winter, and Bo went to Paris to look for her. Remember, she left the message saying that she had important information about the Salem Stalker?

Jennifer: Yes, I remember, but Bo came home. He didn't find her.

Hope: Not until tonight, here, in this jungle, or so he says.

Jennifer: This is unbelievable.

Hope: Maybe. But then maybe not.

Jennifer: What? What do you mean?

Hope: It's possible that Billie figured out that Marlena was the Salem Stalker. In fact, what if she went even further and figured out who set Marlena up? I mean, what if she discovered the identity of the mastermind who's behind this whole plot?

Jennifer: Wait a minute. So you're saying that maybe she just got way too close.

Hope: Well, that would explain her presence here on the island.

Jennifer: You mean our host captured her, put her in the jungle, and just left her at the mercy of the elements?

Hope: Maybe.

Jennifer: Why didn't he just kill her outright?

Hope: Maybe she was put here for Bo to find.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. That is -- that is absolutely diabolical.

Hope: Jen, everything about this case has been diabolical.

Jennifer: All right, well, Billie Reed -- she is -- is the last person that needs to be around your husband right now.

Hope: You're telling me?

Jennifer: I mean, she's okay, but she is -- is better off on another continent.

Hope: She is the only woman who has ever come between me and Bo, and tonight he is out there risking his life for her. Now, maybe I'm being selfish, paranoid, whatever, but you know what? I don't give a damn. I don't like it.

Jennifer: No, I don't, either. I understand that.

Hope: What I don't understand is why didn't he talk to Roman or Abe or John, let one of them go if he didn't want me to go with him? Why did he insist on going out there and looking for Billie reed on his own? I don't understand it. [Crash]

Maggie: Did I hear right? Billie Reed is here?

Rex: Here's what I wanted to show you. [Baby crying]

Bonnie: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to fall to pieces on you.

Julie: It's all right.

Bonnie: Poor Shawn. I watched him grow up alongside of Mimi.

Julie: Remember when they were all just little toddlers?

Bonnie: I keep thinking about my oldest, Patrick -- lost. Everyone thinks he's dead and... I don't know how you do it.

Julie: Do what?

Bonnie: You're such a rock. You've lost all these people that you love, and yet you manage to go on day after day, all alone.

Mickey: Julie's strong. She's a Horton woman.

Julie: I don't know about that, Uncle Mickey. There aren't that many of us left. Please tell me about our boy -- the truth.

Mickey: Well, it doesn't look good. Shawn went into code blue a little while ago.

Julie: Oh, no.

Mickey: And Lexie is operating to relieve the pressure. She has to stop the bleeding. Um, otherwise...

Julie: Otherwise what?

Mickey: He could be brain dead.

Julie: Damn it. Damn it to hell.

Jan: This is Belle's fault, and she's going to pay.

Belle: Shawn and I have been through so much in this little chapel. We prayed together for my Mother. Not that it helped. Still, I can't think of anywhere else to go or what else to do for him.

Philip: Would you like me to pray with you?

Belle: Please.

Philip: Okay.

Belle: Our Father...

Both: Who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done...

Philip: On earth --

Belle: If it's God's will that Shawn dies, I don't think I could bear it. How can I let him go?

Shawn-D: I'm afraid you don't have any choice this time.

Belle: He's gone.

Bonnie: Why don't I go to the cafeteria and bring us back three cups of tea?

Mickey: Fine. That'd be good.

Julie: This waiting is unbearable, Uncle Mickey.

Mickey: I know. I know.

Julie: Shawn just has to pull through. His family can't stand another funeral.

Mickey: I know. Oh, Lexie.

Lexie: I am so sorry. We did everything we could.

[Baby crying]

Mimi: They're so small, so helpless.

Rex: Whenever I come by the hospital for anything, I like to stop by here.

Mimi: You like looking at babies?

Rex: Yeah, sure. Who doesn't?

Mimi: They remind us how precious life is, especially at a time like this. I mean, Shawn --

Rex: I just like to come by and watch the parents wave at the babies. That must make these kids feel so welcome, no matter how tiny they are.

Mimi: Rex, do you ever think about us standing here and, um, waving at our own little baby?

Rex: Of course. All the time.

Mimi: Rex, there's something --

Woman: Mimi Lockhart! I haven't seen you in ages!

Mimi: Louise.

Louise: You were the best candy striper we ever ha I sure do miss you around here.

Mimi: I miss it, too.

Louise: Would you like to rock one of the babies for old times' sake? Wait a minute. Are you pregnant?

Kate: Austin, it's mom. Um... I have some news. I have some... I have some bad news. So please call me when you get this message. I love you, sweetie.

Kate: The keys to Lucas' apartment. But of course. Because it was Billie's to begin with.

Lucas: It's a simple question, Sami. What's the answer?

Sami: That is not fair. It is not a simple question. I have a history of major blow-ups at the altar, and I thought a long engagement would help me make sure that this one turns out just right?

Will: You're stalling.

Sami: No, I'm not. There's a lot to do, will, you know? I got to pick out a dress and book the hall and make some new friends so that they can be bridesmaids.

Lucas: Other than the new friends, it shouldn't take that long.

Will: I have a calendar in my knapsack. I'll just get it out.

Sami: No, don't do that.

Will: Why not?

Sami: Well, because a calendar only goes through December, and I always saw myself as a June bride.

Will: Too far away.

Lucas: Buddy, listen, if your mom wants to wait till June, then we're just gonna have to wait till June.

Will: Why can't she be like the parents on "Leave it to Beaver"?

Lucas: Parents on "Leave it to Beaver"? What do you know about that? Sparky, that's way before your time.

Sami: I don't know about you, but it's before my time.

Lucas: Well...

Will: I watch it on TV Land at the pub with Grandpa Shawn. In this one episode, Ward was telling the Beav how he proposed to June. I saw him get down on one knee. Next scene, they were walking down the aisle.

Sami: Well, Will, life in Salem is not exactly like TV. I mean, these things take time, and your dad and I both have to be ready before we get married.

Lucas: That's right. There's just a lot of things to consider, buddy.

Will: I knew it. Neither one of you really has any intention of getting married, do you?

Maggie: Oh. I can't believe it. Billie here? And here I am going on and on about Bonnie and Mickey dancing together. Oh, why didn't you tell us right away?

Hope: I was upset. Bo had just tricked me.

Maggie: What?

Hope: When he told me he was going back out into the jungle to search for Billie, I insisted on going with him, so he tricked me.

Maggie: How?

Hope: When we reached the force field, he pretended to be dizzy. And while I was getting him some water, he slipped through the perimeter without me.

Maggie: Oh...

Jennifer: Listen, he was probably trying to keep you safe.

Hope: That's what he said -- that if something happened to both of us, where would our boys be?

Jennifer: Exactly. He has a point.

Hope: But the fact remains -- but still the fact remains he's out there in the jungle by himself.

Jennifer: Look, don't do this to yourself.

Hope: I can't help it.

Jennifer: If Bo does find Billie, it doesn't mean anything. It doesn't mean that he's gonna go off --

Hope: Look at everything that's been going on. Look at all the couples that have been torn apart. Don't you detect a pattern here?

Maggie: Yes. I've been trying not to admit it, but, yes, I do.

Hope: And now Billie shows up?

Maggie: Yeah.

Jennifer: Hope, Bo loves you more than anything, and he'll be back.

Hope: What if he's killed trying to rescue Billie? What if he falls to his death like Patrick?

Jennifer: Oh, gosh. Patrick was such a good friend, and here I am going on and on about how thankful I am for my life and my husband and my baby, and I keep thinking about Patrick. Why couldn't he have been spared?

Hope: I'm sorry. Jen, sweetie, I didn't mean to upset you.

Jennifer: No, just -- I feel like -- I feel like that it's my fault.

Hope: Don't you dare think that way.

Jennifer: Listen, he never would have been here in the first place --

Hope: None of us would be here if it weren't for this damn maniac playing games with our lives. I'm sorry. Who knows? Maybe Billie was recruited here to add to our misery.

Maggie: Do you think Billie is working for our captor?

Hope: Remember what happened with Larry Welch? Zack and I were almost killed because Billie got herself mixed up in our lives. I think given the chance, Billie Reed would stop at nothing to reunite with Bo. And I have a feeling our captor is after the very same thing.

Julie: Are you saying Shawn Douglas didn't --

Lexie: No, no, no, no. Shawn pulled through the surgery.

Mickey: Oh, thank God.

Lexie: I'm so sorry. What I meant was I wish that we could have done more. But there's been excessive damage, as you know, and we weren't able to completely control the bleeding. Unless Shawn's body regains its ability to clot and repair the protective membrane, he won't be able to survive.

Julie: Oh God.

Mickey: Thank you, Lexie.

Lexie: Yeah, I'm going to go check in on Shawn and get cleaned up. I'll be back to speak with you, okay?

Mickey: Thank you.

Lexie: Okay.

Julie: What now? What can we possibly do now?

Mickey: I can't even imagine life without Shawn Douglas.

Belle: Oh, my God. Please don't tell me he's gone.

Sami: Will, honey, of course we're gonna get married.

Will: Sure doesn't sound like it.

Sami: Well, we just want to take our time and make sure that everything's perfect for you, kiddo.

Lucas: Yeah. Your mom's right. I got to wait till I get another job.

Will: You're administrator of the Horton Foundation.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, I am, but it's more of an honorary thing, buddy. It's not a real job. And ever since Tony DiMera passed away, I've been looking for a job. I just haven't been able to find one.

Will: Well, we've got a roof over our heads. We've got food to eat. What more do we need?

Lucas: How about a backyard?

Sami: Well, Will, it would be fun for you, right, to have a place so you can play ball with your friends?

Lucas: Houses are just so expensive these days.

Will: Wait. I thought Great-Grandma Alice left you some money in her will.

Lucas: Yeah, she did, but it's not liquid.

Will: Liquid?

Lucas: That means that most of the money's tied up in bonds and I can't really touch it. If I do, I'll lose money, you know? Besides, a man should provide for his family under his own esteem, don't you think?

Will: Well, then we better start saving, 'cause at the rate you two are going, this could take forever. Unless...

Lucas: What?

Will: We move in together. Get rid of Aunt Billie's place. It's not like she's ever gonna use it again.

Kate: Oh, Billie. How do I tell Lucas that you're never coming home?

Louise: I mean, is that what you're doing in the nursery? I mean, look at you. You're glowing. Your eyes, your skin.

Rex: Uh, hi. I'm Rex Brady -- the boyfriend.

Louise: Hi.

Rex: Yeah, if Mimi were pregnant, I think I'd know about it.

Louise: Oh, I'm sorry. I mean, I'm sure you'll both make great parents when the time comes. Mimi's such a natural mother. She's always been so good with the newborns. Please forgive my mistake. It's just that prospective parents always gravitate to this window.

Rex: It's no problem, really.

Louise: Well, I'd better be going. Good to see you again, Mimi. Mrs. Lockhart.

Bonnie: Hey, Louise.

Mimi: Mom, what are you doing here?

Bonnie: I was with Mickey when he got the call about Shawn. He was so upset, I offered to drive him to the hospital. Rex, could you give me a moment alone with my daughter, please?

Rex: Yeah, sure. I'll go find Belle, see how things are with Shawn.

Bonnie: Thanks. I was afraid you were going to tell all.

Mimi: Rex needs to know I'm pregnant. It's his baby.

Bonnie: And I'm sure he'll do the right thing and marry you. But how long is he going to stick around?

Mimi: Mom --

Bonnie: Your father could not stand the sound of a crying baby. He left me stranded more than once.

Mimi: Rex wouldn't. And I don't want to talk about this right now, not while Shawn is fighting for his life.

Bonnie: Well, don't wait too long. You're gonna have to make a decision. And the sooner, the better. Look... I love you, sweetheart. Don't throw your life away. [Baby crying]

Julie: No, Belle, Shawn is not dead.

Belle: Oh, thank God.

Mickey: No, he is just out of surgery now, and Lexie says that he's hanging in there.

Belle: I got back from the chapel, and I had this really horrible feeling.

Julie: I just had an idea.

Belle: What?

Julie: Well, even if he isn't conscious, what if you went into Shawn's room and talked to him? Even if he isn't conscious, hearing the voice of the girl he loves -- that might do wonders for him.

Jan: I'm the girl he loves, not Belle.

Mickey: You know, I think that Julie is right. If you went in there and you just sat there and you talked to him, it might give him the encouragement that he needs to keep fighting.

Julie: Lexie.

Lexie: Yeah?

Julie: A favor. Could Belle scrub up and go and sit in Shawn's room right now and talk to him?

Lexie: Yeah, that's a good idea. Mm-hmm.

Julie: You can do it. You can bring him back, Belle.

Belle: I'll try. But, you know, Shawn's been pretty upset with me lately. What if he doesn't respond?

Philip: How could he not respond to you?

Belle: That's sweet to say so.

Philip: If anybody can save Shawn, it's Belle.

Lexie: Come on, sweetie. Oh, great-- these clean dishes are still dirty.

Will: We could all live here, and Dad wouldn't have to pay rent.

Sami: Um, I don't think so.

Will: Well, you guys are on low-carb diets, right? Well, instead of throwing out half a loaf of bread, why don't you just buy one and share it?

Lucas: Well, that's a great idea. That just settles it for me, huh, Sam--

Will: See, Mom? Dad agrees.

Lucas: Look, Will is right, though. I mean, we've been treading water for a while, and it's absurd. So I guess it's -- it's time for me to bust a ward cleaver and set a date, right?

Will: Yes!

Lucas: Well, I can do this. Sami Brady, this is the moment we've been waiting for. It's time to set aside our excuses and our doubts and make a commitment. Now, are you willing to set a wedding date with me or not?

Sami: Lucas, I think we better before our son drives us insane.

[Knock on door]

Will: Go away.

Kate: It's Grandma Kate, honey. Open the door. It's important.

Will: Hi. Sorry. It's just Mom and Dad are in the middle of planning their wedding.

Lucas: Uh, Will, could you give us a minute, please?

Will: Uh, sure, I need to unpack.

Lucas: All right, thanks, bud. Mom, what is it? What's wrong? Come in. What?

Kate: I have some horrible news.

Sami: Kate, our wedding is not horrible news.

Kate: Your sister... Billie's dead.

Maggie: Hope, you are working yourself into a state. Now, come on, sit down. You must be exhausted. You know what I don't get? This person who's holding us all captive -- why would he go to such lengths to destroy our relationships? Why would our love for each other be such an affront to him?

Jennifer: Because love is the most precious thing there is, Aunt Maggie.

Hope: And if it is Stefano, you know he's out for revenge.

Maggie: Well, all I know -- Bo would never turn his back on you for Billie, just like Mickey would never turn his back on me for Bonnie.

Hope: Thank you for your support. But I have this gut feeling about this thing with Bo and Billie -- something's gonna happen. I can feel it.

Hope: I'm afraid.

Maggie: You know, as a child, I... you would never admit that you were scared.

Hope: Bo could die out there. I think our captor is positioning us for a great fall. And once we do, our lives are never gonna be the same, Maggie.

Mimi: Oh, God... what am I going to do?

Julie: I don't care if Belle and Shawn have broken up. They have been together -- a couple -- for a long, long time.

Mickey: Mm-hmm. Well, we can only hope that the sound of her voice can, uh, pull him back from the brink.

Bonnie: Love is a very powerful thing.

Julie: Well, Bonnie, for once I agree with you.

Rex: How's Shawn?

Philip: It's touch and go.

Rex: And Belle?

Philip: She's in there with him now.

Rex: Good. All right, look, I'm gonna go to the cafeteria and get something for Mimi's stomach. If she turns up, just let her know I'll be back, all right?

Philip: Mm-hmm. Hey. What the hell are you doing here?

Belle: Shawn, it's Belle. If you can hear me, squeeze my hand.

Shawn-D: [Muttering] Jan. Jan. J-Jan. Jan. Jan...

John: We've gotta devise a plan where we give our captor a taste of their own medicine. I think it's time the hunter becomes the hunted.

Jennifer: Where are you going?

Hope: I'm going to do the only thing I can do -- make a deal with the devil.

Tony: I don't believe it.

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