Days Transcript Thursday 4/22/04

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 4/22/04 - Canada; Friday 4/23/04 - U.S.A.

by Suzanne
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Woman on TV: A stabbing has taken place at the female detention centre, where the alleged Salem serial killer, Dr. Marlena Evans black, is being held in connection with the murders. It is not yet known whether the doctor was the victim in the brutal attack. Stay tuned for the latest.

Nicole: Hmm. Yes! With marlena dead, Janís the only one who can tie me to Victor's murder. Two down, one to go.

Brady: Nicole! What the hell's the matter with you?

John: Lexie.

Lexie: John. I'll go see if marlena's test results are ready.

John: Mm. I'm sorry, doc. You okay?

Marlena: I'm scared. Why can't I remember? Am I -- am I a killer? Am I sick? Do I have a tumour? And if I do, does that excuse killing nine people?

John: We love you, doc. We want you well. That's all that matters right now. That's all you need to concentrate on.

Marlena: And how do I do that?  Oh, John, look at Belle. What is this all doing to her? What's it doing to our whole family?

John: Listen, whatever we are facing, we are in this together. And we can do it...Together.

Marlena: I need you to do something for me.

John: You name it, you got it.

Marlena: I want to die. I need you to help me die.

Shawn-D: Belle, look, I know you don't want to --

Belle: Shawn, I can't talk.

Shawn-D: Just for a second, okay? I am sorry about your mom. I really am. I know what you're going through. So, look, if there's anything I can do to make it easier for you --

Belle: There's nothing you can do. Just leave me alone.

Philip: I'm gonna go talk to her.

Mimi: Oh, no, you don't.

Philip: Meems, she needs me right now.

Mimi: Okay, you're right. She does need a friend right now, but she doesn't need you.

Bo: Look at them in there. I wonder what they're planning next. Finally get her behind bars for an hour, and she murders an inmate. And look, she's free again.

Hope: Bo, we don't know --

Bo: You know, Iím really getting tired of all these excuses they come up with, but I'd like to know what's going on inside that mind of hers. I'd like to know, I don't know, what pushed her over the edge, turned her into this monster.

Hope: This has got to be so hard for John.

Bo: Yeah. I don't know how he sleeps at night knowing that his wife murdered half the people in Salem.

Hope: Bo --

Bo: Hope, she's a menace to society. And look at her. She's acting like the victim, hoping she can walk on this. Man, she's been working inside the system so long, she knows exactly how it works. Damn it, we trusted her. And John.

Hope: John didn't do anything wrong.

Bo: What are you talking about? If he had come to us when he first suspected her... But no. He's protecting her. Even after all this evidence we've gathered, he's still protecting her. She's not getting away with this. She deserves nothing less than the death chamber. I'll see to it that she gets it.

Lucas: Wait a minute. Sami...What are you doing? Where are you going?

Sami: Um, I have to go.

Lucas: This is your bedroom. Wait a minute. Are you okay? We're not gonna at least talk about this, Sami?

Sami: There's nothing to say.

Lucas: There is a lot to say. There's a lot more to do. Wait a minute, wait a minute. At least tell me I didn't imagine it. Damn it, Sami --

Nicole: Uh, Brady, how long have you been standing there?

Brady: Long enough.

Nicole: You can't believe everything I say. I was just --

Brady: You were just talking to yourself in a drunken stupor? Nicole, don't even bother with the excuses, because I don't believe a damn word you say.

Nicole: Just hear me out, okay?

Brady: Hear you out?! Nicole! Give me this. "Two down, one to go"? You know, I don't believe that you would stop at three drinks. I thought you were going to cut back.

Nicole: I know. I'm trying. It's just with everything going on -- what are you doing here anyhow, Brady? Didn't you hear the news?

Brady: What now?

Nicole: It's your stepmother. They said Dr. Marlena Evans was stabbed to death tonight by another convict.

Brady: What? What happened?

Nicole: I don't know. I guess she got on someone's bad side.

Brady: I got to check in with my dad and Belle.

Nicole: Okay, well, give them my condolences.

[Door closes]

Nicole: Like I said, two down, one to go. You better watch yourself, Jan.

Philip: I don't get it. What's your problem, meems?

Mimi: I want you to stay away from Belle.

Philip: Are you serious? What for?

Mimi: Are you really going to make me say it?

Philip: Well, I guess I am, 'cause I don't know what you're talking about.

Mimi: You were supposed to be helping me get Shawn and Belle back together.

Philip: Yeah, I know. That's why I did exactly what you told me to do.

Mimi: So how did it wind up that you and Shawn were throwing punches at each other over Belle? You know, before I got caught in the crossfire?

Philip: All right, look, I'm sorry you got hit. Obviously that should have never happened. But, meems, he's been treating her like crap. Then he starts a fight with me 'cause Iím trying to be her friend. He needs to get his priorities straight, and I mean right now.

Mimi: And, what, you're like the relationship police now?

Philip: I don't believe this. He's treating your best friend like dirt, and you're mad at me?

Mimi: I'm not mad. I'm just worried. Tell me, okay?

Philip: What?

Mimi: Are you having feelings for Belle again?

John: I don't ever want to hear you talk that way again.

Marlena: John, I've hurt so many people. I've hurt you. I've hurt the children. I don't want to keep hurting people. I think it will just be easier if Iím gone.

John: You're my life. You're my whole life. If you're sick, we're going to need to get you strong so you can fight this. And you're not going to give up, because I will not let you.

Marlena: Listen to me. I can endure anything -- anything at all -- if it's just about me. But it's not. I've hurt so many people. Bo and hope can't even look at me without being reminded of all they've lost. It isn't fair to the victims and their families that I get to be here and be alive and have a second chance. And what about our family? John, the next few weeks are going to be hell on earth. There's going to be a trial, I'll be sent to death row, I'm going to have to go through all that testimony.

John: I don't give a damn about trials, court hearings, what people say, what they think. Now we know in our hearts that you did not wilfully take anybody's life. You are a good person, and if you need a little help right now, if -- if you're sick, there's no shame in that. What would you do if you were one of your own patients, hmm? Would you turn your back? Would you? Hell no, you wouldnít. You wouldn't judge. You would just do whatever it took to make that person well.

Marlena: I don't know what to do.

John: You don't do anything. It is my turn to take care of you now. You are innocent, and I'm going to prove it. By God, I will die trying.

Belle: [Thinking] what's happening to my family? I'm never going to be able to have a normal life.

Mimi: Belle, what do you mean? Of course you can.

Belle: Okay, what if Shawn and I get married and we have kids, and I pass this gene on to them? Their grandmother is going to be the Salem stalker, and no one deserves to be brought into this family, especially not Shawn. [Thinking] I have to be strong for both of us, Shawn. That's why we can never be together.

Shawn-D: How long is it going to take to get marlena's test results?

Hope: I thought you were going to talk to Belle.

Shawn-D: Yeah. Yeah, I tried. She asked me so many times to just talk this out with her, and I told her I need time to think so I wouldn't say anything I would regret, right? So I finally get my thoughts together, I'm ready to apologize, and she doesn't want to talk about it anymore. I don't know what's wrong with her. Okay, I mean, I do know that she's really upset about her mother. I understand that. But why does she have to take this out on me?

Hope: Her mother is facing the death chamber, Shawn. She may also be facing a very serious illness as well. Look, none of us want to believe that marlena could be a cold-blooded killer, but it's looking more and more as though -- for reasons none of us understand, she probably did kill nine people we all knew and loved. Think of what Belle is going through. And on top of all of that, you blamed her for gran's death.

Shawn-D: I don't -- ma, I told her I don't.

Hope: I don't blame her either, but don't you think she's probably blaming herself? Don't you think she's probably thinking if she had listened to you, grand would still be alive? You have not been there for her, Shawn. And you need to be. Of course she's angry. She's angry at herself. She's angry at you, the situation --

Shawn-D: I know, I know, I know.

Hope: But she still wants to fight for your relationship. She told me so. What about you?

Shawn-D: Of course I do. Hey, you're right. I have to find her. I have to make her understand that I love her, and that I am here for her.

Hope: Go take care of business, honey.

Shawn-D: All right, mom.

Hope: Okay.

Shawn-D: Thank you.

Bo: Hey, what's up?

Hope: Oh, God, I just -- I just want so badly to be able to protect Shawn and zack from all this craziness the world keeps throwing at us. But it's just not working, Bo.

Bo: Well, zack we can protect. Shawn -- it's time to let him go.

Hope: I don't think he wants to leave Salem right now.

Bo: He told you that?

Hope: Well, he told me he wants to work things out with Belle, but she keeps pushing him away. Am I being selfish to want our son so badly to stay here in town? We have been through so much. We have lost so much. He's lost so much. I just -- I just want him to be happy.

Philip: I do not have feelings for Belle.

Mimi: Then what happened on the rooftop? Shawn said he caught you hanging all over her.

Philip: Meems, she was upset. She was crying. I tried to help her. How many time do I have to tell you? I am on your side, okay?

Belle: And what side is that?

Mimi: Um... Yours. We...Want you and Shawn to be happy together, that's all.

Belle: Okay, well, we're not, and we can never be together, so why don't we not talk about it?

Mimi: This just isn't a time to make decisions that will affect the rest of your life, Belle.

Philip: Right.

Belle: You know what? I'm gonna go to the chapel and pray. I'll talk to you guys later.

Mimi: Okay.

Nicole: Oh, God, what a great day. Marlena's finally dead.

Lexie: Time of death -- 10:02 P.M.

Nicole: Way to take one for the team.

Marlena: Hey, what's going on here? What's happening?

Nicole: Well, you died before could tell anyone that --

Marlena: I did what?

Nicole: You're dead, woman.

Marlena: No, I can't be dead. I got a husband. I got children. I got a whole family. They need me --

Nicole: Oh, that's it! That's enough of that! Shh! The important thing is, I'm free. And with you dead, no one will ever know that I killed Victor. I'm free.

Nicole: Brady, I'm so sorry about marlena. Are you okay? How's your dad holding up?

Brady: Better than I thought, considering marlena's still alive.

Nicole: She's what? The damn reporter said someone died. I know they said marlena's name.

Brady: It was her cellmate.

Nicole: Well, do the police know what happened, what caused the fight?

Brady: No, they don't. I have a question for you, Nicole.

Nicole: What?

Brady: When I just told you that my stepmother didn't die, you seemed a little disappointed and awfully curious. Why? What's the deal?

Lucas: Will, I'm really glad you're having a fun movie night at grandpa Shawnís. Your mother isn't there, is she? She's probably out with a friend. She has some, okay? Look --

Sami: Ahem.

Lucas: Hey, give me a call in the morning when you want me to pick you up, okay? I love you. Bye. You're back.

Sami: I never really left.

Sami: What are you thinking about?

Lucas: Thinking about why you left earlier without saying anything.

Sami: I needed coffee.

Lucas: Yeah, right. Sami, I'm really sorry.

Sami: For what?

Lucas: For being with you and staying here. That's why I didn't want to stay here, because I didn't want to take advantage of you, and that's exactly what happened.

Sami: Lucas --

Lucas: No, it's all right. You don't have to say it, all right? The alcohol wore off, and you weren't tipsy anymore, and you regret what happened. That's fine. Or you at least regret the way it happened. It's all right. Don't worry about it. You needed a friend, and I couldn't be there for you. It's just... I wanted you so bad, and I still want you now. But it's not right. It's not what you need right now. And it's wrong. It's wrong of me to do this, so Iím sorry.

Sami: Lucas --

Lucas: No, I'm sorry. It'll never happen again.

Sami: You're wrong, Lucas. I do need you. And I want you so badly.

Nicole: I don't know what you're talking about. I'm just glad for your sake that your stepmother wasn't murdered. This is big news. And the Salem stalker case, well, it does kind of hit close to home, so, yeah, I'm a little curious about what happened. I mean, why would the news make it sound like marlena was the one who died? And why won't they release the name of the woman who was killed? And what about her family? What's the big secret?

Brady: Why do you care? Do you think you might know the woman who was murdered?

Belle: My family is so messed up right now. It's just not fair to ask Shawn to deal with this. Who knows what he's getting himself into? I don't even know what to pray for anymore. What if my mom's not sick and it turns out she murdered all of these people in cold blood? I cannot believe that that is true, but... I would never be able to look Shawn in the face again knowing that my mom murdered half of his family. Please. I need your help right now. Just give me a sign.

John: Nurse gave marlena a sedative to calm her down. She's sleeping.

Hope: That's good. That's good, John. I'm sure she hasn't gotten very much rest since she was charged. How are you holding up?

John: I just wish there was something I could do for her to make this whole damn thing go away.

Bo: Yeah, and I wish I could bring my mom and brother back. But that's not gonna happen, thanks to your wife.

Hope: Bo.

John: I know my wife isn't the vicious murderer you're making her out to be, and those tests are going to prove it.

Bo: Mm-hmm. Keep dreaming.

Hope: Could I just have a minute with him, Bo? Thank you. John, I'm sorry. He's under a lot of pressure from the commissioner to find the killer.

John: Yeah, well, Iím under a lot of pressure to get my family back together.

Hope: John, as much as you don't want to say it, the facts are all pointing to marlena being the killer.

John: Not entirely.

Hope: You know that Iím right. Since marlena's been in jail, there's only been one murder, which has taken place in her cell. It doesn't get much clearer than that.

John: Well, now that case hasn't been thoroughly examined yet, has it?

Hope: That's true. But you're a very smart man with impeccable instincts. I also know that you're thinking that marlena murdered that woman. John, I know that you are going through an incredibly difficult time right now, but you need to remember that your family needs you to be strong right now. You didn't kill nine people. Marlena did. Whether she did it knowingly or willingly, I -- I'm having a very difficult time believing it, too. John, you need to start dealing with it so your family can begin to heal.

Bo: Are the test results in?

John: Well, let's have it, Lexie. Is my wife in her right mind? Could she possibly have done all this and been conscious of what she was doing? And if not, can we save her?

Lucas: Whew.

Sami: Wow, this feels so good. Who would have thought?

Lucas: Yeah, I know.

Sami: Will would be so happy if he knew that we --

Lucas: Did the dirty deed?

Sami: No. You know what I mean. He's just always wanted something to happen between us.

Lucas: Like you've always wanted your parents to get back together?

Sami: Yeah, well, speaking of parents, your mom is going to freak when she finds out.

Lucas: You're gonna tell her, sami?

Sami: Well, no, but -- God, she must have seen this coming a mile away. She's been harassing me to stay away from you.

Lucas: She's gonna freak out when she finds out we're together.

Sami: Is that what we are, Lucas? Together?

Belle: Oh. What are you doing here?

Shawn-D: Answering your prayers.

Belle: Are you eavesdropping on me?

Shawn-D: No. No, you were, uh, asking God to send you a sign, and I don't know, poof, here I am.

Belle: Oh.

Shawn-D: Not even a smile.

Belle: What am I supposed to smile at, Shawn? I'm going back --

Shawn-D: No, please don't.

Belle: Please let go of me.

Shawn-D: I just want you to listen to me. Just for a second. When things go really wrong in our lives, we take it out on the people that we're closest with. Like me blaming you for gran when she got murdered. I think what I was having a hard time dealing with was that deep down inside of me, I was blaming myself. And that's why I wanted to run away and join the merchant marines just like my dad. But when everything went down tonight with Philip, I realized that he was right about one thing. I was being totally unfair to you. 'Cause I know that you didn't want any of this to happen as much as I did. You were hurting, and I just made it worse. And I am sorry, Belle. I really am sorry that I wasn't here, but I am now, and you have wanted to talk about this, so come on. Here I am. Let's talk. Please.

Belle: Shawn --

Shawn-D: You are the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me in my life. You know that. I can't just let you walk away. And I want you to know i am not going to walk away, either.

Shawn-D: I'm not gonna walk away, baby. I'm not. 'Cause I love you.

John: So just tell me, Lexie. Is my wife sick?

Lexie: The ct scan, mri, and blood work all came back negative. According to the test results, marlena is perfectly healthy. There is no medical reason that I know of to explain or excuse her violent behaviour.

John: Then why the hell can't she remember anything?

Lexie: Well, the psychiatrist who examined her believes that marlena definitely knows right from wrong, and that maybe the trauma of knowing how wrong she's been has caused her to suppress those memories. But she definitely knew exactly what she was doing, John.

John: No, no, no.

Bo: Just as I suspected. Lexie, how long till you can have her medical release papers in order?

Lexie: I can have them for you within the hour.

Bo: Great.

Hope: Lexie, thank you.

Lexie: Yeah.

Bo: Hope, I need you to call prison transport, have them be here in 20 minutes. I'm gonna arrange for her to be isolated. I don't want her killing any other prisoners.

Hope: Okay.

John: Stop! Marlena's not going anywhere. You're not taking her back to jail, because I won't let you!

John: You're not taking my wife back to that hellhole.

Bo: You really have to start dealing here, man. Your wife murdered nine people, make it 10 people, in cold blood.

John: And you're desperate to make sure somebody pays, right?

Hope: You said yourself that marlena admitted to the murders. How do you just ignore that, John?

John: I'm not ignoring anything. You said yourself to trust your instincts. That's what I'm doing. I know my wife. She didn't murder our friends.

Bo: There's no getting through to this guy. But it doesn't matter. I'm taking your wife in. Get the hell out of my way.

Hope: Come on, you guys. Donít.

Bo: I got a job to do. And no one's going to stop me from doing it... Not even you.

John: Well, it looks like you're going to have to go through me, pal.

Bo: No. I'll just arrest you.

Hope: You know he'll do it.

John: What do you guys expect from me, anyway? This is my wife, damn it!

Mimi: Excuse me... Sorry. I-I don't get it. Um... If Dr. Evans says she can't remember what happened and you guys think she does, then why don't you do what they did in that movie "true lies" and give her some sodium pindle--

Hope: Pentathol.

Mimi: Yeah, that. Truth serum. And then see what she says.

Nicole: Why would I know the name of the woman who was killed in jail, Brady? What, do you think I know every crook and hoodlum in Salem?

[Cellular phone rings]

Brady: Dad, how is she?

John: Marlena's fine. The nurse gave her a sedative. She's resting.

Brady: Okay, good, so what happens next?

John: Well, the police want to administer sodium pentathol to marlena. In the correct dosage, it can behave as a truth serum.

Brady: Wh-- that's crazy. They can't make her do that.

John: Don't worry, son. Marlena has to agree to it. I won't let her.

Brady: Okay, good. Well, just hang in there, dad. She's going to make it through this.

John: I hope so, son.

Brady: All right, well, I'll be there as soon as I can. All right.

Nicole: What's going on? How's marlena?

Brady: Well, my uncle Bo is pushing her to take a truth serum.

Nicole: A truth serum?

Man: Here's the murderer.

Bo: Thank you, officer. Step this way. Marlena, is this the woman you saw with Jan spears?

Marlena: Oh. That's the one. It's in my opinion this cheap whore is the one who killed your father Victor. Arrest her.

Bo: Nicole kiriakis, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used --

Nicole: No!! No!!

Marlena: Ha ha ha ha!

Nicole: No! They can't do that.

Brady: I know. That's what I told my dad.

Nicole: We should get down to the hospital and support John. If we don't, they might force that truth serum on marlena.

Hope: What do you think about the truth serum?

Bo: Marlena says she... Doesn't remember murdering anybody. But John told us she admitted to all of the killings. If we can get her to admit that to us, we don't need his testimony. We'll have a very strong case and maybe some answers, too. I think this is the only way we can figure out what the hell happened here and put her behind bars for the rest of her miserable life.

Shawn-D: I love you.

Belle: I can't do this.

Shawn-D: Do what -- love me? I don't understand.

Belle: Shawn, my mom is being accused of murdering some of her best friends... Your grandparents and your uncle. She's also being tested for a mental illness that could possibly run in my family.

Shawn-D: All right, Belle --

Belle: Wait, you said you needed time to think. Well, I need time to think about everything that's going on.

Shawn-D: Okay, then take the time. I just want you to know that Iím not going away. I'm going to take a step back and give you the time you need to think.

Belle: How are you gonna do that when you're running off to join the merchant marine?

Shawn-D: I'm not.

Belle: You're definitely not?

Shawn-D: I told you, I'm going to take a step back and give you the time. So when you're ready, I want to give you this.

Belle: You still have that.

Shawn-D: Of course I do. It's a family heirloom. I'm guarding this thing with my life... Until the day I can put this on your finger. I want you to know I also still have this.  Give me your hand. And when the time is right, I'm gonna put another ring right here on this finger, because I love you.

Belle: I love you, too, Shawn.

Bo: I just talked to lexie's office. Her release papers are ready. Lexie's sending orderlies to prepare her for jail transport.

John: How am I going to tell marlena those tests came back negative? Now she's going to blame herself for everything that's happened.

Bo: Well, she should. She's not the victim here, John.

Hope: John, have you given any more thought to asking her to take the truth serum?

John: Yeah. No way in hell Iím going to let her take that.

Sami: So, um, what did will say when you talked to him earlier?

Lucas: He said that mom shouldn't eat in bed.

Sami: What? Hey, you're making a mess!

Lucas: I am? Well, I can help you with that. Don't worry.

Sami: Ha ha ha. Well, I am glad that will is spending the night watching movies with grandpa tonight.

Lucas: You know, I don't want -- I don't want will to be any more confused about our relationship than we are. Sami, he's a kid, and he wants his parents living under the same roof, so... Let's not get his hopes up, okay? Let's just keep it quiet for a while till we know what's going on.

Sami: Yeah, you're right. We should definitely make sure that your mom doesn't find out, either.

Lucas: No kidding. Now that that's out of the way, what do you want to do now?

Sami: I don't know. I, um... I bought a movie we could watch or maybe we could, uh...

Lucas: Shut up. Shut up and kiss me.

Sami: Okay.

Brady: Nicole. Meet me out front. I'm pulling the car around.

Nicole: About time. [ Thinking] if marlena takes the truth serum, she could tell everyone that she didn't kill Victor and she saw me and Jan together. I've got to make sure that woman keeps her mouth shut.

Mimi: There you are. Where have you been?

Philip: I just had to make a few calls. Why?

Mimi: Don't do this, Philip.

Philip: Don't do what, Mimi?

Mimi: Lie to me, yourself.

Philip: I'm not lying. What are you --

Mimi: I saw you spying on Belle and Shawn at the chapel, Philip. God, stop chasing after her. You're only going to get hurt.

Bo: I don't get it, John. With all the evidence we have, marlena taking that sodium pentathol is the only way you're going to prove she didn't murder our family and friends. It's the only way we're going to find out what happened here, especially now that those tests came back negative.

Hope: John. You don't have a choice.

Belle: Philip, my mom's test results came back negative.

Philip: Oh, no.

John: You can save your breath, Bo. Marlena's not taking any sodium pentathol. The state she's in now, it could kill her. Besides, there's no guarantee it'll even work. Besides, I don't know what kind of leading questions you're going to give her, so I sure as hell am not going to let you railroad my wife into the gas chamber.

Marlena: I'll take the serum. John, John...

John: Doc.

Marlena: I have no idea if I brutally murdered nine of our closest friends. But I really want to know the truth. I want to know what I've done.

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Kate: I have one more thing to say to you.

Lucas: No, that's it. You're done. You have to go.

Belle: I want to be with my mom even if she is guilty, and if you can't accept that that's important to me, maybe it's time to move on.

Hope: So I take it you're not having any second thoughts?

Bo: None. We'll let her tie the noose around her own damn neck.

Marlena: I want it to be over...Now. I confess to you...

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