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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 3/1/04 - Canada; Tuesday 3/2/04 - U.S.A.

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Patrick: Hey, uh, I came right down.

Hope: You could've taken the time to finish getting dressed. I mean, we wouldn't want you to catch a cold on top of the back injury.

Patrick: Well, I know you had some questions for me.

Jennifer my cousin Hope is very protective.

Patrick: I'm glad. I mean, you should have somebody looking out for you now that Jack's not around. A great guy like that -- I still can't believe it.

Jennifer: Did I tell you that Patrick was a friend of Jack's?

Hope: Several times.

Patrick: Well, I only met Deveraux once, but, um, we really clicked. Uh, he's an easy guy to talk to. We spent the whole day together.

Hope: [Sarcastic] No. Really? A whole day.

Jennifer: Yeah. I mean, Patrick knows all about Jack's work. They bonded on several topics.

Patrick: And NASCAR racing.

Jennifer: See? So there's nothing to worry about.

Hope: I didn't catch your last name.

Patrick: Lockhart.

Hope: Lockhart? As in bonnie and Mimi Lockhart?

Mimi: [Coughing] Oh, Mom, I didn't race home from green mountain just to breathe your second-hand smoke.

Bonnie: I'm in big trouble, baby. I need all the help I can get.

Mimi: Why? What is going on?

Bonnie: I told you on the phone. Patrick's back.

Mimi: So? How is that life and death? Mom, why are you even freaking out? Look, Rex and I left a beautiful lodge with hot tubs and views that would knock your eyes out just so I could answer your S.O.S. What gives?

Bonnie: Well, you know how your brother can be.

Mimi: I know how he can be when you provoke him.

Bonnie: Mouthy. Both of you.

Mimi: I am really afraid to ask. What kind of screwed-up situation have you got yourself into this time?

Bo: Go ahead. Drink up. There's no imported vodka in Statesville.

Nicole: I now you're eager to nail your father's killer, Bo, but I swear, I didn't do it.

Bo: Hmm. Why are you so nervous? Oh. You're still awake?

Brady: Who can sleep? Is it me, or does it seem like this night has lasted for weeks?

Nicole: I know.

Bo: Brady, you're just in time. We're about to open the safe. Victor's last will and testament should be right there on top, along with the evidence to prove that Nicole is the serial killer.

Nicole: That's ridiculous.

Brady: Well, the squad cars are lined up in the driveway outside.

Bo: Yeah, they're waiting to haul her off to prison.

Nicole: Brady, I didn't do it. You have to believe me.

Brady: We're all going to know the truth in just a minute.

Bo: Come on, man, let's crack this baby open.

Celeste: Julie. That was a very bad sign. It's only a matter of time now before Douglas comes face to face with the killer. Oh, God,

Julie: Celeste, can't you just -- just relight this candle?

Celeste: Darling, at this point, it would do no good.

Julie: When Maggieís ghost appeared to me tonight, she said my husband's life was in danger.

Celeste: Yes. The darkness is closing in all around him. Now that the spirit world has given him confirmation of the killer's identity.

Julie: Did he tell you -- did he tell you who the killer is?

Celeste: No. No. I feel he's gone to confront her himself.

Julie: I told him, just go to the precinct house. Just go directly to Hope. Oh, my God, Doug. Of all the nights to leave your cell phone at home... Hello, officer. Yes, this is Julie Williams again. I'm trying to get in touch with Hope. Is she still in the field? All right, thank you. Um, have you been in touch with my husband Doug Williams? All right, thank you. Thank you, officer. I hope he hasn't done anything foolish.

Celeste: Look, we need to find Douglas right away. His life depends on it. Come on. Hurry, Julie.

Doug: You killed Abe carver. And to cover that up, you killed Jack, Maggie, Caroline, CassŪe, even Tony. And you must even have killed Roman Brady, a man who once was your husband. Marlena, if I'm right about this, you -- you need help. I mean, you've gotta be stopped, and if it falls to me to do it, I will.

Marlena: Doug, for heaven sakes, do you really think that I am the murderer?

Bonnie: You are so judgmental. I don't know how I possibly ever gave birth to a kid like you. You must be from some other litter because, God knows, I don't have a critical bone in my entire body. I take people as I find them. I'm sympathetic. I try to help out.

Mimi: St. Bonnie.

Bonnie: What did you say?

Mimi: Nothing.

Bonnie: All you do is scold, Meems. You're going to get a great big frown line right between the eyes, which isn't very attractive.

Bonnie and Mimi: Men do not like women who constantly find fault. If you're not careful, you're going to wind up all by your lonesome!

Mimi: That's it. I'm outta here.

Bonnie: No, no, please! Please, please, don't go. Please.

Mimi: Either you tell me what you've done to upset Patrick, or Iím history.

Bonnie: Why do you always assume that it's my fault?

Mimi: Well, you wouldn't be chain-smoking if you weren't feeling guilty.

Bonnie: This is a very serious addiction. I could use a little support.

Mimi: What do you want me to do?

Bonnie: Patrick likes you. You are his precious baby sister. And you must be aware that he and I aren't on the best of terms.

Mimi: And why is that?

Bonnie: I owe him a little money. Okay, a lot of money. I was watching it for him, and I kinda lost it.

Mimi: What?

Bonnie: It was not my fault.

Mimi: Dťjŗ vu. Dťjŗ vu. Why do I feel like Iíve been here before?

Bonnie: What are you ranting about?

Mimi: The money I won as a contestant on "love is blind" -- almost $50,000 you siphoned out of my bank account and spent it all on lottery tickets.

Bonnie: The odds should've been in my favor!

Mimi: But they werenít.

Bonnie: The game must've been rigged then, honey. I oughta sue!

Mimi: You never change, Mom. You ripped your own kids off, then you lose everything, and it's never your fault.

Bonnie: I love my children. If they needed the blood from my veins, I would give it.

Mimi: You know what? If you've lost Patrickís money, he won't be as quiet about it as I was. He'll go ballistic.

Bonnie: That's what Iím afraid of. And he's too big to send to his room.

Mimi: He doesn't even have a room. He's been on his own forever. No wonder he stayed away so long this time.

Bonnie: Yeah. He never even sent me a postcard -- that little so-and-so. And now he's upset.

Mimi: If Patrick makes you pay through the nose, it serves you right.

Patrick: Bonnie's my mom, and Mimi is my favorite sister. Well, actually, she's my only sister.

Jennifer: What a coincidence.

Patrick: You know them?

Jennifer: Well, yeah, of course.

Patrick: Huh. Wow. Well, I'll be darned.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, Mimi has been friends with Hope's son ever since they've been going to kindergarten together.

Patrick: Small world.

Jennifer: And your mom -- she helped me so much after Jack died. I mean, she came over and just cleaned up around here.

Patrick: She has a tendency to do that.

Jennifer: And after he died I had neighbors bringing casseroles from all over, and as you can imagine, I was completely out of it, so she jumped in. She organized everything. She redistributed the food to the poor.

Patrick: Bless her heart.

Jennifer: And Jack's closets -- I mean, I couldn't even face them. And she went in, she packed all of his stuff away and brought it to charity. And she did the same exact thing for my uncle Mickey when my aunt Maggie was killed.

Patrick: That's my mom, all right.

[Telephone rings]

Jennifer: Oh, excuse me. Hello? Hey. Uh, yeah, it's Bo. For you.

Hope: Excuse me. Hey, what's up?

Bo: Well, fancy face, we're finally there. We're ready to open the safe.

Hope: I'm on my way.

Bo: No, no, no, you don't need to be here. As soon as I get my hands on that will and the evidence against Nicole, this -- this is going to be an open-and-shut case.

Hope: Hey, I want to support you.

Bo: I know you do, but you don't have to be here physically to do that. You just stay there and take care of your cousin.

Hope: Are you sure?

Bo: Yeah. I'm sure. Victor never made a threat he couldn't follow through on. And he obviously threatened his wife. That's why he wrote up a new will, put it in a new safe with a new lock so she couldn't tamper with the evidence.

Hope: Good. I hope there are no more hitches.

Bo: Don't worry. Nicole's killing spree is finally over.

Hope: Oh, God, Bo, I pray to God you're right. Just be careful. Promise me.

Bo: I promise. Later.

Mr. Trask: Okay. Here we go.

Nicole: No, stop.

Jennifer: Uh, you know, I've heard bonnie talk about her younger son Connor, but I don't know anything about you.

Patrick: I've been away for a while.

Hope: Look, let's just be honest, okay? Why are you staying here with Jennifer?

Patrick: Well, I'm not actually staying in the house. Jennifer was kind enough to put me up in the garage apartment.

Hope: I know. I saw you there earlier.

Patrick: Well, then you know I have nothing to hide.

Hope: Patrick? It's Hope Brady.

Patrick: Yeah, come on in.

Hope: Hi -- oh. Oh, oh, sorry. Uh, you should have said something. I didn't realize you --

Patrick: That Iím naked? I hope that's okay. I'm not ashamed of my body.

Hope: I gather that.

Patrick: Look, I know why you're here Ė to make sure Iím on the up-and-up. I respect that. I guess this is my way of letting you know I have nothing to hide, as you can see.

Hope: What I meant to say was if you have family here in Salem, why are you staying here? Why aren't you staying at your mother's house?

Bonnie: I need you to soften him up, Meems. Patrick can never stay mad long whenever you're around to make him laugh.

Mimi: Sorry. I'm not going to act as a buffer.

Bonnie: No, please don't leave me here to face him alone.

Mimi: You need to pay Patrick back.

Bonnie: I'm flat broke.

Mimi: What about all the extra work you've been doing for Mickey Horton and Jennifer Deveraux?

Bonnie: That paycheck's already gone.

Mimi: Well, don't you have anything you can sell?

Bonnie: We could sell your car.

Mimi: No. Are you kidding me?

Bonnie: Then I'm afraid this is not going to be a very happy family reunion.

Mimi: I think that could be the understatement of the century.

Nicole: You owe me an apology.

Bo: You're right. I'm sorry I didn't get wise to you a long time ago.

Nicole: I was handcuffed to Brady at the time Victor was killed. That proves I'm innocent. I am not the serial killer.

Bo: You had yourself an accomplice.

Nicole: There she is -- the murderess.

Jan: Don't call me that.

Nicole: Why not? You killed Victor in cold blood.

Jan: I had no choice. You made me do it.

Nicole: You have to leave Salem. And it's not that I really give a rat's behind about you one way or another, but if you're captured and the two of us are linked together, Iím toast.

Bo: Yeah, you've got yourself an alibi, but because of you, my biological father is dead, and my son -- there was an attack aimed at him tonight.

Nicole: I was cooped up in this house, surrounded by police.

Bo: Like I said, you had an accomplice.

Nicole: Who?

Bo: I don't know, but I'm going to find out. I will not allow you to hurt anyone ever again. Come on, man. We've wasted enough time. Time to get that will out of there and the rest of the evidence. Open that damn thing up. Are you living with mild or moderate eczema?

Hope: So? Why aren't you staying at Bonnie's house? It's just that I would think that you'd want to spend time with your family.

Jennifer: Yeah, have you contacted them since you've been back?

Patrick: I have a confession to make.

Hope: What?

Patrick: Well, my mom and I had a little misunderstanding before I left. You know how families are. Anyway, I was hoping we could put that all behind us. That's why I came back to Salem -- to reconnect with my family.

Jennifer: I think that's wonderful.

Hope: So what are you waiting for?

Patrick: It's tough to stay with your mother, especially mine, especially at my age. She still thinks of me as a kid. She's always hovering. You know what I mean?

Jennifer: Yeah, absolutely. So I was happy to let Patrick stay here, I mean, considering I ran him down with my car, and the accident was completely my fault.

Patrick: But you have a good point, Mrs. Brady. I shouldn't procrastinate. In fact, I'm going to give my mom a buzz right now.

[Telephone rings]

bonnie: Hello?

Patrick: Mom. How's my best girl?

Bonnie: Patrick? Where are you?

Patrick: I'm staying with Jennifer Deveraux. I'm in Salem.

Bonnie: Oh, my goodness. That's just too perfect.

Patrick: Can we get together tomorrow?

Bonnie: Uh, sure.

Patrick: Great. I can't wait. I love you, Mom. Bye.

Jennifer: You know, I really can't tell you how much a phone call like that means to a mother.

Bonnie: [Sighs] he says he loves me. And he's staying with Jennifer Deveraux.

Mimi: Why?

Bonnie: Pretty young widow. What do you think?

Mimi: Oh, Mom.

Bonnie: Mickey told me that Jenniferís late husband left her very well-off.

Mimi: That's none of our business.

Bonnie: Well, she's a Horton, which probably means she was loaded to begin wi-- ooh, I think Iím going to love having my son back in town.

Mimi: But you just said --

bonnie: Ooh, our luck is changing. I can feel it. Maybe Patrick can strike it rich with Jennifer, and I'll snag her uncle Mickey without that busybody Julie interfering.

Julie: Doug is not in emergency.

Celeste: Alexandra hasn't seen him either.

Julie: Where in the world can he be?

Celeste: Let's try Marlena's office. Maybe he wanted her opinion.

Julie: I know she was here earlier. We talked for a while. She was so very helpful. She knew exactly what I was going through.

Celeste: Oh, darling, I -- I'm reluctant to add to your distress, but I have a very strong feeling that your husband's life is still in danger.

Julie: Well, I wish he had come to see her. Then at least Iíd know he was safe.

Marlena: Doug, how long have you known me?

Doug: That's why I came to see you in person.

Marlena: You think that I could do something this brutal -- is that it?

Doug: Marlena, I hate to have to say this, but given everything that's happened, how could I keep it to myself?

Marlena: And how do you arrive at this outrageous conclusion?

Doug: I had a dream --

Marlena: [Gasps] oh. Oh, my gosh. Has all of Salem lost their collective mind? I mean, if it isn't Celeste and a premonition, now it's going to be you giving credence to your dream? Oh, Doug, golly.

Doug: Hear me out.

Marlena: Fine.

Doug: I had a dream about the serial killer. Prompted me to -- to remember something that I actually saw.

Marlena: I'm listening.

Doug: The night Tony DiMera died in Salem university hospital, I saw you come out of his cubicle there in the E.R. You checked your empty syringe, you hid it in your pocket, and that was at the very time when Tony was poisoned. Only hospital personnel were allowed in that room, and the killer had to have access to a lethal drug and the knowledge of how to administer it.

Marlena: So you figure it was --

Doug: I saw you, Marlena, with the murder weapon. I have to assume that, after all these years of -- of handling crises, that you had some kind of a breakdown, that you lost control. Well, it has to stop. It has to end right here -- tonight.

Marlena: [Thinking] Youíre right. I'll have to put a stop to this, one way or another.

Brady: Get -- have you lost your damn mind?

Bo: Guilty, guilty, guilty.

Nicole: I am tired of these accusations.

Brady: I suggest you sit down and get a grip.

Nicole: My husband died tonight. My home has been invaded. I am practically a prisoner here. And none of you has an ounce of sympathy. All you can do is point a finger and say vile things to me.

Bo: You can cry victim all you want, but there's nothing you can do to keep us from opening that safe. You're going down.  All right, man. Finally -- justice can be served.

Brady: Whoa, whoa, hang on. I recognize those. Those are titan contracts. I helped draft some of those.

Bo: I want to know where the damn will is!

Brady: Look. Deed to the house, but it's old.

Bo: He said there was evidence in here.

Brady: Well, we got his birth certificate, passport.

Bo: Where is the evidence that Victor compiled to convict Nicole! Damn it! What the hell is going on here?!

Patrick: I feel so much better now that I've broken the ice with my mom. I feel like everything's going to work out.

Jennifer: Good. Good for you, Patrick.

Patrick: Yeah. The memory of that argument vanished as soon as I heard her voice.

Hope: Why didn't you tell her about your accident?

Bonnie: I hope Mickey doesn't go for those simple gold bands. I want a 20-carat rock.

Mimi: You're fooling yourself, Mother.

Bonnie: No. We are gonna make it big in this town. I'm going to marry Mickey Horton, and Patrick is gonna waltz Jennifer Deveraux down the aisle.

Mimi: In your dreams.

Bonnie: What's a proper mourning period these days, three months? Oh, oh, oh! How about a double wedding? Wouldn't that be a scream? Oh, gosh, we'll need two bride's dresses...

Mimi: Oh, God, I feel like scamming already.

Bonnie: Somebody has got to raise this family's fortunes, and it ain't gonna be you, sweetheart, now that Rex isn't a DiMera anymore.

Mimi: I am proud of Rex for getting out of that crime family.

Bonnie: If only you'd been able to keep that secret a little longer, he'd be rolling in dough now that Tonyís dead.

Mimi: Rex is lucky to be a Brady.

Bonnie: Yeah, and what's he got to show for it?

Mimi: You are hopeless.

Bonnie: Au contraire. If Patrick and I can get ourselves a big slice of the Horton pie, we will all be set for life. Bonnie and Mickey Horton. Mm, doesn't that sound nice? We will be the most elegant couple in Salem. Move over, Julie and Doug.

Marlena: Yes, you saw me coming out of Tonyís cubicle, and you saw me with an empty syringe. Doug, it was medication. If you don't believe me, then we should check the medical records. I was giving Tony something for the pain. I'm a doctor. That's what I do. I took an oath to save lives, and these killings, they go against everything I hold sacred.

Doug: I know that. When I put it all together, it was such a shock to me. Oh, Marlena, I have such a feeling. I can't get rid of it. I've tried. I've tried to talk myself out of it, but I can't.

Marlena: Doug, I know what's going on here.

Doug: You do?

Marlena: I do. We are all under so much stress, we're becoming paranoid. We're accusing each other. It's a very well-known psychological phenomenon. Mass hysteria. It's like the Salem witch hunts. We're all turning on each other and accusing each other, accusing our families, our friends, our loved ones.

Doug: Yeah, I read about that, but --

Marlena: Doug, you're like family to me. My daughter Belle is nearly engaged to your grandson Shawn. All those other people that died -- Doug, I loved them. I mean, my Maggie -- my dear Maggie -- and Abe. Not to mention Caroline. Even Tony. Roman was the father of my twins. I gave birth to CassŪe!

Doug: That's right. That's why it's beyond reason.

Marlena: The night that Victor was murdered, Doug, I was not even there. I was -- I was with John and Shawn and Belle. We were together all night long. Doesn't that prove to you that Iím innocent?

Julie: It's all right, darling. I'll just call Hope again. Okay.

Celeste: Alice hasn't seen or heard from Douglas?

Julie: No. I told him not to do anything on his own. Oh, where could he be?

Celeste: [Gasps]

Julie: Celeste, what do you see?

Celeste: Oh, Julie, your husband, he's face to face with the killer!

Doug: Marlena, I owe you an apology. I am so sorry. I was wrong to ever doubt you.

Marlena: [Sighs] apology accepted.

Doug: What was I thinking?

Marlena: Well, you weren't thinking. You were just reacting out of fear and exhaustion like the rest of us.

Doug: Of course you could never hurt anyone.

Marlena: No, I could never hurt anybody.

Doug: Can you really forgive me?

Marlena: Oh, Doug. My darling Doug. Do you know there was a time when because of Celesteís premonitions, I actually -- ha ha ha ha! -- I believed that John was going to kill me? And then there was, you know, of course, when Rex and Kate and Tony were all suspects. They were in jail. I mean, everybody's had their turn in the hot seat.

Doug: Yes, but not you. You're a healer.

Marlena: Well, I guess that means that we can just put this behind us and stay friends, huh?

Doug: Thank you.

Marlena: Yeah. You know, when I spoke to Julie, it seemed as though she didn't realize you suspected me.

Doug: Well, I didn't tell anybody. No. I mean, if I was gonna be wrong, I didn't want to damage your reputation.

Marlena: Oh, Doug, that is so kind of you. That is just so -- that's so like you. No sense in starting a baseless rumour, huh?

Doug: Exactly.

Marlena: So, we can just forget this ever happened?

Doug: Of course.

Marlena: What? What's wrong?

Bo: Where's the will?

Nicole: How should I know?

Brady: There's no will here. No file on Nicole, either.

Nicole: I told you. I'm innocent.

Bo: Yeah, right. What'd you do with the stuff?

Nicole: If you don't remember the combination, Belle will end up with Shawn, and you and I will end up in Statesville.

Jan: That won't happen.

Nicole: Ahem. How's it going?

Mr. Trask: This is the mother of all locks.

Nicole: Do you want a drink?

Mr. Trask: Are you kidding?

Nicole: Come on, you've been at it for hours. Don't you want to take a break?

Mr. Trask: I've got orders from commander Brady.

Nicole: Oh... Did he tell you to be on guard against me?

Mr. Trask: Listen, lady, if I can't get into this safe, nobody can. Not without the combination. Excuse me. I've got to go get another tool out of my van.

Nicole: Yes!

Nicole: Oh, my God.

Bo: You got into the safe, didn't you?

Nicole: We all know that's impossible.

Bo: You found the evidence. Come on, Nicole. We know Victor wrote out a new will.

Nicole: Damn it! Bastard cut me off without a penny! Video of Colin and me making love, and proof that I murdered Murphy. I've got to story this.

[Door closes]

Nicole: I have no idea what could have happened to it.

Hope: Hi. Sorry to stop by so late.

Bonnie: You're always welcome, Mrs. Brady.

Hope: I jus have a few questions I need to ask you about your son Patrick.

Bonnie: He's not in any trouble?

Hope: No, no, no, nothing like that. It's just, well, he's staying with my cousin Jennifer, and I'm a little concerned --

bonnie: Right, right. He just called.

Hope: Oh, good. Then he's who he says he is.

Bonnie: Mm-hmm. That's my boy. Handsome little devil, isn't he?

Hope: Can you vouch that he's trustworthy?

Mimi: He's a really good guy, Hope.

Bonnie: The best. Big-hearted. Sweet-natured. I'm just hoping he'll settle down here in Salem and find himself a nice young woman.

Hope: You mean like my cousin...Jennifer?

Bonnie: I mean like one of his other girlfriends from high school. Oh, he had more sweeties than you could shake a stick at. But now it's time for him to settle down. I would love for him to find that someone special.

Jennifer: Well, I hope you don't feel like we've put you through an interrogation.

Patrick: Your cousin loves you. I can see that.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, my whole family is very protective right now, especially with this serial killer terrorizing our city.

Patrick: Hey, if it was my sister Mimi, I'd so exactly the same thing.

Jennifer: Well, just thank you for being so patient. I mean, you have no idea what it's been like to be in Salem the last few months. We are all very tense.

[Telephone rings]

Jennifer: I'm sorry. See what I mean?


Jennifer: Hello?

Julie: It's Julie. Have you seen Hope tonight?

Jennifer: Yeah. She was just here.

Julie: Well, do you know where she went?

Jennifer: Uh, yes. She went to bonnie Lockhartís house. Do you have the number?

Julie: Yes, yes. Unfortunately I do. Thank you, darling.

Celeste: Darling, Iím sorry to keep pushing you, but we've got to find Douglas before it's too late.

Marlena: Doug, you look worried. Is there a problem?

Doug: No, no problem. Everything's fine. Well, not really fine. Uh, I'm deeply chagrined.

Marlena: Well, you needn't be. You talked to me. That can't have been easy for you.

Doug: I was shaking in my boots.

Marlena: [Laughing] Oh, Doug... Ha ha ha! Oh, my goodness. Well, you had your suspicions. You brought them up to me, we discussed it, and you told nobody else about it, right?

Doug: Well, there was one conversation that I set in motion that I should really finish -- a conversation with my little daughter Hope. I left a message for Hope at the police station just before I came over here.

Marlena: So you didn't actually speak to her?

Doug: No, but Iím sure she'll be very curious. She'll want to know every detail.

Marlena: I'm sure she will. Tell me, uh, what exactly did you say in your message to her?

Doug: I said, "I know the name of the serial killer."

Marlena: Oh...

Hope: All right. Thank you both for answering my questions.

Bonnie: Anytime.

[Telephone rings]

bonnie: Hello? She's right here. Ms. Williams for you.

Hope: Thank you. Julie?

Julie: Oh, Hope, thank God Iíve reached you.

Hope: Julie, what's wrong?

Julie: It's your father. I can't find him, and Celeste is having these terrible vibes. And please, please, I'm going out of my mind.

Hope: I can't talk right now. Meet me at Gran's. I'm on my way.

Julie: Hurry, Hope, hurry!

Celeste: Julie, Iím going to go back to my place. I want to consult my tarot cards. Maybe they can tell me something about Douglas.

Julie: All right. Oh, please, God, don't let anything happen to him!

Bonnie: You take care now, honey! Whew! For a minute there, I thought

Patrick was in big trouble. Whew!

Patrick: If you're the least bit uncomfortable with me staying here, you just say the word.

Jennifer: No, really, I think that you're doing me a favour. With the Kiriakis murder tonight, I feel a lot safer having a man close by.

Patrick: Well, I'll keep an ear out. Don't you worry.

Jennifer: Good. Um...Okay then. I'll say good night.

Patrick: Sweet dreams.

ďNext on Days Of Our LivesĒ

Nicole: I am still Mrs. Victor Kiriakis, and now that Victor's dead, I'm in charge here.

John: Not if you're the killer.

Maggie: I know what you're doing. You want to marry Mickey for his money.

Bonnie: Okay...

Hope: Julie, you stay here. Call Bo. Get backup. Daddy's life depends on it.

Marlena: It's true. I am the serial killer.

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