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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 9/2/04 - Canada; Friday 9/3/04 - U.S.A.

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Lucas: Look at you. Looks like you're doing some heavy thinking, Sami.

Sami: No, not really.

Lucas: Oh, no, I think you are. You were on the phone to Brandon when I left. I mean, he must have said something fairly earth-shattering for you to act like this. So what's up? What'd he say? Why did he call, huh?

Sami: He just wanted to make sure I was okay.

Lucas: No, no, no. That's bull. 'Cause I heard what you said. "I love you, too"? What the hell was that all about, huh?

Jan: Shawn? Shawn, where are you? Shawn, you can't go anywhere without your bike. Damn. I'll padlock the shed, then I'll search the grounds. He can't have gotten far.

Shawn-D: Hello, Jan.

Jan: What do you think you're doing?

Shawn-D: Remember the first time I tried to escape, you said I should have beaten the hell out of you when I had the chance? Well... I'm glad we finally agree on something. [Engine starts]

Mimi: Rex, you've been sulking the whole way home. I don't see anything wrong with Philip and Belle going away together for a few days.

Rex: Green Mountain Lodge? That's the most romantic hideaway within a 30-mile radius of Salem.

Mimi: Separate rooms, Rex. It's strictly platonic.

Rex: Yeah, right. Platonic. That's gonna last all of one hour before he tries to put the moves on her.

Mimi: You know, whatever they both decide is none of your business anyway, so just stay out of it.

Rex: Like it or not, I'm involved. Shawn's my cousin.

Mimi: Yeah, and Philip's your half-brother, but you know what? I mean it, Rex -- just stay out of it.

Rex: Yeah, well, we'll see.

Philip: I really think you need this, Belle. I mean, let's just get out of here. We'll rest. We'll relax. I'm telling you, you're gonna come back a whole new person. [Telephone rings]

Philip: You can't think it's Shawn every time the phone rings. It's not. [Ring]

Philip: Hey.

Mimi: Hey. [Ring]

Belle: Hello?

Brady: Hi, Belle. It's Brady. Listen, I'm afraid I have some bad news.

Belle: Oh, my God, is it Shawn?

Brady: No, no, it's not Shawn. It's actually Chloe. Belle, Chloe was in a car accident in Austria. She's dead.

Belle: Chloe? Dead?

John: What you're saying isn't possible, Celeste.

Celeste: Look, I know how it sounds, but I felt an incredibly strong vibration that all of the victims of the serial killer are still alive.

Lexie: If it's true, that means Abe is out there somewhere.

Bo: Not only that, it also confirms that garbled radio signal we were receiving.

Lexie: What signal?

Bo: Ah, it's a code that Salem P.D. was getting on the frequency.

Lexie: Well, how do you know it was a code if it was garbled?

Bo: Roman made up this secret code when we were kids. He and I were the only ones who knew about it. We got enough to interpret "Marlena's alive, Roman's alive," but then the code cut out before I could get anything else.

Lexie: Oh, my God. Well, do you believe it?

Bo: Damn right I do.

Lexie: How about you, John?

Jennifer: [Panting] Oh, gosh. My God! I can't do this, Patrick. Oh, my gosh. I feel like I'm gonna pass out. I can't do it. Aah!

Patrick: Jennifer, I can see the baby's head. You have to push.

Jennifer: I can't, I can't. I'm tired.

Patrick: Jennifer Rose Horton Deveraux, don't you dare give up now. You are too strong. You are too brave. You can do this!

Jennifer: Aah!

Patrick: Come on! Push, Jennifer, push now!

Jennifer: [Screaming]

John: I am not about to invest any false hope in another one of Celeste's premonitions or on some strange, inaudible signal that could have been coming from anywhere.

Bo: That's because you don't want it to be true.

John: Incorrect, Bo. I would love to embrace the notion that my wife, your brother, all the rest of them are alive. But that notion is insane.

Celeste: I know what I feel, John, and this feeling is strong. It's stronger than any I've had before.

Lexie: If they're alive, that means that I mispronounced all of them dead. How is that even possible? Other people saw the wounds, they checked the bodies.

Tek: Lexie's right. All the victims had to have been dead. This is some kind of sick, vicious hoax.

Maggie: I can't stop thinking about Jennifer. If she goes into labor, I'm not sure that she or the baby could survive. Her pregnancy was so high-risk. The outcome was uncertain even under the best of circumstances.

Alice: Darling, there is nothing we can do... except pray. Pray that the others find them in time.

Maggie: Do you think Jack is with her? I mean, Hope told Doug that he was alive.

Alice: If Jennifer is in labor, she'll need Jack's love to pull her through.

Maggie: Just like he did when Abby was born.

Alice: Yes. And I can't imagine Jennifer going through such an ordeal without him.

Maggie: Yes.

Jennifer: [Screaming]

Patrick: Okay, okay, Jen, you got to keep pushing.

Jennifer: I can't, I can't. I can't. I'm too weak.

Patrick: You can do it. Look, just a little more, okay?

Jennifer: All right, all right. Aah!

Patrick: All right. All right, the head is out. Okay, it looks good. Now all you have to do is get the shoulders through. So come on, Jennifer. Just one more big push!

Jennifer: Then you got to help me. You got to do something, please. Just don't -- don't let my baby die. Just let me go and save my baby.

Patrick: I am not letting you die.

Jennifer: Aah! You listen to me. This baby comes first. Do you understand me? Promise me that.

Patrick: I promise.

Jennifer: [Grunting]

Patrick: Forgive me, Jennifer. This is the only chance your baby has.

Jennifer: Aah!

Sami: Lucas, nothing is going on. Brandon said that a part of him will always love me, and that he cares about me, and I said I love him, too. Look, my Mother's death changed a lot of things, put a lot of things in perspective for me -- and Brandon, too. You know, we just made peace, and now we can move on with our lives. It was no big deal. He was just being nice.

Lucas: You also told him how often you think about all the great times you spent together, how much you miss him. What's up with that?

Sami: I do miss him. He was a big part of my life for a long time.

Lucas: Great. Great.

Sami: I'm just trying to put the past behind me, okay, and be the kind of person you said you wanted, the kind of person I have to be for us to get married.

Lucas: What if he said he was still in love with you and he wanted to get back together? What would you say then, huh? What? Don't answer too quickly. Take your time. Think about it, Sami.

Sami: L-- [Telephone rings]

Lucas: Go ahead! Get it! It's probably Brandon. Go ahead.


Sami: Hello?

Belle: Sami, it's Belle.

Sami: Oh. Hi, Belle. Is everything okay?

Belle: Not really.

Sami: Why? What's wrong?

Belle: Chloe was killed in a car crash in Austria.

Sami: Oh, my God!

Belle: It's so horrible.

Sami: Belle, how did you hear?

Belle: Brady just called me. He's having a small memorial service at St. Luke's.

Sami: Oh. Belle, I don't think Brady would want me to be there.

Belle: Sami, you're family. It wouldn't be right if you didn't come. And I need to talk to you.

Sami: Oh. Okay, well, Lucas and I will definitely be there, then.

Belle: I can't believe she's gone.

Philip: Neither can I.

Belle: I know how much you loved her, Philip.

Philip: Yeah. Uh... she was my first love.

Belle: So you can imagine how Brady must feel.

Philip: I wanted them to be happy. Brady deserved her more than me. I was an idiot when I was with Chloe. I was possessive. I was jealous. She was right to dump me. And Brady was so strong with her and kind with her and patient with her. I couldn't do --

Belle: Just like you are with me. It's horrible. They had their whole lives ahead of them.

Mimi: I think -- I think I have cancer, Belle, of the uterus.

Belle: Mimi, no.

Mimi: That's what my grandma died of. It must run in the family -- the Lockhart curse.

Brady: You know, I can't stop thinking about the last time Chloe and I were together.

Brady: I -- I can't say it.

Chloe: Neither can I.

Brady: So I'll see you soon, huh?

Chloe: Not soon enough.

Brady: I never should have let Chloe go.

Nicole: You wanted her to pursue her dreams.

Brady: If I had been with her, she might still be alive, you know? She might not have gotten into that limousine.

Nicole: Brady, you can't do this to yourself. I thank God you weren't with her. You could be dead, too. Chloe's gone now. You can't change that no matter how much you want to.

Jan: Damn it! Ahh. Oh, there is no way I'm gonna lose you now. I'm gonna find you, sweetie pie, and I'm gonna bring you back. And I know just how I'm gonna do it.

Shawn-D: No!

Caroline: More tea, anybody? Something to eat?

Alice: No, thank you, dear.

Maggie: No, no, I'm just too worried about the people out in the jungle to eat anything.

Victor: I think I'll go over to Marlena's penthouse and check in with Doug.

Maggie: Oh, good idea.

Doug: Don't bother, Victor.

Maggie: Doug.

Doug: Yep.

Maggie: Have they brought Jennifer back?

Caroline: Did they find Jack? Did they find him?

Doug: I don't know. I haven't heard from anyone since they left.

Victor: They've been gone a long time.

Doug: I know, and I wish I knew if that was the good news or the bad news.

Maggie: Wait a minute. If you're here, who's guarding the transmitter right now?

Caroline: The transmitter -- did you get a reply? Please, tell us help is on the way.

Doug: I'm afraid not. That's what I came to tell you. Somebody broke into Marlena's penthouse and destroyed the transmitter.

Maggie: Oh!

Doug: Destroyed it, with no indication to believe that our signals ever got through.

Bo: Tek is wrong. This is not a hoax. How many times do -- Roman made up this code when we were kids. He and I were the only ones who knew about it. We didn't share it with anybody.

John: Maybe not intentionally.

Bo: What are you talking about?

John: Roman was held captive by Stefano for years, Bo. During that time, he extracted enough information out of Roman, downloaded it into my mind to convince everybody in Salem that I was him. Now, during that process, it's more than likely that he extracted your code and he's waiting for the perfect time to use it on us.

Tek: He's right, Bo.

John: Now Stefano or his men could be using that code right now just to send us off on some wild goose chase.

Celeste: I am telling you that all the victims are alive. They're all together. And Marlena is with them.

John: Well, now, if that's true, then Marlena's exonerated of all the serial killings, right? Am I right?

Tek: Are any of you even listening to what you're saying? Do you realize how ridiculous and impossible this all sounds?

Lexie: Everything about the serial killings has seemed impossible and unthinkable. Marlena, the killer? Now the possibility that the victims are all alive, that I was wrong when I pronounced them all dead?

Tek: But you weren't wrong, Lex. I was with you when you pronounced Roman, Doug, and Alice Horton dead. There's no question.

John: Marlena was shot through the heart. What part don't you understand? She was shot through the heart. I held her in my arms. I carried her to the church. She was dead. Now it is possible that whoever is behind this ripped the lining in the coffin to make us believe that she was buried alive, but it is impossible to believe that any of those victims could have survived the nature of those fatal wounds!

Tek: I have to agree with John.

Bo: Yeah, well, there's one way to find out.

Lexie: How?

Bo: We exhume the rest of the bodies.

Patrick: Jen, please, just one more hard push.

Jennifer: All right!

Patrick: Now do it!

Jennifer: All right! Aah! Aah! Aah! Oh, my gosh!

Patrick: Got it. It's a boy. It's a boy.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh it's a boy? Ahh... wait, wait. Why can't I hear him? Why isn't he crying? Patrick...

Patrick: Oh, God. He's not breathing. He's not breathing.

Jennifer: Why isn't he crying?

Belle: Brady. My heart is breaking.

Brady: Thank you all for coming.

Belle: I know yours is, too.

Rex: I'm so sorry.

Philip: I'm sorry, too.

Brady: Thank you. You all were her best friends.

Mimi: Chloe and I got off to a rocky start, but she was a very good person and a good friend.

Belle: I still can't believe it. Chloe can't be dead.

Philip: Brady, I am truly sorry. I know how much you two loved each other.

Brady: Philip, you must be hurting, too. You loved her once.

Philip: Is there anything we can do?

Brady: Mr. and Mrs. Wesley are making arrangements in Austria.

Belle: Do you know how it happened?

Brady: I don't know much, but Chloe was leaving the Vienna Opera House to go do a musical benefit in Salzburg, and there was a huge thunderstorm outside, and her limousine lost control and crashed into a guardrail on a steep mountain pass. The driver didn't make it. That's all I know. I just wanted to be here for her, pray for her, say goodbye.

Lucas: Ahem.

Brady: Hey, Sami and Lucas, you heard?

Sami: Yeah. Belle told us. We wanted to be here for you. God, there's been so much death this last year, and I don't know how we can all bear another one. Brady, I know how much you loved Chloe. Though obviously it doesn't matter to some people.

Nicole: Hey, I'm truly sorry for Brady's loss.

Sami: Oh, right, and I bet you can't wait to jump his bones to comfort him, huh, Nicole?

Belle: Sami.

Sami: Sorry.

Brady: All right, you know what, everyone? Let's go inside. Again, thank you for coming.

Belle: No cell phones inside the church, Meems. [Cellular phone rings] [Ring]

Lexie: Just because your grandmother had uterine cancer, that does not mean that you have it.

Mimi: When will I know?

Lexie: Well, I'll put a rush on the results. It could still take a while. I'll just call you as soon as I know anything. [Ring]

Mimi: It's probably my Mom. Go ahead. I'll just see what she wants. I'll be right in.

Rex: Okay.


Mimi: Hello?

Jan: Mimi, it's Jan.

Mimi: Jan? Why are you calling me?

Jan: Yeah, well, Belle's been on my mind lately, but I didn't want to bother her. Did she ever hear from Shawn?

Mimi: No, and it's none of your business. Listen, I can't talk right now. I'm with Belle, Brady, Philip, and Rex at St. Luke's'.

Jan: What are you doing there?

Mimi: Having a memorial service for Chloe Lane.

Jan: Chloe Lane? Ghoul girl's dead?

Mimi: She was in a tragic accident. And if you know what's good for you, you'll stay away from here. You're definitely not welcome.

Jan: If Belle's at the church, that's where Shawn will go. And I will be there to head him off at the pass.

Shawn-D: Belle? Belle? Are you here? Damn it! Her phone is off. I got to find her. Aah!

Lexie: Exhume the bodies? No! No, you can't do that.

John: You're right.

Bo: Why not? It was an okay idea to do it with Marlena, but when it comes to somebody else, it's suddenly not a go I idea? What if this coded message is not a hoax? What if Roman and Marlena and the rest of them are alive?

Celeste: Bo is right. We must know for sure.

John: I can't do this anymore. I can't do it. I can't keep wishing and hoping and believ-- look what's going on with Marlena. Her corpse is missing. I know that she's dead. And I'm never gonna have any kind of closure while her body is still out there somewhere. I got to find her. Now, do you want to put everybody else through that kind of torment if their bodies aren't in the coffins?

Bo: Bottom line, John -- if there is the slightest chance that one of these people is alive, we got to do this. Hope could be with them.

Tek: Bo, Hope is gone, and so is Patrick. We saw a missile hit their plane, man.

Bo: Yes, we did, Tek. This message originated in the Caribbean. That's exactly where Hope and Patrick were headed.

John: You do what you got to do, but I, for one, am not gonna ask Rex or Mickey or your father to approve an exhumation.

Bo: You don't have to. I'll have Judge Fitzpatrick issue a court order.

Tek: Without compelling evidence, we still need permission from the next of kin, Bo.

Lexie: You have my permission to exhume Abe.

John: Lexie, don't do this.

Bo: I'll do the same for Roman.

John: You can't do that. Kate was Roman's wife.

Bo: Right, John. She was. But I'm sure she'll agree if you ask her. I got a feeling she'll go along with your advice.

John: I'll ask her.

Bo: Good. I'll get a court order to exhume Abe and Roman's bodies. And then depending on what we find or do not find, we'll take it from there. I'll call Judge Fitzpatrick.

Maggie: There has to be a way to fix the transmitter. Roman did it before. He can do it again.

Doug: I'm afraid not. That thing is in a million pieces. And the batteries were taken.

Victor: Well, I guess that's that then. We just have to hope that Abe and Roman can duplicate it when they get back.

Doug: When they get back. That's what I think we have to be concerned about. Now, I am plenty worried about Abe, Roman, Marlena, and Hope.

Maggie: Jack, Jennifer, the baby?

Doug: That's been too long. I'm afraid something's happened to them.

Victor: I hate to say this, but there's always the possibility that they were captured and punished for trying to escape.

Jennifer: Patrick...

Patrick: Come on, buddy, come on.

Jennifer: Please do something.

Patrick: Come on.

Jennifer: Patrick, please. If we can make the baby breathe -- get some air in his lungs, please.

Patrick: Come on.

Jennifer: Patrick, you have to save my son, please! Oh, God. Please. Please, God. Please don't let my baby die, please.

[Baby crying]

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. Oh, thank God, Patrick. Patrick... oh!

Patrick: Here we go. [Baby crying]

Shawn-D: Mom? Dad? Is anyone here? Guess not. There's no answer. There's no voice mail, either? Where the heck is Mom? Dad, hey, it's me. Do you know where belle is? Just call me as soon as you get this message. And where's Mom? 'Cause her phone's not working, either. I guess I'll just go check out Belle's apartment and wait for her there. Oh.

Bo: Judge Fitzpatrick will sign the exhumation orders providing we have permission of next of kin. [Cellular phone beeps]

Bo: Hold on. I got a message. It's from Shawn.

Tek: Where is he?

Bo: He's at home.

Celeste: Oh, well, thank God. Finally, some good news.

Woman: Brady residence.

Bo: Hey, it's Bo. Put Shawn on.

Woman: Shawn? Shawn's not here. The house is empty. I just got back from the park with Zack.

Bo: Oh, that's strange. He just called me from there. All right, listen, um, if you see or hear from him, have him give me a call right away.

Woman: Okay, I sure will.

Bo: Strange.

John: So nothing's changed. He still hasn't called Belle, and no one knows where the hell he is.

[Cellular phone rings]

John: Excuse me. John Black.

Brady: Hey, Dad, it's Brady. I'm afraid I have some bad news.

John: Define bad news, son.

Brady: It's about Chloe.

Rex: Are you sure you're all right?

Mimi: No. How can I be? Chloe was so young. Too young to die. I mean... she'd found the love of her life. She was so happy.

Lucas: So you're, uh, taking Belle up to the Green Mountain Lodge, huh?

Philip: Yeah, but it's platonic. Separate rooms.

Lucas: Whatever. Man, I'm happy for you. Mom's going to be ecstatic.

Philip: Yeah, well, she's been pushing me, but I think she's been right. I love Belle. Shawn deserted her just when she needed him the most. I gave him every opportunity. I gave him plenty of time, but now, all bets are off. If he comes back into town, he's going to have a hell of a fight on his hands, because I truly believe when we come back from this trip, Belle and I are going to be together.

Sami: Belle, I am so happy for you. I'm so glad that you're going away with Philip.

Belle: We're not sharing a bed.

Sami: Belle, don't be ridiculous about this. I mean, purity rings and waiting for marriage -- that was great for high school, but you're all grown up now, and there's nothing wrong with being intimate with a man that you love.

Belle: What are you trying to say?

Sami: Belle, you don't want to lose Philip, do you? Don't make the same mistake with Philip that you did with Shawn.

Belle: Hello, sister.

Jan: Peace be with you.

Jan: As soon as I see Shawn, I'll knock him out before anyone can see him... and then he'll be all mine again -- all mine.

Brady: I just can't believe she's gone, Dad. You know, I-I was only hours away from -- from seeing her. I mean, if only I --

John: So sorry, son. I'll see you at the service.

Brady: Thanks. Thanks, Dad. I appreciate it.

Nicole: I know this is going to be difficult for you.

Brady: It is. I need to say goodbye to Chloe, but I just -- I can't imagine how I'm going to do that. We've said our goodbyes before, but this time it's forever. I just -- I can't believe I'm not going to see her face anymore, I'm not going to hear her voice.

Nicole: It's good to talk about it and let it all out, Brady. I'm listening.

Brady: No, I'm not going to bother you.

Nicole: Bother? You've been the cornerstone in my life. My world crumbled, and you were the rock that I could cling to. And I-I feel terrible that this happened. But it's my chance to return the favor, to help you the way you helped me.

Brady: Thank you. I-I need a little extra support right now.

Nicole: And I know it's nice to be surrounded by your family and friends. But remember this, Brady -- if you need special comfort, loving support, I'm right under the same roof.

Brady: I know you are.

Nicole: I'm serious, Brady. I leaned on you so many times. It's your turn to lean on me. I'm here for you.

Brady: Thank you. We should really go inside.

Jan: As soon as ghoul girl's service starts, I'll head outside and intercept Shawn before he even gets in here.

Belle: So what a rush, hearing from Brandon. Weren't you happy?

Sami: Well, yeah. I mean, he's such a special person, and I'm just thrilled because now we've put the past behind us and we can start over.

Belle: What do you mean, start over, Sami? What about you and Lucas?

Lucas: Yeah, that's what I'd like to know, Sami. What about us?

Lexie: Oh, John, that's horrible.

Celeste: Oh, God. Chloe was such a beautiful woman, so -- so talented.

John: Mm.

Bo: I'm sorry, man. Give Brady our sympathies.

John: Will do. I'll tell you what -- I'll pick up Kate and head over to the church. I'll make sure that none of the kids find out what we're doing with the caskets, and until we have all the facts, I don't want anyone to know those bodies have been exhumed or that they may have been tampered with.

Bo: Or that our loved ones could still be alive.

Maggie: Doug, do you think we're all going to be trapped here forever?

Caroline: I can't bear the thought of never seeing Salem again. My family, my grandchildren, all my friends.

Victor: Yes, I feel the same way. Well, at least we have each other.

Maggie: Where's Cassie? I haven't seen her in days.

Doug: Yeah, I've been thinking about that, too. She and Tony have been so close, and if they are in cahoots, if they're somehow involved with Stefano or whoever's keeping us prisoner, we may never see either of them again. Jennifer, Hope, Roman, Marlena, Abe, Jack, and that Patrick character -- we have no idea what's happened to any of them.

Victor: I know what you're thinking, Doug. We may be the only ones that are still alive.

Patrick: Too much blood.

Patrick: How are you feeling?

Jennifer: I feel, uh... I feel weak, but I feel so happy. Patrick, me -- me and the -- and the baby, we both survived, and Lexie said the chances of that were slim to none.

Patrick: And that was under ideal conditions. I don't think the jungle environment was even a consideration.

Jennifer: Yeah, and neither were you. And I just want to -- I just want to thank you, because this is a miracle. Thank you.

Patrick: Hope should have been here with help by now.

Jennifer: Gosh, I just -- I still have -- I still have so much pain. I don't know what's happening.

Patrick: Look, you're still bleeding a lot more than you should be. I mean, I -- I've been trying to stop it, but I -- we just have to pray hope gets here soon with medical supplies.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. Patrick... if I don't stop bleeding, I'm going to die. [Baby crying]

Bo: He's been in on this the whole time. We got to get to that island. That's where Hope and everybody else are.

Jan: Shawn escaped. I need to recapture him and get him back into his cage, and I'm going to need your help.

Roman: Doc, there's something I got to say about asking you to make love to me.

Lucas: If Brandon wanted you back, would you go?

Sami: Lucas.

Lucas: If given the choice, would you be with him or me?

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