Days Transcript Wednesday 6/16/04

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 6/16/04 - Canada; Thursday 6/17/04 - U.S.A.

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Sami: Lucas, open up. I know you're in there.


Sami: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, smoke alarm. Ow! God!

Lucas: Sami.

Sami: Oh, my God! Lucas, where's Will?

Lucas: He went downstairs to get a canteen from his buddy, Chip.

Sami: What, did you burn something in the microwave? Where's the fire?

Lucas: I was taking a shower, and the steam set off the alarm.

Sami: That's the dumbest ‑‑ Lucas, you forgot a towel.

Lucas: Hey, you know what? I didn't forget a towel. It fell off when I went to the door because some psycho girl was banging on it.

Sami: Well, are you gonna hide behind that toaster all day?

Lucas: No. No, I'm not. Get out of my apartment right now! Come on.

Bonnie: Hey, pal, the sign ‑‑ it's dragging its butt a little on the right. Get it up, get it up.

Julie: The big jalapeņo. My Grandmother must be turning over in her grave ‑‑ as will the stomachs of all the public when they get to taste this so‑called food Bonnie's so‑called chef is cooking up. Can you smell it?

Mickey: Bonnie is a huge Tex‑Mex fan, Julie.

Julie: Tex‑retch is more like it.

Bonnie: My chef won the official Texas chili cook‑off three years in a row.

Julie: No kidding?

Bonnie: Mm‑hmm.

Julie: Gee, the judges must have been just as soused then as he is now. You're just lucky he hasn't set fire to your kitchen.

Bonnie: Ha!

[Loud whistling]

Bonnie: Ooh, sounds like the hot tamales are a little too hot! Give me the fire extinguisher, quick! Quick, quick, quick! Oh, gosh! Excuse me, excuse me.

Mickey: Look, I better go ‑‑

Julie: No! No!

Mickey: Julie ‑‑

Julie: I won't let you follow that woman into an inferno! Ahh! Oh.

[Rattling and crashing]

Mickey: Oh.


Julie: Let the disaster begin.

Philip: Hey.

Belle: Hey. How was your workout?

Philip: Sweaty. What's wrong?

Belle: Shawn's not gonna be using this ticket.

Philip: Well, what about your whole plan to get him to come back home?

Belle: I'm still working on it, but it's not gonna happen right away.

Philip: Are you sure I can't help?

Belle: Look, Philip, I don't want to say anything about my plan until I'm sure it's gonna work.

Philip: All right.

Belle: God, I just ‑‑ I miss Shawn so much sometimes, I can't breathe. Is that normal?

Philip: Belle, you just lost your Mother, okay? It wouldn't be normal if you weren't struggling right now. It's okay.

Belle: I guess you're right. Do you remember that play that we studied in high school, "Our Town," where Emily goes to heaven and she gets to pick one day of her life she can live over again?

Philip: Right. I hated that play. It was so sad.

Belle: Well, if that was me, I wouldn't pick one day from this whole last year.

Philip: I know what you mean.

Belle: This may sound kind of weird, but at least I know what happened to my Mom and my Uncle Abe and everyone. They died. And I know my Mom didn't want to leave. I think it's just the whole not knowing part with Shawn that's really driving me crazy, and it gets worse every day.

Philip: Listen, you know I would do anything to help you. Maybe me moving in with you is not the best idea.

Shawn-D: Give me the keys, Jan.

Jan: No way! Get away from me!

Shawn-D: Aah!

Jan: [Screaming]

Shawn-D: Jan...

Jan: Ahh!

Shawn-D: Give me those!

Jan: No! No!

Kate: Ahem. I cannot believe you pulled an all‑nighter. Need a little fresh caffeine, sir?

John: Oh... Kate, I owe you one. Thank you.

Kate: I tell you, I really hope you do find something that tells you why Marlena died. I can't tell you the number of times that I have woken up in the middle of the night in tears because I'm dreaming about my wedding to Roman. And I'm always hoping that it's all a bad dream. But it's real every single time.

John: I know.

Kate: But what are you going to do if you don't find those answers?

Jennifer: "Jennifer, our love was made to last. Always...Jack." Always. Jack, tell me what to do. "Go to the old airfield outside of town. A private plane will pick you up, 9:00 sharp. Don't tell anyone and don't be late. Love, Jack."

[ Knock on door]

Patrick: You okay in there? What are you doing?

Jennifer: Uh, just, um... nothing. I can't tell you. There's no time.

Patrick: Jennifer, stop. You aren't going anywhere. You're trying to go meet Jack, aren't you?

Jennifer: Listen, Patrick, don't, okay?

Patrick: Jack ‑‑ Jack is dead.

Jennifer: [Gasps]

Patrick: What's this?

Jennifer: It's my‑‑ it's my card. That's my Valentine from Jack.

Jennifer: I can't lose you again, Jack. I won't.

Lucas: What are you doing here, huh? I mean, why are you still here? What are you doing here at all?

Sami: I got a message from will, okay? He said there was some kind of emergency, and ‑‑ and then I heard the smoke alarm.

Lucas: So that's why you decided to bang down my door?

Sami: Lucas, I thought there was a fire. I was trying to save my son's life. Do you mind?

Lucas: Give me a break. What a setup that is.

Sami: Uh, yeah, I figured that out while you were pulling your pants on.

Lucas: "Pants on." What, you're just upset because your little baby's going off to camp? Is that it, Sami?

Sami: Yes, Lucas, actually, I am upset. He's going to be gone all summer. I'm going to miss him.

Lucas: You'll be all right. All you need's a bar, some guy to kiss on ‑‑ you'll be fine.

Sami: Lucas, that is not what happened.

Lucas: Oh, really? We -- you know what? I don't care, because I‑I'm not the one who's hurting. Will is, as usual. Poor kid ‑‑ all he ever wanted was his parents to get together, but you ruined that.

Sami: Lucas, you're the one who got all bent out of shape over one little kiss on the cheek.

Lucas: You kissed a guy you hardly knew.

Sami: Well, I didn't know you were watching.

Lucas: That's right, you didn't know I was watching, obviously. That means I can't trust you. I'm so sick of dealing with sluts like you. I'm sick of it.

Sami: You know what? I don't know what your plans for the summer are, but I'm not going to sit around with a broken heart, Lucas. I‑I have plans.

Lucas: Oh, yeah. What are you going to do? What are your big plans?

Sami: I'm going to become so successful at business that I'm going to make your Mother look like a 2‑bit hooker. Oh ‑‑ oh, I forgot. She is a 2‑bit hooker.

Lucas: Receptionists don't become CEOs, Sami.

Sami: Yeah, well, they do in my movie.

Kate: That's because of Sami. She's been trying to set me up. She's been trying to set me up for years. Lucas, you know that. Tell them.

Sami: Lucas, your Mother is facing over 500 counts of felony fraud. Look, I know this is a terrible blow, but I'm not going to let your Mother's lies ruin this company. Now, we're not going to be able to save the Basic Black name, so we're going to change the name of the company to Samantha's Secret. It'll be better than ever. Yep, I'm going to make all my dreams come true.

John: Kate, it's just too much of a "coincidence" that Nicole's old friend Crystal Galore was in jail the night Doc was murdered. Not only was she in jail the night Doc was murdered, now she's living in the Kiriakis mansion. I just think there's something to that. But in hard terms, the night Doc was murdered, Crystal was in lockdown. I have got testimony from a guard that says he was with her the whole time. So even if she wanted her dead, she didn't have the means or the opportunity ‑‑

Kate: Means or the opportunity. I know, I know. I know, I've heard that. Roman said that a lot when he was investigating the serial killer, before he became a victim himself.

John: Kate...

Kate: [Sighs]

John: Kate.

Kate: I'm sorry. I really thought I had this all under control.

John: It's all right. I think that it's even harder because we don't know why our loved ones were taken from us. All we know for sure is that they're never coming back.

Patrick: Jen, look, I know how you must feel. You miss Jack so much. But if what you're doing here, packing this bag, is to go off and meet Jack, I just really hate to think about how you're going to end up feeling, how disappointed you're going to be. I mean, you know what I'm talking about, right?

Jennifer: You know, I‑I did this before Abby was born. I packed a bag to take to the hospital. You have to be ready. You never know when you're going to go into labor, Patrick.

Patrick: Oh. I‑I saw the suitcase, and I knew you'd been thinking you'd gotten messages from Jack, but, uh... I guess I made the wrong connection. I'm sorry.

Jennifer: He is trying to contact me. The computer messages ‑‑ all of it. Jack is communicating with me, Patrick.

Patrick: But what about the possibility that there's someone out there trying to trick you?

Jennifer: What? Why on Earth would someone do that? Who would do that? And how could anyone know these intimate details about ‑‑ about my life with my Husband? Patrick... is there something you're not telling me?

Patrick: Yeah. Perfect twins trip up. Olga

Bonnie: [Coughs] Don't anybody dare say "I told you so," and that means you, Julie Williams.

Julie: Trouble in the kitchen, Bon?

Bonnie: You know damn well there is trouble. Chauncey passed out after drinking a pitcher of margaritas. Now what am I going to do?

Julie: Well, far be it from me to say I told you so, Uncle Mickey. You know the smart move would have been to let me run this place as an elegant tribute to the glory that was Maggie's Tuscany and a much more fitting memorial to my Grandmother than this tacky dive which might more appropriately be called Bonnie's Big Burritos, barf bag included.

Bonnie: My restaurant is not tacky. You are, you bitch.

Julie: Aah, barbarian! Aah!

Mickey: Julie, Julie ‑‑

Julie: Let me at her. Just once, just once, pow, right in the kisser!

Mickey: Julie, Julie, come here, come here. Listen, I have a ‑‑ I have ‑‑ I have a real favor to ask of you.

Julie: What?

Mickey: I want you to, uh... to go back in the kitchen and cook for the party tonight.

Julie: You want me to cook for your jalapeņo hoedown?

Mickey: Mm‑hmm.

Julie: Well, Uncle Mickey, not on your saddle sore.

Shawn-D: Aah! Damn it, no! No! No! Let me out of here, you bitch!

Jan: I'm sorry, Shawn. I can't. I like having you around too much. You're my own personal boy toy.

Belle: Philip, you moving in is the only thing that's keeping me sane. Unless you think that you'd be unhappy here living with me. I mean, I can be kind of messy sometimes, and I usually have Mimi to vent on, except she's practically living with Rex now, and since she fell in love, she's really got no time for her friends. I'm just kidding. It's just that I really miss her. Not that you'd just be a substitute for Mimi, but ‑‑

Philip: Hey, nobody could fill those platform shoes.

Belle: See? You made me smile. Philip, you have to move in. I really need our friendship. You know, every time I check my cell phone, my Dad has still not left me a message. Why hasn't he gotten back to me yet?

Philip: How's he doing?

Belle: Still trying to figure out how everything happened.

Philip: He and your Mom were really in love. He's going to be grieving for a long time.

Belle: Yeah, well, he really needs a friend to be there for him right now, just like you're here for me.

John: [Sighs] Aah, I really needed this.

Kate: Well, I figured you did.

John: I don't just mean the coffee, Kate. It just helps to talk to somebody who gets it. Loss, anger ‑‑ all of it.

Kate: I know. People say that they understand, but they don't ‑‑ they don't really. Not unless they've been through it.

John: That's a fact.

Kate: I think that's why Philip and Belle are getting closer. Have you noticed?

John: Mm‑hmm, yeah. It's fine by me. After the way Shawn Brady treated my Daughter, he doesn't deserve someone like Belle.

Kate: Ah. So you'd like to see my Son and your Daughter together?

John: Yeah, I think they'd make a great couple, yeah.

Kate: You know, all I really want out of life now is to see my kids happy. I mean, Lucas ‑‑ I think he's wising up to Sami, because falling in love with her would have been the biggest mistake of his life.

Lucas: I just broke up with you. Can't you even pretend to be upset? Sami, I thought we were headed towards this great future with our Son. I mean, I wanted that. Obviously, you don't give a crap, do you?

Will: Is Dad right, Mom? Don't you want us to be happy?

Lucas: Go ahead, Sami. Answer the kid's question. I mean, it's not that hard. You want to be happy together or don't you?

Will: Dad, give her a chance.

Sami: You know what I'm not happy about, Will? You did something very bad. You told me there was an emergency. You lied to me.

Will: Well, you lie sometimes to get what you want. Well, I want you and Dad to be together. I want a real family.

Sami: Yeah, well, you're not an orphan, okay? Get over it.

Lucas: Hey. That's a little harsh, don't you think?

Sami: I just think Will should grow up about this.

Will: Just as soon as you do, Mom.

Sami: Will, don't talk back to me.

Will: I'll be gone all summer. You won't have to hear me talk at all.

Sami: Okay, okay. Will, I don't want to fight with you. Let's not fight right before you go to camp.

Will: Good idea. So I'm going to go spend the night at Josh's.

Sami: Will, it's your last night before you leave.

Will: The bus leaves at dawn tomorrow, and you guys aren't exactly early risers. At least I know Josh's Mom will get us to the bus stop at 5:00 A.M.

Lucas: Wait a minute, Will. Hey, I can ‑‑ I can do that. I can get you to the bus stop.

Will: I've already made plans with Josh, and this way, you and Mom can... sleep in. You're going to be up late, right? That jalapeņo party tonight. Well, go together. Be nice to each other. See what happens.

Bonnie: Hey, oh ‑‑ I don't need Miss hoity‑toity ruining my opening night with her lousy cooking.

Julie: Oh, you should be so lucky, Sister. My condolences in advance on the failure of your establishment, Uncle Mickey. I offered to open a 4‑star place for you. Of course, it wouldn't have featured an electronic bull. Break a leg on your opening, Bonnie. Break both of them. I'm outta here.

Bonnie: Go! Who needs you? I'll do the cooking myself.

Mickey: Julie, Julie, listen. Julie, this ‑‑ this benefit tonight is ‑‑ is for the foundation that your Grandparents devoted their lives to. We're going to be honoring Maggie and Abe and Doug and Addie ‑‑ the list just goes on and on.

Julie: That's emotional blackmail, Uncle Mickey.

Mickey: Is it working? Will you cook tonight? Do it for me, huh?

Belle: This is really not a good time for my Dad to go incommunicado on me. I really need to run my plan by him.

Philip: Maybe he'll be at that fundraiser tonight.

Belle: Philip, I can't wait that long. I swear, if you weren't here, I would just fall apart.

Philip: I just want to help you. I don't need to know the plan, okay? I can just work on the details, the legwork. I have marine training. Maybe I can put that to use.

Belle: You agreeing to be my roommate is plenty. I will be able to close my eyes at night. I haven't been sleeping too well.

Philip: Oh, I'm the human sleeping pill. Great. Ha ha.

Belle: No, I just feel safe with you here. I will never be able to thank you enough.

Philip: About this plan that you're working on... if and when you do manage to get Shawn to come back to town, how is he going to feel about me being your roommate?

Jan: I'd hate to cover up your hot body, but, uh, I don't want you to catch a cold, so I'm just going to slip these through the bars, okay? Do you want them or not?

Shawn-D: You get me some real clothes.

Jan: I'm sorry. That's all I have.

Shawn-D: What the hell happened to the pants I had on when I got here?

Jan: Oh, they were way too baggy. I dumped those in the trash.

Shawn-D: These things are way too small! I'm not going to be able to put them on!

Jan: Then you're just going to have to go naked, aren't you? People do it all the time. It's supposed to be good for you. People go to nudist camps and play tennis in the raw. Look, you can put those on or not. Either way, I'll be happy.

Patrick: Yeah, I've been holding back on the truth, but I can't do it anymore, Jennifer. The truth is I'm really worried about you. You've been so brave through this pregnancy, and it's been hard on you. And all the stress with the baby's health issues, and now the idea that Jack could still be alive ‑‑ I mean, it's just making it harder on you.

Jennifer: No, it's not. It is the one thing that is making it not hard on me.

Patrick: Look at what you're doing to yourself. I've never seen you like this.

Jennifer: Well, if I seem a little edgy, that's because Celeste predicted that my baby and I aren't going to make it, and I can't believe that. And just the thought of finding Jack, and then him losing us... I don't know. I don't know what else to do, and I'm trying to prepare my Daughter for the worst thing that could happen, Patrick.

Patrick: She's quite a kid.

Jennifer: Yeah, she is.

Patrick: Listen, Jennifer, uh... the time I've spent here living with you and Abby, it's really changed me. You know, there ‑‑ there wasn't much discussion in my house when I was growing up. I mean, we didn't talk things over. It was mostly yelling. But seeing you here and how you are with your Daughter and hearing about how you looked up to your Grandparents ‑‑ that's really opened up my world.

Jennifer: I loved having you here.

Patrick: Why do you say that in the past tense? I mean, Jennifer, I couldn't stand it if we lost you.

Jennifer: Patrick, I‑I'm sorry. This is going to really seem so out of line, but are you interested in me?

Patrick: I'm your friend, Jennifer, in a way that I've never been a friend to anybody before. I mean, not thinking of myself is kind of wild for me. But I guess all of this is my roundabout sort of way of saying I won't stand by and let you be deceived. You're not going to magically be reunited with your dead Husband. It's not going to happen.

Jennifer: Patrick, I know that that last message was from Jack.

Patrick: Jen, he's dead.

Jennifer: What if he's not? And if he is alive, I have to be with him for me and for Abby and for our little baby who needs their Daddy.

Patrick: Come on, Jennifer ‑‑

Jennifer: No one else could have sent that message. I am telling you, no one else. Please... I‑I'm fine. You don't have to worry about me.

Patrick: If you're not going to protect yourself, then I'm going to do it for you.

John: [Sighs]

Kate: My Sons and my job ‑‑ that's what my life is about now. Thank God for Basic Black, or else I think I'd ‑‑ I'd be going out of my mind.

John: Kate, you know, Roman and I weren't the greatest friends. A lot of reasons behind that. But I admired the man. Bottom line is we both lost two wonderful people.

Kate: So what are we going to do with the rest of our lives? Cry?

John: You know, I know exactly what we're going to do. You any good at eating hot peppers?

Kate: Me?

John: No, you.

Kate: Ha ha ha.

John: What do you say we take a break from life and go to this crazy party together, hmm?

Bonnie: Okay, now, this is what we're going to need.

Mickey: All right, then don't do it for me. Do it for your Grandmother. Now, for better or worse, this place was named after her, and you can't have people coming to Alice's tonight and have nothing to eat.

Julie: Well, Bonnie offered to cook. Are you admitting she can't do it?

Mickey: Of course she can't. Her plate is much too full.

Julie: Of what, I won't say.

Mickey: Julie, I know your feelings are hurt, dear. You wanted to be running this place yourself. But if you remember, when I chose Bonnie, you were planning to travel the world with Doug.

Julie: Well, no more plans for me, huh?

Mickey: Well, there's plenty to do around here. Not exactly what you'd planned, but, Julie, this is not about us. Alice Horton was the most unselfish woman I have ever known. She spent her life taking care of people. What about all the people who depend on this place for their jobs, huh? These young waiters and waitresses. And the bartender Rex Brady ‑‑ he didn't inherit DiMera's money. He needs the job. How can you disappoint all these people?

Julie: Stop playing your violin, Uncle Mickey. To honor our dear, beloved departed, to raise money for the Gorton foundation, I will cook your dinner.

Bonnie: Grab an apron and make it snappy. I'll run down the menu with you. You better take notes.

Jan: How do they fit?

Shawn-D: You know damn well they don't fit.

Jan: I like your chest bare.

Shawn-D: That's because I can't button the damn shirt because I'm not a 9‑year‑old boy.

Jan: I know you're not a boy, Shawn. You're a man, and you're just the right size for me. All we have to do is get you as excited as I am.

Shawn-D: That'll never happen.

Jan: You want me. You know you do. As soon as you stop thinking you have to be faithful to Belle, you will be begging me to come and play with you in your cage.

Shawn-D: Are you insane?! You can't keep me in here forever.

Jan: Want to bet?

Shawn: : Right now my Mother and Father are looking for me, and Belle is, too, and she will never stop searching for me until she finds me.

Philip: All righty.

Belle: Oh, Philip, let me help you with that.

Philip: No, no, no. I got it.

Belle: No, come on. Seriously, I'm just as macho as you are.

Philip: Belle, I know you ‑‑

Belle: I can get it. Oh, my God, that's heavy.

Philip: Okay, good.

Belle: It's heavier than I thought.

Philip: No, no, no, no. It's my fault. I'm the idiot.

Belle: Are you sure you still want to live with me? I can be really stubbo.

Belle: Am I dreaming?

Philip: What?

Belle: Am I Belle Black? Are we in Salem? Is this the same world that I woke up in this morning? Philip... making love with you has changed everything about my life.

Philip: I guess moving in together was a pretty good idea.

Belle: It's the best idea ever.

Belle: Well, tell me so I can smile, too.

Philip: Huh?

Belle: You're obviously thinking about something good, so you should share.

Philip: I‑I was just thinking that you had a really good idea. Moving in here ‑‑ it just feels right. I got some more stuff in the car, so I'll be right back.

Belle: Okay.

Philip: Okay. Okay.

Belle: Oh. My high school yearbook. Oh.

[ Sighs]

Belle: That is exactly how I can find Shawn.

John: I got a point why you should go. Belle and Philip will probably be there, and I know it'd put a smile on your face to see them together. Think about that.

Kate: Yeah. Well, there'd probably be plenty of people who would have unkind words for us, too, seeing us together.

John: I don't care. It's none of their damn business. Now come on. We're colleagues. It's not as though we haven't been out to lunch and dinner plenty of times together.

Kate: Yeah, with clients or making a deal, but not just together socially, John.

John: Somehow, I think civilization will survive. Another point ‑‑ if you don't go with me, there's going to be 100 guys hitting on you. Now, I want you to think about that.

Kate: Ha ha. I don't want to think about that because I couldn't even think about being involved with another man after Roman.

John: Another thing we share in common. There will never be another woman like Marlena in my life.

Kate: You know something? I think we do need a party, and if other people don't get it, then that's okay with me.

John: Me too.

Lucas: Well, Buddy, it's ‑‑ it's kind of like this. Um... your Mom and I, we're going to go to that party, but just not as a couple.

Sami: Not together, period.

Will: You'd save gas if you only took one car.

Sami: Will, that's not the point. This is between your Father and I. Look, I'm going to go make sure you got everything out of your room, okay?

Lucas: So you got everything you need, right? You got, uh, your flashlight, you got batteries here. Anything else?

Will: There's only one thing I need, and you know what it is, Dad.

Lucas: Will, come on, man.

Will: You come on. You've had lots of chances to get together with Mom, and you've blown them all.

Lucas: Hey, wait a minute now. It's not just me, okay?

Will: Dad, you're a cool guy. You know how to work it. Why can't you make it work with Mom so that we can be a family?

Lucas: Come on, Will. That's never going to happen.

Will: Don't say never. You have the summer. Make it happen.

Sami: Will, you forgot all your sun screen and the bug spray. Make sure you use it, okay? Promise?

Will: I promise.

Sami: I can't believe you're going to be gone all summer, Will. Whose idea was this?

Will: Mine. I wanted to give you guys some time... alone.

Lucas: I'll ‑‑ I'll help you with your stuff down to the car.

Sami: Oh, yeah, me too. I want to come say goodbye.

Will: Oh, uh, no way. You guys will embarrass me in front of Josh.

Sami: Aw, Will, I'm going to miss you so much.

Lucas: At least give me a hug.

Sami: Don't forget this flashlight ‑‑ seems important, huh?

Lucas: Yeah, you got good batteries in that. Stay out of girls' camp.

Sami: Ha ha. Lucas.

Lucas: No itching powder. None of that stuff.

Will: All right.

Sami: Will, you're going to have so much fun. I'm so excited for you. I'm going to miss you.

Will: I'm going to miss you guys, too. Now be good, you guys, and don't drive each other too crazy. Dad, we've got an understanding, right?

Lucas: Ahem.

Sami: Hey, Lucas, what did Will mean by that? What did he mean by an understanding?

Lucas: Our kid wants something he can never have, Sami. Congratulations. We're going to break our Son's heart.

Jennifer: Patrick, you're not responsible for me.

Patrick: Yeah, well, someone has to be.

Jennifer: You ‑‑ you have been so good to me. I mean, the night that I ran you down at the end of my driveway, I think that was some sort of divine providence. You know what I mean. You have made Abby and me feel so safe and so protected, and I don't even know how to thank you for getting us through the worst time in our lives, and I will never forget that, and I'll never forget you.

Patrick: That sounds a lot like goodbye. Are you leaving? Got your strawberry tart.

Jennifer: Patrick, how can I leave town? I'm co‑chair of the Horton foundation. I can't walk out on my own fundraiser. Unless your Mom makes me eat those hot peppers, which I don't think the baby will like very much.

Patrick: Okay.

Jennifer: And my clothes ‑‑ look, they're right there hanging in the closet, ready to go. You got your duds, right?

Patrick: Oh, yeah. I better wear them, or my Mom will not be happy.

Jennifer: Good. Okay, well, I'm gonna finish packing my go‑to‑the‑hospital bag. You can take a shower.

Patrick: Okay. Uh, I'll see you in a few.

Jennifer: All right. Sorry, Patrick, but Jack is waiting for me. I am going to meet him tonight.

Bonnie: The avocado salsa has got to be kick‑ass hot. And I'm talking tongue‑scorching. And the folks aren't gonna be chowing down till after the jalapeņo eating contest, so our food has to hit a 10 on the spice meter. You got that?

Julie: I am the chef, and I will decide whose ass gets kicked and how high.

Bonnie: Julie, I swear to God ‑‑

Mickey: Hey, hey, hey! Ladies, no violence!

Bonnie: No, Mickey, she has got to cook my way. My culinary reputation is on the line here.

Julie: Give me the hat. I am the chef. I will be cooking my specialties. This is my crowd, toots, and they are going to love my food.

Bonnie: It has got to be country‑fried.

Julie: It is going to be gourmet.

Sami: Are you saying I'm the one breaking Will's heart? Because you have a lot of nerve here, Lucas. Who broke up with who here?

Lucas: You know what? I'm not getting in a relationship with a girl who fools around with strangers in a bar. As far as I'm concerned, this breakup's totally on you.

Philip: Just don't try to help me this time, okay, roomie? Belle? Belle? All right, you can help me spill these, too. I promise. Belle?

Shawn-D: They're just friends. Belle would never move on with Philip. She still loves me. I know she does.

Jan: What the hell do you want?

Belle: What's going on here?

Shawn-D: Oh, my God, it's Belle.

Julie: I should be running this place, Uncle Mickey. My cooking tonight will prove it to you.

Mickey: I've always loved your food, Julie.

Julie: Tonight will be the triumph of good taste over bad.

Bonnie: Oh, to hell with good taste. Just make sure this grub tastes good.

Julie: A grub is a lowly life form, Bonnie. Tonight your guests aren't going to chow down. They are going to dine. Long live Haute Cuisine!

Bonnie: Oh, none of that French stuff in my kitchen!

Shawn-D: Belle! Belle, it's Shawn! Jan has me back here all locked up! Belle! Belle!

Philip: Where did she go?

Philip: Jan spears. Ugh. Thank God she's gone.

John: Damn it. Shouldn't have had my phone off so long. Belle left a couple messages here, and it sounds urgent. I'm gonna head over to the loft.

Kate: Okay. I'll come with you.

John: Why would you want to do that?

Kate: Well, because believe it or not, Fathers aren't equipped to deal with everything, especially a Daughter's love life. Maybe I can offer the female perspective.

John: All right.

Sami: Lucas, this breakup wasn't my fault, okay? You're the one who took some stupid little kiss and blew it up into this huge thing!

Lucas: It is a huge thing!

Sami: What, you're always so perfect?


Lucas: Well, I'm not going around picking up exotic brunettes, that's for sure.

Sami: Oh, I am not doing this anymore! Will is gone, which means we don't have to talk to each other for the whole summer!

Lucas: Fine!

Sami: So I'll see you in September, loser!

Lucas: Good! Get out!

Sami: I'm leaving!

Lucas: Don't come back, either.

Sami: Oh, I won't, trust me!

Jennifer: [Gasps] Patrick, what are you doing?

Patrick: What are you doing, Jennifer? Did your labor start, or are you going to meet Jack?

John: If Shawn doesn't come back, you're gonna make me a promise. You're gonna forget about him and just move on with your life.

Jan: You're crazy for loving a girl who's about to lose her head for another man.

Jennifer: My wish is that I will see you so soon, Jack. Tonight.

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