Days Transcript Tuesday 2/3/04

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 2/3/04 - Canada; Wednesday 2/4/04 - U.S.A.

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Julie: Bonnie, leave Mickey alone.

Bonnie: Why, you -- [Gasps] [Sobbing]

Mickey: Bonnie, what's the matter?

Bonnie: I'm sorry. Don't mind me.

Mickey: What did you say to her?

Julie: Oh, for heaven's sake.

Bonnie: [Sobbing]

Mickey: Did my niece say something to make you cry?

Bonnie: [Sobbing]

Julie: Mickey Horton, this woman is twisting you around her little finger, and you are a fool if you fall for it.

Bonnie: [Sobbing]

Lucas: You know what? This time, I want the truth, and I want the truth right now. What the hell was that kiss really about, huh?

Sami: Lucas, don't get yourself all worked up. It was just a kiss.

Lucas: Just a kiss, huh? In front of our son? In front of my mother, Sami?

Sami: I-I didn't know Kate was there.

Lucas: Yeah, right. Nice.

Sami: You know what? It's late, okay? Just go home.

Lucas: No, I'm not going anywhere. You started this, and we're going to get to the bottom of it right now.

Sami: It has been a very long and very difficult day, okay, Lucas?

Lucas: Is this a set-up? Is that what you did? Are you trying to freak out my mother, to push her over the edge? Is that it, Sami? Answer me.

Sami: I kissed you because I have real feelings for you.

Kate: Oh, Lucas, please don't fall for Sami's lies. Mm. If only Tony had named Sami as the killer before he died. Wait a minute. Maybe there is a way to still bring Sami down.

John: All right. Here's your keys.

Marlena: Thank you.

John: Now just sit tight. I'm going to look around and check out upstairs.

Marlena: No, John. I didn't want you to escort me home, and there's no point in going upstairs and checking out the penthouse.

John: No point? Tony DiMera died tonight in his hospital bed. I am going to look around here and make sure that my wife is okay. That is the point.

Marlena: Don't you understand that I'll never be okay -- I'm the killer?

John: I-I-I think I understand what you -- what you mean. You're -- you feel that you may be the killer's next victim.

Marlena: John, just -- just -- just go, okay? Will you just go?

John: 'Cause you're going to put Celeste in hypnotherapy, and if she names the killer, both your lives could be at risk.

Marlena: Please leave.

John: Well, it's not going to happen, 'cause I'm not going to let it. Damn it, I'm going to catch this maniac, and I'm going to stop this once and for all. Look, doc --

Marlena: Oh! No, no. Don't touch me. No.

John: It's okay.

Marlena: Don't -- just don't do that, all right? Just... not -- not -- not right now.

John: All right, all right. I'm not going to push. It's -- but, you know, it's -- I think it'd be a real good idea if I just crashed on your couch tonight.

Marlena: No, don't do that, because I am going to lock the doors and put on the alarm before I go to bed.

John: Maggie said the same thing.

Marlena: And I won't let anybody in the door. Maggie was far more trusting than I am, John.

John: All right, now say that again without shaking.

Marlena: I d-- I'm tired.

John: Well, yeah, it's been a hell of a day, with the tiger getting loose, the rampage, Tony getting mauled, and you -- you took a hell of a shot on your head.

Marlena: I-I'm --

John: You know, you never officially got that looked at, either. I mean, all the medical attention was hovering around Tony, wasn't it?

Marlena: No harm done.

John: Armies of doctors, police everywhere, and still, that murderous son of a -- got right inside Tony’s cubicle, gave him a lethal injection, all before we could get the killer's name. Doc, I j-- honey, I don't want you to be alone here tonight. Please... please, just -- just -- let me stay here, please. All right, if not for me, for Belle. She's worried sick about you, doc. I mean, all she wants is for us to be a family again. She and Brady both. That's -- that's all they want. What do you want?

Marlena: I want you to go. I don't want a bodyguard. I have made it so clear to Belle -- the killer is never going to hurt me.

John: You were already poisoned once, for God's sakes.

Marlena: An accident. It was a -- it was probably an accident.

John: And now you're going to help Celeste I.D. the killer?

Marlena: Look, I'm a professional, okay? I can handle myself in a dangerous --

John: I love you! Doesn't that count for anything?

Marlena: Get out. Just get out. Get out! Get out, get out, get out! Leave me alone!

Kate: If I could prove that Sami killed Tony to keep him from naming her as the killer... whew, but I would need really, really good evidence that she was at the hospital tonight. [Sighs] I'm sorry. I am sorry, my love. I know I promised you on the day we were married that I would try to get along with your daughter, but damn it, do I keep my promise to you or do I stop that witch of a daughter from ruining my son's life?

Lucas: When that tiger was on the loose, and we were stuck in that little clown car, you told me that you loved me, and then when the danger passed, you just -- you just backed off. So now you're saying it's true?

Sami: You know, it's been a mind-numbing day. Um, maybe we should check the news and see if there's any information about Tony’s accident.

Lucas: No, in a minute.

Sami: No, I-I'm exhausted, okay? I don't want to talk about this right now.

Lucas: Listen to me. Listen to me. You kissed me, all right? I need to know what that means.

Sami: Well, you responded. What does that mean?

Lucas: Sami, you're the mother of my son.

Sami: Besides that. Do you have Romantic feelings?

Bonnie: I would never take advantage of Mickey. I'm only here as a friend to help out.

Julie: And to help yourself while you're at it.

Mickey: Julie.

Julie: I will not see you made a fool of.

Mickey: I am not a fool, thank you very much. Bonnie is a guest in my house, and I insist you treat her with some respect.

Jennifer: All right, everybody, just listen, all right? It's been -- it's been a rough day, and I really think that all of our collective nerves are shot. So why don't I make some more tea, and, uh, Julie, you -- you can come with me and help me find some more.

Julie: You're not going to get away with this.

Bonnie: I have never had a Horton speak to me in that tone. I'm leaving.

Mickey: No.

Julie: Good riddance.

Bonnie: Mickey, you're a true gentleman, but I would never dream of causing trouble with you and your family.

Mickey: Please.

Bonnie: But first I am going to clean your kitchen. I would never leave you with a dirty house.

Mickey: Shame on you, Julie.

Julie: Everybody in this family is concerned about you, Uncle Mickey. You just lost your wife of 30 years.

Mickey: That gives you no reason to attack Bonnie Lockhart.

Julie: Could you back me up just a little bit here?

Jennifer: No, I'm not, because I am not going to take sides. We're not going to fight. Our family has been under siege for months. The last thing that we are going to do is quarrel with each other.

Mickey: She's right.

Julie: I'm not fighting with you, Uncle Mickey. I'm fighting for you.

Mickey: I can take care of myself.

Julie: Do you realize how much you have changed since Maggie died? And not for the better.

Jennifer: Julie, honestly.

Julie: Well, look at him. The cowboy boots, belt, bolo tie, that shirt -- before me stands a man I hardly even recognize, and it's all that woman's fault.

Lucas: If you're asking me did I feel something when you kissed me -- yeah. Yeah, I'm -- I'm a red-blooded American male. When you kissed me, I felt something.

Sami: You mean physically.

Lucas: Yeah, duh.

Sami: But otherwise it left you cold? Look, you're the one who wanted to have this discussion. We might as well be honest with each other.

Lucas: All right. All right, fine. You go first.

Sami: Okay. Sometimes I am attracted to you, but I don't know if it's physical or emotional, or if I'm just lonely since Brandon’s been gone.

Lucas: Oh. Great, thanks.

Sami: I'm just trying to be honest.

Lucas: Oh, be honest. I don't care. Fire away.

Sami: You know, we've been around each other a lot lately, and your hot water was broken for the longest time, and -- when I see you walking around without your shirt on...

Lucas: You get turned on?

Kate: Oh, God. [Thump]  Aah! Oh, my God. Do you realize that I could have killed you?

John: Yeah.

Kate: God, John. What are you doing here at this hour?

John: Well, I could ask you the same thing, couldn't I?

Kate: I'm finishing up the Campbell report, okay?

John: It's not due until next week.

Kate: Yeah, I know. Well...

John: You okay?

Kate: Well, if you have to know, I'm just, um... I'm having bouts of insomnia, so I thought it would be better to work here till 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, rather than lie in bed and toss.

John: Yeah, I hear ya.

Kate: I don't know. It just seems like I can -- I can manage better during the day because at night time... I just think about Roman, and I think about the awful way he died, and I think about the fact that he's not lying next to me, and that he's never going to hold me in his arms again.

John: I'm sorry, Kate.

Kate: It just seems like a bad dream, you know? All those years of -- of loneliness, and then... love, unexpectedly. At first, I didn't -- I didn't want to trust it, but then I did, and it was all snatched away from me.

John: I've been a bit lonely myself since Marlena banished me from the apartment. Of course, that, uh... ahem -- doesn't remotely compare to what you're going through.

Kate: I heard about Tony. I know you two didn't get along, but he was your brother.

John: Yeah. Yeah, worse still, the man died without giving us the name of the killer.

Kate: And so the nightmare goes on.

John: Now that's why I'm not real comfortable with you working here all alone late at night, understand?

Kate: Oh, come on, come on. You know something? At this point, I could really care less whether I lived or died anyway.

John: Don't say that.

Kate: Besides, why would the killer go after me? It's not like I pose a threat -- unless, of course, the killer is Sami.

John: Nah, it's not.

Kate: Yeah? Really? Are you sure of that?

John: The killing's all of a piece, Kate -- one person behind the seven slayings, and Sami was attacked herself, remember?

Kate: Then who?

John: All we know about this person is there's a criminal mastermind at work -- the most ruthless, meticulous murderer Salem’s ever seen. Let's just pray that we can stop her before she hits again.

Marlena: Four deaths linked with serial slayer.

Roman: My God. This can't be happening. Ugh. [Groans]

Marlena: You never should have married Kate. That was your fatal mistake.

Jennifer: Julie, you -- you need to calm down. All right, you have been through a terrible ordeal today.

Julie: Oh, one thing has nothing to do with another.

Jennifer: Yes, it does. You are stressed out, and you are upsetting Uncle Mickey.

Julie: That woman is taking you for a ride, Uncle Mickey, and when she's used you she's going to leave you high and dry.

Mickey: Julie, that's unfair.

Julie: She already wants to take your restaurant and turn it into some kind of a honky-tonk. Wait a minute. Where are Maggie’s porcelain figurines?

Jennifer: I-I mean, I knew that something was different, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

Julie: That collection -- it was very valuable.

Jennifer: What -- what about her Egyptian figurine that sat right over there all the time, Uncle Mickey?

Julie: All the treasures that you collected on your journeys together, not to mention the gifts that you gave her -- where are they?

Mickey: Well, Bonnie thought having them around might depress me, so she put them away for safekeeping.

Julie: Where is she keeping them safe, in some pawnshop?

Mickey: How can you say that?

Julie: Because I have met people like ms. Lockhart before. She has an agenda. First she's going to make a clean sweep of your house, and it's not out of the kindness of her heart.

Mickey: Bonnie would never pawn Maggie’s things.

Bonnie: Whew. Ha ha.

Man: Hmm, not much call for this kind of stuff.

Bonnie: Are you kidding? They're collectors' items.

Man: Little old lady bric-a-brac and an old Egyptian king?

Bonnie: It's not my style, true, but it's got to be worth a fortune.

Man: Want to see a real king?

Bonnie: [Gasps] Oh, my gosh, it's Elvis. Ha ha ha. Ooh, and it lights up, too. Oh, my God, I'm in heaven!

Man: Want to trade?

Bonnie: [Sighs] Sure, why not? There's more where this came from. Ha ha ha.

Julie: Bonnie Lockhart is going to take you, Uncle Mickey, for every cent you are worth.

Bonnie: Damn it, Julie. Who appointed you watchdog? You're going to ruin everything.

Kate: You really believe the killer is a woman?

John: Well, Tony said so before he died. He swore he knew who the Salem stalker was. Now I believe him. And, obviously, my brother was enough of a threat that he had to be silenced.

Kate: [Sighs] A woman. But who?

John: Victor's convinced it's his wife.

Kate: Well, I could believe it was Nicole, unless...

John: Unless what?

Kate: Unless it really is Sami.

Lucas: It's okay, Sami. You can admit that you're attracted to me. I mean, that did not feel like a neighborly kiss.

Sami: Don't let it go to your head.

Lucas: I'm not. Just being honest. Aren't we being honest here?

Sami: I am a woman with a pulse. You know, you're always looking for any excuse to take your shirt off in front of me, and -- and your shower was busted a lot longer than the super said it was going to be. You were over here, like, three or four times a day taking a shower, and... you were always using that skinny little towel that always looked like it was going to slip.

Lucas: Sounds like you were keeping a close watch.

Sami: Plus, you're always exercising, showing off your ripped 6-pack. You know, I'm not blind. I can tell you've been working out a lot lately. Is that for my benefit?

Lucas: You know, there are other ladies that I can keep in shape for, Sami.

Sami: Are you seeing someone? I didn't think so.

Lucas: Yeah, well, don't worry about it, all right? 'Cause my shower's fixed.

Sami: But we're still in and out of each other's apartments. We see each other half-naked almost every day. And, Lucas, it's getting to me, and it's got to be getting to you, right? So tell me the truth -- are you attracted to me?

Marlena: If Celeste realizes I'm the killer... then she's dead, just like anyone else who gets in my way.

John's voice: Damn it, I'm going to catch this maniac, and I'm going to stop this once and for all.

John: Kate, the killer covers her tracks. She never leaves a trace, let alone a tent-full of eyewitnesses.

Kate: Oh... I suppose you're right.

John: I am right.

Kate: Well, but she is still a snake. She is a snake. I tell you that. You know what she was doing tonight? She was going after Lucas.

John: What?

Kate: She was kissing him, in fact.

John: Insult to injury.

Kate: Oh, my God, she was practically cannibalizing him. In fact, if I hadn't shown up, she would have swallowed him whole.

John: [Chuckles]

Kate: No! You know something? That's not true, because if I hadn't have shown up, she wouldn't have been kissing him at all. She completely staged it for me.

John: Even so, Lucas is too smart to fall for that kind of manipulation.

Kate: Really? He's a man, isn't he?

John: He's immune. He knows all of Sami's little tricks by heart.

Kate: Except for one.

John: What's that?

Kate: Will. Lucas feels very guilty that he hasn't been able to give will a home with two parents -- you know, papa bear, mama bear, baby bear, three bowls of porridge.

John: Mm. And Sami knows that.

Kate: Oh, yes, she does. And she's just waiting for Lucas to drop his guard.

Sami: It's like we're kids at the beach. You know, you're flaunting your six-pack and flexing your rippling muscles.

Lucas: Rippling, huh?

Sami: I was just being descriptive.

Lucas: Ah, darn, I thought you were giving me a compliment, Sami.

Sami: You know, you're not even being subtle. Will has started to notice.

Lucas: I'm not being subtle? You're the one who gave me a big, long, wet kiss right in front of him tonight. Now, Sami, you know he wants us together. You're getting the kid's hopes up. Don't do it. What, are you toying with us both?

Sami: I would never toy with my son's affections.

Lucas: Yeah? Well, neither would I.

Sami: Just because we messed up our own lives does not give us the right to mess up our son’s.

Lucas: Absolutely. I love my kid more than anything in this world. I'm not gonna mess him up.

Sami: You know what? He's really vulnerable right now, having lost his grandpa Roman and his great-Grandma Caroline. Don't you think that he deserves to be with a stable family and two parents who -- who love him?

Lucas: Yeah, I do. I do, so quit jerking me around, okay?

Sami: I know what it's like to live without a parent, and I don't want Will to go through that kind of pain.

Lucas: Then we have to stick together -- for the sake of family. For our son.

Sami: So, yeah, I mean, we should do whatever we can to be there for will.

Lucas: So, are you saying that -- that you want to be a couple?

Marlena: [Gasps] Ahh! Oh, my gosh.  Oh, John. I can't lose you. You've always been so good to me.  Ahh... I've got to stop all this killing. I just have to. John's the only one who will understand. I've got to find him. I've got to tell him what I've done.

Bonnie: Oh... where is the pawn ticket? Oh, yes, yes. Oh, no, that's lotto. Oh, gosh. I have got to recover those knickknacks by morning, or I'm toast. Oh, Mickey never would have even noticed those things if Julie hadn't opened her big trap. Oh, damn it. What am I gonna do?

Julie: I love you, Uncle Mickey. I can see what a vulnerable place you are in right now. If I can see it, other people can see it -- people who might be less than scrupulous.

Mickey: Bonnie has worked for us for years. I have no reason to doubt her integrity.

Julie: I hope you're right. I hope I'm wrong. I just don't want to see anybody profit from your grief.

Jennifer: Uncle Mickey, what Julie is trying to say is just don't make any big decisions right now.

Julie: Like turning Tuscany into the O.K. Corral.

Jennifer: Don't feel pressured to put away yours and aunt Maggie’s keepsakes.

Julie: Like reupholstering the living room in rawhide.

Mickey: Enough!

Jennifer: Absolutely. We will say no more.

Mickey: Bonnie is helping me through a transition right now. After that, I won't be needing her as much.

Mickey: I appreciate your concern, Julie, but I do not need a babysitter.

Bonnie: Exactly. You don't need any of us telling you what to do. May I, um, speak to you in private?

Julie: Eavesdropping.

Jennifer: Julie, we were pretty loud.

Julie: Oh, come on. She had her ear pressed to the door. Just means she's a sneak.

Jennifer: I know that you want what's best for Uncle Mickey, but tonight you have gone too far.

Lucas: It's a simple question, Sami.

Sami: No, it's complicated.

Lucas: No, it's not. Either you want to be a couple, or you don’t.

Sami: Every time I let myself think that I could have a future with a man, I've been abandoned.

Lucas: Neither of us have had very good track records, Sami.

Sami: I don't know if I can go through that again, Lucas. It's like every bone in your body has been broken, and you never know if the pain is going to end, and... so I've just tried to focus on being a good single mom. And...

Lucas: And?

Sami: And I don't know if that's fair to will. I mean, pretty soon, he's gonna go through puberty, and then --

Lucas: Then we fasten our seatbelts, yeah.

Sami: You know, I was just a teenager when my whole world fell apart. I saw my mom having sex with John on that conference room table, and it messed up my head.

Lucas: I know, Sami. I know the story.

Sami: I really thought that my mom loved my dad, and I was wrong. She didn't know her own mind. The great mind doctor didn't know her own mind. How funny is that?

Lucas: Sami, calm down. You're digressing.

Sami: My point is, I don't want will to go through that kind of pain. That is why I want to know if I have real feelings for you. And that's why I kissed you. It was stupid. Forget it.

Lucas: No, it wasn't stupid, Sami.

Sami: You know what? You should go get will. He's probably done with his report by now, and who knows what he's Googling on your computer, so you should go home and send him back here, okay?

Lucas: Don't worry about him. He's fine, really.

Sami: It's late. He should be in bed.

Lucas: No. No, we're not finished here. All right, I still don't know what's going on.

Sami: That makes two of us.

Lucas: Do you want to be together, or are you just playing games? V

Jennifer: Julie, think about it, all right? The tiger getting loose at the circus, you being trapped in that cage when the fire started. You have had a traumatic day. You are taking it out on Bonnie.

Julie: Am I?

Jennifer: Yes. I'm not saying she isn't a little pushy, but...

Julie: Every time she looks at uncle Mackey, I can see that cash register in her eyes going, "ka-ching!"

Jennifer: I do not think there is any danger of Uncle Mickey falling for Bonnie.

Julie: It is ridiculous, isn't it? Bonnie even trying to replace Maggie --

Jennifer: That is never going to happen.

Julie: I never meant to upset Uncle Mickey so much.

Jennifer: I know. But, you know, I understand what he's going through.

Julie: Oh, darling, of course you do.

Jennifer: I mean, with jack gone, sometimes it's so hard to even get out of bed in the morning. If I didn't have to see Abby off to school, I would be tempted to stay under the covers all day, Julie.

Julie: Oh, sweetie pie.

Jennifer: And, you know, you look for the littlest thing to give you a boost. Do you know the other morning I had ice cream for breakfast?

Julie: No!

Jennifer: I did. But you know what? It got me going, and I think that's what Bonnie does for Uncle Mickey. I think she gets him going. She's keeping him from falling apart.

Julie: Did you really have ice cream for breakfast? I would imagine you'd sort of be concentrating on health foods for the baby.

Jennifer: Oh, I wish. I wish that was the only thing I had to worry about.

Julie: Are you determined to carry this pregnancy to term, even though it's life-threatening for you?

Jennifer: Yes, I am, because this is a gift from jack, and I have to have faith that everything is going to be all right in the end.

Julie: Darling, I respect your decision, but --

Jennifer: That's right, and we have to respect Uncle Mickey’s decision, too.

Mickey: I have to apologize for my niece's behavior. Don't cry, please.

Bonnie: I'm not crying for me, I'm crying for you.

Mickey: I don't understand.

Bonnie: Your family wants to put you in a rocking chair. And you're in your prime, Mickey. You're healthy. You're virile.

Mickey: Really?

Bonnie: You're not ready for a retirement home. No, sirree. You can take care of yourself.

Mickey: That's what I've been trying to impress upon Julie.

Bonnie: You know, Mickey, I've seen this happen before with mature gentlemen. Their family starts to hover and start treating the guy like he's an old geezer. And pretty soon, he starts to act like one, and before you know it, he's picking out the suit that he wants to be buried in.

Mickey: That's not gonna happen to me.

Bonnie: So, you want me to stop over tomorrow, help you with this old house then? Or are you, uh, worried about what your family's gonna think?

Lucas: You said you kissed me to find out if you had real feelings for me. So what did you decide?

Sami: Every since my father died, I've realized how short life can be, and sometimes you don't get another chance to tell someone how you really feel about them.

Lucas: So tell me.

Sami: I don't know, Lucas. I'm not sure.

Lucas: Well, we could, uh... run another test if you'd like.

John: Well, Sami is nothing like her mother.

Kate: She's nothing like Roman, either. It's just hard to believe that two decent people could create a vicious little creature like that.

John: I can't figure it out. There's not a mean bone in doc's body. And she's fearless when it comes to helping others. You know, she's gonna undergo hypnotherapy with Celeste.

Kate: Isn't that the same thing she did with Maggie?

John: Yeah, well -- yeah, kinda, sorta, I guess.

Kate: But Maggie actually saw the face of the killer.

John: Well, Celeste sees... things in her mind's eye.

Kate: Do you believe that?

John: You know, if you would have asked t that last year, I'd say hell no, but she's batting 1000 lately. Every one of her premonitions has come true.

Kate: Ooh... it's scary.

John: Yeah. She's scared herself. Because if Celeste correctly names the killer, and doc helps her, either one of them could be the next victim.

Kate: What drives a person to take so many innocent lives?

John: Now, that is the question, isn't it?

Kate: Yeah. Okay, then -- Abe. He was the original victim, right?

John: Well, he was the first to die.

Kate: Yeah. So, does that mean that everyone who was killed after him was killed because they had a clue to the murderer's identity? I mean, is this killer just trying not to get caught?

John: It's got to be more than that.

Kate: Yeah, it has to be.

John: Yeah, it's got to be some kind of deep-seated motivation, some, uh... ah, hell, if we can figure that out, we could put a stop to this reign of terror, couldn't we?

Kate: Sometimes I think that I should have been able to do something to, um... to save Roman.

John: No, no, no, no, no, no. Kate, Kate, stop right there. Come on. Come on.

Kate: No, no, no, no, because we knew that he was a target, and there were others who felt that the marriage was a risk because it was putting a spotlight on him.

John: Kate, there was police protection all over the place there.

Kate: I know that. But if I hadn't married him, would he still be alive?

John: Kate, listen to me. Even though the man’s life was cut short, when he was with you, I hadn't seen him happier in years.

Kate: Oh, God, John, is there something I could have done, though? Something I could have done to stop it?

John: Oh, Kate...

Marlena: [Thinking] Even John betrays me. From now on, you won't blow dry...

Julie: You think Bonnie Lockhart is on the level?

Jennifer: I think that Bonnie is a nice enough woman.

Julie: However vulgar.

Jennifer: All right, she might be a little heavy on the hot sauce, but I think she has a good heart.

Julie: You know, maybe we could just put our heads together and find another housekeeper for Uncle Mickey. Someone with a little less... cleavage.

Jennifer: Julie, will you stop it? Ha ha.

Julie: I'm just afraid if Uncle Mickey leaves Bonnie Lockhart in his kitchen much longer, he's gonna get burnt.

Bonnie: Of course if you don't want me to come by tomorrow, it's perfectly all right.

Mickey: No. Tomorrow will be fine. I look forward to seeing you.

Sami: We can't do this. One kiss is a test. If we keep kissing each other, it'll be like we're dating, and I don't know if I'm ready for that.

Lucas: What the hell has this whole discussion been about?

Sami: I'm sorry, but I don't know if I can see myself seriously dating you.

Lucas: You can't date me? You -- you're the craziest woman I've ever met! I can't imagine myself dating you! That'd be a nightmare!

Sami: Well, then I guess you'd feel right at home.

Lucas: Hey, you know what? Normally that might hurt my feelings, but since it's coming from you, the queen of lost causes, I don't care. After all the hell you've put will and I through, I wouldn't wish you on anybody!

Sami: Well, I'm glad will isn't here to see me do this. Ahh! Let me go!

Lucas: Relax. Why? Why do we do this?

Sami: I told you that I didn't want to have this conversation, and you just wouldn't let it go. You were so convinced that I have the hots for you.

Lucas: Come on, Sami.

Sami: Well, I feel sorry for you, because obviously you've got it bad for me.

Lucas: Wait, I got it bad? What about you? You were fishing, right? Just to see if you could reel me in and then throw me back, is that it?

Sami: Oh, speaking of fish, kissing you is like kissing a dead mackerel -- slimy and disgusting. In fact, you know what? I have to go brush my teeth!

Kate: Please, just tell me what is driving this maniac.

John: Yeah. I've got a couple theories.

Kate: So tell me.

John: What if she... feels that some other woman has taken away the man she loves? Or... or her lover is being unfaithful? I mean, that could give her motivation to kill, couldn't it?

“Next on Days Of Our Lives”

Marlena: I want to tell you something. Actually, it's really more of a confession.

Will: Mom's having trouble sleeping, too. Maybe you should stay here tonight.

Belle: Does this mean that we're...engaged?

Victor: We have to proceed with extreme caution. Until she's caught, she's extremely dangerous.

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