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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 6/4/04 - Canada; Monday 6/7/04 - U.S.A.

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Nicole: Poor Brady. I feel sorry for you. Now that Bo and Philip voted against the concert hall, Chloe may never be coming home again. I don't suppose you've broken the news to her. I didn't think so. You know, there are other, hotter ways to work out your frustration. That's right, Brady. Use me, baby. Yeah.

Belle: What kind of confession?

Philip: You know, you're right, Belle. You do know this woman that I love, and I think it's time I tell you exactly who she is. Um... I can't believe I'm doing this, but I think that when I tell you, I think it'll be pretty clear to you why I didn't want to say anything before.

Belle: Okay.

Philip: Okay, um, well, I've known her a really long time, and I didn't realize how I felt about her until I left for basic training. At first all I thought about was Chloe, but then things totally changed, and I realized that I was in love with another woman -- this wonderful, amazing woman.

Belle: Okay, Philip, who is she? Who's this woman that you're in love with?

John: When I find someone as fascinating as you, I just have to know everything about them.

Crystal: Enough about me. My song is on. Let's dance.

John: Thought you'd never ask.

Tito: Back again, Kate?

Kate: Yes. I think I left some keys here earlier.

Tito: I'll go back and check.

Kate: Thanks. Well, someone is enjoying themselves.


Mimi: Shawn's been possessive, he has said unforgivable things to Belle, and now he's abandoned her when she needs him most. You know, I always thought Shawn was one of the nicest guys in the world, but right now, I'm sorry, Rex, he's being a total bastard to her.

Hope: Ahem.

Mimi: Oh... I-I'm sorry, Mr. And Mrs. Brady. I know that sounded harsh, but I'm just -- I'm just so frustrated. I mean, why hasn't anyone heard from Shawn?

Hope: You're not the only one who is concerned, Mimi. Bo and I are beginning to think that something might have happened to him.

Kewpie: Hurry, Jan! Your love slave is getting away! He's getting away!

[Chains rattling]

Jan: Shawn, I'm hurt! Please help me!

Bo: We're hoping that Shawn's still on the road, you know, maybe showing off his curveball to some minor league team.

Hope: Yeah, but just in case, we're gonna check out a few leads.

Rex: Is there anything Mimi and I can do?

Hope: Well, right now we're here to check out Shawn's room for clues.

Mimi: Is there anything in particular you're looking for?

Deep voice: Enter his world if you dare. But once inside, you must beware. The answers you seek won't be complete. Just find the spot, and connect the dots.

Hope: "Enter his world if you dare." Shawn's loft. His place. His room.

Celeste: Yes, yes, darling. That's where it is. That's where it is.

Bo: We're not exactly sure what we're looking for, but we think the answer might be in Shawn's room.

Mimi: You mean like a phone number on a piece of paper, or --

Rex: Or like a message to someone in his e-mail?

Hope: Yeah, exactly. We're gonna check out all of those things. But you know what? On the way over here, Bo and I started thinking about the night Marlena broke in here and tried to stab Shawn in his sleep.

Rex: Right, and knifed someone else instead.

Hope: If we can somehow identify the person Marlena stabbed, then maybe he or she could lead us to Shawn.

Mimi: Shawn didn't have a clue who it was.

Bo: Maybe now he does.

Hope: Either way, we're going to find our son.

Jan: Shawn! Shawn, please help me! Shawn!

Kewpie: You'd better do something quick. If he gets out, he'll run back to Belle.

Jan: No!

Shawn-D: Damn it, where is the key?

Jan: You're not going anywhere.

Philip: Okay. Here goes. Belle --

Belle: No, don't! No, don't tell me!

Philip: Are you kidding?

Belle: No, I just -- I feel like such a jinx lately.

Philip: You're not a jinx.

Belle: Okay, and if I know this girl, then I'm gonna have a terrible time keeping this secret, and the last thing that this mystery girl needs, whoever she is, is another girl -- me -- getting all up in your business. So it's best if you just don't tell me.

Philip: Okay.

Belle: I'm just gonna have to wait until the day when I see you walk up to me with her on your arm and a huge smile on your face, and you're like, "Belle, this is her."

Philip: Sounds like a plan.

Belle: Philip, you have changed so much.

Philip: That's a good thing, right?

Belle: Yeah, I mean, all the things I loved about you before, I still do. But you moved away from home. You joined the military. You've experienced so many things. And when you were with Chloe, she was your first love. You were just in high school. I think things are gonna be different this time around.

Philip: I hope so. You know, I made all those stupid mistakes with Chloe, though. And now Brady's making the exact same ones. You know that's why my dad was building that concert hall to begin with. It was a bribe.

Belle: I know, but I think your dad's gonna be really happy with the charities that you and Bo have chosen to carry on his legacy. I just wish that there was enough money to help all of them.

Philip: What are you laughing at?

Belle: Nothing! I just have this crazy picture of what I would do if I was in a position to change all that.

[Crowd cheering]

Belle: Thank you, thank you. My fellow Americans, more than 150 years ago, Henry David Thoreau said, "our charitable institutions are an insult to humanity -- crumbs that fall from overloaded tables left after its feasts." That statement is as true today as it was then. And today, my fellow Americans, I pledge, as your next president, I will ensure that every cause in America is taken care of. Every charity will be funded and fulfilled.

[Crowd cheering]

Both: [Laughing]

Philip: Ah. I don't know why I'm laughing. I think actually you'd make a fabulous president.

Belle: Well, thank you very much, Mr. Kiriakis, because if I needed a running mate, the only person I would want is you.

Philip: And you've given this thought, have you?

Belle: Well, I'm just drawing from past experience.

Philip: Past experience? 8th grade student council?

Belle: Philip, come on! You were the only person that I could count on. Nobody else really cared.

Philip: Ah, surely you're referring to vending machines in the cafeteria. It's an issue very close to my heart, as well as my stomach.

Belle: Philip, I am serious. You're just so dependable, unlike... other guys.

Philip: Ahh.

Belle: So, am I the only person that has crazy daydreams like this?

Philip: Believe me, you're not. And you know, sometimes those dreams turn out to be not so crazy after all.

Kate: Excuse me. I'd like to cut in.

Crystal: Beat it, granny.

John: It's okay, Crystal. She's family.

Crystal: Oh, sorry, I didn't realize. Is this your mom?

John: Crystal! Why don't you go back to the bar, and we'll open up that champagne, okay?

Crystal: Groovy.

[Song ends]

John: You wanna dance?

[Slow jazz music playing ]

Kate: What is going on with you? I don't understand this. I've -- I've only been gone 10 minutes, and what is going on with this -- excuse me -- piece of trash?

John: Not just any piece of trash. Her name is Crystal. And your assumptions are right on the money, Kate. I'm trying to seduce her.

Crystal: So who's the old broad dancing with John?

Tito: Are you kidding? That foxy lady is Kate Roberts Brady, president of his company.

Crystal: Hmm.

Tito: There you go.

Crystal: I knew that old bitch was trying to horn in on my Booty call.

Kate: You're trying to seduce her?

John: It's not what you think.

Kate: John, look, I know that you're hurting --

John: Kate, Kate. I'm not trying to sleep with her. I just want to find out if she has anything to do with Victor's murder. That's right. I think she might be Nicole's accomplice -- the one that helped Nicole put Victor in his grave.

Brady: You are the most amazing lover.

Brady: Nicole? Nicole? You okay?

Nicole: I'm fine. I, uh, I was just thinking about what happened earlier today with the family meeting.

Brady: Oh, when Bo and Philip voted against the concert hall?

Nicole: Oh, yeah. I was so furious with Bozo and Philip blocking their votes and then swinging Shawn's proxy vote their way. I mean, if only Shawn was around -

Brady: Yeah, I don't think it would have mattered. See, he would have voted with Bo and Philip and my sister. That's what I can't believe -- my own sister voted against me.

Nicole: Brady, I'm sure she was only supporting Philip. It's Bo that gets me. I mean, here is Victor's bastard son, a man who fought with him for years, broke his heart because he didn't want to accept him as his father. He even called him a crook. Oh, and now he suddenly wants to control all his money? What a hypocrite.

Brady: I don't think Bo necessarily wants to control my grandfather's money as much as he wants you out of the family.

Nicole: What do you want, Brady? You want me to leave?

Rex: Are you sure there's nothing Mimi and I can do to help?

Hope: Well, uh, right now, we're going to check out Shawn's room, so let's just take a look in there first. Uh, before do, here, put these on. We don't want to contaminate anything, okay? Well -- I can't say that I'm shocked. If -- if I hadn't cleaned Shawn's room up while he was growing up, I -- I would think there was something terribly wrong.

Bo: Yeah, like a hand grenade went off in here.

Hope: He'll never learn. Instead of throwing things out, he shoves them under the bed, in drawers, or --

Mimi: Well, you know, two guys living together.

Bo: Right. Um, did either one of you clean up in here since Marlena broke into your place?

Rex: I guess, uh, probably not.

Mimi: Uh...

Rex: Other than Mimi, no one's cleaned anything.

Hope: Mimi, have you been in here?

Mimi: Oh, God, no. There's not enough money in the world.

Hope: What about Belle?

Mimi: No, she avoids coming here. She and Shawn usually hang out at our place in her room.

Hope: Oh. Well, if that's the case... Who does this belong to?

Mimi: Oh, my God. I know.

Shawn-D: Give me the keys, Jan.

Jan: Ha ha. There's no way I'm ever giving you up.

Shawn-D: Please give me the keys.

Jan: No.

Shawn-D: Whatever happened to you, huh? I mean, you used to be normal. What made you do this?

Jan: [Sighs] You, Shawn. You. Just when things started to work for us, Belle came along, and she ruined everything. How could you dump me for her?

Shawn-D: Because I love her. I always have, I always will. You need to get used to that and let me go.

Jan: Shawn... we could have a great life together.

Shawn-D: No. No, my life is with Belle, okay? Not with some crazy lunatic.

Jan: Do not call me crazy. Shawn, I'm in love.

Shawn-D: You call this love? You're pathetic.

Jan: I -- ugh. Give me the key or else.

Shawn-D: No way, Jan. I am getting the hell out of here, and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. Aah! Aah! Aah! [Gasping]

Jan: I'm sorry, Shawn. I'm sorry.

Shawn-D: Aah!

Jan: You gave me no choice.

Shawn-D: [Gasping] Aah! 

Philip: Vice-president Kiriakis.

Belle: Yeah. Would you accept?

Philip: Come on, like I could say no to you?

Belle: And now, my fellow Americans, it is time for me to name my running mate. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you special intelligence officer Philip Kiriakis of the United States Marine Corps.

[Crowd cheering]

Philip: Please -- thank you. Thank you very much. However -- however, I can only hope that she will accept my offer.

Philip: Will the next president of the United States marry me? Belle black, will you be my wife?

Belle: Yes!

[Crowd cheering]

Belle: What?

Philip: What?

Belle: You're thinking about her, aren't you?

Philip: How can you tell?

Belle: Philip, how long have I known you? If only I knew what Shawn was thinking.

Philip: Ahem.

Belle: God, why hasn't he called?

Philip: [Sighs]

Brady: No, Nicole, I don't want you to go. I know I've said in the past that if you had anything to do with my grandfather's death, I would be the first one to see you locked up.

Nicole: Seems I've heard you mention that once or twice.

Brady: But if you are innocent, then you are entitled to what rightfully is yours.

Nicole: I appreciate you believing in me.

Brady: Hey, what's fair is fair.

Nicole: I agree. But what's not fair is that Bo and Philip are convinced that I had something to do with Victor's death. But I was handcuffed to you that night. There's no way I could have killed him.

Brady: Nicole, you couldn't have physically killed my grandfather, but that doesn't stop Bo and Philip and even my father from believing you hired an accomplice. In fact, my dad thinks it might have been Crystal.

 [Slow jazz music playing ]

Tito: Can I pour you another while you wait?

Crystal: No, thank you, but I'd like to order one for Mrs. Brady. What does she drink?

Tito: Vodka martinis.

Crystal: Make it a double.

John: Is Crystal watching us right now?

Kate: Oh, yes, she is. So you think that Crystal and Nicole are as thick as thieves?

John: Ms. Galore shows up out of nowhere, she's living at the Kiriakis mansion, apparently she and Nicole are old friends -- what do you make of it?

Kate: Well, that's a red flag, because Nicole doesn't have any friends.

John: That's why I want to find out what Crystal's story is. If she and Nicole had anything to do with Victor's death, I want my kid out of that house right now.

Kate: Hmm. Well, she obviously has some bucks, because she's dressed in the latest fashion. I haven't seen designer shoes like that since Maggie Horton died.

John: Doesn't look like the platinum card-carrying type to you, though?

Kate: Oh, ha ha. Trust me, she's a grifter. And if she's friends with Nicole, well, then, your conspiracy theory gets my vote. And speaking of votes...

Tito: For ms. Brady.

Crystal: Thank you.

Tito: You're welcome.

Crystal: I hope you're thirsty, Kate.

Kate: I would have thought Belle would have told you.

John: No, I haven't talked to her. When you left, uh, Crystal walked in. I thought I'd hang around a little bit. Well, no concert hall. That's too bad. I know Brady and Victor were invested in that project. In fact, Brady was sure that it was going to bring Chloe back to town.

Kate: Well, I think that that was the bone of contention, because Philip and Bo want that money to go to charity.

John: Well, that makes sense. What about Nicole? How does she fit in?

Kate: You know something? I think her plan all along, her scheme, was to divide and conquer, and that way, she could destroy Victor's legacy, and she could destroy Brady's relationship with Chloe, and she could pit one family member against the other.

John: Well, the last thing Victor's family needs right now is more unrest, what with Nicole in the picture. We got to solve this thing, Kate, 'cause I'll be damned if I'm going to let Nicole hurt anyone else I love.

Hope: Who does the earring belong to, Mimi?

Mimi: Mm, give me a second. Uh...

Bo: Mimi, do you know or not?

Mimi: I thought I did. It just looked so familiar. I think my mom has one similar to that.

Rex: Looks sort of common to me.

Mimi: Rex is right. I'm sorry.

Hope: No, it's okay. We need to concentrate on the spirit's riddle, Bo.

Mimi: The what?

Hope: N-never mind.

Bo: It's a Celeste thing.

Hope: Let's just keep looking for clues, okay?

Bo: Hold on, hold on. I think I might have found our next clue.

Hope: What have you got?

Bo: Oh, damn it. It's only a partial print. We've hit a dead end.

Rex: Not necessarily.

Jan: Is your head okay? I forgot to mention that I keep this under your bed in case you get rough and I need to whack you one, and darn if I didn’t. You know, these coffee burns, they're really not that bad. This is way more fun than playing Barbie, isn't it, kewpie?

Kewpie: He's way hotter than ken.

Jan: [Laughing]

Shawn-D: I'm just going to keep putting you off, Jan. My mind, heart, body, and soul belong to Belle, and there is nothing that you can do to change that.

Jan: La la la la la la la

Shawn-D: Jan --

Jan: La la la la la la

Shawn-D: Jan, please! Let's just talk some basic common sense here, okay? What kind of love is this, and how long can you enjoy it? All right, let me go, and I promise to you, I will not press any charges. I just -- I want you to reconsider what you're doing.

Jan: You're right. You're right, Shawn. I've gone about this entirely the wrong way.

Shawn-D: So you're going to let me out of here?

Jan: I'm going to get the key. Guess I won't be needing this anymore.

[Door closes]

Shawn-D: All right, Belle. I'm coming home.

 [Slow jazz music playing ]

Kate: I'm glad that -- that Philip had Belle to help him through the turmoil.

John: It's a 2-way street. Philip was there for Belle. I think they make a good team. I still can't believe that Belle hasn't heard from Shawn, though. You know, the more I think about him with my daughter, the more I'm starting to believe he's not right for her.

Kate: Well, you know, they -- they come from different backgrounds. That can make all the difference.

John: You're a Brady. I was proud to be a Brady.

Kate: Well, so am I. That's not what I'm saying. I -- what I mean is that maybe Shawn inherited that nomadic gene from his father, and he thinks it's okay to hit the road or disappear into thin air when there's a problem. But the problem is that he's breaking the heart of the woman he loves.

John: You know, Kate, I'm very fond of Philip, but why is he any different? I mean, didn't he just run out when Chloe chose Brady?

Kate: No.

John: No?

Kate: He didn't just run out. He joined the marines.

John: Mm, okay.

Kate: It's true. And that transformed him mentally and physically. He went into the marines a boy, and he came out a man.

John: And because of that, you think Belle should be with Philip, right?

Kate: Yeah, I do.

John: Yeah?

Kate: I do. He's learned how to be a man, and he'd do anything to protect Belle. He reminds me a lot of you.

John: Well, if that was a compliment, thank you. But I think you said it best, Kate -- Philip is a man, Belle is a woman, and they will ultimately decide who they want to be with.

Kate: Yes, well, of course.

John: And when Shawn comes home, I'm sure the two of them are going to sit down and try to work out their differences.

Kate: [Thinking] But then it will be too late, because Philip will be with Belle, and there's nothing Shawn can do about it.

Kate: Thank you.

John: Thank you.

Kate: [Gasps] Aah! Oh!

John: Whoa, whoa, hey, hey. What are you doing?

Crystal: Mind if I cut in?

John: Hey, Kate, Kate, Kate, Kate, lucky for us, basic black's around the corner, right? I know you keep a change of clothes there.

Kate: Oh, yes, I'll just go over there and clean up. You better watch your back, lady.

Crystal: Oh, I know all about watching my back. I can take care of myself. I'm sorry. I-I didn't want that old bag hitting on you.

John: That was classic. I didn't think she was ever going to leave.

Crystal: Ha ha. Seriously?

John: Are you kidding me? All she ever does is talk about business. I'd fire her in a heartbeat if she weren't so damn good. Now... where were we?

Both: [Laughing]

Nicole: Ha ha. If John thinks Crystal was my accomplice, he'd better go back to clue school, because he doesn't have one. I mean, Crystal may be a lot of things, but I can honestly say she did not kill Victor. I mean, she wasn't even in town when he died.

Brady: Well, if that's true, I'm sure it'll check out.

Nicole: You're damn right it will.

Brady: So, tell me, how long is miss galore planning on staying with us here?

Nicole: Not much longer. I'm sure she's out painting the town red, picking up on some guy as we speak. And if we're lucky, she'll get in some relationship and move far, far away.

Brady: Yeah. If you want her to leave, Nicole, why don't -- why don't you just ask her?

Nicole: Because I owe her big time.

Crystal: You want me to do what?

Nicole: It's a piece of cake.

Crystal: You call murdering somebody a piece of cake?

Nicole: If Marlena talks, I'll end up in jail right next to you, and all my money won't be able to help you or me.

Brady: Well, does it have to do with your past? You know, when -- when you two worked together?

Nicole: In porno? It's okay, Brady. You can say it. Yeah, Crystal took care of me. She wasn't much older than me, but she had the nerve to stick up for me. She wouldn't let those sleazy letches touch me when we weren't filming. It's kind of funny.

Brady: What is?

Nicole: When I think back to the hell I went through growing up and what I'm going through now, it seems like a joke. Ha ha. I mean, even if I was mother Teresa, John, Bo, Philip, and -- and everyone else in Salem would still believe that I killed Victor.

Brady: Ha ha.

Nicole: What?

Brady: I'm just trying to picture you as mother Teresa, that's all.

Nicole: Ha ha ha. Well, I'm glad I can make you laugh.

Brady: Ahem.

Nicole: I-I got to go inside.

Brady: Wait, Nicole, wait a minute. Um, I got an idea. I-I, uh, I appreciate you standing up for me and Chloe with -- with the concert hall, so I'd like to thank you by -- by taking you out to dinner, maybe some drinks, dancing.

Nicole: You mean it?

Brady: Yeah. Yeah, sure, why not?

Nicole: I don't have anything to wear.

Brady: Oh, please, Nicole you could practically put on anything and -- and look great, so just go upstairs and get changed. I'll clean up, and we'll get out of here.

Nicole: Thank you.

Philip: Come on. Shawn'll call soon.

Belle: You know what? I don't think so. Each day that goes by, I just get more and more worried that something's happened to him or that he's just dumped me.

Philip: No. Think about what Bo said. Maybe Shawn is following around some minor-league team. I don't know.

Belle: Well, I've got too much going on to just fall apart. Even though my mom's gone and Shawn's missing, I still need to concentrate on my own life. Speaking of which, do you want to see my new designs?

Philip: Yeah. Show me. Come on. Maybe you should model some of these for me.

Belle: I don't think so.

Philip: No?

Belle: No.

Philip: I think it would be fun. Ha ha.

Belle: Just look at -- I design them. I don't wear them.

Philip: Okay, well, let me see.

Belle: Okay.

Philip: These are unbelievable. You know, you have an amazing talent. Look at this.

Belle: I just really wish there was a way I could mold what I do at basic black into some kind of charitable role. Here.

Kate: Maybe there is a way you can do both.

Philip: Mom.

Kate: Belle, if you're really interested in doing charitable work, and if you think you can handle the extra hours, I'm looking for a new director for the basic black foundation. Are you interested?

Belle: You -- you want me to do it?

Kate: I would love you to do it. Now, I'm going to talk to your dad, but I'm sure he'd be in favor, too.

Belle: Oh, my God. Thank you. I -- I don't believe this, but, Kate, I don't know if I could handle that on my own with college and my junior designer position.

Kate: Well, I've already thought about that. How about if the two of you work together? I mean, Philip, if that -- if you can handle commuting back and forth from base.

Philip: Are you kidding me? I can handle it.

Belle: Philip, this is great! We're going to be working together!

Philip: Well, you know, it's not quite president and vice-president, but I'll take it. I can't wait to get started.

John: I appreciate you sticking up for me, Crystal, but the fact is Kate is nothing more than a friend and an employee who has a one-track mind on her career.

Crystal: Oh, you say that now, but I've seen those old, desperate women like Kate hit on rich, sexy men like you, and once they sink their teeth into your fle--

John: Shh. I don't want to talk about Kate anymore. I would much rather focus on you.

Crystal: Ha ha. Ha ha.

Brady: Nothing to wear, huh? Nicole, you would look good in a potato sack. Tito. What's going on, man?

Tito: Hey. It's slow tonight. Uh, but you've got some invoices on your desk that need your immediate attention.

Brady: Oh, um, better check those out in my office. Just give me a second, okay?

Nicole: Yeah, sure.

Brady: Excuse me.

Tito: You are smokin' tonight.

Nicole: Yeah? Then how about giving a girl something to fan her flames?

Tito: One double martini coming up.

Nicole: Okay.

Crystal: My life is an open Book.

John: Well, if that's the case, what do you say we fast-forward to the chapter about you and Nicole? Now, I don't know much about the widow Kiriakis, but I do believe she has designs on my son. Do I have any reason to be worried about that?

Crystal: Absolutely. Nicole's a killer.

Nicole: Thanks.

Tito: You're welcome.

Nicole: Oh, my God. I'm dead.

Rex: Okay. I've scanned the image of the partial print onto Shawn's computer.

Bo: Hey, there's no way to positively match a partial print.

Rex: Well, by design, that's true. However, it's easy to manipulate what the computer thinks it's seeing. Watch. All right, now let's get into the Salem P.D. mainframe home page. All right, Bo, go ahead and put in your password.

Hope: Mimi.

Bo: All right.

Hope: Okay.

Rex: All right. Now, you see, by submitting the partial print into the archive as a damaged file, the computer will try to fix it, and then offer to overwrite it with a complete print.

Mimi: Rex, you are brilliant. Are you sure you want to be a bartender?

Bo: Bartender?

Rex: Mimi.

Mimi: Sorry. I just think you ought to start your own company in Salem.

Rex: All right.

[Computer beeps]

Bo: I don't believe it.

Hope: Does it match anything in the system?

Bo: Yeah, there is a match.

Hope: Who does the fingerprint belong to?

Bo: The murderer.

Shawn-D: You're doing the right thing, I swear to God.

Jan: And I believe you, patient Shawn. Double meaning there. I know I am. Now, I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner.

Shawn-D: Where's the key?

Jan: What key?

Shawn-D: The key to let me out of here.

Jan: Oh, Shawnie, you should have beaten the hell out of me and taken the key when you had the chance. But no, not our Mr. Nice guy. "Oh, pretty please, Jan, please, uh, let me have the key so I can go home and tell the world that you're here." If you're going to run, then run. Don't talk. I'm not going to let you out of here.

Shawn-D: But you said --

Jan: I was talking about the key to the gun cabinet.

Shawn-D: The gun...cabinet?

Jan: Yeah.

Shawn-D: Why, okay, what -- what the hell are you going to do with that, huh?

Jan: Duh. I'm going to put some gloves on so there won't be any prints or gunpowder residue, and then I'm going to stalk your precious little Belle and kill her sorry ass in cold blood. And I'm going to do it tonight. And once she's gone, you won't have any reason to go home anymore. Then it's just you and me, lover... forever.

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Philip: To us.

Nicole: Enjoy.

Crystal: Aah! Ugh. You clumsy bitch.

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