Days Transcript Thursday 3/11/04

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 3/11/04 - Canada; Friday 3/12/04 - U.S.A.

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Brady: Bo.

Bo: Hey, man.

Brady: Hey.

Bo: Nicole around?

Brady: Yeah, she's upstairs. Listen, I just want to say I'm sorry about hope's dad.

Bo: Yeah, thanks.

Nicole: Well, well, well, look who's here. It must be tough for you, huh, commander? Losing your father and father-in-law in one night. Humiliating, too, since it was your job to make sure the killing stopped. You know, how about I give you a little advice?

Brady: Nicole, please.

Nicole: Maybe you should stop wasting your time looking in all the wrong places, like here. What, are you gonna arrest me again? On what grounds? I was here all night with Brady. You know, you had your police guards all around the house. But don't let a little thing like total lack of evidence stop you.

Brady: Do you have evidence? Is that why you're here? Do you know who killed my grandfather?

Bo: You may be living the high life in Victor's home right now, but your new address is going to be the state penitentiary -- temporarily. From there, the death chamber, then straight to hell.

[Doorbell rings]

Julie: Where --

Patrick: Hi. Uh, if you're looking for Jennifer, you have the right house.

Julie: But she's --

Patrick: She didn't get much sleep. She's getting dressed. There was a death in the family last night.

Mickey: Yes, we know. It was this lady's husband who passed.

Patrick: Oh, my God, I'm so sorry. My condolences. Please, come in.

Julie: Who are you?

Patrick: Oh, I'm sorry. Uh, Patrick Lockhart. I stayed with Jennifer last night.

Julie: Lockhart? As in --

Bonnie: Patrick! Oh, my baby! Ooh, my baby!

Patrick: Mm. Yeah, my back.

Bonnie: Oh, look at you, handsome boy. That face! Oh, is that a face, or what?

Jennifer: Julie. Hi, uncle Mickey. I'm sorry. I'm so very sorry.

Julie: Jennifer, darling, thank you.

Mickey: Jennifer, have we come at a bad time?

Jennifer: No. Not at all. Please come in. Sit down. I went through some pictures, and I found some of Doug in the family album, and I thought maybe we could choose one -- sit down -- for his obituary. And I would -- it would be a privilege for me to write it, if that's okay with you.

Julie: Oh, Jennifer, thank you. Yes. That's what Doug would want, and it's what I want.

Jennifer: I also, uh, I have some programs from Jack and aunt Maggie’s funeral. It could help us pick the kind of service, maybe.

Julie: Being part of the Horton family has always meant everything to me. Now this maniac is attacking all of us. Why is that, Jennifer? What in God's name did we ever do to deserve it? And when is it going to stop?

Jennifer: Come here. It's okay.

Bonnie: Oh, Mickey! Oh, I can't stand it! The heartache and the grief! [Sobbing] It's so sad! It's just so sad!

Celeste: Everyone who's known the truth so far has died. I've always been afraid of knowing, afraid of losing my own life. But I owe it to everyone that I love, and I may be the only one who can save them. [Gasps] Oh, dear God!

Nicole: Of course it's your top priority to send me to jail. With me out of the way, you get more of the big pie -- Victor's estate.

Bo: I could care less about Victor's money, and just so you know, he died intestate.

Nicole: Yeah, he always was lacking a few body parts. If you think I don't deserve compensation for having to go to bed with that --

Bo: It means he died without a will. And I spoke to his attorney gene Briscoe.

Nicole: Oh, who couldn't care less about Victor's estate.

Bo: Apparently they can't locate a signed copy of his most recent will. You know, the one that disinherited you. And all earlier versions have been destroyed.

Brady: What the hell does that mean?

Bo: That means Victor's estate will be decided in probate court. Briscoe will tell the judge that he intended to divorce his young wife and cut her out of his inheritance. And just a little sidebar here. Once they convict you for Victor's murder, you will be forbidden by law to profit from your crimes.

Nicole: He just loves to hear the sound of his own raspy voice, doesn't he?

Bo: Bottom line -- you don't get any of Victor's money. You will have three squares at the state pen though.

Brady: Hey, Bo.

Bo: Yeah?

Brady: Do you really have evidence to send Nicole to prison?

Bo: I will.

Brady: So you don’t.

Bo: When Victor died, you were a few doors down the hall, lying in bed, handcuffed to your naked step-grandmother. Has all that steam clouded your judgment?

Brady: I don't like what you're implying here.

Bo: I'm sorry. Didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

Brady: I'm not saying Nicole’s innocent, okay? And I know it all doesn't add up with Granddad's papers missing from his safe. All I'm saying is before you damn Nicole to an eternity in hell, I need some proof.

Nicole: Has he inspired you to defend me now?

Bo: You want pr-- she handcuffed herself to you to provide herself with an alibi for the next murder. She told you that. Meanwhile, Victor told John that if anything happened to him, she was the one who did it. Lo and behold, that very same evening, your grandfather was murdered.

Brady: It's a coincidence, Bo.

Bo: Yeah, well, I don't believe in coincidences. If I could get that evidence that Victor said he put in that very wall safe, that woman over there would be in prison right now.

Nicole: Where the hell's the evidence? It couldn't have all burned away already. The files, the videotape, all those papers. There's no trace. What the hell did Jan do with it?

Brady: Hey, Nicole? What you doing, huh? You okay?

Bo: I don't think she is. I think she's a little uncomfortable because she knows I'm on to her. Someone got into this house, past the security system and all the help, upstairs into Victor's private bath, and then they murdered him. That someone got into the house with help. You provided that help. You had an accomplice. Well, let me tell you something. I will find that person.

Jan: You'd have nothing, Nicole, if I hadn't grabbed these papers for you. Oh, you owe me. And I know exactly how you can pay up.

Bonnie: One tragedy after another! Will it ever end? When will we be able to stop crying our eyes out and get on with our lives? [Sobbing hysterically]

Patrick: Mom, come on.

Bonnie: How much more are we gonna be able to take? How much more?!

Patrick: Mom, it's bad enough I'm imposing on Jennifer. She didn't exactly invite my extended family to just drop on in, especially when they're in mourning.

Bonnie: Will you stop fretting? I'm an old family friend of the Horton’s. I'm here to support them in their time of need. They know that! I am deeply, not to mention profoundly, sorry for your terrible loss. All of you. And believe me, I know exactly how you feel. Well, I mean, not exactly, 'cause he didn't die or anything like that, but when my husband walked out on me the last time, it was -- it was... heart-breaking! That's the only word for it. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat -- that was the only good thing. I mean, I lost a lot of weight. Down two whole sizes!

Julie: I cannot take this.

Patrick: Mom, let's give them some privacy... now.

Bonnie: What are you talking about?

Patrick: We're going outside.

Bonnie: No, wait -- I'll see you in a few, 'cause --

Patrick: No, let's go.

Bonnie: It was awful. He left me, and I was all alone with two children.

Julie: What the hell was that?

Jennifer: Julie, I can explain.

Julie: What are the Lockhart’s doing here, Jennifer? I mean, isn't it bad enough without that wretched woman standing there saying stupid, insensitive things? What are they doing here?

Jennifer: I am very sorry. You see, I had this car accident last night, and --

Julie: Oh, Jennifer --

Jennifer: But I'm fine. I'm fine. The baby's fine. We were very lucky, and Patrick was very lucky. But he did hurt his back, and he doesn't have any insurance at all.

Julie: So you asked him to spend the night here? A total stranger alone with you and Abby in this house?

Jennifer: Julie, I hit him with my car. What was I supposed do, just let him go on the street?

Julie: Yes!

Jennifer: Julie, listen, I can explain.

Julie: Jennifer, call me paranoid, but there's somebody in this town who is systematically torturing and killing our family and our friends. So you have to be constantly on your guard, Jennifer, every single moment, regardless of how handsome and charming a stranger might be. Regardless of the fact that you hit him with your car. Do you understand me? Everybody keeps saying, "please, God, don't let this happen again." Well, we are the people who have to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Celeste: Why won't you tell me the killer's name? Who is the killer? A hint, a clue, the next victim -- what? "H" Well, we already know the killer's a woman, and not a very nice one. [ Gasps] No, no! No! "H" horton."

Jennifer: Julie, Patrick is not a stranger. He's bonnie's son.

Julie: Then why isn't he staying with bonnie?

Jennifer: Well, apparently, she didn't even know that he was here.

Julie: He didn't tell his own mother that he was in town? Something is not right, Jennifer. Something's not right with the whole family.

Mickey: But, Julie, they're good people.

Julie: Are they?

Mickey: Well, look, just because you haven't warmed up to bonnie --

Julie: Warmed up to bonnie? Won't anybody listen to me? You know, if Doug had listened to me and gone directly to the police with his suspicions about the killer, he would be alive today. But, oh, no, noble soul that he was, he didn't want to sully her reputation just on the off chance that he might be wrong about her.

Jennifer: Julie, we can't do this.

Julie: We can't do what? We can't look back and see how we could have stopped all this? Maggie knew she was a target. And your darling Maggie, she opened her house to the killer. Please, Jennifer, please listen to me. A little suspicion. A little bit of caution. So you will learn. And you, too, uncle Mickey. Does someone else have to die?

Bonnie: You get handsomer all the time, you know that?

Patrick: Mom --

Bonnie: But God forbid you tell your mother you're coming back to town! What did you think, I was gonna have some kind of sixth sense about it? And how'd you end up staying with Jennifer Deveraux?

Patrick: She hit me with her car.

Bonnie: What?

Patrick: In the driveway. It could have been a lot worse, believe me.

Bonnie: Worse? This is a very good thing, Patrick.

Patrick: I'm sorry?

Bonnie: The luck of it! Do you know how lucky you are?

Patrick: Mom, I got hit by a car.

Bonnie: Yes! Everything happens for a reason. Oh ho ho.

Patrick: Well, it's just a few strained muscles in my back, but I should be fine. Thanks for asking.

Bonnie: Oh, come on. I know you're okay. I'm talking about luck, sweetheart -- jackpot luck. In fact, you're better than okay. You're about to be rich.

Patrick: What the hell are you talking about?

Bonnie: Jennifer Deveraux is from one of the wealthiest, most respected families in Salem. You couldn't get any luckier than having you star cross paths with a Horton.

Celeste: Horton. Could that mean the tiger? His name is Horton.

Celeste: What about the Horton’s? Oh, dear God. Another Horton is going to die.

Nicole: Oh, an accomplice, huh? That's how you're gonna make me guilty even now that I have an alibi?

Brady: I thought the police profile said that the serial killer was almost definitely working alone.

Bo: Yeah, that's one theory.

Nicole: A theory you're willing to throw out just to see me fry?

Bo: At one point, the Salem P.D. had seven serial killer suspects, all with motive and no alibi. Victor and Tony are now dead. Kate, Lucas, sami, and rex have all been cleared. That leaves one suspect. You.

Nicole: I have an alibi. Those two people who died, I couldn't have done them in. Look, I might not be a trained detective like some people, but unlike some people, I do have a brain, and you know what that tells me? None of your seven suspects is guilty. It's time to move on, Bo!

Celeste: Oh, is that what you're trying to tell me? Another Horton is going to die? Oh... oh... why can't I see more? What a curse this is, that I can only see this much. Oh, God, please help me. Help me so I can save them!

Man's voice: Celeste.

Celeste: Tom Horton? Are you calling my name?


Jennifer: Oh!

Mickey: What is it, Jennifer? You okay?

Jennifer: Yeah, the baby just kicked. You have to feel this, uncle Mickey. It's amazing.

Mickey: Is that a foot?

Jennifer: There it is again.

Mickey: I think we may have a soccer player on our hands.

Jennifer: Last night I felt it kick for the first time.

Alice: Oh, Jennifer rose, God brings us the promise of a new life.

Jennifer: Yeah, he does, gram.

Alice: Everything we have is a gift. Faith is the only thing, Julie darling, that will get you through these times.

Alice: Oh...

Jennifer: Excuse me. I'm sorry. It's okay.

Julie: I know. I know grandma thinks this is what I need to hear, but it really is not. It wasn't fair, and it wasn't right, and I don't think it was part of God's infinite plan for my husband to have to die. And I'd like to know why God didn't stop it. And I'd like to know why God is doing this to all of us.

Alice: Tom, my love. Please... help her. Help us.  You're trying to tell me something. Oh, yes. Yes, tom. I hear you, darling, and I'm coming to you now.


Bonnie: Just consider it. That's all I'm saying.

Patrick: Mom, I'm not going to sue Jennifer Horton.

Bonnie: Why in the hell not?

Patrick: Mom, Jennifer opened up her home to me. She's been nothing but totally generous, not to mention the fact that she just lost her husband.

Bonnie: Yeah, so did half the other women in Salem.

Patrick: And that means what, that it's no big deal? What is the matter with you?

Bonnie: Fine, fine, if you're not pulling an insurance scam, then you must be after something bigger. You're going after her, aren't you?

Patrick: Oh, my God, would you stop?

Bonnie: Oh, I see what you're doing. You're going after a rich Horton, just like -

Jennifer: Yeah, just like you. That's what you're up to with Mickey Horton, isn't it? Your boss.

Bonnie: Don't judge.

Patrick: Okay. Who cares? Do what you want. I can't stop you anyway. But, mom, I'm not the one who's desperate for money. I've got plenty of my own. Speaking of which, thanks for holding on to it for me, but I'm gonna need to come by and pick that up from you. So, I'll be by later today.


Jennifer: Where's gram?

Julie: She said there was somewhere else she had to be.

Jennifer: Okay.

Julie: Well, this time next week, Doug and I were scheduled to go on a cruise to Europe. Why did we ever come back to Salem?

Jennifer: Because it's your home, that's why. It's our home. It's where we were born and raised. It's where we've raised our families, Julie.

Julie: Well, it's where our dead are buried. I'm not going to die here.

Mickey: So you want to die someplace else, Julie? Because sooner or later, someday we all have --

Julie: Stop it, uncle Mickey. You just sound like grandma.

Mickey: Oh, please.

Julie: It's not my time. Or your time. Or Jennifer’s. Or this precious baby’s. We are not going to lose another Horton. Not for a long time.


Celeste: Tom Horton, is that you!! If you're calling my name, does that mean that I'm going to die? No! Oh! I'm wrong! It's not I. Someone else is in... mortal danger.


Alice: Oh... tom, I heard you. I'm here.


Bo: I assure you, Nicole, we've considered all possible suspects.

Nicole: Oh, good. So that means you're gonna be doing your job.

Bo: Which will continue to include you.

Nicole: Yes. We got all that. So why don't you get out now, okay?

Bo: I haven't forgotten where you come from.

Nicole: Surely you have other people you can harass.

Bo: Your father's a pathological liar. He almost killed my son and his friends on their trip to Puerto rico. He raped and impregnated a teenage girl. And my son's life was almost ruined because he tried to help this girl.

Nicole: Because Shawn is an idiot and he decided to pretend that Jan’s baby was his? Oh, yeah, that's a bright bulb, that Shawn. So self-righteous, too, huh? Hmm, the apple didn't fall far from the tree, did it?

Brady: Nicole, come on.

Nicole: No, and your father, Victor, he led such a clean, virtuous life full of love and goodwill to others, right? You hypocrite! Talking about my family.

Bo: Shawn said you cornered him in conversation just a couple of weeks ago. You came on pretty strong.

Nicole: Harmless chitchat.

Bo: You leave my boy alone.

Nicole: I was just telling you what I think of your family, okay? Present company excluded most of the time. You know what? That's it. I am not gonna let you waste any more of my time. This is my house, at least until the probate judge rules, I don't know, somewhere around 2007. So I want you out. Unless I need to call the cops out back and have them arrest you for trespassing.

Bo: Actually, um, this is a crime scene. I've got every right to be here. You know what? Why don't you show me your purse? Please?

Nicole: You gonna frisk me? What, you think I have something concealed in there?

Nicole: Thank you very much. Well, if you're going to stay here, I'm exercising my freedom to leave.


Jan: Nicole will never find those papers now. That crazy bitch. You can never be too careful with that girl. I can't believe some of the stuff she did. At least when I killed her father -- and her husband -- I had a good reason. I still deserve to live happily ever after.


Julie: What am I going to do now? I don't even have a home to go to.

Jennifer: Julie, how can you say that? Of course you have a home. You have a home right here.

Mickey: This is where you belong, Julie -- with your family.

Julie: Well, it's where Doug is going to be buried, and I won't be separated from him. I'm going to stay in Salem, but --

Jennifer: But what?

Julie: Jennifer, if I don't have something to do with my time, I'm going to go crazy.

Jennifer: Well, uncle Mickey has been looking for someone to run Tuscany. It's perfect, Julie.

Julie: Uncle Mickey, when I ran Doug’s place long ago and -- and wings, interacting with all the people who came through the door, uh, telling you about their day and making them feel good about themselves, that was wonderful for me, and I couldn't imagine doing anything now that would make me feel better about myself, and running the restaurant -- I would do everything to honour Maggie’s memory.

Mickey: Oh, I certainly understand, my dear, and my decision had nothing to do with...

Julie: What?

Mickey: I'm sorry, dear, but if the timing had been any different --

Julie: Oh, uncle Mickey, I -- I assure you, out of my grief, I would be even more determined to do a good job for you, and I do need to keep busy.

Mickey: I'm sure you do, my dear, yes.

Julie: Well, what is the problem? I'd be perfect.

Mickey: I know you would. It's just that...

Julie: Tell me.

Mickey: Well, you see, I knew that you and Doug had this upcoming vacation planned, and you have a very healthy income, but, you see, bonnie d--

Julie: Bonnie? No plans, no income.

Mickey: I'm sorry. The, uh... the paperwork is all drawn up. I am signing over the running of Tuscany to bonnie. The documents are in the mail.

Julie: I see.

Mickey: I'm sorry.

Julie: Bonnie Lockhart.

Mickey: Oh, and one more thing, dear -- it's a -- it's a surprise for her, so -- so don't say anything about it, all right?


Patrick: Mom, you okay?

Bonnie: No, you want your money back. Of course you do. That's why you came back to town.

Patrick: Oh, come on.

Bonnie: But not to check up on your little brother or your sister or your mother. No, that would be no reason to come back home.

Patrick: Mom, do not try and guilt me.

Bonnie: Hey, I understand. Money makes the world go round. You don't have to tell me, son.

Patrick: Yeah. I've been here a day.

Bonnie: Uh-huh.

Patrick: I was going to come by and see you tonight. Besides, you know, I don't want to sponge off Jennifer anymore. She's got enough things to deal with.

Bonnie: I'm telling you, Patrick, she owes you.

Patrick: No, that's not the way I see it.

Bonnie: Would you just give up on the pride thing? It would do her good to have a strong, handsome man around the house. If I didn't have my fearless max, I --

Patrick: Ha ha ha. Good old max. I've got something for him in my suitcase.

Bonnie: He doesn't deserve it.

Patrick: What? Why?

Bonnie: When meems and I got attacked by the killer in the Christmas tree lot, do you think he came to our rescue? No, he tucked tail and ran into his doghouse.

Patrick: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. You and Mimi were attacked?

Bonnie: Oh, it wasn't -- it was really bad.

Patrick: Well, why didn't anyone tell me?

Bonnie: We didn't want to worry you.

Patrick: Are you kidding me?

Bonnie: We knew you would just come rushing home and look for your money.

Patrick: What?

Bonnie: Look, no one is safe in Salem right now, Patrick. In fact, I don't think you picked such a good time to come back home. Maybe you shouldn't hang around here.

Patrick: All right. What is this? Are you trying to get rid of me?

Bonnie: No.

Patrick: Oh. It sure seems like it.

Bonnie: Ooh, it's freezing out here. I'm going inside. Are you coming?

Alice: Oh.  [Gasps]

Patrick: I'm sorry to interrupt. I just wanted to come inside and get my things and thank you for your hospitality.

Jennifer: Oh, are you leaving us?

Patrick: Ahem.

Jennifer: What's wrong?

Bonnie: You know, Patrick is a real trouper. He doesn't want to worry you or anything, but he's having those nasty back spasms again.

Jennifer: I am so sorry. Really, is there anything that I can do?

Patrick: No, no.

Bonnie: You know, of course, Connor and I would just love to have our Patrick back home, but I'm just in the middle of redoing his room, and I wasn't quite ready for him to come home this soon, and, unfortunately, he would have to sleep on the sofa bed, which is not very supportive of his back.

Jennifer: Patrick, you know that you are more than welcome to stay here, really.

Julie: Jennifer.

Bonnie: Are you sure?

Patrick: I really don't think it's necessary.

Bonnie: That is so generous of you, Jennifer. Oh, you are just a sweetheart. Is -- she's just the best, isn't she?

Jennifer: Well, you know, it's the least I can do, considering, really.

Julie: Jennifer, darling, do you suppose you could spare a moment alone with the family?

Patrick: Look, I don't want to cause trouble here.

Jennifer: It's not. It's not any trouble, I promise. Excuse us for a moment, please.

Mickey: Excuse us.

Bonnie: Mm-hmm. Mmm. Mmm. Mm-hmm.

Patrick: You are trying to get rid of me.

Bonnie: She is rich, beautiful, alone, and a Horton. What is wrong with a mama wanting to look out for her first-born son?

Patrick: Why do you think I need Jennifer’s money? You know how much I have stashed. Or is that "had," as in past tense? Oh, my God, mom. You stole my money, didn't you?

Jan: [Gasps] Aah! Ow! My stitches!

Nicole: I should've stitched your mouth shut.

Jan: What is your problem?

Nicole: Nothing. Totally minor. It's just that Bo Brady figured out I must've had an accomplice in the murder of his dear departed father.

Jan: Well, he is a smart guy, and Shawn takes after him.

Nicole: Wake up, you idiot. He's on to you.

Jan: He is?

Nicole: He will be if you do not cooperate.

Jan: Wait, how did you know where I was?

Nicole: I knew exactly who I was looking for. So far, no one has a clue that you're in town, and they better not get one. Hey. You were supposed to destroy all the evidence against me. But you didn't burn all the papers in the fireplace like I told you to. Where is it?

Jan: You wouldn't have gotten those papers to begin with if I hadn't remembered the safe combination.

Nicole: Oh, really? So now you're playing games with me, huh?

Jan: You gave them to me.

Nicole: I what?

Jan: They're mine now.

Nicole: Oh, okay, what are you going to do with it -- get us sent to prison?

Jan: No, I have my own plan

Nicole: Hmm, well, I would be thrilled to hear it.

Jan: And I would be thrilled to explain it to you, but I have somewhere to be right now.

Nicole: Oh, really, what are you going to do -- a little Shawn stalking? I don't think so.

Jan: Stop it!

Nicole: No, I am warning you, if there is one scrap of evidence lying around in my house, we are both dead!

Bo: I've got one thing to say to you.

Brady: I got my eyes wide open, okay?

Bo: Okay. I know you loved your grandfather.

Brady: You turned your back on him.

Bo: I deserve that.

Brady: You had him on the serial killer suspect list.

Bo: With good reason.

Brady: You were wrong.

Bo: I know.

Brady: But you never admitted that to him. You never said you were sorry.

Bo: I'm not wrong about Nicole.

Brady: Time will tell.

Bo: Don't let her use you.

Brady: I can take care of myself, Bo.

Bo: If she's not the killer, she's wasting our time with these lies. Lives are on the lines here. People we love and care about will die.

Alice: Oh. Oh, Celeste.

Celeste: Oh, Alice, darling, I am so sorry. I didn't mean to startle you, but I... oh, Alice.

Alice: What is it? What is it, darling?

Celeste: I'm afraid I have a very disturbing message to give you.

Brady: I want this to end just as much as anyone. I want justice for my grandfather. I want justice for all the killer's victims, Bo. And I want to know the truth about Nicole, once and for all.

Bo: Okay. Think about this. You were in Puerto rico. You saw what she did. She stood by her father's deathbed and egged him on to die.

Brady: You don't know the whole story.

Bo: What do I need to know? She's got an anger inside her that is deadly. She's got the eyes of a killer. I know. I've seen it.

Nicole: If there is any evidence lying around my house, Jan, I swear to you --

Jan: There isn't!

Nicole: Okay. Okay. Now we're getting somewhere. Where is it?

Jan: I don't have to tell you.

Nicole: Damn you, Jan!

Jan: Not until you ask nicely.

Nicole: Fine. Let me try this again. You know what those papers say about me. You know what I'm capable of. Give me the evidence, Jan, or I'll have to kill you.

Patrick: I can't believe this. I trusted you to safeguard my savings -- my own mother.

Bonnie: Could you please not yell?

Patrick: And you took it. You stole my money.

Bonnie: It didn't happen like that.

Patrick: How much?

Bonnie: Please, Patrick --

Patrick: How much did you blow?

Bonnie: It's not my fault.

Patrick: It's all gone, isn't it? You lost all my money. Damn it.

Julie: What did I just tell you, Jennifer? Have you not heard a word I said?

Jennifer: Julie, please --

Julie: You cannot trust these people.

Jennifer: Will you quiet down? What if they hear you?

Julie: Haven't you already done your part? And, you know, this would not be the first time you invited a confidence man into your house. Does the name hawk Hawkins ring a bell?

Jennifer: No, Julie, I learned my lesson the first time. I did. This situation is completely different. Patrick knew Jack.

Julie: So what?

Jennifer: What do you mean, "so what"? That gives him credibility with me, don't you see that? And not only did he know Jack, he thought that Jack was a great person. So as soon as told me that, I felt sure that he's safe.

Julie: Well, I feel just as sure. I don't understand it.

Jennifer: What? What don't you understand, Julie?

Julie: Doug -- he knew the killer's name, and he wouldn't tell me. He said he was trying to protect me, but he wouldn't tell anybody else, either. He didn't go to the police. It just doesn't seem like him. I-I feel he must've left a clue. I know he did. I'm just so afraid that the truth is right in front of us, and we're missing it. Again. And if we don't figure it out, somebody else we love is going to die.

Alice: Tom had a message for me -- a warning. He wanted me to come here.

Celeste: Yes. Yes, he wanted me to come here, also. I-I don't know why. But -- but this place, Alice -- it's important. Someone else is in very great danger. Because -- it's because of the dead who are here and the secrets that they took with them to their graves.

Alice: Well, who -- who's in danger?

Celeste: Oh, darling. It's someone... very dear to everyone in the Horton family.

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Marlena: Keep your mouth shut and listen to me.

Jan: You set me up. You bitch!

Shawn-D: All this talk about romance and weddings -- I just can't help but think that we're missing out on something.

Belle: Are you saying what I think you're saying?

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