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Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 7/28/04 - Canada; Thursday 7/29/04 - U.S.A.

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Nicole: Oh. Good, you're gonna join me. Hey, let me get you some of what I'm having.

Brady: I'll take care of myself.

Nicole: Oh, you don't have to, Brady. Not when I'm here ready to cater to your every need.

Brady: I'm just gonna have some seltzer and lime, Nicole.

Nicole: Ooh. You know, a little alcohol could do you some good. It might help you act on your desires. Well, you know, for instance, if you wanted to, you could take me now right here on the rug, and I wouldn't put up a fight.

Brady: Knock it off.

Nicole: You know, you wouldn't get so mad if you didn't want me. Row! [Purrs] Meow.

Sami: Dear God, I know it must seem like I only pray when I want something. And I probably don't deserve to have my prayers answered anyway. I was really mean to Lucas earlier, and I don't even know why. Maybe he was right. Maybe -- maybe I am just afraid. I want to ask for your forgiveness. And I need your help, because I want to be a better person. I do. I want to be the kind of person that my Mom and Dad wanted me to be. I promise you I'll try. I swear, I'll -- I'll give up my own happiness, I'll do anything. Just please bring my Mother back.

Lucas: You deserve to be happy, Sami. You do, and you know it. You just keep running away from it.

Sami: Spare me your fake platitudes, Lucas. I don't need you to help me feel better. I don't need you at all -- not now, not ever.

Jan: It's nothing against you, Belle. I'm just kind of glad that my guy isn't into the whole purity thing. I mean, we just like being as close as two people can possibly be.

Belle: Our rings are about commitment.

Jan: And nobody is more committed than my fiancÚ. I mean, he is somebody that I can count on completely and absolutely. Once he gives his heart, it's forever.

Belle: My God, I know I've said this before. It's really... if I didn't know any better, I'd think your fiancÚ was Shawn.

Jan: It is.

Belle: Oh, my God, this is crazy. Philip was right. You keep on lying and lying. You never got over Shawn. You still love him.

Jan: Of course I still love Shawn.

Philip: Thanks.

Kate: Thank you. Honey, it seems to me that the Gods have been really good to you, and if Shawn is through with Belle, I think it's the perfect time for you to tell her how much you care for her.

Philip: All right, Mom, how many times do I have to tell you that I won't take advantage of Belle?

Kate: Philip, I just think the two of you belong together. That's all. I -- I just want one of my children to be happy.

Philip: I know. I know. Belle cannot move on until she's over Shawn. And believe me, that hasn't happened yet. I have a feeling it never will.

John: Come on.

Bo: Hey.

John: What are we doing meeting here? Why not down at the precinct?

Bo: Too many eyes and ears at the P.D. I don't want anyone knowing about our suspicions till I decide it goes public.

Celeste: Well, we have to be careful here as well now, Bo.

Bo: Yeah.

John: Bo, I'm having a hard time processing this. Stefano set up Doc. He's behind the serial killings. But now for whatever reason, he's taken her. He's taken her body for what? I mean, what the hell more could he do to her now?

Bo: John, we don't know anything for sure. It all kind of hinges on whether DiMera's alive or dead.

Lexie: My brother swore to me that my Father was dead.

Bo: Tony wasn't exactly famous for telling the truth.

Lexie: Well, I can't believe that my own Father would make me believe that he was dead if it wasn't true.

Celeste: I'm sorry, Alexandra, but Stefano is alive, darling. I've known it for quite some time.

John: Well, why the hell didn't you say something before now?

Celeste: Because I didn't want it to be true.

Abe: There. Anybody want a cold drink?

Marlena: Oh, desperately, but first I want to hear Roman's escape plan.

Abe: Oh, yeah, the great escape. You know, I've always admired the hell out of you, Roman, but I don't understand how we're gonna get out of this damn replica of Salem without a working telephone.

Roman: I'm banking on there being kids' toys here.

Abe: Toys?

Roman: This house is an exact duplicate of the house that you and Lexie had in Salem. So I'm hoping that means there's a pile of electronic kids' toys upstairs in Theo's room.

Marlena: Hmm. Are there?

Abe: Yeah. It's just like Theo's room back home. Scares the hell out of me, if you want to know the truth. As much as I miss Lexie and Theo, I don't want them here. I don't want what happened to me to happen to them.

Roman: If my plan works, we'll all get off this island, and we'll have one hell of a reunion with the people we love.  

Belle: I don't believe you. Even though you know that I'm devastated that the man I love is gone and I don't know where he is, you have the nerve to tell me that you're still in love with him? I know there is no way he's engaged to you.

Jan: Shawn made sacrifices for me. He actually cared about me and my baby, even though he knew that it wasn't his. Of course I love Shawn, but I'm not in love with him. Look, it just so happens that I found a guy who has all of Shawn's same wonderful qualities. That's all that I meant to say. And now that I've got the man of my dreams, I'm going to do anything to hang on to him, even if that means chaining him to my bed.

Belle: That's sick.

Jan: Sorry I'm not all pure in deed and thought like you. But believe me, I know what it means to love a man with all of my heart, so you know what? You can just stop acting so damn superior.

Belle: Jan, I'm sorry. Your love life is none of my business. I'm just kind of flipped out about the way Shawn walked out and left me. It's not like him at all.

Jan: Maybe there are things you don't know about Shawn.

Belle: What do you mean?

Jan: Just that it's possible that you didn't know him as well as you thought you did.

Kate: You know, sweetie, sometimes women feel like they need permission to love again. I mean, you wouldn't want Belle wasting her youth on a man who couldn't even be bothered to call and tell her where he is.

Philip: Hey, Mom, stop it. I've already told you where I stand.

Kate: Okay, fine. But what if Tek determines that the fingerprints on the ring box really belong to Shawn? I mean, that means that he intended to end the relationship, right? So then would you change your mind?

Lexie: Mom, how could you do this to me? My own father might still be alive, and you didn't tell me?

Celeste: I wasn't absolutely sure.

John: Well, then, what are you talking about?

Celeste: The ashes -- Stefano's ashes.

Lexie: What about them?

Celeste: I was at the mansion one day, and the urn fell off the mantel, and the ashes spilled out all over the floor, but... the vibrations I was getting -- they were not of Stefano's. Oh, it was just so strange.

Bo: When the I.S.A. tested those ashes, they couldn't come up with a positive I.D.

John: The I.S.A. has been on that ever since Stefano's reported death, but come on. He didn't get the name "the Phoenix" for nothing. We all knew there was a chance he really wasn't dead. You know, all we had to do was look at who the serial killer targeted for death -- the Horton's and the Brady's. It's got DiMera's signature all over it.

Bo: John, we all fell for it. That's exactly what the old bastard was counting on.

Abe: All right, I'm intrigued. So how are a bunch of kids' toys gonna help us get off this island?

Marlena: Thanks.

Roman: All right. You and me, we're gonna take it apart. We're gonna use the electronic components to cobble together some kind of signaling device.

Marlena: What kind of a signal?

Roman: Radio, maybe.

Abe: Maybe Morse Code.

Roman: Mm-hmm. So you get that stuff up in Theo's room. Anything with a battery, circuit board, microchip.

Abe: You got it, you got it.

Marlena: Ha ha ha. You, my friend, are a genius!

Roman: Well, I used to take apart things when I was a kid, you know -- clocks, toasters, anything I could get my hands on. I guess it was the closest thing to a hobby I had.

Marlena: Well, it came in handy when I was married to you. But now it might just save our lives. [Both laugh]

Marlena: Oh!

Brady: Your trashy come-ons don't do anything for me anymore, so I'll tell you what. Give it up.

Nicole: Oh, Brady, you're no fun anymore. You know, you used to enjoy it when I played around with you. That's all I was doing right there, you know? Playing. Entertaining myself. For God's sake, Brady, you are so intense. Loosen up. You know, you've told me a thousand different ways to back off, and I have.

Brady: You have?

Nicole: Yes. You're the one who's not listening to me. Why aren't you in Vienna right now with Chloe, hmm? I told you to get on the next plane, didn't I?

Brady: And I told you the timing was wrong.

Nicole: Timing is overrated.

Nicole: Your flight leaves tonight. And then when you get there, you can have all the Viennese pastries you can handle. Not to mention the opera-singing love of your life.

Brady: You bought me a ticket to Vienna to see Chloe?

Nicole: Hey, what can I say? I'm a hard-core romantic.

Brady: Romantic? You?

Nicole: Yes. Gosh, you know, even I know you can't fight true love. And my prediction? Once Chloe has you back in her arms, she'll never let you go. I know I wouldn't.

Kate: Why do all my children have to be so stubborn and hardheaded?

Philip: Because we all take after our Mother.

Kate: Oh...

Philip: And by the way, one of your kids is pretty happy right now.

Kate: Really?

Philip: Mm-hmm.

Kate: Well, if you're talking about Lucas, he's completely delusional. I mean, how many times does Sami have to try to ruin his life? And still he keeps running back to her.

Philip: Maybe Sami's changed, Mom.

Kate: Oh, please. That girl is just out for whatever she can get. I mean, Lucas is completely foolish if he thinks that little tramp is -- damn it. Damn it, damn it, damn it. I promised myself I wouldn't do that.

Philip: Do what?

Kate: Speak ill of our lovely Sami.

Philip: How are you going to keep that promise, Mom? You live to trash her.

Kate: Well, it wasn't by choice.

Philip: Mm-hmm.

Kate: Lucas made Sami and me both promise not to run each other down, and if we do, then he's out of our lives forever.

Philip: Good for Lucas. He's doing what's best for Will.

Kate: Yeah, that's what he thinks, but if it wasn't for Will, Lucas would never have been sucked back into Sami's life.

Sami: I do not appreciate you eavesdropping on me. We're not married, we don't live together, and we're not even dating, so get out! Go back to your apartment and leave me alone!

Lucas: You know, I have a great reason for stopping by. The best reason ever.

Sami: Is that a letter from Will?

Lucas: It is a letter from Will. I was going through the mail, and I thought you might want to see it right away.

Sami: He's probably written us from camp. I miss him so much.

Lucas: Yeah, me too.

Sami: He's talking about the archery, and he was worried that they weren't going to have archery this year, and they do, and -- he got first place in the competition!

Lucas: Of course he did. He's the man.

Sami: Whose idea was it for him to go to summer camp? I miss Will so much. The way he always comes up behind me and gives me a big hug. I just need a hug from will. I need a hug from him so badly right now.

Lucas: Come on, don't cry. Maybe we can go see him this weekend. We'll take a drive. It'll be nice.

Sami: That would be so awesome. But I can't tell him about Mom. I mean, will can't know that his grandmother was buried alive. It would be too much for him. It's too much for me.

Lucas: Come on, don't say that, okay? Stop it. We don't even know if that's the way it happened, okay? I mean, come on, Sami, how could it?

Sami: I don't know, but that's the worst part, is not knowing what happened. I mean, if Mom was alive, then where is she? Who's got her?

Belle: Shawn is acting totally out of character. He doesn't ever get wasted -- not on alcohol, not on drugs, either. And he hates to worry me. Which w why it doesn't make any sense that he left a message with his father and didn't even mention me.

Jan: Well, it doesn't make sense for who you thought that Shawn was. Look, I'm not saying that he's still not a great guy, but from what I saw when I ran into him, Shawn's -- well, he's different.

Belle: Different how? You mean the way he looks? Oh, my God. With my Mom being a shrink for all these years, I should have thought of this before.

Jan: Thought of what?

Belle: Whatever's going on with Shawn has to be psychological.

Jan: Hey, you better not be saying that he's crazy!

Tek: Hey, Philip.

Philip: Hey.

Tek: I just left a message on your home phone.

Philip: Did you get the fingerprint results?

Tek: Not yet, but as soon as they're done running tests in the lab, I'll have one of my officers get you the results right away, man.

Philip: I owe you one, man.

Tek: No problem, no problem. How you doing, Kate?

Kate: Oh, I've been better.

Tek: Yeah, well, cheer up. Things are gonna be all right.

Philip: See ya.

Tek: All right.

Kate: Well, looks like you're gonna know pretty soon. You know, if Shawn's fingerprints are on that ring box, I hope you go straight to Belle and tell her exactly how you feel about her.

Philip: I'll make up my own mind when the time comes, Mom.

John: I don't think any of you can imagine how I feel right now. When I was DiMera's associate, I betrayed him over a woman. And since then the man you call your father has had a fixation on Doc for as long as I can remember, and God only knows what he's doing to her right now. That's why I've got to find my -- we have to find our wives, Bo. Even if it's just to bring the back home for burial.

Bo: Yeah, I know. My kid's still missing. I did get a message from him the other day, but I don't know if he knows about his mom.

John: Celeste, can you dial into your powers and tell us if there's any chance whatsoever Doc and Hope are still alive?

Celeste: Perhaps. If each of you has an item of jewelry, clothing, something that your wives have touched... do you?

Bo: Yeah.

Celeste: All right, very well then. I'll try to determine if their life force is still active. Come. Give me.

Brady: Ah, man, I'm really tempted to get on that plane.

Nicole: Brady, you need to start giving in to your temptations. It's called being alive.

Brady: You know, Nicole, for once I think you're giving me some good advice. Thank you. Thanks. I really need this right now.

Nicole: Me too.

Brady: Well... if I'm gonna get on this plane, I got to pack. You're amazing. I'll never forget this.

Nicole: And if everything goes the way I've planned it, you'll remember this night for the rest of your life, Brady. And if it backfires, you'll end up in Chloe's bed, and I'll be the one who put you there.

Nicole: Hey, for God's sake, ring. I'm running out of time. [Cellular phone rings]

Nicole: Yes, yes, yes? You got it? Excellent! Well, were you able to -- oh, thank God, thank God. Yes, I owe the rest of my life to you. Okay, I'll take care of the rest. [Hangs up]

Nicole: I love gambling, especially when I win!

Sami: [Sobbing]

Lucas: I wish I could fix things for you. I wish I could just make things better, Sami. But it's gonna work out. It will. I don't know how, but it will somehow, some way.

Sami: How can you even say that? How can you say that things are going to work out? My mother was body-snatched! She was stolen straight out of her coffin. I don't know if she was buried alive or dead. I don't know if she's cold as stone or breathing right this second. I don't know, and neither do the freaking police.

Lucas: Bo and John have strong motives -- very strong motives -- to find out what happened.

Sami: Don't talk to me about them.

Lucas: Sami, they both lost their wives. They want to know what happened as much as you do.

Sami: You know what? I don't want to listen to you take their side anymore. Get out!

Lucas: I'm not taking anybody's side!

Sami: I said get out!

Lucas: You're yelling and screaming at me because you don't want to pour out your heart and you don't want to cry. That's okay.

Sami: I hate it when you analyze me.

Lucas: Sami, I heard you praying to God when I brought in the mail. I know how deep this goes for you.

Sami: For your information, I never pray. There's no point.

Lucas: It's okay to pray. I heard you. Don't worry about it.

Sami: The only thing I would pray for is for God to send whoever did this to my Mom straight to hell, which is exactly where you belong!

Belle: Psychiatrists don't call people crazy, and that's not what I think has happened to Shawn anyway. He's been through something very traumatic. We all have. You weren't living in Salem most of last year when so many of our friends and family were getting killed. Where I think things fell apart for Shawn is when I lied to him to give my Mother an alibi for the night his Grandpa Doug was murdered. That's when Shawn thought he couldn't trust me anymore. And although we tried to work through it, I think Shawn felt like nothing could ever be the same again. When people get depressed like that, they act in ways they never would otherwise.

Jan: Well, um, Shawn was not depressed when I saw him. He was actually wearing this adorable little baseball T-Shirt. It was a little bit too small for him. And I wasn't the only one noticing.

Belle: What do you mean you weren't the only one?

Jan: Well, there was this girl there. Nothing like you. I mean, she had a different body type, if you catch my drift. Anyway, she was noticing Shawn, and he was noticing right back.

Belle: Why didn't you tell me this before?

Jan: 'Cause I didn't want to crush you.

Belle: Well, how many times did I ask you to tell me everything?

Jan: Okay, Belle, here's the whole story. I'm sorry, but they rode off together. She was practically glued to him. They were really, really close.

Belle: Now I know you're lying. Shawn doesn't pick up strange girls.

Jan: Well, like I said, maybe you didn't really know Shawn.

Belle: I know him, and I know you, too, Jan. Philip was right. You never saw Shawn. You just made up the whole story to torture me.

John: Doc gave me this key ring when I got a new car. She put a charm on there to keep me safe. She was always thinking about things like that.

Bo: Mine's a key chain, too. It's got a ring on it that Hope gave me when we were kids. I always carry it with me.

Tek: What's going on, Bo?

Bo: Hey, man. We're just trying to see if Celeste can get any kind of vibrations about Hope and Marlena. You know, to find out if they're still alive.

Tek: Yeah. Hang in there, guys. So what do you need me to do?

Bo: We've been kicking around the idea that maybe Stefano DiMera isn't dead.

Tek: Bo.

Bo: He could be the key to what happened to Marlena.

John: And Hope.

Tek: Okay.

Bo: We should have figured this whole thing out a long time ago, but we want to start an investigation into his whereabouts.

Tek: All right. I'll check with my guys at I.S.A. headquarters.

Bo: Okay, man. Thanks.

Celeste: [Gasps]

Lexie: What? Mom? Mom, are you all right? What's happening?

Celeste: [Gasping]

Lexie: Mom?

Celeste: I sense them. Both of them. Hope and Marlena. And they -- they have definitely both been at the same place recently.

Lexie: What do you mean? Are you saying that they're in heaven?

Celeste: [Gasps]

Bo: Or are they still alive?

Marlena: My mind is reeling. Can you imagine if this plan really works? We could be walking through the real doors of the real Salem into the arms of the people we love the most.

Roman: Yeah. Yeah, that would be an interesting moment, all right.

Marlena: Interesting? How distracted are you?

Roman: Sorry. I -- just thinking about something that Abe said the other day about Lexie. He's afraid that she might move on with her life, move on with another man.

Marlena: Well, that could happen to anybody. I mean, nobody knows how long we'll be on this island, or if we'll be here for eternity.

Roman: I'm sorry, Doc. I didn't mean to bring you down.

Marlena: No, no. Nothing wrong with reality. We have had so little under our control lately. Ah, Abe.

Abe: Yeah. Got a portable telephone, hand-held video games, all kinds of electronic gizmos here.

Roman: All right, all right. Great, pard.

Abe: Anything that has wires in this house I'm donating to the cause.

Roman: All right, well, let's roll up our sleeves, let's start the demolition.

Abe: Whatever it takes to get back to the ones we love.

Marlena: Okay.

Philip: I'm telling you, Mom, Lucas is not the little wimp he used to be. You keep trying to turn him against Sami, you're going to lose him.

Kate: I know that, dear. It's just that Austin and Billie -- they don't live close to us anymore. I hardly ever hear from them, their lives are so busy, and with your father gone, it's just that I don't want our family to be any smaller than it already is.

Philip: No, Lucas will still talk to me. You're the one who will be cut out of his life.

Kate: No, that is not going to happen, because I'm going to make nice with Sami, but she and Lucas will split up. Sami is going to do it all by herself by being the self-destructive little bitch we all know she is.

Lucas: I am trying to be there for you, okay? I'm trying to help you through this hell of a day, but you won't let me. You won't let anybody help you.

Sami: Oh, how dare you think that you can help me? I mean, what does that even mean, help me? Nothing can change what happened. My Mother is missing. She's gone. I may never know where or how. All I know is that she's left me, just like she left me before, just like everyone who has ever loved me left me.

Lucas: It doesn't have to be that way. Just stop pushing people away. Stop driving them away, Sami.

Sami: Okay, Lucas, since you're so smart, why don't you tell me how? How do I make someone love me enough to stay? Because that's all I've ever wanted -- was to love and be loved. And yet every single person that I have ever loved has left me.

Lucas: Just stop lying. Tell the truth, all right? People can handle it. That's what they want. I mean, once you start lying and manipulating, Sami, that's when people turn their back on you. Now, you lied to Austin about Will, you lied to me, you tried to fix it so Brandon wouldn't find out the paternity of Lexie's baby, and when it turns out he wasn't even the father after all.

Sami: Love is supposed to conquer all, and yet all love does is kick me in the teeth and then kick me again when I'm down, just like you did when you cut out on me.

Lucas: I didn't cut out on you. I would never do that.

Sami: You said you were going to leave me, that you were never going to talk to me again -- just now. How do you think that makes me feel? You're just like every other person who says they love me and then leave me.

Lucas: No, I'm not. I'm different, and I can prove it.

Sami: Oh, yeah? How?

Brady: I never packed so fast in my life. I can't believe I'm going to see Chloe tonight. Nicole, all I got to do is call a cab, and I'm out of here. What are you doing? What's wrong?

Nicole: Nothing. Hey, have a great trip.

Brady: I intend to. Why -- why are you plastered to the TV screen?

Nicole: I'm not. Go, go, go. Look, I was just -- I was just recording my favorite entertainment news show. I was just watching it, that's all. Look, please, forget about the TV. Go -- the love of your life is waiting. And please tell Chloe I said hello and send me a postcard, and, you know, I'd ask you to bring home a piece of Viennese pastries for m but you're probably not coming home. That's how happy you're going to be.

Brady: Nicole, you're -- you're covering the TV. Why are you doing that?

Nicole: Brady! Maybe you don't love Chloe as much as I thought, if you're more interested in watching TV than catching your flight.

Brady: No, there is something on there you don't want me to see. Now give me the remote control. Give me the damn remote control!

Nicole: Stop it.

Philip: I've got to tell Bo that Shawn's been seen.

Kate: Poor Bo. With Hope missing, the last thing he needs is to be worried about Shawn.

Philip: Maybe this will help. Are we interrupted?

Celeste: Um... my vision's gone now.

John: No, not at all. What's going on?

Philip: Uh, I need to talk to you. It's about Shawn.

Bo: All right, man. Come on.

Kate: John, we interrupted something. What's happening?

John: It's going to come out sooner or later, I guess. There's news, Kate. It's about Doc. Come here.

Lexie: Are you okay?

Celeste: Yes, I'm fine.

Lexie: Are you sure?

Celeste: Yes -- I just don't want you to be angry with me, Alexandra, please, darling.

Lexie: No, I'm not. I'm not.

Tek: Lexie.

Lexie: Yeah?

Tek: Let's take a little walk.

Lexie: I'll be right back. Did you find something out?

Tek: Yeah, I just got an update on your father.

Lexie: What is it?

Tek: Okay, the last transaction the I.S.A. had regarding your father had to do with a piece of property of his.

Lexie: Which property?

Tek: It was a house in a seaside town called Harmony. It was a sublet. That was years ago. After that, there's no -- no trace of any activity of Stefano's whatsoever. I mean, nothing, personal or business -- nothing.

Lexie: That still doesn't tell me if he's alive or not.

Tek: I know, Lex. I know.

Lexie: Well, apparently, I am not any good at knowing if someone's alive or dead. It is possible that Marlena wasn't dead when she was put into that casket and buried.

Tek: Lexie, Lexie, it's possible, I'll grant you, that someone gave her something to slow her heartbeat down, make it appear she was dead. It can be done. We both know that. But she was mortally wounded, Lexie. She couldn't have recovered from that gunshot wound. She couldn't have survived. There's no way.

Lexie: There is just no end to this horror, Tek. Every time I just keep thinking that we've gotten through the worst of it, there's another death. Or now there's a nightmare with Marlena's body disappearing. I-I just feel like I've lost Abe all over again. It's been a year since he died, and it just -- still just hurts so much.

Tek: I told you before you can count on me.

Nicole: For God's sake, Brady, I'm not trying to hide anything from you.

Brady: Like hell you're not.

Nicole: Hey, hey, you know, why do you have to be so stubborn? I am trying to protect you.

Brady: Protect me from what?

Nicole: From missing your flight. I don't want you to be disappointed.

Brady: Move.

Brady: That's Chloe. Who's the guy she's with?

Nicole: It's just an interview, Brady. I'm sure it doesn't mean anything.

Brady: Who is he?

Nicole: Well, according to this show, he's the hottest young tenor in Europe.

Brady: And?

Nicole: Well, the show's all about gossip. I'm sure that's all it is.

Brady: What did they say?

Nicole: Well, the word is Chloe and the tenor are doing a lot more than just singing together.

Jan: I did so see Shawn, and I can prove it.

Belle: Well, how? Did he give you a lock of his hair?

Jan: Well, he gave me the purity ring to return to you, but since that obviously wasn't good enough... he also told me about a conversation the two of you had -- a fight, actually. It was about a lie you told to give your mother an alibi.

Belle: A lot of people knew about that.

Jan: Yeah. Well, he said that when you were fighting, he mentioned me and the promise you two made to each other after he lied about fathering my baby. You two swore that you would never lie about anything ever again. The thing that upset you so much was when he said that your lie about your mom made him wonder what else you would lie about in the future. Shawn told me that you were in the hospital chapel when you had the fight. He said that without trust, there can't be love. Ring a bell, Belle?

Belle: Nobody knew about that conversation except me and Shawn.

Jan: [Thinking] Lucky for me I was in the chapel and heard the whole fight.

Belle: Oh, my God. That means you've been telling the truth about everything. You really did see Shawn. He sent back the purity ring to tell me that it's over. I have to accept it once and for all -- Shawn doesn't love me anymore. [Sobbing]

Sami: Okay, go ahead. Prove you'll never leave me. I dare you.

Lucas: All right, just keep looking at me.

Sami: What for?

Lucas: Because I just have one question, and I want you to hear every word of it.

Lucas: Sami Brady... will you marry me?

Kate: I don't know -- I don't know how you're dealing with all this. Burying the wife that you love, now you -- now you find out that her body has disappeared and that Stefano might be involved? Look, if there's anything that I can do...

John: Just don't say anything to Philip right now. He and belle are getting close, and I don't want her hearing anything until I know what the story is for sure. I think she's been through enough.

Kate: I won't say a word. You hang in there.

Philip: Hey.

Kate: Philip, look. I just want you to be happy, okay? That's all I want for all of my children.

Philip: I know that, Mom, but I've got to find happiness on my own. But I can tell you that Lucas feels the same way.

Kate: I'll try to remember that.

Philip: Mm.

Kate: I love you.

Philip: I love you, too.

Kate: See you later.

Philip: Bye, Mom.

Man: Mr. Kiriakis.

Philip: Hey.

Man: Detective Kramer asked me to deliver that to you.

Philip: These are the results from the fingerprint test?

Man: All I know is it's from the lab.

Philip: Thank you. I appreciate it. All right, come on, come on, come on. Aah, come on, come on. Unbelievable.

Lexie: Ha ha. I-I can't -- I can't -- I-I can't do this.

Tek: Okay, I'm sorry.

Lexie: No, no, you -- you didn't do anything wrong. I-I'm just not ready yet. Abe's still in my heart.

Tek: I'm sure he always will be. I mean, that's the kind of loving woman you are, Lexie. I just think there's something so good between us right here. I think you feel it, too, you know.

Lexie: I do. I do, I -- just not now, okay? Not yet.

Tek: All right. I can wait. That's what makes me a good detective, right?

Lexie: Ha ha. Yeah.

Bo: Tek's a good guy, Celeste.

Celeste: I don't doubt that, but there's something disquieting about -- about how close he's becoming to my daughter.

Bo: Abe's been dead almost a year now.

Celeste: Yeah, but... when I look at Tek and Alexandra, I see a aura of disaster for both of them.

John: I'm sorry about that interruption earlier. So did you have any more feelings about Hope and Doc with those keychains Bo and I gave you?

Celeste: Even though I sense a connection with Hope and Marlena to you through these objects, it wasn't enough to tell me if Hope is dead or alive. I'm sorry, Bo. And, John, as for Marlena, I have a strong feeling that, wherever she is... she's in the company of all the other dead of Salem.

Marlena: Hmm. Well, pretty it's not.

Abe: Yeah, but as long as it gets us off this island.

Marlena: Roman, exactly how does it work?

Roman: All right, what I've done is I've programmed Abe's computer so that the pattern clicking of the mouse will send out an S.O.S. signal. [Beeping]

Roman: Just like that.

Abe: Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh. You put that together with toys and -- and computer components. Look at you. How smart are you?

Abe: Now, hopefully somebody's going to hear that signal and notify the authorities.

Marlena: Hopefully it'll last long enough so they can trace our location.

Abe: Well, that mouse is going to keep clicking as long as those batteries hold out, so tonight I'm going to turn this house upside-down and inside-out to scare up a few more of these, and I'm going to search every store on this island, too.

Marlena: We'll help you do it. Oh, please, God, make it work. We can get home to our family and friends, people we love the most in the world -- yes! You are good. Whoo!

Roman: Teamwork.

Abe: Teamwork. Yeah.

Lucas: You can't be the same selfish, manipulative bitch you've been in the past.

Sami: Do you think this is some sort of romantic proposal?

Brady: I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to find comfort in somebody else's arms.

Belle: What is it?

Philip: Proof that tells us whether Jan was lying about Shawn or not.

Shawn-D: Belle, I'm in here! I'm in the bedroom! Get me out of here, Belle!

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