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[Computer beeps]

Patrick: Internet search completed. All I needed to know about Jennifer Horton Deveraux, and my research on the late, great Jack is in an advanced stage.

Jennifer: Patrick, why are you up so late? What are -- what are you doing on my computer?

Hope: You okay?

Bo: No. It's my fault that Victor's dead.

Hope: No, it's not your fault.

Bo: I'm a cop. It's my sworn duty to protect the citizens of this city. I mean, we got a serial killer running around out there looking for their next victim. I should have solved this case months ago.

Hope: You have worked so hard on this. Come on, Brady, give yourself a break.

Bo: Yeah, well, did this murderer give my mother a break or my brother? And now my biological father? No. I mean, it's like she's taking my family away from me. Who knows? Maybe pop's next, and then me.

Hope: It'll be over soon. It will. Tomorrow at the reading of Victor's will, the lawyers will open the safe and extract the proof of the killer's true identity, Bo.

Bo: Yeah, well, I don't know if it's going to be that easy. We're dealing with somebody very clever here. Maybe she'll be able to worm her way out of this thing.

Hope: How could she do that?

Bo: I don't know. All I know is that she's desperate, so how far will she go to not get caught?

[Floor creaks]

Nicole: There she is -- the murderess.

Jan: Don't call me that.

Nicole: Why not? You killed Victor in cold blood.

Jan: I had no choice. You made me do it.

Nicole: You have to leave Salem. And it's not that I really give a rat's behind about you one way or another, but if you're captured and the two of us are linked together, I'm toast.

Brady: Nicole? Who's there?

Belle: I want to be with you, too, Shawn, but only if you say you think my mom's innocent.

Shawn-D: I'm sorry. I can’t.

Marlena: Oh, Shawn is definitely a problem, and problems need to be eliminated. The only question is... what is the best method of disposal?

Hope: Do you think the killer's going to strike again?

Bo: Yes, I do.

Hope: Wait a minute. Where are you going? What are you doing?

Bo: I'm going to go over to the mansion.

Hope: No, no, Bo, it's too late tonight. Just stay in bed.

Bo: I can't sleep.

Hope: We don't have to sleep.

Nicole: Come on, hurry up. Come on, come on. Get out. Come on. Go on. Go.

Brady: Nicole, jeez, did you leave the door open?

Nicole: I needed some air. I can't sleep.

Brady: Me neither. Did you have somebody down here with you?

Nicole: Of course not.

Brady: It's just that I thought I heard someone.

Nicole: That was me. I was talking to myself. I do that sometimes when I'm upset.

Brady: Well, this is a very upsetting time for all of us.

Nicole: I still can't believe Victor's dead.

Brady: I know you wanted out of this marriage, Nicole, but not like this, right?

Nicole: Actually, I have a confession to make.

Jan: [Sighs] It's late, and Shawn should hopefully be done fighting with his ex-girlfriend by now. I finally get him all to myself.

Man: Ma'am? You shouldn't be out here alone this time of night, not with a dangerous killer running amok.

Marlena: Ha ha. Oh, yes. A dangerous killer.

Man: You think that's a joke?

Marlena: No. No, I-I think -- I think I can take care of myself.

Man: Well, it's a free country, but don't say I didn't warn you. Go on now. Go home and go to bed.

Marlena: Uh-huh.  No. Not until I take care of Shawn Brady.

Patrick: I'm sorry. I should have asked permission before I fired up your computer. I just, uh, was surfing for some info on back injuries.

Jennifer: You are really sweating. Are you okay?

Patrick: Yeah, yeah, I just -- I was worried at first, but, uh... you know, after I -- the web site, it said it's a side effect of my medication. What are you doing?

Jennifer: I'm going to call Lexie. You need a doctor.

Patrick: Uh... don't do that. Uh, you know, I can handle it. I, uh, I have a high tolerance for pain.

Jennifer: That's -- that's so funny. I'm just not used to that. You know, Jack -- he would just come undone if he had a splinter.

Patrick: Ha ha. Hey, Jack was a tough guy in his own way. I mean, he never flinched when he was going after a story. I know he covered some pretty scary characters -- took them on without a second's hesitation. Look at the way he brought down Carson Palmer. He was a champ.

Jennifer: I thought you said that you only met Jack once, at a NASCAR race in Chicago.

Patrick: Yeah.

Jennifer: Then how do you know so much about him? What's really going on here, Patrick?

Brady: So, Nicole, you have a confession to make?

Nicole: Yes. About your grandfather. You know, I secretly wanted him to die so many times, and now that he's gone, I feel so guilty about that. All the hatred and bitterness has melted in my heart, you see, and I feel numb and terribly sad. I loved him once, you know.

Brady: Go to bed. Got a big day tomorrow.

Nicole: I am not going anywhere until I figure out this new combination to the damn safe.

Belle: Mom?

Marlena: Oh, you startled me, honey.

Belle: I'm so glad that you came to see me. I'm just gonna dump my trash, okay?

Marlena: Yeah.

[Garbage chute opens, closes]

Marlena: Hey.

Belle: Come on inside.

Marlena: Thanks. I, uh, I came by. I was -- well, sweetie, I was worried about you.

Belle: I'm just so upset about Shawn. He won't give up the notion that you're the serial killer. I don't know what's going on with him. And I can't stand the horrible things he's saying about you. Oh, Mom, I really think this is the end for Shawn and me.

Marlena: Well, it's the end for Shawn, that's for sure.

 Shawn-D: Belle?

 Belle: Oh, Shawn, I love you so much. I hate it when we fight.

 Shawn-D: I love you, too.

Shawn-D: How can that be? That kiss felt so real.

Shawn-D: Belle, are you here?

Jan: [Thinking] No, she's not here. The ice princess could never kiss you like that, Shawn. I am the only one who can really turn you on.

Belle: Shawn knows you have an alibi for Victor's murder. You were with us. But he still insists you're a suspect? I don't know why he's thinking something so crazy.

[Knock on door]

Shawn-D: Were you just in my apartment?

Belle: No, of course not.

Shawn-D: I could have swore -- oh... man, I just -- I really must be losing it. I was having a dream about you. I love you. In my dream, you were kissing me.

Belle: Yeah, well, in your dreams is the only place I'd be kissing you. Good night, Shawn.

Shawn-D: Well, then... I know what I have to do.

Hope: Are you asleep?

Bo: No. I keep thinking about Victor's promise of a revelation of the killer's identity, that the answers are locked away in that safe.

Hope: Mm. But no one has the combination, Bo.

Bo: Well, we'll get a locksmith to open that damn thing. Then I'll have the answers that I need.

Hope: I can't believe this is finally going to be over.

Bo: All I want to do is make sure that maniac is brought to justice. That's exactly what I'm going to do. I swear to you.

Hope: Thank goodness the combination to the safe was changed, Bo. That way no one can tamper with the evidence.

Bo: Hope you're right.

Nicole: Oh, it has to be here. He has to have left some sort of clue. Oh, what's the combination? Yes. Victor's date book. He used to keep everything in here. He never did move to the 21st century and transfer all this stuff to a PDA. Lucky me! Okay... birthdays, birthdays... okay, Bo's birthday. All right. Philip's birthday. Oh... Brady’s birthday.  Oh! I know. The dearly departed Isabella. What's her birthday? But it's not in here.

[Door closes]

Nicole: Ahem.

Brady: Jeez, Nicole, are you still up? What are you doing rifling through Granddad's desk?

Nicole: I'm just going through some old photos and things. Trying to find some peace to reconcile myself with Victor's death. And it just occurred to me that Victor is finally reunited with your mom in heaven. I mean, that is if you believe in that sort of thing.

Brady: I do.

Nicole: So, you must feel some sort of comfort.

Brady: Sort of.

Nicole: At least Victor lived a fairly long life. I mean, your mom died so young. How old was she exactly when she died? I mean, when was her birthday?

Brady: I don't want to talk about this. Just go to bed, okay?

Nicole: It has to be in here somewhere. There it is. Toscano Foundation. Isabella Toscano's biography. Bingo. There's her birthday.  I can't believe it! I did it! Oh! [Coughing]

Jennifer: Come on, Patrick, you just got to town. You only met Jack once, very briefly. How do you know so much about him?

Patrick: There's evidence of Jack's life everywhere in this house. In the guest room, too. I was just reading some of his award-winning stories. [Groans]

Jennifer: I'm sorry. I, uh... I didn't mean to make you so defensive.

Patrick: Do I make you nervous?

Jennifer: What do you mean?

Patrick: Well, I'm a stranger. You're alone with me.

Jennifer: Well, I don't really think you're a stranger. I mean, you knew my husband.

Patrick: But I could be the killer.

Jennifer: Well, you weren't even in town when the first seven murders happened, and the police are almost positive that it's a woman. And, you know, I think it's actually a really good idea that you're here. With some sort of killer on the loose, don't you think it's better to have a big strong man around?

Nicole: Okay. So the stupid thing could be booby-trapped. That would be like Victor. But still, I have to try. What is Isabella’s birthday again? Oh, right, right.  Oh! Damn! What if I don't get this open tonight? I have to get the will out and change it. What if I'm left penniless? I've got to destroy the murder evidence he has against me. What if Victor gets the last laugh by sending me to death row?

[Floor creaks]

Bo: Did you hear that?

Hope: What?

Bo: A noise in the hall.

Hope: What?

Shawn-D: Hey.

Bo: Hey.

Shawn-D: Sorry. I saw the light on. I figured you guys were still up. Uh, sorry to bother you so late.

Hope: It's okay, sweetie. Always happy to see you.

Bo: What's wrong?

Shawn-D: Uh... can I just talk to you for a second, Dad?

Hope: Oh, sure.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: I think that's a great idea. I'll go check on Zack.

Shawn-D: Thanks, Mom.

Bo: Pull up a seat.

Shawn-D: Yeah.

Bo: Look, I know you're upset about Victor. I am too, but the only consolation in this whole thing is that tomorrow morning we'll open that safe, find out who killed him, hunt 'em down, and see that they're punished.

Shawn-D: Good. Well, that's sort of my problem. The killer, I mean. Belle and I had this fight. I shot my mouth off and said something stupid. It was something that really upset her. I love her so much, Dad. I wouldn't hurt her for the world.

Bo: Okay, what's -- sorry, but what does this have to do with the identity of the killer? I mean, do you think you know who it is?

Shawn-D: I told Belle I did.

Bo: Earlier, you said you thought it was someone she cared about. Who is that person?

Marlena: So Shawn’s having dreams about you, hmm?

Belle: Yeah, but that doesn't fix anything. We just had the worst valentine's ever. This is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year, and what happens? We end up one door slam away from breaking up.

Marlena: I'm so sorry.

Belle: Just the fact that Mimi and Rex are doing so well, it makes me feel like even more of a failure. Yes, I'm happy for my best friend, and I'm glad she and Rex are on some romantic getaway. It just makes me wish things were better with Shawn. And why does he have to be such a jerk?

Marlena: Ha ha ha. Every woman at some point or other has said that about her fella.

Belle: [Coughs] Oh, Mom, and on top of everything else, I think I'm getting a cold.

Marlena: You taking vitamin c and Echinacea?

Belle: I think I ran out. I mean, there might be some left in the kitchen, but I know I have cold medicine upstairs.

Marlena: Check upstairs. I'll check the kitchen.

Belle: Okay.

Marlena: Well, now all Belle's problems with Shawn are about to be over.

Nicole: Oh.  Grr! [ Sighs]

 Bo: Well, Nicole, you'll be very interested to know that Victor didn't leave you a single dime.

 Nicole: Nothing? You mean I can't even live here?

 Bo: Oh, well, I wouldn't worry about room and board if I were you. There's enough evidence here to prove that you killed Colin Murphy. So you'll be enjoying your new digs at Statesville by the end of the day.

 Nicole: Ha ha. This can't be happening.

 Bo: Oh, but there's more. Thanks to all this juicy dirt that Victor collected on you, you're the front-runner for miss serial killer 2004.

 Hope: You killed them all, Nicole -- all of them.

 Nicole: No, I swear I am not the serial killer.

 Bo: Your barrette was found on the floor of Tony DiMera's ER cubicle. You're guilty as sin.

 Nicole: Okay.

 Bo: You're the killer.

 Nicole: Okay, fine. I killed Colin, but it was in self-defense. I didn't kill anyone else.

 Brady: You killed my grandfather.

 Nicole: No, I didn't, and you know that I was handcuffed to you the whole time.

 Jan: She did it. She forced me into killing Victor. She did it.

 Bo: Okay, I've heard enough. Cuff her, hope. Let's get her out of here.

 Nicole: No, I-I didn't mean to kill Colin. I didn't kill anyone else. I-I'm -- I'm serious. I am not the serial killer. Brady, help me.

 Brady: Get her out of here. Get her out of here before I throw up.

 Nicole: Brady, you have to believe me. No-o-o! No! I can't let that happen. What am I going to do?

Bo: Here, listen to me, Shawn -- if you're floating some theory about the killer's identity, you better let me in on it.

Shawn-D: I've done enough damage as it is, Dad, 'cause Belle is so mad at me, and I don't blame her. I just don't want to lose her. I think I'm just so freaked out with all these deaths, and grandma especially. And uncle Roman, and Maggie, and now Victor. I-I think it's just starting to mess with my head, and I'm getting these crazy ideas. And Belle -- she hates me right now, and I just need your advice because I love her and I don't want to lose her. I just don't know what to do.

Bo: Well, it's kind of hard to give you advice. You haven't given me much to go on. Now... you've already said to her that you think the killer's someone she cares about, right?

Shawn-D: Yeah.

Bo: All right. Why'd you tell her something like that?

Shawn-D: Because I thought she was in danger.

Bo: Yeah, you were trying to protect her.

Shawn-D: Yeah, yeah.

Bo: Well, nothing wrong with that. Look, son, you -- you've suffered a lot of pain and loss recently. I'm sure she can see that. You made a mistake. Tell her you're sorry. She's pretty terrific. I'm sure she'll understand.

Shawn-D: You know, you're right. You're right. All I need to do is I just need to say I'm sorry. You know what? I'm going to do that now. I'm just going to get it out of the way.

Bo: Well, hold on. I don't think that's going to help your case if you wake her up tonight. You might want to wait till tomorrow.

Shawn-D: Yeah, I didn't even think about that.

Bo: Yeah.

Shawn-D: Yeah. I think -- yeah, okay.

Bo: I love you, son.

Shawn-D: I love you, too, Dad. You're always there for me when I need you.

Bo: Thanks. I -- it's really good to hear that, especially tonight.

Shawn-D: Yeah.

Bo: Go on. Good night.

Shawn-D: I just hope I am wrong about Marlena being the killer.

Belle: Okay, I have cold medicine, tissues, everything I need.

Marlena: Not everything you need. You're out of vitamin c and Echinacea. Stop at the store tomorrow, okay?

Belle: Yes, Dr. Mommy.

Marlena: And drink lots of fluids and get lots of rest.

Belle: Okay. I will.

Marlena: And come snuggle up on the couch. I've made you your favorite herbal tea with lots and lots of honey, just the way you like it.

Belle: Oh. You are the best mom in the world. Shawn was so wrong about you. You'd never hurt a fly. I'm so mad at him.

Marlena: Oh, forget about him. Get some rest. Here's your tea. Lots of fluids.

Belle: Thanks, Mom.

Marlena: That's my girl. No, I wouldn't hurt a fly. I'm just going to kill your boyfriend. That'll teach him to point a finger at me.

Jennifer: It's just every time the serial killer strikes, everything comes rushing back -- Jack's death and the pain and the grief, and then I try to heal, and I can't, knowing that there is some monster out there who keeps hurting the people that I love.

Patrick: Don't focus on the danger and the death. Think about your baby. Jack's going to live on in your baby.

Jennifer: I know that, but even with this baby, I have so many fears.

Patrick: No. When this baby is born healthy, it's going to be like Jack coming back to your life all over again. It's going to be a miracle.

Jennifer: Yeah, that is true enough. It is going to be a miracle.

Patrick: Okay. Enough of all this sad talk. How about I fix you a bowl of ice cream?

Jennifer: Uh, well, o-okay. I mean, do you feel up to it?

Patrick: Yeah, I think it'll be good for me to move around a little.

Jennifer: [Sighs] You just have to be all right. You just have to stay strong, okay, little one?  Oh, my gosh.

Nicole: Oh.

Bo: Once we convict you of Colin’s murder, we're going to nail you for seven more -- a total of eight death penalties. You know, it's really too bad we can only execute you once.

 Nicole: But I'm innocent.

 Woman: That's what they all say.

 Bo: I'd like to introduce you to your new roommate. Bertha, Nicole. Nicole, bertha. I think the two of you are going to have some good times together.

 Nicole: This is a joke, right? This is -- this is some kind of "b" movie. Bo, you can't leave me in here with her.

 Bertha: What's the matter? Don't you like me? I like you.

 Nicole: Bo, help. Help, help.

 Bo: Sweet dreams, Nicole.

 Bertha: We're going to get along just fine. Just do what I tell you to do and nobody gets upset.

 Nicole: Okay. What do you want me to do?

 Bertha: Well, Blondie, first off, I'll give you the house rules. The new gal waxes the bathroom floor and cleans the toilets. Then she gives me a manicure and a back rub. I like firm pressure.

 Nicole: Well, what do I get in exchange for all this slave labor?

 Bertha: The big squeeze.

 Nicole: I'm afraid to ask. Ooh!



[Gasping] No, don't! Let me go!


Hope: Mm. Mm. How did things go with Shawn, huh?

Bo: We've got ourselves a good kid there. He always does the right thing.

Hope: Well, what do you expect, hmm? He takes after his dad.

Bo: Ha ha. Yeah, right. You remember what I was like at that age? Nah, he's more like his mom.

Hope: Nah, you weren't so bad. I mean, after all... I married you, didn't I?

Bo: Mm, thank God.

Hope: Yeah. Ha ha. I know it's been a really terrible night for you.

Bo: [Whistles]

Hope: But when you look at Shawn, and you look at your son Zack, I just want you to remember that your mother and your brother are still alive in them.

Bo: That's the only thing that gets me through this madness -- that and you.

Hope: You'll find the killer. I believe that. Maybe even in the morning. And when you do, all those deaths will be avenged, Bo.

Bo: Yeah. I'll see to that personally. No way I'm going to lose another family member.

Patrick: S-something wrong?

Jennifer: I can't believe it.

Patrick: I can explain.

Jennifer: I just felt my baby kick for the very first time.

Patrick: That's great. That's great.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Patrick: May I?

Jennifer: Uh, yeah, yeah.

Jennifer: Oh, oh, my gosh. That was it. Did you feel that?

Patrick: Wow. What did I tell you? This -- this baby is a miracle already.

Jennifer: I think this baby's going to be a soccer player.

Patrick: I think this baby wants some ice cream.

Jennifer: I think I do.

Patrick: Ha ha. There you go.

Jennifer: Thank you. This looks really good.

Patrick: Oh, it's no biggie. I just scooped it up. Hey, here's to the baby.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Brady: Nicole? Are you okay? I heard a strange noise.

Nicole: Noise? Me? No. Uh, no.

Brady: Good. Now get up to bed already.

Nicole: Bed. Right. Good night. Ahem.  I don't care if I have to blow up this place -- there is not going to be a will reading tomorrow

Bo: I'm going to find this killer, stop her in her tracks.

Hope: Do you really think the secret to her identity is in Victor's safe, Bo?

Bo: Well, in a few hours, we'll know. Victor had his evil side, but he didn't lie to me. If he said that there's proof in that safe, that's where it's at.

Hope: I just pray to God we're able to unmask her before she gets the chance to kill again.

Bo: Yeah.

Belle: I love you both so much. I don't want to lose my mom or my boyfriend. What am I going to do?

Marlena: You shouldn't have guessed I was the killer, Shawn. Now you've left me no choice. All right. That is the end of Shawn Brady.

“Next on Days Of Our Lives”

Sami: Nicole has killed all the people in my family to make me suffer, and then she's going to kill me next.

Brady: Nicole, you're bleeding. What happened?

Marlena: I'm sorry, Belle. Shawn was a danger to me, like Abe.

Belle: Shawn, are you in here? Aah! Aah!

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