Days Transcript Wednesday 4/7/04

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 4/7/04 - Canada; Thursday 4/8/04 - U.S.A.

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Bonnie: Hi. Ha ha ha. Yeah. [Sighs] Mmm... ooh. Oh... whoo! No one is gonna recognize Maggie’s stodgy old restaurant. It has gone from 4-star to lone star.

Man: Ma'am, I'm trying to program that mechanical bull. I was hoping you'd be my test pilot.

Bonnie: Well, I'd be honoured, dwight. Ha ha ha.

[Drill whirs]

Bonnie: Ooh! Ha ha ha ha!


Mimi: I wonder what kind of favour my mother needs this time. Oh, you know what? Before we go in, I want to check on Belle.

Rex: Wait, wait, wait. What if Shawn’s in the middle of proposing?

Mimi: Oh, you're right. I should wait. The last thing I want to do is interrupt.

Rex: Belle needs something really good to happen right now.

Mimi: Belle needs to be able to look forward to the future, you know? Especially if -- I can't even say it.

Rex: I know. The idea of marlena being the serial killer -- all those people that died. I mean, she was married to Roman. She gave birth to cassie.

Mimi: And you too. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this, too.

Rex: But I didn't grow up with marlena being my mom. I didn't spend my whole life looking up to her, loving her. I can't imagine what Belle must feel right now.

Mimi: I just hope Shawn and Belle are up at lookout point right now, away from all this craziness. Speaking of craziness, let's go find my mom and get this over with.

Rex: Wait, wait, wait. How do I look?

Mimi: What?

Rex: I don't know, maybe I shouldn't have gone so casual. Look, I need to impress your mother to prove to her that I'm worthy of her only daughter.

Mimi: How many times do I have to tell you, to me you are absolutely perfect? Okay? And that's all I care about.

[Crowd cheering]

[Country music playing ]

Bonnie: Whoo! Yee-haw!

Man: You go, bonnie!

Mimi: Uh, your image is fine, rex. It's my mom I'm worried about.

Bonnie: Whoo!


Patrick: Ready to go home?

Jennifer: Yes, I'm ready.

Patrick: There's no rush, you know? Abby's grandmother said she's welcome to stay the night, and Vern will drop her off in the morning.

Jennifer: No. I don't want to stay here one minute longer, especially now that the baby's out of danger.

Lexie: Jennifer, you are looking so much better. I can't believe the way you've bounced back.

Jennifer: Well, I had a lot of support -- me and wiggly here.

Lexie: Um, listen, my mom and I are going to drive you home, okay?

Jennifer: Oh, you know what? That's really sweet, but Patrick has already volunteered.

Lexie: Oh. Uh, Patrick, I don't believe you've met my mother. Celeste perrault, Patrick Lockhart. He's staying in Jennifer’s garage apartment.

Patrick: Uh, you know, Jennifer, I can see where Lexie gets her good looks.

Lexie: Listen, I am releasing you because I know you will rest more comfortably at home, but I'd feel a lot better if I stayed with you for a while, okay? Just make sure you are all settled in, okay?

Jennifer: Lexie, that's really sweet of you --

Patrick: That's great of you, Dr. Carver. Thanks.

Lexie: Ooh, and, um, there's something else we need to tell you. My mother spent some time with marlena, and...

Celeste: She's not the killer.

Jennifer: What? Oh, my goodness, that is great news. I mean, I couldn't stand the thought of it.

Patrick: How do you know she's not the killer?

Celeste: I have the gift, darling.

Jennifer: Yeah, Patrick, you see, Celeste, she's, um...

Lexie: Psychic.

Patrick: Okay. So who is the killer?

Celeste: That I do not know.

Lexie: But John says he does. He left the hospital to bring the killer in.

Jennifer: Wait a minute. I don't understand. If it's not marlena, who is it? And how in the world does John know?

Lexie: He didn't say.

Celeste: I only hope this person is caught before she can claim her next victim.


Julie: "Bonnie Lockhart invites you to the grand opening of Alice’s bar and restaurant." Well...shucks. What nerve she has. Sucking up to uncle Mickey, exploiting his every loss. By God, she's not going to get away with it. If it's the last thing I do in this life, she --

[Knock on door]

Julie: Jennifer. Home so soon from the hospital?  Who is it?


Julie: Aah!


Bo: It's difficult to count your blessings these days, but... being here with you, that's right at the top of my list. Fancy face?

Hope: What?

Bo: What are you thinking?

Hope: Why were we spared? Why was my dad and gran taken?

Bo: Marlena thought they would expose her as the killer. She had to silence them.

Hope: Bo...

Bo: Yeah?

Hope: You know I'm still not convinced that marlena's the killer. I don't want to argue about it, though, okay?

Bo: Agreed.

Hope: You and I were attacked, and someone tried to murder Shawn in his bed. But we escaped.  Why? Why were we spared? Why?

Bo: I wish I could answer that question.

Hope: Gran lived a long life. Not that it makes it any easier, because it doesn’t. I just always thought she'd be with us for a long time.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: And my dad... I thought he was invincible.

Bo: Mm.

Hope: You know, he always knew how to make the best out of every minute, you know?

Bo: He'd want us to do the same. We've got to stick together, fancy face. That's what the Brady’s and the Horton’s do best.

Hope: I know. Our son is suffering so much right now. He and Belle both need each other so much. I just hope they can find their way back together.


[Dance music playing]

Belle: What was that?

Philip: What?

[Turns music off]

Belle: Shawn? I'm sorry, Philip. I thought I heard him. God, what if he never comes back?

Philip: Don't do this to yourself.

Belle: What if I've really lost him forever?

Shawn-D: Maybe it's time I move on.


Bo: It's not gonna be easy for Shawn to forgive Belle.

Hope: Bo, I understand why she lied. She was convinced that her mother was innocent.

Bo: For her to tell him that she was with her mother when Doug was killed, that's just -- it's not a little white lie. It had devastating consequences. If marlena had been apprehended just a little sooner, Mrs. H would still be alive.

Hope: I don't want to go there right now, okay? I'm just really worried about Shawn. He loves Belle so much. We always made it a rule never to go to bed angry, and it's always seemed to work for us, right? Hasn't it?

Bo: Yeah, yeah, it has.

Hope: Well, that's why I pushed Shawn to go back to the apartment tonight. I pray they can find a way to work this out.


Belle: What if Shawn never forgives me?

Philip: Belle, come on.

Belle: I feel like my head's gonna explode. Maybe I should go to the hospital and check on my mom.

Philip: Belle, you're exhausted. You got to find some way to relax.

Belle: I can't!

Philip: Look, tomorrow things might be different.

Belle: Really, Philip? How?

Philip: Well, we might have more information, for one. Come on, who knows? Maybe there will be proof that your mom's innocent.

Belle: But why would my dad say that she confessed to him? He can't be the serial killer, even though that's what Sami says.

Philip: Belle, don't do this to yourself. Now, no matter what, things are going to be easier to deal with once you've slept and eaten. You were going to share your cashews with me, remember?

Belle: Philip, I'm sorry. I was -- I was going to try because you were nice enough to bring it over, but my stomach just doesn't feel that good.

Philip: Well, that's because you're hungry. Now, when was the last time you put something in this adorable little tummy? Will you just try? For me?

Belle: Okay.  Oh, Shawn...


Shawn-D: Maybe mom was right. I need to see this from Belle's point of view... try and make up with her. Oh! I can’t.


[Country music playing ]


Mimi: I can't take this! I don't care what she wanted. Let's go.

Rex: She's just having a good time.

Mimi: Why can't she just be a normal mother?

Bonnie: Oh, hey! Hi!

Mimi: Great.

Bonnie: Oh, Dwight, get me off this raging bull!

Dwight: It's stuck. Whoa, wrong way!

[Bull roaring]

Bonnie: Aah! Whoa!

[Cheering and whooping ]

Bonnie: [Screaming]

[Bull roars]

Bonnie: [Shouts] Oh! Whew! Whew! And a great catch I am! Thank you very much!

[Cheers and applause]

Bonnie: Thank you, thank you. Where's my trophy?

Mimi: Are you okay?

Rex: I think so.

Bonnie: Oh, welcome to Alice’s bar. What do you kids think?

Mimi: Maggie Horton must be spinning in her grave.

Bonnie: Party pooper. Mickey Horton trusts me to run this place, and fortunately, I don't need your approval.

Rex: Well, I think it's fun.

Bonnie: Well, thank you, rex. That's just what this town needs is fun. Now that the Salem stalker has been caught, people are gonna want to get out and enjoy themselves.

Mimi: I guess you heard that Belle's dad said that her mom confessed to being the killer.

Bonnie: Yeah, yeah. You know, no offence to Belle, but I never thought that marlena was so good anyway.

Mimi: Rex, could I have a moment alone with my mother, please?

Rex: Sure. Is there anything I can do to help?

Bonnie: Oh, maybe you could help Dwight lug the beer kegs off the loading dock. That would be sweet -- since you're so strong.

Mimi: Mother!

Rex: We'll get right on it.

Bonnie: Ooh. Mmm. Yum-yum. Seems like your penniless beau is trying to impress me.

Mimi: I've told rex that he doesn't need to impress anybody, especially you.

Bonnie: I still think you should set your sights on Shawn Brady. His grandpa kiriakis must have left him a nice little trust fund.

Mimi: Don't even go there, mom.

Bonnie: Just -- just looking out for your best interests, sugar pie.

Mimi: Look, okay, I came here because you said you needed a favour. What is it?

Bonnie: Oh, yeah, since you are Belle's best friend, and since her mother is probably going to the gas chamber, I thought maybe you could put in a good word with Mr. Black and maybe let me clean out marlena's closets.

Mimi: What?

Bonnie: Maggie Horton’s frocks will look like dirt next to marlena's.

Mimi: I don't believe this!

Bonnie: Oh, talk about hitting the designer mother lode!

Mimi: No. I will not. End of story. Excuse me. So, where's Belle? What happened? Did you propose?

Rex: Did you give Belle the wool ring?

Shawn-D: You were right. I jumped down your throat when you brought it up, because I was afraid that it was true. Belle lied to me about marlena's alibi, and because of that my great-grandmother is dead.


Jennifer: Well, I just hope that marlena can be cleared on all the charges, lex.

Lexie: Yeah, everybody does. I just feel terrible for rushing to judgment the way I did.

Jennifer: Well, I think we're all desperate to find out who the real killer is. And as relieved as I am about marlena, I still hate the thought that the killer is out there somewhere.

Lexie: I know.

Jennifer: And I tried to call Julie to warn her. She was supposed to meet us here, but I couldn't get an answer on her phone.

Patrick: Well, somebody left the front door open.

Jennifer: What? That's weird.

Patrick: Yeah, why don't I go in first and take a look around?

Jennifer: [Gasps]

Lexie: Oh! What is it?

Jennifer: Oh, Julie! Lexie, what do we do?

Lexie: Just calm down.

Celeste: It's happening again.


Hope: Hey.

Bo: Hey, how's zack?

Hope: He's sleeping like an angel. I envy him.

Bo: Who'd you call?

Hope: Shawn. He must have turned off his cell. You know what? I'm not going to be able to get back to sleep. Maybe I'll grab something to eat or watch TV or something.

Bo: Hey, hey.

Hope: What?

Bo: Come here.

Hope: Aren't you hungry?

Bo: No. Come here.

Hope: Watch a movie?

Bo: Sit down right here.

Hope: Mm. Oh, that feels good. You know exactly what I need. Ooh.

Bo: Too hard?

Hope: No, harder. Oh, that feels so good, Bo. Don't stop. Don't ever stop, okay?

Bo: You know what?

Hope: Mm.

Bo: Our son's got a big heart. He's a lot more forgiving than I am.

Hope: Who knows? Those two may find a way to put all of this behind them.

Bo: I don't know. If they're not able to do that, maybe they're not meant to be together.

Hope: What are you talking about? Of course they are.


Philip: Whew.

Belle: Look, I'm sorry, Philip. I tried, but I just can’t.

Philip: It's okay. But I got something you can't resist.

Belle: Fortune cookies. Ha ha.

Philip: All right, come on. Choose.

Belle: I don't know. If there's bad news in one of those, I don't want it.

Philip: Oh, no, I specifically asked for two excellent fortunes.

Belle: In that case, um... that one.

Philip: That one?

Belle: Yes.

Philip: Okay.

Belle: I don't get it.

Philip: What's it say?

Belle: It says, "you are loved by two, but only one can have you." I hope this doesn't have to do with my parents splitting up.

Philip: Maybe you have a secret admirer.

Belle: Come on, Philip. I don't even admire myself right now.

Philip: Hey. I admire you. Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing?


Mimi: Excuse me for bringing this up, but... you lied to Belle about Jan spears, and she forgave you eventually. Belle was not trying to hurt anyone, Shawn. You know that.

Shawn-D: Would you stop defending her?

Rex: Mimi's only trying to help, Shawn.

Mimi: You and Belle are like family to me, and I don't want to see you split up, not after everything you've been through over the years, okay? And especially with everything that's going on right now. When have you ever needed each other more? Please, okay, if you guys can't make it together, then I don't think anyone can.

Shawn-D: Well, you know what? I'm really sorry to disillusion you.

Mimi: All right, then just answer me one thing -- do you still love her?

Shawn-D: Yes.

Mimi: Then talk to her.

Shawn-D: I can't, okay? 'Cause right now, I feel like I'm just going crazy. I'm going to go inside and ask your mother if she needs any help.

Mimi: No, Shawn, please --

Shawn-D: Why, after all, this place is named after my great-grandmother, all right?

Mimi: Shawn, come on. Please -- ugh. Okay. We need a strategy to get him to talk to her.

Rex: There's nothing we can do, Mimi.

Mimi: Come on, rex. You can make a computer out of a couple wires, a transistor, and a piece of gum. I'm sure you can come up with something better than that.

Rex: Human relations? That's not my area.

Mimi: Sure it is.

Rex: Look, really, Mimi, it's -- it's hopeless for them.

Mimi: You're right.

Rex: I am?

Mimi: You don't know what you're talking about.

Rex: See?

Mimi: You haven't seen Belle and Shawn fight and make up practically their whole lives.

Rex: Well, I doubt they've ever had to deal with anything like this.

Mimi: Shawn and Belle are meant to be together, rex, and I'm not going to let this come between them.


Lexie: No, Jennifer --

Jennifer: Julie! Julie!

Lexie: Stay back. Let me handle this.

Celeste: Darling, you mustn't do anything to jeopardize the baby.

Jennifer: I'm fine. I'm fine, Celeste. How is she?

Lexie: She's got a strong pulse.

Patrick: You want me to call the paramedics?

Lexie: No, just bring up my medical bag from the car.

Jennifer: Lexie, does it look like she was attacked?

Lexie: There's no blood, so I'm guessing she either fainted or she fell and she hit her head.

Jennifer: All right, well, this mop is here. It looks like she was mopping the floor. Maybe the fumes got to her and she passed out.

Lexie: Let's roll her over. Bring me those pillows, please. Thank you. I need you to be very careful. Roll her over very carefully.

Celeste: Jennifer, come on.

Jennifer: Julie. Julie, can you hear me? Julie.

Julie: Aah! Get away! Get away from me! Get away!

Lexie: Julie, Julie, it's Lexie, it's Lexie. Hey. You passed out. You're okay.

Celeste: There, darling, she's all right, see?

Patrick: Thank God.

Jennifer: Julie, what happened? Can you tell us?


Julie: Who is it?


Julie: [Screaming]

Julie: I was attacked by bats.

Patrick: Something must have disturbed their nest.

Celeste: The creatures of the night -- they're restless. Unless we stop these killings, there's only going to be more suffering.

Julie: What is she talking about? I thought marlena's the killer.

Lexie: Well, uh, my mother held marlena's hand while she was sleeping in the hospital, and --

Celeste: She is innocent.

Julie: Marlena's not the Salem stalker now?

Celeste: No, and John -- he's out looking for the real killer. He swears he knows who she is, and that he's going to bring her in.

Julie: Thank God. Thank God. I've been so wracked with guilt thinking that I put Doug in -- in marlena's way the night he was killed. Bats, Lexie -- bats.

Celeste: It's an omen.

Julie: Celeste, I don't want to hear about an omen. I can tell you why you have an infestation of bats. I don't know who your housekeeper is, but you ought to fire her, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Julie, my housekeeper is bonnie Lockhart, Patrick’s mother. I-I hired her part-time to help me out.

Julie: Well, Patrick, your mother's a lot of things, but a cleaning woman is not one of them.

Jennifer: Julie, listen, you really didn't need to mop my floor.

Julie: No, Jennifer, I really did.

Lexie: Okay, let's get you up, Julie. Patrick, would you mind helping, please?

Patrick: Yeah, sure thing.

Jennifer: Listen, I will have someone come and -- and check out the attic and make sure that there aren't any bats.

Patrick: No, I'll handle it for you tomorrow.

Jennifer: No, you don't have to do that. You have done enough for me already, really.

Julie: Oh, yeah? What's he done?

Jennifer: Julie, I told you. He kept me from going into labour earlier, remember?

Julie: But you wound up in the emergency room anyway, Jennifer.

Jennifer: It is because of Patrick that my baby is still alive, Julie.


Hope: I -- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you. But honestly, I do believe that Shawn and Belle are meant for each other, like us. Soul mates.

Bo: They are being put to the test.

Hope: Ever since they were little, I always thought they'd end up together.

Bo: Just like you always knew we'd end up together? The lake's so deep. It goes down forever, you know.

Hope: It does not. My grandpa tom told me it's only 30 feet deep.

Bo: He's wrong.

Hope: My grandpa's never wrong. He's a famous doctor. He saves lives and everything.

Bo: If I jump in right now, I bet I could swim all the way to china.

Hope: Okay. Then I'll push you in, and we'll see.

Bo: Is that when you first knew you loved me?

Hope: Let's just say I'm really glad you didn't make it to china.

Bo: Yeah, me too.

Hope: Remember the first time we brought Shawn and Belle to the Horton cabin? Do you remember that?

Bo: Mm-hmm. That was the first time they held hands.

Hope: Exactly, and Belle got stung by a wasp, and Shawn cried, too.

Bo: I told you. Our son's got a big heart.

Hope: He has a huge heart, just like his dad.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: You know what? I think they were in love with each other way back then.

Bo: Do you hear us? We sound just like our parents.

Hope: Are you saying you're getting old and given to sentimental clichés?

Bo: Oh, no, I'm saying we're getting old and given to sentimental...

Hope: Let it be known you are far older than me.

Bo: Oh, yeah.

Hope: And you're in big trouble.

Bo: Try to put...

Hope: Oh! Oh! Ha ha! Bo, stop!

Bo: What? You started it.

Hope: You know I'll win.

Bo: Ha ha.

Hope: Ha ha ha.

Bo: Come here.

Hope: Ha ha ha.


Belle: You know, I admire you, too, Philip -- dealing with your dad's death, and you still found time to come and comfort an old friend. I just wish Shawn knew how sorry I was.

[Telephone rings]

Belle: Hello?

Mimi: It's your roomie.

Belle: Meems.

Mimi: I heard everything that happened, Belle, and I was going to come right over, but I figured you probably wanted to be by yourself, and then I ran into Shawn, and --

Belle: Wait, where is he?

Mimi: We're all at my mom's new bar helping out. He just doesn't know what to do with himself. You have to come over.

Belle: Shawn doesn't want to see me.

Mimi: Belle.

Belle: I'm not coming.

Mimi: I am not going to let you sit there by yourself and wallow.

Belle: Philip's here. It's fine.

Mimi: Put Philip on.

Philip: What's up, meems?

Mimi: Hey. Shawn's here with me at the place formerly known as Tuscany. He's miserable. It's up to us to patch things up between him and Belle, okay? I want both of you here on the double, no excuses.

Philip: Aye-aye, captain. I have strict orders to drive you there A.S.A.P., but only if you want to.

Belle: What do you think? I mean, Shawn really doesn't want to see me.

Philip: Belle, whatever you want -- really.

Belle: Okay. Let me just put my sweater on.

Philip: All right. [ Thinking] "Love is yours for the taking."

Belle: Okay. I'm ready. Hey. What'd your fortune say?

Philip: It said, "love is yours for the taking."

Belle: Now why does that not surprise me? Now all you have to do is find the perfect girl.


Bonnie: Hey, sweetie.

Shawn-D: I hung your shelf for you.

Bonnie: Thank you, honey. I'm sorry to hear about your grandma.

Shawn-D: Is there anything else I can do for you here?

Bonnie: As a matter of fact, there is. Hit it, Blue County.

[Crowd cheering]

Bonnie: Whoo! Ha ha ha! Whoo! Aah!

Blue county: She's her mama's baby
she's her daddy's
pride and joy
they've kept her under wraps
she ain't been hangin' out
with any ugly-actin' boy
hardly ever been kissed
20 years of innocence
just what I'm lookin' for
I want to be the man
that's holdin' her hand
when she can't hold it back anymore

Bonnie: Is it me, or is it hot in here?

Blue county: Good

little girls make

some mighty wild women

been savin' it up

since the very beginning

when they fall in love

they want to take it

to the limit

good little girls

make some mighty wild women

Bonnie: Whoo!

Blue county: Well

she's never been to vegas

or danced in a honky-tonk

Bonnie: Yee-haw!

Blue county: No trail

of broken hearts

although she looks the part

that ain't the kind of life

she wants

she's waitin'

for a gold ring

before she tries her wings

that's at I'm waitin' for

yeah, I want to be the man

that's holdin' her hand

when she can't hold it back


Bonnie: Yee-haw!

Blue county: Good

little girls make

some mighty wild women

been savin' it up

since the very beginning

when they fall love

they want to take it

to the limit

good little girls

make some mighty wild women

Blue county: Good

little girls make

some mighty wild women

been savin' it up

since the very beginning

when they fall in love

they want to take it

to the limit

good little girls

make some mighty wild women

been savin' it up

since the very beginning

when they fall in love

they want to take it

to the limit

good little girls

make some mighty wild women

good little girls

make some mighty wild women

good little girls

Bonnie: Ahh.

Shawn-D: Miss Lockhart?

Bonnie: Hmm? Hmm.

Shawn-D: Are you okay?

Bonnie: Yeah -- yes. Yes, sure, hon. Um... why don't you talk to Dwight and see if there's something else you could do?

Mickey: Bonnie?

Bonnie: Oh, you poor, poor man. Come here. Oh.


Jennifer: So Patrick told me -- thank you -- to hold onto this coin, and then all of a sudden, the contractions just stopped.

Julie: A coin. Well, aren't you a marvel, Patrick? You know, maybe we should get Celeste to read your cards.

Celeste: Oh, I'd be glad to.

Patrick: It's late. I'm sure we're all tired.

Celeste: You saved Jennifer’s baby twice, Patrick. Perhaps you have the gift for healing, no?

Patrick: No offence, ma'am, but I really don't believe in that stuff.

Julie: And yet you carry around a lucky coin.

Jennifer: You know, I'm going to call uncle Mickey and tell him that I am just fine and see how he's holding up.

Julie: Don't you worry about uncle Mickey, darling. I'll stop by and see him on my way home.

Jennifer: Should you be driving? What about your head?

Lexie: Yeah, I didn't detect any signs of a concussion. I think she probably just fainted from the fright. But, listen, if you have any symptoms...

Julie: I'll call you, because you give such beautiful care. Thank you, darling.

Lexie: It's my pleasure, Julie.

Julie: Good night, sweetheart.

Jennifer: Good night. I love you.

Julie: Love you. Don't worry about me. I'll just see my way out.

Jennifer: Just be careful.

Patrick: You have a very penetrating gaze, miss perrault. Is everything all right?

Lexie: Mom.

Jennifer: Celeste, are you okay?

Lexie: I think she's getting another vibe. Mom, is it about the killer?

Celeste: I'm not sure, but somehow, it's connected to Patrick. Please, um, may I examine your coin?

Patrick: No.


Mickey: Well, the house was just too quiet.

Bonnie: Oh, Mickey, it's awful noisy here.

Mickey: I don't care. I'd rather have people around.

Bonnie: You know what? You come with me. I want to show you something -- something that's going to make you feel a whole lot better.

Mickey: All right. Where? What do we do?

Bonnie: Just go right out of this door, but once we get to the door, you have to close your eyes.

Mickey: Oh, all right.

Bonnie: Promise?

Mimi: We have to get Belle and Shawn to talk to each other. Then I know they can work things out.

Rex: Well, this is your department, meems. I'm going to make myself scarce.

Philip: Hey. So I'm going to give my mom a call, check up on her, okay? Are you going to be all right?

Belle: Yeah.

Philip: Good.

Mimi: Shawn told us that he still loves you. Don't be stubborn. Go talk to him.

Belle: All right. Where did he go?

Shawn-D: I'm sorry, Belle. I don't think I'm ever going to be able to forgive you.


Bonnie: Are you ready for your surprise?

Mickey: Mm-hmm. Oh, my God. Oh, it's -- it's perfect.

Bonnie: Oh.

Mickey: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha -- oh, wow. Ha ha ha ha ha. Oh.


eleste: I, um, didn't mean to push, Patrick. I was just picking up, you know, an interesting source of energy.

Patrick: My coin?

Celeste: Possibly. When I traveled the world with Stefano dimera, I saw all sorts of exotic charms and talismans, you see. I was just wondering if your coin might have some sort of healing power, you know?

Patrick: You were with Stefano dimera?

Celeste: I was Stefano’s assistant and companion for many years, yes. Alexandra is our daughter.

Patrick: I had no idea. Look, I'm sorry if I seemed rude just now. I was mad at myself because I can't find my coin. I just hope I haven't lost it.

Jennifer: Oh, no, Patrick.

Patrick: It was just a coin. Look, it's time for me to go up to my nest over the garage, give Jennifer some rest. I'm glad the baby's okay. Good night, ladies.

Lexie: Good night.

Jennifer: Good night, Patrick. I-I need to check on Abby. I need to call. Um, if you'll excuse me...

Lexie: Sure, sure. Mom? What is it?

Celeste: Darling, there's something very interesting about Patrick Lockhart, and I intend to find out what it is.

Hope: When you touch me, I feel so complete.

Bo: Mm. Thank God for you.

[Cellular phone rings]

Bo: Oh, no.


Bo: Commander Brady. Hey, John, what's up? I-I can't -- you're coming in and out. I can't hear you too well. Why do you want to meet everybody at the hospital?

Hope: What happened?

Bo: Shh, shh, shh. You -- you're bringing in the killer?


“Next on Days Of Our Lives”

Bo: I will do whatever it takes to make sure this monster never kills again.

Jennifer: Are you my guardian angel?

John: Almost got away with it. In fact, marlena even confessed to your crimes.

Shawn-D: Your mother's innocent. John found out who the real murderer is, and he's bringing her in right now.

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