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Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 5/26/04 - Canada; Thursday 5/27/04 - U.S.A.

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Bo: Hope? Hope?

Hope: Hey, hey, I'm right here.

Bo: Hey.

Hope: Hey.

Bo: What's all that?

Hope: Oh. Cookies, candy, nachos... I couldn't decide. Are you all right?

Bo: Yeah, fine. I just woke up... you weren't there... it gave me a start, that's all.

Hope: You're worried, too, aren't you?

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: I've tried putting it out of my mind all day -- we both have, I know -- but it's just like -- it's just not like Shawn not to call. His voicemail is full. We can't even leave a message. Where's our son, Bo? What if something terrible has happened to him?

Jan: Oh, I've never met anyone who turns me on like you, Shawn. Come on. Make love to me. Drive me crazy. Oh, not like that'll be hard. What?

Shawn-D: I canít.

Jan: You can't? Don't tell me it's because you're still in love with Belle. So help me, Shawn, if that's the case, your ex-girlfriend will become your late ex-girlfriend.

John: Thank you.

Philip: Look who's here.

Belle: Yeah, I know.

Philip: Mom, John, hi.

Belle: Hi, Daddy.

John: Hey, Philip.

Philip: Good to see ya.

John: Hi, sweetie. Where's Sami?

Belle: I think I only made things worse.

Kate: Oh, well, well, what's this -- an unofficial date?

Philip: Not right now, Mom, okay?

John: Well, you did what you could.

Belle: There's no making things better, is there, Dad?

John: You just gotta keep trying.

Belle: Am I always gonna miss Mom this much? I mean, I don't ever want to miss her any less, but... I just can't imagine feeling this way for the rest of my life.

Marlena: Roman, who did this? Who came up with this plot -- this sick, twisted, complicated plot?

Roman: Doc, we don't know. For now, how about we just be very thankful that we're all still alive?

Marlena: And I'm not a killer. And nobody was murdered. I have to keep saying that so I can believe it.

Roman: And just give yourself some time, doc.

Marlena: Roman, somebody wants us gone. They want everyone in Salem to think that we're dead.

Roman: That's absolutely right.

Marlena: And now we're held hostage -- held on this... tropical island that's an exact replica of good old Salem U.S.A.

Roman: All the comforts of home. Everything we could ever desire and need. Except... no way to communicate with the outside world. No way to tell our loved ones not to mourn us, that we're still alive. No way out.

Marlena: I want to know who did this. And if we know, maybe we can find some way to escape.

Roman: There is absolutely only one person capable of conceiving something as sadistic as this.

Marlena: Stefano.

Abe: Unbelievable, isn't it, this place?

Alice: You certainly got it quite right. It's just like home.

Abe: Yeah, except in the most important way.

Alice: Oh, careful with that tea, dear. It's hot.

Abe: Well, thank you, Mrs. Horton. Mmm. You know, when I first arrived here, alone, it took everything I could do not to go mad. But now our, uh, little community of Salem exiles has grown. Now that Marlena's here. You know, maybe this Salem stalker's "killing spree" is at an end. Maybe we've seen the last of the so-called victims.

[Doorbell rings]

Alice: Who could that be?

Abe: I don't know. I'll go answer it.

Abe: Good God. What happened to you?

Roman: It makes sense, doesn't it?

Marlena: But Stefano's dead.

Roman: Doc, you and I both know how many times the phoenix has risen from the ashes. Come on, you know as well as I do DiMera could still be out there pulling the strings.

Marlena: Alive?

Roman: Or this could be a plot that Stefano orchestrated before he died and left his minions to carry out.

Marlena: But if Stefano is dead, then we have no way of knowing his ultimate plan.

Roman: That's true. It is very possible we could be on this island forever.

Marlena: Roman, if it were Stefano, why would he kill Tony?

Roman: The murders weren't real, doc. You never killed anybody. So as far as we know, Tony's still alive.

Marlena: Well, then where is he?

Roman: I don't know, and I haven't seen him here, which is also very suspicious.

Marlena: Roman, besides Alice and Abe and you, who else is here?

Roman: Come with me. I'll show you.

Belle: There are these moments when... I really do think Mom's out there... alive, trying to get in touch with us, trying to come home. It's just so hard to accept, Dad, especially for Sami. I mean, when she thought Mom was going to be buried alive, I've never seen her like that before. And... why I thought it was gonna help for her to talk to Brandon, I have no idea. I was just trying to show her that there are so many people out there that care about her. And he's a counselor. You know, maybe there was something that he would say to her that we wouldn't, you know? Something -- something Mom might say. Dad, Sami thinks she never wants anyone to love her ever again because she can't bear to go through this pain.

John: Oh...

Kate: It was a total disaster. Lucas is absolutely set on trying to marry Sami. And that's why I am bound and determined to see you with Belle, because at least one of my sons is going to be happy.

Philip: Would you stop? Please?

Kate: What? Is it so wrong for a mother to want her son to have a bright future?

Philip: Mom... what? No, no.

Kate: Excuse me, I hope I'm not interrupting.

John: No, not at all. In fact, we were just about to head over.

Kate: Well, you know something? I have a proposition, and I hope we agree it's all for the best.

Hope: It's just so unlike Shawn not to contact anyone.

Bo: I've asked the department to keep an eye out. There's no accident reports, nothing unusual.

Hope: They also haven't found him.

Bo: We've gotta remember one thing -- it's only been a day.

Hope: Something's wrong. I can feel it. Bo, just admit it. You think Shawn could be in trouble, too.

Jan: I will do it.

Shawn-D: No.

Jan: I will kill that bitch.

Shawn-D: Don't say that.

Jan: No, how else am I supposed to get you to forget about her?

Shawn-D: No, you misunderstood me, okay?

Jan: No. No, I didnít. You don't want me.

Shawn-D: Of course I do. Of course I do. I want to make love to you.

Jan: That's all I want, too.

Shawn-D: Just -- just not like this, okay? I canít. I want to hold you in my arms. I need to show you the love you deserve to feel.

Jan: Oh, I know exactly what you mean. Shawn.

Shawn-D: What?

Jan: This is an act, isn't it? You only want me to uncuff you so you can get away.

Kate: Well, to Marlena. I hope that she's looking down at us and happy that we're all together, trying to comfort each other in this difficult situation.

Philip: Yes.

Kate: John?

John: I'm sorry.

Belle: Dad, what's wrong?

John: I can't do this.

Kate: It's going to be fine.

John: Oh, it's -- it's all wrong. I need to go home.

Kate: John --

John: Kate, don't worry about me. I have to face being alone at some point, okay?

Belle: Are you sure?

John: Yeah, I'm positive. Going to be okay?

Belle: Yeah, I'll be fine. Just call me if you need me, okay?

John: Mm-hmm. Philip.

Philip: Take care, John.

John: Kate, good night.

Kate: Good night. I'll call you. Well, that's a shame.

Belle: Maybe I should go with him.

Philip: Maybe it seems like he might want to be alone right now, you think?

Belle: Yeah, you're probably right.

Philip: Are you okay?

Belle: It's just I can't understand why I haven't heard from Shawn. He's got to know about my mom by now.

Kate: Well, certainly he has to know. But you say he hasn't been in touch?

Belle: No. Not at all.

Kate: Oh, Belle. I think that's really odd. And I have to say, I think it's pretty thoughtless.

Belle: I think it's because he doesn't believe in us anymore. I think Shawn has completely given up on me.

Shawn-D: I don't want to escape.

Jan: Promise?

Shawn-D: Of course. Why would I want that?

Jan: You're right. I'm sorry. I shouldn't doubt you. I know how you feel about me.

Shawn-D: Yeah. Now, can I ask you to do something for me?

Jan: Anything.

Shawn-D: Can you unlock my hands so I can take you in my arms? I'm not gonna be going anywhere. The cage door is locked. Let me make love to you the way you always dream I would.

Doug: Alice? Where's Alice?

Abe: She's upstairs getting you some burn ointment and bandages.

Doug: Ah. Ooh, my head.

Abe: Here, let me help. Let me take a look. All right, how did this happen?

Doug: Oh, I should've known better, Abe. I really should've known.

Abe: Known what?

Doug: I made a big mistake -- a mistake I will never repeat.

Marlena: Alice?  Doug! Oh, Doug!

Doug: Marlena?

Marlena: Oh, my God. Are you all right?

Doug: I'm fine. I'm just filthy.

Marlena: You're alive.

Doug: No, no.

Marlena: I didn't kill you.

Doug: No, Marlena, we know you didn't kill any of us -- that somehow it was all a fake.

Abe: What did I tell you? These burns on your hands and arms sure aren't fake.

Doug: No.

Marlena: Oh, Doug, what happened to you?

Doug: I was stupid. This place is driving me crazy. All of us. It may look like home sweet home but it's the furthest thing from it. So I tried to escape. We've all tried one time or another, but I just got desperate. I wanted to see Julie. I wanted to tell her that I'm still alive. I can't stand to think the way that she must be suffering now.

Marlena: Doug, what happened when you tried to leave?

Doug: Well, I ran out to the edge of town. I tried to jump that -- that security perimeter. Oh, let me tell you... I got quite a shock. The damn thing blasted me 20 feet in the air.

Roman: Doug, damn it, I warned you over and over. I've warned everybody over and over. Be very careful on the outskirts of town. Now, this place may seem like a sunny sleepy version of home, but it is anything but that. You try to escape and you make a mistake doing it, you could really end up dead.

Julie: Doug, you're not dead. You're alive. Oh, my darling! You're alive.

Bo: Officer Casarez, it's commander Brady.

Casarez: Go ahead, commander.

Bo: Any sign of my son or the bike yet?

Casarez: Negative, commander. Nothing yet, but we do have several units cruising the designated area.

Hope: Wait. I think I know where he is.

Shawn-D: What's wrong?

Jan: I need you to do something for me.

Shawn-D: Anything.

Jan: I need you to pass a test.

Shawn-D: A test?

Jan: Yeah, I need to ma s sure you're completely over Belle.

Belle: You know, I really need to go check on my dad. I'm sorry, I just can't stop worrying about him. I hope you don't mind.

Philip: No, that's okay. Not at all. You just do whatever you have to do, all right?

Belle: Thank you. And thanks again for dinner.

Philip: Of course.

Belle: I'll see you soon.

Philip: Good night.

Kate: Oh... for heaven's sakes.

Philip: What?

Kate: How could you just let her get away like that? I was going to have an emergency at the office, and I was going to leave -- leave you two alone.

Philip: Mom, I care about her so much.

Kate: Honey... honey, that's the point.

Philip: I have no intention of manipulating her feelings for me. Look, Mom, if it happens, it happens. Okay? But she needs to deal with her father right now. Her family is grieving, and I will not take advantage of the pain that she's in. I wonít.

John: You're really gone. Oh, doc. You're never coming back to me.

Doug: Marlena, I have so many questions for you, I don't know where to start. First, how's my Julie?

Marlena: Oh, Doug, she misses you terribly. I wish she knew the truth. She doesn't just blame me for your murder. She blames herself.

Doug: What?

Marlena: Well, she feels that if she hadn't told me that you knew who the killer was, it wouldn't have happened.

Doug: No! No!

Marlena: Oh, Doug, I'm sorry. I didn't want to upset you further. I'm so sorry.

Doug: Oh, this -- this plot. This -- this evil hoax. Why would anyone want to put all of us through this? How could anybody be so cruel?

Marlena: It's unfathomable.

Roman: Well, doc, now that you're here, maybe we can answer some questions we couldn't before.

Abe: You know, the only plausible explanation we believe is you were under the influence of some sort of mind control.

Doug: Oh, Abe, come on. You don't really believe that.

Roman: I do. Marlena, before all this happened, your personality changed. Now, it might have been very subtle at first, but there was a point in time where it became apparent to anyone who knew you. Your forcing John out of the penthouse -- I don't think you'd have done that if you hadn't been working under some kind of subconscious instructions.

Marlena: Instructions?

Roman: We got a couple theories. For example, you could have been drugged before you went to sleep. Do you remember having any strange dreams? Now think back, doc.

Marlena: Strange dreams? Yes... I do recall some. [Gasps]

Deep voice: You are the Salem stalker. You are guilty of all the murders.

Marlena: Yes, that's it. That's the only thing that makes any sense -- if I had been under some kind of mind control, or if I were drugged. Why else would I push John away, out of the penthouse? I mean, I distanced him both physically and emotionally. I guess so that he wouldn't have any idea what I was up to.

Abe: You know, it must have taken a long time to set something like this up. I mean, it's so complicated, so intricately planned.

Roman: Absolutely. It could have been years.

Marlena: Is it possible? Was I programmed to think that I could have killed all those people?

Roman: It is inconceivable, but what else could it be?

Marlena: When I think of all the people that I thought I'd hurt, all the people who suffered, the families that were torn apart, the anguish... and then I confessed to all those killings, killings I thought I had committed. When they put me under... I wasn't even sad or remorseful.

Roman: What do you mean, put you under?

Marlena: Uh, I had no conscious memory of the killings, so I agreed to go under sodium pentathol, and they questioned me under the truth serum.

Abe: And you confessed?

Marlena: They asked me these questions about, um, why I did it, what my motives were.

Roman: What did you answer? Doc, you got to tell us. It could mean us getting out of here.

Marlena: I said that -- that I was in a peak of jealousy, and that I was -- I was jealous of you and Kate.

John: I'll always love you.

[Door opens]

Belle: Dad?

John: I thought you'd still be at dinner.

Belle: Now I'm here with you. How are you doing? Not that I need to ask.

John: I'm always better with my Izzy.

Belle: You're the only person I wanted to be with tonight, Dad. Mom loved you so much. And when I'm with you, I kind of feel closer to her. Does that make sense?

John: Mm-hmm. I always feel better when I'm with you.

Belle: How can it be true, Dad? How can it be true that we are never going to see her again?

Roman: Jealous of Kate and me? But that's crazy, isn't it?

Marlena: Is it?

Roman: Yes. Yes, it is. I mean, why would you be jealous? And even if you were, my God. That's a motive for murder? No way, doc. No, come on. Talk to me. You got to be completely honest with me.

Marlena: I am being honest with you. I said under sodium pentathol that I'm in love with you.

Hope: This is probably a long shot, but let's try it. Officer Casarez? I need for you to check the area around lookout point. Shawn sometimes goes up there when he's really upset.

Casarez: We've already searched the hilltop. No sign of Shawn or the motorcycle.

Bo: Hey, Casarez, it can be dangerous up there at night. Those cliffs are steep. Do me a favor. Send a k-9 rescue team to search below the cliffs. You find anything, you let me know right away.

Casarez: Roger that.

Bo: Hey, hey, it's just routine. They'll keep searching for him till they find him safe and sound, okay?

[Telephone rings]

Hope: Maybe that's Shawn. Shawn, honey?

Julie: I know where he is!

Hope: Oh, my God. Thank God. Julie -- it's Julie. She knows where Shawn is.

Julie: No, not Shawn. It's your father. He's alive! Doug is alive, and I know exactly where he is!

Roman: Doc.

Marlena: Roman, I'm sorry.

Roman: Hey, come on.

Marlena: If what I said upset you, I didn't mean to.

Roman: We were always very honest with each other about our feelings, right?

Marlena: Ha ha. Yeah. I love John with all my heart. I miss him desperately.

Roman: And I miss Kate. My love for her has only gotten stronger.

Doug: My dear, maybe that's not so farfetched. After all, those two were hopelessly in love with each other for years. Here they are, trapped on this island together. I wonder if those feelings just might be rekindled.

Belle: Dad? Come on. You need to eat something.

John: Thanks, kid.

Belle: It's minestrone. Careful, it's hot.

John: It's hot. Ahh, it smells great.

Belle: Wait. You have to blow on it first.

John: Shouldn't I be taking care of you?

Belle: I'm fine. Really.

John: You know, Izzy, I'm really grateful for the way Philip has been there for you through all this. He's a real stand-up guy.

Belle: Yeah, he is.

John: Can't say the same thing about Shawn.

Belle: Daddy --

John: The way he's treated you through this whole thing is just unforgivable. Sweetheart, I know that you love him, and I don't want to come off being insensitive here, but... my advice to you as a father is just... forget about him. It's not worth it.

Belle: No. I canít.

Jan: Swear to me. Swear you're not in love with Belle anymore. I knew it! I knew it!

Shawn-D: No, no, Jan, wait.

Jan: I knew you were still in love with that pathetic bitch! That whiny, self-important, cuter-than-thou whore! Belle dies.

Shawn-D: No, no, see, I am not a man of words. I am a man of action, so please let me show you that you're the only woman I could ever want. Kiss me.

Jan: Oh, you're gorgeous. Please make love to me now.

Shawn-D: No, Jan, wait, wait. Jan, are you listening to me? Wait. No!

Jan: What? What?

Shawn-D: No, this isn't perfect.

Jan: What? This isn't perfect?

Shawn-D: No, no, we should, um, take a shower together.

Jan: Ooh, I love the way your mind works. Naughty Boy!

Hope: Julie?

Julie: He's alive. Doug -- I just saw him. He's singing at Aliceís.

Hope: What?

Julie: Aliceís. This wonderful cabaret I'm running. Oh, everybody came to his opening night, and, darling, he was -- he was the toast of the town.

Hope: Julie, are you in bed?

Julie: Yes. Yes, I am. What does that have to do with anything? Oh, it was such a wonderful show. Everybody was there, and you would have been so proud of him. He sang so beautifully. And he was wearing this beautiful fur jacket. He looked so handsome.

Hope: Julie, you're sleep talking.

Julie: He was never in better voice, darling. He sounded so wonderful, and what a performance. He was great.

Hope: You were dreaming.

Julie: He was singing.

Hope: Julie, I'm sorry. Daddy's gone. You were dreaming.

Julie: But I -- it was a dream! A wonderful dream. Oh, God, I miss him so much, Hope. I miss him so much!

Hope: I'm sorry.

Julie: I want to go back to the dream where he's here. He's singing to me, and he never leaves me. I'm sorry. I'm very sorry to have bothered you. Good night.

Hope: No, wait, Julie. Wait, wait.

[Walkie-talkie chirps]

Bo: Commander Brady. Go ahead.

Casarez: Sir, we may have picked up Shawn's trail.

Kate: Look, the longer Shawn stays away, the better it is for you. This is the perfect opening.

Philip: Mom, I told you. I don't want anything to do with your little dirty tricks.

Kate: All's fair in love and war. Sometimes you have to do what it takes.

Philip: I care about her way too much to be with her under false pretences. No!

Kate: Honey, look, Belle is headed for a crash landing with Shawn, okay? No woman wants to be with a man who's a no-show when she needs him the most. Shawn is just about handing you Belle on a silver platter. Honey, you'd be a fool not to take advantage of that situation.

Belle: I miss Shawn. I worry about him.

John: You know what? He ought to be worried about you instead of running around like his old man. He's stubborn, he's self-righteous, he's unpredictable, and as far as I'm concerned, Bo Brady is the reason that your mother is dead. And now his kid abandons my little girl when she needs him the most. Haven't you suffered enough at the hands of the Bradyís?

Belle: Dad, please!

John: No, I'm serious! I'm not gonna stand around and watch my little girl get hurt any more. I'd like to see it be over.

Bo: Go ahead, Casarez.

Casarez: No sign of Shawn below the cliffs at lookout point, but we did come across some tire tracks that could belong to your motorcycle, commander.

Bo: Great. What's your location?

Casarez: Kent Island.

Bo: That's a sparsely populated area. Here's what I want you to do. Search door to door. And you know what my bike looks like. It's got that American eagle on the front fender, American flag on the gas tank. You find that bike, you'll find my son.

Shawn-D: What's that for?

Jan: So that you reach the shower I built. It's behind the wall of frosted glass bricks. Right over there. Our little love nest has all the comforts of home. I've made sure you'll never leave me, Shawn. Never.

[Car approaches]

Jan: What the hell is that?

[Car door closes]

Hope: Hey. We're going to find him. We will, right?

Bo: Right, right. With any luck, we'll find him tonight.

[Doorbell rings]

Jan: So sorry it took me so long to answer. I go to bed rather early.

Casarez: Very sorry to disturb you, ma'am.

Jan: No, no trouble at all. What seems to be the problem, officer?

Casarez: I'm looking for a young man named Shawn Brady. He was driving a motorcycle, license plate 56535. Something wrong, ma'am?

Shawn-D: Rrr! Rrr! [Muffled grunting] [Muffled screaming]

Philip: I don't know, Mom. Shouldn't I at least give Shawn the benefit of the doubt?

Kate: Why?

Philip: Because maybe something really happened to him. I mean, it's not like him to be this out of touch. It's not.

Kate: Honey, why are you trying to protect Shawn? Would you just forget about him and concentrate on Belle? Sweetie, you two are perfect for each other.

Philip: According to you.

Kate: I see the way you look at her. You are so in love with her. Now it's your job to make sure that she's head over heels for you.

John: Look, baby girl, I'm just your old man. I know you don't need relationship advice from me. I understand that. But the way I see it, Philip has been a stand-up guy for you --

Belle: Dad, why are you saying this? You know that I love Shawn.

John: I know. I understand that, but when you needed him most --

Belle: Just like you love Mom. I used to think that what you and Mom had was so perfect. But now that she's gone, I realize you just can't count on love lasting forever, can you?

Marlena: All the people that ended up on this island aren't really victims of the Salem stalker. But what if it turns out that... we're not the real victims, that we're the lucky ones? What if it turns out that the real victims are the people that we left behind in Salem?

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Bo: If Shawn and Belle love each other enough, they can make it through anything.

Belle: Thank you, Philip. I don't know what I would do without you.

Marlena: But that is true. I do still love you.

Kate: Please don't hate me for what I'm about to tell you.

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