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Sami: Hi, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Sami. Julie, I'm so sorry. Oh, God, we've lost our husbands to the serial killer. Now we are going to have to mourn them for the rest of our lives.


Sami: Lucas, I feel so sorry for jen and Julie. I mean, they both found their life partners, and -- and now look how they ended up. Their husbands are dead, and they're going to be sad and alone, and it's all because of that murdering bitch of a serial killer, whoever she is.


Tek: I want to question John Black again.

Hope: I can't believe you think he's withholding information.

Tek: No, not intentionally. But we both knew going in that as an I.S.A. agent, he's potentially resistant to hypnotherapy. I have a feeling he suspects something he's not telling us.

Hope: So in other words, you think he's withholding information.

Tek: Most of our evidence is circumstantial. It may not hold up in court. John wants to be proof positive, and I don't blame him a damn bit, and you know why?

Hope: You're not going to give up on this, are you?

Tek: Nope. Because the more I review it and the more I examine it, the more convinced I am that our number one suspect is John's wife Dr. Marlena Evans black.


John: Thank God for putting my suspicions to rest, doc. You're sure that you'll be able to forgive me for thinking you were the killer, right?

Marlena: I explained that to you. You suspected me because Stefano had manipulated your subconscious. It's like the monster was determined never to find true happiness.

John: Well, I'll make you this vow -- I will never let anything or anyone come between us ever again.

Marlena: John, I'm not clear why Bo and -- and hope and tek [……….] What ever made him think of me in the first place?

John: Well, it was because of -- why don't I just show you? Give me a second, will you? Why don't you put on a pot of coffee? I could use it. Please.

Marlena: Oh. Coffee. Ha ha ha. Okay. All righty, then. It was tek's idea.  Oh, my goodness, looky there. Tek, this has your name on it.

Marlena: Mm. Say, what on the computer made tek start to suspect me?

John: Take a look at this. This is the Salem P.D. mainframe.

Marlena: How did the police get those pictures?

John: Well, after Doug was murdered, we set up a hidden surveillance camera in the graveyard.

Marlena: Isn't that about a day late?

John: Well, operating under the theory that most serial killers return to the scene of the crime.

Marlena: Oh. A shame they couldn't have had it set up a day early. That way you might have caught the killer in the act. Well, you've got Celeste and Alice. There must have been lots of people who came to the graveyard that day. Why did tek begin to suspect me?

John: Well, he knew that I got a glimpse of the killer running from the scene of the crime, and he sensed that I was protecting someone. Then he saw this footage, and...

Marlena: So you would be protecting your wife.

John: Aah, you know, you know all the victims.

Marlena: Hmm. Hey, makes sense.

John: If he knew you better, he'd realize it really doesn’t. Not really.

Marlena: Not really?

John: So what were you doing in the graveyard?

Marlena: Are you beginning to suspect me again?

Hope: Marlena can't be the serial killer, tek.

Tek: No offence, hope, but, yeah, I don't think you can be objective about one of your best friends any more than John can be about his wife.

Hope: She has an alibi for when Victor kiriakis was electrocuted.

Tek: If kiriakis was killed by the serial killer. We're still not sure of that.

Hope: All right, all right. She has another alibi for one of the other deaths. Belle was with marlena --

Tek: When Doug Williams was killed.

Hope: Yes.

Tek: When your father was killed.

Hope: Yes.

Tek: I still don't know if Belle's time line is accurate. Shawn was with Belle at Belle's apartment first. Now, you were with Bo at the cemetery when Bo gave Shawn a 911. What was that call about?

Hope: My father.

Tek: So he had already been stabbed while Shawn was still with Belle.

Hope: Not necessarily. My father was missing. We were frantic. You know what? It's all such a blur, I'm not sure when we paged Shawn. Maybe it was before --

Tek: But if you're not sure, then Belle's alibi for her mother has to be in question. Doug's time of death doesn't say how long he had been wounded before -- before you guys arrived at the scene. Dr. Evans could have stabbed him and gotten home before Belle even arrived.

Hope: But the killer was still at the cemetery when we got there. You know that, tek. John chased after her. She couldn't have. Marlena couldn’t. Even if it's possible she got home in that time frame, once again, what is her motive? She has no motive.

Tek: We may never find out, but trust me on this, hope -- every serial killer has one, and that motive runs deep, and it runs personal. Forget that you know marlena. If she were a total stranger, how would you analyze the evidence against her?

Hope: All right. Let's take a look at what you've got again.

Julie: I know that Bo and hope and all of Salem P.D. are working overtime to bring the maniac to justice.

Jennifer: Where's, uh, where's gram? Did she go to bed?

Julie: No. She's in the kitchen serving milk and cookies to will.

Jennifer: I didn't know will was here.

Lucas: Oh, yeah, yeah. He is a Horton. He wanted to be here for his family.

Jennifer: That's really sweet that he's here. Abby's at jo and Vern’s. I-I just didn't bring her. I didn't think she could handle another funeral. She's having a hard enough time getting over the death of her daddy.

Sami: Yeah. Does Abby still blame you for pulling the plug on Jack?

Jennifer: You know, Sami, what's going on between me and my daughter is very personal.

Sami: Oh. Oh, Jennifer, I'm -- I didn't ask to be mean.

Lucas: Enough. Look, it's late. I'm going to get will. I should get going.

Sami: Okay, okay.

Jennifer: I'm going to pay my respects to Doug. Oh.

Julie: What is it, darling?

Jennifer: It's the baby. I felt the baby kick again.

Sami: Wow, I bet the baby can't do that enough for you, right, jen? I mean, considering your high-risk pregnancy, I bet it's great to know that the baby's still alive.

Jennifer: What?

Julie: Sami, your choice of words is incredibly insensitive.

Sami: I just meant that -- I would think that you would be happy to feel your baby kick, because then you'd know it's healthy.

Jennifer: Sami, look at that. That was easy enough. Why didn't you just say that the first time?

Sami: I'm sorry.

Lucas: Alice is putting on some tea. She'll be out in a minute. I'm really sorry about your loss, Julie.

Julie: Thank you. Thank you for being here.

Will: Yeah, me too.

Julie: Thank you, sweetheart. And, Sami... you too.

Sami: Okay, well, goodbye.

Jennifer: Thank you for being here, Sami. Thank you.

Sami: Thank you, jen. Well, good night.

Will: Bye.

Jennifer: Oh, poor Sami. She meant well. She -- she did. You know, she's just one of those open mouth, insert foot kind of people.

Julie: Yeah, that's her type. Doug used to say the same thing about me all the time.

Jennifer: Ha ha.

Julie: God. [ Sobbing]

Hope: Marlena was wearing a suit identical to the killer's the night Tony was attacked at the circus, but hold on a second. John said he checked the suit, and there was no button missing.

Tek: And then she cut it to shreds before anybody could examine it more closely. She was in the pub the day Caroline was poisoned. She's in Tony’s cubicle at the hospital just before he was injected with a deadly drug.

Hope: She and John were at green mountain lodge on thanksgiving. She could have killed cassie and put her in the piñata before she -- before she left. All right. All right, I admit it. From what you've assembled here, it certainly does look like marlena could be the killer.

John: I'm not suspicious of you anymore, doc. I just wanted to know what you were doing in the graveyard.

Marlena: I went to visit Roman's grave.

John: Mm. Yeah, that's what I figured. Just that the surveillance cameras didn't pick you up anywhere near it.

Marlena: Well... I went into the chapel to light a candle for Doug and the other victims, and then I was about to go to Roman's grave when I spotted Alice and Celeste, so I -- I joined them. That satisfy you?

John: Never doubted you. I'm sorry it sounded that way. I just wanted to have an answer for tek and hope in case they ask.

Marlena: Aah, you betcha.

John: All right. I'm going to head down to the cop shop and get your name taken off that suspect list.

Marlena: Oh, that'd be great. I'd really appreciate that. Ha ha ha ha.

John: Going out again tonight?

Marlena: Uh, uh, I thought I would, uh, I'd read for a while and then go on to bed.

John: All right. Well, then...

Marlena: Oh.

John: I'll say good night. Perhaps this can be the beginning of a new start for us.

Marlena: You know, I think we got a lot of good things, uh, decided tonight. But I-I'm going to need to feel that you love me and trust me unconditionally before I feel comfortable having you move back in.

John: Well, just know that I will never doubt you again.

John: Good night.

Marlena: Good night. Ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha! Gotcha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Julie: I wish Doug could talk to me. Ha ha ha. I wish he could explain to me what he was doing, why he went to Celeste to confirm the killer's identity instead of just going to hope, going to the police like I told him to.

Jennifer: You can't think like that. Doug obviously had his reasons for doing what he did.

Julie: Yes, I know. He should never have taken the risk, Jennifer. I mean, didn't he learn anything from Tony? Why didn't he just go to the police? If he had, he and Doug would both be alive.

Alice: Now, Julie, Julie, I think maybe you'd better go to bed now.

Julie: I won't sleep, grandma.

Jennifer: Julie, where are you going?

Julie: To get some air. Driving around at night has always calmed me down. I used to do it all the time when Doug and I would have our little fights. I love you. Don't worry. I'll be fine.

Tek: Okay, so you agree Dr. Evans is our most likely suspect.

Hope: I said could be. There's one other overwhelming piece of evidence to prove that marlena is not the killer.

Tek: Okay.

Hope: She was poisoned at Caroline Brady’s wake. She was convulsing, tek. Her heart stopped. She could have died if John and Lexie hadn't been there.

Tek: Marlena's a doctor. She could have faked the whole episode. She could have gotten herself poisoned knowing the paramedics would bring her back in time.

Hope: But they didn't get there in time.

Tek: That's only because there were two major disasters happening at the same time, which marlena never could have foreseen.

Hope: Too big a risk. And by the way, did I mention... she has no motive.

Tek: Okay. Maybe it is too big of a risk. Here's another theory. She's so filled with remorse about the murders she's already committed. The poison's already there for somebody else. The guilt gets too strong. She takes the poison herself in an attempt to commit suicide...

Hope: Oh, come on.

Tek: And then being saved only served to validate and renew her determination to continue the murders. If God wouldn't let her die, then she had to eliminate any threat of her discovery.

Hope: Nice try, but you are so reaching.

Tek: Maybe, maybe not. I mean, female serial killers are very rarely judged insane, but whoever our killer is, she's totally lost her mind. What are you doing back here?

John: I just came from talking with marlena.

Tek: Oh, let me guess -- she, uh, she convinced you she's innocent.

John: Why are you so hell-bent on railroading my wife to the death chamber?

Marlena: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha. Oh. Oh, John -- ha ha ha ha. You are so gullible. You so want to believe in my innocence. You could find me holding a smoking gun over a dead body, and I could still talk you out of thinking I was guilty. Ha ha ha. Well... love isn't just blind. I guess it's stupid, too. And a good thing. You are so convinced of my innocence... if it turns out now that I've got to kill you, you'll just never see it coming. Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Sami: Well, you two were awfully quiet on the way home.

Lucas: There wasn't much to say, Sami, though I wish you said a little less at Alice’s house.

Sami: Well, I was feeling awkward.

Lucas: Oh, you were? So you decided to make everyone else feel awkward, too. That makes you feel better. Thanks.

Sami: You know, I -- will, honey, it's late. You should be in bed.

W will: Okay, but can I tell you guys something first before I go?

Lucas: Yeah, sure, pal. What is it?

Will: Something really strange happened with great-grandma Alice.

Lucas: What?

Will: When I looked into her eyes, she seemed so sad -- almost like she was lost.

Lucas: Will, your great-grandma -- your great-grandma Alice is one of the strongest people I've ever met. She's always been there for everybody. And now it's time, you know, we should be there for her.

Will: I want to visit her sometime really soon.

Lucas: Yeah? You got it. Now get to bed, okay?

Will: Good night, dad.

Lucas: Good night.

Sami: Good night, sweetie.

Will: Good night, mom.

Sami: Okay. Get going. Um, okay. Well, good night, Lucas.

Lucas: Yeah, I'm not going anywhere until we settle something.

Jennifer: You know, gram, I think that maybe you should go to bed.

Alice: I'm worried about Julie. Call her on the cell phone, dear. Find out where she is, and go keep her company.

Jennifer: No, gram. You know what? Julie needs to be alone, and I know how she feels, because when Jack was killed, I just wanted to be alone. He was the only person that I wanted to talk to. Gram, I'm so sorry. I-I wish grandpa were here. We are leaning so much on you, and it's not fair. If grandpa were here, he would get us through all of this, really, through this awful time.

Alice: Tom was here, dear, and if truth be told, he wasn't very much help at all.

Hope: John, stop it. Let go of him. Let go of him.

Tek: What the hell is wrong with you, man? I'm doing my job.

John: Yeah, a hell of a job, tek -- brainwashing hope into believing my wife could be a killer.

Tek: Brainwash, John? That's a very interesting choice of words.

John: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Tek: Whatever you want it to mean.

Hope: No, wait a minute. Stop. John, no one is accusing anyone of anything. Tek and I were just going through the possible evidence against marlena, the same way we have with all the other suspects.

John: So what have the two of you decided? Come on, is my wife the serial killer or not?

Marlena: [Humming ]

[Doorbell rings]

Marlena: Rats. John's back. [Sighs] [Gasps] Oh, Julie, how nice to see you.

Julie: Marlena, please forgive me. I know it's terribly late.

Marlena: Oh, my goodness. Come right in. Come right in. Can I get you something?

Julie: Um... no. No, thank you.

Marlena: Oh. How are you holding up?

Julie: It's been difficult. Tonight is Doug’s wake at grandma's, and the sight of your own soul mate lying --

Marlena: Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. How can I help you?

Julie: I am having a hard time dealing with Doug’s strange behaviour before he died.

Marlena: His behaviour? Uh, tell me what I can do.

Julie: I know you can help. You are the one person in the world I -- I feel I can be completely open with.

Marlena: Of course you can. Here, here. Make yourself comfortable.

Julie: Thank you.

Jennifer: So this morning at my house when Julie and I were out of the room, you heard grandpa's voice? He told you to come to the gravesite?

Alice: Yes.

Jennifer: Okay, and you went. You went to the cemetery, and you saw Celeste. What was she doing there?

Alice: She had a premonition that another Horton or someone very close to us will be killed.

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness, gram.

Alice: Be the next victim.

Jennifer: This just gives me the creeps. What happened when you went to grandpa's gravesite?

Alice: Nothing at all.

Jennifer: You mean you didn't see a ghost, you didn't get a message? No idea at all why he wanted you there?

Alice: No. But I am determined to find out.

Jennifer: No, you are not. You are not going to do anything ridiculous or take any unnecessary risks, do you understand me?

Julie: It was just so unlike Doug to take off the night he died and not tell anyone his suspicions.

Marlena: Are you sure he didn't tell anybody?

Julie: Well, of course I can't be positive. But so far, no, I don't think he told anyone what he suspected.

Marlena: And why is that so hard for you to accept?

Julie: Because right after Tony dimera was attacked, Doug and I made a pact.

Doug: Sweetheart, there's something I want us to promise each other.

Julie: Well, sure. What is it?

Doug: Listen, if either of us is confronted by this serial killer, or even has an educated guess about the identity of the murderer, we must tell the other one. And if that is not possible for some reason, we have to find a way to leave the other a message. You dig? Let's promise. It's important.

Julie: I promise.

Doug: And I promise, too. Somehow, whatever happens to me, I will find a way to contact you.

Julie: Doug, don't say that. Nothing's gonna happen to you. I won't let it.

Doug: I won't let anything happen to you, sweetheart. That I swear.

Julie: Doug never broke his promises to me. And he swore if he knew who the killer was, he'd leave me some kind of a message. So I have to believe the message is out there with the killer's name on it. And there is a part of me that wants to find it and see that she is caught and punished. And the other part of me is terrified that if I do find it, there is the possibility the killer would come after me.

Marlena: Julie, there's more than a possibility. If you find that message, you move right to the top of the killer's list.

Lucas: I was watching you tonight when Julie was telling us about her relationship with Doug. And you were moved, Sami. I couldn't help but think that you might want that kind of love for yourself... with me. What's the matter, huh? No smart-ass comeback?

Sami: No. Because you're right. I was really moved by Julie and Jennifer. I mean, you know that Jennifer’s never been my favourite person, but it's because she had so many chances with Jack. He wanted so badly for them to be a family, and she didn't take him back until it was almost too late. And now the only thing they have left of the second chance that they dreamed of is that baby. And even knowing that the baby could die, and so could she, she's not letting go, and she's not giving up. I really admire her for that.

Lucas: She's a strong person.

Sami: And watching how alone Julie and Mrs. Horton are now that Doug and Dr. Horton are dead... the truth is, they're not really alone, because they still have the memories of the love that they shared with their husbands, and that's going to be with them forever. And I want that kind of love. I do. I'm not sure that I'll ever have it though.

Lucas: Why? Why not?

Sami: Because there's something in those women that I just don't think that I have.

Lucas: Why would you say that?

Sami: I don't know. Maybe it's because I'm too selfish to love that way or maybe because I've wasted all the chances that I was meant to have, and I won't get any more. What do you think, Lucas? Do you think I have a chance of having true love?

Tek: Nobody is trying to frame anybody. I'm just trying to make sense out of the few facts and clues that we have.

John: Is that a fact? You know what, tek? It seems to me that you are bending over backwards to incriminate my wife.

Tek: Well, you are wrong. Just listen to me, okay? We're after a female serial killer, a far more complex criminal and harder to catch than your average male serial killer.

Hope: Why is that?

Tek: Because she's quieter. She's more methodical. First she kills out of need. Then need becomes compulsion. Then compulsion becomes addiction. She will kill until she is caught.

Hope: She's bound to make a mistake.

Tek: No doubt. The more she kills, the easier it gets, and that's when she starts getting sloppy.

Hope: We've already started to see that happen.

Tek: But I want to nail this predator now. And if I've been jumping to conclusions about marlena, or any suspect for that matter, I'm sorry.

John: It's all right. I've jumped to a few conclusions of my own lately.

Tek: So we okay?

John: Yeah.

Tek: Okay, I'm gonna check back with the lab. They're still checking Doug’s clothing for foreign hairs and fibres.

Hope: See you later. Listen, um, I need to go interview some people who showed up in the surveillance tapes. But before I go, I need to ask you a question.

John: Yeah? What's that?

Hope: Do you really believe there's absolutely no chance whatsoever that marlena could be the killer?

Julie: But if Doug did leave the message, I doubt I'll ever find it. We know where he was that night. Uh, there was no message at Celeste’s. The police combed the site at the graveyard -- nothing. Oh, and his body -- there was just the wallet and chequebook.

Marlena: All right, Doug. Where the hell are you? Come on, give it up. Oh, Doug, you know I'm going to find --  Gotcha.

Julie: Marlena, is something wrong?

Marlena: I just figured out where Doug left the message.

Alice's voice: You've reached Alice Horton. I've retired for the night, so please leave a message, and I'll call you in the morning.

Alice: What were you trying to tell me, tom?

Tom's voice: Go back to my grave, Alice. The answer you seek is there.

Lucas: Yes. Sami, I do think you can find that kind of love. I really do. You just -- you just have to channel your energies and your emotions and your drive in the right way.

Sami: You really think so?

Lucas: Absolutely. Just focus on the good things in your life, the positive things. All the good things you've been striving for. And let go of the anger and the bitterness and all the resentment and the hatred you have. The hatted towards my mom and John -- just let it go.

Sami: I don't think I can do that, Lucas, especially towards John. I'm sorry, but I believe Celeste’s prediction that John is going to try to kill my mother. That mercenary son of a bitch is -- I'm sorry. Good night.

Lucas: Now there's the old Sami.

John: I can't believe you're asking me that question about doc again.

Hope: John, you know I'm on your side. You know how much I care for marlena. But tek is right. There's a lot of circumstantial evidence against her. But if you can vouch for her, I'll accept your word. Do you believe marlena's really innocent?

John: If didn't, I'd bring her in myself.

Hope: All right. If you're completely sure, I'll accept it as truth.

John: She's innocent, hope. I will stake my life on it.

Hope: All right. I'll tell tek to back off. Thank you.

John: No. Thank you.

Hope: Good night, John.

John: Good night.

Julie: Marlena, you think you know where Doug left a message? Where?

Marlena: Well, the police found dirt and sod under his fingernails, so I'm thinking that maybe he had written the name of the killer in the dirt. But then she probably just smoothed it out with her boot as she left. I'm so sorry, Julie.

Julie: It's not your fault.

Marlena: You must be tired. Were you wanting to go?

Julie: I can't sleep. I enjoy your company so much. May I stay just a little bit longer?

Marlena: Sure. Sure. [Thinking] I've got to get this weeping widow out of here. Doug left a note at tom Horton’s grave. I've got to get it before somebody else finds it.

 [Owl hooting]

Alice: I'm here, tom. What did you have to tell me? Please, tom, tell me why it was so important that I come here. I -- I'm afraid that another member of our family is in danger, and what you have to tell me may be the only way to save them.


“Next on Days Of Our Lives”

Marlena: Somebody has that clue. I know what to do.

Celeste: There is no easy way to tell you this. Another Horton is going to die.

Alice: What did you want to tell me, tom? Is it about the serial killer?

John: [Thinking] Did the killer revisit the scene of the crime? 

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