Days Transcript Tuesday 4/27/04

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 4/27/04 - Canada; Wednesday 4/28/04 - U.S.A.

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Mimi: Aah! "Roses are red, violets are blue, look on the floor next to your shoe." Next to my... oh, my goodness. Rex, you are such a crazy boy.

Mimi: Rex. What are you up to? Mmm, whatever it is, it smells delicious.

Rex: Well, I've decided you need to get your mind off of murder, and what better way than with food?

Mimi: Oh, I'm all for a romantic dinner, but, honey, you can't cook.

Rex: I know. That's what he's for.

Mimi: You hired a chef just to make dinner for us?

Rex: Not just any chef, honey -- your favorite.

Mimi: Oh, right. You hired Rocco DiSpirito to make me spaghetti. [Gasps]

Jennifer: Okay. Um, and just call me when you need me to pick Abby up, okay? Okay. Thanks, Mary. You're a trouper. Hey.

Patrick: Hey.

Jennifer: Abby went over to her friend Natalie's house to work on that report.

Patrick: Whew, kids sure do a lot of homework these days.

Jennifer: Yeah, I know they do. Look, I-I'm sorry. I still can't believe that Abby thought you were a con man.

Patrick: If you're going to start to apologize one more time...

Jennifer: Okay, okay. I won't.

Patrick: It was an honest mistake. Believe me, she's not the first person to think it. But that's all in the past now. So do you recognize this?

Jennifer: Is this a quiz?

Patrick: Hmm.

Jennifer: All right, it's a hammer. I'm kidding. It's a wrench.

Patrick: Very good, very good.

Jennifer: Patrick, thank you, really, for fishing my ring out of the drain. And the way you're brandishing that tool, I get the impression you're going to fix something else.

Patrick: You are smart.

Jennifer: Ha ha ha. Well, thank you, but go on, go on, 'cause I am not good at plumbing.

Patrick: All right, well, I noticed you needed a new gasket, so I'm going to replace it.

Jennifer: Oh, great. Um... can I -- can I do something to help you?

Patrick: Yeah, yeah. How about uh, you grab your flashlight, and you can shine it down here?

Jennifer: Sure.

Jennifer: Uh, there you go. Is -- is that good?

Patrick: Uh, yeah, good.

Bonnie: Ha ha!

Mickey: It's nice out here. Makes up for this food.

Bonnie: Oh, no, it's my pleasure. You know that.

Julie: Uncle Mickey, I -- I thought the reading of Grandma's will was going to be a family-only, private affair.

Mickey: Well, Bonnie is practically family.

Julie: Oh, is she?

Mickey: Mm-hmm.

Julie: I didn't know that.

Mickey: Oh, come on, Julie. You know what I mean. She's been working for the family for years.

Julie: Well, Bonnie, the reading of a will is a solemn occasion. I think you should know that. It's -- it's not your usual potluck hoedown.

Jennifer: [Screams]

Mickey: What...

Bonnie: What is that?

Julie: Jennifer! Jennifer!

Mickey: Let's go on in. What's going on?

Julie: Jennifer! Jennifer, where are you?!

Jennifer: Did you ring the bell? I didn't even hear you. I'm sorry.

Julie: I guess you were too busy getting wet with your handyman.

Nicole: I wonder what it's like to take sodium pentothal.

Brady: You won't have to find out. You're not the one taking it.

Nicole: Does it really work?

Brady: Well, from what I understand, once the truth serum is administered, you have no choice but to tell the truth. I'm going to go find out where they took Marlena.

Nicole: If Marlena takes the truth serum...

Marlena: Your goose is cooked. I may be a serial killer with a list of victims as long as your arm, but Victor isn't one of them. I think you killed him. I keep remembering seeing you and that wacko Jan Spears huddled together. I think you're co-conspirators. And I'm about to take a truth serum... and I'll have to spill the beans about everything that I know.

Brady: Nicole? What the hell's the matter with you? You look freaked.

Nicole: I, uh, I-I don't like hospitals. You know what, Brady? Let's go upstairs and stop Marlena from taking that truth serum. You don't want your stepmother incriminating herself.

Brady: Too late. The procedure's already started.

Man: Hey, T-Rex, move along.

Lexie: The EKG will alert us to any duress Marlena may undergo.

Shawn-D: [Thinking] If Marlena turns out to be innocent, then Belle and I can find a way to work things out. But if she's guilty...

Belle: [Thinking] Dear God, please help my Mom prove she's innocent, for all of our sakes.

Bo: Before we get started, I would like to remind everyone that Hope and I are doing the questioning. Is that clear, John?

John: Judge Fitzpatrick.

Judge: I'm in full agreement with Commander Brady. He must be allowed to do his job without interference.

Lexie: Marlena, are you ready to begin?

Marlena: Yes, I am.

John: No.

Bo: John.

John: I'm not going to let you do this, Doc.

Brady: All right, you know what? I'm just going to see what's happening with Marlena.

Nicole: Brady, Brady, we can't let Marlena take the truth serum. You've got to stop her.

Brady: Oh, gee, get in here. Stop it. Nicole, you can't yell in a hospital. It's not going to help my stepmom's situation.

Nicole: We're wasting time, Brady. God's not going to stop Marlena. You have to do it.

Brady: Why is this such a big deal to you?

Nicole: I don't know. I-I guess I can identify with her. Bo Brady is going after Marlena the way he went after me. He's a thug on a witch hunt.

Brady: He is a cop and not above the law.

Nicole: Try telling him that. Look, Bo is out for blood because some of his family members were murdered.

Brady: Yeah, I know what that's like.

Nicole: Well, if he gets the chance, he's going to trample all over Marlena's rights.

Brady: Well, apparently, she has no rights. She waived them when she agreed to take the truth serum.

Nicole: What? That's outrageous.

Brady: I know it is. [Groans] Look, my Dad is up there right now, and I'm sure he's not going to let her do anything that's not in her best interest. The plus side is when this is all over, we're finally going to know if Marlena's innocent or guilty. This has just been so hard, you know? On my family and friends, especially my little sister Belle. She's been taking it really tough. But this way they're going to question Marlena about each individual murder, and she'll either admit her guilt, or they'll realize that she's innocent. I'd sure like to know what happened to my grandfather, what killed him. I thought you wanted that, too.

Nicole: Of course I do.

Brady: Good. Let's go find out.

Brady: Nicole, come on.

John: Doc, please, for the sake of our family. This procedure is not foolproof.

Judge: Mr. Black, Mr. Black, if you don't cooperate, Commander Brady will be forced to clear the room.

John: All right. May I have a moment alone with my wife? Does that meet with your approval?

Bo: We already gave you five --

Judge: I'll allow it, commander. Everyone. We'll be in the corridor, Mr. Black.

John: Listen, Doc... this procedure is not foolproof, and if you parrot any circumstantial evidence --

Marlena: I understand.

Hope: Excuse me, John. May I have a word with you?

John: [Sighs]

Judge: It's difficult to be so personally involved, but at the same time, we have to be careful to follow procedure.

Bo: I'm with you, judge. I don't want to make any technical mistakes that will allow Marlena to get away with murder. It's my goal to lock up a killer today.

Judge: Raquel?

Bo: With any luck... I'll lock up my Father's killer also.

Brady: All right, there's my sister. I'm going to go talk to her.

Nicole: [Thinks] Jan.

Brady: Hey, Belle.

Belle: Brady. They're going to give mom a truth serum.

Brady: I know. I heard.

Nicole: [Thinking] What's Jan up to now? I should have gotten rid of her when I had the chance.

Bo: How's your accomplice doing, Nicole?

John: Hope, the judge only gave me a minute. What do you need?

Hope: John, we've been friends for so long. I just -- I just want you to know that Bo and I haven't forgotten that.

John: Yeah, well, I'm not exactly feeling the love.

Hope: We're just doing our jobs. Personally, I am praying to God that Marlena isn't the killer. But we may never find out unless we go ahead with this procedure.

Marlena: Oh, Lexie, you're such a professional. You may be administering this drug to someone who killed your husband, and yet you're so calm.

Lexie: Well, it's all in the training, Marlena. You' a a doctor. You know how it is. However, if it turns out that you are the person who murdered my husband and my brother, I'm not so sure I'll be able to abide by the Hippocratic oath. I might not be able to control my anger. I might have to hurt you the way you hurt my family.

John: Hey.

Marlena: John. John, we can't both cry.

John: Yeah? Says who? You are my wife. When you hurt... I hurt.

Marlena: I've always loved the way you protect me. You can't do it this time.

Jennifer: Uh... Patrick was really good at getting my ring out of the drain, and then he said that I -- I had a broken gasket, so he got under the sink, and he fixed it, and while he... anyway, I'm soaked, and you don't need to hear the whole story. I need to get some towels. Excuse me.

Mickey: Well.

Julie: Uncle Mickey.

Mickey: Mm?

Julie: Can you give me one good reason why Bonnie Lockhart is included in the reading of your mother's will?

Mickey: Well, she was -- she was over fixing my dinner -- oh-ho-ho, she can do a really mean Mexican Chicken Casserole. Whew. Mmm.

Bonnie: Even in kindergarten, you were a lady killer.

Patrick: Mom.

Bonnie: Oh, if I know my son, you'll go from fixing Jennifer's kitchen to patching up her heart in the bedroom.

Patrick: Cut it out.

Jennifer: Whew. Okay. Here you go. I am so sorry about that.

Patrick: Aah, no problem.

Jennifer: Um, Uncle Mickey, hi.

Mickey: Ha ha ha ha ha.

Jennifer: Hi. Did I invite you over for dinner and completely forget?

Mickey: No, no, no, Jennifer. I just wanted to go over your grandmother's will with you, specifically, her bequest to you and Julie.

Jennifer: Okay.

Mickey: I rang several times, but the line was busy.

Jennifer: Oh, Abby was doing her homework on the computer. I need to work on getting another line.

Julie: Uncle Mickey, shouldn't the rest of the family be included?

Mickey: I'll call them each personally later on.

Patrick: Mom, why don't we give the Horton's some privacy?

Julie: Well, thank you, Patrick. How unusually considerate.

Patrick: Well, you all are family -- we're not. Let's go.

Bonnie: Mnh-mnh.

Patrick: Let's go. Now.

Julie: Wait.

Mickey: Julie Horton Williams, for once in your life, will you just sit down and put a sock in it?

Nicole: Hey, let go of me. Just because you're a cop doesn't give you the right to manhandle me.

Bo: You're right, but it sure will feel good to slap some cuffs on you and throw you in a cell.

Nicole: First you've got to come up with some evidence.

Bo: Right again, but I'm closer than you think. As soon as Marlena confesses to all the murders except Victor's, I'm coming after y - -- you and your accomplice.

Nicole: Oh, drop the accomplice crap. I didn't kill Victor. I'm not the murdering type.

Bo: There you're wrong. Someone else was in the mansion the night Victor died. That someone else killed Victor on your orders. And I will find that other person.

Bo: Why are you looking at the dinosaur?

Nicole: Beats looking at you.

Bo: I'm alerting my officers that you're not to leave the hospital. They'll be picking you up after Marlena confesses. So, you know, why don't you relax? Go down to the cafeteria. Enjoy your last meal as a free woman.

Nicole: Oh, no, you don't, Jan.

Brady: So how are you holding up? Is there anything I can do for you?

Belle: Just make it go away.

Brady: I wish I could, Belle, for all of us.

Belle: Brady, I have been a goody 2-shoes my entire life. I never lied if I could help it, and then when it really mattered, when it came down to life and death, I lied to Shawn. His great-grandmother may still be alive if I didn't lie.

Brady: I mean, Belle, you couldn't have known that.

Belle: I can't believe Mom could be guilty. Now they're going to give her this truth serum, and everyone's so sure she's going to confess. What -- what if that really happens? I might not only lose Mom, I could lose Shawn, too.

Nicole: Hold it right there.

Jan: Give me my tail.

Nicole: Shh. Come here.

Jan: What are you doing? Shawn needs me.

Nicole: You know, to hell with Shawn. Our asses are on the line right now. Marlena is taking the truth serum. Do you understand what that means? She is going to rat us out for Victor's murder.

Jan: I'll worry about that when it happens.

Nicole: Do you know Bo won't let me leave the hospital?

Jan: That's your problem.

Nicole: Listen, dino-brain, you plastered your fingerprints all over the Kiriakis mansion the night Victor died. They will nail you with those prints.

Jan: If Shawn's dad comes after me... Shawn will protect me.

Nicole: You really are crazy.

Jan: I'm not crazy. I'm in love. I think about Shawn when I'm awake, I dream about him when I'm asleep. He's my destiny.

Nicole: Unless you want to live out your destiny behind bars, take your dinosaur costume and get the hell out of this hospital now.

Jan: No. Shawn's in that chapel, and he's praying right now. How beautiful. I'm going to go comfort him.

Nicole: No, damn it.

Jan: What are you doing? Just stop it. Stop it.

Marlena: John, don't feel that you have to stand by me. If it turns out that I -- that I killed Abe and Jack and the rest of them, then you have to cut me loose.

John: Never going to happen.

Marlena: If I am the murderer, you have --

John: If you are, there is a reason, something that's beyond your power to control.

Marlena: I can't think of any reason that would explain away cold-blooded murder.

John: You let me take care of that. I'll find the reason.

Bo: Time's up.

Lexie: Okay. I'm going to inject the drug into the I.V. now.

Bo: Get the judge in here. I want to start the questioning.

Man: Never know how much I love you never know how much I care when you put your arms around me I get a fever that's so hard to bear you give me fever when you kiss me fever when you hold me tight fever in the morning fever all through the night everybody's got the fever that is something you all know fever isn't such a new thing fever started long ago ooh oh, whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh yeah Romeo loved Juliet Juliet, she felt the same when he put his arms around her he said Julie, baby, you're my flame thou givest fever when we kisseth fever with thy flaming youth fever I'm afire fever, yeah, I burn forsooth

Rocco: Are you impressed?

Mimi: I'm -- I'm amazed.

Rocco: Whoo. This will definitely make the sauce taste very good. Okay. Dessert. It's the dessert for the sweetie and for the Rex. Enjoy it.

Mimi: Mmm. Mmm, my Lord.

Rocco: I love a girl who gets into her food.

Mimi: How -- how -- how could we not? Mmm.

Rocco: I think she liked my cooking.

Rex: I thought she only made those sounds when we were alone.

Rocco: You know what? I have a little gift for you guys. This is my book "flavor." It's signed to you. Enjoy it. In case you want to make this dinner at home.

Mimi: Oh, my gosh.

Rocco: You know what I mean?

Mimi: I love you.

Rocco: Don't be jealous, Rex. This happens all the time.

Rex: Maybe I need to learn how to cook.

Rocco: You know what? A woman likes a man who can make a good sauce. Page 53.

Rex: Yeah, thanks for the tip.

Mimi: I will never forget you, Rocco.

Rocco: This is such a special night. And you're great.

Rex: Thank you.

Rocco: Take care, man.

Mimi: Ha ha ha. Thank you so much for, like, the best night of my life.

Rex: It's not over yet.

Mimi: There's more?

Julie: "Put a sock in it"? Uncle Mickey, do you realize you never talked like that before you started hanging out with the queen of the underclass? And Jennifer -- how long has Jack been in his grave? And you're letting this -- this Lockhart spawn go prancing around practically naked like some pinup boy in your home. Jennifer, what are you thinking?

Jennifer: What am I thinking? I am thinking about asking you to leave right now, Julie.

Mickey: All right, ladies, can we just dial it down a little bit? Now, please, I know we're all upset. None of us wants to face what we're -- what we're here to -- to deal with.

Julie: My grandmother's last will and testament. Jennifer, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything.

Jennifer: It is okay. It is all right. We have all been through a lot lately.

Mickey: May I go ahead? My Mother's last will and testament. Hmm. I really don't know where to begin.

Bonnie: Why don't they speak up? I can barely hear what they're saying.

Patrick: Mom, you got to stop right now.

Bonnie: Ow, ow. Damn it. This is how I operate, son. I gather information like a spy, only not for my country -- for my kids.

Patrick: Well..

Bonnie: For you.

Patrick: On behalf of Mimi and Connor, you better stop scheming and scamming before you ruin their lives.

Bonnie: Since when have you ever cared about your brother and sister? You're just worried that I am going to blow your little seduction of the widow Deveraux. Well, here's a news flash for you, smarty pants -- that's the last thing I would ever do. And why are you the only Lockhart who deserves a big payoff in this lifetime?

Patrick: Oh, here it comes -- the hard-luck story of Bonnie Lockhart.

Bonnie: Damn straight. I spent the first act of my life working my tushie off raising three kids with a bum husband. Why shouldn't I spend the second half of my life living in the lap of luxury? Huh? Who is it going to hurt?

Patrick: You're taking advantage of an old man, a widower.

Bonnie: Where does it say that Mickey has to spend his remaining years grieving? He deserves to be happy, and nobody can put a smile on his face better than me.

Patrick: Oh, my God. What is wrong with you?

Bonnie: Relax. We haven't done the dirty deed yet. I'm building up a stamina first. And another thing -- Mickey cares about me. I'm not just the lady who cleans his house. I am a person with dreams, and Mickey wants to make those dreams come true, and I will be damned if I let you or Julie Williams destroy our chance at happiness.

Patrick: No, Mom, you'll ruin it all by yourself.

Mickey: All right, why don't -- why don't we begin with, uh, with Abigail? Like Will and Shawn and Zack, she will receive a very generous trust. Oh, and mom wanted to be sure that Abby got this.

Jennifer: Oh -- oh, my gosh, Uncle Mickey.

Bonnie: What? What did the old bag leave her?

Jennifer: I don't believe it.

Shawn-D: Nicole, what the hell are you doing? Okay? There is a festival going on, and this person is trying to entertain sick children.

Nicole: Stepped on my foot and didn't even say sorry.

Shawn-D: You were right. You know what? Get your priorities straight, Nicole. Seriously, are you okay?

Jan: [Thinking] Oh, Shawn, I knew you'd rescue me.

Nicole: I'm sorry, Shawn. I'm just a little on edge waiting for Marlena's confession. I'm freaked out that she might've killed my husband. So, how are you doing? I-I heard -- I heard you and Belle are having some problems. You know, if you need anyone to talk to -- listen, Shawn, if you need anything at all, I'm here for you.

Jan: [Thinking] Hands off, bitch. He's my boyfriend.

Shawn-D: All right, really, there's nothing I want to talk about with you or anyone. And I have to get back upstairs.

Nicole: You are not here to drool over Shawn. We have to stop Marlena from ratting us out for Victor's murder. Because if she does, bye-bye, lover boy.

Brady: What do you think about this sodium pentathol?

Shawn-D: I don't know.

Brady: Well, Marlena's ready to talk, you know that.

Shawn-D: Whatever's going to work, right? You know what? Uncle Mickey just gave me this... [Traffic noise below]

Brady: Nicole!

Brady: No!!

Hope: I left a message for Uncle Mickey. I'm surprised that he's not here with Jennifer and Julie.

Bo: All right, well, we can't wait for 'em. Judge, I'm ready to get started.

Judge: Let me remind everyone, especially Mr. Black, that your wife has waived her right to an attorney. She also forgoes her right to a trial by admitting her guilt if she confesses to us that she is the Salem Stalker. Do you understand?

John: Yeah, I understand. I'm not sure my wife does, though. Marlena, did you hear what Judge Fitzpatrick said? Are you sure you want to do this?

Marlena: Yeah.

John: How are you feeling?

Marlena: I feel fine.

Bo: All right. Let's get this done. Marlena, I need you to think back to the Salem Stalker's first murder.

Marlena: Well, why don't we go back farther than that... to the first attack?

Marlena: If you'll remember, the climax of the Basic Black fashion show came when Bo and Hope were found bludgeoned within an inch of their lives. Well, mystery solved. I did it.

Hope: Bo and I were hurt badly. I was almost killed.

Marlena: Yeah... I did my best. It's kind of hard to get the knack of murder, you know? I got better at it the second time.

Bo: When you returned to Salem from visiting your son Eric in Colorado, did you go straight from the airport to your penthouse?

Marlena: Yes.

John: And I was there when Marlena arrived. Abe had already been shot. It's called an alibi, Bo.

Judge: No comments, please, Mr. Black. Please resume.

Bo: Did you go, straight from the airport, home?

Marlena: Yes, I did. John wasn't there. Well, John wasn't there the first time. Hey, tall, dark, and handsome. I was feeling on top of the world, so happy to be home. There was a beautiful gardenia corsage from John. And a note telling me to meet him at the church for little Theo's christening, and if I couldn't make the service, to meet him and the kids at Abe and Lexie's for the reception. I looked at my watch. I realized I had time to unpack and take a shower first. So... I opened my suitcase. That's when I saw it.

Mimi: So, what, you're locking me in?

Rex: Well, I'm locking the world out.

Mimi: Hmm. Sounds exciting. [Romantic music plays]

Man: Never know how much I love you never know how much I care

Rex: Can I have this dance?

Man: When you put your arms around me I get a fever that's so hard to bear you give me fever when you kiss me fever when you hold me tight fever in the morning fever all through the night

Jennifer: Gram left Abby her prize-winning cookie recipe.

Mickey: You already have her doughnut recipe, and she thought that Abby would especially enjoy this one.

Jennifer: This is going to mean so much to her.

Bonnie: A cookie recipe. How cornmeal can you get?

Mickey: And, Julie, in addition to your cash inheritance, mom left you her jewelry and some real estate and, uh, her shares of titan industries. Hmm.

Julie: I'd rather have my grandmother back.

Bonnie: Ain't it always the way? The people that don't need the money gets the money. It ain't fair.

Mickey: And, Jennifer, Mom left you basically the same as Julie and Hope -- some stocks and real estate. I'll just walk you through it next week in my office.

Jennifer: Okay, thank you.

Mickey: Oh, and she also gave you these.

Jennifer: Oh, what are they?

Mickey: They're bearer bonds. [Chuckles]

Patrick: Aah, aah, hot, hot.

Bonnie: Oh, my God. Ha ha ha ha!

Patrick: Now what?

Bonnie: The old lady left Jennifer bearer bonds! Bearer bonds. I dated a banker once. He told me all about 'em. Oh, now, that's my idea of pillow talk. Patrick, think about what we could do with all that money. Oh, just in time for me to jet off to Nashville for the country music fan fair in June!

Julie: Better keep those under lock and key, Jennifer. Don't let your housekeeper get her fingers on them. Now, they're just the same as cash. And Bonnie has pretty much cleaned out Maggie's figurine collection by now. Don't think I haven't noticed, Uncle Mickey.

Mickey: Just knock it off, Julie.

Julie: You know, I'll bet "sticky fingers" Lockhart is listening at the door even as we speak.

Jennifer: If you'll excuse me, I need to check my messages really quickly.

Julie: I know those grifters are listening right now.

Bonnie: I can't hear a word that old witch Julie is saying.

Julie: Old? Aah!

Mimi: Oh, my goodness. I will never be able to walk in this place again without blushing. You just made about a million of my fantasies come true.

Rex: Well, I got your mind off Belle and Shawn, didn't it?

Mimi: Belle and Shawn -- who are they? Seriously, though, I don't know if their love can survive what's going on tonight. If it turns out Belle's mom is guilty of all those murders, how can Shawn forgive Belle? I mean, his great-grandmother died after Belle lied to him. I mean, I know she didn't mean for any of it to happen, but it's still so hard to believe that her mom could possibly be the serial killer.

Rex: What's going on tonight?

Mimi: Oh, um, Dr. Evans is taking truth serum.

Rex: Sodium Pentathol?

Mimi: Uh-huh.

Rex: Damn it, Mimi, why didn't you tell me?

Mickey: Julie, Julie, Julie, are you okay, dear?

Patrick: What happened? What happened?

Bonnie: I-I'm sorry. I'm just -- I'm just used to charging in.

Julie: That woman is a menace.

Mickey: Julie, it was an accident, dear.

Julie: Accident? Accident, my Aunt Fannie. Like, she accidentally shows up for the reading of the will?

Jennifer: Julie, Hope left a message. She wants us to head over to the hospital.

Mickey: Why? What'd she say?

Jennifer: Marlena has agreed to take the truth serum, and she is about to confess.

Julie: Oh, God, we better get down there.

Bonnie: Uh, Mickey, do you want me to come with you?

Julie: No. No, he doesn't.

Mickey: Well, thank you, Bonnie, I-I might need some -- some moral support.

Patrick: Then maybe I should come with you, too, Jennifer. You might need me to drive you home.

Jennifer: Oh, that's great. Thank you, Patrick. I'll meet you there, okay?

Mickey: All right, let's go, let's go. Okay, hurry up, ladies. I'll, uh, I'll get the car started.

Bonnie: Okay, be right there.

Julie: Let me guess. "Finders keepers" is your favorite expression?

Bonnie: You better put those up somewhere safe. I hear they're "good as cash." Hustle your butt, Julie. Mickey's waiting.

Brady: Nicole, come on. Is that your answer to everything, huh -- kiss?

Nicole: You're hard to resist, Brady.

Brady: I wasn't coming on to you. I was trying to save your life.

Nicole: Oh, my God, you thought I was getting ready to jump?

Brady: You weren't?

Nicole: It's not my style.

Brady: Nicole, you were standing on the edge.

Nicole: I live on the edge, Brady. Don't you know that yet?

Brady: You're shaking.

Nicole: You have that effect on me.

Brady: Let me ask you a question. Before you found out Marlena was being given truth serum, you were on cloud nine. What's got you so scared?

Nicole: You think too much.

Brady: What does Marlena know that has you worried? Fine, you know what? Don't tell me. I'll go hear her confession for myself.

Bo: Marlena, what did you see in the suitcase?

Marlena: I opened the suitcase. That's when I found the mask... and when realized I had no choice. I had to kill Abe Carver.

Belle: It's going to get so much worse from here. How are we all going to get through this?

Marlena: I got you, Jack.

Jennifer: No. No!!

Bo: Jennifer.

Jennifer: No!

Abe: What are you doing?

Marlena: I knew this would take you by surprise.

Lucas: I'm sorry, Sami, but your mom's a cold-blooded killer.

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