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Hope: Shawn, where are you, sweetie?

Shawn-D: Belle is not in love with Philip!

Jan: Then I will just have to prove it to you. I promise, I will make you forget all about Belle. And one day, you are gonna love me 10,000 times more than you ever loved that airhead slut. She's not waiting for you, Shawn. Because she's too busy getting it on with your best friend Philip.

Woman: The world is full of heartache full of trouble and despair

Belle: Philip, what is it that you wanted to tell me?

Philip: I can't believe we're going to be living together. I am so glad.

Belle: I know. Me too. I'm hungry.

Philip: Yeah, I thought so. Come on.

Kate: They're so perfect for each other. I have to find a way to get them together.

Woman: For the rest of my life I will a save a dance with you

Kate: Great. Lucas is back with Sami.

Lucas: I'm gonna go say hi to my mom.

Sami: Yeah. Well, I think you should. I mean, she might not be around for long.

Bonnie: Is this place a major hit or what? Whoo-hoo!

Mimi: It's a great opening night, Mom.

Bonnie: Oh, it's a gold mine, are you kidding me? I've already hired myself a limousine with chilled champagne for later -- ooh, Meems remind me -- I've gotta buy a red carpet and hire me some big burly bouncers.

Mimi: Don't get ahead of yourself, Mom. How many of your get rich quick schemes have blown up in your face?

Bonnie: No short fuses tonight, sweetie. I am gonna surprise everyone.

Mimi: Oh, where is that surprise you told me and Rex about? Is it for real?

Rex: Bonnie, check out these bar receipts. The night's still young.

Bonnie: Oh, it's for real, all right. Hell, at this rate, I'm gonna surprise Salem every night of the week! Yee-haw!

Mickey: Ha ha ha!

Julie: I'm not gonna say it.

Mickey: Look, she has a lot to celebrate, Julie. She put it all on the line, okay?

Julie: Right. Your money, your reputation... I don't even want to think about Bonnie tonight, Uncle Mickey. I'm so worried about Jennifer.

Julie: You know, she was in the room when they pulled the plug on Jack's life support system. She was holding his hand when he died. And, yet, somehow, she has convinced herself that he is still alive. How in the world are we gonna break the truth to her without breaking her heart?

Patrick: Look, Jennifer, about Jack, those messages --

Jennifer: I know. I know you don't believe that they're from him. You don't believe that he's alive.

Patrick: Just -- what if there's somebody out there that's deliberately trying to hurt you?

Jennifer: What do you mean, hurt me?

Patrick: Look, I don't mean to scare you, but if that is the case, I won't let them. I promise, I'll keep you safe no matter what.

Jennifer: Patrick, I really appreciate your concern, but I am telling you, Jack is coming home to me tonight.

Roman: Abe, let me ask you a question. Do you feel as dumb as I do doing this every night, making rounds like cops on a beat? We're the damn hostages on this island prison.

Abe: Well, pretty soon there's going to be one more of us. Well, Jennifer's not here yet, because I don't see any lights on in the house.

Roman: I tell you, I'm not looking forward to telling her that Jack may have been killed trying to escape this island. I don't know, pard... what the hell is happening to us, and who's behind it? And, damn it, when are we gonna find him? [Birds screeching]

Hope: But now that we have fingerprint evidence that this earring might have belonged to the person who murdered Victor, I -- oh, God, Bo, no. What kind of danger could our son be in?

Jan: Darn, where's the other one? Oh, well, I must've left it somewhere. Here's what I'm looking for.

Jan: Look, Shawn.

Shawn-D: What the hell is that?

Jan: You figure it out. Take your time.

Shawn-D: No. No way.

Jan: Way. We're getting engaged.

Lucas: What do you mean, huh? What do you mean my Mom won't be around for long?

Sami: Well, I know what it's like to lose your mother, you know, and you can't count on Kate being around forever. So I think you should say hello. You're making such a big deal out of it. God.

Kate: Don't tell me that you two are back together again.

Sami: [Groans]

Lucas: Why is that the first thing out of your mouth every time? Every time you see us, you think we're back together. We're not, all right?

Kate: Well, I am so sorry, but I just saw you walk through the door together, Lucas.

Lucas: That's because she had car trouble. It wouldn't start. I had to give her a lift.

Kate: Really.

Lucas: Yeah.

Kate: I thought maybe you had forgiven her.

Lucas: No way. She's proven what a two-timing, manipulative slut she really is. If you'll excuse me, I'd like to enjoy this party.

Kate: Yes.

Patrick: Jennifer. What did you mean when you said Jack would be with you tonight?

Jennifer: Jack, tell me what to do. "Go to the old airfield outside of town. A private plane will pick you up at 9:00 sharp. Don't tell anyone. And don't be late. Love, Jack." I'll be there. I will be there, Jack. I, uh, I just have a feeling, that's all. I'm pregnant with Jack's baby, and I know that he's watching over me.

Patrick: I-I know, but Jen --

Jennifer: And you're being very overprotective. It's not necessary. Hey, uh, Lexie and Tek just got here. If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna say hi. Lexie.

Lexie: Jennifer, hi. How are you?

Jennifer: I'm fine. How are you? Hi, Tek. I know, I did it again. I just have to do it to you.

Tek: You guys want something to drink or --

Jennifer: No, nothing for me. Thanks.

Lexie: I'll have a glass of champagne and an order of Alice and Maggie, please.

Tek: You got it.

Lexie: Thanks.

Jennifer: Come sit down.

Lexie: So, any more messages from Jack?

Jennifer: No. Lexie, I am not crazy. I am not imagining anything.

Lexie: Jennifer, believe me, there have been times when I felt like Abe visited me, okay? Not that he was alive or coming back, but I could feel his presence in my heart. I could feel him holding me in his arms. Honey, it would be so comforting to think that Abe was alive out there somewhere. But he's not. And neither is Jack.

Abe: You know what? Let's check out the house just to be sure.

Roman: That's a good idea.

Roman: This place looks exactly like Jack and Jennifer would've left it.

Abe: Well, let's see if we can find some clues to what may have happened to Jack.

Roman: Yeah, and to who's doing this to them... and us. What if Stefano has come back again to make our lives a living hell? Got your strawberry tart.

Jennifer: Lexie, you have to believe me. You have to believe me. I'm not imagining things. Jack sent me this message...

Patrick: You don't know the danger you're in, Jennifer.

Bonnie: I heard that. You're in over your head, too, with that gangster who tried to steal Jennifer's bearer bonds. My advice to you -- no, listen to me. Let her go. Save your own skin.

Patrick: No, I am not gonna let Jennifer get hurt.

Mimi: Love you.

Kate: Ah, yes... she is much better for you than Sami.

Lucas: So...Amanda, uh, what do you do?

Amanda: I'm the new vice president of nursing.

Lucas: Wow. It's impressive. Did I hear someone say it was your birthday?

Amanda: Uh-huh. Today's the day.

Lucas: Well, great, great. Happy Birthday. I would love to help you celebrate.

Belle: Why don't you go do something to put a stop to it?

Sami: Because I don't care. So, um, let's talk about you, Belle. What's going on with you and Philip? I saw you dancing with him earlier. Does that mean you've given up on Shawn?

Shawn-D: Are you nuts? I am never going to ask you to marry me.

Jan: Oh, no? Watch. Now I'm you. Jan, please marry me and make me the happiest man in the whole world. Be my wife? Now I'm me. Oh! Oh, my God. Shawn, you don't know how long I've been waiting for this moment. Yes, yes, of course I'll marry you. Congratulations. You are now my fiancé.

Hope: Oh, my God.

Shawn-D: Jan, you can propose to yourself all night long, but I am unavailable. I'm committed to Belle.

Jan: Oh... oh, you're talking about that pathetic purity vow? Well, Belle's already broken it. How long are you gonna stay faithful to a slut that has been cheating on you this entire time?

Shawn-D: Yeah, sorry, but I don't believe it.

Jan: Well, we're just gonna have to erase all doubt, won't we? How would you like to see what's going on with your very own eyes?

Shawn-D: That -- that is a great idea. Why don't you take me back to Salem?

Belle: Sami, I haven't given up on Shawn, just like you shouldn't give up on Lucas.

Sami: I don't care what he does. He can do whatever he wants.

Belle: You are such a liar. Get out there and fight for your man.

Sami: Hi, this is Samantha Brady with a live news exclusive. Kate Roberts is in jail today for extorting charity funds from Basic Black... which means I can finally marry her son Lucas Roberts.

Kate: No! No!!

Sami: You know what, Belle? I know what I'm doing, okay? So don't worry about it. Come on. Oh, my God. Oh, my God, I don't believe it.

Julie: Look at the two of them up there -- talking, scheming. I still don't trust them, Uncle Mickey. And what if I'm right -- they are up to something -- and Jennifer gets hurt?

Patrick: Look, I will protect Jennifer, no matter what.

Bonnie: But you can't tell her the danger she's in, and you sure as hell can't protect her if you're both dead.

Tek: Patrick.

Patrick: What's up?

Tek: I did some digging into your past, and I got some very curious results.

Jennifer: Lexie, why can't you understand? I just want to feel like Jack is with me.

Lexie: Sweetie, you will always have Jack. Jack will always be a part of you... and Abby and your baby.

Jack: I can't believe it.

Jennifer: Can't believe what? [Baby crying]

Jack: I-I did it. You had a baby a little baby girl.

Jennifer: Oh, Lex. I can't. I can't have this baby without Jack.

Lexie: Oh, honey... oh, sweetie. Oh.

Roman: I don't know. Tell me something, how the hell can anybody get away with all this without leaving a clue anywhere? It's impossible.

Abe: There must be some piece of evidence to tip off the people back in Salem -- something to prove that we're not really dead and buried.

Man: It's genuine sterling silver. Now, the earrings I have for sale may look similar, but... they're a cheap imitation. Whoever bought this didn't buy it here.

Hope: I see.

Man: Yeah.

Hope: Thank you, anyway. Oh.

Man: Oh, sorry.

Belle: Sami, what's wrong?

Sami: Um, this bear -- it, um, reminds me of -- of Will's, the one we buried with Mom.

Lucas: Marlena got this for will when he was first born. It was his favorite stuffed animal when he was growing up. He thought it was special because it had two different color eyes. Anyway, he, uh, he wanted his Grandma Marlena to take it to heaven with her. Here you go, Marlena.

Sami: She's gone forever, isn't she, Belle? She's gone, and she's never coming back.  

Roman: Now, pard, I just pray that Bo and Hope haven't closed the case. They have to keep searching for clues. They can't give up until they get answers

Abe: Not any more than we can give up until we find a way back to Salem.

Hope: I've seen this before, but where? I can't remember. Something tells me I should buy this bear. How much?

Man: 5 bucks ought to do it.

Hope: All right. Sounds fair enough.

Man: I'll get your bag.

Hope: Thanks.

Hope: I don't know how, but maybe you could help me.

Belle: You're right, Sami. Mom's not coming back. And we need to accept that, or we're gonna drive ourselves crazy.

Sami: Yeah. You're totally right, Belle. Life goes on, right?

Belle: Oh, speaking of which, Kate wanted me to make a donation and get some Teddy bears for the patients at the children's ward.

Sami: Oh, is that your first assignment for the Basic Black Charity Foundation?

Belle: Yeah. It's a great way to start, don't you think -- helping children?

Sami: Well, I'm sure they're all very worthy causes. How does the foundation work? How is it set up? I mean, I'd love to take a look at your books sometime.

Belle: Sami, why are you so interested?

Sami: [Thinking] I want to kick Kate's ass into the slammer. [Aloud] I just want to improve myself -- you know, climb the corporate ladder. I mean, it's made you happy, right?

Belle: Sure, careers are really important. Don't you think love is more important? What good is success if you end up all alone? Lucas is still dancing with that girl. What if Lucas moves on to another woman, and then Will ends up with a step mom? Then, not only would that other woman get your man, but the future that you were supposed to have all along.

Sami: Okay. Okay, I get it. You're right. There's no way I'm gonna let that happen.

Amanda: You are such a smooth dancer.

Lucas: No, no, you -- you were amazing. Would you like to get a drink? I'd love to get to know you better.

Amanda: I l love that.

Lucas: Let's go.

Sami: I'll see you later, Belle. And thanks.

Patrick: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Tek: I ran a computer search on Patrick B. Lockhart. There are significant gaps in your background, my man. Look, I don't know what to tell you, man. I traveled a lot, never settled down.

Tek: Yeah, I hear you, but there's usually computer records. In your case, it looks like somebody snuck into the database and erased all your files.

Patrick: Too bad it's not that easy to erase your past. You know what? You are working way too hard, Kramer. The truth is, I got nothing to hide.

Lexie: Jennifer, look, I know it'll be hard to have this baby without Jack, but try not to worry, okay? You don't need any added stress right now. It could put your life and your baby's life at risk.

Patrick: I agree. And I am personally going to make sure that nothing bad happens to her. I'm not letting you out of my sight tonight.

Tek: Here's your champagne.

Lex: : Thank you.

Bonnie: It's time for the big surprise. [Giggles]

Shawn-D: Why don't you take me back to Salem?  

Jan: Hmm... it is an interesting idea. I do want you to see how that slut belle is cheating on you with Philip.

Shawn-D: Fine, fine, let's do it right now.

Jan: Okay. You've got yourself a deal. I'll be right back.

Shawn-D: Oh, I am outta here and back to Belle.

Bonnie: Come with me.

Belle: Hope. I'm so glad that you're here.

Hope: Oh, sweetie, I'm sorry I'm late. Is Bo here yet?

Belle: I haven't seen him.

Hope: Oh, God. He's out searching for Shawn.

Belle: Anything?

Hope: Nothing.

Belle: Okay, well, I have a really good idea -- a way that we might be able to get a hold of Shawn. My Dad has these strings that he can pull to get me on this national TV broadcast of that Nascar race from Salem, and you know, wherever Shawn is, he's going to be watching, so he'll see my message on TV and he'll come home.

Hope: Honey, that is a great idea. We'll plaster his face all over the TV. Someone will see him. You know, I'm going to call Bo and tell him, okay? I'll be right back.

Rex: Look, I'm telling you, man, Belle belongs with Shawn. You shouldn't be moving in on her. And moving into her place was low.

Philip: Shawn deserted Belle. That is something that I will never do.

Kate: Sweetheart, I know we haven't had a lot of time together, but I really think you should stay out of it. It's really Belle's decision to make, you know.

Rex: Sorry, Mom. I'm a Brady now. And what if Shawn's in trouble and he can't reach Belle?

Kate: Philip is your half-brother, and he deserves your loyalty, too.

Rex: Not the way he's betraying his best friend. Look, the bottom line is, Belle and Shawn are in love, and Philip should respect that.

Lucas: Have a seat over here and get that drink.

Amanda: Sounds good.

Lucas: What can I get you?

Amanda: I'll have a cosmo, please.

Lucas: Sounds good. I'll be right back.

Amanda: Okay.

Sami: Ahem.

Amanda: Oh, I'm sorry, but this seat's taken.

Sami: I know. Lucas Roberts, right? Are you dating him?

Amanda: I'm --

Sami: Right, well, you certainly seem his type. I mean, you're beautiful, you look successful.

Amanda: Look, I just met him, okay?

Sami: Oh, well, then let me warn you. Don't expect a long relationship. He'll be gone by the second date, and whatever you do, don't let him knock you up the way that he did me before he left.

Amanda: What?

Sami: Yeah. I can never get him to come visit our son. And he's out with a different woman every night.

Lucas: What happened to Amanda? What the hell did you say to her, Sami?

Bonnie: Hey, everybody! I want to welcome you to the opening night of Alice's, where country hits are born! Yes! Move over Nashville, it's time for Salem's star to shine! Whoo!

Julie: Oh, she's not going to sing.

Mickey: I think everyone's going to enjoy this show! Ho ho ho!

Bonnie: Now I want y'all to say hi to some friends of mine. Now, I know them plain old Richie, Michael, Dean, and Keech, but you all know them as lonestar! Whoo 

Richie: Hey, folks, it's a pleasure to be here in Salem! [Cheers and applause]

Bonnie: [Whistles]

Richie: Monday was a bummer Tuesday was another day they coulda left out of the week Wednesday nearly got me Thursday almost stopped me. I was broken down and beat then I started feelin' strong when Friday finally came along T.G.I.F. You know what that means get down to the beach A.S.A.P. and there's gonna be a party goin' all weekend Polynesian Polly and her parrot head friends gonna stay until there not a piÑa colada left T.G.I.F.

Richie: Yeah there ain't no stoppin' once the band starts rockin' with them shaker things and big steel drums don't worry half as much about the tide risin' up as we do about gettin' low on rum so bury me in the sand put a frozen drink in my hand T.G.I.F. You know what that means get down to the beach A.S.A.P. And there's gonna be a party goin' all weekend polynesian polly and her parrot head friends gonna stay until there's not a piÑa colada left T.G.I.F. Wh!! Yeah!

Richie: Yeah T.G.I.F. You know what that means get down to the beach A.S.A.P. And there's gonna be a party goin' all weekend five o'clock nonstop the fun begins T.G.I.F. You know what that means get down to the beach A.S.A.P. And there's gonna be a party goin' all weekend Polynesian Polly and her parrot head friends gonna stay until there's not a piÑa colada stayin' till there's not a piÑa colada left T.G.I.F.

Bonnie: Okay, everybody! It is time for a good, old-fashioned hoedown! Y'all pick a partner for some rootin'-tootin' line dancing! [Cheers and applause]

Mimi: I don't know how my Mom did it, but this is incredible.

Tek: Shall we?

Lexie: Sure. Why not?

Tek: All right.

Patrick: What?

Bonnie: You. Dance. You, come with me.

Mickey: What? What? What?

Bonnie: Mickey, you are my hero. Seriously. Come on, let's show 'em our stuff.

Mickey: All right.

Bonnie: Come on.

Mickey: I'm willing if you are.

Belle: I think I'm just gonna go home.

Philip: Um --

Kate: Oh, don't go. You have to dance.

Belle: I just wanted to, you know, see if Shawn left me a message. I was gonna run home.

Kate: Belle, it's for a really good cause.

Belle: One dance. One dance.

Bonnie: Whoo! [Country music starts playing] Yeah I hear you come knockin' on my door, baby tell me what you got on your mind I guess those college boys all went home for the summertime yeah

Hope: Jen, come here.

Jennifer: Hope. Hi, stranger.

Hope: How are you feeling?

Jennifer: I'm good.

Hope: I've just been so busy searching for Shawn.

Jennifer: No, I understand. I do. I want you to know that my prayers are with you -- all of them.

Hope: You and the baby, too, sweetie.

Jennifer: Listen, I-I want you to know how -- how grateful I am to you and your family and how much you've supported me. And I want you to know that I love you so much.

Hope: Jen, I love you, too, honey. It's not like you're going anywhere. You're gonna be fine, and so is the baby. I know it.

Jennifer: Thanks.

Hope: Listen, I've been trying to get through to Bo. I'm gonna try him again, okay?

Jennifer: Okay.

Hope: You'll be okay.

Jennifer: All right. It's time to go get Jack.

Shawn-D: What's going on? I thought we were going back to Salem.

Jan: Well, you thought wrong. I'm bringing Salem to you. See for yourself.

Abe: You know, I've been thinking, if Stefano is the monster behind this, what about Tony?

Roman: How could Stefano allow his own son to be mauled by a tiger? How could he go that far?

Abe: There's someone in the house.

Roman: Well, let's go see who it is.

Roman: I wonder if whoever's in there is working for our host.

Abe: There's only one way to find out.

Roman: Well, let's find out. Let's go.

Abe: Hey!

Shawn-D: How are you getting this?

Jan: I'm connected to a live feed from the public access channel. They're covering the grand opening at Alice's, and it looks like everyone's having a marvelous time, especially Belle and Philip. I told you, Shawn, Belle has really got it bad for Philip.

Belle: Ha ha ha ha!

Mimi: Can you believe my Mom's surprise? This party is so awesome!

Bonnie: Oh, Mickey, thank you for making all my dreams come true.

Mickey: Ha ha ha ha!

Bonnie: Seriously.

Mickey: Ha ha ha.

Julie: [Thinking] If Maggie were alive, this would kill her.

Hope: I don't know why I feel like this is a lead. Bo, please, tell me one more time that everything's going to be all right. Thank you. I love you. We can't lose our son, Bo.

Patrick: I don't see Jennifer. Where did she go?

Julie: Oh, probably in the ladies' room. When you're that pregnant, you gotta go every five minutes. Don't worry, she'll be right back.

Jennifer: I'm so sorry Abby that I didn't get to say goodbye to you before you left for camp. But I am going to get your daddy. I'll be there soon, Jack. I will.

Patrick: I told her it had to be a sick hoax, but what if she bought into it? What if she's out there trying to find Jack?

Hope: Oh, God, let's go.

Man: Jack's waiting for you.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. Jack!

Julie: If you think you're Horton family material, you are delusional.

Bonnie: He is gonna take a ride on the Bonnie mobile, and he is never gonna want to get off!

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