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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 7/15/04 - Canada; Friday 7/16/04 - U.S.A.

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Jan: Shawn, I'm home.

Shawn-D: Ah, fantastic.

Jan: Hi, honey.

Shawn-D: Where the hell have you been?

Jan: Oh...did you miss me, loveykins?

Shawn-D: Miss -- I don't know if that's the word I would use.

Jan: Oh, poor baby. Does my fiancÚ feel ignored?

Shawn-D: I am not your fiancÚ.

Jan: You know, I ran into two lovebirds today. It is so sweet to see a couple who are as perfect for each other as we are.

Shawn-D: What the hell exactly are you talking about?

Jan: Belle and Philip, silly. You know, I don't think I have ever seen a couple more in love -- except for us, of course.

Mimi: We should have followed her and found out what she's up to.

Belle: Maybe she's not up to anything.

Mimi: Jan Spears! Are you kidding me? Belle, she was lying to us. I could tell! You're buying what she said? That she's this angel now that her parents are dead and she's engaged to the man of her dreams?

Belle: Love has a way of changing people.

Mimi: Belle, Jan was obsessed with one thing and one thing only -- Shawn.

Belle: It's not like she knew she was going to run into Philip and me on the pier, Mimi. She had her engagement ring on. She met someone. She fell in love. Why would she make that up?

Mimi: Because she's a liar and a schizo?

Belle: I know what it's like to lose a mom, and Jan's lost both parents. I understand what she's going through, and I don't want to make it any worse for her. She said she was sorry for what happened before, and she's grown up a lot. She just wants to move on.

Mimi: Yeah, right.

Belle: And whatever happened with Shawn doesn't matter anymore, because he's not here, is he? And that's certainly not Jan's fault. I just need to accept the fact that Shawn doesn't want me in his future. What else can I do?

Mimi: You can't believe that!

Philip: Both of you guys, just relax. I'm gonna put on some music. Just chill, Meems. Rex. You come with me. Come on. Pick out your favorite.

Woman: This story is still developing, but the early reports have been confirmed. A plane crash in the Caribbean has claimed two lives -- Detective Hope Brady and Patrick B. Lockhart of Salem are believed to be the only passengers...

Mimi: What?

Woman: Aboard the cargo plane as it plummeted into the ocean in flames.

Mimi: No -- my brother!

Belle: Shawn's mom.

Mimi: N-- no, no, no. No.

Belle: Mimi!

Mimi: [Sobbing]

Philip: It's okay.

Mimi: It can't be!

Bonnie: Not bad for a night. Oh, boy. Oh, man. Ah, I don't like it. Celeste's last vision of Hope in a casket. Not Patrick, thank God. But he's still missing. I wonder if there's anything on the radio. [Country music playing]

Bonnie: No. [Turns radio off]

Bonnie: What in blue blazes?

Julie: Your son Patrick -- he's a murderer. Jennifer's gone, and she's never coming back.

Jack: Jennifer. Oh... Jennifer. [Panting] Jen-- hey, Jennifer, I have to find you. And the baby... you... the baby. Oh!

Jennifer: [Panting] Oh, I got to find my way back to that cave. I got to get Jack this water. He's so sick. His fever's so bad.

Jennifer: I am going in circles. Oh, my gosh. I'm never gonna get back to that cave. [Gasps] Oh, my gosh. Oh, no, my water broke. Oh, no, those were contractions I was having before. Oh, God, the baby's coming! Ahh!

Bo: I know you're not gone. I can feel it. I'm gonna find you, don't you worry. I'll be with you soon.

John: Hey, Bo.

Bo: John.

John: Heard the news on the radio about Hope. I'm sorry.

Bo: She's not dead. I'm gonna find her, no matter what it takes.

John: Bo, from what I underst--

Bo: We've lost too many people that we loved. It's gonna stop. It's gotta stop.

Hope: What the -- was I dreaming?

Roman: I don't think so.

Hope: But I thought I -- I thought I saw Gran.

Alice: You did, dear. I'm right here.

Hope: Gran? Oh, my God, Gran, is it really you? Oh, Gran, thank God.

Alice: Hope, darling.

Hope: This is incredible. You're really alive?

Alice: I missed you.

Hope: Oh, Gran, I missed you so much.

Alice: I missed you, too.

Hope: I'm never letting you go.

Maggie: Don't I get a hug, too?

Hope: Maggie.

Maggie: Caroline told us you were here.

Hope: Oh, Maggie, I can't believe this. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to see you.

Maggie: I know, we feel the same way.

Hope: Are you all right?

Maggie: Yes. Yes, we're all right.

Hope: Gran, are you okay?

Alice: Yes, I'm fine, dear.

Hope: This doesn't seem real. I thought you were all dead.

Maggie: It's a lot to take in all at once.

Roman: And Marlena's off looking for your dad right now.

Hope: My Dad?

Maggie: Yes.

Hope: Oh, my God, my Dad's alive. Gran, my Dad's alive, too?

Alice: Yes.

Hope: I'm so happy to see you.

Alice: Oh, we're happy -- so happy to see you. But, uh, it also means that --

Maggie: It also means that you're another victim. You are trapped with us here on this... island replica of Salem which -- it's really a prison.

Hope: Don't you worry about a thing. I know exactly what to do. I have a plan to get us out of here, Gran.

John: Kate wanted to come to give her condolences, but... I told her to stay put and get some rest. She's been through a lot already. Being here watching you grieve for your wife would've been too much for her.

Bo: I'm not grieving.

John: And how can you say that, Bo?

Bo: Because Hope isn't dead.

John: Look, man, I know what you're going through.

Bo: I don't believe you do. I'm gonna find her.

John: You don't think I had the same feelings when Marlena died in my arms? You know how long it took for me to get over the fact that she was really gone?

Bo: That's just the thing. She didn't die in my arms. She's missing, and I'm gonna find her. Even though the Coast Guard and the I.S.A. have given up their search, I'm gonna continue looking for her till I find her.

John: I understand.

Bo: I'm gonna bring my wife home.

John: All right. I will have my private jets search the area. I will have my security team double- and triple-check, but, Bo...

Bo: Yeah.

John: The outcome is gonna be the same as the initial investigation. I don't think anybody survived.

Bo: I appreciate your help. Have your guys go out when it's daylight. They'll be able to see what I couldn't in the dark last night.

John: Bo, that plane was shot down by a military missile. You saw the wreckage yourself, man. Come on.

Bo: I am going to find my wife if it's the last thing I do.

Roman: Well, all right, Hope, you have definitely got our attention.

Hope: Okay, Bo and I have this thing that when we're separated, we can feel when the other one is in trouble.

Alice: As if you're one flesh.

Hope: Gran, remember when Princess Gina held me hostage in the castle? Bo knew I was out there. He knew I was alive, and he wouldn't give up until he found me.

Roman: Look, not to discount what you're saying, but if you think that these psychic vibes are gonna be the key to our rescue, it's not gonna work. Look, I felt like the lone skeptic in Salem. Everybody was walking around saying -- saying that Celeste was never wrong about the Salem Stalker. Well, she was wrong about everything, and does she have a clue that none of us are dead? No.

Hope: Roman, I'm not Celeste. I'm not psychic. I'm just saying that Bo and I have this --

Roman: Look, Hope, when you were found at Maison Blanche and you thought your name was Gina, Bo didn't think it was you. It was Alice who got you to look into Tom's puzzle box and uncover the truth.

Maggie: We've been through this stage since we were brought to this island. We all thought that they're not gonna really believe we're dead and that they're coming soon to rescue us.

Alice: But it doesn't seem to be that simple.

Hope: I truly believe I can reach Bo. I do.

Roman: Look, this island has to be next to impossible to get off of or to find. And we've already discovered that trying to escape can be deadly.

Maggie: Look what happened to Jack.

Patrick: What happened to Jack?

Maggie: I was with him when he found a way out of the city limits through the force field. There was this brief power outage, and that outage gave him a chance to escape. And that's the last time we saw Jack.

Roman: We did find his knapsack, though. It was ripped to shreds, covered in blood. He must've been attacked by some sort of wild animal, and that is the last sign we've ever seen or heard about Jack. Now, Jack couldn't get back through the force field, nor can he get off the island. So I don't see how he could've possibly survived. Now, unfortunately, it looks pretty much like... both Jack and Jennifer are dead.

Jack: It's so cold. Why is it so cold? I'm out in the jungle. It's burning up. Why -- it's freezing. It's like -- it's like a sign. Yeah, it's like a sign. It's like something's creeping across my grave. [Gasps]

Jack: Jennifer's grave? No... no, I've gotta find you. I've gotta find you. No!

Jennifer: Aah! Oh, gosh, oh, God, the baby's coming. Oh, the baby's coming! Aah! Aah! Oh... oh! Aah!

Julie: It's Patrick's fault that Jennifer was kidnapped. Now her plane has crashed. She could be dead, and all because of your scheming little boy.

Bonnie: That's not true. Patrick was desperate to save Jennifer's life.

Julie: Oh, I don't buy that. I don't buy it for one minute.

Bonnie: That's why he resisted arrest. He was searching for her.

Julie: Sticking with the story, huh?

Bonnie: Because it's true! Look, last I heard, Patrick had disappeared with hope. They were looking for Jennifer.

Julie: Hope, too?

Bonnie: Yes. Apparently, they found some clue or something.

Julie: No! You are a curse.

Bonnie: Just hold on there, sister. Where do you get off calling me a curse?

Julie: Now you're sleeping with my Uncle Mickey.

Bonnie: Well, I am in love with him!

Julie: Oh, boy. Maggie would be whirling in her grave if she saw what a -- what a fool you have made of my dear, sweet uncle. I knew you were out to destroy the Horton family, but even I had no idea. Well, let me tell you, if anything happens to Jennifer, if anything happens to Hope, it's because of Patrick. And I swear to God, he's gonna pay for it.

Bonnie: According to Celeste's latest psychic radar, Jennifer, Hope, and Patrick are all doomed.

Mimi: [Sobbing]

Mimi: I just can't believe it. My brother... Patrick. And Shawn's mom -- I just -- it doesn't make any sense. I just -- what were they even doing together?

Rex: I don't know. Let me check it on the net. Let me see if I can find any news, all right?

Belle: What is it?

Rex: Well, it says here that the plane they were in flew into military airspace. It was shot by a missile.

Mimi: They wouldn't just shoot down a plane with two innocent people, would they, Philip?

Philip: Actually, Meems, any plane that enters restricted military operation's airspace and doesn't respond is taken out by a surface-to-air missile. I'm so sorry, Meems.

Mimi: Patrick!

Belle: Mimi, do you want -- do you want us to go to the police station with you?

Mimi: No. No. Remember when we were little kids and we used to leave our Barbies all over his room, and when we took his skateboard and broke it into, like, a million pieces and thought he wouldn't notice?

Belle: He just sat there on the floor and glued it back together and didn't say a word.

Mimi: God... no matter what else happened in my life, the one thing I always knew, even when he was across the world, was that Connor and I could always count on him. When my Mom was pregnant with me, you know, she almost died, and if it weren't for my big brother, I probably wouldn't even be here. He was always, always there for me. Oh, God. I missed him so much when he left home. This -- I just can't -- I just can't believe this. Rex. I just wish I could've told him one more time how much I loved him.

Belle: Mimi, he knew how much you loved him.

Philip: Of course he did.

Mimi: Oh, my God, I'm gonna have to tell my Mom.

Rex: I'll be right there with you, okay, every step of the way.

Mimi: Thank you. Oh, God.

Belle: Mimi, if you -- if you need me to do anything, just call me, okay?

Mimi: Thank you.

Belle: I cannot believe this is happening again. Poor Mimi. Poor Shawn. You know, I'm -- I'm really happy that Mimi has Rex, you know, 'cause when you're going through something so horrible like this, it's really good to be with the person that you love.

Philip: Come here. Believe me, I know.

Belle: And I know exactly how Shawn's gonna feel when he hears the news. He's gonna be as angry as I was. I never wanted him to have to feel this way. No one should have to go through this alone.

Shawn-D: Belle and Philip are not in love, and they are not a couple.

Jan: When are you gonna get with the program? I've shown you the photos of their little romantic tryst. You've seen the video of them dirty dancing.

Shawn-D: Mm-hmm. And I'm not believing any of it.

Jan: What do I have to do to convince you? Shawn, I saw them tonight with my own eyes.

Shawn-D: You're a liar, okay? Because Belle and Philip hate your guts, and if they saw you on the street, they wouldn't even speak with you.

Jan: Ancient history. Are you kidding -- Saint Belle? She's so sweet. She's like a living doll, and she's my new best friend. In fact, Belle and Philip invited me into their place.

Shawn-D: Their place?

Jan: Oh, yeah. Belle and Philip are living together. Those two lovebirds are definitely nesting. I have a yeast infection.

Jack: Jennifer, where are you? Jennifer, where --

Jennifer: [Screaming]

Jack: What's happening? Where are you? I can't find you. I can't find you. Where are you?! What's happening? What's happening to -- [Screaming stops]

Jack: Jennifer... Jennifer. Oh! Oh... [Groans]

Jennifer: Oh, gosh, I can't -- I can't be in labor right now. Oh... I can't have this baby out here right now. Oh, my gosh. Oh, thank you. Oh, my water hasn't broken. It's this water bag. This is what's broken. All right, it didn't all spill out. Now I gotta get Jack. Please, God, let him be okay. Let him be okay. Okay.

Jack: [Groans]

Hope: What do you mean Jack and Jennifer are both dead? What do you know about Jen?

Roman: We heard a plane crash in the jungle on the other side of the force field. We have reason to believe that Jennifer may have been on it.

Hope: Oh, my God, Jennifer's plane.

Patrick: I wonder if maybe before Jack, you know -- if he could've somehow gotten a message to Jennifer, like a phone call or an e-mail or something.

Roman: It's impossible to get anything out from Salem. It's even less likely Jack could've gotten the message through out there in the jungle.

Maggie: Yeah, he said he was gonna search the rest of the island to see if our host had some kind of fortress with a satellite phone or some kind of transportation of some kind.

Hope: Jennifer swears she received the messages from Jack. She thought Jack had sent the plane to pick her up. We think she was kidnapped.

Roman: By whom?

Hope: We don't know. We did everything we could to stop that plane from taking off, but we couldn't. And then we lost it on radar.

Patrick: Yeah, we know they were having engine trouble, but then the plane -- it just -- it disappeared from the screen.

Maggie: So then the crash we heard?

Roman: It was Jennifer.

Maggie: Oh... this is the news we've been dreading. Poor Jennifer.

Alice: And the baby?

Hope: Gran, I'm sorry. Jen didn't have the baby yet. Look, Patrick and I survived a plane crash. We can't be sure that -- we need to get out there and look for Jack and Jennifer.

Roman: Absolutely.

Hope: Maggie, I want to go back to something you said before. You said that Jack talked about our host. Who would that be?

Maggie: That's the big mystery.

Roman: There is only one person I know who could pull off a plot like this -- Stefano DiMera.

Patrick: Stefano DiMera is dead, isn't he?

Roman: DiMera has risen from the ashes before. It's also possible that someone's being a little crafty behind the scenes, trying to take over for Stefano. And I have a pretty good idea who that someone might be.

John: All right, my jets are headed to the debris field where Hope's plane went down. They're going to cover a 25-mile radius. If there is any trace of survivors, we're gonna hear about it.

Bo: Thanks. It means a lot to me.

John: Just don't get your hopes up, Bo. I don't think they're gonna find anything more than the other search-and-rescue teams did.

Bo: I'm gonna find my wife and bring her home to her family. Zack is not gonna grow up without his mom. I wish Shawn would call.

John: Yeah, that'd be nice.

Bo: Probably out on the road, trying to mend a broken heart. The kid can't face any more loss. He's already lost his grandfathers Doug and Victor, his Grandma Caroline, his great-Gran, his Aunt Maggie and Uncle Roman... and now his cousin Jen. When's it gonna stop? I'm not gonna add his mom's name to that list. My boys are not gonna lose their mom. I am not gonna lose my wife.

John: I'm gonna say something to you, Bo. You're not gonna like this. But you're going about it all wrong. You gotta get hope out of your mind right now, because she is not what is important here.

Julie: What was your final plan, Bonnie? Were you going to strangle my Uncle Mickey in the honeymoon bed?

Bonnie: You're the only Horton who deserves to be strangled, and I'm just the one to do it!

Julie: Oh, yeah? Try it!

Mimi: Mom! [All screaming]

Bonnie: Stop it! [All screaming]

Rex: Quiet! Quiet! Listen, Mimi has some news.

Bonnie: What?

Rex: Terrible news.

Bonnie: Ah, sweetheart, what is it? What's wrong?

Mimi: Patrick... and Hope... it was on the radio.

Bonnie: No.

Mimi: They're -- they're both dead, Mom.

Bonnie: No! [Sobbing]

Julie: Oh, God.

Jennifer: Jack! Oh, Jack, where are you? Oh, gosh, I feel like I'm going in circles. Oh, my gosh. I'm getting really dizzy.

Jennifer: Oh, God. No. I must be hallucinating.

Maggie: [Sighs]

Hope: How's Gran?

Maggie: She's upstairs lying down on Caroline's sofa. You know, after seeing you and hearing the news about Jennifer, it was a bit overwhelming. She needed to rest.

Hope: Roman, I want to go back to what you were saying before when you said you had a pretty good idea who was trying to take Stefano's place.

Roman: Well, I think Stefano's son Tony DiMera knows a lot more than he's letting on about us being held hostage here.

Hope: Wait a minute. Tony? Tony's here? I didn't think about that.

Roman: Yeah, Tony's here. He's alive right here on this island, living large in his replicated DiMera mansion.

Maggie: Well, I hate to be the one to come to a defense of a DiMera, Tony claims he's just as much a prisoner as the rest of us. And those scars where he was mauled by that tiger at the circus are pretty convincing.

Roman: Yeah, well, I'll admit, Tony's talking a good game as usual, but Abe and I are still skeptical.

Hope: Wait a minute. Abe? Oh, my God, Abe is here too? Lexie misses him so much. Little Theo just had his first birthday -- wait a minute, Lexie received a letter from him on that day.

Maggie: She did? How?

Hope: He arranged to have a letter sent when he thought his life might be in danger. He told Lexie to move on with her life, to find another man to love.

Roman: Ah, man. That is the last thing Abe wants. It haunts him that Lexie might have received that letter. He's desperate to get back to her. As I need to get back to Kate, Doc needs to get back to John.

Maggie: We all miss our families so terribly. I miss Mickey so much. Oh, how is she doing without me? I mean, I know Bonnie Lockhart is cooking and cleaning for him. I just don't want him to be miserable.

Hope: He misses you so very much.

Roman: Well... well, well. Patrick, my boy, you know what? Something in my gut tells me to watch out for you. How are you mixed up in all this? We're all friends and family here -- except you.

Patrick: I'm Bonnie Lockhart's son. Your son Rex is dating my little sister.

Roman: Why haven't I heard about you before?

Patrick: Well, I've been out of town for the last few years. I got back to Salem in February.

Roman: What I want to know is how you wound up in that plane with my sister-in-law. I'm sure my brother Bo is not too happy about that. Now I'm gonna tell you something, Patrick. I am gonna find out what you're really up to here.

Bo: What the hell are you saying to me, Hope isn't important?

John: Just hear me out, Bo. I think you need a dose of reality. I sent my private jets to search those waters because you asked me to. Now do I believe Hope's alive? No, I don't. Because if -- and this is a very big if -- if she survived that missile attack on her plane and the crash in the ocean, there is no way anyone could survive those shark-infested waters.

Bo: Hope supposedly died in front of my eyes once.

John: Yeah.

Bo: She wasn't gone. I'll never believe she's gone.

John: Bo, it's time to concentrate on who is behind this. And why Hope -- when she had a gun on Lockhart, she made a decision. She chose to go off with him. Why? A lot of questions we've got to get answers for out there. Why was Jen kidnapped? In a plane that also went down. And who was sending Jen all these messages supposedly by Jack? We've got a big puzzle here that we got to fill in. And until we do -- then and only then are you going to find out what happened to Hope.

Bo: We're obviously being toyed with here. People being treated like pawns on a chessboard.

Bo: Do you think...

John: Stefano.

Bo: Maybe he's not dead.

John: Wouldn't be the first time, would it?

Bo: DiMera -- or whoever's behind this -- they're not gonna get away with it. We got to get the answers. We got to get to the truth. We can't lose any more people that we love. .Yeah.

Bonnie: [Sobbing] Patrick! My first-born baby! [Sobbing]

Mimi: Mom?

Bonnie: No! No!

Mimi: Mom, please. Mom...

Julie: Not Hope. No. Her boys. What's Bo going to do without her?

Bonnie: He never should have gone after that stupid coin or robbed that pawn shop or resisted arrest! Damn it, he'll never learn!

Julie: It's your fault. Your fault! You and that awful son of yours! And now my little girl is dead!

Philip: Here you go, Belle.

Belle: Thanks. How do you think it happened, Philip?

Philip: I never really knew Patrick at all, but from what I've heard, he was a pretty shady character. I mean, this just doesn't make sense to me. Patrick and Hope killed together in a stolen plane, no flight plans? Believe me, there is more to this story.

Belle: I guess it doesn't really matter how it happened, because nothing is going to bring Mimi's brother back... or Shawn's mom. God, poor Shawn. No one even knows where he is. When do you think he's going to find out?

Jan: Okay, Shawn, it's time to prove to you that Belle and Philip are, as my mother would have said, living in sin. Go ahead, smarty-pants. Dial her number.

Jan: Hey! No, no, no! I did not say that you can talk to Belle. I think just to be on the safe side, I'm gonna put it on mute. See, I know how you think, Shawn.

Philip: Let's go get some air. [Telephone rings]

Belle: The phone's ringing.

Philip: Just let the machine get it.

Belle: Maybe it's Shawn. [Ring] [Ring]

Jan: Hmm, they must be going at it hot and heavy. I guess they're going to let the answering machine pick up. [Ring]

Philip's voice: Hi. Philip and Belle aren't in right now. Leave us a message. How was that?

Belle's voice: Perfect. Just perfect. [Beep] [Hangs up]

Jan: Now do you believe me?

Belle: Oh, they hung up! It says "private caller."

Philip: Well, I know what you're thinking.

Belle: What?

Philip: It's Shawn.

Belle: Yeah.

Philip: I doubt it was him.

Belle: I know, I know. It's just... he's still on my mind. I know that it's over, Philip.

Philip: I'm sorry.

Belle: I know you are. When Shawn finds out that his mom died, he has to come home.

Jan: There is your proof, Shawn. Belle is living with Philip. Belle is sleeping with Philip. Belle is looking forward to her future with Philip. Now it's time you forget about Belle and concentrate on your future... with me.

Jennifer: [Panting] Jack.

Julie: My family will never get over this. Mickey will never look at you again.

Bonnie: Now wait just a minute. You cannot --

Julie: He'll drop you so fast you'll wish you had a parachute.

Mimi: I can't believe what Julie's saying. Patrick would never hurt anyone. What are they talking about?

Julie: But he made some awful mistakes. And my girls are paying with their lives!

Rex: I wonder what that coin was, and why it was so important to Patrick.

Patrick: It wasn't supposed to turn out this way. Now what am I gonna do?

Hope: I'm convinced that Patrick knows more about Jennifer's whereabouts than he's letting on.

Roman: You know, my gut has told me not to trust that guy from the first minute I saw him.

Bo: Something tells me Patrick Lockhart is the key. We gotta find out who the hell he is, where he came from.

John: I concur.

Bo: Once we uncover his dirty little secrets, we'll know exactly what happened to Jen and Hope.

Lucas: It's hard to forgive somebody for lying about something so important.

Sami: You did.

Lucas: That's because I realized I'm in love with you.

John: And if it turns out to be Lockhart?

Bo: Then my only regret is that I didn't have the pleasure of killing the son of a bitch.

Roman: You gonna make this difficult?

Patrick: Threatening me?

Roman: Not at all! Your luck just ran out!

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