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Jan: Where are you, Shawn? How long can you spend at this stupid charity circus with little miss Polly purebred as your date? Now, if I was there...

Belle: I'd like to buy a kiss, please.

Shawn-D: Your money's no good here.

Belle: Aren't you sweet?

[Cheers and whistles]

Jan: You heard him, you twit. Your money's no good. Here's my money, Shawn. Can we make it A... big, juicy one?

Shawn-D: Forget it.

Belle: Ha!

Shawn-D: You're so hot, this one's on me.

Belle: What? Fine. I'll pay $5.

Shawn-D: You know what? You could pay $500. It wouldn't make a difference. These lips belong to Jan and Jan only.

Belle: Shawn, maybe we should've stayed at the hospital.

Shawn-D: I think we've been through enough for today. Plus, there's nothing more we could've done there.

Belle: Okay, but what if Tony wakes up and he's able to identify the killer?

Shawn-D: Then I'm sure we'll hear about it. Plus, my mother said she'd call if there was any news. Right now I'm more concerned about you.

Belle: I am fine, thanks to you.

Shawn-D: Well, if something had happened --

Belle: To me? Shawn, no. You're the one that could've died saving my dad and me from that tiger. You didn't hesitate at all about putting yourself in harm's way. And I think that bravery like that should be rewarded.

Shawn-D: Well, what do you have in mind?

Belle: Take off your clothes, and I'll show you.

Jan: If you think you're going to make love to my man, Belle, you are sadly mistaken.

Victor: I know it's against hospital policy. I happen to be on the board. No, that's all right. Just tell me how Tony DiMera is doing. Has there been any change? I see. Well, thank you very much. Just as I'd hoped. You're circling the drain, Nicole. Soon, Tony will recover and name you as the killer. Ha ha.

Nicole: Thank God, Brady. I can't tell you what this means to me, that you believe me and you want to help me. But Victor's determined. He is out to prove that I am the Salem stalker, and if he gets away with it --

Brady: No, see, he won’t. Because the real killer is out there. And it's up to us to find out who that is.

Lexie: I got a page. What's going on?

Hope: Your mom -- she almost fainted.

Lexie: It's probably all the stress of the day. When was the last time you ate, Mom?

Celeste: No, no, darling, it's not that. It's -- I had a vibration!

Lexie: Another one?

Celeste: Oh, Alexandra... the killer, darling -- is going to strike again. Your -- your brother -- he is going to die.

Lexie: No, Mom, nothing's going to happen to Tony. He's in critical condition, but he's stable, okay? He will recover.

Celeste: Unless the killer prevents that.

John: We've got an armed cop standing right outside his cubicle.

Hope: That's right. No one can get to him, certainly not the killer. Celeste, Tony is safe as can be.

Tony: I... I knew it was you. I knew it was you.

Marlena: You're just too smart for your own good, Tony. You've beaten death so many times. Now... you're flat out of luck. Prepare to meet your maker, count.

Nicole: How are we going to do that, Brady? How are the two of us going to find the killer when our own Salem P.D. has been on it for months? And thanks to my lying, manipulating husband, the only real suspect they have is me.

Brady: Nicole, they're not just going to arrest you without any evidence.

Nicole: It's only a matter of time before Tony wakes up and names me as the killer.

Brady: You really believe he's going to do that?

Nicole: Hello! What have I been saying all along? Victor and him are in cahoots. The two of them together are plotting my downfall.

Brady: I-I think you're being a little too paranoid. I understand that you and Victor have...problems. But to involve Tony? I mean, he and Victor are not exactly friends.

Nicole: Victor hates me. I am fighting this divorce because he wants to throw me out without a penny. If I go to jail, or better yet, the death chamber, all of Victor's problems will be over. He'd be rid of me for good.

Brady: See, Nicole, you're still not answering my question about Tony.

Nicole: Victor cut a deal with Tony.

Brady: What kind of deal?

Nicole: After Tony was arrested, he made it very clear to everyone that he was going after the killer. Victor went to Tony’s hearing. He told him he believed that the killer was a woman. And Tony promised Victor that if he gave him the name, he would see to it that Victor's hands would stay clean.

Brady: I don't understand.

Nicole: All I know is that Victor handed my head on a platter to Tony. I am being framed, and there's not a damn thing anyone can do to stop it.

Brady: Nicole, j-just calm down, okay? We're going to prove that you're being framed, and it shouldn't be that hard because you're innocent.

Nicole: Oh, Brady...

Brady: Yes? Nicole, you are... innocent, aren't you?

Nicole: No. Not entirely.

Celeste: No disrespect, hope. Police protection hasn't stopped the killer before. Now, Maggie and Caroline were guarded round the clock, and they both ended up dead.

Hope: Maybe we better check with the guard.

John: Yeah, I was just thinking about doing that myself.

Lexie: Thanks for paging me. I appreciate it.

Hope: No problem.

Lexie: Uh, Mom, I have to finish my rounds, but listen, I want you to lie down and try to rest.

Celeste: Darling, you'll let me know if anything -- anything changes, yes?

Lexie: Yes, yes, yes, of course, of course. And I want you to page me if you need anything.

Celeste: I will, darling. I will.

Lexie: All right.  Rest. I'll turn off the light.

Celeste: Oh, maybe she's right. I feel so tired all of a sudden. Maybe that's all it is. Yes, maybe... maybe I'm just exhausted.

Tony: Celeste, Celeste.

Celeste: Anthony. Anthony, what is it, darling? What's wrong?

Tony: I know it's dangerous for you to know who the killer is, but I've got to tell you before it's too late. It's... [Gasping] It's already...too late.

Celeste: [Gasps] You.

Marlena: I'm sorry, what was that, Tony? Seems like you're trying to say something. Oh, I know what it is. You'd like to ask me why. Is that it? Why? You know what? Our beloved Cassíe had the same question as she was pleading for her life. She just wouldn't understand, Tony. Neither would you. I must say, I'm so impressed that you figured out it was me. Nobody else did, you know. Hmm. Except for Cassíe. And you would've caught me, too, if it hadn't been for your big top ego getting in the way. You're just like Stefano. You're just like him -- the image of him. A real show-- no, you don’t. No, you don’t. No, you don’t. Tony... nobody is going to save you this time. Nobody. Not even your heroic half-brother John.

John: We're here to check on count DiMera. How's he doing? Everything okay?

Jan: Oh, Shawn... you are so fine.

Belle: So what you need to do is lie down on your stomach and put your hands at your side.

Shawn-D: All right, what is going on here?

Belle: I'm giving my hero a massage. Now lay down and do what I say.

Shawn-D: Yes, ma'am.

Jan: Barbie dolls give off more heat than you do, Belle. Now... if I had my way with Shawn...

Shawn-D: Wow. I have never felt this way before.

Jan: Just you wait, Shawn, I have learned some things in Europe that are going to blow you away.

Shawn-D: oh, you’re amazing, but you know, I'm the one who should be pampering you.

Jan: Aw, Shawn... just being with you is all the pampering I need. Besides, I'm ready to give you something Belle never has.

Shawn-D: And what's that?

Jan: Hmm. I'll give you a little hint.

Jan: Oh, the things I'm going to teach you, Shawn...

Shawn-D: I love you.

Jan: Way to put him to sleep, Belle.

Marlena: It's no use, Tony. They can't hear you.

Man: Excuse me. Mrs. Brady, officer Ruiz just called the nurses' station looking for you.

Hope: Oh, thanks, Vince. Could I use your phone?

Vince: Yeah, of course.

Hope: I'll be right back.

John: Yeah. So, been pretty quiet, huh? Nobody's come or gone from DiMera's cubicle?

Man: Just Dr. Carver, a few nurses... oh, and some other doctor is in with him now.

John: What other doctor?

Man: I'm not sure, but she had the proper I.D.

John: You didn't get a name?

Man: No. I'm sorry. She's a doctor. I figured --

John: Never mind. I'll check myself. What the hell you talking about, man? There's no one here but Tony.  What is it?

Brady: Nicole, what do you mean you're not entirely innocent? Are you telling me that you had something to do with the serial killings?

Nicole: No. No, of course not. I... what... I'm guilty of is turning your grandfather against me. He did love me once. And I made him hate me because of something I did.

Brady: What? What did you do?

Nicole: I cheated on him, Brady. I had an affair with Colin Murphy.

Brady: With Colin?

Nicole: I know. It was wrong, and I ended it. Only, it didn't end. Colin blackmailed me. He threatened to tell Victor if I didn't pay him $5 million.

Brady: $5 million. Did you pay him?

Nicole: Of course. I had no choice. He was going to destroy my whole life. I couldn't let that happen. Ironic, isn't it? This whole thing started because I was trying to protect what I had with Victor. I mean, believe it or not, I loved him once, too.

Brady: Well, Nicole, why?

Nicole: I don't know. I-I guess I was looking for one last fling. It turned out to be a horrible mistake. I mean, not only did I lose $5 million and my job at titan, my freedom, my dignity, but I lost my heart and any chance of ever finding happiness again.

Brady: See, I... Nicole, I don't understand why -- why you talk like that.

Nicole: Because Victor shot Colin on our wedding night.

Brady: What?

Nicole: Yes. As a warning of what would happen to me if I didn't play by the rules. And if I dared to leave him or refuse him my wifely duties, he would frame me for Colin’s murder. He said he acquired more than enough evidence to do that.

Brady: How?

Nicole: That file he threatened to show you earlier -- it is filled with planted evidence. And he keeps it in that wall safe and uses it to keep me in line.

Brady: I -- you know, I can't believe this. I-I knew things were strange around here, but this --

Nicole: Brady, I-I am sorry. I-I know this -- this can't be easy to hear all these horrible things about your grandfather.

Brady: How could he -- how could he do this? You made a mistake. Yes. But framing you for a murder that he committed -- how did you live with yourself with the threat hanging over your head?

Nicole: It was hell. And if it hadn't been for you in this house... plus, I... I had a little bit of insurance. I told him if he ever made good on his threats, I would take him down with me as an accessory. Oh, my God. That's it.

Brady: What's it?

Nicole: Why didn't I think of this before? I mean, if Victor gets Tony to name me as the Salem stalker, Victor is home free. I'll be charged with seven counts of murder, and even if I tried to implicate Victor in Colin’s murder, who would ever believe me?

Brady: This has got to stop right now.

Nicole: Where are you going?

Brady: I'm going to confront my grandfather. I will not let him railroad you.

Nicole: One down, one to go. While you are taking care of Victor, I will take care of Tony. I can't let him name me as the killer, no matter what I have to do.

Celeste: Lord -- lord help us! Help us!

Tony: It's no use.

Celeste: No. This isn't real. This isn't real. This is only a dream.

Tony: This is not a dream, Celeste! It's real.

Celeste: No, don't say that!

Tony: The killer's here! In a matter of minutes, I'll be dead.

Celeste: [Gasps] [Hyperventilating] Oh, dear God. I have to warn them! Help! Somebody, please! Let me out! Let me out! Please!

[Wind blows]

Celeste: No, please... please... Anthony! Anthony, no! Anthony! No! Anthony, no... no! No! Oh, God... Anthony...oh, God. [Sobbing] Oh, God.

John: What is it, Tony? What is it, Tony?

Lexie: John. I told you before not to upset my brother. I told you, I don't want him upset.

John: Relax. I wasn't grilling your brother. I was just checking on him. A guard said some doctor had gone in there, and he didn't know who the hell she was.

Hope: Lex, considering that, uh, considering your mother's warning, I think it would be a very good idea to get a list of all authorized staff allowed in Tony’s cubicle.

Lexie: Yeah. Yeah, of course. I'm -- I'm sorry, John. I didn't mean to snap at you. You were just doing your job.

John: Don't worry about it.

Lexie: Look, uh, come with me. I'll get you the list.

Marlena: Whoa, that was close. I guess we should just get on with it, huh, Tony? Ready for your medicine? Of course, this... isn't going to be half as much fun as watching Horton the tiger take you apart. Ha ha ha ha. But... I'm sorry, it will be lethal. Yeah. You see, Tony, this drug that I'm about to put into your I.V. will slowly but surely paralyze your body, and it's going to be... excruciatingly painful.

Tony: [Coughs and wheezes]

Marlena: You see, this drug, Tony, is going to collapse your lungs and stop your heart, but... you'll have enough blood and oxygen in your brain so you know every second that you are in the process of dying. Pretty creative, huh? Ha ha ha ha. I bet you wish you had never come back to Salem.  Well, Tony... this phoenix has risen before. But it's never, ever going to rise again.  Go to hell, count.

Hope: I'll make sure the guard gets a copy of this.

John: All right. No one gets near Tony unless they're on this list and they produce an I.D.

Hope: Hey, uh, why don't you take a break, check on Belle? She seemed pretty upset when she left earlier.

John: Yeah, she's having a hard time with all this, hope. You know, on top of everything else, she's dealing with the fact that her parents have split up.

Hope: I can imagine. You're a close family.

John: Were.

Hope: Hey, you will be again when this nightmare is over.

John: Not before then, that's a fact. Unless Tony names that killer, doc will never believe that I am not the murderer.

Man: For count DiMera. Can you sign?

Man #2: Sure.

Brady: Granddad, how could you do it? How could you set Nicole up to take the fall for all of these horrible murders?

Victor: The woman is playing you, Brady.

Brady: What, by being honest with me? She opened up to me, Granddad. She told me everything -- about her affair with Colin, how he blackmailed her, and how you shot him to death on your wedding night.

Victor: You're skating on very thin ice, Brady. I hope you appreciate the severity of your accusations.

Brady: Well, is it true? Did you kill Colin Murphy?

Victor: I didn't want to have to do this.

Brady: Let me guess. You're going to go over and take out the incriminating file -- the one that proves that Nicole killed Colin -- the one that you doctored to keep her prisoner in this house and in your bed.

Victor: We're going to settle this right here and right now.

Victor: Henderson, send Mrs. Kiriakis in here. She's what? Damn it! No, no, I'll handle it myself.

Brady: What's wrong?

Victor: Despite the police officer sitting outside, it seems your new best friend was just seen going out the service entrance.

Brady: Where is she going?

Victor: Where do you think she's going? She's going to the hospital to finish what she started.

Brady: Oh, please.

Victor: I'll be damned if I'm going to let her kill Tony DiMera before he gets to send her to jail for murder!

Celeste: Hello? Hello? Hello? He's dead. The door's locked. It's as if the forces of evil are trying to keep me prisoner. Oh!  [Gasps]

Lexie: Mom. What's going on? Are you all right

Celeste: It's too late, darling.

Lexie: What?

Celeste: The killer has struck again. Your brother, Alexandra... it's finished.

Marlena: [Gasps]

John: Where have you been?

 [Cellular phone rings ]

Man: Hey, babe. Told you not to call me on my cell at the hospital. All right, I'll call you back on the landline.

Nicole: Oh, whoa. You don't look so hot. I guess getting mauled by a tiger will do that to you. Don't worry. I'll make this quick. I just want to know if you plan on naming me as the killer. Tony, if you're planning to, just think about it, okay? I know I have done some bad things, but I swear to you, I am not the Salem stalker. Victor is setting me up. Sorry. Sorry, you just -- you just startled me there. Look, I just want to know one more thing, and then I will get out of your way. Who is the killer, Tony, the real killer?

[Monitor beeping loudly] 

Belle: Hey.

Shawn-D: Wow, that was fast.

Belle: I told you. What were you looking at out there?

Shawn-D: Just the rain. It's ironic how soothing it is considering everything that's happened in the past 24 hours.

Belle: Yeah. Well, my dad called my cell phone and said that there still hasn't been any change. They haven't been able to talk to Tony.

Shawn-D: I was just thinking, you know, what Tony was saying about the killer being a woman, someone we all knew.

Belle: What is it, Shawn? Do you have an idea who it is?

Shawn-D: No. No. But whoever it is, I hope they rot in hell.

Marlena: I was in the chapel praying for Tony.

John: The chapel.

Marlena: Has his condition improved?

 [Monitor beeping]

Nicole: Oh, my God, this can't be good.

Man: What the hell is your problem? I told you, I'm working tonight. At the hospital. Right.

Vince: Paging Dr. Carver. Dr. Carver, report to the trauma room, stat. Code blue. Dr. Carver to the trauma room, stat. Let's get this charged up, guys.

[Over intercom] Dr. Carver, report to the trauma room, stat. Code blue. Dr. Carver to the trauma room, stat. Code blue.

John: It's Tony.

Lexie: Mom, get on the other side.

Hope: What's going on? What happened?

Man: It's DiMera. He's gone into cardiac arrest.

John: Oh, it can't be.

Brady: Oh, my God, I think we're too late.

Victor: For Tony, maybe, but not for some answers.

Lexie: Clear!

Vince: We've got a rhythm. But his BP is dropping fast.

Lexie: I don't understand. He was in critical condition, but he was stable.

Hope: Isn't there anything you can do, Lex?

Lexie: No, all his organs are failing. It's just a matter of time.

John: Tony, it's John. If you can hear us, help us. Tell us who that killer is now.

Lexie: Tony, what is it?

[Monitor beeping loudly]

John: What's happening?

Vince: We're losing him.

John: No.

Vince: He's not responding.

John: No, we can't lose him till he gives us a name.

Lexie: Okay, there may still be a way. I may be able to buy him a little bit more time.

Celeste: Hurry, darling, I sense that -- that he's slipping away!

Lexie: All right, I'll need consent. I'd qualify as his next of kin, but since I'm his doctor --

John: I'll give it. I'm next of kin. I'm his brother. Just do it. Do whatever you gotta do.

Lexie: Okay, give me 20 milligrams of adrenaline acetitrate, stat.

John: Come on, hang in there, Tony. Come on.

Lexie: Tony, Tony, hold on, please.

Marlena: This is a mistake. You shouldn't be doing this.

Jan: Sorry, Shawn. The sight of your hot butt -- it can keep me warm all night, but Belle black... there's only so much I can take. Soon, Shawn. Real soon.

Belle: Here you go.

Shawn-D: Oh.  Mmm. Oh, gosh, that's perfect.

Belle: You like it? Coaster.

Shawn-D: Coaster.

Belle: Ha ha ha. Thank you. Okay, well, I got you your car magazine.

Shawn-D: What?

Belle: And your comic book.

Shawn-D: No, I was kidding. Oh, this is -- no, I was kidding.

Belle: Shawn, I wasn't kidding. This doesn't even come close to make up for what you did for me today. I don't know what I'd do without you right now.

Shawn-D: Listen, I'm sorry for bringing the mood down before with all that talk of the killer.

Belle: It's okay. Tony's going to wake up, he's going to reveal who the killer is, and this whole thing is going to be over. Your dad's going to come home, my parents are going to get back together, and everything will be back to normal.

Shawn-D: Yeah. I pray that you're right.

Victor: Going somewhere, Nicole?

Brady: What are you doing here?

Victor: Do you have to ask? You just tried to kill Tony, didn't you?

Nicole: No, I didn’t.

Victor: That's a lie.

Brady: Tell the truth.

Nicole: I am telling the truth.

Brady: You didn't go into Tony’s room.

Nicole: And no one can prove I did anything.

Lexie: I can't believe you'd say that. You don't approve?

Marlena: It's unethical. This man's body is shutting down. He's in terrible pain. How can you or any member of his family even expect him to go through that for any reason?

John: We don't have a choice, damn it. He knows who the killer is.

Lexie: He's been trying to tell us all day. Marlena, my brother would want this. He would want to help. Tony? Tony, is it okay with you? Hmm? Can I give you the adrenaline so you can tell us who the killer is? Thank you.

Vince: The adrenaline, doctor.

Lexie: Okay.

John: Sweetheart, I understand your position, but justice will be served here. We got to stop that damn killer.

Lexie: Tony? Tony, we're here. John, hope, and I -- we're all listening. So whenever you're ready... tell us.

John: Tell us now, Tony. Who's the killer?

“Next on Days Of Our Lives”

Brady: All things equal, would you still want to be Mrs. Victor Kiriakis?

John: In fact, I think you know who the next victim is going to be.

Mimi: He loved you like a dad, Rex. He still loves you. Let's just get our coats, and we'll go to the hospital.

Rex: Damn it, did you hear me? I said no!

Lexie: Please tell us.

John: Who's the Salem stalker?

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