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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 2/13/04 - Canada; Monday 2/16/04 - U.S.A.

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Lucas: Wait, wait, wait. What did you say?

Sami: Why do you seem so surprised? You're my husband, the father of my son. I love you. I always have, and I always will. Here.

Lucas: Here, here.

Sami: Ooh. Ow. You saved my life tonight, honey. You have no idea what a major turn-on that is.

Lucas: Wait, Sami.

Sami: I want you to make love to me, Lucas -- right here, right now.

Lucas: All right, you know what? Wait a minute, wait a minute. How many fingers am I holding up?

Sami: What is wrong with you?

Lucas: No, no, I'm serious. Just answer me.

Sami: Two. Two fingers. Look, I know, but you don't have to worry about me. I know I hit my head, but I'm fine, thanks to you. You risked your life to save me from that man-eating tiger. And just when I thought you couldn't get any sexier.

Lucas: God, don't do it. Don't do it, Lucas. It's not right. It's not right.

Sami: What do you mean, it's not right? There's no one else here. It's just you and me.

Lucas: Oh, what the hell?

Nicole: Fine. I will tell you where to get the key, but first, hand over my PDA.

Brady: Maybe I'm having too much fun right now, Nicole, and maybe I'm just dying to read the message you're about to get. You know, you haven't been too good about giving me what I want, so give me one good reason why I should give up my fun.

Victor: Ahem. Once again, I have bested you, Nicole. If you're stupid enough to try to kill me, my new fully executed will is right in that safe. Ha ha. And there's not a damn thing that you can do except pray for your miserable soul. [chuckles] Well... now that that's done, I think I'll have a nice hot tub.

Jan: Now's my chance, Shawn. If I off the old man for Nicole, we can finally be together.

Shawn-D: You can do it. Prove how much you love me, Jan.

Jan: I will, Shawn. I won't let you down.

Philip: Come on. Almost there. Careful.

Kate: Okay, okay. Oh -- enough with all this secrecy. Are you going to tell me where we're going?

Philip: Well, how about if I show you? But you got to promise me, Mom, you have to keep an open mind.

Kate: All right, all right. Now can I look?

Philip: Okay, look.

Kate: [Sighs ] Tuscany?

Philip: Just let me explain first, okay? Please.

Kate: God. No, no, I cannot do this, okay? I have to go.

Philip: Mom, please. Just let me explain. Let me get it out. Hear me out. I know you have a lot of bad memories of this place --

Kate: Bad? Bad? Try horrible.

Philip: Yeah, but it doesn't have to be like that, Mom. I mean, maybe it's time to change. Okay, maybe it's time to start focusing on the good memories. This is where you and Roman got married. This is where you spent some of your happiest moments together. Now that is what you need to remember and keep in your heart tonight, not what came after. And you'll see, Mom. I promise. It won't be as hard as you think. Now come on -- Tuscanyís been all fixed up for the occasion. I know if you just give it a chance, then we can go in --

Kate: Ugh! Philip, please, please. I appreciate -- I do. I appreciate what you're trying to do, but I just -- I-I can't do it. Besides, it's Valentineís Day. This is a day for lovers. There's no reason for me to be here.

Philip: Don't be so sure.

Shawn-D: John.

John: Oh. I guess Belle didn't have any luck talking Marlena into coming, or they would have been here by now.

Shawn-D: Maybe they're on their way. I'll try her cell again; see what's going on.

John: Yeah. [Sighs] Come on, doc. Walk through that door. Prove to me that you haven't given up on us yet.

Belle: Mom... what's going on? Are you okay?

Marlena: Yes, I'm fine.

[Cellular phone rings]


Belle: It's Shawn again.


Marlena: Well, you should take it. I'm sure it's important.

Belle: Well, this is important, too. It'll just be one second.


Belle: Hello?

Shawn-D: What's going on? Why didn't you pick up earlier?

Belle: Shawn, I'm with my mom. I was going to call you back.

Shawn-D: Well, I thought you would be here by now, and... I know it's weird, but I had this vibe that something's wrong.

Belle: No. I'm fine. Everything's fine.

Shawn-D: Are you sure? 'Cause you don't sound like it.

Belle: Shawn, seriously, I'm telling you, I'm with my mom, and there's nothing to worry about.

Marlena:] You have to do it. She's seen too much. You have to take care of her before it's too late.

Belle: Uh-huh.

Marlena: But how? How can I even think of hurting my little girl?  Oh, sweetie. You're so perfect. Your daddy is going to love you the moment he sees you.

John: You know, Isabella and I, we, uh... we talked about having another child right after Brady was born. Yeah. 'Cause she knew how much I wanted a little daughter here. But then, well, Isabella had to go... and... now I do have a daughter.

Marlena: Who ever knew that it would happen like this, though?

John: That's right. This little girl is ours, doc.

Belle: Look, I just need a little more time. I still have to convince my mom to meet my dad at Tuscany.

Shawn-D: Well, try hard, okay? 'Cause I think he'll be really bummed if she doesn't show up.

Marlena:  You have to do it. There's no other way.

Belle: Listen, I have to go, but I'll see you soon, okay?

Shawn-D: I hope so. I love you.

Belle: I love you, too. Bye. Oh, my God! No!

Kate: What? What's the reason for me to be here?

Philip: Mom, come here. I want to talk to you for a sec. Come sit down. Just sit down.

Kate: Talk about what?

Philip: I'm worried about you.

Kate: Oh, Philip --

Philip: And, Mom, I didn't bring you here because it's Valentineís Day. I mean... God knows I'm not with anybody, either.

Kate: Why, then?

Philip: Because I thought we could have a nice night hanging out with our friends. This party's not just for couples, Mom, it's for everyone. So just maybe for one night we could forget about our problems -- and, yes, that means you, too. It's time to start living your life again, Mom.

Kate: Well, now I know what this is all about.

Philip: Look... I know you're still grieving. I do. But it's gotten to the point where it's taking over your life. If you're not holed up at home with the curtains closed, you're at work. You're in your office all hours. You've cut yourself off from everything and everyone, and that is not good. It's just not healthy. So I've taken it upon myself as your favorite son to see that it ends.

Kate: Ha ha. My favorite son, huh?

Philip: Yeah, damn right. It's -- you're laughing already. You see, it's working.

Kate: Oh, sweetie, I really, really appreciate your concern -- I do -- but, um... this is the only way I can deal with it. I'm dealing with it the only way I know how, and I would really appreciate it if you could just understand that.

Philip: Mom, I do understand. I know how much you loved Roman.

Kate: I still can't, uh... I still can't believe that he's gone, you know? I mean, it wasn't just losing my husband. It was losing the daughter that we never knew we had. Philip, I treated her so badly.

Philip: Oh, Mom, don't go there. Come on.

Kate: I'm telling you, I'm telling you, if I ever, ever meet the monster who took them away from me, I'll be the one going to jail, because I will kill her. I swear to God that I'll kill her.

Philip: Come on, Mom.

John: So, did Belle happen to mention how Marlena's doing?

Shawn-D: She didn't really say.

John: Well, I know she worried about her. Doc's been beating herself up because she hasn't been able to stop the killer. She's convinced that if she had gotten through to Maggie, gotten through to whatever Maggie was suppressing in her subconscious, that all the murders in Salem would have been --

Shawn-D: She did the best she could. Because Maggie just wasn't ready to confront whatever she knew about the killer, for whatever reason.

John: I wish doc could see that. I wish -- aw, hell, I wish a lot of things.

Shawn-D: John, look, you know as well as I do how persuasive your daughter can be, all right? So I still think there's a chance that your wife's going to show up tonight.

John: I'd like to believe that, Shawn, but I know my wife. And when she makes her mind up to something, no going back.

Belle: Mom, my God, what happened, Mom? Are you okay?

Marlena: Oh! Oh... I must've fainted.

Belle: Do you need an ambulance? Do you want me to --

Marlena: No, no, no, honey, it's okay. I just... think I didn't have enough to eat today, is all, and... I felt so hot.

Belle: Oh, my God, Mom, you're burning up. I'm going to get you water. Hold on one second.  Mom? What are you doing with that knife?

Sami: Okay, let's do it, Lucas. Make love to me.

Lucas: Wait, wait, Sami. I want to more than anything, but... I canít.

Sami: Lucas, what is wrong with you? Why -- why are you acting like this?

Lucas: Listen to me, all right? You fell. You hit your head.

Sami: I know. And when I woke up, my wedding ring was gone, and you started acting all crazy. Lucas, I -- you are not wearing your ring, either. You took it off?

Lucas: What? No.

Sami: Don't lie to me, Lucas. What is going on? What can't I remember? Could I have really hit -- could I have hit my head that hard?

Lucas: Yeah, you could've. That's what I'm trying to tell you, Sami.

Sami: Well, then tell me. Tell me what I don't remember. Why aren't we wearing our rings? Did we break up, or are we getting a divorce?

Lucas: No, no, no. Sami, we were never married.

Sami: No. No, no, we have a son. We have a little boy.

Lucas: Yeah, we do. We have a little boy but we never got married, I'm telling you.

Sami: No. I don't believe it. That can't be true, Lucas. I know how I feel. Whether I hit my head or not, I know that my heart doesn't lie. I know that I love you, that we were meant to be together, that we are soul mates.

Lucas: No, no, Sami, Sami, stop it.

Sami: Lucas, look at me. You look me in the eyes and you tell me that you don't love me.

Brady: Nicole, this is wrong. I can't do this.

Nicole: It felt right to me. But if you're not sure, let's just keep going... see what happens.

Brady: Gimme -- you know what? My grandfather was right about you. You are not above using your body to get what you want.

Nicole: Damn you and your grandfather. Damn you both to hell!

Kate: I'm sorry. I am sorry for breaking down on you like that.

Philip: No, Mom, it's okay. You're allowed. I'm sorry for doing the wrong thing bringing you here.

Kate: No. No, you didn't do the wrong thing. You were right. Even though I'm -- I am still grieving. I have to stop hiding away from the world like this, and... I have to stop neglecting my children.

Philip: Oh, no, Mom, you haven't done that. Come on.

Kate: You were really, really sweet to arrange this tonight. And you're right. Tuscany is the site of one of my happiest -- happiest memories ever. So maybe if I concentrate on that, I'll be okay.

Philip: You mean, you want to go in?

Kate: Yeah, I do. I want to go in. I want to give it a try.

Philip: All right. All right, well, then may I?

Kate: Yes, you may.

Philip: Let's go.

John: Hey, Kate. What a surprise. I didn't expect to see you here.

Kate: Well, we didn't expect to be here, either, but, um, my son talked me into it.

John: Well, I'm glad he did. Good job, Philip.

Philip: Mom, will you excuse me for a sec? I just want to go say hi to Shawn.

Kate: Sure. Go ahead.

John: Don't worry. I'll take good care of her.

Philip: All right, john.

John: You okay?

Kate: I will be.

John: I realize it's hard for you to come back here. But at least I do have one piece of good news.

Kate: You do? What's that?

John: We just found a clue that may lead us right to the killer.

Kate: Oh, God. That's great news.

John: Mm-hmm.

Kate: Please, promise me, when you catch them, promise me you'll make 'em pay.

John: She's going to pay all right. You can take that to the bank.

Kate: So, how's Marlena? How are the two of you doing?

John: The same. I was kind of hoping she'd meet me here tonight, but I don't think it's going to happen.

Kate: I'm sorry.

John: It's okay. It's just going to take some time, but... she'll come around eventually. She has to, right?

Kate: Yeah. At least we can be grateful because it doesn't look like Sami's here tonight. Although, I'm sure she tried to manipulate Lucas into a date for the evening.

John: You still think she's after him.

Kate: I'm absolutely sure she is. She hates me for marrying her dad, so all I can do is hope that Lucas stays as far away from her as he possibly can and whatever she's going to use to tempt him.

Philip: Looking pretty tense there for Valentineís Day, bud. That wouldn't have anything to do with Belle not being here, now, would it?

Shawn-D: Well, to tell you the truth, I'd feel a whole lot better if she were.

Philip: You two having problems?

Shawn-D: No, no, it's not that at all. It's just, uh, I don't know. I've had this feeling, and I just can't seem to shake it, that something's not right... that Belle's in danger.

Philip: Well, have you tried calling her?

Shawn-D: Well, yeah, I have, and I know that she's perfectly fine. She's with her mother.

Belle: Mom, answer me. What are you doing with that?

Marlena: I... I have it for protection.

Belle: Protection?

Marlena: Yes, I was -- I was just about to... put it away.

Belle: I don't understand this.

Marlena: What?

Belle: Any of it. I mean, I come in here, and you're cutting up your clothes, and now you're stashing carving knives in your bedroom. What's going on with you? Why are you acting like this?

Marlena: I think you know.

Belle: Because you feel guilty? But, Mom, you can't keep blaming yourself for these murders. Here, drink this.  It's not your fault that Maggie couldn't remember what she knew. And you certainly shouldn't feel bad for owning the same suit that the serial killer was wearing the night Tony was murdered.

Marlena: It's more complicated than that, Belle. Look, I am -- I am very glad for your support.

Belle: Mom, of course you have my support. You have dad's, too. We love you. If you'd only let him help you...

Marlena: I don't want your father involved in this.

Belle: Mom, you have to talk to him. After Celesteís horrible premonition from Caroline, you've just shut him out. The two of you have not had a chance to deal with this.

Marlena: Look, as long as the serial killer is still out there, nothing is going to change. And that's all I can say about this. I'm just -- I'm so sorry that you had to see me like this tonight.

Belle: Mom, I understand. It gets to a point where it's just too much. I-I've been there.

Marlena: Belle, you shouldn't be here tonight. You should be there with Shawn on Valentineís Day.

Belle: That's exactly why I came over to talk to you. There's this Valentineís Day party at Tuscany, and dad and I would love it if you would be there.

Marlena: Did your father put you up to this?

Belle: No, Mom, trust me, this is all my idea. Dad is not expecting anything. There's no pressure. He just would like to sit down and talk to you, you know? Or not. But whatever it is that you do decide, I'm not going to leave you alone like this, so I'll just call and cancel my plans with Shawn.

Marlena: No, don't you dare.

Belle: Mom, it's not a big deal. I'll call him right now.

Marlena: Belle, no. Okay, fine. All right, I'll -- I'll go. But just for a few minutes.

Belle: Thank you so much, Mom. You're not going to regret this.

Marlena: I'm sure I wonít.

Sami: You can't deny it, can you? Because I'm right.

Lucas: Sami, please donít.

Sami: Lucas, whatever happened between us, whatever I don't remember, it doesn't matter. I can see it in your eyes. I can feel it. Your heart, it's beating so fast. Lucas, admit it. Admit you love me as much as I love you.

Lucas: Yeah. I do love you. I've always loved you. I've denied it even to myself, but you're the only woman I've ever loved.

Sami: Oh, Lucas, make love to me. Show me how much you love me.

Lucas: No, Sami, I canít.

Sami: Lucas, I don't want to wait. I don't to want to talk. I just want to make love to you.

Lucas: No, Sami, please --

Sami: Lucas -- Lucas! Oh, my God, Lucas! Lucas!

Nicole: How could you say that, Brady? I thought you were different, but you're not, are you? You're just like your grandfather.

Brady: Nicole, please.

Nicole: I hope you feel good about yourself. If your intention was to make me feel like two cents, you succeeded.

Brady: I'm sorry. It was a cheap shot.

Nicole: You're sorry? But yet you won't forgive me.

Brady: No, I wonít. Nicole, all of this could have been avoided if you had just told me the truth about being with Tony before he died. I told you that I was going to help you, that I was on your side.

Nicole: I made a mistake. I never meant to hurt you.

Brady: Nicole, friends don't lie to each other. It's as simple as that.

Nicole: It's not simple. Don't you see? I was fighting for my life. I still am. Victor's out to get me, to send me to death row. I wanted to trust you, Brady, but... when everyone you've ever known has let you down... anyway, you take it. Go through it. Read my notes, my e-mails. God knows I've suffered enough indignities in this house. What's one more? You know, maybe you'll find my little checklist -- who Nicole the serial killer is going to off next.

Brady: All right, you know what? Fine. I don't want to read your stuff, anyway.

Nicole: Are you sure?

Brady: I said I was sorry.

[Cellular phone rings]

Brady: Hello? Yes. Are you kidding? That's great news. Yeah. Um, we'll be waiting for you. Thank you very much. That was the locksmith. He's got a key that's going to get us out of these damn things.

Nicole: Oh, we don't know that.

Brady: Well, we're going to find out, so I'll tell you what. Get out of this bed, get dressed and get downstairs, 'cause we're gonna wait for him.

Nicole: Come on, Jan, you have to kill victor while I'm still cuffed to Brady or my whole plan's shot to hell.

 ["Flight of the Valkyries" playing]

Victor: What in God's name -- who the hell are you?

Jan: Believe it or not, I'm your worst nightmare.

[Turns volume down]

Victor: I remember you. You're that troubled girl from Philipís high school.

Jan: The name is Jan spears, and all my troubles are about to be over.

Victor: What do you want, Jan? What are you doing here?

Jan: What do you think?

Victor: I think my wife Nicole sent you. She wants you to kill me.

Jan: Nicole and I are friends. We help each other out.

Victor: Oh, don't be a fool. Nicole's only friend is Nicole.

Jan: Not anymore. She's gonna help me get everything I ever wanted.

Victor: Is that what she told you? Well, I've got a secret for you. Nicole is a liar. She's just using you, the same way she uses everybody else.

Jan: Look, I'm sorry, Mr. Kiriakis. I don't want to do this, but I have to. It's the only way I'll be able to get Shawn.

Victor: Oh, my God. That cold-blooded killer is coming after my grandson!

Belle: Mom, what took you so long? I was waiting outside for a while.

Marlena: Honey, you didn't have to walk me in, you know? I told you, I had to stop by the hospital and pick something up.

Belle: I didn't want to take any chances on you chickening out at the last minute.

Marlena: I promised I'd be here, and I am.

Belle: And I think that you look beautiful tonight. And I know that dad will agree with me.

John: You got that right. Happy Valentineís Day, doc.

Marlena: Thank you.

Belle: Oh, excuse me. I see Shawn.

Marlena: Tuscany is open again, huh?

John: For tonight, anyway. You okay? You look a little upset.

Marlena: I have a lot on my mind.

John: Look, I know that it was hard for you to come here tonight, but I'm glad you did. And I was hoping at least for tonight I could help you take your mind off your troubles.

Philip: Mom.

Kate: Oh! Oh, Philip, you shouldn't have.

Philip: Well, actually, I didnít.

Kate: Well -- well, then who are they from?

Philip: Doug said they just showed up. There's a box addressed to every woman here.

Kate: Who sent them?

Philip: Secret admirer?

Shawn-D: I can't tell you how good it feels to hold you in my arms. I was so worried.

Belle: I still don't understand.

Shawn-D: Well, neither do I. I just had this feeling that you were in danger.

Belle: I told you I was fine. I was with my mom.

Shawn-D: What was going on over there, anyway? 'Cause you sounded stressed on the phone.

Belle: Well, we were just talking, and she was upset. Really upset, actually. You know, I actually caught her cutting up one of her suits.

Shawn-D: What?

Belle: Yeah, just because it was identical to the one that the killer wore at the circus.

Shawn-D: Well, john said that she had one just like it. But she was actually cutting it up, like with scissors?

Belle: Yeah. It's pretty freaky.

Shawn-D: Yeah, no kidding.

Belle: She's just really on edgy lately. I mean, she's actually taken to keeping a carving knife in her bedroom to protect herself.

Shawn-D: A carving knife?

Belle: Yeah. I just hope that my dad can help her.

[Romantic song playing]

Marlena: Well, I'm all ears. If you have something that will take my mind off everything, I'd like to hear it. Oh... I love that song.

John: I know.

[Romantic song playing]

Belle: They're dancing. This is going much better than I thought. I want to dance, too.

Shawn-D: It doesn't make sense. Why would Dr. Evans be cutting up that suit? And why would she keep a carving knife, of all things, for protection?

Sami: Lucas! Lucas! Lucas, open your eyes! Answer me! Can you hear me?! Are you okay?! Lucas -- aah! Ow! Lucas... Lucas! Lucas, please... this can't be happening. Please, I can't lose him. I love him, and I know that he loves me, and we're gonna be a family together. Please, God, you have to bring him back to me. Please! Lucas! Oh, my God!

Lucas: Sami!

Sami: Lucas, here, I got you. Oh, my God! Lucas! Oh, my God! Oh, I was so afraid I was gonna lose you.

Lucas: No, I'm not going anywhere, I'm not going anywhere, not now. I finally know how you feel.

Sami: Oh, Lucas.

Lucas: Sami, that's what kept me hanging on, was getting back to you.

Sami: Lucas, it's true, isn't it -- how we feel about each other? I didn't imagine that, right?

Lucas: No, you didn't imagine it. And now that it's out in the open, we're gonna have a real life. Okay? We're gonna have a real family -- just you, me, and our son.

Sami: That is all I ever wanted.

Brady: Oh, thank God. Please come in. Thank you for getting here so soon. You know, I think we should do this in the living room.

Nicole: No, we canít.

Brady: Why not?

Nicole: Because I don't want to disturb your grandfather. I think he's working.

Brady: No, he's not, and since when do you care? Come on.

Nicole: Damn you, Jan, you didn't do it.

Brady: Are you sure you can get these things off?

Man: Well, it wasn't easy, but I managed to construct a key that I think should do the trick. I'm not gonna ask how you happened to --

Brady: No, please donít. Thank you, I appreciate that.

Man: All right, then let's have a look.

Nicole: No!

Brady: Damn it, Nicole, these things are coming off whether you like it or not.

Nicole: But that's the thing. They're not. This is just a big waste of time. I told you before, no one can get these off without using the real key.

Brady: Why don't you let the man try? Please, continue.

Victor: I'll give you whatever you want. Just leave and my grandson alone. In fact, whatever Nicole has offered you, I'll double it.

Jan: Can you give me Shawn, along with his eternal love?

Victor: You mean you don't want to kill him?

Jan: Now I understand why Nicole wants you gone. You are so totally clueless. What I am doing, I am doing out of love for my man, and that's all.

Victor: Surely you don't plan to do it with that. Poor Jan. She almost had her life turned around. And now not only is she going to get arrested for breaking and entering, I'm going to see to it you never get within 100 yards of Shawn.

Jan: Shawn Brady is mine, and now you are gonna die!

Victor: Not at the hands of some crazed lovesick schoolgirl like you. I think not!

Jan: Shut up!

Victor: Do you have any idea how many people have tried and failed to do me in in the past? And you think I'm going to give up my life to the likes of you?

Jan: I said shut up! And no, for your information, I am not gonna do it with this.

Victor: That's very wise. You've come to your senses.

Jan: That's right, crazed girl that I am. I much prefer hydroshock therapy!

[Music continues, muffled]

Jan: Damn, sometimes I even scare myself. 

Sami: Make love to me, Lucas. Right now.

Brady: Ahh! Success! Free at last. Ha ha.

Nicole: What was that?

Brady: I don't know. It was like a power surge or something. Anyway, thank you. I'll walk you out.

Jan: Shawn is mine, and not Belleís.

Shawn-D: You really did it, Jan. You killed for Nicole.

Jan: No, Shawn. I killed for you. And if you think what I did to the old man is bad, wait till you see what I have planned for Belle.

Belle: Look at them. They look so happy.

Belle's voice: I actually caught her cutting up one of her suits.

Shawn-D's voice: I just have this feeling -- I can't seem to shake it -- that something's not right, that Belle's in danger.

Belle's voice: I told you I was fine. I was with my mom.

Johnís voice: She hasn't been herself ever since -- it goes all the way back to Abeís death.

Shawn-D's voice: Belle's in danger.

Belle's voice: Cutting up one of her suits.

Johnís voice: She hasn't been herself ever since Abeís death.

Belle's voice: I actually caught her cutting up one of her suits.

Johnís voice: She hasn't been herself ever since -- it goes all the way back to Abeís death.

Shawn-D's voice: Something's not right.

Kate: Well, whoever sent them, it was very nice. It was very considerate to send them to all the ladies here.

Philip: See? I told you it wouldn't be so bad, right?

Kate: Oh, God! Oh!

Belle: Kate, what is it?

John: What's going on?

Kate: Oh, my God! These roses are covered in blood.

Philip: Obviously the killer's trying to send us another message.

Belle: Oh, my God!

Shawn-D: I don't -- I don't believe it.

Belle: What?

Shawn-D: I know -- I know who the killer is.

Belle: Oh, my God, Shawn, who is it?

Shawn-D: It's your mother.

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Hope: Is he all right? Is he in danger?

Celeste: I don't see Bo at all.

Sami: Oh, my God, they're gone! Oh, my God, Lucas, where is our son?

Belle: There is no way you can prove my mom's the serial killer!

Shawn-D: No one is willing to look at her because she's Dr. Marlena Evans!

Marlena's voice: Roman paid the price for marrying you, but you're the one who deserves to die.

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