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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 6/22/04 - Canada; Wednesday 6/23/04 - U.S.A.

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Lucas: There you are. Here's your Cosmo. You kind of disappeared like Cinderella in the night.

Manda: I still have both my shoes, thank you. And I'm not looking for prince charming.

Lucas: Wait a minute. What's the matter?

Manda: Love 'em and leave 'em Roberts. Isn't that what the ladies call you?

Lucas: All right, look, who have you been talking to?

Manda: I don't know her name, but she said that you got her pregnant.

Lucas: Sami.

Manda: So then it's true?

Lucas: Look, Manda, we were really young, and we have a terrific kid.

Manda: Whom you never see.

Lucas: What are you talking about? I see my kid all the time. I see him every day. He's my number-one priority.

Manda: But you never married his mother?

Lucas: No, I didn't.

Manda: Why not?

Lucas: Because she has a history of problems at the altar. All right, she's been married several times, average length about five minutes. And don't get me wrong. Please, I love my son. But his mom and I were never meant to be.

Manda: I think I'll take that drink with you after all.

Lucas: Great. Come on. Thank you. Let's sit down. Here you go.

Julie: I tried, Doug, but I can’t. I can't accept that piece of trash on uncle Mickey's arm. Bonnie Lockhart is going down, and I know exactly how to make it happen.

Bonnie: Hmm. Hope you're hungry, Julie, 'cause I'm gonna serve you a big ol' piece of humble pie. And when you're done eating it, Mickey's never gonna want to speak to you again. I can turn him against you just like that.

Kate: You're making a big mistake. Take it from one who knows.

Tony: I'm in the same situation as the rest of you. I'm a prisoner on this damn island, and believe me, if I could get off, I would, but I can’t. So you'll just have to endure my presence here until we find a way of getting out of here.

Maggie: All I am asking you to do is to look at these electrical poles. Some kind of a logo symbol is on them. Maybe you can identify it.

Tony: Well, I'm sorry. If it's not the symbol of the phoenix, I can't help you. Although there might be someone who could. And she's anything but a DiMera.

Abe: And who would that be?

[Glass shatters]

Marlena: Tony?

Patrick: Come on, Jennifer, pick up. Damn it!

Hope: Voice mail again?

Patrick: Yeah. Hey, look, I know you're a cop and all, but can't you go any faster? Whoever sent Jennifer those e-mails could have their hands on her.

Hope: Who would do this to her?

Patrick: Yeah, and why would such a smart lady fall for it? Her husband's back from the dead and trying to contact her over the Internet? Give me a break.

Hope: She's grief-stricken. And she's pregnant. She's come so close to losing that baby. Something like this could push her right over the edge.

Patrick: What the hell's going on? Why are you gas lighting Jennifer?

Hope: Why do I get the feeling you know more than you're telling me?

Davies: You want proof that your husband's still alive? How about this?

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh, he's alive. Do you see this locket right here? Jack gave me this the day that he died. Our little girl, she put it in his coffin. Oh, my gosh, please, please take me to him. Take me to my husband.

Davies: Then let's get rolling.

Jennifer: Wait! Wait.

Davies: We don't have any more time, Mrs. Deveraux.

Jennifer: This is a photograph! It's a photograph. What if it's been doctored? How do I know for sure --

Davies: You don't. For all you know, your husband's dead.

Patrick: Why would I be keeping anything from you? I want to find Jennifer as much as you do. If you'd seen how she'd been lately --

Hope: If you thought Jennifer was in trouble, why the hell didn't you call the police, and why didn't I know about this? I know I've been preoccupied trying to find my son, but --

Patrick: We thought it was Jen's grief, her emotions getting the best of her.

Hope: All this stress is what landed her in the hospital last time, isn't it?

Patrick: Yeah. We were worried about her health. We just had no idea that --

Hope: Well, we're really going to have to worry about her health now.

Patrick: I'm warning you, you want to get your hands on Jennifer, you're gonna have to kill me first.

Man: That can definitely be arranged.

Patrick: They'd better not hurt her.

Hope: Who exactly are you talking about?

Jennifer: Wait, wait. What do you mean, Jack may already be dead? When did you last see him?

Davies: What I meant to say is your husband's in a very precarious position.

Jennifer: What? In what way?

Davies: That's not something I can divulge. But had it been feasible for him to travel, he would have come for you himself.

Jennifer: Just tell me, has something happened to him?

Davies: Not yet, but if we don't get a move on, your dearly beloved could be dearly departed.

Jennifer: That is not funny.

Davies: It's not a joke. We're wasting time here. We need to stick to the flight plan. You've got a long trip ahead of you. The sooner we get started, the sooner you'll be reunited with your husband.

Jennifer: Wait a minute! This photo has been altered!

Roman: Doc, you all right?

Abe: Be careful.

Marlena: I'm all right. I came to bring Jennifer some flowers and a note in case she arrived tonight. Is he behind this?

Tony: I still have a name.

Abe: We caught him snooping around the house. He has a cock-and-bull story as per usual.

Maggie: He had Jack's compass on him.

Marlena: Oh, no. Is Jack --

Roman: Dead? No, we don't know. Tony claims he found the compass lying in the grass.

Marlena: Where is he? Where is Stefano?

Tony: In an urn back in Salem, as you well know.

Maggie: Um, I'm gonna take these flowers and glass out, uh, into the kitchen.

Tony: Last time I saw you, Marlena, you gave me a lethal injection. You passed on a lot of lame jokes, laughed your head off.

Marlena: I did that?

Roman: Don't do this to her, Tony.

Tony: Why not? She's the reason why we're marooned on this Godforsaken, bug-infested hell of an island.

Abe: And how do you figure?

Tony: Because she's got to be taking orders from somebody, and I want to know who it is.

Julie: I can explain.

Mickey: Sweetheart, I don't care what moved you to apologize to Bonnie. I'm just glad you did. Now, I know it wasn't easy, but I'm very proud of you, dear and I know that your -- your grandmother would be, too.

Julie: Oh, it was nothing. Really -- really.

Mickey: Oh, yes, it was. So won't you come inside? And you and Bonnie and I can -- we can share a toast. Come on.

Julie: I can’t.

Rex: You know, maybe you ladies would like some privacy. I'll check the stock in the cellar and bring up some more champagne.

Kate: Thanks, Rex.

Bonnie: Okay. Your son is a very sweet boy.

Kate: Yeah. Well, I wish I knew that for myself, but, um... you probably have a closer relationship with him than I do.

Bonnie: So why are you giving me advice?

Kate: If you don't want people to know your business, you really shouldn't be talking to yourself in public.

Bonnie: Ha ha ha. Well, you think that's my big mistake?

Kate: Coming between two Horton’s -- bad idea. Trust me. Mmm. You know, this is pretty good. It's not exactly the job I envisioned for Rex, but I have to say, I appreciate you giving him a chance.

Bonnie: Honey, he's eye candy. And besides, he's not just a bartender. He's got good business savvy, and he's getting a lot of good experience being here on the ground floor up.

Kate: Plus he's in love with your daughter.

Bonnie: Is he ever.

Kate: Well, Mimi is a terrific girl. I have to say that she did -- she did a lot of things for him to make him feel welcome in Salem, a lot more than I did.

Bonnie: Well, she's got a big heart, just like her mama.

Kate: Rex is my -- my only link to Roman, and since he died, I just -- well, I've buried myself in my work, and I haven't reached out to our son the way I know my husband would have wanted me to. In fact, I've made a lot of mistakes with my children. But ultimately... what made Lucas and Cassíe and Rex suffer the most was my unfortunate involvement with the Horton’s, and I wouldn't want sweet Mimi’s mother to suffer the same fate.

Bonnie: I'm just not used to people looking out for me.

Kate: Yeah. Well, I'm not usually so forthcoming. In vino veritas.

Bonnie: Ha ha. Whatever that means.

Kate: And this isn't even wine.

Bonnie: I don't understand why you're so worried about the Horton’s, though. They're a good family, except for that Julie -- and her maiden name was Olson.

Kate: Oh, yeah. Oh, well, they are. They're a good family. They're a good, upstanding family. They're real stick-together folks. But just don't be the one that brings chaos into their family, which is exactly what I did when I had an affair with bill Horton.

Bonnie: Jennifer's dad, the doctor in Africa?

Kate: Yes. And Lucas's father.

Bonnie: Oh, I knew that. I-I just -- I forgot.

Kate: So when I overheard you talking about pitting Mickey against his niece --

Bonnie: No, no, no, no. I wasn’t. I wasn’t. I was just thinking --

Kate: Hey, hey, hey. I'm not judging you. As a matter of fact, I respect you.

Bonnie: You do?

Kate: Yeah, I sure do. You had the success of the year here tonight.

Bonnie: You think?

Kate: Yeah, I think. I think you have guts, and I think you go after what you want, and... you remind me a lot of me.

Bonnie: Wow. Ha ha ha. I just hope I make a success of Alice’s like you have with basic black.

Kate: I think you're taking a huge risk pitting Mickey against Julie, and I think you need to stop and ask yourself a really tough question.

Bonnie: What?

Kate: Are you willing to lose everything?

Lucas: Ha ha ha. Yeah, I was going to say that, actually.

Manda: Ha ha ha.

Lucas: It's taken me a long time to come to my senses, and even though I -- I don't have a chance, I still have to ask. Will you marry me?

Sami: Yes. Ha ha.

Sami: Oh, Lucas, is it really over for us?

Rex: It's up to you, isn't it? 

Hope: If you have even a guess about who's been sending Jennifer those e-mails, you better tell me.

Patrick: I don’t. But I've read about scams like these -- guys who prey on women who have recently been widowed.

Hope: But the scams usually have to do with bogus stocks or insurance frauds. The con man doesn't pretend to be the dead husband, Patrick.

Patrick: Still, there are people out there who make an industry capitalizing on other people's grief. It's like after 9/11, there was such an outpouring of generosity of people who wanted to help, but then there are those who see it as a quick, dishonest way to make a buck, and a pregnant woman like Jen is an extremely vulnerable target.

Hope: You sound like an expert.

Patrick: No. I'm a news junkie. I watch that stuff when I can't sleep.

Hope: Yeah, well, Jennifer's not alone, thank God. She has a lot of support - extended family, a daughter, a cop for a cousin. Oh, and let's not forget her very own bodyguard living over her garage.

Patrick: Well, don't think I'm not kicking myself. When I saw her packing her suitcase, I questioned her, but she lied so sweetly, said it was for when she went into labor.

Hope: She must have been absolutely positive those messages were from Jack.

Patrick: Yeah, and now she's going to meet him at some airstrip. How smart is that? Come on, step on it, will you?

Hope: We'll be there in less than 10 minutes.

Patrick: I just hope we're not too late.

Jennifer: This photo has been tampered with.

Davies: No way.

Jennifer: Until recently, I was the editor of a very large newspaper, and I can tell when something has been photo-shopped.

Davies: Well, with all due respect, Mrs. D., you're mistaken. My mechanic took that picture right before I left.

Jennifer: Really? Do you see this line right here?

Davies: Yeah, well, thanks to our humidity, our photo paper isn't always what you'd hope. Sorry it's not up to your journalistic standards.

Jennifer: Oh, looks like a cut-and-paste job if I ever saw one.

Davies: Look, if you don't believe me, you can check out my digital camera. The image is probably still on my memory stick.

Jennifer: You -- you have this on a digital camera? You have it with you?

Davies: Always.

Jennifer: Okay, can you get it, please?

Davies: I'll be right back.

Jennifer: Interesting symbol. Humidity, huh? Well, if this is real, then Jack is somewhere in the tropics, I guess. Oh, gosh. I need to call Hope. Oh, right. The cell phone is in the car.

Davies: You're not going anywhere.

[Animal growling]

Lucas: So you say it's your birthday. I actually have a little something for you.

Manda: Are you kidding? We just met.

Lucas: True, true, but... at least... I can give you this.

Sami: Look, why don't you get lost? Go back to planet freak.

Rex: Hey, look, look, I know you and I got off on the wrong foot, but maybe we can fix that. I-I'd like to help you if I can.

Sami: If you want to be friends with someone, why don't you work on Philip?

Rex: What about Lucas?

Sami: What about him?

Rex: You're in love with him, aren't you?

Sami: No, I certainly am not. And if I was, I wouldn't tell you. You're Kate’s son.

Rex: Who was that pretty girl he was kissing?

Sami: I didn't notice.

Rex: Look, he could be moving on, Sami, but what if I told you I know how to get him back?

Bonnie: I can't afford to lose anything. This place is my dream come true. I mean, people laughing, having a good time, spending money, shutting up long enough to listen to my songs.

Kate: Well, then you better rethink your attitude towards Julie -- let me tell you that -- or else you're going to suffer the same repercussions that I did once upon a time.

Bonnie: What happened?

Kate: Nothing that I'm proud of.

Bonnie: Go on.

Kate: Bill's wife had mental problems, and, um... I took advantage of those. I manipulated bill. I used them to seduce him.

Bonnie: Wow. This is better than a Jackie Collins novel.

Kate: Yeah, well, it was successful for a while. We had a really amazing time. And Lucas -- Lucas was the result.

Bonnie: A love child. Good idea.

Kate: And then it all blew up in my face.

Bonnie: Oh, no.

Kate: Alice Horton was after bill to reconcile with his wife, and I knew I had to act really fast, so I thought the best thing to do would be to turn bill against his family to convince him that I was the woman for him, not his wife.

Bonnie: No go, huh?

Kate: Blood is thicker than... well, anything I know. Especially Horton blue blood. Hell hath no fury like a Horton scorned.

Mickey: Headstrong -- that's what both of you girls are. Ooh.

Julie: You're right about that.

Mickey: You know, if Maggie were here, I know what she'd say. She'd say, "why don't we all just sit down and talk about it together?"

Julie: If Maggie were here, this restaurant would still be called Tuscany, and Bonnie Lockhart would be nothing more than your maid.

Mickey: But Maggie is not here and neither is Doug. Julie, they're dead, and they're never coming back.

Tony: We all know you were the serial killer. It was brilliant. Marlena, the ever-compassionate. Dr. Evans, the healer of broken psyches.

Marlena: I never killed anyone.

Tony: But you're clearly in cahoots with whoever engineered this mass kidnapping.

Maggie: How dare you... when you know very well it was your own father? How dare you accuse Marlena?

Roman: Doc was a victim just like the rest of us.

Abe: In fact, she probably suffered the most. She was brainwashed into believing that she killed her family and her closest friends.

Marlena: I was under some sort of mind control.

Tony: Right.

Marlena: I don't recall killing anyone. I confessed under sodium pentothal. I was taken to jail. I was shot by the police, and I was buried while I was still alive. I have suffered 1,000 deaths.

Maggie: When all this time, it was the DiMeras. The fact that you're here sneaking around -- it's proof of that.

Tony: This is unbelievable. When I was alive... you all believed I was the Salem stalker. You did everything in your power to slander me, and it was her. Marlena and her gun, Marlena and her brick, Marlena letting the tiger loose, and then when that didn't work, you came after me with a syringe, and now you're defending her?!

Maggie: He's only trying to shift the blame.

Tony: Oh, God, this is unbelievable. Just think for a minute, will you? Well, if you have a mind left. Marlena is part of a larger plan. She even admitted herself that she was programmed to kill. Maybe she's programmed to kill again, only this time, for real.

Roman: Never.

Tony: And what makes you so sure?

Roman: It was your father, Tony.

Tony: Maybe. Maybe all those years ago when Marlena was carrying the twins Cassíe and Rex, my father did program her like he programmed john to be a mercenary.

Marlena: You think your father programmed me to be a pawn?

Tony: Mm-hmm.

Marlena: Mnh-mnh. No. I would know that.

Tony: I think you do know. You may be able to fool all of them, but you're not going to fool me again.

Lucas: So... the new V.P. of nursing, huh? Wow, that's, uh... that's quite a big job.

Manda: I'm up to it.

Lucas: I'm really looking forward to seeing you around the hospital. There's a meeting of the Horton foundation coming up pretty soon, actually. I was thinking maybe we can meet together early and have some lunch.

Manda: Maybe we could. I just have to check my schedule.

Sami: You are such a gentleman, Lucas.

Lucas: Sami.

Sami: You know, I never got a chance to thank you properly for letting me crawl into bed with you all those nights.

Lucas: You only did that because you were afraid of the Salem stalker, and I wasn't all that nice to you.

Sami: Well, you did hoard the covers, but that gave me an excuse to cuddle up closer.

Lucas: Yeah, I guess I was asleep.

Sami: Lucas, you stood by me. You were there for me when no one else was. You even defended me against your mother. That meant everything to me.

Lucas: Yeah, well, I guess at the time, I felt sorry for you, but you know what, Sami?

Sami: Lucas, I love you. Please don't give up on us.

Lucas: I'm sorry. It's too late. I've moved on.

Sami: [Gasps]

Lucas: I'm moving on.

Manda: Where exactly are you moving to?

Lucas: Here. And here.

Patrick: That's more like it.

Hope: It's after 9:00.

Patrick: Damn it. She could already be in the hands of those thugs.

Hope: There you go again -- "thugs." That's plural, Patrick.

Patrick: Okay, so maybe it's one thug. Would that make it any better? I don't know, Hope, but I don't think it's a couple of kids playing some prank. And she's so damn fragile.

Hope: Her health may be fragile, but don't forget, Jennifer's an experienced journalist. If she's the least bit suspicious, she's not about to be led away by some stranger. She'll find a way to stall them.

Jennifer: Uh... I was just going to get my cell phone.

Davies: You won't need it.

Jennifer: Well, as you can see, I'm due at any moment, so I need to stay in close contact with my doctor.

Davies: There won't be any reception where you're going. And just in case you get any crazy ideas...

Hope: Jennifer is very resourceful.

Patrick: Yeah. Yeah, she's a superwoman, all right. I'm going to try calling her again just the same.

[Cellular phone rings ]


Jennifer: My cell phone.


Jennifer: Hello?

Patrick: Jennifer, is that you?

Jennifer: What do you think you're doing?

Mickey: I'm sorry that I was just so -- so forceful with you, dear, but I just don't think we can sit around and -- and live our lives in the past. Now, Maggie has been dead nearly nine months, and I need to be around people. I need to hear trivial conversation. "How's the weather?" "How's your new house coming along?"

Julie: I know what you're saying. Sometimes I go to the movies in the middle of the day just to lose myself for a couple of hours.

Mickey: Sure. And I need to be inside watching those kids ride that mechanical bull and then laughing about how silly it all is. I tell you, if I sat at home and thought about nothing but Maggie, I would be dead in a week.

Julie: Oh, uncle Mickey.

Mickey: I have to put her to rest, Julie. I'll never stop loving her, but I know that Maggie would want me to move on with my life just like I know that Doug would want to have you let go of some of your anger. Now, forgiving Bonnie was a -- was a big step. So can't we go inside and -- and just share a glass of champagne, hmm? Come on, hon.

[Cellular phone rings ]

Kate: Ooh, I think that's me. Hello -- Kate Roberts. Oh, sí, senor Rodriguez. Momentito. I have to take this. It's the Madrid office.

Bonnie: Wow. That is one classy broad.

Mickey: So, Bonnie, let's -- let's open up a bottle of champagne, huh?

Bonnie: Oh, well, uh, Rex is still down in the cellar. Can I interest you in a beer?

Julie: A beer... would be swell.

Bonnie: What's the occasion?

Julie: I think we should get everything out in the open. Don't you?

Sami: So how do you think I can get Lucas back?

Rex: Listen, you go to Lucas, and you tell him how you really feel.

Sami: Why can't he come to me?

Rex: Well, from what I can tell, he's tried already. He's made lots of attempts, but you keep shooting him down.

Sami: Well, yeah, but --

Rex: Listen, this time, the ball is in your court. Now, would you excuse me? I got to get back to work.

Sami: Maybe Rex is right. The ball is in my court. Manda or no Manda, it's time I made a slam-dunk.

Roman: You know what, Tony? I've had it with you. I'm not going to let you abuse Marlena any more. She's been through hell. I'm not going to let you --

Marlena: Roman, Roman, Roman, it's all right. I-I appreciate everyone wanting to protect me here, but I really would like to talk to Tony alone.

Abe: That's a bad idea.

Roman: Are you sure about that?

Marlena: I am sure.

Roman: All right. All right. We'll be right outside.

Abe: You holler if you need us.

Marlena: Mm-hmm.

Tony: My, you are a sly one, aren't you? Ha ha.

Marlena: Oh, Tony, I'm not the villain here.

Tony: How do you know?

Marlena: Because I died an especially horrible death.

Tony: Hmm, join the club.

Marlena: And I experienced every possible moment of it. Now, why would I set up my own killing and be transported here -- away from my husband, from my children?

Tony: That's a good question, although I don't expect you to answer it.

Marlena: Let's say for argument's sake that I -- I was part of this evil scheme. What is my motive?

Tony: Beats me.

Marlena: Roman has established that I was brainwashed while I was asleep. A voice kept saying over and over, "you're the Salem stalker. You're the Salem stalker." Sounds like Stefano, doesn't it? The elaborate charade, the mind-control game, hmm?

Tony: You're right. It does have my father written all over it.

Maggie: You know, I'm not happy leaving Marlena alone in there with the count.

Roman: Doc knows what she's doing.

Abe: If anybody can get Tony to tell the truth, it's Marlena.

Maggie: Do you think Stefano’s alive? Or do you think he could have set all this in motion years ago like Tony said?

Roman: Who knows? Maybe Tony's in charge of pulling off his... father's last great hoax.

Abe: You know, Lexie would be very relieved to know her brother's alive, but I was more comfortable when I thought he'd disappeared from the face of the earth.

Marlena: You and I were friends once, Tony, and for a short time, we thought we shared two children. We're connected, you and I, by our eternal affection for the twins... and the fact that you're -- you're Carrie’s stepfather, you're john's half-brother. So... like it or not, we are part of each other's lives.

Tony: What do you want from me?

Marlena: I want the truth from you. Is Stefano alive? Because if he is... look what he's done to you and to your sister and to Rex and Cassíe. You can't trust him. So... tell me, Tony. Tell me the truth.

Mickey: And here's to the truce between two of my favorite gals. [Chuckles]

Julie: You know, I think we should tell uncle Mickey what else happened here tonight, don't you?

Mickey: What happened?

Julie: You want to tell him, or shall I?

Kate's voice: Hell hath no fury like a Horton scorned.

Julie: Well...

Bonnie: I confess. Julie's not the only one who needs to apologize. I have been a complete and total... bitch to her. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry I ever crossed you. I hope we can be friends.

Mickey: Well, isn't that nice? You see, I told you...

Bonnie: [Thinking] I'm gonna bury the hatchet... right in Julie's back.

Manda: Are you sure you're through with Sami Brady?

Lucas: Come on, is tom through with Penelope? Is Bruce through with Demi? Yeah, we're through.

Manda: Because I'd hate to think of myself as some kind of home wrecker.

Lucas: Listen, Sami will always be will's mother. But other than that, there is no reason for us to spend any more time together. Ever.

Kate: Way to go, Lucas. Time to cut Sami out of your life for good.

Rex: Mom, how could you?

Patrick: Jennifer, where are you?

Hope: Where is she?

Patrick: Aah, I lost her. Hang on, Jennifer. We're coming.

Jennifer: Hey, give that back to me.

Davies: This is for your own good. You want to risk your husband's life over a traceable phone call?

Jennifer: Of course I don’t.

Davies: You want to see him again?

Jennifer: Yes, I do.

Davies: Then stop questioning my every move.

Jennifer: But this is just so strange. I still don't know if my husband is alive.

Davies: And if that's not enough...

Jack: Jennifer, please, listen to Davies, and do exactly as he says. I know it's hard, but -- but, look, I'll explain everything when you arrive. I love you. I need you. You're my only hope.

[Animal growling]

Jack: Aah!

Maggie: [Gasps] Oh, oh, I hate that sound.

Roman: It's a big old cat out there, getting ready to devour his prey.

Abe: Yeah, I know how much we all hate that force field that keeps us in prison here, but... I have to admit, sometimes it comes in handy.

Maggie: I'm just worried about Jack. I wonder where he is.

[Animal roars]

Maggie: [Gasps] Oh... you know, Alice hates those noises. Um, I promised her that I would stop by and check on her. I probably should go.

Abe: You sure you know the way?

Maggie: Yeah. I'm getting an old pro at this. Promise me, though, that you'll let me know if you find out anything important from Tony.

Abe: I'll stop by Alice’s on my way home and fill you both in.

Maggie: Thanks.

Roman: I'm glad she left.

Abe: Why? You thinking the same thing I'm thinking?

Roman: If Tony doesn't cough up the truth to Marlena, well, I think, pard, I think you and me just might have to beat it out of him.

Marlena: Come on, Tony, if you are a victim, then you have to help us. The only way to get out of here and get back to Salem is to band together and to fight. Will you? Will you tell me the truth?

Tony: You're right about one thing.

Marlena: What?

Tony: The phoenix has risen.

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Bonnie: I am really enjoying the Sami Brady show. Ooh, drama, mystery, whoo!

Sami: You're not trying to make me feel better, are you?

Abe: You and your father orchestrated this whole damn thing!

Tony: That's a lie.

Marlena: Then prove it.

Patrick: Get closer!

Hope: I don't think I can get any closer!

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