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Bonnie: It's not like I'm completely uncaring. I-I'm worried about Jennifer, too. But you have to admit hearing her dead husband's voice coming out of the computer -- I mean, that's not just -- it's just not normal.

Patrick: No, it's not.

Bonnie: It's so sad. She really must miss that husband of hers.

Patrick: Yeah.

Bonnie: Nah, I don't think this is going to suit her delicate palate.

Patrick: When did one of your jobs become buying and sorting Jennifer's groceries?

Bonnie: Please, Patrick, the woman is in mourning. The least I could do is place a phone order. I don't want the poor little widow's cupboards to go completely bare.

Patrick: Well, it seems like you're making sure your cupboards don't go bare, either.

Bonnie: There is plenty here. Look, I bought two of almost everything. I mean, most of this stuff is for Abby and Jennifer, but I figured, if there was a little extra, then Connor and I could have some. You don't want your little brother to starve, now, do you?

Patrick: All right, that's called stealing, Mom.

Bonnie: No, it's not. It's extra.

Patrick: No, it's stealing, just like when you stole all the money Mimi won on the game show, and just like you stole the money that I left with you.

Bonnie: Why does everyone always think the worst of me? I did not steal your money or Mimi's. I invested it.

Patrick: Okay, then where is it?

Bonnie: Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose.

Patrick: Damn it, Mom, I needed that money.

Bonnie: Wait a minute. I know what's going on here. You owe money, don't you? That's why those thugs nearly killed you. Patrick, what have you got yourself mixed up in? Look, don't worry. Your mother is here, and I am going to help you out.

Patrick: You're right. I am in trouble, but I'm on my own in this one.

Abby: It sounded like you said you wanted Daddy to talk to you. What's going on?

Jennifer: Uh, you know what, sweetie? I was just going through some of daddy's old files, and, um... really, sometimes... it feels like he is right here talking to me.

Abby: Sometimes...

Jennifer: Sometimes what, honey?

Abby: Sometimes I pretend Daddy's still here tucking me in at night, talking to me through my Teddy Bear. He really used to make me laugh. He was so silly and so wonderful.

Jennifer: Come here, sweetie. Sit down.

Abby: I keep praying it was a mistake, that Daddy's still alive and he'll come home.

Jennifer: I know. So do I, baby. So do I.

Marlena: I thought I was the only person who knew Jan Spears was back in town. She -- she was coming to me for therapy.

Victor: No, you weren't the only one.

Marlena: Oh. I vaguely remember seeing her with Nicole. Oh -- one night before one of the murders.

Victor: When was it?

Marlena: Oh, that was, uh... I don't know. I-I'm having this problem with my memory.

Victor: Well, I'm not surprised you saw Jan and Nicole together. Jan's the one who killed me on orders from Nicole. Now, at least Nicole is probably sitting in jail by now, hopefully on death row.

Marlena: Oh, dear. I hate to break the news to you, Victor, but... she was never even arrested.

Victor: How can that be?

Marlena: Well, there was no evidence.

Victor: That's impossible. There were tons of evidence against her in my safe. My lawyer had explicit instructions to turn it all over to the police when my will was executed. Nicole was to get one dollar and one dollar only so she couldn't claim she was omitted accidentally.

Marlena: When they opened the safe, there was nothing there -- no will, no evidence, nothing at all.

Victor: My God. How did she do that? So not only is Nicole walking around free, she's living in my mansion with my Grandson Brady.

Marlena: Yes, I'm afraid she is.

Victor: That lying, conniving slut is going to destroy Brady. Damn that murdering whore to hell.

Crystal: You did that deliberately.

Nicole: Of course not. It was an accident.

John: A lot of that going around tonight. You spilled your drink accidentally on Kate, remember?

Brady: But it's unlike Nicole to waste perfectly good vodka.

Crystal: Well, I'm going to the ladies' room.

Nicole: You know, I should go with her. You know how we girls like to go to the powder room together.

Brady: I don't think it's a good idea. She's pretty mad.

Nicole: I'm going to apologize, Brady.

John: Nicole dumped that drink on Crystal on purpose, you know. They need to spend a little time alone.

Brady: Well, they are friends.

John: Mm-hmm. Good friends. What, you have a problem with me being with Crystal?

Brady: Dad, there really is no easy way to tell you this.

John: Then just say it.

Brady: She's a porn star.

Nicole: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Crystal: I'm just trying to have a little bit of fun. You have a problem with that?

Nicole: Damn right I do. Stay away from Brady's father.

Crystal: Why? Are you planning to hoard the whole family line for yourself?

Victor: How in the hell could Nicole have gotten into that safe? There's no way she could've broken into it. It was supposed to be impenetrable.

Marlena: All I know is, when they opened the safe, there was nothing there -- no will, no evidence against Nicole, nothing.

Victor: That's impossible. Nicole is guilty as sin.

Marlena: That's what John believes and what the police believe, and they're determined to prove it.

Victor: Well, they better.

Marlena: Look, I know that Nicole had her -- motives. But how did she ever get Jan to kill for her? Was she blackmailing her?

Victor: No. Jan told me why she did it. She made a deal with Nicole.

Marlena: She made a deal?

Victor: Jan is obsessed with Shawn, as you probably know. Nicole promised Jan she would help her get Shawn.

Marlena: Well, if Jan were... obsessed with Shawn, that... could mean that my daughter Belle is in danger.

Belle: Philip, you already told me you don't have feelings for Chloe, so why are you so against funding the opera house?

Philip: Belle, you don't understand.

Belle: Oh, my God. It is Chloe. She is the girl that you're in love with. That's why you don't want anyone to know who it is.

Philip: No. It's not. It has nothing to do with Chloe.

Belle: Are you sure?

Philip: Yes. The problem is, I just don't see how we can justify spending virtually all the foundation's money on one project. I mean, even as important and as worthy as the arts are, a new opera house can't compare with medical charities, social charities, and they're always under-funded. They need all the help they can get. And Bo agrees with me.

Belle: I know.

Philip: And you agreed with us at the meeting.

Belle: I know. It j just I feel really bad for my brother because I know how much he wanted this. And I'm really worried about what's going on between him and Nicole in that house.

[Knock on door]

Philip: Who could that be?

Belle: I don't know. I thought everyone had gone home for the night.

Philip: Okay...

Man: Miss Belle Black?

Belle: Oh, my God, that'd be me.

Man: I have champagne and a special dessert for you, ma'am.

Belle: Maybe -- maybe it's from Shawn. Maybe he's come back.

Jan: You have a point, lover. If I kill Belle, you'll be kinda ticked... for a while. You'll get over it. And when you do, you'll fall hopelessly in love with me. You'll do anything for me because you'll trust me with your life. And if you don't think I know what I'm doing, maybe I'll give you a little sample.

Shawn-D: Wait. Wait, Jan, I will make a deal with you.

Jan: Why should I let you deal when I'm the one holding the cards?

Shawn-D: If you leave Belle alone and promise not to do anything to her, I will do anything for you. I will give you my undying love.

Jan: I love you, Shawn. That's so sweet, but I also know that it's a lie.

Shawn-D: No, it isn't. I swear. I can prove it to you. Just come here, Jan. Come here, and I'll show you.

Jan: Okay, pony boy, prove it.

Shawn-D: Why don't you come here and kiss me, and I'll show you? You'll see I can forget all about Belle.

Bonnie: What kind of trouble have you gotten yourself into?

Patrick: These guys knew about our family and Salem. They wanted to work me, but I wouldn't let 'em.

Bonnie: These guys -- are they the same ones that stole Jennifer's bearer bonds?

Patrick: Yeah.

Bonnie: And they beat you up because you got them back for her.

Patrick: And none of this would've happened if you hadn't thrown away all my money.

Bonnie: Did I introduce you to these guys? Did I say, "hey, Patrick, here's some really mean boys, and I'd like you to spend some quality time with them." Did I do that?

Patrick: No.

Bonnie: No. I didn't get you into this, but I am gonna get you out.

Patrick: How?

Bonnie: They seem pretty determined.

Patrick: Yeah, they are.

Bonnie: Then you'd be an idiot to stand in their way. Just give 'em what they want, and let 'em get on with their lives.

Patrick: I'm sorry, Mom, I can't do that.

Jennifer: Uh, listen, come on, you need to get up bright and early in the morning for camp. Are you all packed?

Abby: Yeah, but maybe I should stay here with you. I mean, the baby's going to come, and I don't want you --

Jennifer: Sweetie, listen, you cannot spend the whole summer waiting around for this baby to show up.

Abby: Dad won't want me to leave you all alone.

Jennifer: You don't have to worry about that, all right? Our family is a phone call away, and you will be a phone call away. And if anything suddenly happened, Patrick's here, all right? And just think, soon as you get home from camp, you are going to have a brand-new baby brother or sister.

Abby: Okay.

Jennifer: Okay. So, go upstairs, and get a good night's sleep, all right?

Abby: Okay.

Jennifer: Good night.

Abby: I love you, Mom.

Jennifer: I love you, too, sweetie.

Abby: Good night!

Jennifer: Good night.

Jennifer: All right, come on, Jack. Oh, come on, come back to me, please. Come back to me. [Telephone rings]

Jennifer: [Gasps] Jack! Is that you?

Philip: Who is this from?

Man: I was told to give this card to the lady.

Belle: It's from Kate, congratulating us on our new positions at the company. [Cork pops]

Philip: I know you're disappointed this isn't from Shawn, but running the Basic Black Foundation is a great opportunity. You can do a lot of good for needy people.

Belle: You're right, and this is definitely worth celebrating.

Philip: And there is no one that I would rather celebrate with. Champagne? To us and to working together.

Shawn-D: Oh, baby, you're really getting to me.

Jan: Am I?

Shawn-D: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, I want you so bad.

Jan: The doctor is in.

Shawn-D: That's nice. Baby, I want you. I want to feel you. I want to hold you. Why don't you undo these cuffs so I can make love to you?

Jan: Shawn. I should've known. You're just playing with me again. How stupid do you think I am? I'm not stupid, lovey. I know that you're just trying to escape. I know that you're still thinking about Belle. I know that you're still in love with her and still thinking about her, and you know what? You're gonna have a really, really hard time thinking about her when she's shot full of holes. Oh, that bitch!

Shawn-D: Wait, who are you calling? Who are you calling?

Jan: I'm calling your girlfriend. I'm calling Belle. I want to make sure that she's home.

Shawn-D: Why?

Jan: Did you know that 80% of all deaths occur in the home? It's a really interesting statistic, don't you think?

Crystal: You just want John all to yourself.

Nicole: No, I don't. I don't want him at all, and if you had any sense, you'd stay away from him.

Crystal: Well, maybe I don't have any sense.

Nicole: Why are you so interested in him, anyway?

Crystal: Well, figure it out. I was out on the dance floor doing the salsa with him, and he's got muscles where I didn't even know men had muscles. So I'd like to do some more salsa with him... horizontally.

Nicole: Sex -- is that what you're talking about?

Crystal: Hey, I've been in a prison cell with nothing more than a couple of romance novels to charge up my batteries.

Nicole: What about the quickie with the guard to help set up Marlena to be shot?

Crystal: Well, there was that, but he hardly discharged any voltage whatsoever. I mean, it was practically over when it started.

Nicole: There are a lot of other men out there.

Crystal: Not like him. Brady's dad is the real deal. He's just what I need.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. Well, then I hope you kept your romance novels, because you're gonna need 'em when you get sent back to prison.

Crystal: That's not gonna happen.

Nicole: It sure as hell is if you keep coming on to John, and I'm gonna make damn sure that I don't get sent back with you.

John: So that's how she met Crystal. Hmm. That's too bad she got mixed up with Paul Mendez. That guy's a monster.

Brady: Yeah, he was. And Nicole has a big enough heart to realize that some girls get coerced into that lifestyle. That's why she's helping out Crystal now.

John: Or she owes Crystal a debt... for killing Victor.

Brady: So that's what you're doing here -- you're trying to prove this crazy theory of yours?

John: Not so crazy, kid. It's very possible that she may be Nicole's mysterious accomplice.

Marlena: Boy... I know that Jan has issues, but to think that she would murder for Nicole... for Belle's boyfriend... oh, my gosh. What if she goes after her?

Victor: Yes. We have to worry about Brady, as well. Nicole wants my grandson. She's been lusting after him ever since the first day she moved into the mansion.

Marlena: Brady is very much in love with Chloe. He is deeply committed to her.

Victor: If Nicole has her way, she'll do everything she can to come between them. I know firsthand, at least where Nicole is concerned. Anything she can't have or control, she kills.

Bonnie: You better do what these criminals say, unless you have some sort of death wish.

Patrick: I don't have a death wish.

Bonnie: What do they want from you?

Patrick: They wanted me to come here to Salem.

Bonnie: Why?

Patrick: To get Jennifer.

Bonnie: To get her? How? Why?

Patrick: I don't know. They just -- they keep pushing for me to set her up.

Bonnie: What did you tell them?

Patrick: I said no, I wouldn't do it, but they won't accept that. They keep threatening me.

Bonnie: It's terrible. For you and for Jennifer.

Patrick: Yeah, okay.

Bonnie: I'm your mother, and you have to listen to me. I know exactly what you have to do.

Jennifer: Jack! Oh...I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. I thought that you were someone else. I -- yeah, sure, sure. I really appreciate you picking up Abby in the morning. Um, okay, let me write that down. 8:00...yeah. 8:00 will be fine, and I'll make sure that she's all packed. And, uh... she's really looking forward to it. I think the girls are gonna have a great time together. Yeah. Okay, thanks. See you tomorrow. [Static]

Man's voice: Jennifer.

Jennifer: Jack. Jack, is that you? Jack?

Man's voice: Jennifer.

Belle: Ha ha.

Philip: Here.

Philip: Something wrong?

Belle: It's just that, um, my Mom and my Dad always used to do this. You know, drink champagne and feed each other strawberries, and just -- it's making me think about my Dad and how much he has to be missing her.

Philip: Is this just about your mom and your dad?

Belle: Well, not really.

Philip: Right. Do you want to talk about it?

Belle: Shawn and I -- we used to do this, too. You know, strawberries on our special days and anniversaries.

Philip: Yeah. What anniversaries?

Belle: First date. First kiss. I'm so sorry, Philip.

Philip: No, no, no. No, no, no, it's okay. It's okay. I don't blame you. But I do blame Shawn. Belle, he should be here. You need him.

Belle: Maybe he doesn't know what I'm going through. Maybe --

Philip: No more excuses, Belle. It's been too long. He has to have heard about your mom by now. And there's no good reason why you have not heard from him.

[Dialing phone]

Jan: I'll just try again. By the way, if you have any thoughts about yelling something into the phone, just forget it. Mute button, honey. But at least this way you can hear your girlfriend's voice for one last time. Don't say that I'm not a giving person.

Belle's voice: Hi, this is Belle. You know what to do. If this is Shawn, I miss you, and I love you. Please call me. I'm at Basic Black. [Hangs up phone]

Jan: Do you see what I am talking about? She's obsessed! All she thinks about is you! She has to die!

Shawn-D: Please! Jan, don't do something you'll later regret, okay? Don't screw up your life as well as everyone else's.

Jan: I'm sorry, Shawn. This is your own fault!

Shawn-D: No, no one is at fault here.

Jan: No, no, you are at fault, Shawn, because if you didn't love her so much, then she wouldn't even have to die! [Sighs] [Music playing on radio] You know what? Just don't disagree with me, Shawn, okay? It's really, really not nice to disagree with the woman you love. Look, I turned on the radio for you. Aren't I sweet? This way, you'll be able to hear the news bulletin that your girlfriend is dead.

Shawn-D: No, please, Jan! Jan, wait, I'll do anything! Just don't hurt Belle!

Crystal: Lighten up. I'm not looking to marry John. I'm just looking for a little uh-huh, uh-huh.

Nicole: Yeah. John's idea of "uh-huh, uh-huh" is putting us both in handcuffs.

Crystal: Fun. Handcuffs. He's a kinky boy, huh?

Nicole: Oh, listen up, Crystal. When you drink, you talk, and when you talk, you spill, and if you spill anything about Marlena or how she was killed, John will be all over you -- and not the way you're fantasizing.

Crystal: All over me, handcuffs? I'm sorry, you're fanning the flames.

Nicole: This is serious. John is I.S.A. He is an ex-cop.

Crystal: He is?

Nicole: Yes. I.S.A. plus cop equals bad.

Crystal: Do you think he suspects something?

Nicole: He suspects me of a lot of things. And so does the Salem Police Department.

Crystal: Well, that's your problem, isn't it?

Nicole: No, it's your problem, too. Don't forget that the late Dr. Evans was John's wife. And you, my dear, are responsible for getting her whacked.

Crystal: I did the guard. That's all I did.

Nicole: No. You're in this, too, and you know it. Maybe that wasn't a muscle you were feeling on John. Maybe it was a gun.

Crystal: Well, then I'd sure like to tickle his trigger.

Nicole: You are gonna wind up getting us thrown in jail.

Crystal: Look, John doesn't know me. He knows nothing about me. And I plan to keep it that way.

Brady: Dad, I told you, Crystal just got into town.

John: Mm-hmm.

Brady: She wasn't even here yet when Granddad was killed.

John: According to who?

Brady: Nicole.

John: Ah, well, hell, there we have it -- an airtight alibi. You know, I think I'll check her out just to be safe.

Brady: How?

John: I'm gonna match her prints with the ones found at the mansion.

Bonnie: You need to get out of Salem while you still can.

Patrick: I'm not leaving Jennifer. She needs me. She needs someone to protect her.

Bonnie: That's very noble, Patrick, but you --

Patrick: Don't even say it. I'm staying, and that's it.

Bonnie: Okay. Okay. I know better than to try to talk you out of something once you've made your mind up. You've got that Lockhart stubbornness.

Patrick: Yep.

Bonnie: What do these guys want from Jennifer?

Patrick: I told you, I don't know.

Bonnie: Well, she's rich. But she's a widow, and she's pregnant. She's got a little girl.

Patrick: These crooks don't care.

Bonnie: Then you be careful.

Patrick: Of course.

Bonnie: I just got you back. I don't want to lose you.

Patrick: Give my love to Connor.

Bonnie: I will.

Patrick: And, Mom?

Bonnie: Yeah?

Patrick: Next time, buy your groceries, okay?

Bonnie: Bye, Patrick.

Patrick: I won't let anything happen to you, Jennifer. I swear. Now that Jack's gone, I'm the only one that can protect you.

Jennifer: Jack! Jack, I can't hear you. I can't understand. There's too much static. [Static stops]

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh, I knew it. I knew it! I knew you were alive, Jack! I knew it! I knew you were alive!

Marlena: Are you saying that if Nicole can't have Brady, she might harm him in some way?

Victor: No question in my mind.

Marlena: Oh. And what about Jan?

Victor: Jan is potentially more deadly than Nicole.

Marlena: It's just so awful thinking about all the people we love in Salem being in danger.

Victor: You know, I think that's all part of the plan. As each person arrives from Salem, they bring more news -- news of the dangers, the perils that our loved ones are in back home.

Marlena: It's absolutely evil.

Victor: Yes. It's as if whoever's behind this whole thing delights in knowing that we're frightened and worried for our loved ones and there's nothing that we can do to warn them or to help them.

Woman: Love is a stranger

Shawn-D: Rrr!

Woman: Love is a stranger [Gunshots continue]

Shawn-D: No! No!

Woman: Love is a stranger

Philip: I'm sorry about Shawn.

Belle: I know.

Philip: But mostly I'm just sorry to see you hurting like this.

Belle: Thank you, Philip.

Philip: You know, maybe we should just get back to work, huh?

Belle: Probably a good idea.

Philip: Okay. Um, you know, I left some info about some of the charities down in my car, so I'm gonna go get them. Will you be okay?

Belle: Yeah.

Philip: I'll be right back.

Belle: Okay. Philip? Thank you for being so understanding.

Philip: [Sighs]

Belle: Oh, Shawn... I miss you so much. If only you could be here with me.

Lucas: But are you really on the level here? I mean, can I really trust that you've totally changed?

Jennifer: I have to find Jack, and if none of you are going to help me, I am gonna find him myself. Oh!

Julie: Oh, God.

Mickey: Oh, God.

Julie: Oh, my God!

Shawn-D: Don't let that maniac kill Belle. If anything happens to her, I swear, I don't know what I'll do.


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