Days Transcript Thursday 6/17/04

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 6/17/04 - Canada; Friday 6/18/04 - U.S.A.

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Jennifer: [Gasps] Patrick, what are you doing?

Patrick: What are you doing, Jennifer? Did your labor start, or are you going to meet Jack?

Jennifer: Uh, neither. You know, when you pack your bag for the hospital, the last thing that you want to do is forget it when you're going into labor.

Patrick: So you're not planning on taking off tonight?

Jennifer: No! Patrick, I told you, I am going to be at the Horton Foundation Fundraiser. I am not gonna miss the opening of Alice's, either.

Patrick: You know, Jennifer, I don't want you to think that I don't believe you, but, um, I don't know. I just feel like you're hiding something.

Bonnie: Hi. Excuse me.

Mickey: Ha ha. I reckon you is mighty excited tonight, ma'am. It's a big night for you, isn't it, Bonnie? Alice's grand opening.

Bonnie: Ooh, mine and yours and your mama's, too. The only thing is, I'd be a lot more excited if my award-winning Texas barbecue chef hadn't passed out in his sauce.

Mickey: Don't worry about this. Julie is just a wonderful gourmet cook. Thank God I was able to convince her to pinch-hit in the kitchen tonight.

Bonnie: Only problem is, people aren't coming here for chi-chi gourmet. They're coming here to relax, have a good time, and eat some real food, like chicken-fried steak and baby back ribs and kick-ass chili.

Mickey: Well, Julie understands all that. I assure you.

Bonnie: Well, she better, or I may have to do a little ass-kicking of my own.

Julie: Ahh. I am going to class this place even if it kills me, starting with hors d'oeuvres, hors d'oeuvres that don't involve cocktail wieners or aerosol cheese.

Julie: Ahh! By the time they get to this pâté, Bonnie's goose will be cooked, liver and all.

Mimi: I can't believe we're actually doing this -- going to work, not just at a country/western bar, but one my Mother is totally in charge of. What could be a more terrifying prospect?

Rex: Mimi, relax. Bonnie knows what she's doing. She hired me as a bartender, didn't she? I just -- God, I hope I can get those drink recipes straight.

Mimi: That I'm not worried about, because I taught you very well.

Rex: Well, you taught me a lot of things very well.

Mimi: Plus, it's in your genes. Your Grandpa Shawn is Salem's most famous barkeep.

Rex: And I've got Salem's Sexiest Barback. How can I miss?

Mimi: Wonder if Belle will be coming to the party with her new roomie.

Rex: Look, I'm sorry, that's just wrong. If anybody should be living with Belle, it's Shawn.

Mimi: If he's away any longer, I'm afraid he might lose her forever.

Shawn-D: Oh, my God, that sounds like Belle. It is Belle. Belle, I'm in here! She's got me locked up! Belle!

Jan: [As Belle] Jan, please tell Shawn that it's over. I hope he never comes back to Salem. I've fallen in love with someone else -- with Philip.

Philip: Hey. Perfect timing. Meems, will you get the door?

Mimi: Ooh, yeah, sure.

Philip: Thank you.

Rex: Well, you're really moving in here, aren't you?

Philip: Yep.

Mimi: Hi.

Philip: Hey, Mom. John, what are you guys doing here?

John: Looking for Isabella. Have you seen her?

Philip: I have no idea where she is.

Kate: What is in the trunk? If I didn't know better, it looks like you're moving in.

Philip: I am.

John: Excuse me?

Philip: I'm on temporary leave. I needed a place to stay. Belle offered.

Mimi: I'm renting him my room, since I'm practically never here. Philip and Belle will be roommates, that's all.

Philip: Yeah.

Kate: I think that makes perfect sense. I mean, I really do. You've been such a comfort to Belle since she lost her mother, and it's gonna be pretty lonely around here -- you know, with Shawn out of town and all.

Belle: Well, Shawn won't be gone much longer. I have the perfect plan to get him to come back to town.

Jennifer: Patrick, for goodness sakes, I want to go to the party. I do. I just want to get there on time so that I can leave early.

Patrick: Why? Do you have other plans?

Jennifer: Jack? Jack, tell me what to do. "Go to the old airfield outside of town. A private plane will pick you up 9:00 sharp. Don't tell anyone and don't be late. Love, Jack."

Patrick: Jennifer?

Jennifer: Hmm? No, no. I don't have any plans. I just want to get home and get to bed early. You know, the doctor said I need a lot of rest.

Patrick: Right.

Jennifer: Right. So it's late. We need to get ready for the party. Let me take that. Thank you. Here we go. Okay.

Patrick: All right.

Bonnie: I want this party to put Alice's on the map. I want to make you proud.

Mickey: Well, you already have. Now, you just relax, huh? Ha ha ha.

Bonnie: I can't relax, not when I'm supposed to be making all my dreams come true, and finally putting that bitch Julie Williams in her place. Whoo! Ha! Thank you! Thank you so much. Oh, my gosh, this past year has been a blur. I started out a simple country girl working hard, raising my family. Then I opened Alice's, and -- ha! Eight Grammy's, 10 country music awards, and three platinum albums later, and here I stand before you, "Salem Style" magazine's woman of the year! Ha hoo! Whoo hoo hoo! [Cheers and applause]

Bonnie: [Laughing] Oh... but there's someone else I have to thank. None of this would have been possible without my new hubby, Mr. Mickey "Money Bags" Horton! [Cheers and applause]

Bonnie: Come on up here, Mick. Take a bow. Whoo, whoo! Aw! Ha ha ha ha! Ah ha ha ha. Ooh, what's -- what's this? Oh, there's gum on my brand-new shoe.

Mickey: Oh, I'll get it off for you, honey. Isn't he a doll? Aw, you don't have to do that, honey. What do you think we have servants for? Julie can scrape it off.

Julie: Oh, gum, Mrs. Horton. I'll get it right off for you, Ms. Horton. Yes indeed. Yes indeed.

Bonnie: [Laughing] Yes! Ha ha ha! Ah... there's only thing standing in my way. That old bat is out to get me. In fact, I wouldn't put it past her if she was cooking up something right...this...minute.

Julie: Mmm, mmm. Heavenly. Aah! Aah!

Bonnie: Oh, sorry. Sorry, sorry.

Julie: You clumsy twit! Now I have cassoulet all over my...coat!

Bonnie: I don't know what the hell cassoulet is, but I sure hope it looks better on my plate than it does on you. You better go change. There's an extra smock in the back.

Julie: You know, I don't take orders from you, Bonnie.

Bonnie: Fine! Stay that way. See if I care.

Julie: Bah!

Bonnie: Now I'm gonna find out what you're really up to.

Bonnie: Ugh! [Spits] I knew it! Julie, you are trying to put me out of business, and you are not gonna get away with it. I am just gonna have to fight fire... ha! With fire. [Imitates gunshots]

Jan: [As Belle] It's true, Jan. I'm not in love with Shawn anymore. My heart belongs to Philip now, and it always will.

Shawn-D: I don't believe you, Belle. Turn around, look me in the eye, and tell me that it's over.

Jan: I can't do that, Shawn.

Shawn-D: Then you must still love me.

Jan: No, I don't. It's just I can't stand to see the hurt in your eyes. But you may as well know -- I've had sex with Philip. I've been sleeping with him the whole time you've been away. I realized he's the only man I could ever give my body to.

Shawn-D: Oh, my God. Jan was right about you. She said you would break our vows to be with someone else. I should have listened. Jan loves me more than you ever did.

Jan: [Normal voice] I do love you, Shawn. With all my heart, I love you.

Shawn-D: And I don't love you, Jan. Come on. Do you really think you would have fooled me with that stupid wig?

Jan: Well, it worked for a while, didn't it? Admit it -- you know that it could happen. You're scared to death Belle and Philip will end up in the sack... if they haven't already.

Philip: Belle, where have you been? You were helping me move my stuff in, and then you just disappeared. And then I found our high school yearbook on the floor.

Belle: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to take off like that. I just got so excited. I was looking through our yearbook, and I saw a picture of Buzz Fallon.

Mimi: You got excited about Buzz Fallon?

Belle: No, well, I just remembered that he got an internship working at the front office of the Salem Speedway, so I had to go talk to him right away.

Mimi: Why?

Belle: Well, Philip and I were out last night, and we saw a poster for the Nascar race that's coming to town, and I started thinking how Shawn's never missed a race on TV. And, Dad, if Shawn's watching this race, which I'm sure he will be, and there's somehow that I can get on that broadcast...

Kate: Belle, how are you going to talk to Shawn during the car race? I mean, how would you even get on air?

Belle: Well, that's where the favor comes in. Dad, I was kind of hoping you could pull a few strings to get me on the broadcast. Buzz gave me a P.R. packet of all the people that work behind the scenes, and I was just hoping, you know, maybe you knew someone on that list.

John: Yeah, I know a few of them.

Belle: Great. So you could do it.

John: Could I have a moment alone with my daughter?

Kate: Sure. Philip, can I talk to you for a sec?

Rex: Yeah, Mimi and I got to get going anyway.

Mimi: Yeah. We'll see you at the party.

Belle: Okay. Dad, is there a problem? Do you think you can't help me get on TV and ask Shawn to come home?

John: Oh, I can get you on TV, all right. The problem is, does Shawn deserve it?

Shawn-D: I don't care about those stupid pictures. I trust Belle. I know she loves me. And Philip is my best friend. He wouldn't be putting the moves on my girlfriend.

Jan: Philip already has made his move, Shawn. And there's nothing you can do to stop it.

Jan: Belle and Philip, sitting in a tree, k-I-s-s-I-n-G.

Belle: Dad, what are you talking about? You can't still be angry with Shawn.

John: You're damn right I am. And you should be, too. Running off, deserting you when you needed him most. And since then, not one word, even after losing your mother. What kind of a man is that, anyway?

Belle: There has to be a good reason why I haven't heard from Shawn.

John: If he were hurt or if he were in an accident, we would have heard about it by now.

Belle: Maybe he hasn't gotten my messages.

John: And he hasn't heard about your mother? It's been all over the damn news! Come on!

Belle: It's been all over the news in Salem, but probably not everywhere else. That's why getting on this Nascar thing is such a good idea. It's a good way to reach him and tell him what's been going on. It's a national telecast. Daddy, please. Promise me that you're gonna help me. Tell me you're gonna help me bring Shawn back home.

John: All right. All right. On one condition.

Bonnie: Ooh, yeah, baby. Ooh, ooh. Now, see? That's better. Now we just have to give it a little kick. Take it up a notch. Hotter than hell Habanero sauce. That'll do it. Ooh, and a half a cup of chili powder. Ooh. Okay, that's good. And...jalapeños. Ta-da! And lots and lots of onions. Ahh... yeah! Then...bam! Ha ha ha ha! A splash of tequila just for good measure. Oh, what the heck. Two splashes. That'll do it. Yeah. Whoo-hoo. Whoo-hoo! That's hot. Whoever said revenge is a dish best served cold was wrong! Ha ha ha! [Laughing]

Mimi: Oh, Patrick, thank God you're here.

Patrick: Why? What's up?

Mimi: I need you to help me keep an eye on Mom tonight. The thought of her in charge here of everything has disaster written all over it.

Patrick: Sorry, Meems. I don't have time to babysit. I've got other things on my mind.

Julie: So, tell me, Jennifer, how are you feeling? Really feeling?

Jennifer: Really, I am fine. Why won't you believe me?

Julie: Oh, darling, you've been under so much stress. You know, thinking you were hearing from Jack.

Jennifer: I did hear from Jack. In fact, Julie, it happened again.

Julie: Phone call? Another message on the computer?

Jennifer: No, no, this time it was more of a sign.

Julie: A sign?

Jennifer: Yeah, and I know this is gonna sound really crazy, but I'd swear that Jack ate a slice of his birthday cake.

Julie: He what?

Jennifer: Yes, I'd forgotten that I had pre-ordered his cake for this year. When I got back from the hospital, the cake had arrived and a slice had already been eaten, but you see, it wasn't the whole slice. It was just the frosting, which is exactly the way that Jack used to eat it.

Julie: You're taking this as a sign?

Jennifer: Yes. A sign that he is alive.

Julie: Would you pardon me a minute? There's something I forgot to tell Uncle Mickey. It's kind of important.

Jennifer: Oh, no, go on. I know you're very busy. Go on.

Julie: Why don't you sit down? Sit down. You know, relax.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Julie: Take a load off. Uncle Mickey.

Mickey: What?

Julie: I need to talk to you about something.

Mickey: What is it?

Julie: Jennifer. I think she's really losing it.

Mickey: All right, I'll go talk to Jennifer and see if she's all right.

Bonnie: Ha ha.

Julie: Oh, no.

Bonnie: Take that, you bossy old cow.

Mimi: Mom.

Bonnie: Peanut. Ha ha. I didn't know you were here. Welcome to Alice's. Let's get to work.

Mimi: What are you up to, Mom?

Bonnie: What do you mean?

Mimi: You've got that look on your face.

Bonnie: Ha ha. What look?

Mimi: The guilty look. The same one you had when I busted you for blowing all my money on losing lottery tickets.

Bonnie: That was then. Losing isn't a part of my nature anymore. Your mother is about to set the world on fire. Ha ha. At least a little part of it.

Mimi: Oh, God.

Julie: Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Whew. Bonnie à la carte. You're going to pay for this.

[Cellular phone rings] [Ring]

Patrick: What?

Man: How's the party, Patrick? You having fun?

Patrick: I am telling you, stay away from Jennifer.

Mickey: Jennifer, dear, I know how you're feeling. If I thought that Maggie could be out there somewhere looking for me, I would move heaven and earth to be with her. But that's not possible, dear. Maggie is gone, and so is Jack. But, hey, you still have a part of him with you in your heart and through Abby, of course, and that baby that you're carrying. Now that's what you should be focusing on -- having a healthy baby.

Jennifer: You know what, Uncle Mickey, you are right, and I will, I promise you.

Mickey: We all love you, dear. You know that, don't you, hmm?

Jennifer: I do know that. And I love you. Thank you.

Mickey: Well, I'd better go find Bonnie and see if she needs anything.

Jennifer: Okay.

Mickey: I'll see you later, dear.

Jennifer: Oh, it's just a few more hour. Just a few more hours, Jack, and we will finally be together.

Jan: Mm, ooh, Belle. Mm, mm, mm, mm. Ooh, ooh, Belle. You want to be with Belle so much, you can have her. You two can spend the rest of your life in that cage together. What's wrong? Is Kewpie Belle too small for big, manly Shawn? Maybe I should just get an inflatable Belle so you can finally have your way with her.

Shawn-D: You are sick, Jan. You're crazy.

Jan: No, I am not crazy. You are. You're crazy for loving a girl who's about to lose her head for another man.

Kate: Sweetie, listen to me. You are going to lose Belle if you insist on taking the high road, sitting back, and doing nothing.

Philip: Mom, don't worry. If Shawn stays away, I will have no sympathy -- not for him or his so-called relationship. I'm going to show Belle that I care, and in time, she's going to see that I could never do what he did to her. I could never hurt her.

Belle: A condition?

John: Izzy, first off, I'm not so sure this plan of yours is even going to work.

Belle: It has to.

John: Listen, I don't want to hurt you. All I'm saying is if you do this -- if I help you do this -- if Shawn doesn't come back, you're going to make me a promise. You're going to forget about him and just move on with your life.

Jan: Oh, no, look, Shawn. Belle lost her head. Guess what else she's going to lose next -- to a hot, horny Marine.

Shawn-D: Jan, you need help.

Jan: Yeah, right. Because the last time that I remember going to a shrink, she turned out to be a serial killer. No wonder I had no trouble killing you-know-who.

Shawn-D: No. No, I don't know, Jan. Why don't you tell me? Who did you kill?

Belle: Forget about Shawn? How could you even say that?

John: Listen, baby, I don't want you getting hurt any more than you already have. I'm not saying that's going to happen. It's just that if he doesn't respond to this, if he doesn't come back home, that's got to tell me something.

Belle: He will come home, Dad. He has to.

John: Of course he will. Come on, no time for tears, kid. We've got a party to go to tonight, right? One more little promise. Try to have a good time tonight.

Belle: I'll try if you will.

John: That sounds like a deal.

Rex: Okay.

Bonnie: What is this? Break it up.

Mimi: Did I not try to tell you what you were in for?

Rex: Well, Mimi, your mom's right. She's not paying us to stand around and kiss.

Bonnie: Not dressed like that, I'm not.

Rex: Well, what's wrong with the way I'm dressed? You said you wanted country.

Bonnie: Tim McGraw country, sweetheart, not Marshal Dillon. Do I have to do everything myself? Come here. Come here. Yeah, mm-hmm.

Mimi: Oh, my God. What are you doing?

Bonnie: Ah. That is the bartender's uniform at Bonnie's -- uh, Alice's. Ha ha ha ha. Keep the ladies panting, and they'll work up a thirst.

Mimi: Uh, for what?

Bonnie: Always thinking. Ha ha ha.

Mimi: Yeah, that's the only problem. You need to stop.

Jennifer: Please, please, keep Jack safe tonight. Let him come back to us.

Patrick: I am telling you right now, you even try to hurt Jennifer, you're going to have to go through me.

Man: Forgive me for not being impressed, but you see, time is running out for you and your little friend. [Beep]

Bonnie: Wha-- oh, what is this? I did not ring the dinner bell.

Julie: It's time to sample my 4-star cassoulet.

Bonnie: Ahem. Oh. Well, bring it on.

Julie: I am well aware, Bonnie, that you doctored up my French cuisine.

Bonnie: I merely added some flavor.

Julie: Yes, you would call it flavor. Never mind. Never mind. Let's let all of our guests sample it, and when they fall to the floor writhing in agony and flee Alice's for good, of course you'll have only yourself to blame when the whole place goes bust in a week, and I'm not referring to your basketball bodice.

Bonnie: [Gasps] Julie Williams, I --

Mickey: Hey, hey, hey, hey, what's wrong now, ladies? Come on.

Bonnie: Mickey, I am glad you're here. Julie and I were just having a little disagreement over this evening's menu, and maybe you can settle it for us.

Julie: Well, what a good idea. Let's have Uncle Mickey sample our main course and tell us what he thinks.

Mickey: All right, I'd be happy to.

Julie: All righty, then. Bon appétit.

Mickey: Ha ha. Thank you. .

Bonnie: Oh, Mickey, no! You can't die on me!

Julie: Uncle Mickey, is it a stroke?

Mickey: No, it's just this food. It's hot as hell.

Julie: Oh, I tried to tell her.

Mickey: I love it.

Julie: What?

Mickey: My mouth is on fire, and it's delicious. Ha ha. I need a beer. Son, give me a beer.

Rex: Got a cold one right here, Mr. Horton.

Mickey: Thank you.

Bonnie: Ah.

Mickey: Boy, that hits the spot.

Bonnie: All right. Whoo! Come and get it, everyone! Time for chow!

[Cash register printing]

Bonnie: You hear that, partner? Ka-ching, ka-ching -- that is the sound of money pouring in.

Mickey: Ha ha ha ha. The Horton Foundation is making a killing.

Bonnie: Tonight the foundation, tomorrow you and me.

Mickey: Whoa! Ha ha ha ha ha!

John: Let's do this... on the ranch. On the ranch, we just kind of -- just dip right in there. That a way. You got some right there. Come on over to the chuck wagon. Here you go.

Julie: I don't get it. What is wrong with these people?

Bonnie: Oh, uh, Philip, sweetie, would you mind giving Rex a hand behind the bar? We seem to be a little understaffed.

Philip: Uh, sure. That sounds fun. Why not?

Bonnie: Oh, uh, wait. Um, what you got on under there?

Philip: Nothing. Just a tiny little undershirt.

Bonnie: Perfect. Ha ha ha. See that? Ha ha. Get into that uniform, and I promise you'll be rolling in tips.

Philip: All right. [Cheering]

Mickey: Ah, looks like we got a hit on our hands, Miss Bonnie.

Bonnie: Oh, I couldn't have done it without you, Mick. I think we make a pretty good team.

Mickey: I think you may be right.

Bonnie: Ah.

Mickey: Say, uh, you know, um, all that dancing has, uh, given me an appetite. I think I'll grab me some more of that grub.

Bonnie: Ha ha ha ha.

Julie: Uncle Mickey, don't forget your old ulcer. You don't want that to start up again.

Mickey: Are you kidding? That stuff will cure anything that ails you. By the way, Julie, where'd you learn to cook country, hmm?

Bonnie: I'm sure she was taught by a pro. Ha ha ha.

Mickey: [Laughing]

Mimi: Can you believe Mom pulled this off?

Patrick: Better not speak too soon. Good things have a way of blowing up in her face.

Mimi: Ugh, tell me about it. I just hope Rex isn't standing too close when it happens.

Bonnie: Ha ha ha ha.

Mimi: And it could happen sooner than we think. I better get over there.

Belle: Daddy, you know, I'm really glad you're here with Kate. You could use a friend, and I think she understands what you're going through.

John: Only too well, baby.

Belle: You guys looked like you were having fun there for a second.

John: It appeared to me like you were having a pretty good time with Philip yourself.

Belle: Talk about a good friend. I don't know what I'd do without him.

Jennifer: There's Jack's star. Every birthday he makes a wish on it. My wish is that I will see you so soon, Jack -- tonight.

Jennifer: Gee. You startled me.

Patrick: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I got worried when I couldn't find you inside. Are you all right?

Jennifer: Yeah, I'm fine. I just, uh, I just needed some fresh air, that's all. What's wrong? What are you looking for?

Patrick: Nothing. How about we go back inside? My Mom's party actually turned out okay, and, uh, the Horton Foundation's not doing bad itself.

Jennifer: Well, what do you know? We must be under some lucky star.

Man: [Thinking] Too bad Jennifer's luck just ran out.

Bonnie: Have I ever thanked you for that wonderful idea you had?

Rex: Which one?

Bonnie: Having Mickey keep the liquor license on Alice's. You saved my life the day I got turned down.

Rex: It was nothing, Bonnie. I'm going to work really hard to prove to you that I'm worthy of marrying your daughter.

Bonnie: Ha ha ha ha.

Mimi: What are you two talking about?

Bonnie: You and your wonderful man. Ha ha. And have I got a great surprise for both of you.

Kate: This is it. This is the chance you've been waiting for. You're living with Belle, you're going to be going home with her tonight. It's time to make your move.

Philip: Oh, my God. Are you actually saying what I think you're saying, that I should try to sleep with Belle tonight?

John: You know, I know it's none of my business, kid, but do you think there's an outside chance that somewhere down the line, Philip could be more than just a friend?

Belle: Dad, don't even say it.

John: I'm not saying right now. I know that you're in love with Shawn. I'm just saying, you know, if things don't work out the way you want them to --

Belle: That's not a possibility. Shawn and I are in love with each other, and he's coming back to me. I've never been more sure of anything.

Shawn-D: Jan... talk to me. I'd really like to know. Who is this person you say you've killed?

Jan: [Thinking] Shawn'll never love me if he finds out I offed his grandfather.

Shawn-D: Come on, Jan. It's not like I can call the police. I just would really like to know who it was.

Jan: It was Belle. See? I killed her, I killed her. I ripped off her head. And now Shawn can't love her 'cause she's dead, dead, dead. Ha ha ha ha. Ah. And unless, Shawn, you vow to love, honor, and cherish me always and forever, you'll leave me no choice but to make you my prisoner for the rest of your life.


Shawn-D: That's never going to happen. I am never going to love you, and if you believe I will, then you're even crazier than I thought.

Jan: I am not crazy. You are. You're completely insane if you think Belle still loves you and needs you when she has obviously got the hots for another guy. I mean, just look at those pictures, Shawn. She can't even keep her hands off of him -- off your best friend. And anyone with eyes can see that they're both in love.

Shawn-D: Shut the hell up, okay? It's not true. It's all a big lie.

Jan: You think so, huh? Well, Shawn, I've got news for you. Belle and Philip -- they're Salem's next super couple, and I'm going to prove it.

Philip: Mom, forget it. Belle is nowhere even near breaking up. Believe me, I'm not putting any moves on her -- not tonight.

Kate: You know something? Sometimes things happen to people when they're not ready, but still, everything turns out fine in the end.

Philip: You know, you're right, Mom. In fact, I suppose I should try to get her pregnant, too, because that'd be a fantastic way to get her to forget about Shawn. Am I right?

Kate: Oh, my God, Philip. I would never suggest anything as underhanded as that.

Philip: No.

Kate: What I'm saying to you is that Belle is not a mind reader, and she may very well only think of you as a friend forever if you don't tell her how you feel. Would that be so horrible, so horrible just to tell her that you love her?

Philip: Hey. Want to dance?

Belle: Yeah, that'd be nice.

Philip: Whew.

Belle: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Philip: This is going to be great.

John: If I promise not to scuff your boots... want to give it a try?

Kate: Ha ha. I would love that.

Philip: Belle... there's something I need to tell you.

Mimi: So what is it? What is the big surprise, Mom?

Bonnie: You're never going to believe it. Guess who I've got coming to the party.

Rex: Who?

Bonnie: It's a secret. You have to promise not to tell.

Mimi: Okay, we promise. Who is it? Oh, my God.

Bonnie: Ha ha ha!

Rex: Are you serious?

Bonnie: You'll have to wait and see. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Rex: This calls for a dance.

Bonnie: Guess what, Mickey.

Mickey: Hmm?

Bonnie: My dance card is full, and your name's on every number.

Mickey: Well, what do you know about that, ma'am?

Bonnie: Ha ha ha ha. Oh.

Mickey: Oh. Ha ha ha ha.

Patrick: So how about a dance?

Jennifer: Uh, yeah. Yeah, I'd love -- I'd love to.

Patrick: Okay.

Jennifer: This is -- this is nice. You know, it's so funny -- Jack, he didn't really like to dance. He would just do it for me.

Patrick: Yeah, Jennifer, about Jack, those messages --

Jennifer: I know. You don't believe they're from him. You don't believe that he's alive.

Patrick: I just think we should consider all the possibilities. I mean, what if these messages are some kind of setup? What if someone out there is deliberately trying to hurt you?

Jennifer: Patrick, hurt me?

Patrick: Look, I don't want to scare you, but if that is what's going on, I won't let them. I promise I'll keep you safe.

Shawn-D: What the hell is that?

Jan: You figure it out.

Shawn-D: No way.

Jan: We're getting engaged.

Sami: What's going on with you and Philip? I saw you dancing with him earlier. Does that mean you've given up on Shawn?

Patrick: Aah!

Man: Aah!

Bonnie: Now I want you all to say hi to some friends of mine. Lonestar! Whoo!

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