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Lexie: Okay, Mom, I need to go to the graveyard to examine Doug’s body, all right? No, no. I can't leave you alone.

Celeste: Oh, no, no, no, darling. You go on, and I'll be fine, all right? I'm going to stay here for a while. Maybe if I pray, I can find some peace for my soul.

Lexie: All right. You just be careful, okay?

Celeste: Yes, yes. I will, darling.

Lexie: All right. Love you.

Celeste: I love you, too. Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. [Gasps]

Doug: I've been waiting for you, Celeste.

Bo: Come on, John. You got to give me something to work with here.

John: Listen, Bo, I know what you're going through.

Bo: You don't know what I'm going through here. My mom was killed by this monster. My brother, my friends --

Hope: And now my father.

Julie: And my husband.

Tek: You're the only one who's gotten close to the killer, John. Think. There's got to be something you can tell us.

John: Doc? It was dark. I saw just a figure, no face.

Shawn-D: No! Grandpa Doug. You can't be dead.

Hope: Honey, I'm sorry.

John: Oh, my God, doc. Could you possibly have done this?

Bo: What'd you say?

Belle: Shawn's going to be so mad at me for leaving the loft. But I have to check on my mom.

Celeste: Oh, Douglas. I feel so guilty. I told you to go to the police. I thought you'd be safe. But you've been slain, just like all the others. I let you down, Douglas.

Doug: No.

Celeste: No, I -- I let them all down. I... I came to father Jansen... to speak with him, you know, about a penance, a chance to atone for -- for all of my mistakes.

Doug: Do not blame yourself, Celeste. You have done nothing wrong. It was my own actions that got me killed. Nothing you said or did contributed to my death.

Celeste: So what happened?

Doug: After I left your hotel, I went to St. Luke's to visit Addie's grave. I loved her so dearly, you know. The mother of my precious Hope. I wanted to ask her advice. But my quest was intercepted.

Celeste: The killer.

Doug: The person I believed the killer to be, yes.

Celeste: And you confronted her.

Doug: That I did.

Celeste: What did she say?

Doug: She denied her culpability at first, but I pressed the matter, and eventually, her guilt overwhelmed her, and she confessed that she was indeed the killer responsible for so many deaths.

Celeste: And this is when she killed you, Douglas?

Doug: Yes.

Celeste: Do you believe that she's going to kill again?

Doug: I am certain of it, and her next victim will be the most beloved person in all of Salem.

Bo: What did you just say? Do you have a fix on the killer? Is there something you're not telling me?

John: No.

Bo: Come on, man. I am desperate here. The smallest clue could break this case wide open.

John: Bo, I know how an investigation works, and I understand how upset you are, but I got nothing. Nada.

Bo: Then why do I get the feeling you're not telling me something?

John: I don't know, Bo. I'm not responsible for your feelings.

Lexie: [Sighs] I can't believe it. The killer has taken another dear friend. When is this going to stop? I'm so sorry.

Shawn-D: Mom, I'm -- I'm in control now, all right? I just -- let me have a second here with Grandpa.

Hope: Are you sure?

Shawn-D: Yeah. Yeah. I'm sure. It's okay.

Shawn-D: Grandpa... I am going to get this killer. I promise you, I am not going to let anyone else get killed.

Julie: My poor darling.

Hope: Daddy.

Lexie: We've lost too many. I -- we just have to pray that this is the last.

Shawn-D: I know that the killer is going to strike again. And I am not going to let her get away with it. Thank God Belle is safe in the loft.

Belle: Kind of quiet in here. Mom must be sleeping. Oh, my God. Mom! You're going to kill me.

Lexie: I'm so sorry.

Hope: You know the pain that we're in.

Lexie: Yeah, I do.

Julie: Thank you, Lexie, for coming down to examine him. I couldn't stand to have a stranger touch Doug.

Lexie: I know. I know. I'll be very respectful, okay?

Julie: Okay.

John: I think we've been over this, Bo. I'm not keeping anything from you. If and when I get some solid leads, I will share them with you, I swear it.

Bo: Okay. Don't mean to jump down your throat about this, but... I'd do anything to kick-start this damn investigation.

John: I know.

Bo: I promised Hope no one else would get hurt. Obviously, I wasn't able to keep that promise. Now her dad is dead.

Hope: What's next in the investigation?

Bo: Uh, don't you worry about that, okay? I'm going to take you home.

Hope: Don't -- don't do that to me. I need to work or I'll go insane.

Bo: Okay. Let's get to work.

John: You got things under control here. I'm going to check in on Marlena.

Bo: What? What does she have to do with this?

Marlena: Belle, why would you say that? Why would you say that I would kill you?

Belle: Because I tracked some mud onto the carpet downstairs, and you have told me a million times to take my shoes off before I come into the house. I'm sorry.

Marlena: No, no, no, no, no. It's okay. Oh, my gosh. It's fine. I'll get that taken care of.

Belle: I thought for sure you'd be in bed.

Marlena: Well, I-I'm not sleeping well. You know that. You know that.

Belle: Yeah.

Marlena: Belle, um, how'd you -- how did you get in? The doorman did not announce you.

Belle: You're kidding, right? I used to live here.

Marlena: I know, but I've asked him to announce everybody, and to me, that means everybody.

Belle: Yeah, well, that's probably not a bad idea, with everything that's been going on. But don't get mad at Raymond. He wasn't at his desk when I got here, and I have a key. No biggie.

Marlena: Are you out by yourself tonight? Where's Shawn? Not that I'm Shawn’s biggest fan, you understand, but he is -- he is protection. Although he's wrong about the people from whom you need to be protected. So where is he?

Belle: I don't know. His dad paged him and said that there was some kind of emergency.

Marlena: An emergency?

Belle: Yeah. He doesn't know I'm here.

Marlena: He wouldn't like that, would he?

Belle: No, which is why I didn't tell him that I was coming. I don't want to get in another stupid fight with him about this. He still thinks that you're the serial killer, and that just makes no sense to me.

Marlena: Yes, well, it doesn't make much sense.

Belle: So since we're both here, and we're wide awake, why don't we go watch an old movie or something?

Marlena: You know, actually, I think I'd like that --

Belle: Mom. Is that blood? What are you doing?

Bo: Why do you have the sudden need to check on Marlena?

John: Well, why do you think? I don't want doc to find out about Doug from some stranger or reading about it tomorrow in the morning paper.

Hope: Daddy and Marlena were always very close, especially when she first came to Salem. She'll be devastated.

Bo: All right. So she needs to be told. But right now, we could use some help around here.

John: You've got Tek.

Bo: Yeah, and he's working with Lexie. If the killer left any clues on Doug’s body, he'll find them. That leaves us to check out the crime scene.

John: Yeah. Yeah, maybe I should stick around. Let's get to work.

Bo: All right.

John: Oh, doc. Oh, I pray to God you're home asleep.

Julie: I don't think it was a coincidence that Doug was murdered so close to my mother's grave.

Shawn-D: Did Grandpa come here often to pay his respects?

Julie: Sometimes. I think he was here seeking wisdom. He knew the identity of the killer. He was so conflicted about it. Oh, God, if only he'd gone to the police.

Shawn-D: He knew?

Julie: Well, yes, he did.

Shawn-D: Well, did he tell Dad?

Julie: No.

Shawn-D: Well, we got to tell him, 'cause this could be the break we were looking for.

Lexie: The weapon made its entry here, and then the laceration was made with a horizontal movement. I can't believe he was able to speak at all after that.

Tek: No, he should have died instantly.

Lexie: Oh, he displayed tremendous willpower. Ah, mm-hmm.

Tek: What? What is it?

Lexie: Look. Look at the way the skin is torn. It's not a clean cut.

Tek: So what are you saying?

Lexie: This isn't a knife wound.

Tek: Well, then what was the murder weapon?

Lexie: I'm not sure, but my guess is the murderer wasn't armed. She didn't come here prepared to kill tonight.

Tek: She had to improvise?

Lexie: Maybe.

Tek: This is huge.

Lexie: -H-hmm. Do you think she's starting to slip up?

Belle: Mom, did you cut yourself?

Marlena: Yes. I, uh, I did. A while ago.

Belle: Are you okay? Because it looks like you lost a lot of blood.

Marlena: No, no, it was, uh, it was a small cut. I'm fine.

Belle: Let me see it.

Marlena: How about some cocoa?

Belle: I don't know, Mom. I'm thinking maybe I should get you a band-aid first.

Marlena: I'm thinking that cocoa always makes me feel better.

Belle: Okay, but only if you make it like Grandma Evans does.

Marlena: I can arrange that.

Belle: I really wish Grandma was here right now. She'd comfort us more than a cup of hot cocoa.

Marlena: You love her, don't you?

Belle: Yeah, I think Grandmas are great.

Marlena: What's the matter?

Belle: I was just thinking about Shawn’s grandmother.

Marlena: Oh. Is that hers?

Belle: Yeah. Shawn gave it to me. Caroline meant a lot to you, didn't she?

Marlena: Mm-hmm. She was family to me. I was married to her son for a long time. I adored her.

Belle: Shawn's crazy to think you could ever hurt her or anyone else. All the people that have died -- you loved them, Mom. I know you did.

Marlena: Why don't you warm up the milk for the cocoa? I'll be right down.

Belle: Okay.

Marlena: Okay. Okay. Get a grip. Yeah. You can't lose it now. You can't lose it now. Okay. Okay. Caroline had to die, and so did Doug. They had to be silenced. They had to. Murder was the only way.

Celeste: Douglas, you say the killer's next victim is someone beloved in Salem. Who is it? Can't you tell me?

Doug: You know the rules, Celeste. I cannot give out that kind of information.

Celeste: So I suppose this means you can't name your killer, either.

Doug: That is correct.

Celeste: What kind of rules allow for the dead to speak to me, but then don't allow them to tell me anything useful?

Doug: Celeste, you know we do not make the rules, we just follow them.

Celeste: No, maybe you need to break them, Douglas. In life, you were a risk-taker. For your daughter, for your wife, for the loved one who's -- who's the next one to die, tell me who she is!

Doug: I want to. Maybe I should.

Celeste: What is that?

Doug: I am being warned not to talk! But I want to. I need to tell you. I-I have to do whatever I can to prevent the next death.

Shawn-D: Dad. Dad, did you know Grandpa knew something really important?

Bo: What?

Julie: Hope, you didn't tell him?

Hope: Well, I don't know. I-I'm sorry. I guess I thought that I did, but I guess -- I'm just not thinking clearly.

Bo: Don't worry about it. What are you talking about?

Julie: Doug couldn't sleep lately. Ever since Tony DiMera died, he'd had terrible nightmares. Something was torturing him. And finally he told me. He knew the identity of the Salem stalker. So it was just like to, just like all of the others. The stalker killed him because she had to silence them.

Bo: He figured out who the killer was, and he didn't tell me?

Julie: He didn't tell me. He figured it was a death sentence, and obviously, he was right.

Bo: Well, he should've gone down to the station and talked to somebody about it.

Julie: I urged him to go, and I think he was on his way, but he made a detour. And I know he talked to Celeste, but I don't believe he told her anything.

Lexie: I left my mom at the church. Has anyone seen her?

Hope: No.

John: Why didn't she stay with you?

Lexie: She was upset. She said she needed to pray. Oh, my God, John, if she's uncovered the killer's identity --

John: We need to find her right now. Let's go.

Lexie: Yeah, I need my doctor's bag.

Bo: Okay, so Doug figured out who the killer was, and he didn't tell any of us. Damn it. He should've come straight to me instead of running off to Celeste... or come into this damn graveyard.

Lexie: John, maybe she's in there.

Celeste: Oh, God! Douglas! Tell me who the killer is!

Doug: Dear God, Celeste, the veil between the dead and the living is tearing apart! Invisible hands are grabbing me, trying to pull me across to the other side! I am powerless to tell you what you need to know! The only think I can say is that when the killer strikes again, one family will be entirely destroyed for all time!

[Door opens]

Celeste: Aah! Aah!

Lexie: Mom, what's wrong?

Celeste: I have to find the killer! She's going to strike again.

Marlena: All righty. Here we go. And it's just the way you like it.

Belle: Oh, I love your coconut cookies. Thanks, Mom. You know, I'm really glad I came over.

Marlena: Me too. And now we can stop this business about role reversal, okay? I'll be the mom, you be the sweet baby girl. And you can stop worrying about me, I'll stop worrying about you. Because you can see that I am just fine.

Belle: I know, Mom, but I-I just can't relax. I know Shawn upset you before.

Marlena: Oh, you mean when he told me he thought I was the serial killer?

Belle: Yes, I know, it's insane. And I don't know what's gotten into him, but I do know he's going to apologize when they do catch the real serial killer. And I guess the only excuse that I can make for him is that he's reacting out of grief and fear.

Marlena: Well, these things have a way of working themselves out.

Belle: I hope you're right. I tried to point out to him that you were with us when Victor died, which should prove that you're not the serial killer. I thought maybe that would change his mind about you.

Marlena: Victor. Goodness. That was such a surprise. Why do you think the killer would target Victor?

Belle: I don't know. Victor was a really powerful man. I mean, maybe he did something to upset the killer. He made a lot of enemies.

Marlena: Mm. Not the least of which was his wife. Everyone knows that Nicole hated him. Maybe she's the killer.

Belle: If that's the case, I hope Shawn’s parents can prove it. That way, Shawn will have to admit that he's wrong about you.

Marlena: Hmm. I don't want to talk about this anymore. Okay? You know what? Your voice sounds better.

Belle: Yeah, well, my throat's not sore anymore, thanks to your cocoa.

Marlena: Hee hee. What are you looking at?

Belle: Just some old photos. Wanna see them?? Oh! Sorry, Mom.

Marlena: It's okay, it's okay, it's --

Doug: How could you do this to me, Marlena? We were so close. Take a look at this picture and see just how happy we used to be. Of course, the picture was taken before you so viciously attacked and murdered me, as you murdered all those others. But you are not going to get away with it. Brilliant as you are, you are going to be caught. Your reign of terror will finally be over. Do you hear me, Dr. Evans? You are going to be found out. You are going to lose everything, even your own life, just as I've lost mine.

Marlena: Put this away, please.

Belle: Okay. Mom, you're a psychiatrist, and you've worked with the police before on putting together criminal profiles. What do you think this killer is like? I mean, we know she's a woman, but what else? What kind of... woman is she?

Marlena: You really want to know?

Belle: Yeah, I do. What type of monster is this woman?

Marlena: The question is not "what is she?" The question is "who is she?" And, Belle, you're looking right at her.

Lexie: Mom, how do you know the killer's going to strike again?

Celeste: I am tired of telling the truth and no one believes me.

John: What's that supposed to mean?

Celeste: It means I don't want to tell you. Well, you just remember my warnings from the past. You see, I have never been wrong.

Lexie: Would you stop talking like a fortune cookie and tell us what happened? How can you be so certain there will be another murder?

Celeste: You're not going to believe me, Alexandra.

Lexie: Mom

Celeste: All right. Douglas -- he spoke to me.

Lexie: Yeah, we know that, but he didn't tell you anything.

Celeste: I mean, after he died, darling.

Lexie: Oh, no, not again.

Celeste: Look, I can't help it if the dead contact me from time to time, you know.

John: All right. So, did he tell you who killed him?

Celeste: No. But he did tell me that the next victim is someone very, very much loved here in Salem. He also told me that the next death would destroy one family forever.

John: Doc?

Lexie: John? Are you okay?

John: Yeah, I'm just... trying to digest everything your mother's telling us.

Lexie: Mom... are you all right?

Celeste: Well, darling, considering I just spoke to the dead, yeah, I'm doing great.

Lexie: Okay, um, look, I-I need to get back to the crime scene, okay? I just pray that there is some fibre on the corpse -- something that leads us to the killer's identity.

John: So you think forensics is going to come up with something that we can't?

Lexie: Yeah.

Celeste: Well, why is this time any different?

Lexie: Because, from what I can tell, the killer is getting a little sloppy.

Julie: He looks so peaceful.

Tek: Mrs. Williams, should you be seeing this?

Julie: Oh, no, I should be... on a beautiful ship dancing the tango underneath the moon with my darling. But he's here. And I'm...

Belle's voice: Hey, this is Belle. You've reached my message machine. You know what to do.


Shawn-D: I guess she went to sleep. That's a good thing. At least I know she's safe.

Belle: Mom, I... I can't believe that the serial killer profile fits you.

Marlena: Well, just because you don't believe it doesn't make it not true.

Belle: Okay, now you're starting to sound like Shawn.

Marlena: Oh, dear, am I?

Belle: Mom, come on, explain.

Marlena: Oops. I forgot I put that in there.

Belle: Why do you have a letter opener in your pocket?

Marlena: Well, I had a -- I had a lot of mail at work, and we had a lot of bills to open tonight, so... it doesn't hurt to have 'em around.

Belle: Okay, uh, anyway, back to the killer.

Marlena: Well, let me see. She's obviously a woman. She's very intelligent. She's probably educated on some level, and in the rare event that it is a woman, she's usually white, middle to upper class. You'll find that she's a -- she's a housewife, waitress. She's a college student, she's a nurse, she’s... a doctor. And then when the police finally catch up with her, well, everybody's just so stunned. You see it on TV all the time. On the news, you see people say -- the neighbors are always saying something like, "oh, my gosh, I can't believe it was her. She was such a nice lady." And all the time, she's flying under the radar. Nobody ever suspects her. And she just goes on... killing with impunity. Over and over again.

Belle: You're kidding, right?

Marlena: I'm deadly serious.

Celeste: Sorry is not a strong enough word. My heart is breaking for both of you.

Julie: Celeste, thank you for trying to save my husband.

Hope: I just wish Dad had told you the killer's name.

Celeste: Well, wishing is pointless at this time. But, darling, if I could turn back the clock, I too would have a wish. If only I had forced Douglas to go to the police straightaway after speaking with me. I mean, I could sense the killer stalking him. I felt the danger all around him like a fog. If only I had forced the point, you know, and made him see that time was running out for him. If only I could --

Julie: Celeste, don’t. Don't do this to yourself.

Hope: You did everything you could.

Celeste: Oh, God.

Bo: Celeste, I don't mean to disregard your feelings about anything, but we got to be realistic here. Somehow the word got out that Doug knew the killer's identity.

John: That's why she killed him. But how the hell did she know?

Bo: The three of you knew that Doug was carrying around the truth. One of you must have said something to someone.

Julie: Wait. Now that I think of it, I did talk to someone.

Belle: Mom, it's just so strange to me that the serial killer could be someone who appears to be so normal.

Marlena: Well, that information is based on years of research by law enforcement, FBI. And I've treated murderers before, and I've had to classify them as criminally insane. But serial killers are people, too.

Belle: Yeah, but you said it's rare to find a woman serial killer.

Marlena: Yes, it is. It is. Usually -- usually it's a man. And men and women killers are very, very different. Mostly they're different in their motives.

Belle: Motives?

Marlena: Yes. Women who kill over and over have some sort of a need.

Belle: What do they need?

Marlena: It's a mystery.

Belle: This is all so strange.

Marlena: No. Killing is the oldest sin.

Belle: That's creepy. Can I ask you a hypothetical question?

Marlena: Sure.

Belle: Let's just say hypothetically that Shawn is right, and you are the serial killer. What -- what would motivate you to kill?

Marlena: Oh. Tricky question. It's all so individual. There could be so many answers. I think, if it were me, I would, uh, I'd be wanting control.

Belle: Control? That's what you would need?

Marlena: Yeah. I'd want to be in charge.

Belle: But what about the victims?

Marlena: Well, the victims would range from... associates...


Marlena: To family and friends... In-laws, ex-spouses... children. And sometimes the killer just kills because they hate somebody.

[Tiger roaring]

Belle: M-Mom, you really haven't answered my question. This has to be more than just a matter of control. What does the killer really need?

Marlena: She needs to be stopped. She doesn't want to do it, but she can't help herself. And she knows if she tells anybody, if she confides in anybody at all, that somebody else has to die.

Belle: What is happening to you?

Shawn-D: God, I hate to do this, but I've got to wake up Belle and tell her what happened.

Bo: Julie, who did you talk to?

Julie: Grandma. I told her Doug knew the killer's identity.

John: Alice?

Hope: Gran wouldn't say anything to anyone.

Bo: Someone besides Mrs. H.? Celeste, did you say anything to anyone about to Doug?

John: Preferably to someone who's alive.

Celeste: No, I said nothing. I swear.

Julie: Oh, no.

Hope: Oh, no, what?

Julie: I did tell someone else.

Bo: Julie.

Julie: I know. I've always talked too much.

Hope: Julie, who did you tell?

Julie: Marlena.

Belle: You know, Mom, maybe this topic of conversation wasn't such a good idea. I can tell you're getting really upset. Are you okay, Mom? You look like you're going to faint.

Marlena: The reason I'm so obsessed... the reason I know so many details of the killing is because I did it. Oh, Belle, I'm the killer.

“Next on Days Of Our Lives”

Brady: If only we could find that evidence.

Nicole: You will never find that evidence, Brady.

Bo: This killer will be caught. That I promise you.

Hope: Bo's right. We will bring this killer to justice.

Belle: Do you think that my mom killed your grandfather?

John: Is there something you want to tell me?

Marlena: Yes, there is.

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