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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 7/6/04 - Canada; Wednesday 7/7/04 - U.S.A.

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Jan: You know, I don't know, Shawn. If I let you make a phone call, that could ruin everything that I have worked so hard for. I still believe in my heart that if I keep you here long enough that eventually, you'll fall in love with me.

Shawn-D: Jan --

Jan: I know. Wishful thinking. It's not gonna happen.

Shawn-D: It's time to end this. Let me call Belle.

Jan: I did the right thing, Belle. I know I did.


Man: Here you go. Holding on the line for ya.

Belle: Is it really Shawn? Are you sure?

Man: Yeah, that's what he said.

Belle: It worked, Philip. I can't believe he got my message. Shawn, I cannot believe you saw me on TV. Where are you? What did you just say?

Nicole: Damn it, where is everyone? John's suspicious as hell. If he gets Crystal to talk and finds out I paid her to set up Marlena to be killed...

Crystal: John has been trying to follow me ever since I left the house... which, in other circumstances, would make my day, and I would sure make his. But I shouldn't take any more chances. No, he's definitely suspicious. There's no doubt about that. And his hiring Earl to work for Nicole -- that was no coincidence. Maybe Nicole's right. Maybe it's time for old Crystal to get outta dodge while the getting's good.


Crystal: [Gasps]

John: Crystal? Come on out. I wanna talk.

Bo: Celeste. Exactly what do you mean about seeing Hope dead in a coffin?

Bonnie: [Gasps] It's Hope.

Bo: No way. You're wrong. You're making this up. Hope is not gonna die.

Celeste: I'm sorry, Bo, but I think the meaning is --

Bo: I don't care what you think. If something happens to Hope, Patrick is responsible. If she dies, he's the one who killed her.

Bonnie: No! My son is many things, but he is not a killer!

Hope: Shut it down, Lockhart. Stop the engines now!

Patrick: I can't do that. We're taking off, and we're finding Jennifer. If you stop me, you are condemning Jennifer and the baby she is carrying... to death.

Jack: Jennifer! Where are you?

Jennifer: Ja-- it's you. Oh, my God, it's you. You're really alive. Jack!

Jack: Jennifer. Jennifer.

Jennifer: Jack... I can't believe it.

Jack: I love you. Take my other hand.

Jennifer: I canít. I can't reach, Jack.

Jack: No, don't say that. Fight, Jennifer, fight. We didn't come this far to be separated now.

Bo: If anything happens to my wife, I'm gonna make sure your son pays for it.

Celeste: Oh, Bo, please --

Bo: I don't wanna hear anymore outta you. Tek. Any luck with those messages on Jen's computer?

Tek: I'm still working on it, but I need more time.

Bo: Well, let's do it.

Tek: All right.

Bonnie: I have a terrible feeling about all this. It's all my fault.

Patrick: I'll tell you one thing -- you sure are one resourceful lady. You managed to get out of those cuffs, track me to the plane, and somewhere along the line, you got yourself another gun.

Hope: That's right. And speaking of guns, hand over the one you took from me in the alley.

Patrick: Guns make me nervous. I left it in the car.

Hope: Yeah, right. I don't buy that, not for a second. Unbuckle your harness. Move. Lean forward. Well, what do you know? Looks like just one more lie you've been caught in. Now, I want you to move, nice and slowly, out the door of the plane.

Patrick: I am not going anywhere, except after those bastards that took Jennifer.

Hope: You seem to be forgetting I'm the one with the gun, Patrick.

Patrick: Then it looks like the only way you're going to stop me is by shooting me.

Jack: Hang on, Jennifer.

Jennifer: I canít. I can't believe it, Jack, that you're alive.

Jack: Yes, I'm alive.

Jennifer: And I -- and I found you, and we're together!

Jack: Yes. Forever.

Jennifer: Can't -- I can't hold on. I can't hold on!

Jack: Yes, you can! You can! Just do it. Just grab my hand. Take my other hand.

Jennifer: I canít. I'm sorry!

Jack: Jennifer, reach up and take my --

Jennifer: I love you.

Jack: No.

Jennifer: Aah!

Jack: No!

Belle: Shawn, why are you talking to me like this? Of course I love you and I want you to come home. Didn't you get my message? Don't you know what I've been through? Your voice sounds really funny. This is -- this is a bad connection. What's that in the background? Is that laughing? What -- what's going on?

Man: Hang up the phone, Belle.

Belle: No!

Man: Listen to me, okay? It's a local radio shock jock. They're punking you. They're just pretending to be Shawn. Hang it up.

Philip: Give me the phone. Here.

Man: Sorry about that, folks. Looks like that wasn't the real Shawn Brady, but, uh, I guarantee you, if the real one calls, we'll return here live. In the meantime, let's get back to the action on the track.

Jan: Poor Belle. I bet you feel like a total idiot.

Shawn-D: What'd you say about Belle?

Jan: Just that she's a total idiot. I really do not know what you ever saw in her.

Shawn-D: You couldn't begin to understand. Do you think there is any possibility you could change your mind and let me call Belle, because I know she's worried sick about me.

Jan: No, she isnít. She has not given you one thought ever since she started hooking up with Philip.

Shawn-D: All right, would you stop saying that, because that's not true?

Jan: I have proof, remember?

Shawn-D: I'm not watching that damn videotape again, all right?

Jan: Oh, yes, you are. I'm going to make you watch it until you admit the truth. Belle has forgotten all about you.

Jan: Watch it, damn it! Don't make me come in there and staple your eyelids open.

[Door slams]

John: Get in here! It's over, Nicole! Crystal told me everything!

Nicole: Whatever she told you, it was a lie!

John: You're the only lying, murdering bitch around here.

Nicole: Wait a minute, John.

John: She told me everything. She told me how you bailed her out of jail, how you paid her off to have my wife shot and killed, how you used an accomplice to kill vic.

Nicole: Oh, damn you, Crystal! I should've never trusted you with that loony tune Jan spears!

John: It's over, and you are gonna be tried and convicted on two counts of conspiracy to murder. You and your accomplice are both gonna chill on death row till it's time for you to fry!

Nicole: Why didn't you get outta town when I told you to?

Crystal: Because I knew, the minute I left town, that you would cancel those credit cards!

Nicole: Stupid bitch!

Crystal: Look who's talking, you murdering, lying, greedy whore!

Nicole: I've had it with you, Crystal!

Crystal: Stop it! Aah! Got your strawberry tart.

John: Come on out, Crystal.

[Horse whinnies]

John: Crystal? Feisty little thing, aren't you?

Crystal: Aah! Ooh, I like a man who likes to play rough. So, what do you say, big John? You wanna get nasty in the barn, huh?

Nicole: No, damn it. I've gotta keep my wits. If Crystal blabs to John, I've gotta be able to think on my feet and save myself. Think, Nicky.

Nicole #2: You are losin' it, girl. Remember who you're dealing with.

Nicole: How could I forget? John Black's an ex-cop, an ex-secret agent or whatever. He will crack that stupid bimbo Crystal like an oven-roasted peanut.

Nicole #2: No, no, no. You've got it all screwed up. John Black is not the one you have to worry about. Crystal is the problem. She's an ex-porn star, jailbird, and a hooker. She is bad to the Bone, and she will give you up in a second to save herself. Unless... you can find a way to convince everyone that you are one of many in her long line of victims.

Nicole: Good thinking.

Nicole #2: Go get 'em, girl. Make it happen.

Jan: If you keep acting like a spoiled brat, you are gonna get punished like the naughty boy that you are.

[Cellular phone rings]

Jan: Oh. I am busy.

Nicole: I don't care. You need to get over here right away. It's a matter of life and death -- yours and mine.

Jan: What is it?

Nicole: Listen, space ranger, unless you want me to make an anonymous phone call to Shawn's mommy and daddy and tell them where he is --

Jan: You wouldn't dare.

Nicole: Then get over here now!

Celeste: Bonnie, darling, how could what Patrick's going through be your fault?

Bonnie: I took something -- something that didn't belong to me. It was Patrick's, and it seemed to be the start of this whole mess.

Celeste: But I'm confused. Did this have something to do with Jennifer being kidnapped?

Bonnie: I don't think so. No. But --

Celeste: Then you're not to blame.

Bonnie: No, it's -- it's not just this, Celeste. It's a whole bunch of things. I'm always putting myself ahead of everybody else. Now something's happened to Patrick. I'm never gonna be able to make it up to him. And if Jennifer and the baby are dead, then...

Celeste: Oh, Bonnie, darling, you're not to blame for what has happened, okay? It's not your fault.

Bonnie: Yeah, maybe not. But I'm a bad person, Celeste. I've done bad things.

Celeste: No.

Bonnie: And if Patrick is dead, I'm never gonna be able to forgive myself!

Celeste: Oh, darling, no.

Bonnie: [Sobbing]

Tek: Bo, check this out.

Bo: What do you got?

Tek: There's nothing in her inbox but messages from Jack. I mean, they say he's alive and when and where to meet him.

Bo: Well, that's bull. Someone was playing on her emotions to get her to that airfield. If that plane is crashed, she could be dead.

Tek: Yeah, but there's still a chance that the plane crash was faked just to make us believe Jennifer's dead.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Tek: I mean, the pilot or whoever already created four bogus radar signals to keep the plane from being tracked in the first place.

Bo: True.

Tek: So this alleged crash could just be another decoy to throw us off the track.

Bo: Yeah, it could be. What the hell is Patrick Lockhart's part in this whole game?

Tek: I don't know, but he sure looks guilty. Maybe he just got scared and ran off 'cause he's part of the kidnapping. I don't know.

Bo: Yeah. Well, according to his file, he's capable of anything.

Hope: I'm not buying any of your bull. I think you had something to do with Jennifer's kidnapping. So trying to convince me that you want to save her isn't going to work.

Patrick: I swear, I didn't have anything to do with her kidnapping.

Hope: I don't believe you, and I certainly don't trust you. You ran, threatened me with my own gun, kidnapped and handcuffed me. And now you're trying to steal this plane.

Patrick: It's because Jennifer's in danger.

Hope: I think you're just trying to get out of town because we're onto you.

Patrick: I thought you loved your cousin.

Hope: I would do anything to bring Jennifer and that baby back home safely.

Patrick: If you really mean that, then you'll get off this plane right now and let me go.

Hope: Why should I?

Patrick: Because I truly believe that I am the only one who can find Jennifer and save her... if she's even still alive.

Jennifer: Jack?

Jack: Jennifer. I can't believe it. You're alive.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Jack: But are you -- are you hurt? Are you -- the baby -- how's the baby?

Jennifer: Uh... I think -- I think that we're both okay, thank God. Jack, I can't -- I can't believe that you're alive. I can't believe that I found you.

Jack: Well, I am, and you did.

Jennifer: How c - -- how can that be? How is that possible? You had massive brain damage. We -- we discontinued your life support. Your organs were donated. I mean -- I was there when you died, Jack. We had a funeral. We buried you.

Jack: It's a long story. And a lot of unanswered questions, but... I am very much alive. I did not die. All I know is, one minute, I was walking down an alley in Salem, and the next thing, I was here on this island.

Jennifer: Jack, and when I -- when I saw you, I thought -- I thought I was dreaming. I thought that we were both really dead and I was in heaven with you.

Jack: Well, you're not quite back with me yet. I've gotta figure out a way to get you outta there. Hang on. Hang on. I'll be right back.

Jennifer: Oh, don't worry, baby. Your daddy's alive... and you don't know him yet. But you know what? He is so brave, and he is so strong. And he's gonna save us. He's gonna save both of us.

Belle: I just can't believe that that stupid D.J. would call and pretend to be Shawn. What a horrible thing to do.

Philip: It's hard to believe that some people think a prank like this is funny.

Belle: But there's still a possibility that Shawn could call.

Philip: Belle, just listen...

Belle: What?

Philip: I don't know.

Belle: Philip, you were going to say something.

Philip: No, it's nothing. Forget about it.

Belle: Come on.

Philip: All right. As I see it, Shawn hasn't called because of one of two possible explanations.

Belle: And they are?

Philip: Number one, something's happened to him, but I don't think that's likely.

Belle: Why not?

Philip: His mom and dad are cops. There is an A.P.B. out on him. But no one in this or any of the surrounding states has seen him or his bike. There are no reports matching his description in any of the hospitals or the morgues.

Belle: Don't say that.

Philip: Look, I'm just trying to consider all the possibilities right now.

Belle: Okay, and the other possibility?

Philip: He saw you on TV. He saw the car that I sponsored with your message about I miss you and I want you to come home.

Belle: And?

Philip: And he ignored it.

Belle: What?

Philip: Look, I'm sorry, but just maybe he is consciously and deliberately choosing not to get in touch with you.

Belle: I can't believe this. Rex was right about you.

Philip: What?

Belle: He said you were like a vulture waiting to swoop down and pick up the pieces of my relationship with Shawn. You're not my friend.

Philip: Belle, you know that is not true.

Belle: Philip, you came back to Salem and went on "love is blind" and picked me for your date, and you knew I was with Shawn.

Philip: Why did you go on "love is blind," Belle? You went on it because you and Shawn were having problems yet again, and you wanted to make him jealous.

Belle: Philip --

Philip: In fact, the two of you weren't even together when I left Salem, either. He broke your heart to go play savoir with Jan spears. He threw away his future -- he threw away your future -- for Jan. Yeah, but then when your mother dies, he can't even be here with you.

Belle: You don't care about Shawn at all, do you? Why didn't I see this all along? You were just biding your time waiting to dis Shawn and make a move on me.

Philip: You better get a hold of yourself right now, Belle. You know that is a load of crap.

Belle: Is it?

Philip: You know what I can't figure out? Why do you let yourself be treated like dirt by a guy like Shawn?

Belle: There's got to be a really good reason why he hasn't called me or his family.

Philip: God, listen to yourself. Listen to yourself. You have done everything to try to reach him -- everything. There's no indication of any kind of foul play or accident. He just disappeared, and it doesn't look like he's coming back.

Nicole: Oh, good, come in. Come in.

Jan: Nice to see you, too.

Nicole: Did anyone see you come in?

Jan: Like who?

Nicole: John or Brady.

Jan: I don't think so.

Nicole: Okay, good. I need you to help me with something.

Jan: With what?

Nicole: Coming up with an alibi if Crystal blabs to John.

Jan: Why should I care about that?

Nicole: Because if Crystal talks, we could both fry.

John: They actually pay you for this? Ooh. Ah ha ha!

Crystal: I'm going to claw your freakin' eyes out!

John: Damn. Sorry, Crystal, but... you really left me no choice.

Bo: Do you know what Patrick's been up to? I mean, why the hell would he send messages to Jen pretending to be Jack?

Celeste: Bo, can't you see that Bonnie is worried about her son?

Bo: As she should be, because he's probably responsible for Jennifer's kidnapping, and if she died in that plane crash, he will be arrested as an accessory to murder.

Bonnie: I didn't get you into this, but I am going to get you out.

Patrick: How?

Bonnie: They seem pretty determined.

Patrick: Yeah, they are.

Bonnie: Then you'd be an idiot to stand in their way. Just give them what they want and let them get on with their lives.

Bo: What do you know, Bonnie? Huh? How long have you known that Patrick was involved in Jennifer's kidnapping?

Hope: Stop playing games! Jennifer's life is at risk.

Patrick: Damn it, Hope, I know that, and that's why we can't sit around here wasting time.

Hope: You're the one who's wasting time with all your secrets and lies. Stop what you're doing.

Patrick: I am not lying to you, and I am not involved in this, but I swear to you, Hope, I am the only one that can save Jennifer.

Hope: Why can't you tell me what you know?

Patrick: I'm taking off, and there's only one way to stop me.

Hope: I'm warning you, Patrick, shut down these engines now, or I'll shoot you. Put your hands up! You're forcing me to shoot.

Jack: I couldn't find any rope.

Jennifer: What are we going to do, Jack?

Jack: It's all right. Look... I got seat belts from the plane. I'm going to attach them together.

Jennifer: Okay.

Jack: Wait a minute. Uh... even if I do attach all these together and lower them down to you, are you going to be able to... climb up in your -- in your condition?

Jennifer: Jack, I don't think so.

Jack: All right. All right, I'm just going to tie this off up here, climb down there, and bring you up.

Jennifer: No, no, you can't do that!

Belle: I know that we're on the roof, but why? Oh. All the storm clouds are gone. You can see all the stars.

Shawn-D: I wanted to take you to lookout point, you know, to our spot, but, you know, at least you can kind of see it from here.

Belle: Is this my surprise?

Shawn-D: Yeah. No. What, uh... I don't know, it's -- well, partly, I guess. Um... well, the storm's gone. The sky is clear. I realize that we've been living under... a cloud of death for a long time now. But you know, most of that bad stuff is gone, and when I look up, I can actually see the stars, and the lights on the horizon. And... it's almost as if I can see our future. And all I can see is you. I know that a lot of terrible things have happened lately, but right now, I want to give you one... wonderful, happy thing that... will give you faith in our future again. Isabella Black, will you marry me?

Belle: You know, there could be other possibilities, Philip. Maybe Shawn hasn't heard about what happened to my mom.

Philip: Belle, it doesn't matter. He never called. He never checked in to let anyone know how he is or where he is or if he's okay, and everyone is worried sick about him. To me, that just proves one thing.

Belle: What's that?

Philip: It proves that Shawn is nothing but a selfish bastard who does not deserve a wonderful woman like you.

Belle: I'm not going to let you talk about Shawn like that.

Philip: I know you love Shawn. Believe me, I know. But he does not deserve you. And I think it's very unfortunate that you're starting to believe what other people are saying about my motives. 'Cause I am a friend. I am a true friend. And true friends aren't afraid to say things, to tell you things you need to hear, even when you don't want to hear them.

Belle: I don't want to hear them, Philip.

Philip: I know you donít. But I have to tell you anyway. I believe that you are headed for a major emotional disaster if you keep investing your future and all of your hopes into Shawn Brady.

Belle: Get away from me.

Jan: I hate to tell you this, but the whole thing with you and Crystal's really not my problem, and it's annoying me, and it's keeping me away from Shawn.

Nicole: Is Shawn all you ever think about?

Jan: Yes. Of course. He's my life.

Nicole: Well, maybe you should consider one more time how Shawn's going to feel about you after I tell him how you killed his grandfather.

Jan: Why would you tell him that?

Nicole: 'Cause what do I have to lose after Crystal tells John everything?

Jan: What is she going to tell him?

Nicole: How I paid her to set up John's wife.

Jan: You mean --

Nicole: Yes. She was set up so it would look like she was escaping so she would be shot and killed. Ha ha. So you see, I have nothing to lose, and you have everything to lose.

John: Sorry there, ma'am, but you just wouldn't cooperate. Now... I'm going to need to get a little bit of info out of you. And you're going to tell me everything you know about my wife's death and exactly what you had to do with it. You hear me?

Shawn-D: Jan, are you out there? Jan! I got to get out. I got to get out of here. I got to get back to Belle. The only reason that she would turn to Philip is if she thought I didn't love her anymore.

Philip: It makes me very sad that you feel this way about me. I never thought that you would doubt my motives and my sincerity.

Belle: Well?

Philip: All I have ever done is care for you and try to help you. If this is the way you feel about me, that's fine. I will just leave you alone. I'm going back to the loft, I am packing up my stuff, and I am moving out today.

Belle: Damn you, Philip Kiriakis. Damn you for saying all those horrible things about Shawn.

Jan: This is just stupid.

Nicole: Maybe it is.

Jan: I mean, you and Crystal are the ones responsible for offing the Salem stalker. I mean, they should be giving you a friggin' medal.

Nicole: I couldn't agree more.

Jan: So what's John Black's problem, anyway?

Nicole: Hello? Marlena's his wife.

Jan: Oh, yeah.

Nicole: And I'm responsible for killing her.

Jan: Yeah. That's a little sticky.

Nicole: A little.

Jan: So if Crystal talks to John, then you're up the creek -- no paddle, no boat.

Nicole: Right.

Jan: So the only solution is...

Nicole: I can only see one way, and you're the only one who can do what I need done.

Jan: Whoa. Are you asking me to kill John Black and Crystal?

Crystal: Oh! What --

John: Unh, unh, unh, unh. No, no, no, no, no. Questions are all mine.

Crystal: You hit me.

John: Well, you didn't really give me any choice, did you?

Crystal: You would hit a lady?

John: Ha ha ha ha. You may have been called many things, but a lady? Not real high on my list.

Crystal: How dare you? You untie me right now.

John: Not a chance. Not until you answer some questions. Now, I want to know what you know about my wife's death and exactly what part you played in it.

Crystal: [Unintelligible]

John: I'm sorry, I can't hear you, Crystal.

Crystal: [Unintelligible]

John: One more time. Bad girl, Crystal. Bad girl.

Crystal: Oh.

Bonnie: All I know is...

Bo: What?

Bonnie: According to Celeste, Patrick may be in as much trouble as Hope is.

Bo: What do you know about this, Celeste?

Man: Excuse me, commander Brady?

Bo: Yeah.

Man: It's about the police-band radio.

Bo: What about it?

Man: We got an open channel, sir.

Bo: That could be Hope. She left it open so we could find her?

Tek: Definite possibility.

Bo: You think you could trace her?

Tek: Without a doubt.

Bo: Let's do it. Let's go.

Bonnie: Celeste, please, tell me the truth. Is my son going to die?

Celeste: [Gasps] Oh! Oh, g-- oh, Bonnie. I'm sorry. It doesn't look good for Patrick... or Hope or Jennifer.

Jack: Jennifer, are you okay?

Jennifer: Yeah, yeah.

Jack: Then why don't you want me to climb down there and bring you back up?

Jennifer: Look, Jack, Jack, no offence, but you're hardly Tarzan. I mean, don't you remember the last time we tried this? How long were we on that ledge together?

Jack: I don't see a lot of alternatives.

Jennifer: Except that I'm pregnant, and there's a few added pounds here.

Jack: I can do it. I've seen it done.

Jennifer: In the movies.

Jack: Well, let's hear your ideas.

Jennifer: Well, you probably wish your friend Patrick was here right now.

Jack: Patrick? Who's Patrick?

Jennifer: Your friend Patrick Lockhart. This sort of thing would be right up his alley.

Jack: Jennifer, I don't know who that is. I don't know any Patrick Lockhart.

Hope: This is your last warning. Throttle back and put your hands up.

Patrick: Get off this plane and let me go find Jennifer.

Hope: Shut down this plane, Patrick, or I swear to God, I will shoot you!

Patrick: You've got to do what you've got to do.

Hope: 1...

Patrick: Altimeter setting -- check. Mags -- check.

Hope: 2...

Patrick: Heading indicator -- 340.

Hope: 3!

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Belle: I came to find you because what I really wanted to say to you is I'm sorry.

John: You come clean right now, yeah, I can make you a little deal.

Jan: Face it, Nicole -- either way, this is a lose/lose situation. If Crystal talks, you're going down.

Bo: Can you see anything?

Tek: I see Hope.

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