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Sami: Is this what they mean by getting all hot and bothered?

Lucas: I don't know. We started out wet and lathered, but that just wasn't sexy enough. Why don't you turn around, and I'll get your back.

Sami: This -- other than my salty cinnamon, this has been the perfect day.

Lucas: Even with that salty cinnamon, it's been perfect. And I'm not gonna let anything ruin it.

Kate: What was I thinking? He probably still has Manda in there. Eh. I don't want to douse that flame. Well... I could always leave them with Sami. Ha ha.

Bo: Well, that is not good enough. There's got to be more information out there on Patrick Lockhart. That's a little hard to believe. I have an I.S.A. file right here in front of me that says he could be a killer. Now, where is the evidence? Who the hell did he kill? Yeah, get me that information.

John: All right, that's enough, Bo. You're exhausted. Let's shut it down.

Bo: Like hell! That -- if my wife is dead, Lockhart's the reason. I got to find out everything there is to know about him. Who he knows, who he's worked for, where he's lived.

John: Nothing's more important than finding Hope, but that's not going to bring her back. You know it, don't you?

Bo: It's possible.

John: You saw the missile strike the plane. You were at the crash site. You know there are no survivors, Bo. Come on, man. I know how hard this is to accept. I went through the same thing with Doc. Even while I held her in my arms after she was shot, even when I was in the morgue and I saw her laying on that slab, a part of me didn't want to believe that she was dead. And sometimes I still refuse to believe it.

Abe: You know what bothers me about you, Patrick?

Patrick: What's that, Abe?

Abe: The fact that I think you genuinely care about Jennifer and her baby.

Patrick: Yeah, and that bothers you why?

Abe: Because you said Jennifer's life depends on us letting you go.

Patrick: That's right.

Abe: But you care more about the scumbags you work for. You'd rather protect them than help us find Jennifer and her baby. [Door closes]

Roman: Which makes you a scumbag.

Patrick: I told you, I don't know anything.

Hope: Did you find my Dad?

Marlena: No, Hope, I didn't. I looked everywhere. I'm sorry.

Hope: Do you think something happened to him?

Roman: No, no. He's around here somewhere. It's just that with no cell phones or pagers, it's difficult to get a hold of somebody if they're not at home.

Abe: He'll be here as soon as he finds out you're on the island.

Marlena: What's going on here?

Abe: Patrick knows something about Jennifer's kidnapping... and maybe a lot more.

Patrick: All I know is that if Jennifer's still alive, she's in danger, and if you don't let me go, both she and her baby could die.

Roman: Not if you tell us where you think she is.

Patrick: I don't know!

Abe: Then how do you expect to find her?

Jack: You're still alive. You're alive. But you're burning up. Oh... I got to do something. I've got to help you. Jennifer? You're on fire. I've got to... help. [Muttering] Oh, my God.

[Doorbell rings]

Sami: What was that?

Lucas: What? [Doorbell rings]

Sami: My doorbell ringing.

Lucas: Forget about it. Come on.

Sami: Oh, I want to, but it might be Belle with news about Shawn or something.

Lucas: Better hope it's not my Mom with more lasagna.

Sami: [Laughs] No, I'm sure your -- don't worry about it. Your mom learned her lesson the first time to call before she comes first, and anyhow, I'm probably the last person she would stop by and see. Finish your shower.

Lucas: Hurry back.

[Doorbell rings]

Sami: Okay, okay, hold your horses. I'm coming. Oh, what the hell are you doing here?

Kate: Oh, Sami, relax, okay? The only reason I'm here is that I know the children at Will's camp can't receive packages from anyone other than their parents, so I brought by these cookies that you could send to him for me.

Sami: Oh.

Kate: I mean, I would have left them with Lucas, but then I realized that he's probably still enjoying the company of that lovely Nurse Manda. Ha ha. Well, I wouldn't want to interrupt, you know, so could you send these to will for me?

Sami: No.

Kate: Okay. I could be petty and vindictive, but actually, it is just so wonderful that you are finally a 3-time loser. Because Lucas -- he's with Manda right now. He's probably going to be with her for a long time. Who knows? Maybe they'll even get married. And I don't even know this woman, but I know she's going to be the best thing that ever happened to him, because she's not you.

Sami: Oh, yeah?

Kate: And then Lucas will sue for and get full custody of Will, and you'll end up exactly the way you deserve to -- angry, bitter, and alone.

Patrick: Look, we have been through all of this over and over again. I just think that I have a better chance of finding Jennifer alone. If the people that are holding us prisoner are watching, a search party will never be able to slip away. But one person stands a chance.

Abe: Providing you can get through the electric force field along the perimeter. But you know how, don't you?

Patrick: No, I don't, but I'm gonna try.

Abe: You know, Roman and I are trained to find missing persons. Are you? And why does Jennifer's life depend on you being the one to go look for her?

Marlena: May I talk to Patrick alone, please?

Patrick: No, no. That is a waste of time. You're a shrink, right? What the hell do you want to do to me?

Marlena: I just want to talk to you. And if your concerns for Jennifer are sincere -- we all want what's best for her, and I think that Roman and Abe will probably let you go.

Patrick: Fine. Fine. Go ahead, ask away.

[Both panting]

Jack: [Muttering] Oh...wait. Oh! Jennifer, I -- oh. Oh, this -- oh... wait a minute. Jennifer... I -- it's water! We got water. Jennifer, feel it. Do you feel the water? It's water. Feel it. Jennifer, baby, do you feel that? Feel that. It's water.

Jennifer: Oh, Jack. Oh... oh, thank God you're alive.

Jack: Shh.

Jennifer: Oh, thank God.

Jack: No, no, don't talk.

Jennifer: Thank God!

Jack: Don't talk. Just calm -- calm. We've got to conserve strength. All right? Save your strength. Just save your strength. Hold onto this. I'm gonna have to go and get you some food -- bananas or some coconut milk. All right? Does that sound all right?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Jack: Good. I got to figure out where we are and find a way back.

Jennifer: What, back where? Back where?

Jack: Huh?

Jennifer: Where?

Jack: Back to -- back where I came from. I got to find back where we came from. Okay. I'll be back. You just hold onto that, okay? Stay calm. Please stay. All right. Okay.

Jennifer: Jack? Jack? Could you, um... could you get me some watermelon? Watermelon sounds really good.

Jack: What? I can't get -- I -- all right. Watermelon.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Jack: Got it.

Jennifer: Okay.

Jack: Watermelon.

Jennifer: Okay.

Jack: You stay right there.

Jennifer: Okay.

Jack: I got to find a watermelon. Watermelon. Watermelon. Watermelon.

Jack: Aah!

Jennifer: Jack? Jack? Jack?

Roman: Well?

Marlena: He is definitely hiding something.

Abe: I didn't have a doubt about that.

Marlena: But his motives are good. I think he really cares for Jen.

Hope: So do I. But then why is he being so secretive?

Roman: You couldn't find out anything at all?

Marlena: No, I'm sorry, I couldn't.

Hope: Excuse me, but isn't saving Jennifer the most important thing right now? If she is alive, she is out in that jungle somewhere, alone and pregnant. She could go into labor at any time.

Marlena: Hope is right. We've got to find her immediately.

Hope: That means we let him go.

Roman: No, we can't, we can't. What if he's lying about wanting to get to Jennifer?

Abe: You know, Roman's right. I mean, he could be using this to try to hook up with whoever's running this little dog-and-pony show.

Hope: Wait, wait, wait, listen, that's possible, but don't you think it's worth the risk?

Roman: No. No, Hope, I'm sorry. We're gonna do this by the book. There are too many lives at stake besides Jennifer's.

Patrick: Excuse me. Uh, we've been at this all night. You think maybe I could use the bathroom?

Abe: I'll take you up, but I'm gonna be waiting right outside the door.

Patrick: Fine.

Abe: Roman?

Roman: Yeah, right.

Hope: What do you think? Do we let him go?

Marlena: I don't know. He could be manipulating all of us. Hope, how did you end up here with him?

Hope: I'm responsible for helping Patrick get to this island. Now, what's going to happen if he really is working for the enemy?

Roman: You going somewhere, Lockhart?

Sami: Well, Kate, it sounds like you have my whole future mapped out for me, don't you?

Kate: Well, don't blame me if you shipwreck yourself on the rocks, because you're the one who set the course. You know something, Sami? You are like the original flying Dutchman. You curse everyone you touch. Just thank God that Austin and Brandon finally got your number, that's all I can say. And thank God, once again, Lucas got your number. You know, the problem with you, you're just never happy with what you have. You always have to have more. But this time, you're gonna end up with nothing. And there's nothing you can do about it, and you only have yourself to blame.

Sami: Somehow I think I'm gonna end up okay.

Kate: Really. Because I don't think any man is ever going to love you, especially not Lucas. You know what finally did it for him, though?

Sami: No, but I suspect you're going to tell me.

Kate: It was seeing you make a spectacle of yourself with that random patron at the Blue Note. That's when he realized that you didn't really care for him, you were just using him to get to me.

Lucas: Mom. What are you --

Kate: No! Oh, God!

Jennifer: Jack... oh, Jack... Jack... Jack... oh, my gosh. Jack! Jack!

Jennifer: Jack, are you okay?

Jack: I don't know. I just -- let me -- let me take an inventory here.

Jennifer: Did you break anything?

Jack: Just give me a chance to find out. And don't come down until I do. All right? Stay right there. All right.

Jennifer: Okay.

Jack: All right. [Groans] Nothing broken. No. Okay, here I come. I'm climbing up. I'm climbing up.

Jennifer: All right, just -- just be careful.

Jack: I know. Be careful.

Jennifer: Be careful.

Jack: Be careful. [Groans]

Jennifer: Oh, Jack, Jack, I said be careful!

Jack: I know, I know. I know. I know.

Jennifer: All right, listen, I'm gonna get a vine, and I'm gonna try to make a rope, like you did for me, and I'm gonna rescue you, okay?

Jack: No, no, no. Jennifer, no. You've gotta save your strength. You gotta go find help.

Jennifer: What are you talking about? I am not leaving you. Wait, what -- what do you mean "find help"? Is there someone else on this island?

Jack: Didn't I tell you? Wait a minute. Maybe they broke through the force field by now.

Jennifer: What are you talking about, Jack -- a force field? Listen to yourself. You're delirious, Jack.

Jack: That's true. No, no, I didn't tell you.

Jennifer: What? Tell me what?

Jack: They're all alive.

Jennifer: Who?

Jack: All the victims of the Salem Stalker. Abe, Roman, Caroline...

Jennifer: What?

Jack: Doug, Victor, Alice...

Jennifer: Jack, Jack, that is not possible.

Jack: You think that's impossible? You just wait. I'm gonna tell you some things that you're really not gonna believe.

Patrick: You have to let me go.

Abe: The hell with you. You tried to escape.

Roman: Funny how we knew you'd do that.

Patrick: I was trying to get to Jennifer.

Roman: The hell you were. Patrick, I had a feeling you were no good, and you trying to run just proved that.

Hope: Abe, is it really that impossible to get through the force field that surrounds the city?

Abe: Well, Maggie saw Jack break through when there was a temporary power loss, but other than that, nobody's had any luck.

Hope: I'd like to take a look at it. Who knows? Maybe I can figure something out.

Roman: You know what, pard? A fresh pair of eyes might be exactly what we need.

Abe: All right. You stay with Patrick. I'll go with Hope, and we'll come back if we get through.

Marlena: Roman, do you think we have a chance of getting off this island?

Roman: Doc, we have to get off this island. I'm worried about our family and loved ones back in Salem -- Kate, John, Bo, Sami.

Marlena: Sami... do you know that Sami was devastated by -- by what happened? Do you know that I could actually hear her calling my name from inside the casket? She even -- she even brought a little stuffed bear that I had given to will at one point and put it in the casket with me.

Roman: Where is that bear now?

Marlena: I don't know.

Bo: Good to be home, huh, Tiny Man?

Zack: Yeah.

Bo: Yeah. Hey, look at this. Look at this. We got all your favorite snacks.

Zack: Where's mommy?

Bo: Um, she's not here right now, Tiny Man. Hey, where'd this come from? I've never seen this before.

Kate: I can't believe this. This cannot be happening.

Sami: Lucas, you might want to get a brown paper bag ready.

Kate: Oh, God. You have to be drunk, honey. You have to be drunk, or she drugged you, or it's both!

Lucas: Stop, stop. Calm down.

Kate: Just get dressed, okay, and we'll go.

Lucas: Enough, calm down.

Sami: Yeah, and get out.

Lucas: No, Sami, stop it.

Sami: Lucas, you have no idea what she said to me when she got here. She was saying really horrible and mean things.

Kate: That's ridiculous. I brought cookies here for Will, and little mother here threw them in the trash!

Lucas: You know what? That's enough! Forget it! Enough! I've had it with you two! Now sit down and listen up! Now! Come on.

Bo: Hope must've gotten this for Zack. But why would she get him a Teddy bear like this?

John: Let me see that thing. This little bear looks familiar to me, Bo. I don't know exactly why.

Bo: When we thought Roman had died all those years ago, that was the first time I had to grieve someone so close to me. Then you came into our lives... and Marlena's. You were kind of like our family's miracle. I thought I had my brother back.

John: Then Roman did come back. Your family did have its miracle.

Bo: I loved you like a brother. Even after we found out the whole truth about Roman, you were always part of the family.

John: Well, we share one thing. We have both lost the loves of our lives, Bo.

Bo: Yeah, my gut... tells me there's something wrong here. There's -- there's a mystery here that -- that's bigger than either one of us realize. When Marlena died, I-I thought this whole madness would be over, but it's not. Jennifer's been kidnapped, Patrick Lockhart goes after her, dragging Hope with him. And -- and now --

John: And now it looks like we've lost ' a all.

Bo: It's not right. There's something obviously wrong, John. There is something terribly wrong.

Abe: Hope, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Don't get too close. Come here.

Hope: Whoever's keeping us captive here sure as hell doesn't want us to leave, do they?

Abe: You think?

Sami: I didn't start this.

Kate: Oh, you most certainly did, too.

Sami: Oh, give me a break!

Lucas: Stop it! Sami, enough! Mom, stop. I mean it. It's time to set up some ground rules, don't you think? Now, Sami, you said you were going to start a truce with my Mom. You were going to work on that, right?

Kate: Oh, my God, and you believed that? Because I certainly didn't.

Sami: Oh, who asked you, anyway?

Lucas: No, you know what, Mom? I didn't believe it. I didn't, Sami. I don't think you met t it. You always lie. You do whatever you can to scheme and get your own way, 'cause you always want to win, don't you? And, Mom, you're always baiting Sami, deliberately playing on her worst instincts, and that's got to stop.

Kate: Honey, all I did was bring cookies over for will.

Sami: Yeah, right, Kate. "Oh, I would have given them to Lucas, but I didn't want to trouble him. He's busy bedding that slut Manda, and, you know, one day they're going to get married."

Lucas: Mom, you said that? Come on.

Kate: No, I did not. That's a lie. I did not call her a slut.

Sami: Look, Lucas, we have committed to each other, you know? We -- we both said that we love each other.

Kate: Both?! Oh, my God. Are you crazy? What has she done to you, Lucas?

Lucas: She has proven to me that she's the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Kate: Oh, God.

Sami: And you are the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with, but you have to realize that she's hell-bent on destroying what we have together. You should have heard the way she attacked me when she got here. She said I was going to end up all alone and unloved and that no man would ever want me.

Lucas: You keep acting like this, and she's right, Sami.

Sami: What?

Lucas: You know, just stop it. It's not a game, okay? It's not about winning or losing here. It's about being a family and getting along. Now, I'm not stupid, okay? I'm not naive. I'm not asking you guys to like each other. I'm not asking you guys to be friends. But what I'm asking -- what I'm demanding is -- is that you call a truce between the two of you. This destructive behavior has got to stop. The only two true victims here are me and Will.

Jennifer: I can't believe it. They're all alive, and -- and they're being kept prisoners in a -- in a replica town of Salem? How is that possible?

Jack: I don't know. I don't think anyone knows, unless -- unless maybe Roman or Abe figured it out since I've been gone.

Jennifer: Listen to yourself. You're just hallucinating, and you're getting weaker.

Jack: It's true.

Jennifer: What's true, what? That you're hallucinating?

Jack: Getting weaker. That's why you have to go. You have to go get help. Look at you. You could go into labor any moment.

Jennifer: What about that -- that stupid force field you were just telling me about, Jack? What if I run into that?

Jack: You -- just -- follow the sun. Keep heading West till you get to Salem, or the town that looks like Salem. I don't know. It must be the only one on this island. Tell Abe -- tell Roman where I am.

Jennifer: And -- and where are you, Jack? What do -- what do I tell them, to just keep watching the moon and head East? I am not leaving you now! You -- you climb your butt out of here right now. Come on, Jack.

Jack: I --

Jennifer: Come on!

Jack: Okay.

Jennifer: Come on.

Jack: [Grunts] [Panting]

Jennifer: Okay.

Jack: Here I come. I --

Jennifer: Jack -- wait. Jack! Jack!

Jack: I can't. I can't. I can't. No, you have to go, Jennifer. Now! Go! Now. You're the only chance of survival for all three of us.

Jennifer: Oh, God. Oh, my baby.

Patrick: Roman, you have to let me go. Hope and Abe could be in as much danger as Jennifer if they tried to get through that force field.

Roman: You know what, Patrick? It's comments like that that convince me you know a hell of a lot more about this force field than you're telling us.

Patrick: I only know what I overheard.

Roman: Bull. Now come on, Patrick, damn it. If you really care about Jennifer, tell us how to beat this thing.

Patrick: I wish I could, but I can't.

Marlena: You can't, or you won't?

Patrick: I haven't done anything wrong.

Roman: All right. Well, by keeping you here, we're going to make damn sure you don't get a chance to.

Hope: Abe, come here. Look at this. Look.

Abe: We've never seen that before.

Hope: This must be a way to disarm the system.

Abe: Well, there could be millions of possible combinations. We don't know how many numbers are in the code, let alone the sequence.

Hope: Yeah, but you know what? Throw another branch into the force field.

Hope: I think I know a way to disable the system and get through.

Lucas: Now, literally, will and I are caught between a rock and a hard place. So which one do you want to be, huh? Because we both love you. Look, Sami, my Mom brought cookies for her grandson because she misses him and she loves him. That's all. There's nothing wrong with that. And, Mom, Sami's Will's mother. You have to be more respectful to her. You have to. Every time you attack her, it's just like attacking will. I mean, you're hurting him and confusing him by making him choose between the two most important people in his life. And if the boy has to choose, I think he's going to choose his mother.

Kate: Well, I would expect you to make the same choice.

Lucas: I am not a kid. I'm a grown man. If you ask me to choose between my Mother and the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with, I'm sorry, Mom, but you're going to lose.

Kate: What?

Sami: Seriously, Lucas, a brown paper bag -- you better get it.

Kate: I don't need any brown paper bag, unless you want it to smother me with it.

Sami: Okay, fine. Then you heard your son. He's made his choice. So why don't you tuck your tail between your legs and go home and lick your wounds like the losing bitch that you are?

Kate: Oh --

Lucas: Enough! Enough! I will not have you talk to my Mother that way. It's Will's grandmother. Now stop it. Be more respectful. She's going to be a part of our lives. And if you don't like it, maybe we shouldn't have a life together. Now, both of you, I am not going to be in your lives if you continue this nonsense. I'm not even going to ask you -- I won't ask you to apologize because I know you're going to fake it. None of you will mean it. But please, call a truce, shake hands, and promise me that you'll try to get along, just try.

Kate: Okay. I'll try.

Sami: Me too.

Lucas: This right here -- right here, Sami -- this is exactly the childish crap I'm talking about.

Roman: All right, you know what, Patrick? I think we're going to let you sit here and sweat a little bit.

Patrick: You do that, you jerk, and when you're kneeling over your dead friends one of these days, you can tell them how sorry you were that you couldn't save them because you were having too much damn fun watching me sweat.

Roman: Doc, come here. Listen to me. I know this is very hard, but I need you to think back. Now, I've said all along you are the key to this whole thing. Now, Patrick won't help us. Maybe you still can. See, you told me something new. You said you remembered something about a stuffed bear being buried with you. Now, what else, Doc? What else do you remember about that day?

Marlena: I remember Sami's voice calling to me. I remember realizing that I was being buried alive.

Roman: All right. Okay. Let's not dwell on that part, all right? But after that, all of a sudden, you find yourself in Salem on this island. But you have no idea what happened to that bear.

Marlena: No, maybe it's still in the casket.

Jack: Jennifer, we're both weak. We're both sick. And now you're the only one who can go get us help.

Jennifer: Jack... look at me. Look at me. I love you. I love you, and I am going to get help. I am not going to let anything happen to you. I swear on my love, Jack.

Jack: No. Just go. I'll be okay. I'll be okay. Just go.

Jack: [Grunting]

Roman: [Sighs] You know what? Hope and Abe have been gone a while. I'm going to go check on them, see if they got through that force field. Will you be all right with him here?

Marlena: The way you've got him bound up, I'll be just fine. Plus, maybe with everybody gone, he may relax a bit, start to talk, and reveal something.

Roman: Okay, I hope so. I just want to make sure you're protected. So if he tries anything, okay... you defend yourself with this. Now, I'll be back as soon as I can.

Patrick: Dr. Evans, are you okay?

Sami: Lucas, I'm sorry, okay? I will try to get along with your mom, I swear. I promise.

Lucas: Thank you. Now shake hands.

Sami: [Sighs]

Kate: [Sighs] [Knock on door]

John: Samantha, may I come in?

Sami: Sure, why not?

Kate: John, are -- are you all right? Has anything happened?

John: No, nothing new, anyway. I just needed to talk to Sami about something.

Kate: Okay. I'll see you at the office?

John: Mm-hmm.

Kate: I'll try. I really will.

Sami: So what the hell do you want?

Lucas: Oh, that's good. Direct your anger toward somebody else.

John: It's all right, Lucas. I've got something I want to show Sami. Tell me if this looks familiar, if you know anything about it.

Sami: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. That's Will's Mr. Fuzzy.

John: Do you know where he got it?

Sami: Yes. Well, Mom gave it to him when he was just a baby. John, how did you get this?

John: It was at Bo's house. Why?

Sami: What?

John: What is it, Sami?

Lucas: S-Sami brought this bear to Marlena's funeral. Will wanted his grandmother to have it. I put that bear in Marlena's coffin.

Sami: [Sobbing]

Lucas: It was buried with Marlena.

Bo: You can't be dead, Hope. You can't be. But if they're right and you are... then part of me -- the best part of me -- died with you.

Hope: When you threw that second branch, the light on that box went off and stayed off for about 10 seconds after the electrical charge hit the branch.

Abe: Yeah, well, what do you think that meant?

Hope: I think it meant that the system went down, and it took that long to recharge it. Now, I want you to throw another branch, and I'm going to run through it right after that. I'll bet you anything the system is inactive.

Abe: No way I'm going to let you take that risk.

Hope: Damn it, Abe, listen -- listen to me. Jennifer could be out there ready to give birth. Now, Maggie said that Jack got through the force field when it was down.

Abe: Right. And where's Jack now? No one's seen him since.

Hope: I know it's a risk, but I've got to take it.

Abe: All right. You throw the branch, and I'm going to run through it.

Hope: Absolutely not.

Abe: No arguments. Now, I'm still your commanding officer. Here. Step back here. Let's throw the branch.

Abe: Hope!

Hope: Aah!

Abe: Hope! Hope! No!

Jan: Things are looking up now that Belle's out of the picture. Aah! [Coughing] Shawn, stop it. I cannot breathe!

Brady: It's our last chance to keep Victor's sons and grandsons on the same side.

Philip: As far as I'm concerned, your little concert hall's on ice permanently.

Marlena: Well, what is the harm in an innocent kiss? Is there anything wrong with giving each other a little bit of comfort?

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