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Nicole: The only thing that makes me tingle more than you is that.

Nicole #2: Girl, when are you gonna take a bite outta that? He is red hot and ready to pop.

Nicole: He is not easily popped.

Nicole #2: I've seen the way he looks at you. Face it -- guys don't get any better than that. He's sweet and handsome and rich. And not only that, he's always flexing his macho muscles around you and riding to your rescue like some white knight on a horse. You know what they say about medieval knights, don't you? They have the longest... jousting lances.

Nicole: Not funny, but I see your point. What have I been waiting for?

Nicole #2: Well, you're nearly naked. He's nearly naked. You're all alone, he's all alone. Well, if you're looking for a better opportunity to jump his Bones than this...

Nicole: Okay. I want him. I have to have him.

Nicole #2: Now, that's what I'm talking about.

Nicole: Thank you. You can go now. You've done your job. In about two seconds, I'm gonna have Brady ripping this swimsuit off of me, throwing me down right here, and making amazing love to me.

Nicole #2: Whoa!

[Cellular phone rings]

Brady: Hello. Chloe! Hi.

Jan: Now that Philip and Belle know I'm back in town, I guess I have no choice but to kill them. Oh, well.

Mimi: The only one that's gonna die is you, bitch!

Belle: Oh, my God.

Philip: Mimi! Come on!

Belle: What are you doing? Get off of her!

Philip: Stop, stop, stop.

Mimi: Belle, Philip, thank God I saw her. She broke into your apartment.

Belle: No, she didn’t. I invited her in.

Mimi: What? You did what?

Philip: We ran into Jan down on the pier, and Belle invited her for tea.

Mimi: Tea? Are you out of your freaking minds? The chick's psycho!

Jan: I am not!

Mimi: Shut up before I rip you a new one!

Belle: Mimi, what has gotten into you?

Mimi: What do you mean? She's the one! Have you forgotten all the stuff she's done to you, not to mention the stuff she's going to do.

Belle: What stuff?

Philip: What are you doing here? How the hell did you even get in here?

Mimi: I came through the window and just in the Nick of time. I heard her evil plan.

Philip: Her evil plan, Meems? You've been watching too much TV again.

Belle: Wait, what evil plan?

Mimi: I heard her say that she's going to kill you -- both of you.

Philip: Jan, is that true?

Jan: Absolutely.

Kate: Well, these numbers are great. Domestic earnings are up. So why am I so unhappy, huh? Don't you answer that.

[Knock on door]

John: Sorry to Bother you. I just didn't know where else to go. I need you, Kate.

Roman: Doc, we better get some cover. It looks like we're in for a hell of a storm.

Marlena: I was so engrossed, I hadn't even noticed it clouding up. Okay. Let's go.

[Distant Boom]

Roman: Wait a minute. What the hell was that?

Marlena: Sounded like an explosion all the way out there. Roman, you don't think it was another plane, do you?

[Thunder rumbles]

Roman: Well, I do know what that sound was.

Marlena: The first sound wasn't thunder, was it?

Roman: I'm afraid not, doc. Your first guess was right on the button. Something exploded out there. It must've been a plane.

Marlena: It came all the way from that direction. Roman, someone we know and love could've been on that plane.

Roman: Well, if they were, no way in hell anybody could've survived an explosion like that.

Patrick: Hope! Oh, God. Sharks.

Tek: The damn plane exploded into a million pieces, and the storm's making it worse! The debris field's miles wide, and it's growing by the second. [Coughs] Pull us up. There's too much smoke.

Bo: No! No, wait! Oh, my God... Hope! No!

Marlena: Roman, you see anything?

Roman: No. These babies have long-range night vision. Oh, my God. Doc, doc, you gotta see this.

Marlena: Well, all I see is several clumps of bright light.

Roman: Burning wreckage. The fuel is still feeding the fire.

Marlena: How close?

Roman: Not that close. Those binoculars are deceptively strong.

Marlena: I can just imagine family and friends coming here from Salem, coming to this island. Imagine who it might be.

Roman: Doc, don't go there.

Marlena: Roman, who is the madman who is destroying our lives? First, he made me believe that I had brutally killed family and friends. Then he took our loved ones from us and went to all the trouble of creating this...replica of Salem on this island. The game has become very real, because somebody really has died. I hate him. I hate him for doing this to us. Roman, when is it going to end? When is it going to end?

Roman: It has ended... for someone.

Bo: You see it?

Tek: Yeah, there's blood everywhere. It's in the water, it's on the debris. I'm sorry, Bo, but whoever's down there is dead, man.

Bo: Or wounded.

Tek: Either way, it's not good.

Bo: If they've managed to survive that crash, those waters are probably infested with sharks.

Tek: That's not our only problem. The debris is scattering. We better circle, or we're gonna lose track!

Bo: No, no, we can't do that. I'm going down there!

Tek: What are you -- crazy?

Bo: Don't argue with me! Help me get the gear together.

Tek: It's not a good idea. It's too risky. The storm's gaining momentum.

Bo: I don't give a damn about the storm! Help me out here!

Hope: The water looks clear.

Patrick: The sharks -- I know, it's good news.

Hope: How did you do it?

Patrick: My first concern was getting you to safety.

Patrick: I saw a shark and then another one and another. I knew we'd never get to safety in time. I had to do something.

Hope: What did you do?

Patrick: Remember when I told you to let go of me and swim toward that crate? This crate that's keeping us afloat right now.

Hope: Oh, I sort of remember.

Patrick: I used a trick an old sailor once taught me. I got near one of the sharks, and I stabbed it. The blood -- it attracted the other sharks, and a feeding frenzy began. They started eating each other. I swam away, and I caught up to you, and we grabbed onto this thing.

Hope: Aah! Did you feel that?

Patrick: Yeah, something rammed us.

Hope: Look! Look!

Patrick: It's a dorsal fin!

Hope: It's a shark!

Patrick: It's coming back around.

Hope: God, it's really big, Patrick.

Patrick: Those are the babies. That must be the mother.

Hope: Can you fool it like you did before?

Patrick: I don't think so. It's a great white.

Jan: I do intend to kill Belle and Phil, but I'm not gonna use a gun or a knife or any other form of conventional weapon. My weapon of choice is kindness.

Mimi: Oh, whatever. I know what I heard.

Jan: You don't know anything. Belle and I have made our peace. We've taken a higher road, unlike you, miss Lockhart.

Mimi: Is this true, Belle?

Belle: Mimi, the past is...

Mimi: Very important. Remember how she -- she pretended that your boyfriend got her pregnant? Remember how she lied and said that you caused her miscarriage? Remember how she plastered Chloe’s nude pictures all over the internet? I mean --

Jan: Wait a minute, hold on. The thing with Chloe happened a very long time ago, and that was partially your idea, Mimi. Or have you conveniently forgotten about that?

Rex: Are you Jan spears?

Jan: Hello... who are you?

Mimi: My boyfriend.

Jan: Shawn's cousin?

Rex: Philip's half-brother.

Jan: Well, I see the resemblance... all the way around. Nice to meet you.

Mimi: What are you talking about?

Jan: Nothing. Jeez, are you on something? First, you attack me, and now you're all paranoid about everything I say?

Belle: Jan, I'm really sorry about the way Mimi's been acting.

Mimi: Don't apologize to her. Belle. How can you relax around that bitch? She was so hot for Shawn; she'd do anything to have him.

Belle: Okay, well, neither of us have him.

Mimi: Okay, well, speaking of Shawn, any word?

Belle: Just some prank phone call down at the race, but, look, I don't want to talk about it, okay? Shawn is not coming back, and I just have to face it.

Mimi: Belle, don't say that, okay? Check your messages.

Belle: I can’t.

Mimi: Look, I know you're angry, but you just have --

Belle: No, Mimi, really, I can’t. I went into this fit of rage, and I threw my message machine. It's broken.

Mimi: Come with me. We'll be right back.

Jan: [Thinking] This couldn't be any more perfect. I've got an invite into their lair. Now I'll be able to report firsthand to Shawn how sweet Belle has moved on with Phil. But first, I need to make sure Philip's ready to make his move.

Kate: What's wrong?

John: Well, I've had a pretty lousy evening. I just need to talk things through with someone who can be objective.

Kate: Objective about what?

John: Nicole.

Kate: Okay, well, you know something? That lets me out.

John: Well, then I just need to talk to someone who will listen to facts, not automatically defend the little -- am I bothering you right now?

Kate: No. Now, as you're so fond of saying, "this work can wait." Okay? Listen, let me get you a drink.

John: Hell, yeah. I'll take my usual if you got it.

Kate: Scotch, neat. Right?

John: Perfect.

Kate: So, you had a nasty evening? Are you okay?

John: No, I'm fine, except for this lump on the back of my head.

Kate: Lump?

John: Yeah, it's getting bigger by the minute. Look, it looks like I'm growing another head out here. Why don't you just drag me off to the hospital?

Kate: Oh, my God. What happened to you?

John: I don't exactly know. I'm not thinking too clearly right now, and since you're the smartest woman that I do know...

Kate: Oh, please.

John: I thought maybe you could help me figure this thing out.

Kate: You know what I think? I think, really, that I should take you to the E.R.

John: No, no, knock it off. Come on, you know I have a hard head.

Kate: Okay, fine. All right, tough guy, what happened tonight?

John: You know that I have had suspicions that there is this connection between earl and Crystal.

Kate: Right. He was the prison guard, right, that Marlena stole his gun to escape from the prison.

John: No, allegedly stole, allegedly escaped.

Kate: Right.

John: All right, so I set earl up to do this little job at the Kiriakis mansion. I eavesdropped on a conversation he was having with Crystal, and I came away with the impression that they set doc up to die.

Kate: What? Did you get proof of that?

John: Well, I was two seconds away from getting the proof that I needed, and someone came up behind me and bashed my brains in with a shovel.

Kate: Oh, my God. Behind you -- so it wasn't Crystal.

John: No, no, it wasn't Crystal.

Kate: Nicole?

John: Brady says that he was with Nicole in the house when it happened.

Kate: Yeah, yeah, just the way Brady was with Nicole when Victor was killed.

John: Damn it, Kate. I was so close to breaking Crystal and getting her to give me some answers.

Kate: You know something, John? You could've been killed.

John: I'm not worried about myself. I'm worried about my son. He's living in that house, and I know for a fact something's going on in there.

Brady: Chloe, I realize that opera season schedules are booked in advance. All right, you know, hang on a second. I just got outta the pool a second ago, okay? Let me talk to Nicole about when construction can begin on the new concert hall, and I will call you back. Okay? I love you, too. All right. See ya. It was Chloe.

Nicole: Really? I wasn't paying attention. So, how is our little songbird?

Brady: She's fine. It's just that her agent wants to book her all over the world, and that could tie her up for months, even years. If I don't start construction on this concert hall... she may never come back to Salem.

Nicole: And the first thing I'm gonna do is halt construction on this giant money pit.

Victor: The concert hall?

Nicole: Yes. I'll sell the materials for scrap metal and make a nice little profit.

Victor: Well, I think that's a wonderful idea. You should do it.

Nicole: What?

Victor: That way, Brady will see you for what you really are -- a selfish, money-grubbing whore.

Nicole: Brady, I know exactly how to salvage your precious concert hall and save your relationship with Chloe.

Roman: Doc, doc, you listen to me, all right? Don't you lose heart. Now, I don't know what the hell happened out there, but we are gonna manage to free ourselves from this prison, I swear to you.

Marlena: Roman, when you say that, I believe you.

Roman: You should believe me.

Marlena: And we'll take everybody with us.

Roman: Everybody who's trapped on this island.

Marlena: I want to see that bastard's face. I want to see him when we all walk out of here and his sick and demented plan blows up in his face.

Roman: He underestimates us, doc.

Marlena: Yes, he does. But you know what else, Roman? He has done his homework well. Strange things happen to captives. He probably thinks we will succumb to the Stockholm syndrome. It was 1973, and there was a -- there were four hostages taken in a botched bank robbery in Stockholm. And when it was all over, the hostages refused to be rescued. They wouldn't even testify against their captors. They even took up a fund to help the defense legal fund. In fact, I read one article where one of the hostages became engaged to one of the captors.

Roman: Yep, that's exactly right. Do you think that's what's going on here?

Marlena: I think our host wants to have the lines between fantasy and reality blurred. I think he wants us confused between Salem and here. I think he wants us to forget our loved ones in Salem and become content with life here on the island.

Roman: Well, that's impossible. There's no way I can forget my children back in Salem or Kate.

Marlena: I know that. And every time I see you, I'm reminded of John. Oh, Roman, it was my love for you that made me fall in love with John. I thought he was you. I'd stored up all those feelings for all those years -- the feelings that I had only for you -- and I gave those feelings to him. By the time I realized that... it wasn't really Roman Brady -- not -- not my husband, not the father of my children...

Roman: But you loved him, anyway.

Marlena: Yes, I did. But the odd thing is, I never stopped loving you. In fact, over the years, I've come to love you more.

Tek: Okay, whatever you do, do not unhook the harness from the cable.

Bo: Yeah.

Tek: All right, and stay out of the water. There's sharks down there. You don't want to deal with 'em.

Bo: Yeah, I understand. I got it.

Tek: Okay, I just got the signal. The swells are so high, we can't take you any lower. You good?

Bo: I'm good. Let's go! Hope, where are you? Hope!

Man: We got big trouble. This storm's really gaining steam.

Bo: Hope!

Patrick: Keep going!

Hope: Aah! Patrick!

Patrick: Up! Hold on, Hope! Mama shark's just getting warmed up.

Hope: Yeah, no kidding.

Patrick: Look, she just smells food. If you can keep your hand out of the water, just keep the blood out of the water...

Hope: Wait, wait, Patrick, did you hear that? Do you hear something?

Patrick: Yeah, it sounds like a helicopter in the distance. Or maybe it's my imagination.

Hope: Maybe someone's looking for us.

Patrick: Even if they are, how could they find us? When the missile hit, the storm hit, too. We could be a good 15 miles from where we crashed. Or more!

Hope: Aah!

Patrick: Hold still, hold still! Another shout like that, and you'll sink us both.

Hope: Patrick!

Patrick: Hope, wait, don't move!

Hope: Aah! Aah!

Mimi: Here. I don't need this answering machine now that I live with Rex. Take it home, plug it in. You never know. Shawn could be trying to call you right now.

Belle: Mimi, if he hasn't called yet, do you really think he's going to?

Mimi: Don't talk that way. It sounds like you're giving up.

Belle: Why not? Love is about trust and communication. I didn't trust Shawn, and now he's not communicating with me. It's time I grew up and dealt with the reality of my life. My future without Shawn.

Mimi: No, don't say that. You have to believe, Belle, that --

Belle: Mimi. I've been taking advice from a lot of people lately -- Sami, Philip, you. It's time I started thinking for myself. Shawn and I are through. It's over. It's really over.

Kate: You think Nicole could hurt Brady, don't you?

John: Well, you've been telling me she's capable of anything. And I believe that to be true. One thing she's already started doing, she's turned Brady against his family.

Kate: So what about Crystal? Brady isn't suspicious of her at all?

John: Oh, yeah, but now Nicole is claiming that she has been victimized by Crystal.

Kate: What?

John: When I was having my little encounter with Crystal in the barn, Brady found Nicole tied up in the house.

Kate: Tied up?

John: And Nicole said Crystal's the one who did it.

Kate: Why? Why? John, who hit you on the head?

John: That's the question, isn't it?

Kate: Earl?

John: Nah, Brady followed him off the property.

Kate: I don't know. It's -- you know, the police always thought that Nicole was involved with someone, that she had a secret accomplice who helped her kill Victor. But it couldn't be Crystal, because her fingerprints didn't match the ones that were found in the mansion. But you know something? The accomplice could be the one who hit you over the head.

John: I mean, Nicole's good, but she couldn't have been in two places at one time. But you know what the worst part is? This little stunt worked its magic on Brady. He is totally on her side if he wasn't already. He won't listen to a thing I have to say.

Kate: Brady's emotion has overruled his logic. I think something is happening to him that he doesn't even know about.

John: Yeah, like what?

Kate: Brady's falling in love with Nicole.

Nicole: Brady, I want you to have this.

Brady: What is it?

Nicole: Well, look inside.

Brady: Nicole -- I can't accept this.

Nicole: Look, it's the only way to guarantee Chloe’s return. She's the woman you love. You want her back in your life more than anything... right?

Roman: Doc, I love you, too. Our bond is eternal. Our children.

Marlena: Not just because of our children, Roman. You know, when Stefano took you out of my life, I vowed that I would never fall in love with another man again. I didn't fall in love with John Black. I -- I fell in love with Roman Brady all over again. I really thought that John was my long-lost husband. I guess if I'd thought about it longer, I would have realized that it was -- it was a different -- a different love. But I was so desperate to have you back, I was willing to overlook any doubt that I had.

Roman: And then I came back.

Marlena: And I had to choose.

Roman: You chose John.

Marlena: No, you left town.

Roman: Because I believed you wanted to be with John.

Marlena: I wanted to save our marriage. You knew that. Just what I had done to you was unforgivable.

Roman: Doc, you listen to me. I do not blame you at all.

Marlena: You had every right to. I knew that you had to go on with your life. I understood that, but -- but, you know, if you had stayed --

Roman: What? What are you -- what are you trying to say here? I mean, do you really think that I would have... been able to win you away from John? I mean, truly? Or would your heart have always been divided?

Marlena: I guess we'll never know.

Roman: Ha. Wow. Oh... you know what, doc? I have always, always regretted leaving Salem, not fighting harder for you. If I had... would it have made a difference?

Tek: Bo!

Man: We're low on fuel. We're hovering too close over the water's edge. We got to get up out of this smoke.

Tek: I can't see him! Damn it, where is he? Wh-- he's gone!

Bo: Hope! Hope! Hope! Hope! Hope! Hope!

Hope: Aah!

Patrick: Over there! Right here.

Hope: But it's still there, Patrick.

Patrick: Hold still. Keep your head out of the water. We need -- we need a distraction.

Bo: Hope! No! Hope! No! Hope!


Hope: Wait, look!

Patrick: The shark's swimming away. There must be new kill in that direction. Whatever it is, it's saving our lives.

Hope: Thank God.

Patrick: The tide's changing. I can feel the pull. We must be near shore.

Hope: Not close enough to make it on these things.

Patrick: We'll have to swim for it.

Hope: Let's go. Pray no more sharks.

Bo: Hope! Feeling...

Philip: Rexy. Get a load of that move.

Rex: Thanks.

Jan: I hope you're still not hot for that ghoul girl who thought she could sing.

Philip: No, I'm not. But don't call Chloe that. Chloe is a very --

Jan: She's a moody bitch. She didn't deserve you. You need somebody special. Somebody who understands you, who can appreciate you.

Mimi: Rex, hon, could you give us a hand, please?

Jan: [Thinking] Oh, Philly, you're so in love with Belle, it's pathetic. Lucky for you, I'm on your side. I want the two of you together. And I always get what I want. Just ask Shawn.

Mimi: Okay, Belle, record your message. That way, if you're not home when Shawn calls --

Belle: He's not going to call, Mimi. I already told you that.

Mimi: You don't know that for sure.

Belle: I do know it for sure. Shawn and I are over. And I think that it's time for Philip and I to make it official.

John: No, Katie girl, my boy can't fall in love with Nicole. His heart belongs to Chloe.

Kate: Well, Chloe is not here right now, is she?

John: So what are you saying, love the one you're with, hmm? You know, you never liked Chloe anyway. You didn't want Philip to be with her.

Kate: No, no, no, no, no. This doesn't even factor into this at all, because I like Brady. He's a great guy. And I'm not a big fan of Chloe, but I detest Nicole.

John: I understand that. I mean, she married your ex.

Kate: No.

John: No?

Kate: No. It really has very little to do with Victor. Basically, Nicole is just a horrible, horrible human being.

John: Then why would Brady fall for her?

Kate: Come on. Why does anyone ever fall in love? It never makes any sense, does it? I mean, you of all people, you should know that. Love has a mind of its own. When it happens, it just does. There's no backing away from that.

Brady: Nicole, I do want Chloe to come back to Salem more than anything, but I am not going to take your jewelry.

Nicole: Crystal took a lot of it already. Fortunately, she took the most gaudy pieces, and they were all costume stuff. The good bling-bling is still here, and by my calculations, it should be enough to break ground on the concert hall. And meanwhile, we'll find a way to work around Philip and Bo and the others.

Brady: Yeah, but for you, this means money and power and independence. You would give that up for me?

Nicole: Brady, don't you know by now I'd do anything for you?

Philip: You want to do what?

Belle: It's just I've been going back and forth and back and forth, and I need to make up my mind. Shawn's not coming back. I need to accept that. And I need to stop worrying about what he's thinking. I mean... he's never gonna move in here with me, and we're not going to have a future. And Shawn's really the one that I'm angry at, so, Philip, I promise I'm not gonna take it out on you anymore. So, I was thinking that maybe you could record your name on our outgoing message on the machine just to make moving in official.

Philip: Oh. Yeah, I can do that.

Belle: Okay.

Philip: Um...

Belle: But I want you to do the whole recording, okay?

Philip: Okay.

Belle: Go.

Philip: Hi, Philip and Belle aren't in right now. Leave us a message. How was that?

Belle: Perfect. Just perfect.

Mimi: If Shawn calls and hears that, he'll go nuts.

Jan: [Thinking] That's just what I'm counting on.

John: [Sighs] I'll tell you what. You might be right about the love thing, but I hope you're dead wrong about Brady and Nicole.

Kate: Me too.

John: Yeah. I got to go.

Kate: But you came over here for advice and help, but I think that I made you feel worse.

John: No, no, that's all right. You didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. It's good to talk about it, though. At least you don't think I'm crazy. [Groaning]

Kate: What -- what's wrong?

John: Ah, it's nothing. I just,'s nothing.

Kate: You know something? You are carrying all of your tension in your shoulders. I can tell.

John: You think?

Kate: I was in Hong Kong. There's a reflexologist who did wonders --

John: The old reflexologist in Hong Kong, right? Yeah, I've heard that story before, yeah. Kate, it's all right, really. It's okay. Rela--

Kate: Sit down! Sit! Sit!

John: Kate --

Kate: Right here. Sit down.

John: Jeez.

Kate: I'll show you.

John: Yeah, you show me.

Kate: See?

John: Whoa. Piloerection.

Kate: What?

John: Goose bumps.

Kate: Oh, my God.

John: Oh, that feels great. You're right.

Kate: See, I told you.

John: Oh, I can feel all that stress just melting away.

Kate: That's right.

John: I'm gonna tell you something, Katie girl. It seems that whenever I'm with you, I can just... relax and... be myself for a change.

Kate: I feel exactly the same way.

Brady: Look, Nicole, I'm not gonna sell your jewelry to finance this concert hall. I mean, we don't know how Granddad's will is gonna turn out, and this could be all you get.

Nicole: Are you sure?

Brady: Positive. Here. Look, I got to call Chloe back and tell her construction is on hold indefinitely, and I'm sure her agent's not gonna have trouble Booking her out on other gigs. Of course, that means she's not gonna be coming back to Salem anytime soon.

Nicole: If I were Chloe, I wouldn't need to be lured home by the promise of my very own concert hall. Not if I had you waiting for me.

Brady: Thanks. You're really sweet, you know that?

Bo: Come on, you want a piece of me? Tek, get me the hell out of here!


Tek: Got that son of a bitch! Grab on! Grab on! You got it?

Bo: Yeah.

Tek: Let's go!

Tek: Come on, man.

Bo: Thanks. [Coughs] Hope... Hope.

Roman: I love Kate with all my heart, but you -- you were the love of my life. I am so glad that we found a way to be friends.

Marlena: What you said was true, you know. We are Bound together by Eric and Sami and will and -- oh, Roman, I miss them so.

Roman: Me too. Me too, but like I said, doc, don't lose heart. Because somebody is bound to come across this island, and when they do, and we're discovered, we're gonna be able to get the hell off this rock and back to the real Salem and our loved ones.

[Water splashing]

Marlena: [Gasps]

Patrick: [Coughing] Come on.

[Patrick and Hope panting]

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Jennifer: I just got you back. You are not going to die. Do you hear me? I am not gonna lose you again!

Kate: I can't imagine starting over with someone else.

John: I think that the two of us may be perfect for each other.

Hope: What is going on? Something is very wrong here!

Roman: Welcome to our nightmare.

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