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[Thunder crashes]

Julie: You know, whenever Doug and I would go on a cruise, he would say, "calm waters make a dull voyage." And he was right. Because a little turbulence makes things exciting. Now, in any relationship, there are ups and downs. And in some very good relationships, the ups and downs can be pretty extreme, which is why the best sex is always after a big fight.

Sami: I wouldn't know about that.

Lucas: She knows. She doesn't want to admit it, but she knows, all right.

Sami: Lucas, wh--

Julie: I sense there's a little antagonism here.

Sami: That's no big surprise there.

Julie: I think there'd be a lot of big surprises if the two of you would just, uh... give way to what you are feeling.

[Thunder crashes]

Sami: [Gasps] Never.

Kate: Oh, Roman.

[Door lock turning]

Kate: Oh, no.

Belle: Shawn?  Shawn? Hello?

Shawn-D: Oh, great-grandpa... we cannot lose another person to this maniac... this killer. There must be another way to find out who the killer's next target is. That's it. That's it. I just hope I'm not too late.

Celeste: Who in the Horton family is meant to die next? Abraham. Jack. Maggie. Roman. What is this? I need to know who's the next victim, not who's already perished. Let this be the answer... the name that I seek. Oh, God, no. Not Alice. Oh, dear God. No, I have to warn her. I have to warn her. [Gasps] Oh, no! [Gasps] Oh, Caroline!  We have to stop the killer before it's too late! Before she kills our beloved Alice!

Alice: Hello, marlena. I've been expecting you. I know it's you. I know that you're the killer.

Marlena: Well, Alice, you're right. I am the Salem stalker. And now that you know my little secret, you must die.

Belle: Oh, come on, come on, pick up. "Due to the storm, service is temporarily suspended"? That's great.

[Telephone rings]

Belle: Shawn?

Sami: Hey, it's me. Um, I tried to call your cell, but I got a weird recording.

Belle: I know. I just tried to call Shawn, and I got the same message. Service must be down.

Sami: Ah, must be the storm.

[Thunder crashes]

Sami: [Gasps]

Belle: Sami, are you okay?

Sami: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I'm just a little lonely. Um, will is staying with grandpa Shawn tonight, and I guess the lightning and the thunder -- I could use some company.

Belle: Well, I'm alone, too. I woke up and found that Shawn left. I'm a little worried.

Sami: Is there any word on the serial killer?

Belle: I don't know. That's why I was trying to call him.

Sami: Well, do you want to come over? Actually, scratch that. You have to come over right now.

Belle: I'll be right there.

Sami: Ha ha ha ha. I'll make some hot cocoa.

Belle: Sounds great. I'm still in my pjs, though.

Sami: Yeah, that's great. We’ll have our own little pyjama party.

Belle: I'm so in the mood for this. I'll see you soon.

Jan: A pyjama party. Sounds like fun.

Kate: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. John? John, are you okay? I'm so sorry. Aah -- I'm sorry.

John: Damn, Kate.

Kate: I'm so sorry. Are you okay?

John: What do you think?

Kate: Well, I know one thing. You're gonna have one hell of a bump on your head tomorrow.

John: What are you doing, woman?

Kate: Well, I guess I could ask you the same thing, couldn't I?

John: Well, I was -- [ Groans] No, don't tell me. You moved into Roman's place. I should've known. I'm sorry.

Kate: No, no, no, no. You shouldn't have known. Because I haven’t. I -- I was, um, I was at the office, and I was on the computer, and, um, Roman sent me an -- Roman sent me an instant message.

John: What'd you say?

Kate: I know it's really difficult -- it's going to be very difficult for you to believe what I'm about to tell you.

John: Are you kidding me? After what I just went through with Celeste, I'll believe anything about now. Thank you.

Kate: John, Roman came to me. He came to me when I was feeling... the most hopeless. And he made me realize that... as long as we have love in our hearts, then life is worth living. Because love is the most important thing -- especially in these dark times.

John: I won't argue with that last point.

Kate: You have to go to her. You have to go to marlena. You have loved each other for so long. You have such a deep connection. Don't let that die.

John: I doubt if I will ever be able to work things out with doc.

Kate: Don't say that.

John: Things are bad, Kate.

Kate: John, you have never, ever been --

John: You know, the reason that I came to Roman's house is because I am looking for doc.

Kate: Why would she be here?

John: Hiding.

Kate: Hiding from what?

John: Tek thinks she is the serial killer. And if he's right, I'm afraid she's about to kill again.

Alice: Now... why are you doing this, marlena?

Marlena: That's the $64,000 question, isn't it, old girl?

Alice: You need help.

Marlena: Ha ha ha ha. Me? Why, I am a psychiatrist. I am Dr. Marlena Evans. I'm a pillar in the storm of life.

Alice: Think of your family, dear. Think about those who love you.

Marlena: Stop. St-stop saying that.

Alice: No, marlena, not until you realize what you're doing is wrong.

[Thunder crashes]

[Knock on door]

Sami: Hi.

Belle: Hey.

Sami: Hi. Let me take your stuff.

Belle: Thanks.

Sami: I'll put it over here.

Belle: Sami, are you okay?

Sami: Um, yeah. I... I've just been thinking about everything that's happened lately, and... I miss my dad. I miss so many people.

Belle: I know. Me too. I mean, you have it so much harder than me, losing your father.

Sami: I guess it also helps --

Belle: What?

Sami: I've also been thinking about love and... true love and... wondering why I don't have it.

Belle: Sami, if you want it that bad, it'll happen. You'll make it happen.

Sami: I've spent a lot of time trying to make it happen, and yet here I am, all alone.

Belle: That'll change.

Sami: I just don't think so. You know, Belle, I am so envious of you. You -- you and Shawn -- I mean, I see the way he looks at you --

Belle: Sami, I've done something really horrible, something that could end up destroying us forever.

Celeste: [Gasps]

[Thunder crashes]

Celeste: Please, you must all help me.

Maggie: There are dark forces at work here. We couldn't do anything to stop what's going to happen if we wanted to.

Celeste: Oh, come on. You must be able to do something.

Caroline: Sorry.

Celeste: Oh, forget it. I'll call John. Oh, yeah. He'll protect Alice.

Deep voice: No!

Celeste: [Gasps] Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah!

Maggie: We have to do something to help her.

[Knock on door]

Shawn-D: Celeste? Celeste, is everything okay in there?

Caroline: Celeste.

[Knock on door]

Caroline: Frankie.

[Knock on door]

Caroline: I'm afraid she won't be able to help Alice now. She won't remember a thing. The dark forces have seen to that.

Maggie: Oh, poor Alice.

[Pounding on door]

Shawn-D: Celeste! Celeste! Celeste, what happened?! Celeste!

Kate: I -- I don't know what to say. Have you -- have you talked to her about it?

John: I thought I saw doc running away from me in the cemetery the night Doug was killed.

Kate: Oh, my God.

John: And I confronted her. She denied it. She put it all on me.

Kate: How?

John: Saying the reason that I thought I saw her stemmed from Stefano’s mind control, the way he had programmed me.

Kate: That could be true. I mean, there's no secret that Stefano coveted marlena.

John: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know all that -- queen of the night.

Kate: Which means that he is still affecting our lives, even from the grave.

John: Maybe not. I listened really hard to marlena's theory. Part of it worked for me, but -- the more I thought about it, the more I began to think that... just another lie.

Kate: No. No, no, no, no, no. Not marlena. John. Why would she hurt the people that she loves? What motivation could she possibly have that's -- she has been just as horrified by all of these killings as everyone else. You -- you have to have seen that. You have to see how tortured she was by the losses.

John: Yeah, I've seen it.

Kate: You think it's an act?  Oh, my -- no. No. No. No way. I refuse to believe that. I re-- I refuse to believe that anything would make her kill someone. To -- to kill all these people that are -- are her family and her friends... and Roman? John, she'd have to be inhuman.

John: Maybe she is.

Kate: Are you saying...

John: That's right. I am afraid the evil has made her do this.

[Thunder crashes]

Kate: Oh.

[Thunder crashes]

Alice: There's still time. You can stop this.

Marlena: Alice, I'll be fine. I have been so careful. Thorough, meticulous. Not a soul knows it's me.

Alice: Marlena dear --

Marlena: There's only one piece of hard evidence that connects me to the killings, and... unfortunately, dear Alice, you have it.

Alice: You mean this.

Marlena: Give it to me.

[Thunder crashes]

Alice: Absolutely not.

Marlena: Ha ha ha. Ah. Give it to me, please.

Sami: Belle, what are you talking about? You and Shawn have a great relationship. What could you possibly have done to ruin that?

Belle: Oh, just something he'll probably never forgive me for.

Sami: Belle, I think you're really being hard on yourself.

Belle: I wish.

Sami: Okay, look, you tell me what it is, and I'll find a way to make sure that it seems like it's Shawn’s fault. I'm an expert at that.

Belle: I can't blame any of this on Shawn. I lied. I lied, Sami, and I know that people lie all the time, but this is a major one -- maybe an unforgivable one.

Sami: Oh, Belle, look, nothing is unforgivable when two people really love each other like you and Shawn love each other. You'll find a way to work this out. And don't forget what Shawn did to you -- how he lied to you about that slut Jan spears and said he was the father of her baby.

Jan: [Thinking] You should talk, miss high-and-mighty Brady -- calling me a slut?

Sami: No wonder you're shivering, sweetie.

[Door slams]

Sami: Come on, Belle. If you leave the door open, of course you're going to be chilly.

Belle: That's not why. It's because I lied to Shawn. It's making me sick.

Sami: Come on. I --

Belle: And sooner or later, he's going to find out.

Sami: Okay, I give. What could you possibly have lied about?

Belle: Mom.

Sami: Why would you lie about mom?

Belle: It was the night Doug was murdered. Shawn's dad called and said to meet him at the graveyard, so Shawn did, and I went to go see mom.

Sami: Go on.

Belle: Shawn has this theory that mom's the serial killer.

Sami: What? What, is he out of his mind? And you think that he should -- he has a right to be mad at you? Are you kidding?

Belle: Could you -- could you listen to me for just one second?

Sami: Wait a second! Mom could never kill anybody. That is outrageous. How could he -- what did you say to him? I mean, how have you been dealing with this?

Belle: That's what I'm -- that's what I'm getting to. When Shawn started accusing mom, I wanted to protect her.

Sami: Of course you did.

Belle: So I told Shawn that...

Sami: What? What did you tell him?

Belle: I told him that I was with mom when Doug was murdered.

Sami: And you weren’t.

Belle: No. No, there's no way I could have been mom's alibi.

Sami: Okay. Okay, Belle, I have one important question to ask you, then.

Belle: Okay.

Sami: Do you think that there is any way mom could hurt anybody, never mind murder nine people in cold blood?

Belle: No, Sami! God, no. Of course not.

Sami: Well, then, you don't have anything to worry about. You did the right thing by lying, and Shawn is never going to find out the truth.

Shawn-D: Celeste. Celeste, what -- what should I do? Should I call Lexie? I'll -- how about the paramedics? I'll call the paramedics.

Celeste: No, no, no, no, no. Oh, darling. There's going to be a great loss.

Shawn-D: When?

Celeste: Oh, Shawn -- you're going to lose someone you love, darling, and it's going to happen tonight.

Kate: You think marlena is possessed again by dark forces.

John: According to Celeste -- or, rather, her...resources -- it's a possibility.

Kate: You believe Celeste?

John: I also talked to father Jansen. He wouldn't break the seal of the confessional, but obviously, he had a situation, and he said it was imperative that I find marlena immediately and get her some help.

Kate: So if she is possessed again, anyone could be her next victim. Lucas. Lucas could be her --

John: No, no, no.

Kate: No, no, no, listen --

John: Let's not panic. Let's not panic, Kate, Kate.

Kate: Because Sami and Lucas are getting close again, and I know that marlena does not approve of that. She has never thought much about Lucas, and even though she hasn't said that as much, I know if she could -- if she kills my son --

John: Kate, Kate.

Kate: Or will. What about will? What if she goes after will?

John: Kate, no. Not will. She would not hurt her grandchild. Now, you listen to me -- marlena is not capable of it, of any of this, and I'm not going to believe for another minute that she is until I see it with my own eyes. And until then, until I find her, until I talk to her, until I figure out for myself whether or not she is possessed, we are not going to judge her. We are not going to assume anything. Do you understand me?

Kate: Then you need to go after her. You need to find her, and you need to stop her, because if she's the serial killer, if she's possessed...

John: No one is safe.

Marlena: Alice, give me the paper.

Alice: No.

Marlena: No?

Alice: And put that letter opener down.

Marlena: What are we, negotiating this thing?

Alice: You don't have to do this anymore.

Marlena: Oh, shut up! Come on, Alice. Give me the paper, old woman.

Alice: My tom will not let you have it he will not let you take it from me.

[Thunder rumbles]

Tom's voice: Marlena.

[Thunder crashes]

Celeste: Oh.

Shawn-D: Easy. Take it slow. Take it easy.

Celeste: Oh.

Shawn-D: Who will I lose, Celeste?

Celeste: [Gasps]

Shawn-D: All right, all right, just -- take it easy for a sec. Who is it?

Celeste: The one you love?

Shawn-D: The one I -- no, no, come on. You have to tell me.

Celeste: I'm sorry, darling.

Shawn-D: No, you told my mother that a member of the Horton family is in danger. Now, come on, Celeste. Please, please, think about it. You have to at least give me a name.

Celeste: I don't know why I can't remember, Shawn. All right, look, give me your hands, darling. Come on. Lies.

Shawn-D: What?

Celeste: The lies will kill the love. The lies will kill the love, darling.

Shawn-D: What -- I don't understand. What do you mean?

Celeste: I'm sorry. I don't know. But it's going to be revealed tonight.

Sami: See, what Shawn doesn't know won't hurt him.

Belle: No, Sami, I can't do that.

Sami: Then you're going to be asking for disaster, Belle.

Belle: Okay, it's going to be a much worse disaster if I hate myself so much I can't function. I have to tell Shawn I lied. I'm not going to lie about lying.

Sami: Oh, Belle, it's not lying, okay? You just won't say anything. That's called omitting.

Belle: No, it's called wrong.

Sami: Look, Belle, I don't get it. Why would you want to create more trouble? You lied already, so don't compound the problem by making some big, icky confession. Just leave it alone, and I swear, it'll fade away in time.

Belle: No, it won't, Sami, because I have a conscience.

Sami: Okay. Ahem. Belle, I happen to have a lot of experience with things like this, and I'm telling you, in a situation like yours, your conscience is the enemy.

Belle: I should never have brought this up. Sami, if I want Shawn to be honest with me, I have to be honest with him.

Sami: Okay. Okay, Belle, you got to do what you got to do.

Belle: And you know what? I plan to. In fact, I already tried to tell Shawn, but he fell asleep.

Sami: Well, see? There you go. Technically, you already --

Belle: No, Sami, I need to go.

Sami: Why?

Belle: I-I'm sorry. I know you don't want to be alone, but I really feel like I should be waiting at home for Shawn, just so I can come clean. I mean, this whole situation's driving me insane.

Sami: What about our pyjama party?

Belle: Can I take a rain check?

Sami: Of course you can.

Belle: Thank you for understanding.

Sami: Belle, I love you.

Belle: Hey, and that whole true love thing -- you're going to find it soon.

Sami: I wish I believed that.

Belle: Is there really no one in your life that you're interested in?

Sami: Not at the moment.

Belle: Well, what about that uber-cute administrative assistant that works at basic black? What's his name Rick yoon?

Sami: You're kidding, right?

Belle: What?

Sami: Belle, he's gay.

Belle: Oh.

Sami: Ha ha.

Belle: Well... what about Lucas?

Sami: Um, you'd better go.

Belle: You two do have a kid together, you know.

Sami: Yes, I do seem to remember that.

Belle: Okay, well, I'm just saying, you know, isn't that a pretty powerful motive to keep two people together?

Sami: You know what, Belle? Be safe, okay? Be careful on your way home.

Belle: Okay, and we'll -- we'll talk later, right?

Sami: Absolutely. You call me.

Belle: Or you can call me.

Sami: No, you call -- all right, we'll call each other.

Belle: Bye.

Sami: Ha ha. Love you.

Julie's voice: I think there's the potential for a lot of surprises between you and Lucas if you just give in to what you're feeling.

Sami: So crazy. And Shawn -- who does he think he is? How dare he accuse my mother? I mean, of all people, she -- not only is she good and honourable, but she's completely innocent. And I know exactly how to prove it.

[Thunder crashes]

Jan: There's no way I'm staying out there anymore. I could get electrocuted, and the only electricity I want tonight is Shawn’s. So that little twit is keeping a secret from you? I knew she didn't deserve you. I am the only one for you, and you are the only man that is man enough for me. Nicole? It's Jan. Jan -- Jan spears. Can you hear me? Okay, good. Listen -- I am tired of waiting for Shawn. I am tired, and I'm ready. Nicole, you're breaking up. Look, I want shawn to make love to me tonight. Excuse me? Look, you got what you wanted. I killed that old geezer for you. I had to see him nude, for the love of God. Don't forget, Nicole, I have the goods on you. Don't mess with me. Belle dies tonight. Look, I'll just blame it on the serial killer. It worked for you. It'll work for me, too. Yeah, well, thanks for nothing, Nicole. Belle dies tonight.

[Thunder crashes]

Jan: The only question is how.

[Thunder crashes]

Sami: Come on, do I need a reason to call? I just want to check in with my twin brother. I know. I know. Of course you're right. Okay, here's the thing, Eric. Um, our not-so-brilliant cousin Shawn Brady told Belle that -- brace yourself -- Shawn told Belle that he thinks that our mother is the serial killer. I know. I know, okay? It's ridiculous. It's utterly and completely ridiculous. I agree. For a million reasons, not to mention the fact that she was with you in Colorado when uncle Abe was killed. What? What do you mean, Eric? She wasn't in -- you're saying that she wasn't in Colorado when Abe was killed? She left before it happened?

Kate: Oh, my God. John was right. Marlena is the serial killer.

Belle: Messages. None. Okay. Shawn, are you home? It must be my imagination. But when he does get back here, I'm going to tell him... everything. No more lies. Until then, I'm going to take a bubble bath.

Shawn-D: I have to go, Celeste.

Celeste: Where?

Shawn-D: I'm not sure yet. All I know is, I have to figure out who it is that I'm going to lose.

Celeste: Oh, darling, I'm sorry. I-I meant to help you. Really, I wanted to help you.

Shawn-D: Take care of yourself, okay?

Celeste: All right, you go in, you find out who the next victim is. Hurry, Shawn. Oh, dear God. When is it going to end? Aah! Oh, God... the losses suffered here tonight... will be felt by everyone in Salem for many, many years to come.

Shawn-D: Who am I going to lose? Who? Finally, a signal.

[Dials cellular phone]

Belle: [Gasping]

Jan: Too boring.

Jan: Ha ha ha. Too hands-on. It'll ruin my nails.

[Smooth jazz music plays]

[Electricity crackling]

Jan: Perfect.

[Smooth jazz music playing]

Jan: [Thinking] That crappy elevator music is going to be the death of her. If it worked for old man kiriakis, why not Belle?

Shawn-D: Oh, come on. Well, maybe it's better I don't wake her.

Marlena: Tom?

Tom's voice: Marlena. Marlena.

Alice: What's going on? Stay away from me.

Marlena: Not if your life depended on it.

Maggie: Get away from her, you bitch.

Roman: You heard Maggie. Isn't it time you took responsibility for your actions?

Maggie: And to think... you were my friend.

Caroline: Friend? I treated you as a daughter, and you poisoned me.

Marlena: Caroline, no. No.

Roman: You heard them, doc. You've reached the end of the line. And to think I ever loved you...

Marlena: Roman. You don't understand.

Tom's voice: Get out, marlena! Get out of this house!

[Thunder crashes]

Marlena: [Gasping]

[Cellular phone rings ]

John: John Black.

Alice: Oh, John Black, it's Alice Horton.

John: Alice, what can I do for you?

Alice: It's about your wife.

John: Yeah, I'm on my way to Celeste right now to try to find her.

Alice: John, marlena is the serial killer... and she's about to kill me.


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Shawn-D: Hey, it's me, listen. Do not let anyone in the apartment, especially your mom, okay?

Sami: I swear to God, I will kill you.

John: Your mother's in a hell of a lot of trouble right now, and I need to get to her!

Marlena: Ready or not... here I come.

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