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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 7/22/04 - Canada; Friday 7/23/04 - U.S.A.

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Shawn-D: My parents have been through much worse, and they've always found their way back to each other. We're like them, Belle. We're soul mates. All I have to do is close my eyes, and I remember how much I love you.

Belle: I love you, too.

Shawn-D: Are you waiting for me?

Belle: I told you I'd wait forever, didn't I?

Shawn-D: Jan told me that you had moved on.

Belle: No. We'll be together again soon.

Shawn-D: When?

Belle: Today.

Jan: You heard me right. I know where Shawn is.

Belle: Oh, my God. Oh, my -- is he all right?

Jan: He's perfect.

Belle: Well, did you talk to him? Why hasn't he called me? Did he hear about his mom?

Jan: Look, I don't want to go into this on the phone. I think I should sit down with you, give you the news in person.

Belle: What news?

Jan: I'll stop by the loft later this afternoon, say, around 5:00? Give you the 411. I have to run an errand.

Belle: No, no, no, wait. Don't hang up.

Jan: Later. Ha ha ha. So gullible. It won't be hard to convince little Miss Tinker Bell that Shawn's through with her for good.

Belle: Jan saw Shawn.

Philip: She's lying.

Belle: How do you know? Why would she lie about something like that?

Philip: Because Jan Spears is a born liar, Belle. She's up to something. I'm going to prove it.

Jack: Oh, my God, Jennifer. Jennifer!

Jennifer: Jack. Oh. Oh. You -- you got to help.

Jack: Don't move an inch. Just stay where you are. Jennifer, freeze!

Jennifer: Aah! Aah!

Jack: Jennifer! Jennifer!

Jennifer: Aah!

Jack: Aah! Jennifer! Jennifer! Oh.

Patrick: From what I was able to figure out and from what Abe and Roman were able to tell us, I'm guessing Jennifer's plane went down somewhere near the North shore, which means we got to go that way.

Hope: Just exactly how much do you know, Patrick?

Patrick: Not much.

Hope: Bull.

Patrick: Like I said, I'm going on a hunch.

Hope: I think you know exactly who kidnapped my cousin and why.

Patrick: And I told you 100 times, I don't.

Hope: I just saw you deactivate the force field surrounding new Salem using that coin of yours.

Hope: Aah! How did you do it?

Patrick: Like I said, it was dumb luck. The metal in the coin must have tripped up the force field.

Hope: Oh, just stop jerking me around, okay? I was nearly killed.

Patrick: Yeah, well, maybe you should have stayed put.

Hope: Someone is playing with our lives. Who is it? Look, either you're a good guy or you're not, but you can't have it both ways. My cousin wanted to trust you. Are you working for her kidnaper?

Patrick: No.

Hope: Then stop lying to me.

Patrick: Okay. I'll tell you the truth.

Bo: I know you're out there, Fancy Face. I will find you. Don't give up. I'll find you.

Bo: What's that?

Tek: It's bad news.

Sami: John, I won't let you exhume my Mother's body.

John: If she's not there, Samantha, we have to know. Lucas, are you absolutely sure that you placed this bear in the casket before she was buried? Will didn't change his mind at the last minute and take it back.

Lucas: No. No, no, he -- he'd left by then. Our son wanted his grandmother to have that bear with her to -- to keep her company for all eternity.

John: That didn't last long.

Lucas: How'd that bear find its way to Bo's house?

John: I don't know. But if this bear was removed from the coffin after interment, we have to consider the possibility Marlena's body is gone as well. I'm going to get a court order for exhumation.

Sami: No way.

John: Samantha, it's not your decision.

Sami: Damn it, John, haven't you hurt her enough?!

Lucas: Sami, don't. Come on.

Sami: You broke up her marriage to my Father. You ruined her life. I will not let you disturb her in death.

Lucas: Sami, she's in heaven now.

Sami: I won't let you touch my Mother, John. I won't let you touch her! I won't let you touch her, John! You can't hurt my mother anymore! I won't let you hurt her!

Lucas: Sami, come on.

John: Samantha.

Lucas: Sami, come on. Let's go home. Come on.

Sami: Damn it, it was hard enough burying her the first time. I'm not going to let you dig her back up. It's sacrilege!

Lucas: Sami, don't you want to know what's going on? Don't you want to know the truth?

Sami: The truth? The truth is John turned Mom in to the police in the first place. He is the reason that she was thrown in jail, and she was killed trying to escape because of him.

John: In your heart, Samantha, I think you know I did everything I could to save your mother.

Sami: You're such a liar.

John: And I still believe, on some level, that your mother is innocent of all these crimes attributed to her, and this bear may just prove that.

Sami: John, you can't open her coffin. You can't. It's -- it's grotesque. We have to remember Mom the way she was.

John: Sami, you don't have to be here. I'll make this as fast as possible. I'm going to get that court order from Bo.

Sami: No. No! Damn it, Lucas! Don't just stand there, do something!

Lucas: Sami, we need answers, or else this is going to haunt you. You need to know what's going on as much as John does.

Sami: I can't believe you are siding with him against me.

Lucas: What are you talking about? I'm not siding with anybody.

Sami: If you won't help me, Lucas, then I will stop John myself.

Bo: Okay, so the Coast Guard has recovered the bulk of the wreckage from the plane. It -- it doesn't mean anything. I mean, the debris was scattered over a large area. Hope could still be out there.

Tek: That's not all, Bo. One piece had traces of blood on it.

Bo: After being in the water?

Tek: I was able to run a refined search, and the results just came back. I'm sorry, Bo. It was a positive match for Hope.

Bo: Give me that.

Tek: This is just more proof that she's gone, man.

Bo: You know what? I know Hope was there, I know there was blood at the scene. I mean, the -- the friggin' plane was hit by a missile. It doesn't mean --

Tek: Bo, there was a school of sharks in the area. If she was bleeding, it would have attracted them.

Bo: You know what?! You haven't given me anything new here. You haven't given me any concrete evidence.

Tek: Bo, I can only imagine what you're going through. I can only imagine how hard this is for you. But she's gone. You need to accept that.

Patrick: Before I came back to Salem last winter, I met this guy.

Hope: This guy? Does he have a name?

Patrick: He's dangerous, okay? And if he found out I turned on him, I'd be dead. You'd be dead.

Hope: Patrick --

Patrick: Look, do you want to hear this or not?

Hope: Go on.

Patrick: Anyway, I owed this guy a lot of money from a business deal that went sour. He wanted to collect, I was broke. So we made a deal.

Hope: So let me guess. He had a little job for you.

Patrick: He wanted me to come back to Salem and target Jennifer Deveraux.

Hope: Oh, my God. When Jennifer hit you with her car, it wasn't an accident, was it?

Patrick: I was waiting for her outside her house. When she backed out of the driveway, I stepped into her blind spot so she'd hit me.

Hope: The oldest scam in the book.

Patrick: Yeah, well, back injuries are easy to fake, and Jennifer has a big heart. But she was hospitable beyond my wildest dreams. She was paying for my medical bills. She invited me to stay in her garage apartment.

Hope: I knew you weren't on the up-and-up. I should have trusted my instincts. She defended you! She insisted that you knew Jack!

Patrick: I never met the guy.

Hope: Yeah, I figured that was a crock. Jack had a lot of interests, but Nascar racing wasn't one of them.

Patrick: Yeah, well, Jennifer bought that he was writing an article and we'd crossed paths. I was in the perfect position to ingratiate myself.

Hope: What was your assignment concerning my cousin?

Patrick: To target her. Bring her down.

Jack: Jennifer? Jennifer?! Can you hear me?!

Jack: [Groaning] Think. [Panting] Think, Deveraux, think! I got to -- I got to come up with some way to find her. She's got to be down there. She -- I have an idea. It's risky. But it's your only chance to save her. It's your only chance.

Shawn-D: When I heard about your mom, I just wanted to run straight home. But Jan drugged me, and she locked me in this cage.

Belle: I knew there had to be a good reason why I didn't hear from you.

Shawn-D: I mean, she handcuffed me to the bed.

Belle: My poor Shawn.

Shawn-D: I wanted to be there for you.

Belle: Let me make it better.

Shawn-D: I miss you so much.

Belle: We'll be together again before the end of the day. Just be patient.

Shawn-D: Don't go.

Belle: I'm not going anywhere. I'll always be here for you. I love you.

Jan: I'll always be here for you, Shawn. I love you.

Shawn-D: You witch!

Jan: What's the matter?!

Shawn-D: I -- for a minute there, I thought you were Belle!

Jan: That little icebox? Please. I'm sure she never kissed you like this.

Shawn-D: Just leave me alone!

Jan: How can I? You and I, we are soul mates, Shawn.

Shawn-D: I don't want to have anything to do with you. You are pathetic. You are a raving nut case.

Jan: Oh, dear. I see we still have some more deprogramming to do. I've got to liberate you from the Belle cult.

Shawn-D: I don't care how long you keep me prisoner. I will always love her.

Jan: Poor Shawnie. She really has brainwashed you.

Shawn-D: You know what? It doesn't matter how long you're gonna keep doing this. This little plan of yours is never going to work.

Jan: It's working already.

Shawn-D: Oh, yeah? And how do you figure that?

Jan: Well, just now you could hardly tell the difference between Belle and I. Soon you are going to fall in love with me, and then we are going to get married.

Shawn-D: Never.

Jan: Belle is over you, big time! She's shacking up with Philip. The last time I saw them, they were planning the perfect future together.

Philip: Belle, Jan hates you. She can't have Shawn, so she doesn't want anyone else to have him, least of all you.

Belle: Jan's engaged to somebody else why would she care about Shawn and me?

Philip: Okay. Was she not just standing right here, asking you a million questions about whether or not you and Shawn are really done? Now, Shawn's been gone for how long, and the first person he runs into is Jan Spears? I don't buy it. What's she doing back in Salem anyhow?

Belle: Her parents just died, Philip. She doesn't have anybody.

Philip: Okay, look, feeling sorry for Jan, that's what got Shawn in trouble. I do not want to see that happen to you.

Belle: I just want to hear what she has to say. Maybe she really did see Shawn. I just don't want to wait around till she shows up. I have so many questions.

Philip: Whatever she does tell you, I want you to understand that it's not necessarily the truth.

Belle: If Jan can help me find Shawn, she'll be my new best friend.

Philip: Belle, you're just so good-hearted, okay? You're so trusting, and I love that about you. But --

Belle: But what?

Philip: But I learned a couple lessons in the marines -- tough lessons. And number one, know your enemy.

Belle: Enemy? Isn't that a little overstating?

Philip: Number two, don't let your enemy come to you. Take your fight to the enemy.

Belle: What are you planning?

Philip: How'd you like to help me give Jan Spears the surprise of her life?

Patrick: Aah! God!

Hope: There was a mosquito on the side of your face. Then again, you deserved it for targeting my cousin.

Patrick: I was told to --

Hope: Bo was right not to trust you. So was Roman and Abe. They warned me not to let you go, and they were right.

Patrick: That's one dead bug.

Hope: What happened next, Patrick?

Patrick: Well, once I moved in with her, she kind of took me by surprise. She was so kind and so caring. She reminded me of my little sister Meems. Always trying to help. She was genuine. I couldn't take advantage of her. I couldn't go through with the assignment.

Hope: Gee whiz. What a guy.

Patrick: Yeah, well, my heart went out to her. She was grieving for her husband, she was being a single mother to Abby, and going through a life-threatening pregnancy.

Hope: Why didn't you just leave?

Patrick: Oh, I tried to several times. And then her bearer bonds were stolen, and the cops picked me up and brought me back to town. Of course I had nothing to do with it.

Hope: No, but you knew who did, right?

Patrick: Well, when Shawn called me from the bar and said he overheard somebody bragging about it, I had a pretty good idea of who it was, so I went after him. I got the money back. Of course, I was beaten up for doing my one good deed.

Hope: But you still stayed.

Patrick: To protect Jennifer. I knew once I was gone, they'd be coming for her. And once she started getting those so-called messages from Jack, I figured she was being set up.

Hope: Why didn't you tell the police?

Patrick: I tried to stop it. You were there. You saw me risk my life trying to stop her from being kidnapped. Keep the car steady!

Hope: I'm doing the best I can! You were the only one who could trace the last 10 flight paths of that plane.

Patrick: I got all that information from your e-mail, Hope.

Hope: You also knew how to deactivate the force field. What else do you know?

Patrick: I have told you everything.

Hope: I don't think so. Jennifer's kidnapping obviously is connected to the others. Who's the mastermind behind this?

Patrick: What the hell are you talking about?

Hope: Who is holding all of these innocent people hostage? Who set Marlena up to be the Salem Stalker? Who spirited her so-called victims to this uninhabited island and created a replica of Salem in this jungle? You're telling me the truth? Okay. I want to hear it all, Patrick.

Patrick: I can't answer that.

Hope: You can't, or you won't?

Patrick: I don't know what's going on here, okay? I am as mystified as you are.

Hope: Well, you know what? You should have confided in Roman and Abe. You know how to get through the force field. If we don't make it back to the others, they may never get off this island alive. How could you keep this to yourself? Why did you keep this to yourself?

Patrick: For a very good reason.

Tek: Bo, just tell me what I can do.

Bo: You can stop looking at me with pity. My wife is not dead. Finding traces of her blood doesn't prove anything. Until you can show me her body, I'm gonna continue looking for her.

John: Need your help, men.

Bo: What is it?

John: Someone's messing around with Marlena's grave.

Tek: What?

Bo: How do you know that?

John: Bo, you know that bear we found at your house that looked familiar to me?

Bo: Yeah.

John: It was the same bear that was buried with Marlena.

Bo: Are you sure?

John: I'm positive. One green eye, one blue eye.

Tek: What are you guys talking about?

John: Listen, I just need -- someone's messing around with Marlena's grave. I need a court order to exhume her body.

Bo: Hold on here, John.

John: Bo, I got to find out what's going on here.

Bo: Obviously you're upset about this, but I'm looking for real, live missing people. Jennifer's gone. She could be dead. I got to find her. My son is still missing. Hope. She's --

John: Bo, I know. I know. I know. I'm not wasting your time here. Don't waste mine. I don't need the cops, at least not yet. I just need a court order and a couple of grave diggers. Bo, why was this bear found at your house? Why did Hope bring it home? Whatever happened to my wife may have something to do with what happened to yours. Whatever you think about Marlena, she wasn't a heartless killer. She was your friend. She was family, and you owe it to her. You more than anyone owe her.

Sami: No, no! Bo, stop him! You have to tell him to let my Mother rest in peace!

Belle: Is this a surprise about Jan?

Philip: Oh, yes.

Belle: When are you going to fill me in?

Philip: Well, I'm trying to track down the address that she called us from. I already checked the caller I.D., but it said "private." Ha ha. Bingo. Let's see, Red Oak Road. That must be one of those big houses out on Kent Island.

Belle: I seem to remember. Her parents owned a weekend house out there.

Philip: Yeah, wait, didn't she have some little birthday party there when we were in second grade?

Belle: Yes! Her parents hired clowns and a string of ponies.

Philip: Yes, yes. Well, maybe that's where she's staying.

Belle: Makes sense. She probably has a lot of good memories out there -- vacations with her parents before they divorced...and died.

Philip: Yeah, or maybe she's staying way the hell out of town because she's up to something.

Belle: Like what?

Philip: I don't know, but we're gonna go find out. Come on.

Jan: Philip and Belle, sitting in a tree, k-I-s-s-I-n-g!

Shawn-D: Oh, shut up.

Jan: We saw them, didn't we, Kewpie? Philip was moving all of his stuff into her apartment, making it real nice and cozy, like a little love nest.

Shawn-D: Belle will never love Philip, and I will never love you.

Jan: Well, you seem to forget that I'm very good at getting what I want.

Shawn-D: And you're very good at deluding yourself.

Jan: Well, I got you to come here, didn't I? I made sure you couldn't leave, didn't I? I even got the cops off of your trail, and they were following you, didn't I?

Shawn-D: And they'll be back.

Jan: Philip and Belle are my new best friends. I only want what's best for them. That's how big of a person I am.

Shawn-D: Yeah, what a looney tune.

Jan: Last time I saw Philip, he was hanging his P.J.'s in her apartment. Although I'm sure he's not going to need them, since they'll probably sleep naked together.

Shawn-D: All right, you know, I'm really not buying any of this.

Jan: Well, I have proof.

Shawn-D: How could you when there's nothing to it?

Jan: Do you want to make a bet? She's forgotten all about you, Shawn!

Shawn-D: Why am I even having this conversation when you are so great at having one with yourself?

Jan: You are last year's fashion as far as Belle is concerned. She's too busy designing her perfect life with her new rich Kiriakis boyfriend. And that's what you and I need to do -- forget about them and move on. And then we can live happily ever after.

Jack: I'm just going to... hang from that vine and lower myself to the bridge. Then I can lower myself into the ravine, and I can -- oh -- damn it. Oh. Damn it. Deveraux, think... outside the box. What can you use? What can you use? I got it. Okay. Hang in, Jennifer! If you can hear my voice, hang in there. I'm coming. I'm going to hook that thing. I'm coming. Listen... we have been through too much -- too much to lose each other now. Aah! All right. Oh, come on. Okay. All right. Here I come. This will do it. This will do it. Oh. Okay. All right. Come on. Okay. You're close. And... damn it. Okay, one more time. One more time. This time I'm going to do it. And -- aah. Gotcha. Gotcha. Come on. Aah. Come on. Aah! Oh! Oh. Oh. Okay. Got to -- got to find a -- got to find -- Jennifer.

Patrick: If I'd shown those two cops how to get through the force field, everybody in the compound would have tried to escape. I mean, they'd all be out there right now searching for Jennifer, trying to find a way off this island.

Hope: And that's a bad thing?

Patrick: It would be a disaster.

Hope: For them to go free?

Patrick: Think about it. Whoever is running this island prison would be alerted. Everybody out there would be in jeopardy, just like Jack.

Hope: What do you know about Jack?

Patrick: Only what Roman told us. Deveraux managed to break through the force field. Abe found his knapsack later, right -- shredded, with blood all over it. He was probably eaten by a wild animal.

Hope: Don't say that.

Patrick: Look, it is dangerous out there. That's why I want you to go back.

Hope: No way.

Patrick: Look, I want you to stay with the others at the pub. You'll be safe there. I can use the coin and get you back through, and I can look for Jennifer on my own. Now, whether you believe this or not, meeting Jennifer changed me. Before, I was always out for myself, selfish to the bone, but she did me a great kindness, and now I owe her.

Hope: I wish I could believe you.

Patrick: Believe it and go back while you still can. Hope, you have a husband and two kids. What if something happens to you out here? Who is going to take care of your family?

Sami: I can't sleep at night thinking about my Mother, about the terrible way that she died because of him. Damn it, he shouldn't dig her up again. It's totally sick.

Bo: Sami, John was your mom's husband. Officially, he's next of kin.

Sami: They were separated.

Bo: Not legally. This court order goes through, he's the one who's going to have to sign the release papers.

Sami: Oh my God, you know this isn't right, Bo.

Bo: We have to find out what happened.

Sami: I know what happened. You ordered for my Mother to be shot dead. You wanted her tortured and punished, just like he did. God, Lucas --

Lucas: Please calm down.

Bo: You sure you want to go through with this?

Tek: Yeah, I mean, there could be other Teddy bears with one blue eye and one green one.

John: No, Tek. This particular bear was stitched up by Sami herself. His right leg fell off. She sewed it up because it was Will's favorite. Am I right about that?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, that's right.

Sami: Lucas, you traitor.

Lucas: Sami, John is not wrong about everything all the time, all right? Now, something happened to your mom's body. I mean, do you really not want to know? That's going to haunt you for the rest of your life. Now listen to me -- I know it's upsetting. I know it's upsetting to think of your mom's body being disturbed like that, but she'll never know, okay? She'll never know about it.

Sami: What are you implying, that my Mother's not in heaven?

Lucas: No, it's just not going to hurt her anymore, but it's going to hurt you if you don't do this. Now come on, Sami, something's wrong here. Somebody's got to investigate.

Tek: It could be a hate crime, someone taking personal revenge on the Salem Stalker.

Sami: My Mother is not the Salem Stalker, okay? She didn't kill anybody.

Bo: I'm going to go talk to the D.A., get the judge to issue an exhumation order for Marlena's remains.

Sami: No. No, you can't do -- oh, God, Lucas, I will never forgive you for this.

Jack: Aah. Oh. Oh. Jennifer. Jennifer.

Jennifer: Why do you keep fighting me, Jack? Why can't you just give in to what you want?

Jack: I want you to go. I want to be alone.

Jennifer: No, you don't. You want me here. You want me to be with you. You don't want to be alone. You want me to be with you. You're just too afraid to say it, Jack.

Jack: You're putting words in my mouth.

Jennifer: Oh, really? Well, then, let's see if your body can do the talking, Jack, okay?

Jack: Well, your fingers did the work.

Jennifer: What do you want?

Jack: I don't want this.

Jennifer: Really?

Jack: Yes. I mean no. Mm. Mm. Mm. Mm. You know I don't, uh, I don't express my feelings very well. I don't put them into words.

Jennifer: It's okay. It's all right, because you already said it.

Jack: No, I didn't. You said it. I just agreed with what you said. I just... love you... Jennifer. I love you.

Jack: No, no, no. I'm going to be checking my list and checking it twice to see if you've been naughty or -- well, well, speaking of checking -- oh, Mr. Deveraux wanted me to check one more time to see if you -- if you had had an answer to his, uh, his little question. Uh, yes. Yeah. So, uh... I-I'm asking for him, uh, oh, oh, oh, uh, uh... w-w-w-w-would you marry him? I-I give you this ring as a token and a pledge... of our constant faith and abiding love.

Jennifer: Jack... I give you this ring as a token and pledge of our constant faith and abiding love.

Man: You may kiss the bride now.

Jennifer: Ha ha ha.

Jack: Thank you.

Jack: Jennifer --

Jennifer: What?

Jack: Would you stop beating around the bush? Just spit it out.

Jennifer: Okay, this is my surprise for you. I'm pregnant.

Jack: You know, I thought that -- I thought she was down for the night upstairs.

Jennifer: She just woke up a few minutes ago. She wasn't really crying. She was just a little hungry, huh? Just a little hungry. There you go. Oh.

Jack: I promised myself I would -- I would bring this back to you, and we would be together again. We'd be together again. Here we are. We're here. Now you're with me. And now I promise... I will never let you go... never.

Jack: You taught me about being a man... about love, family, being a husband, a father. I'm not going to let you go, Jennifer. I am not going to let you go.

Jan: Hungry?

Shawn-D: Not unless you can bake yourself in a pie.

Jan: Oh, don't you worry. Very soon you'll be eating me all up, I promise. I have to leave for a little while. I didn't want you to starve.

Shawn-D: Where are you going?

Jan: Ahem. Belle and Philip invited me to their loft -- a housewarming in celebration of their shacking up. Do you think I should bring a gift?

Shawn-D: That's very funny.

Jan: A potted plant. Or -- oh, how about a welcoming mat? I'm really concerned about Belle. Ever since she found out I'm engaged to the man of my dreams, she's -- she's so competitive, you know? I wouldn't be surprised if she nudged Philip into buying her a diamond of her own. She probably just wants to show it off to me.

Shawn-D: Never going to happen.

Jan: Never say never. Bye, lover.

[Doorbell rings]

Jan: Who could that be?

Shawn-D: Help! Help! Help! [Faint] If you can hear me, I'm locked in this cage! Help! Help!

Philip: Surprise.

Jan: How did you find this place?

Philip: Well, we remembered that your folks threw you a birthday party out here once.

Belle: Where's Shawn?

Shawn-D: Help! Help!

Belle: Where is he, Jan?

Shawn-D: Belle! Belle, I'm in here! Help me, Belle!

Jack: I'm coming to join you, Jennifer. We'll be together forever. I love you.

Patrick: What about your family back in Salem?

Hope: Jennifer's my family, too.

Patrick: I'll find Jennifer.

Hope: I don't know if I can trust you. Maybe you are a good guy deep down and truly want to find her, but then on the other hand, maybe you're just a really good con man working for whoever lured her down to this tropical hell. Or maybe you're both. Which side are you on?

Patrick: I told you, I defied my orders because I care about her.

Hope: For your sake, I hope so, because if you're up to something, I'm not letting you get away with it. For the time being, you're stuck with me. Let's go. Come on.

Lucas: Sami, stop it. Don't do this to yourself.

Sami: Leave me alone.

Lucas: Don't do it. I'm worried about you.

Sami: Oh, right. You're not here for me. You sided with john and Bo. What, are you planning on joining them in the freak show?

Lucas: No one's getting pleasure out of this, all right? I'm trying to do the right thing for you and will.

Sami: My mom's body has been abused over and over. She was beaten in prison. She was drugged with sodium pentothal. She was shot through the heart, okay? It's enough. I can't allow john to desecrate her grave.

Bo: Everything's in order. You ready for this?

John: I got to know the truth, Bo.

Sami: No! No, you can't do this to my mother! You can't do it!

Sami: I wish we'd never brought up the coffin.

Lucas: Don't you want to know where it is?

John: Where the hell is it?

Bo: I think I know.

Marlena: How could we all have been buried alive and somehow survived it?

Abe: Wait, I think I know.

Jan: All right. I'll tell you the truth about Shawn.

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