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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 2/26/04 - Canada; Friday 2/27/04 - U.S.A.

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Lucas: All right, incoming. The power of Archaeology is yours, my son. This is going to help you.

Kate: Ha ha ha ha. I cannot believe I am pulling an all-nighter on a science project.

Lucas: Oh, me neither. You know, will, she never helped me like this -- never.

Kate: Ha ha. Well, that's because your father never did his homework.

Lucas: Hey, come on.

Kate: It's true. Okay, will, now tell me -- what did the ancient Egyptians call the thing that you're making right now?

Will: A sarcophagus. It's like a coffin. Time to paste Cleopatra in.

Kate: Okay.

Will: Glue stick.

Kate: Glue stick? Oh. Where are the glue sticks?

Lucas: We don't have it?

Kate: No.

Lucas: I got one in the kitchen, maybe. I'll check. Hold on.

Kate: Okay. Wait a minute. I'll help you. Keep working.

Lucas: Thanks for helping with this, Mom. I really appreciate it. He's enjoying it.

Kate: Believe me, honey, my family means more to me -- more than ever now that Roman's gone, and Victor -- I still can't believe he's dead. I cannot believe the horrific death -- electrocution.

Lucas: I know. I'm so sorry. If there's anything I can do for you, just tell me, okay?

Kate: Oh, honey, you're already doing it. Being here with you and with will reminds me that I do have something to live for.

Lucas: Yeah. I'm never going to let you forget that. Come here.

Kate: Sweetie.

Lucas: Where's that glue gun?

Kate: Okay. Where is it?

Lucas: You know, Sami probably has it in her apartment. I'll be right back.

Kate: Lucas, no. It's late. You're going to wake her up.

Lucas: Aah, she won't mind. Believe me.

Kate: Wait, honey -- no. Sweetie, sweetie, I found it. Damn. Oh, Lucas, don't be such a fool.

Kate: Will, what's this?

[Romantic music playing on TV]

Sami: [Sniffling] Make love to me, Lucas, right now.

[Knock on door]

[Knock on door]

Hope: Sha-- Shawn, honey. I can't answer for your father's reaction when I tell him about the break-in at your loft. You and I both know he's going to go absolutely ballistic when he hears about all the blood on the sheets. Yeah, you bet I have a suspect -- Nicole walker.

Bo: Come on, man. We've got to get that safe open.

Mr. Trask: I'm doing the best I can, commander.

Bo: Do better.

Nicole: [Thinking] As soon as they get the damn safe open, I'm going to jail for the rest of my natural life. Oh, my God. They have the entire Salem P.D. out here.

Bo: You got that right. And as soon as we pop that safe open, we're going to have enough evidence to put you away for murder.

Julie: Hope, come on. Come on, answer. Answer. [Sighs] Doug, darling, it's -- it's me again, sweetheart. Please call me. Please call me as soon as you get this message, and please -- please don't tell anyone the identity of the Salem stalker. I don't want to lose my favorite singing partner. I love you. Oh, God, I can't just stand here and wait for this phone to ring.

Doug: If anyone can help me now, it's you. Will you?

Celeste: Yes, Douglas, of course. I've been expecting you.

[Whirs/clicks of camera]

Bo: Why don't you save us all a lot of trouble and confess?

Nicole: You are not going to scare me into confessing to something that I didn't do, so put the rubber hose away, commander. I'm not rolling over for your investigation just because you're desperate to implicate me.

Bo: You're taking a little ride downtown. You're under arrest for the murder --

Hope: You can't arrest her, Bo.

Nicole: Thank you.

Hope: Yet. You're not getting a pass on this one, Nicole. Once that safe is opened, you can bet on answering a lot of questions.

Nicole: Am I free to go?

Hope: Don't leave the house.

Bo: Why don't I just strangle her and get this whole thing over with?

Hope: Yeah, you know what? I would love to help you do that, but we have to wait for the evidence to put her away, Bo.

Bo: Stick around, will you? Will you hurry up and open this damn thing?

Jan: Mm... aah. Oh.

Nicole: Oh. Damn that Bo Brady. If he gets that safe open and finds out I killed Colin Murphy, he'll try to pin all the murders on me. Ooh! God, where's the sense in that? So what? I killed one blackmailing Irishman. It doesn't mean I'd lay waste to the entire town of Salem. Oh, God, okay, Nicole. Just get a grip. Get a grip, okay? You are not the Salem killer. All you have to do is find someone out there who knows who the killer really is.

Celeste: Please. Did, uh... anyone see you entering my building?

Doug: No, I made sure that no one saw me. Wow. Hey, are you -- are you in the middle of something, Celeste?

Celeste: Well, the candles are my way of communicating with the spirits, Douglas, and they are very restless tonight.

Doug: They are?

Celeste: Yes. I have been receiving disturbing vibrations all evening. I fear that the killer's about to strike again.

Doug: Well, that's not the happiest news I've heard.

Celeste: Well, Douglas, I'm very sorry, but yours is the face that keeps appearing in my dreams. Douglas... if you do know the killer's identity, you may be the only one who can stop her reign of terror. However... I must warn you... it may end up costing you your life.

Kate: Come on, will. You know I'm not angry at you.

Will: But you're mad at my mom and dad.

Kate: No, I-I -- I would just like an explanation of this happy, smiling family photo. That's all. Is it new?

Will: Yeah. I have to finish my project.

Kate: Oh, come on, sweetie. You know I'm not going to yell at you or anything. I just want to know when and where the picture was taken.

Will: Every year my school has this family overnight camping trip.

Kate: Well, you've never mentioned that before.

Will: That's because I never thought they'd go. But this time, they did.

Kate: Ooh. They did. They wanted to go with you?

Will: Yeah, as a family.

Kate: Hmm.

Will: But you know the way they are -- way disorganized. They signed up at the last minute and had to share a tent.

Kate: With you?

Will: No, with each other. They even had to share the same sleeping bag, but there wasn't a whole lot of sleeping going on in there.

Lucas: Hey, spacey. What, are you zoning out or something?

Sami: I, um, have insomnia. You slammed the door when you left earlier, and I wasn't able to go back to sleep.

Lucas: Did you try some warm milk?

Sami: Yeah -- a whole gallon. I even turned on a late-night movie on the romance channel, but now I'm more awake than ever.

Lucas: Well, sorry.

Sami: So, um, what do you want? "The honeymooners" is on next. You know, Ralph goes on the game show.

Lucas: Oh, yeah? That's a good one. Um, it's not about what I want, though. It's -- it's about what I need. Uh, I need that glue stick. We got a science project. Will and I are working on it.

Sami: Why didn't you tell me? I love that stuff. I'll get a robe, and we'll do it.

Lucas: Uh, not so fast. Um, my mom's there, too. She's helping. They're having a ball. It's fun.

Sami: Your mom.

Lucas: Yeah.

Sami: The she-vampire? What is it, a project about human blood?

Lucas: That's funny, real funny. You got the glue stick or not?

Sami: Yeah. In his arts and crafts drawer.

Lucas: Thanks. I appreciate it.

Sami: No problem. Will's got all this stuff. He could open up his own art supply store. You know what? I've only got it --

Lucas: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Sami: Oh, I'm so sorry. Ha ha ha. Well, you know, you could start some modern art.

Lucas: All right, all right. That's enough.

Sami: I'm sorry. Ha ha ha.

Lucas: Man, that stuff is gross.

Sami: Ha ha ha ha.

Lucas: Nasty. Oh, man.

Sami: Ha ha.

Julie: Gram, I feel just terrible about getting you out of bed.

Alice: Oh, I'm glad you did, dear. Now... have a doughnut.

Julie: Ha ha ha. I always gain weight when I'm around you. Well, okay. Just one. Grandma, um, I know you're going to think I'm losing my marbles, but something very strange has been happening to me.

Alice: You've been seeing dead people?

Julie: How did you know that?

Alice: Oh, I have a sixth sense. Did he say your name?

Julie: Did who say my name?

Alice: Your grandfather.

Julie: No. No, I didn't see grandpa. It was Maggie, and she didn't say my name, but she had a message for me.

Alice: What was it?

Julie: Oh, grandma, she said that Doug is in terrible danger.

Doug: Okay, okay, I am prepared to take that risk. But before I go public with the name of the person that I suspect, I got to make sure that she is really the killer.

Celeste: I understand. Please, Doug, sit down and make yourself comfortable. This may take a while.

Doug: Ha. That's kind of spooky.

Celeste: The spirits -- they like the dark.

Doug: Well, I guess that makes sense. That's pretty.

Celeste: Light it, please.

Doug: Tell me, what is the, uh, significance of the angel?

Celeste: The white light she gives off, Douglas -- it will save your life.

Hope: Badgering the guy isn't going to get the job done any faster.

Bo: My father's killer is upstairs. I want her behind bars.

Hope: Bo, please, try to keep your cool a little while longer. The safe is going to be open soon, and then hopefully, we'll have the evidence we need to slap the cuffs on Nicole, okay? Okay?

Bo: Okay. What?

Hope: My God. I don't know how I'm going to tell you this.

Bo: Tell me what?

Hope: Something really scary happened at Shawn’s apartment tonight.

Bo: Is he okay?

Hope: Yeah, he's fine, thank God, but... he found -- he found blood all over the sheets in his room, Bo.

Bo: What the hel-- I'm heading over there.

Hope: Tek and I already checked it out. The blood is human. Someone broke into his apartment.

Bo: So someone either planted that blood in his bed, or they were aiming for him and got somebody else.

Hope: Either way, this person is obviously trying to send a message.

Bo: Yeah. Where was Shawn during this whole thing?

Hope: He had gotten up and gone over to Belle's, thank God.

Bo: So he was obviously the target.

Hope: Obviously, yes.

Bo: All right, that's it. She's dead. Come on. Hey! Get that freakin' thing open!

Nicole: I did this thing ass-backwards. I should've gotten Victor's will and the evidence out of the safe before I had him whacked. Like he ever would've given it to me -- the bastard. He hated me. Well, I hate you, old man. Damn you to hell.

Bo: You hated him? Is that what I heard?

Nicole: Hate him for leaving me. Anger is one of the stages of grief.

Bo: You'll never convince me you're grieving. You hated him so you killed him, just like you killed my mother and my brother.

Nicole: Oh, come on, this is crazy. You have no proof that I'm the serial killer.

Bo: You're wrong there. I got a witness. Hope? Nicole... meet the woman who can I.D. you as the serial killer.

Celeste: Douglas, if you truly do know the identity of the killer, you're going to need all the power and the protection that the candle can provide.

Doug: Tealeaves? Are you going to read my future?

Celeste: No, darling. These tealeaves will open a channel to the dark side.

Celeste: Are you ready, Douglas?

Doug: Yes.

Celeste: Then take my hand.

Doug: What the --

Celeste: We have made contact with the dark side. Soon you will have your answer regarding the identity of the killer.

Kate: Oh... I don't really know if I even want to ask this question. How do you know your mother and your father didn't get much sleep on the camping overnight?

Will: There was a snake in the sleeping bag.

Kate: Ahh... a snake?

Will: Yeah, my friend's pet snake Marvin.

Kate: Well, how did Marvin the snake get in the sleeping bag?

Will: I snuck him in. I knew my mom gets really freaked out by snakes. And I wanted her and Dad to get together.

Kate: So, did the plan work?

Will: Well, it was an exciting night. Mom ran off and got trapped in the cave with Horton the tiger.

Kate: The -- the tiger from the circus? The tiger that mauled Tony?

Will: Yeah. And Dad rescued Mom and scared off the tiger. Pretty cool, huh?

Kate: Yeah, yeah, sounds like a really wild outing.

Will: Yeah. And maybe it'll finally get Mom and Dad together.

Sami: Sorry. Um, I was just playing.

Lucas: No sweat.

Sami: I can get it out.

Lucas: No, you can’t.

Sami: I can wash a shirt, Lucas.

Lucas: It's oil-based paint, Sami. It's not going to come out. Relax, all right? I have other t-shirts. Unless you prefer me shirtless. Isn't that right, Sami?

Sami: I don't know what you're talking about.

Lucas: Yeah, you do. You do. We keep doing this dance, playing games with each other's hearts. Why don't we stop it, huh? Why don't we stop it and be real?

Sami: Be real?

Lucas: Yeah. I basically rocked you to sleep earlier. Did you know you can only fall asleep with someone you truly trust?

Sami: Well, you ruined that when you closed the door and woke me up again.

Lucas: No, come on, don't fight it. I know you have feelings. You have feelings for me. I know it, and you know it. All you gotta do is admit it.

Sami: You're delusional. Those are your pathetic fantasies. The only thing I feel for you is annoyed.

Lucas: You really mean that?

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, I'm being completely honest. You leave me cold, and looking at your naked chest and your rock-hard abs does absolutely nothing for me.

Lucas: Yeah? Fine. You know what? You can stop sticking your chest in my face any chance you get, too. Good luck, Sami. Have a nice life. Don't be too lonely without me.

Sami: You do not have feelings for Lucas. You got that?

Julie: I want to tell you something. But you must not tell anyone else. Doug thinks he knows who the Salem stalker is.

Alice: Dear God.

Julie: I know -- I know I'm so freaked because everyone who -- who said they know the identity of the stalker has -- has been murdered. And I'm afraid Doug’s going to die. So I told him you go to hope with your suspicions, and I'm sure that's where he is right now because I've been calling and calling, and I haven't been able to reach him. But I'm just very worried right now. After he left, I fell asleep, and that's when Maggie came to me. And I was so freaked, I started to call hope on her cell phone, and I've been calling Doug on his cell phone. But I haven't been able to reach him, and I'm just going out of my mind.

Alice: Don't think that --

Julie: I don't know what to think. I am so worried, grandma. What if something happens to my darling?

Celeste: Hurry, Douglas, ask your question.

Doug: But I don't want to endanger you, Celeste, by saying the person's name out loud.

Celeste: Yes, I thought of that. Hurry.

Doug: Crystal?

Celeste: Yes. Now, I want you to place them in a circle, ask your question, and then wait. If your suspicions are correct, the killer's face will appear in the centre. But if it doesn't, Douglas, then you know your suspicions are wrong. Go on. Hurry.

Nicole: Hope can't I.D. me as the killer without even seeing the killer. She didn’t . She couldn't have. Besides, you know, I didn't do anything wrong, especially to Shawn. Why would I? I like him. He's the only one in the Brady family who's been nice to me besides Eric. You know, why does everybody always gang up on me?

Bo: You seem to have forgotten hope was attacked by the killer in the evidence room at the station. You remember that. It was right after you killed Jack.

Nicole: I didn't kill Jack. I didn't kill anyone.

Bo: So she has some very specific information about the killer's identity that only she has. That, along with the analysis Tek did at the latest crime scene -- that will only tighten the noose around your neck. Hope, she's all yours.

Hope: All right, lie down on Nicole’s bed. Here, take this. Pretend it's a knife.

Nicole: What?

Hope: Just do it. Stand over Bo and pretend. The operative word is "pretend" to stab Bo.

Nicole: I didn't realize you people were so kinky.

Hope: Just shut up and do it.

Nicole: I'd love to.

Hope: Freeze. Don't move.

Nicole: This is stupid. I don't know what you're trying to prove here.

Bo: Based on the analysis Tek picked up at Shawn’s apartment --

Nicole: What happened at Shawn’s apartment?

Bo: Shut up. Based on these measurements, could Nicole possibly be the serial killer? Is she going to jail for murder?

Jan: Oh, my God. The cops.

Bo: It's all over, you rotten bitches. You're not getting away with murder.

Jan: Uh, yoo-hoo. Mr. Brady? It's me. Remember Jan spears? I lived at your house for a little while with your son Shawn when I was pregnant. How will Shawn ever know I was even alive if I'm dead?

Nicole: Something happened at Shawn’s tonight?

Bo: I'm sure you thought you killed him. But you didn’t. He's very much alive.

Nicole: But I was handcuffed to Brady for the last 24 hours. And the locksmith just got the cuffs off after Victor was electrocuted. So how could I have been at Shawn’s if I was here?

Bo: You had a window of opportunity when Brady was investigating. This is a huge mansion. While he was looking around, he finally discovered that the bathroom door was locked. Then he went downstairs, handled the security system, then outside, climbed up into that bathroom window... you had plenty of time to take a little trip downtown.

Hope: Nobody saw you for quite some time after Victor was murdered, Nicole.

Nicole: But all the cops -- how could I have gotten off the property and back here without at least one of them seeing me? Wha -- you think I can leap tall buildings in a single bound? Be logical.

Bo: Logical? This serial killer has murdered again and again. And gotten away with it. She is evil, capable of anything. And this killer is you. Yeah, you hired an accomplice to take care of my father. But you -- you handled the rest of them, didn't you? So confess now, or wait until we open the safe. Either way, we're going to nail you for murder.

Celeste: The spirits are growing restless. There's no time to waste. You must hurry, Douglas.

Doug: Okay, I just talk to them?

Celeste: Yes, yes, darling, just ask them your question.

Doug: Okay. Okay, here I go. Um, spirits, uh, is the killer the person I think it is?

Kate: You know something, will? I think you're going to get an "a" on this. Good job.

Will: Thanks for helping me, grandma.

Kate: Where's your shirt?

Will: Did ma rip it off your bod?

Kate: William Roberts, I'm just shocked at you.

Lucas: No, she didn’t. She spilled paint on me when she was looking for the glue stick.

Will: Grandma found it for me, and I'm finished. Look.

Lucas: Oh. That's cool. That's cool. Way to go, buddy. Good.

Kate: I have a question for you. Could you explain this?

Lucas: It's time for bed, will.

Will: Can't I watch a DVD?

Lucas: No, no. Bed, now. Thank Grammy for helping you with all this stuff.

Kate: He already did. Good job, sweetie. Good night.

Will: Good night. Don't fight, you guys.

Lucas: No, we're not gonna fight, all right? You get some sleep. You got a big day tomorrow. Hit the hay, okay?

Will: Okay.

Kate: I can't believe you let her get her hooks into you again.

Lucas: Why don't you give it a rest?

Kate: How many times do I have to tell you to stay away from the little tramp?

Lucas: Keep your voice down, all right? That's will's mother. What if he's listening?

Kate: Why don't you listen to me? Just because Sami throws herself at you every time she sees you doesn't mean you need to respond.

Lucas: She's not throwing herself at me, all right? Not anymore, at least. She doesn't feel anything for me. She's made that perfectly clear.

Kate: Well, hallelujah. You know something? That calls for a celebration, and I think I saw a little ice cream in the refrigerator -- why do I get the feeling that you're not as happy about this as I am?

Sami: I do not need any man, especially not Lucas Roberts. Don't think about him. Don't think about him! You are the only guy I need, Mr. Fuzzy. Just you. Aah!

Julie: Darling, I know you think I'm a worrywart, but I can't help it. Please call me, Doug, so I just know that you're all right. Love you. I've got to think positive, grandma.

Alice: Yes, darling. You must. Doug is going to be fine.

Julie: He's such a good man, you know. He's going to be the exception to this nightmare. Doug is going to stop the serial killer as soon as he goes to the police, tells them what he knows. You know, my -- my poor little darling, he was so concerned about falsely accusing this person, whoever it is, he wouldn't even tell me her name. I guarantee once she is behind bars, he's going to feel guilty because he's the one who put her there. 'Cause he never wanted to hurt anyone. I think that's one of the reasons I've loved him all these years. Like you loved grandpa.

Celeste: The dark spirits -- they have left us now. Did you receive the response you were looking for, Douglas? Were your suspicions confirmed?

Doug: Yes. Yes, the killer is exactly the person I thought it was, but it's just so hard for me to believe. Are the spirits ever wrong?

Celeste: I'm afraid not. Oh, Douglas, what are you going to do now?

Doug: Go to the police, I guess. Tell them what I know, and let them take over from there. Hey! Hey, the wind stopped. What's going on?

Celeste: Oh, Douglas, I'm afraid this means you're in grave danger.

Lucas: Look at this hangdog face. Good lord, Lucas, you should be all pumped up that you finally got rid of Sami, not upset. Don't you have any pride? She is such a tramp. She is a loser. Yeah, well, maybe I'm a loser, too.

Kate: No, no, you are not.

Lucas: You know what? That's it. That's what we have in common. We both failed at everything we've ever tried. The only good thing either of us ever did was have will.

Kate: Will you please not talk like that? You scare me when you talk like that.

Lucas: You know what, Mom? I'm not afraid to admit it. I care about Sami. I care about her a lot.

Kate: No, no, I don't want to hear it.

Lucas: Well, you better fasten your seatbelt then, 'cause there's something going on between Sami and me -- something real.

Sami: Damn it, Lucas. Stay away from me. I'm sorry, Mr. Fuzzy. It's not your fault that my life is all screwed up. If I tell you a secret, will you promise not to tell anyone? I think I'm in love with Lucas. What am I gonna do?

Nicole: What you're doing to me is illegal.

Bo: Murder is illegal!

Nicole: Get out of my room!

Hope: Let's go. Come on.

Bo: You stay put. You may have gotten out of this house after you murdered my father, but I've got cops in the house and on the grounds. They've got orders to shoot to kill. You've been warned.

Nicole: I can't go to prison. I've got to figure out a way to get into that safe. Oh, my God. I forgot you were in there.

Jan: You're talking about the safe in the living room?

Nicole: Yeah, yeah. I've got to figure out the combination.

Jan: I know the combination.

Julie: Well, Doug, darling, I know what you would say, but it is up to me, your loving wife, to make that call you'd never make. Because you have the weight of the world on your shoulders knowing who the killer is.

Julie: Hello, it's Julie. Uh, Julie Williams. I'm so sorry to be calling at this hour, but... it's a matter of life and death. Doug thinks he knows who the Salem stalker is, and we need some advice. So can I please come and see you, Marlena?

Doug: Okay, Celeste, give it to me straight. What kind of grave danger am I going to be up against?

Celeste: Oh, Douglas, I'm not sure I can --

Doug: You're the only one I can go to, Celeste. Please, please!

Celeste: All right. Let me ask the cards. All right, Douglas, I want you to choose three cards, one at a time, please.

Doug: What is it?

Celeste: The wheel of fortune. The wheel signifies the circle of life -- so as we are born, so we must die.

Doug: Well, yeah, that's pretty natural. I mean, that's God's way.

Celeste: Yes. Choose another card. [Gasps]

Doug: Oh, don't do that.

Celeste: I'm sorry, Douglas, but I've never seen this combination before.

Doug: Okay, well, for heaven's sake, tell me what it means.

Celeste: The judgment card, it means that you must answer for all of your actions and inactions, Douglas. Then you will be judged.

Doug: Suppose I don't answer for all my actions and inactions. What then?

Celeste: [Gasps] Oh, God!

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Rex: Why are you getting dressed?

Mimi: I'm sorry, Rex, but you have to take me home right now. My mom is in big trouble.

Hope: We're going to get the killer. Just be patient. It's gonna happen.

Julie: You sound like you know how the killer's mind works.

Marlena: Well, Julie, we're one and the same.

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