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Kate: Honey, I am telling you -- I am telling you, the best offense a man could have is a uniform. You'll be displaying your country's colors, you'll be an American hero, you'll sweep Belle right off her feet.

Philip: Mom's right. Shawn's treated her like dirt for the last time. She needs someone who will love her, treat her with respect.

Mimi: I'm sorry if I ruined your afternoon.

Rex: Mimi, please, I don't blame you for not feeling up for anything right now, especially when Patrick...

Mimi: It's okay. You can say it. Patrick's... dead. God... could somebody please tell us why our lives are falling apart? First, the serial killings, then Shawn just disappears from Belle, and now this. Rex, would you mind if I hung out with Belle tonight? I know she's feeling awful, too.

Rex: No, of course not.

Mimi: I love you.

Philip: Hello?

Philip: Belle, are you in there? So weird. It's like she just rushed out of here. Where'd she go? Where did you go, Belle?

[Knock on door]

Sami: Sorry to break it to you, Lucas, but the answer is -- Belle.

Belle: It's over between me and Shawn.

Sami: Come in, come in. What -- what happened?

Belle: What am I gonna do?

Sami: Oh, sweetie, we'll be old maids together, hon, okay?

Belle: Okay.

Lucas: Mom, Mom, come on, wake up. Wake up. Open your eyes.

Kate: Oh, God.

Lucas: Are you okay?

Kate: What happened?

Lucas: You just fainted.

Kate: I just fainted?

Lucas: Uh-huh.

Kate: Why? Oh, God. Now I remember. You told me that you proposed to Sami.

Lucas: Yeah, I guess your heart couldn't take the news.

Kate: Did she accept?

Lucas: No.

Kate: Good. Thank God.

Lucas: But I'm gonna ask her again tonight at dinner.

Kate: Lucas, I'm telling you, I just saw her. And the way she's dressed, she wouldn't be served at a drive-thru.

Lucas: Don't tell me that, all right? She'll be ready. You watch.

Kate: Why? What happened? Why are you doing this to me? Why are you punishing me like this?

Lucas: Punishing you? It's not about you. It's about me and being with the woman I love.

Kate: Will you please reconsider? If you ask that manipulative bitch to marry you, it's going to ruin the rest of your life.

Lucas: You're talking about your stepdaughter here. You promised Roman and me you'd make a truce with her, Mom.

Kate: Well, God help me. And you.

Lucas: I guess there's nothing I can say to change your mind. In about 56 minutes, I'll know if she accepts me and makes me the happiest man alive.

Kate: Oh, God.

Tek: Okay, John, I.S.A. mainframe's on-line. Just type in your password, and you're good to go.

John: Thank you, Tek.

John: So, you really think that you can hack into the DiMera Organization files, huh?

Tek: They don't call me "Tek" for nothing. Watch this. John, what do you think the chances are DiMera's still alive?

John: 60/40. It won't be the first time.

Tek: Okay, we're in.

John: All right. Now, let's see if that bastard lives and breathes.

[Morse signal beeping]

Marlena: Oh, Roman.

Marlena: [Gasps] [Morse signal beeping]

Roman: Doc, are you okay?

Marlena: Oh... would you hol-- hold me?

Hope: I can't see anything. Patrick! Jen! Jennifer!

Jennifer: Help... help me. Help me!

Hope: Jennifer! Patrick! Patrick!

John: All right, it's a go. I'm in the server.

Tek: Okay, now, the cloaking device will only keep your presence invisible for a little while longer.

John: Define "a little while longer."

Tek: A minute, tops.

John: Come on, come on. Nothing yet.

Tek: Okay, move over, let me try something.

Tek: You know, John, ever since Tony's death, DiMera's Organization has been off the radar. Are you sure we're not chasing a ghost here?

John: Never underestimate the power of the Phoenix. It's when you lower your guard that the old man will put a cap right between your eyes.

Tek: The connection's lost.

John: Did you get anything?

Tek: I'm sorry, man.

John: Well, if the Phoenix has risen, he's probably regrouping and planning his next attack.

Tek: If our suspicions are right, he's already killed half the town, essentially. God knows what he's done with your wife. I mean, assuming he's alive, who do you think he'd go after next?

John: You.

Roman: Here you go, Doc.

Marlena: Thank you. [Morse signal beeping]

Roman: Are you okay? I mean, it sounded like you were having a really bad nightmare.

Marlena: I'm not sure. I-I don't remember what I was dreaming. I just know that I felt comfortable and safe, then all of a sudden I felt...terrified, like I was confronting some -- some sort of evil.

Roman: It's okay. Because I promise you, I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.

Marlena: Thanks. Of all the times I needed your kindness and your support... [Morse signal beeping]

Marlena: Do you think this is reaching anybody?

Roman: I'm not sure. Ha. I guess Abe and I had "E.T." on the brain when we built this thing, didn't we?

Marlena: Oh, no, it's more sophisticated, by far. Modern technology and all that.

Roman: Yeah, well, at least the only place it has to reach is as far as Salem. Or anywhere in the civilized world, for that matter. I am just hoping that by moving it from Abe's house to the penthouse that, we'll get a stronger signal because we're higher up.

Marlena: Are you, uh, keeping your eye on that? I know Abe said it was pretty fragile. It might just stop working.

Roman: Hasn't missed a beat.

Marlena: Mm.

Roman: I wonder if Abe's having any luck finding new batteries.

Marlena: Why don't you get some rest? I can -- I can watch this thing.

Roman: You know what? That is very, very nice of you, but, uh, really, honestly, I'm not, uh, not tired.

Marlena: Ha ha ha ha. Who do you think you're talking to? Watching this little thing reminds me of all the nights we sat up watching Sami and Eric asleep in the crib -- like, what, something was gonna happen?

Roman: And we both ended up falling asleep, didn't we?

Marlena: Every single time.

Roman: Yeah. Well, I'll be honest with you. I wish to hell I could sleep, but I can't... not until we figure a way off this island.

Hope: Jennifer! Jennifer, can you hear me? Patrick! Oh, God, I can't believe this is happening. Jack? Jack?

Jennifer: Oh, gosh. Oh, this baby's coming. This baby's coming. I can feel it. Oh, Jack... oh, Jack, I want you to be here. I want you to be here when I have this baby.

Patrick: I know you wanted Jack, but... it looks like you have me instead.

Sami: Belle, I cannot believe Shawn is such an idiot. He leaves a message for his parents and doesn't even mention your name?

Belle: It's worse than that. Shawn gave me back my purity ring, but he didn't even give it to me. He ran across Jan Spears.

Sami: Jan Spears? Wait a second. Since when is that psycho back in town?

Belle: My problem's not with Jan, it's with Shawn. Shawn ran into Jan outside of Salem and gave the ring back to her to return to me.

Sami: That doesn't make sense.

Belle: She said he was gonna mail it, and then when he saw her, he figured he'd save the cost of mailing it.

Sami: So you're saying that Jan told you that Shawn was gonna return the purity ring to you via Jan friggin' Spears so he could save himself the cost of a stamp? Belle, that can't be right. Jan is lying. She has to be.

Belle: No, no, Shawn's prints were all over the ring box. Philip checked it out.

Sami: I don't know what to say. I'm sorry.

Belle: You always said Shawn wouldn't come back to me.

Sami: Yeah, but no matter how crummy he treated you, you didn't want to believe it.

Belle: Well, I do now. Shawn and I had a promise before he left that our relationship wouldn't be over unless he gave me back the ring.

Sami: I can't believe he's such a coward -- that he doesn't have the decency to give you the ring back in person?

Belle: It doesn't matter. It's officially over.

Sami: Oh, God, that just sucks. You lose the love of your life, and I get the most insulting marriage proposal in history. It must be a full moon.

Belle: You got proposed to? Then what's this about us being old maids together?

Sami: I wouldn't marry Lucas if he were the last man on earth.

Mimi: Oh, my God, look at you.

Philip: Hi, Meems.

Rex: Whoa, was there a parade today?

Philip: Actually, no, I put on my uniform so I could take Belle out to dinner. Thanks.

Mimi: You know, I always heard the thing about a man in uniform, but when you're face to face with one -- wowza! Is it me, or is it hot in here?

Philip: What are you doing, Meems?

Mimi: I can see myself in your medal. Oh, my God, did you shine your shoes, too?

Philip: Mm-hmm.

Rex: What's your game, Philip, huh? What, you do all this to take Belle out to dinner?

Philip: No. No game, Rex. I just thought she deserved a special evening.

Rex: Really. Including a bouquet of romantic flowers? You sneaky bastard. You're still trying to steal Belle away from Shawn, aren't you?

Philip: No, Rex, you're wrong as always. I'm starting to get a little sick of it, so why don't you shut the hell up?

Philip: You're gonna wish you hadn't done that, Rex.

[Morse signal beeping]

Marlena: I wonder if Hope and Patrick have had any luck finding Jack and Jennifer.

Roman: I don't know. It's a big jungle... even if they were able to get through that force field.

Marlena: I'm so worried about her, Roman. Is she all right? Has she had the baby? I wish we knew something.

Roman: I know this much. Someone sent a very clear message that the rest of us better stay put.

Marlena: Relying on this little device to get us off the island -- kind of a long shot, eh?

Roman: Yeah, it is. We just gotta hope somebody picks up our signal.

Marlena: Roman, what if -- what if our captor picks it up? What if he finds out we have the device?

Roman: Abe and I considered that. But we figured, if we don't at least try...

Marlena: Roman?

Roman: Hello.

Tek: Well, if Stefano DiMera is alive, why would he come after me? I don't even know the guy. I mean, I don't have anything he wants, John.

John: No. But you are getting close to his most prized, most valuable possession in the whole world.

Tek: Lexie?

John: Lexie.

Tek: I don't understand. Why would my involvement with Lexie infuriate DiMera?

John: Just trust me. And he may not be the only one who's having a problem with your relationship with Lexie.

Tek: Who else?

John: Me.

Hope: Jack! Jack, can you hear me? The fog's lifting. Oh, God, Jack, where are you? Jack! Jack!

Jennifer: Oh, my God, I'm so glad to see you. Wh-where is Jack? Did you see Jack? Is he okay?

Patrick: Yeah...

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh, your arm's bleeding.

Patrick: Don't worry about it. I'm more concerned about you.

Jennifer: Patrick... it's so cold. It's so cold.

Patrick: Let me look at you. Let me look. Open your eyes.

Jennifer: What?

Patrick: Nothing. Nothing's wrong.

Jennifer: Don't tell me "nothing." Don't you lie to me. You tell me the truth. My baby and I are gonna die, aren't we? Aren't we?

Mimi: Come on, you guys! Stop it!

Philip: Tell your boyfriend to back off!

Rex: You're the one who's stealing Belle from Shawn.

Philip: I don't need to steal her from Shawn... I mean, if that's what I wanted to do. He already did it himself. He sent back his purity ring. I was there when Jan Spears delivered it.

Mimi: Jan Spears? Why would you believe her, Philip?

Philip: I didn't. But then I had the box that it came in and checked for fingerprints.

Rex: And?

Philip: And Shawn's were all over it.

Mimi: How could he do that to her? He loved Belle so much.

Philip: I don't know, but he did. And the way he did it, you can imagine how Belle feels. That's why I'm trying to take her out to dinner to cheer her up.

Rex: And you thought you'd bring her a bouquet of flowers, too?

Mimi: Rex, that's enough! Philip was just trying to do a nice thing for Belle.

Philip: Thank you.

Mimi: Where is she now?

Philip: I don't know. I went to the base to get my uniform. I came back, and she's just gone.

Rex: Well, look, Belle's not the only one hurting, all right? Mimi -- she just lost her brother.

Philip: Has there been any news?

Rex: They haven't found Hope or Patrick, and they've called the search off.

Philip: I'm sorry, Meems.

Mimi: Thanks.

Rex: Look, Mimi wanted to spend the evening with Belle, so I got an idea -- why don't we both take them out to dinner tonight? What do you say?

Sami: And not only did he say tons of insulting things, he didn't even get me flowers or candy or... not to mention a ring.

Belle: What, do you think that would help?

Sami: No, well, not at that point. Belle, you should have heard what he was saying to me. I mean, he was listing off my faults, like I was being indicted. My wish list for Santa when I was 6 years old was shorter than that.

Belle: So I guess you didn't accept.

Sami: Hell no. I told him that any man who's going to propose to me has to wine and dine me first and do it properly.

Belle: Well, do you think he got the hint?

Sami: Yeah, he said he wants to take me to the Penthouse Grill and propose all over again and get my answer.

Belle: [Gasps] Oh, Sami, that's wonderful. Although, I don't think you're really dressed for the Penthouse Grill.

Sami: That is because I'm not going.

Belle: No. Sami, you have to go. Come on, we've been over this. Lucas is your soul mate. He's the only man for you.

Sami: Belle, why do you keep saying that? I'm looking for Mr. Right, not Mr. Right Now.

Belle: I think you've got it wrong. Lucas is Mr. Right. Mr. Right now falls under the "botched relationship" category of Austin or Brandon.

Sami: Hey, I would've still been with them if -- if --

Belle: If you didn't sabotage it, Sami. Look, Sami, I'm so sorry. But... I-I think I know why. It's because deep down there's only one true love for you, and that's Lucas. You know, he was there for you when you've done some horrible things to him.

Sami: Belle, you didn't hear what he said to me. Obviously, he doesn't love me. He can't, not if he believes that those horrible things that he said about me are true.

Belle: Are they true, Sami?

Sami: Thanks, Belle. This conversation is not making me feel better.

Belle: You know why you lost Brandon and Austin?

Sami: Yes, because they don't love me, just like Lucas doesn't.

Belle: No, it's because you lied, just -- just like I lied to Shawn. That's why I lost him. Lucas doesn't want that to happen to you, too.

Sami:  How do you know that? I think he just wants to make me miserable, just like he always did.

Belle: Sami, you deserve to be happy. And you're the only one that can make that happen.

Sami: Belle, you're starting to sound just like Mom.

Belle: Well, Mom's right. Someone has to talk some sense into you. Now, do you love Lucas?

Sami: Well, he is Will's father.

Belle: Forget Will for a minute. Everyone knows that. Do you love Lucas? I want you to think about it. Sami, because if you do, do yourself a favor. Don't blow it. If you don't express your true feelings to Lucas, he's not gonna wait around for too long. Take it from me. Love doesn't last forever. Before you know it, it can just be gone. And, Sami, do you really want to live the rest of your life without the man of your dreams?

Roman: Cassie, come on, get in here. Now, what the hell were you doing out there eavesdropping?

Marlena: Cassie...

Cassie: I'm sorry to bother you. I just wanted to see the machine that Dad and Abe made. I was working with Grandma Caroline and Victor in the vegetable garden at the pub, and she was talking about this S.O.S. device and how it would be the only way to establish communication off this island. Is that true? Is it going to be able to connect to our friends and family back in Salem?

Marlena: Uh, we don't know.

Cassie: I just -- I miss Rex so much. If I could just talk to him or hear his voice...

Roman: I know, I know, I'm sorry, sweetheart. Well...maybe soon.

Cassie: I just can't take this anymore, Daddy. I can't. I want to get off this island.

Roman: Well, I'm not sure when that's gonna happen, sweetheart, but we're trying.

Marlena: You know what? I made a fresh pitcher of lemonade. Let me get you both some, okay?

Cassie: No, no, no, that's okay, I'll get it. [Morse signal beeping]

Marlena: Something doesn't make sense here. Cassie's life was made dreadful by Stefano -- I mean, he stole her entire childhood. And that's not her fault. That's not -- that's not your fault or Kate's.

Roman: Or yours, Doc.

Marlena: I know. I-I tried to help her in Salem before -- well, I don't know how else to say this, but... um, she's a manipulator. I mean, I've never heard her call you "Daddy." What is that? What if she's spying on us? What if she's here to find out more about that device and tell Tony about it... or even worse, tell Stefano about it?

Tek: So you don't want me to go out with Lexie, either. Why is that?

John: The truth?

Tek: Yeah.

John: When I saw you kissing Lexie at Salem Place, my first instinct was to come over there and slap you up alongside the head and drag you off her.

Tek: John, you know I would never throw myself at Lexie, especially after what she went through with Abe. I wouldn't have even gone near her if it hadn't been for that note she received from Abe on Theo's birthday.

John: What note?

Tek: Lexie never told you?

John: Never said a word.

Tek: Okay. Remember when Celeste was having all those premonitions about Abe's life being in danger?

John: Yeah, yeah, I assume that's why he took early retirement.

Tek: Yeah, he took it to heart, and he, uh, wrote a letter to Lexie to be delivered to her on Theo's birthday... in the event of his death. He thought by then it'd be time for her to move on with her life.

John: Ah, I see... and it was time for you to move in on her.

Tek: No, John, it's not like that. I really think that me and Lexie could have a real relationship. Only when she's ready, John.

John: You're right. You're right, I'm sorry. I guess I still feel like I'm protecting my partner. Abraham was bigger than life, but the fact is, the man is -- the man is dead, and it's time for Lexie to move on.

Tek: She's not the only one. Kate's lost Roman. You've lost --

John: Hey.

Tek: Look, John, I know how upsetting it must be for you that Marlena --

John: Tek, it's a little more than just upsetting.

Tek: I know. But you're the one who told me that eventually Kate and everybody else is gonna have to move on. It goes for you, too, John.

Jennifer: Patrick... what -- tell me, am I gonna die?

Patrick: No, you're not gonna die.

Jennifer: And what about the baby? Is the baby gonna die?

Patrick: [Groans] If you were to suddenly move, your placenta could rupture, and you'd go into labor. Just, look -- stay as still as you can. Look, lean into me so I can try to keep you warm, okay?

Jennifer: Okay.

Patrick: Slowly. Okay. Okay. Good. Okay.

Jennifer: Okay.

Patrick: Okay.

Jennifer: I just -- I just want to tell you something, okay? I want you to take this baby. I want you to take it to Jack and Abby, all right? I just want you to let me go and leave me here if you have to, okay?

Patrick: Jennifer, no.

Jennifer: No, I'm telling you. Promise me right now.

Patrick: Okay. I promise.

Jennifer: Okay.

Patrick: I'll do everything I can to save your baby. And you.

Jennifer: Okay.

Patrick: Okay?

Jennifer: You -- you just -- you tell Jack and Abby that -- that I love them so much.

Hope: Patrick! Jennifer!

Hope: Patrick, can you hear me?

Patrick: Yes!

Hope: We need to get Jennifer out of the ravine!

Patrick: We can't do it alone! We need help! If Jennifer's handled too roughly, she'll go into labor!

Hope: How do we get through the force field again?

Patrick: We'll use this!

Kate: I guess I'll just say goodbye. I wish I could talk you out of this.

Lucas: Well, you can't. I'm gonna give Sami Brady the type of marriage proposal she's always dreamed about.

Kate: Lucas, I'm telling you, she's still in her pajamas. I don't think she's that interested, okay?

Lucas: Well, I think she is. Deep down, I think she wants it as bad as I do.

Kate: Will anything convince you otherwise?

Lucas: If she's not dressed, then I'll know.

Kate: Then I'm going to pray she's not dressed.

Sami: Of course I don't want to live life without love.

Belle: Then do yourself a favor -- get dressed, go out, and accept Lucas's proposal right now.

Sami: Wait, Belle, I-I feel terrible. We never talked about Shawn. Don't you want to talk about it?

Belle: Oh, no, no, actually, talking to you about Lucas helped me out a lot.

Sami: Really?

Belle: Uh-huh. Now go get dressed. Go.

Sami: Accept Lucas's proposal? Not in this lifetime.

Kate: Oh, honey, Philip told me about Shawn. I'm so sorry.

Belle: I-I apologize for being so rude when you were over.

Kate: No, no, no, you weren't rude. You were just hurting. Listen, um, are you going out to dinner with Philip tonight? I know he wants to see you through this.

Belle: Yeah, I'm on my way to get dressed right now.

Kate: Okay, well, I won't keep you any longer. I know it's hard to imagine right now, but this, too, will pass.

Belle: Okay, thanks, Kate. Bye.

Kate: Bye, sweetie.

Kate: Oh... all curled up with a book.

Sami: Yeah. Why?

Kate: Oh, no reason. Just seems like a really good night to -- I don't know -- stay home, wash your hair.

Sami: Yeah, well, it's a good night for almost anything. But, gee, Kate, I think it'll be a whole lot better when you leave.

Kate: Well, looks like Miss Brady isn't going out tonight. Well, Lucas will be upset, but in the long run, it's going to make my son very, very happy.

Lucas: Ready or not, Sami, here I come.

Rex: Come on, Philip, let's double-date. The more, the merrier.

Philip: Hey.

Belle: Hey, everyone.

Rex: Hey, Belle.

Belle: Philip, you look so dashing in your uniform.

Philip: Thanks.

Belle: Mimi...

Mimi: Belle, we're so, so sorry about Shawn.

Belle: No, I'm sorry. I don't mean to cry like this. I'll be okay, but your brother... Mimi, what can we do?

Philip: Rex and I thought maybe we would take the two of you out to dinner and get your minds off things.

Belle: Sure. I mean, Philip and I were already going out, so it'd be nice if the four of us could go. I just need to dry my eyes.

Philip: Okay.

Belle: Where are my tissues?

Philip: Here you go, Belle. Use mine.

Belle: Thank you.

Philip: Come on.

Rex: Looks like Philip's ready to make his move.

Mimi: After the way Shawn treated Belle, I'm starting to think that a man like Philip is exactly what Belle might need.

Philip: It's okay. It's okay.

Lucas: Okay. 10 seconds, Sami. Come on, come on, be dressed. 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... Sami.

John: I'm aware we all need to move on. But for me, it's too soon because nobody can take the place of Doc.

Kate: Hi. Sorry to interrupt.

Tek: Oh, no problem. What do you need, Kate?

Kate: John, I was just hoping you got some information about Marlena's body.

John: No. Nothing.

Kate: I'm sorry.

John: Thank you.

Man: Excuse me, Tek, we've got a strange signal over the emergency band. [Morse signal beeping]

Tek: It's very weak.

John: Can you pinpoint it?

Tek: No... it could be interference from sun spots on the satellite.

[Morse signal beeping]

Roman: Marlena, Cassie is not spying on us.

Marlena: How can you be so sure? I mean, if it were possible for me to be programmed to kill my family and friends, why couldn't our host have programmed her? I mean, she was raised by Stefano, genetically engineered.

Roman: Look, I had a lot of time on this island to build a relationship with Cassie. That's why she called me Daddy. And not only is she a great girl, I truly believe that she now knows what separates the Brady's from the DiMera's. And she is glad to be a Brady. Besides that, she reminds me of Kate.

Marlena: Sure. Of course you're right. I'm -- I'm sorry to be so suspicious.

Roman: It goes with the territory.

[Morse signal beeping]

Roman: Look at that thing. It keeps right on clicking.

Marlena: You know, psychologically, I think we might want to prepare everybody here for the possibility that it might not... contact anybody. We could actually be marooned here forever.

Roman: Well, at least we got each other.

Patrick: Okay, listen up! In order for this to work, you're gonna have to jam the system by hitting the keys in an even and then an odd-numbered sequence. Next, you're gonna have to throw the coin against the field. The metallic properties will sever the field for a short time. You got it?

Hope: Yeah.

Patrick: Okay. Whatever you do, don't leave this behind. If you do, you'll never get back through.

Hope: Okay!

Patrick: Get ready! I'm gonna toss it up.

Hope: Oh, God, I missed it.

Patrick: Sorry.

Hope: Got it!

Patrick: One more thing. You know about following the setting sun, right?

Hope: I do now.

Patrick: You have to get to the perimeter before dark. You don't want to be in the jungle alone at night.

Hope: Jennifer, hang in there! I'll be back!

Jennifer: [Moans] Oh, gosh! The baby's coming!

Patrick: Grab my hand.

Hope: Follow the setting sun.

Jan: They have real movie chemistry -- "R," even "X" rating.

Shawn-D: Damn you, Jan.

Philip: I just haven't told you yet.

Belle: Told me what?

Philip: How I really feel.

John: It all boils down to Nicole, doesn't it? You have chosen your grandfather's widow over your father.

Marlena: Is that who I think it is?

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