Days Transcript Friday 7/9/04

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 7/9/04 - Canada; Monday 7/12/04 - U.S.A.

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Philip: Sami said something crazy about us? I'm afraid to ask.

Belle: I know. It's totally ridiculous, and she's completely wrong.

Philip: Well, wrong about what? I mean, what could she say about us?

Belle: You know what? It's not important. What's really important is that you're moving back in and we're still gonna be friends. I need you, Philip, now more than ever.

Philip: I'm sorry again about Shawn. I mean, I know you're hurting. I just wish there was something that I could do.

Belle: Hey. You tried. I tried. I tried everything in my power to try and get Shawn to come back, but it just wasn't enough. So... it's over. He just doesn't love me anymore, and that's all there is to it.

Jan: [Gasps]

Belle: Oh, my God. Jan Spears?

Philip: What the hell is she doing here? When did you get back to Salem?

Belle: Why are you hiding here? Were you eavesdropping on our conversation?

Sami: Yeah, fluffy, I'm coming.

[Cat meows]

Sami: There. Okay, Sami, bon appétit.

Sami: On second thought, bon voyage.

[Cat meows]

Sami: What are you so happy about?

[Cat screeches]

Sami: It's time to take out the trash, Samantha Jean. Well, at least it'll get me outta the house.

Lucas: All right. Oh, Sami, would you like some help with that?

Sami: No, uh, I need the exercise.

Lucas: Oh, well, good, good for you. Isn't that great? We're actually off to the club for a little cardio aerobics.

Manda: Oh, who needs tennis, poopsie, when you keep my heart racing in bed?

Lucas: Oh, come here.

Sami: Aah!

Manda: Oh! Ha ha ha ha!

Sami: Lucas, no.

Lucas: Phew! Wow. Too much?

Manda: Are you kidding? I can't get enough of you. Mm... I could go on all night.

Lucas: That sounds really good, but I think I'm gonna need a break.

Manda: What's the matter? I don't turn you on?

Lucas: Come on, what do you think? You're the only woman I'll ever want.

Lucas: Oh.

Manda: Oh! You're amazing.

Lucas: Oh, Sami.

Manda: What did you say?

Lucas: Um...

Bo: Damn it. Lockhart could've killed us all.

Tek: What the hell are you doing, Bo? Slow down, man!

Bo: I'm gonna make sure that bastard doesn't get away.

Bo: The bastard got away.

Tek: Calm down.

Bo: Calm down? He got my wife. He's headed off to God knows where, and he doesn't even have a pilot's license.

Tek: When I first spotted him through the night goggles, hope had him at gunpoint. Why do you suppose she let him take off? Why did -- why'd she go along?

Bo: You know, we can answer those questions once we find the plane. We gotta stop that bastard before he hurts my wife.

Hope: I don't like this. I don't like any of it.

Patrick: Damn it, they shot out the tire. That maniac husband of yours is using his car to try to stop the plane.

Hope: Damn it, Patrick, you've gotta stop!

Patrick: No way.

Hope: You don't have enough time to get this plane off the ground, Patrick. God, you've gotta stop! Patrick, stop this plane, or you gonna end up killing us all! You could've killed my husband, not to mention the both of us.

Patrick: Relax. I may not have a formal license, but I know how to fly.

Hope: Could've fooled me. Do you even know where you're going?

Patrick: I told you, Jennifer e-mailed you the registration number of the plane her kidnaper was using. I researched the last 10 flights. They're all between Salem and this group of uninhabited islands in the Caribbean. That must be where it crashed.

Hope: I should never have let you take off without Bo. He must be going crazy thinking you kidnapped me. Can't you radio him, let him know what we're doing at least?

Patrick: No. What's it going to take to convince you, Hope? Whoever abducted your cousin knows what they're doing. They'll spot a rescue mission from a mile off. Our only chance of finding Jennifer is to find our way in under the radar. I just pray we're not too late. [Thunder crashes]

Jennifer: Oh, Jack. You can put me down. You can put me down.

Jack: No, no.

Jennifer: Yes, I'm okay.

Jack: Are you sure?

Jennifer: I'm positive.

Jack: You're sure?

Jennifer: I'm sure. Okay, oh, gosh, I'm so worried about you. You have a horrible fever.

Jack: I'm great.

Jennifer: You're not great.

Jack: No, no, no. Just  seeing you again is -- is all it takes to cure what ails me. Oh... mm...

Jennifer: Ha ha ha. Oh, my gosh, it's like a dream come true.

Jack: No, if this was a dream, you would be warm and dry, and I would have a -- I'd have a 4-poster bed right here and silk sheets just to wrap you up and...

Jennifer: No, no, no, this is enough, this is enough.

Jack: Let me tell you, the angels are looking down on us because I don't know how you survived that crash.

Jennifer: No, no, no, the angels -- the angels and you, Jack. You saved me from falling into that ravine.

Jack: This is the best. This is way better than --

Jennifer: Oh, God!

Jack: What -- what?

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh.

Jack: Jennifer. What? You're not -- you're not starting labor, are you?

Jennifer: I don't know, but if I am -- if I am, you better be ready to deliver this baby right here and right now. Aah! Oh!

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh.

Jack: Sit down over here, all right? Just keep breathing.

Jennifer: Oh, Jack, listen, I've had a really difficult pregnancy, and there have been a lot of problems.

Jack: Oh. Jennifer, listen to me. Listen to me. Whatever happens, you are strong. You are strong, and you're going to get through this. We're going to get through this. We're going to get through this just fine. All right. Okay, just like before. Just breathe.

Jennifer: Oh!

Jack: There you go. Just a little bit more. Just -- just --

Jennifer: Oh. Oh.

Jack: I can't believe it.

Jennifer: You can't believe what?

Abby: [Crying]

Jack: I-I did it. I have a baby. A little baby girl.

Jennifer: Oh.

Jack: Now, you see? After everything we've been through -- birthing a baby is just going to be like a breeze.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah. Well, my birth plan included some sort of big epidural, Jack.

Jack: Oh, I'm sorry. Jennifer, I'm sorry that you have to go through all of this with the baby to bring it into this world --

Jennifer: No, no, no, no. I am not sorry. I am not sorry. I am so grateful that this baby is going to come into this world, and he is going to get to spend time with his father.

Jack: "He is." He is -- you mean it's a boy. It's a boy. You're having a boy. We're having a boy. It's a boy.

Jennifer: No, no, Jack, or -- or -- or -- or her.

Jack: Her. Her. Well, that -- I mean, that-- that's good, too. That's good. Her is good. I mean, we did pretty good with the her the first time.

Jennifer: Abby. Abby, she wanted -- she wanted to be there when the baby was born, Jack. And -- and what about Abby right now? What does she know? What has anyone told her? D-does she think now that she's lost her mother, too?

Jack: No, she hasn't lost her mother, and she won't. She won't.

Jack: I promise. I promise.

Jennifer: Oh, thank God you're here.

Jack: Okay, breathe. Breathe. Breathe -- we can breathe. All right? Let's breathe. We can do those hee-hees again, all right? Breathe with me. Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee...

Jennifer: Hee. Hee.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Oh, whoa.

Jennifer: Okay, it's stopping. All right, it's stopping.

Jack: What's stopping? What?

Jennifer: It's stopping.

Jack: What? It's stopping? It's stopping? Is that good?

Jennifer: It's good.

Jack: It's good?

Jennifer: It's good.

Jack: Good. Good.

Jennifer: Are you okay?

Jack: Of course I'm good. I'm good. I just want to get you out of these wet clothes and into something warm.

Jennifer: God, please, no. This can't be labor. Maybe it's just cramps. I've had a lot of bad cramps.

Jack: Oh, no. I got to get some dry wood. I'm getting dry wood. I'm going to start a fire. I need dry wood. Some dry wood.

Jennifer: Jack, what's wrong?

Jack: Nothing. I'm just getting... dry wood for a fire. I'm just a little off-balance. You know, I need to get my bearings afte---- after all that heavy breathing. I'm -- it's getting --

Jennifer: Jack. Jack! Come over here and sit down right now.

Jack: I ca-- I'm --

Jennifer: Please. Please come here.

Jack: Aah.

Jennifer: Okay. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Jack, you are burning up. Do you know that?

Jack: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm -- I'm -- I'm great. I'm great. I'm -- it's just the adrenaline, you know? It's not every day a guy gets to pull a pretty pregnant lady out of a ravine. The baby, though -- how's the baby? How's he doing now? How's she doing now? How's our baby doing now?

Jennifer: It's good.

Jack: Good.

Jennifer: Our baby's wiggly, and it's not time to come out yet.

Jack: Well, what can we -- well, listen, all right? I just -- I just -- oh, please, baby, don't come out. Oh. Oh. Hush-a-- hush-a-bye don't you cry go to sleepy, little baby when you wake you will find all the sweet little horses

Jennifer: Jack...

Jack: Hush, hush

Jennifer: I missed you. I missed you so much.

Jack: I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you so much. I love you.

Jennifer: Jack. This locket --

Jack: This locket -- it's -- it's the last gift I gave you.

Jennifer: No, no. This is what I don't understand. Your organs, I mean, your -- your eyes, we donated them to -- to patients who needed them. How -- how are you alive? How did you survive? How are you on this island? It doesn't make any sense.

Jack: I d-- I can't -- I-I can't explain it. I can't explain anything. I can try. I can try, but first, I -- first I...

Jack: I promised myself I would... I would bring this back to you... and we would be together again. [Thunder crashes]

Jack: We'd be together again. Here we are. We're here. Now you're with me... and now I promise you... I will never let you go. Never.

Bo: Can we locate that plane now?

Tek: All right. I'm gonna go through my I.S.A. connections, alert the Air National Guard. Then I'll log on to the tracking system.

Bo: Make it fast, man. I don't know how much time we have. Why did she think she could do this on her own?

Hope: Whose neck are you trying to save, anyway -- Jennifer's or yours?

Patrick: I thought you decided to trust me.

Hope: Yeah, well, I've quickly learned to regret it.

Patrick: Then maybe you should have gotten off the plane when I asked you to.

Hope: Bo must be worried sick about me.

Patrick: Look, if you are so damn worried about your family, then maybe you should get back to them ASAP. I can land at the nearest airfield and drop you off. Is that what you want?

Belle: How long have you been there spying on us?

Jan: I must have dropped my earring in the fog. I didn't even see you guys.

Philip: Once a liar, always a liar.

Jan: Oh. Here it is.

Belle: When did you get home?

Jan: Not long ago.

Jan: Look, I know we didn't exactly leave things on good terms, Belle.

Belle: No kidding.

Jan: And I owe you an apology.

Philip: You owe half the people in Salem an apology -- Chloe, Belle, Shawn.

Jan: After I was raped by Paul Mendez in Puerto Rico, I pretty much went off the deep end, especially after I found out I was pregnant. I mean, Shawn tried to help me by claiming to be the father of the baby, but --

Belle: But you miscarried and blamed it on me.

Philip: Mm-hmm.

Jan: And I'm so sorry. I mean, you weren't even there when I fell down the stairs.

Belle: Oh, I know.

Philip: Any excuse to hold onto Shawn though, right, Jan?

Jan: What can I say? I was scared. Okay? I didn't have any support at home. And I leaned on Shawn when I should have been a lot braver. I made a mistake. But I've grown up a lot since then.

Belle: I thought you went to Europe.

Jan: With my parents. We were working on putting our family back together when... they were killed in an accident.

Belle: Oh, my God, Jan, I had no idea. I'm so sorry.

Jan: They were happy for the first time in years, and now they're gone. And I'm all alone.

Belle: I know how that feels.

Jan: I read about your mother's death. It was in all the papers over there. I can't believe Dr. Evans was a serial killer.

Manda: [Laughing]

Sami: Ugh! Oh, oh...

Lucas: Ahem.

Sami: All right, all right, you've had your fun. Lucas, I have something I have to talk to you about.

Lucas: All right. What's that?

Sami: I want will to stay with me over the summer before he goes to college.

Lucas: Oh, I'm sorry, Sami. I gave will a choice. He's decided to live with Manda and me. Of course, we'll be in the new condo by then overlooking the golf course. You know how much the boy enjoys sports.

Manda: Personally, I can't wait to move out of this building. The people that live here are garbage.

Lucas: Oh, come, come now, sweetheart. Sami will be living here her whole life. Just look at her. What man would be interested? Come on. Tennis?

Manda: [Chuckles]

Sami: [Gasps] Ahh! Oh, gross. Oh, my hair. Yuck.

Sami: What am I gonna do about Lucas?

Belle: You've got to take a chance and be willing to meet someone halfway, maybe even risk getting your heart broken.

Sami: I just don't think I can do that again.

Belle: Then you'll never be with anyone again and you'll end up all alone.

Sami: Belle was right. [Keys jangling]

Manda: You called me Sami!

Lucas: No, no, I didn't.

Manda: Oh, my God, you're still hung up over your ex-girlfriend.

Lucas: No, no, no way.

Manda: Uh, way.

Lucas: No, listen to me, all right? I-I don't care about Sami. You're the only woman I want to be with now.

Manda: Aah!

Lucas: Sami!

Manda: My God, what is she doing here?

Bo: I can't stop thinking about the records the I.S.A. has on Lockhart. I mean, he could be a killer. I don't want that bastard alone with my wife a second longer than c can help it.

Tek: I'm in.

Bo: Good work, man.

Tek: Let's see if we can track that cargo plane.

Bo: You have the number?

Tek: Yep. There he is. Uh-oh.

Bo: What?

Tek: See that grid that's flashing red?

Bo: Yeah.

Tek: It's restricted airspace. They're headed straight for it.

Bo: Why is it restricted?

Tek: It's where the pentagon tests their latest missile systems.

Bo: That can't be good.

Tek: If Lockhart doesn't change course soon, he and Hope are going to be sitting ducks.

Patrick: Please, just say the word, and I'll put down at the nearest airfield and you can hop off.

Hope: No, we don't have time.

Patrick: If you're gonna hold us up worrying about this and that, I'll make time. So what's it gonna be?

Hope: Just stay on course. The sooner we find out where the plane went down, the better the chance we have of rescuing Jennifer. Why are you so willing to risk your life to save hers, anyway? You have feelings for her?

Patrick: She's a friend.

Hope: Sorry, but you don't exactly seem like the selfless type.

Patrick: Yeah? Well, I'm not.

Hope: Okay, so then what is it?

Patrick: Maybe I'm looking for some good karma.

Hope: Could you be a little more specific?

Patrick: Somehow I got involved in Jennifer's life, and now I have to help her.

Hope: Wait a minute. Are those islands coming up over there?

Patrick: I hope so.

Hope: Oh, God, please let us get there in time.

Patrick: Amen. Because if we don't find her soon, Jennifer and her baby could die.

Jack: All right. Okay. Okay. I want you to come over here by the fire and tell me about Abigail.

Jennifer: No. I think that you need to lay down and let me take care of you.

Jack: I'll bet she's -- I'll bet she's grown a couple inches since I've been away.

Jennifer: She has, Jack. I had to buy her all-new clothes before she went off to camp.

Jack: Oh, really? You know, I miss her like -- I -- wait a minute. How did you -- how did you get here?

Jennifer: Jack, I-I got your messages. I did everything that you asked.

Jack: What?

Jennifer: The computer. Everything that you sent me over the computer.

Jack: I didn't send you any messages.

Manda: I'm out of here.

Sami: Oh, good idea.

Lucas: Shut up, Sami! Just shut up!

Manda: This is too freakin' weird.

Lucas: Manda, please, don't go.

Man: You know, I had a bad feeling when I saw you staring at her door like a puppy who wanted to get back inside. But you promised me that there was nothing between you.

Lucas: There isn't!

Sami: Don't forget this.

Lucas: Sami!

Manda: I asked you over and over, "are you attached?" "Do you have feelings for that woman?"

Lucas: No, I don't! We are history!

Manda: Then why does she have the key to your apartment?

Lucas: Because we share custody of a son, okay? That's it. I allow her to check up on him. I'm telling you. Which you -- you have no right barging in here like that.

Sami: Hey, I rang the doorbell.

Lucas: It happens to be broken, okay?!

Sami: Well, how was I supposed to know that?!

Manda: You two can fight all you want after I'm gone.

Lucas: No. No, Manda, please, don't.

Manda: Look, I thought you were a great guy -- a fabulous lover. But you're just like all the rest. Liar... liar, pants on fire.

Lucas: No, wait a minute. I meant every word I said.

Manda: You called out her name when you were making love to me! Don't call me. Don't e-mail me. It's over between us.

Lucas: Satisfied? Huh?

Jan: Your mother was always so nice to me. I can't believe what they're saying about her. How could she have murdered all those people?

Belle: No one knows.

Philip: Obviously she was sick.

Jan: I was so sad when I heard she died. I really wanted to come and see you, Belle, but I was afraid you wouldn't want to see me.

Philip: You were right about that.

Belle: Philip, let her finish.

Jan: I am not the spoiled brat you guys knew in high school. I've changed. Losing a parent puts things in a different perspective. But I guess I don't need to tell either of you about that.

Belle: No.

Jan: I'm so sorry about your dad, Philip. I just wish we could somehow put the past behind us and move on.

Philip: Belle, can I talk to you for a second? Excuse us. This is an act. Do not believe it.

Belle: Philip, we have both lost a parent, and for Jan to lose both of her parents at one time, I can't help but feel bad for her.

Philip: Okay, fine. But do not go thinking that she has changed. This girl has a history, and it's all bad.

Belle: I know.

Philip: You and Shawn are not the only ones that she's hurt. Remember that.

Belle: Look, Philip, I'm not saying that I trust her, but after all of the horrible things that have happened to the people that I love, I cannot be mean to anyone anymore. So, Jan, what are your plans now that you're back in Salem?

Jan: If I told you, you wouldn't believe me.

Jack: I was just so desperate to contact you. I just -- I just couldn't. I couldn't contact you from the island, but you had to know that I was trying -- trying to get back to you and to Abigail.

Jennifer: No, no, Jack, I-I had e-mails. I-I had voice messages, phone calls. And although the line was staticky, I was sure that it was your voice.

Jack: I wish it was my voice.

Jennifer: No, this person e-mailed me our wedding vows, Jack.

Jack: Jennifer, our wedding -- our wedding was on television. Somebody set you up.

Jennifer: No, no.

Jack: They set you up. That's what they did.

Jennifer: No, no, no, that's everyone said. But there were intimate details, Jack -- listen -- that only you would have known. And Davies, the pilot -- the one that was going to take me here -- I insisted that he give me proof before I even set foot on that plane.

Jack: And?

Jennifer: And he showed me a photo of the two of you and a video clip with you wearing this locket and telling me that you were going to give me all the answers once I arrived here.

Jack: I never made a video.

Jennifer: No, but, Jack, I saw it, I saw it.

Jack: I can't explain it. All I know is that whoever got you here, whatever happened, I'm just glad to see you. I'm just glad to see you.

Jack: I'm glad. Even if we're stranded, I'm glad.

Jennifer: No. That's the thing. We're not gonna be stranded for long.

Jack: Wh-- why?

Jennifer: Because before I left, I e-mailed hope the registration number that was on the airplane. And I know Hope. She'll -- she'll trace it. The Salem P.D. will track us, and they will rescue us, jack.

Jack: You are so smart. You are the brains of this outfit. I -- I -- I got to tell you... I got to tell you...

Jennifer: What? Jack, are you okay?

Jack: I -- I got... to tell you...

Patrick: What?

Hope: I'm just thinking about what you did to keep Jennifer from taking off.

Hope: Could have gotten yourself killed. That's a lot of risk to take for a friend... or for a cop.

Patrick: Jennifer's been very good to me. I wanted to return the favor.

Hope: Oh, come on, Patrick. There's got to be more to it. What's your story?

Patrick: It's boring.

Hope: Try me.

Patrick: I left home when I was pretty young. I was a drifter. I took odd jobs. I did whatever I had to in order to survive.

Hope: Ever get in trouble with the law?

Patrick: Ha ha. Let's just say I never put myself on the line for somebody else before. People thought I was bad news.

Hope: How bad were you?

Patrick: Bad enough to resist arrest, steal an airplane, fly without a license, and do it all under the nose of a cop who had a gun on me.

Hope: Okay, so you're still not going to tell me the whole story. [Radio static]

Man: Breach -- go back --

Patrick: I don't think the radio is working. Since we're not flying with a flight plan --

Hope: Shh, shh, shh.

Man: Last warning. [Radio static]

Man: I repeat, this is your final warning. You're flying into restricted airspace. [Telephone rings]

Man: Tower.

Bo: This is Commander Bo Brady of the Salem P.D. I'm calling about a cargo plane that has ventured off-course into military airspace.

Man: Yes, sir, I see it.

Bo: You cannot shoot that plane down.

Man: Sir, I have to follow procedure. Anything in the red zone is considered hostile.

Bo: Let me talk to your commanding officer now.

Man: Yes, sir. I'll get him.

Tek: What's happening?

Bo: They got me on hold.

Tek: We don't have time for that. Lockhart's well into the danger zone.

Man #2: This is Lieutenant Colonel Harvey.

Bo: Listen, that cargo plane you're tracking is related to a case I'm working on. It's not a danger to the military. It's not a -- a terrorist hijacking.

Harvey: It doesn't have proper identification and is not sending out a standard code for civilian aircraft.

Bo: Yes, sir, I understand that --

Harvey: Therefore, we must consider it an enemy combatant breaching restricted airspace.

Bo: My wife is on that plane. You -- she's a Salem Police Officer.

Harvey: This is a highly sensitive area. Any aircraft that does not respond and turn back is automatically gunned down.

Bo: Listen to me. You can't shoot that plane down.

Lucas: You can't leave it alone, can you? You see me moving on with another woman, and you just poison the well. Is that it?

Sami: I can't believe you were attracted to that nympho in the first place.

Lucas: Why, 'cause she's smart and beautiful and successful, Sami?

Sami: Oh, yeah, yeah, the V.P. of nursing. She shouldn't be in charge of anyone. She's obviously got anger issues.

Lucas: Oh, yeah? And like you don't have anger issues?

Sami: I'm just glad will was away at camp. He's not here to see you messing around with that slut.

Lucas: Look who's talking. You know what? She was perfectly wonderful till you barged in.

Sami: So did you really call out my name?

Lucas: No, I did not.

Sami: Come on, admit it. You were thinking about me the whole time you were with her.

Lucas: No. Mnh-mnh. It's not true.

Sami: You took nursie to bed you could try to get over me, and it didn't work.

Lucas: I never thought of you once until you showed up at the foot of my bed.

Sami: Why don't I believe you?

Lucas: You know what, Sami? You and I were a mistake. The first time was a mistake, and there should never have been a second time. You disgust me. So get out and stay out.

Sami: I never want to talk to you again!

Lucas: Good!

Sami: Oh, better for me!

Philip: Sorry for the interruption. I think you were about to tell us your plans.

Jan: I'll be busy wrapping up the loose ends of my folks' estate, and then I'm gone.

Philip: And then back to Europe.

Jan: Probably. Hey, how's Shawn? I'd like to apologize to him, too, for all the crazy stuff I did. I mean, I ought to have enough guts to say I'm sorry in person, right?

Belle: Right, but --

Jan: Where is he?

Belle: I don't know.

Jan: I'm kind of surprised he isn't here with you right now.

Belle: Well, Shawn went on a road trip, and we're not exactly sure where he is or when he's coming back.

Jan: I'm warning you, Shawn, you'd better forget about Belle. You're mine now. We're going to be happy together. And believe me when I tell you that I'm going to make sure it lasts forever.

Jan: Something must be wrong. I mean, Shawn would never run out on you.

Belle: That's what I thought at first, but... I guess he just doesn't want to be with me anymore.

Jan: He must be tied up or something. Ahem.

Belle: What's that?

Jan: Oh -- I'm engaged.

Jennifer: Oh, Jack, look at me. Look at me. Look at ..

Jack: Huh?

Jennifer: Are you okay?

Jack: I'm -- I'm just a little sleep-deprived. That's all. I have so much to tell you. There's no serial killer.

Jennifer: What?

Jack: They're alive.

Jennifer: What?!

Jack: Everybody's alive.

Bo: Listen to me, colonel. My wife is on that plane. You got to hold your fire.

Harvey: I can't.

Bo: Why don't you send up a fighter jet, intercept the cargo plane, escort it back to your base?

Harvey: Once that plane entered our airspace, the computer gave an order to fire. It's too late.

Bo: No, it can't be too late.

Man: I repeat, this is your final warning.

Bo: Oh, my God. [Radio static]

Man: Hostile maneuver --

Patrick: That sounds like a military frequency. Can you make out what they're saying?

Hope: No, but I have a bad feeling. Is that another plane?

Patrick: No, it's a missile, and it's coming straight at us. Hold on.  

Philip: Somebody must really love you, Jan. That's quite a rock.

Jan: I am engaged to the most wonderful man in the world. So you see, Philip, Belle has nothing to worry about. I'm over my teenage crush on Shawn, and I'm with a man who's going to love me for the rest of my life.

Belle: Congratulations.

Jan: Thanks. He'll never leave me. He'll always be there for me -- always.

Lucas: Sami had no right barging in here. I'm going to get my key back so nothing like this happens again.

Sami: [Sobbing]

Jennifer: Jack, why -- why don't you just stay right here and lie down? Jack.

Jack: It's -- it's important.

Jennifer: Jack, it can wait.

Jack: The others...

Jennifer: Jack. Oh, gosh. Jack! Jack. Jack.

Tek: There's a missile. It's headed right for Patrick's plane.

Bo: Come on. Hope is on that plane. You got to do something to stop it.

Tek: That monitor should be active right now.

Bo: What is that? What's going on?

Tek: I'm trying to tap into the missile itself. Looks like it's equipped with some kind of minicam.

Bo: Oh, my God. Hope.

Hope: You did it.

Patrick: That was way too close of a call. Unfortunately, it's a heat-seeking missile, and it's still on our tail. I won't be able to dodge it forever.

Bo: Come on, Tek. You got to help her. Come on. Tek. No.

Philip: So, Jan, who's the lucky guy?

Belle: Yeah, when do we get to meet him?

Jan: Oh, Belle, you already know him. In fact, you both do.

Lucas: [Groans]

Sami: Lucas. Oh, my God, you're coming back to me, Lucas. Thank you, God.

Tek: You're not thinking straight, Bo!

Bo: Let go of me! Get the hell out of my way!

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