Days Transcript Thursday 2/12/04

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 2/12/04 - Canada; Friday 2/13/04 - U.S.A.

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Lexie: Mmm. Something smells good.

Jennifer: Oh, well, it's not my cooking. I just ordered in. I figured you wouldn't mind.

Lexie: No. Um, remember when we had dinner, um, together -- the four of us -- last summer?

Jennifer: Yeah. Yeah, we had a barbecue at your house on the 4th.

Lexie: [Chuckles] Abe wore his chef's hat.

Jennifer: Yeah, that was great. That was a great time, Lexie.

Lexie: Yeah. Um, well, Jennifer, thank God you invited me over here tonight. I'm telling you, Valentine’s Day without Abe is just too much for me to handle on my own. That's why I took the night shift at the hospital later.

Jennifer: Hey, do you want to see something really sweet?

Lexie: Yeah.

Jennifer: Look at this.

Lexie: Abby made this?

Jennifer: Yeah. Yeah, for me and the baby.

Lexie: Oh, sweet.

Jennifer: I know. You better believe I needed to smile today, because last year on Valentine’s Day, I asked Jack to marry me.

Lexie: Yeah, that's right.

Jennifer: So it's very good for me not to alone today, too. I also invited hope over, because she's alone tonight. That's why she took the late shift at the police station. I hope you don't mind.

Lexie: Well, there's a big difference between our situation and hope’s. Hope knows that Bo will be coming home to her.

Jennifer: Well, that -- that's what she's praying for, yeah, but she hasn't heard from him in a long time, Lexie, so she's really worried.

Lexie: Mm.

Hope: I keep leaving messages for you, ad you don't call back. I miss you every day. But especially today. It's -- it's Valentine's, and I'm remembering other Valentines with you, and -- can you tell what I'm thinking? Ha ha. I love you. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, please, please be careful. Okay, well, um... give me a call on my cell when you get this, okay? Bye. [Sighs] If only there was a way to trick the killer into revealing herself.  Okay. Logic tells me there's got to be a connection between all the victims. But what is it? I must not be looking at this right. Before Tony died, he said the killer was a woman. If that's true, if this woman... knew all of these women and men, then it's probably someone I know as well. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Nicole: [Thinking] Come on, Jan, give me a sign that you killed victor.  Oh, my God, I can't believe I didn't think of this before. Victor believes I'm gonna try to kill him, so the bastard's probably gonna try and cut me out of his will. Hurry up, Jan. Ice the old man before I lose my inheritance.

Jan: [Thinking] Sorry, Mr. K., But I've got to kill you so Nicole will help me get your grandson Shawn into my bed. All is fair in love and war, sir.

Victor: What the hell are you doing?

Shawn-D: All right, I know this is gonna sound weird, but, um, I'm getting this bad vibe, the type my folks get when one of them are in danger. Do you know where Belle is?

John: Mm-hmm. And you can relax. She's with her mom.

Shawn-D: All right. Good.

John: Yeah. I wish I could say doc was... good. I'm getting worried about her. I just hope being with Belle makes her feel better.

Shawn-D: What is the matter with Marlena?

John: I don't know. She hasn't been herself ever since -- well, it goes all the way back to Abe’s death. You know, she was in Colorado when he was murdered, and when she got back, I told her about him, and... just devastated.

Shawn-D: All of our lives have been turned upside down since the killings began.

John: Yeah, but there's more going on. You know that button and fabric you and Belle found at the circus?

Shawn-D: Yeah.

John: My wife has a suit made out of the same cloth and style.

Shawn-D: What?

[Cellular phone rings]

John: Hang on. Yeah, John Black.

Hope: John, it's hope. I'm at the station. I need your help.

John: Yeah, hope, what is it? I'm standing right here with your son.

Hope: I think I found a way to figure out who the killer is.

Belle: Mom, this is just like the suit the serial killer was wearing at the circus the night Tony was attacked. Why are you cutting it up? What's going on with you, Mom? Why are you acting so strange?

Marlena: You weren't supposed to see that. I'm sorry, Belle. I hope you can forgive me.

Belle: Forgive you for what?

Marlena: I love you. I never meant to hurt you.

Lexie: Look, um, I don't mean to minimize what hope's going through. I was married to a cop. I know how scary it can be not knowing where your husband is. But... I know where Abe is now, and I don't think that hope would trade places with me. Okay, I'm sorry. I am so sorry. I just go to bitterness very easily these days.

Jennifer: No, Lexie, please. I fight it all the time. I do, especially with Abby. You know, she needs me to be so upbeat, which just seems impossible some days.

Lexie: Oh, yeah. Um, you know what? If I was hope, as soon as Bo comes back from wherever he is, I would beg him to retire.

Jennifer: But, Lexie, hope is a cop, too.

Lexie: Yeah, I know. That doesn't make any sense to me. Bo and hope have a young son. One of them should be home with Zack.

Jennifer: Listen, Lexie, I think that they are just doing the best that they can right now.

Lexie: Just believe me, I thank God every day for my mother. Theo and I would be so lonely without her. And I am very, very grateful for my friends.

Jennifer: Yeah. So am I.

Lexie: Yeah. So -- so, um, we have to figure out a way to make hope happy tonight -- to take her mind off where Bo is.

Jennifer: You know what? You're right. And I promised Abby that I would show both of you her school play. I have it on tape. She was incredible. I'm very proud of her.

Lexie: An actress in the family...

Jennifer: Well, you know Abby. She has always been a ham.

Lexie: Mm... wonder where she got that from.

Jennifer: Yeah. You know what?

Lexie: What?

Jennifer: I'm not sure what time hope's gonna get here, so why don't we take a little peek at the future star right now? How's that?

Lexie: Okay. Okay.

Jennifer: Now, listen, I won't make you watch the whole thing, because, of course, all the other kids weren't as good as my daughter, so...

Lexie: Oh, of course.

Jennifer: I'll just -- I'll have you watch her biggest scene. How's that?

Lexie: Okay.

Jennifer: I have it cued up for you.

Lexie: Okay.

Jennifer: [On tape] I love you, too, Jack, so much. And here's a promise from the bottom of my heart. My love for you will never come to an end. I promise to love you for richer, for poorer.

Jennifer: Oh, Jack.

 [Printer whirring]

Hope: I hate doing this without you. It certainly would be a lot easier if you were here working with me. [Kisses picture]  Hey, thanks for getting here so fast, guys.

John: So what do you got?

Shawn-D: It's too bad dad's not here.

Hope: Yeah, tell me about it, but he's not, so john and I need to get on with the investigation on our own. Here, take a look at this.

John: What's this?

Hope: You're looking at the name of the killer.

Belle: What are you talking about? I know that you would never hurt me, Mom. Not intentionally.

Marlena: Oh, Belle, you were always the prettiest baby. I was so proud to walk down the street carrying you.

Belle: I'm proud of you, Mom.

Marlena: I'm not the perfect mother that you think I am.

Belle: Of cour-- Mom, I hate seeing you so sad. I wish you could just tell me what's going on.

Marlena: I've let you down, Belle. I've done some... some terrible things. Some unspeakable things. And unfortunately, you're going to be the one that has to suffer for it.

Nicole: [Thinking] Jan, I hope to God you've already killed the old bastard. Damn me for not being better prepared. Victor will end up dead, but I could end up dead broke. I wouldn't mind being poor and starving if I had you next to me every night. Why do you have to love Chloe? I'd be so much better for you, Brady.  I love you so much.

Brady: I love you, too.

Gene: Hello, victor.

Victor: What the hell are you doing sneaking up on me like that, gene?

Gene: Well, I knew the young Mrs. Kiriakis was at home, so I went around to the servants' entrance. I was under the impression our meeting was to be kept secret from Nicole.

Victor: Yes, I'm sorry. I guess I'm a little on edge. Did you bring the papers?

Gene: Your last will and testament. As per your deders, I redrafted it. Sign here, and your blond wife will find herself completely cut out of your will.

Victor: Not a moment too soon. The bitch is trying to dream up ways to kill me even as we speak.

John: You know, hope, there's over 12 names on this list...

Hope: I know.

John: Including Alice Horton.

Hope: I know that, john.

John: And my wife.

Hope: And Julie’s on it, too. Don't overreact. Just listen to me for a minute. I was staring at the suspect board, willing the information to make some kind of new sense to me.

Shawn-D: Mom, where are you going with this?

Hope: All the victims have to be connected in some way. And if we go back to the first murder -- Abe’s -- it's logical he must have found out something about the killer, something that person was desperate to hide.

John: All right, that may make sense for the first couple deaths. Abe... and Jack, for that matter, since he was running his own little risky investigation, but what about Cassíe? How does that fit in?

Shawn-D: Oh, my God.

Hope: What?

Shawn-D: Belle's next.

Hope: What?!

Shawn-D: No, she is gonna be the next victim. The sandbag -- remember? -- At the circus. It nearly fell on her. But luckily, it missed. I have to be part of this investigation.

Hope: No way.

Shawn-D: What?

Hope: No way!

Shawn-D: Mom, she -- Belle is my life! What?

John: Shawn, be quiet.

Hope: You are not doing this.

Shawn-D: Why not?

John: Listen.

Shawn-D: What?

John: With Bo in Europe investigating for the I.S.A., I think we could use someone like Shawn on our team.

Hope: He is not a cop, thank God.

John: In an unofficial capacity.

Hope: I do not want him involved in this, john.

Shawn-D: You know what, Mom? It's really too late. I'm very sorry to say that. You and dad should have picked another profession, or moved to a different town, had different friends, because then Belle and I would have never fallen in love. I am in this as deep as either of you.

John: He's got a point, hope. And speaking strictly as a dad, I wouldn't mind Shawn keeping an eye on Belle, especially after what happened at the circus. Even though it might have been an accident, I don't want to take any chances, especially with my kid.

Shawn-D: Let me see this. Yeah, Belle knows every woman on this list.

John: That's why no one can know that we are hot on this killer's trail. I don't want to sacrifice another person I love to this maniac -- especially my daughter.

Belle: Mom, it's so hard with everything that's been going down in Salem the past few months, but I've been trying to be strong like you, because you're the strongest woman that I've ever known. Except the last few months, you haven't exactly been acting like yourself.

Marlena: I told you, Belle, I've done terrible things.

Belle: What's so terrible? Is it about dad? Have you had an affair with another man? Mom, you know that you can talk to me about anything, right? I love you. And I can tell that you want to talk to me. You know, this is just so ironic. You're a shrink, and after all the years of listening to people's problems, now you want to say something important, but you just feel like you can't, but you're wrong. Mom... something is obviously going on with you. So why don't you just tell me what it is?

Marlena: All right. Maybe it's time for me to confess.

Brady: I love you so much, Chloe.

Nicole: He's asleep.  God...

Brady: Kiss me, Nicole.

Nicole: What the hell. Why not?  [Moans]

Brady: What the hell is going on here?

Victor: I want you to shred all the other versions of my will.

Gene: I'll take care of it.

Victor: If the harlot has her way and I end up dead anytime soon, I want this to be the only version, understood?

Gene: Completely.

Victor: Good. Let's drink to it.

Gene: Uh, victor, before you break out the champagne --

Victor: Now don't tell me there's a problem.

Gene: From past experience, I can tell you that if you cut your wife completely out of your will, she'd have grounds to contest it. Failing that, she could write a tell-all book about the Kiriakis family, and it could be very damaging to Philip’s future -- or Brady’s.

Victor: I'm way ahead of you, gene. I'm leaving my slut wife something very special.

Gene: You have my attention.

Victor: I'm leaving Nicole a one-way ticket to hell. Ha ha ha.

[PDA chirps]

Jan: [Thinking] I thought I left it on vibrate. Why is it beeping?

Victor: Come out here!

Shawn-D: You know, I got to go check my messages. And I have to head over to Tuscany. I have a special date with Belle.

John: Keep your eye on her, kid.

Shawn-D: I will. Don't worry.

John: I'll give you a lift over there, all right?

Shawn-D: All right, thanks. Mom... just try not to worry, all right?

Hope: Sure.

Shawn-D: I love you.

Hope: I love you.

Shawn-D: All right, I'm gonna check my messages outside.

Hope: Honey, if you see anything suspicious at all, please promise me you'll call.

John: I'll be out in a second.

Shawn-D: Yeah.

John: Any word from Bo?

Hope: Not a word.

John: Aah, you know, sometimes the I.S.A. sends you on a location where it's tough to get communication out.

Hope: He has a satellite phone.

John: They're not foolproof. Depending on geography, weather conditions, it could be tough to get a message through. Really worried about him, aren't you?

Hope: I keep trying to picture my life without him, and I can’t. It's like the screen just goes black on me.

John: I kind of know what you mean. It's been tough not living at the penthouse with doc. But I can see her whenever I want. I mean, I know where she is, and if I really get nuts, well, you know...

Hope: What am I doing? I mean, Jennifer and Lexie have been through so much worse than I have. They've lost their husbands forever. You know, I've got to stop this and focus on that list.

John: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Okay, so how could this killer, this woman, whoever she is -- how could she kill all of these people in Salem, and then somehow reach across the ocean and murder Bo? It's not possible, right? I mean -- john!

John: I think this killer is beyond our ability to understand, hope. I mean, look at it. The methods, the motives, the choice of victims -- it's just so freakish. I think the only thing we know for sure is that this woman is as lethal as they come. And amazingly shrewd to get away with it for so damn long.

Hope: I'm supposed to be at Jennifer’s for dinner. She invited Lexie. I'm gonna call and cancel.

John: No, no, don't do that.

Hope: Well, I'm not gonna be very good company.

John: You shouldn't be alone on Valentine’s Day.

Hope: And what about you, hmm? Are you gonna be alone? Or are you gonna be with Marlena?

John: Well, you know, I'm kinda counting on Belle to talk her mom into joining me at Tuscany. It's, uh... if anybody can do it, it's our daughter. They've always been so close.

Hope: I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, too.

John: Thanks.

Shawn-D: Belle, why aren't you picking up?

 [Cellular phone rings]

Marlena: Do you want to answer that?

Belle: Oh.




Belle: It's just Shawn. I can call him back later. You're what's important right now. You know, in a funny way, this feels good, being able to help you for once. It's probably because you've always been there for me. I mean, like after everything that happened in Puerto Rico, you held me together. You set an example that I could always follow, because I'm so proud of you. And everything that you do for a living -- I mean, you change people's lives, Mom.

Marlena: Not always for the better.

Belle: Mom, you're not God. If they had a contest for the most respected women in Salem, you would be at the top of the list, right up there with Mrs. Horton and maybe hope. Go ahead, Mom. You said you had something to confess.

Marlena: Yes. There was a reason that I was cutting up this suit.

Belle: Okay.

Marlena: Well, I had to make sure that there was no --

Belle: It's okay, Mom. I know why. It's because you're guilty. That's why you cut it up. You were wearing this suit the night Tony DiMera was attacked by the tiger. This suit is evidence that you're the Salem serial killer! Mom, you murdered Abe and Jack Deveraux and your friend Maggie! You even murdered Shawn’s grandmother Caroline. I was gonna wear Caroline’s wedding dress to marry Shawn. Did you know that? We had this beautiful wedding fantasy that we were gonna get married at St. Luke’s. But instead, we have gone to funeral after funeral there because of you! Cassie, Roman Brady, Tony DiMera -- they're all victims of yours, Mom! How does it feel to be a serial killer? And who are you gonna murder next, me?

Jennifer: I am sorry, Lexie. I did not invite you over here to watch me cry.

Lexie: Believe me, nobody understands better than I do. I cry when I go to bed every night. Into my pillow, so... my mother won't hear and worry about me. So I don't wake Theo up. But I cry. Believe me.

Jennifer: It's just so hard, so hard to go through this pregnancy all alone.

Lexie: Yeah. It'd be hard even if there weren't complications, but not knowing what conditions the baby might have...

Jennifer: Or me. I mean, we could both die. I mean, Lexie, I try not to think about it, and then I try to think positive, as if that could change anything.

Lexie: It might, Jennifer. You know, there are religions based on that belief. Um, sometimes, the mind can... well, I mean, it -- it has the power to affect our physical lives.

Jennifer: Really? Well, I willed Jack to live, Lexie, and I prayed with him, and I held his hand, and I begged him not to leave me. And he did. He left me alone.

Lexie: You're not completely alone. You have Abby.

Jennifer: And I have a baby that's probably going to die, Lexie. But that's one more thing for me to cry and lose sleep over, but that is if I'm still alive myself. I am so angry, Lexie. Oh, yeah, Valentine’s Day. Do you really think that every single year people get together on this day and act like they are so in love with each other? Give me a break. Valentine's Day exists so that the rest of us can feel even more lonely. It's like Christmas; it's like new Year’s. If one more person tells me to have a happy stinking holiday, Lexie... there's nothing happy about it. It is torture, and I am sick of it. And I am going to have to go through the rest of my life... without my husband... without my Jack. And I don't know how I'm going to do it.

Lexie: We'll do it together, okay? Okay. Okay. We'll be here for each other. If I know that I can call you, no matter how late it is... and if you know there is always someone here who feels your pain, then somehow we'll figure out a way to go on, okay? For our children, Jennifer, and, hey, for ourselves. Look, it's what Abe and Jack would want -- for us to go on living.

Jennifer: We wanted them to go on living. We begged them, and they ignored us. And I hate them for that.

Jan: [Thinking] Leave me the hell alone, Nicole. How many times is the bitch going to ask me the same freakin' question? Victor is alive. His lawyer's here. Need to wait.

Gene: Well, the noise has stopped, whatever it was. You want me to investigate?

Victor: No, don't bother. Probably one of my wife's many electronic devices running low on batteries. She never remembers to recharge her phone, her PDA -- you name it.

Gene: But what if it was Nicole lurking about?

Victor: With a knife in her hand, ready to plunge it into my back? Ha ha ha ha ha.

Gene: I wouldn't put it past her.

Victor: Except that she's handcuffed to my grandson Brady to give herself an alibi.

Gene: What?

Victor: To prove that she's not the serial killer.

Gene: Ha ha. Well, that must be an eye-opener for Brady. You mean to tell me that she's handcuffed to him right now?

Victor: 24/7, as they say.

Gene: Well, at least that way, you know she won't be coming after you. Brady would never let anything happen to you.

Victor: Yeah, I know. This makes me hate her even more, though. She's been preying on him ever since he moved in here.

Gene: Well, he does have a few things going for him, victor -- youth, good looks...

Victor: Nicole has got youth and good looks. But one thing she's not going to have is my money.

Gene: Good. I'll take that.

Victor: No, I'll put it in my safe.

Gene: But I should have a copy of that in my office.

Victor: No. Nicole will go to any length to get her hands on my money, including breaking into your law offices. She'd need a blowtorch to get into my safe, which will be heavily guarded, in any case. She'll never get near it. I wish it was as easy to keep her away from my grandson. She'd go to any lengths to get close to Brady.

Jan: [Thinking] Yeah, I'll go to any lengths, too, just to get close to you, Shawn.  I'll do anything, Shawn.

Shawn-D: You'd kill for Nicole?

Jan: Whatever, just as long as I get you all to myself.  How do I get rid of victor's lame-ass lawyer? Ugh, I think he's even older than old man Kiriakis.

Victor: Now listen carefully to my instructions, gene. I'm going to say this one more time. If anything happens to me --

Gene: Now, victor, don't get all para--

Victor: If my wife has her way and I end up dead anytime soon, I want you to make sure my son Bo is present when the safe is opened.

Gene: I'm making a note of it.

Victor: In addition to the will, there's going to be a file in there and a videotape. I'm sure Bo and the Salem P.D. will be very interested in that. And most important of all, gene...

Gene: Yes?

Victor: I want you to make sure my grandson Brady sees the file and the videotape. I want him to see finally with his own eyes what an evil, conniving whore of a murderer my wife really is.

Brady: [Groans]

Nicole: Oh... wait, don't stop, Brady. It was such a nice kiss.

Brady: I must have been dreaming, or I wouldn't have kissed you like that.

Nicole: Even if it was just a dream, it was so nice. Let's try it for real this time.

[PDA chirps]

Nicole: Oh, my damn PDA. It must be malfunctioning again. You know, it does that sometimes. It just goes off without anybody sending me a message.  Oh, my God -- gene Briscoe’s here? Damn it.

Brady: You know, I've had enough of this. A PDA doesn't go off accidentally.

Nicole: Brady --

Brady: So, who's been texting you?

Lexie: We can spend years asking why -- why didn't Abe retire when I begged him to? Why wouldn't Jack quit the investigation?

Jennifer: Lexie, I want them back. I want -- I want more than photographs and videotapes to remember them by.

Lexie: They... left us provided for.

Jennifer: Money can't buy you warmth at night, Lexie.

Lexie: I know. I know it can’t. But we're not on the streets. We have our homes. We can give our children food and clothes. Sweetie... not everybody can.

Jennifer: I know that. I know that, and I'm sorry. It's just the day -- it is the day, that's all. It is so hard to accept that I will never be Jack's valentine again. And I know that you're right, I know that time is going to make everything all right. But the fact is our husbands are never coming back. Our life will never be the way it was, Lexie.

Lexie: I know. I know.

 [Cellular phone rings]

Hope: Come on, please, please. Yes. Bo? Bo. Bo?

Gene: Let me put a copy of that will in my office for safekeeping.

Victor: No.

Gene: Victor, that is the only copy of your current will in existence, and you'd rather keep it in a home safe?

Victor: Gene, calm down. You're getting much too excited for a man your age

Gene: Go to hell.

Victor: The safe is fireproof. I just had it replated, and I had a brand-new combination put in, all done while Nicole was sound asleep.

Gene: Well, I'm still not convinced. I thought you had a handprint sensor on that safe.

Victor: I did, but I had it disengaged. It occurred to me Nicole wouldn't hesitate to cut off my hand.

Gene: Oh, my God.

Victor: She's a piece of work. You have no idea.

Gene: And you think a combination lock is going to hold her?

Victor: This particular combination even the I.S.A. couldn’t crack.

Gene: Well, in that case -- and I'm sorry to mention it -- but what if you do meet with an untimely demise? How the hell are we supposed to get that safe open?

Victor: Bo has got the new combination. There, done. Thanks for stopping by, gene.

Gene: Well, that's why you pay me that retainer.

Victor: Money greases the wheels of life. Well, enjoy the rest of your evening. I know I will.

Gene: Do you have a woman stashed somewhere, victor?

Victor: No, but I can get one if I need one. But tonight I'm going to take a nice long hot tub and a good murder mystery. Come on, I'll walk you out the servants' entrance.

Jan: Oh. Good. You're still here. Wait for me, Shawn. As soon as I kill victor Kiriakis for Nicole, we can finally be together.

Shawn-D: Do it, Jan. Make me proud.

Jan: Okay.

Nicole: Give me it.

Brady: What don't you want me to see, Nicole?

Nicole: Nothing. But it's mine. Give it back.

Brady: As soon as you give me my life back.

Nicole: Oh, please. You could have had it back anytime if you really wanted. I need to get some sleep, so call a locksmith.

[PDA chirps]

Brady: Ooh.

Nicole: All right, fine, fine, all right. I-I will tell you where to get the key, but first, give me my PDA.

Brady: Well, I'll tell you what -- maybe I'm having too much fun right now, and maybe I'm just dying to read the message you're about to get. You haven't been very good about giving me what I wanted, so give me one good reason why I should give up my fun, Nicole.

Belle: You're a killer, Mom! A killer! A killer! [Echoing] A killer! A killer! Mom... [Echoing] A killer! A killer! Mom... are you okay? Okay, you spaced out there for a minute.

Marlena: Oh. No, honey, I'm -- I'm fine.

Belle: Good. And now you can't be afraid to tell me. Go ahead and confess. Whatever it is, I'll understand.

Marlena: Uh... oh, well, I-I, uh... I was cutting up my suit for a reason. You see --

Belle: I know why you did that. It's because you're guilty.

[Cellular phone rings]

Belle: You know what, Mom? Um, it's probably Shawn calling again. I should get it.


Belle: Hi, Shawn.

Shawn-D: Why didn't you pick up when I called you before?

Belle: You sound like my dad.

Shawn-D: Well, we always have to be able to reach each other.

Belle: I'm with my mom. We're in the middle of something.

Shawn-D: Well, I got very worried when you didn't pick up. It's just -- I got this feeling, this vibe that something's wrong.

Belle: What do you mean?

Shawn-D: It's the same sort of vibe that my parents get when one of them is in danger. We have that same exact kind of connection. Are you sure everything's okay?

Belle: Shawn, I'm fine.

Shawn-D: Well, you don't sound fine.

Belle: Seriously, Shawn, don't worry. I'm with my mom.

Marlena: Take care of her now before she figures it out. She's already seen too much. Any minute now, she's going to put it together and realize you're the killer.

Belle: Uh-huh.

Marlena: But I can’t. How can I harm my little girl? Here she is.

John: Hey, baby. You know, this is the first time I've seen her since I... heard the news.

Marlena: Do you want to hold her?

John: Could I?

Marlena: She's your daughter. Your Belle.

John: Hey. It's your daddy.

Belle: I just need a little more time, Shawn. I'm going to try and convince my mom to meet my dad at Tuscany.

Shawn-D: Well, that sure would make him happy.

Marlena: Do it. Kill her.

Belle: Listen, I have to go, but I'll see you soon, okay?

Shawn-D: I hope so. I love you.

Belle: I love you, too. Bye.

“On the next Days Of Our Lives”

Belle: Oh, my God, no!

Victor: Who the hell are you?

Jan: Believe it or not, I'm your worst nightmare.

Sami: Make love to me, Lucas, right now.

Shawn-D: I've had this feeling, and I just can't seem to shake it, that something's not right, that Belle's in danger.

Brady: You know what? My grandfather was right about you. You are not above using your body to get what you want.

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