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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 1/23/04 - Canada; Monday 1/24/04 - U.S.A.

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Marlena: It's a magician from the circus. Yes, the paramedics are bringing him in right now. Blow to the head. He never regained consciousness. All right, I'll let you get to work, Doctor. Well, thank you, too.

Brady: Granddad, tony DiMera just took control of the center ring. He's about to name the serial killer.

Victor: I don't suppose you've seen my wife.

Brady: I was about to ask you the same thing.

Tony: I would advise you and Salem's so-called finest to focus your rather pathetic efforts into making sure that the killer does not escape. The person you're searching for is here. Ladies and gentlemen, this will be the Salem stalker's last hurrah.

Hope: Not so fast!

Celeste: [Gasping] Anthony is right. The murderer is here.

Lexie: Mom, what's going on?

Celeste: Your brother is about to reveal the identity of the killer.

Julie: Well, this is not my idea of an evening's entertainment.

Doug: Maybe not, but if tony can pull the killer's name out of the hat, what better way to celebrate today and our future? Please, God, just let this be over.

Belle: If tony isn't the killer...

Shawn-D: Then he could be next.

Belle: I can't watch this.

Sami: Come on, tony, just tell us who the killer is. When I find out who did this to my dad and Grandma, I will kill them.

Will: Mom, how can you say that? Don't you ever learn?

Sami: Will, sweetie. Oh, Lucas. Will, come back, honey.

Lucas: Sami, damn it.

Julie: What's the matter? What's the matter with will?

Lucas: Sami said something that really upset him. Excuse me. I have to chase after them.

Doug: Go, Lucas, go. We'll go the other way. Maybe we can cut him off.

Julie: Okay.

Hope: Tony, you have been throwing around the hypothesis that the murderer is a woman. If you're going to tag this person, do you actually have evidence?

Tony: I'm absolutely certain, and so will you be when you hear what my evidence is, and will you be shocked when you find out who's betrayed you.

[Fanfare playing]

John: Oh, for God's sakes.

Tony: Excuse me. That's my cue.

Man: Where are those damn keys?

Tony: Do you want a name?

All: Yes!

Tony: Are you ready to hear it?

All: Yes!

Tony: The shocking truth after months of misery and heartache and terror.

All: Yes!

Tony: Then you shall have it, my friends -- the name of the Salem stalker.

[Crowd murmuring]

[Tiger growling]

[Tiger roaring]

John: All right, I've had it with the antics. I'm going to take you out of here right now.

Tony: You don't have much choice now, do you? You take me away, the audience will demand its money back. So much for the Horton foundation fundraiser.

[Tiger growling]

Hope: Tony, by standing here in the centre ring announcing the killer, you're putting yourself at tremendous risk.

Tony: Nothing is going to stop me from revealing the killer's name to the good people of Salem.

Hope: You're making a big mistake.

John: One that's going to cost you your life, pal.

Shawn-D: You okay?

Belle: No, I'm not. I don't know how much more of this I can take.

Shawn-D: All right, come here. Come here. If Tony’s right, this could end tonight.

Belle: You know... we have lost so many friends and family because of this maniac, and even if Tony was to name names, what's to say that the killer's not going to retaliate and strike again? Shawn, what if it's someone else that we love? None of us are safe.

Bonnie: I sure wish I had a ciggie.  Yeah, well, honey, I was dying when the rodeo show I planned went to hell in a hand basket. And things only got worse when I ended up sitting in that dunking tank. My own daughter nailed me with her first pitch. Oh, you said it Marcel. Cry me a river. That's exactly what I was doing when my ciggies turned into wet tobacco noodles. Ha ha ha. Oh, yeah. Then I lost my contact lenses, so I had to borrow crummy the clown's glasses. They work okay up close -- I mean, they're like reading glasses -- but they're filthy. Hmm? Aw. You know, Mr. Mime, you're kind of cute. I like the silent, strong type. Ha ha ha. As long as you don't mime everything. Ha ha ha ha. You know, after the circus, you want to buy girl a drink? Huh? Huh? Hey, wait. Where'd you go? What'd I say? Marcel -- no, wait, wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! What about my glasses? Dude, I can't see anything without them! [Groans] Oh. Ohh. Ooh, oh, ow. Ooh. Uh, jeez.

Tony: I have mentally prepared myself to go head-on with the killer.

Hope: Turn this matter over to the Salem P.D., Tony.

Tony: I can't do that. Not now. I can't give some understudy my part on opening night, now, can I?

John: Aw, damn it, DiMera; you're not the star of some lousy play here.

Tony: I'm a marked man -- so you pointed out. Doing is a mistake. Not doing is a bigger mistake. Now, are you going to let me pull the killer's name out of my hat or not?

Man: Oh, my God. All units, come in. Emergency. All units. Damn it.

Bonnie: Ooh. Ah. You really must be desperate to want to have a drink with a mime. Besides, you should be saving yourself for Mickey. Oh, who's there? Hello? Can you help me? I misplaced my glasses. If you could just give me a hand, please. Oh. Oh. Well, whose little alley cat are you? Aren't you a sweet little thing? Come here, kitty, kitty. Psst, psst, psst, psst, psst. Good kitty. Psst, psst, psst, psst, psst. Come here, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty. Here, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty. Come here, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty. Ha ha.  Psst, psst, psst, psst, psst, kitty. Psst, psst, psst, psst, psst, psst. Come here, kitty, kitty, kitty. Psst, psst, psst, psst. Come here, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty. Aw, little kitty went away. All right, where are those glasses?

Will: How can Mom be so stupid -- saying she's going to kill someone? Doesn't she know that can get her into trouble?

Sami: Oh, I'm sorry, will. Yes, I do know that. I'm -- I didn't mean to make you upset. I was just lashing out, and I'm just really, really angry at the -- at the person who did this to your grandpa Roman and your great-Grandma Caroline. Will, honey, I am not going to kill anyone.

Will: I know, Mom, but every time you go ballistic and do something dumb, it backfires.

Sami: Will --

Lucas: I hate to say it, but our son is right.

Lexie: I'd like to know exactly what my brother has planned.

Celeste: Darling, I fear your brother is about to make a huge mistake, and it's one that he'll never be able to correct.

John: All right, that's enough. DiMera, I've had it!

Man: You need to come with me. We have a problem.

Woman: What's going on now?

Tony: Finally, the show can go on. Lights, please. Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've been waiting for. The moment that will prove to you, to the inhabitants of Salem, that the DiMera family was not out to destroy your lives and that the Salem stalker is a member of one of the most respectable families here in Salem!

[Crowd murmuring]

Lexie: What?

Tony: It's true! A psychotic killer who took great pleasure in brutally murdering our loved ones, and I know who it is!

[Crowd shouting]

Tony: I know there are many of you here that are skeptics. In fact, many of you believe that I am the killer. The fact is, I'm not. You see, the Salem stalker is a woman.

[Crowd murmuring]

Tony: A cold-blooded killer, hell-bent on destruction, and she is here with us tonight!

Lexie: Mom, are you getting any kind of a reading on this?

Celeste: [Gasps]

Lexie: Mom?

Celeste: Darling, Tony’s right. The killer is here. I feel her presence. And she's not about to let Anthony reveal who she is.

Brady: All right, where are you, Nicole?

Man: This is where we kept him. We got one big tiger on the loose.

Hope: We better evacuate the tent immediately. Give me your radio.

Man: The battery's dead. All our radios are down.

John: You know Mickey Horton, right?

Man: Yeah.

John: All right, he's stationed outside with the police. You tell him exactly what happened here and have him evacuate the tent immediately. Hope, we're going to have to take that tiger out before it hurts somebody. Preserving human life is our first priority here. And I'm afraid that pistol's just going to make him angry. We got to get our hands on a high-powered rifle. Where can I find one?

Hope: The supply tent. Let's go.

Man: Hey, thank God I found you. You can save me some time. I need you to alert Mickey Horton that the tiger's escaped. We need to evacuate the big top A.S.A.P.

Brady: Nicole, what the hell are you doing? Is it me?  Where the hell have you been?

Nicole: I was just...

Brady: What is that?

Nicole: I don't know. I found it. It was on the ground.

Brady: Let's have a look.

Nicole: It must be one of the workers' street clothing.

Brady: I don't think so.

[Tiger growls]

Nicole: My God, where did that come from?

[Tiger growls]

Brady: Nicole... don't make any sudden movements, all right?

Nicole: Okay.

Brady: On the count of three... we're going to run to that wardrobe closet. You ready?

Nicole: Yeah.

Brady: 1... 2... 3.

[Tiger growling]

Nicole: Protect me, Brady.

Doug: Well, we've looked just about every place.

Julie: Where could that child be?

Doug: Honey, will is a small boy. He could be hiding anywhere.

Julie: I know I wasn't a very good mother, but can you imagine having Sami for a parent? Dear lord, that child is going to need years of therapy.

Doug: Julie.

Julie: What? What did I say?

Doug: The way I hear it, you were pretty much of a little Sami yourself in your youth. And look how you turned out -- loving, kind-hearted, and very...

Julie: Sexy. You better say "sexy."

Belle: I'm sorry I'm such a mess. It's just all this death.

Shawn-D: Hey. I understand, okay?

Belle: It's just when things seemed to be getting back to normal... the killer strikes again, and it's -- it just gets closer and closer to home.

Shawn-D: Yeah, okay. I know you're thinking about your mom and dad.

Belle: Even though they see each other and talk and stuff, this separation is just pulling them farther apart. Shawn, I know that Celeste’s premonition would never come true, but...

Shawn-D: It's not going to happen, okay? There is no way. Your father would never hurt your mother, let alone kill her.

Belle: Unless there was some kind of freak accident.

Hope: Here it is. I'm sure the cabinet's probably locked. Of course, what was I thinking? Of course it is. John, be careful.

John: All right, it's only partially assembled. What the hell is this thing? It's a tranquilizer gun.

Hope: Even better. That way, the tiger won't be harmed.

John: I don't know. It's pretty old. It hasn't been lubed down in years. I'd be surprised if it even works. Look around for some darts.

Hope: You got it. Here you go.

John: Let's see what we got here. [Groans]

Hope: What?

John: Too weak. I don't think it'll take the tiger out. We'd be lucky if it even slows it down.

Hope: Oh, shoot.

[Tiger roars]

John: Horton's getting restless. I'm glad that roustabout discovered this when he did.

Hope: Yeah. By now, he's told Uncle Mickey and the police, and they're evacuating the big top.

Tony: Ladies and gentlemen, I don't mean to drag this out, but I think it's important that the people of Salem understand how I figured out the identity of the killer. It's eluded me for a long time. Well, obviously, it eluded all of us. But then I got to thinking about the victims and realized there was a common thread. It started when Bo and Hope Brady were attacked at the basic black fashion show. Now, commander Abe carver found something about the killer -- something huge -- and he was shot. Now, jack Deveraux was also on the killer's heels, and she killed him, as well. And then there was Maggie Horton. She knew the identity of the killer, but it was submerged somewhere deep in her subconscious, and she was murdered on Halloween night, but she let the killer in! Into her home! Why? Because she knew the person. It was a friend! Or so she thought. And, of course, she thought there was nothing to fear. And then it was Caroline Brady who remembered that Maggie Horton had told her something about the killer -- a cryptic message. The killer struck again -- this time with poison. Caroline Brady was dead. And then there was this young lady whose name was Cassíe DiMera who I believed was my daughter at the time. She figured it out. She confronted the killer and was brutally murdered. As far as Roman Brady is concerned, I'm sorry, I still am not able to figure that one out yet. Now, ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to hear it? Because I warn you, Salem will never be the same. So much blood... on one woman's hands.

Tony: Ladies and gentlemen... red paint?

Celeste: [Gasps] Death -- disruption, discord.

Lexie: Mom, is Tony going to be the next victim of the killer?

Celeste: I'm getting interference with the cards, darling. Something is going to happen, but... but what?

[Tiger growls]

[Tiger roars]

Sami: You know, I know that you hate me, Lucas, but for once in my life, I would appreciate if you would stand up for me, especially in front of our son!

Will: Mom! Why don't you just chill?

Lucas: That's right, Sami. Just chill out. If you'd let me finish, you'd realize what I was gonna say. I was telling you that he's right. Yeah, I mean, you do act impulsively, but, Sami, with everything that's happened to you lately, with all these circumstances going on, it's perfectly understandable, okay? Now, will, your mom and I, we're not the best parents, but we're trying. Hey, you got to know that... we love you. You know, we love you more than anything in this world. You know that, right?

Will: Yeah. I do.

Lucas: Good. Good. I'm sorry that you thought I was jumping down your throat, okay?

Sami: Yeah. That's okay. And you're right. I am a nervous wreck. When is this whole nightmare going to be over?

Lucas: I know, I know. Hopefully soon, okay?

Sami: [Sobbing]

Will: Why can't you two act like this all the time?

Bonnie: This bites! Why won't somebody help me? Am I invisible? Oh. Oh... hello?! Anybody? For Pete's sake.


Bonnie: Ooh. Ha. Leave it to crummy the clown. [Spits] Ick. Ripple. Ah. Oh, man. I cannot screw around here all day. Got to find somebody to help me find my glasses. Please. Dah! Oh.

Tony: As you well know if you read the newspapers, they actually believed -- and accused me of being the killer. They actually thought that I was capable of killing the young girl who I believed at the time was my daughter.


Victor: Your 15 minutes are up, Mr. P.T. DiMera. Time you told the world Nicole was guilty of murder.

Brady: All right, I'm gonna take a peek outside and see if it's safe.

Nicole: No, you can't! What if the tiger's still out there?

Brady: I'm thinking that he went after another target. We need to warn someone, okay?

Nicole: What -- what's wrong?

Brady: The handle is jammed. I think the tiger broke it when he rammed into it. I think we're stuck in here. Come on!

[Pounds door]

Nicole: Brady, what if we go out there and everyone's dead? What if we die?

Brady: Nicole, no one's screaming. We don't hear anybody panicking. The police are here.

Nicole: Yeah, but what if the tiger gets us first? Brady... my father used me. Victor didn't love me. I can't die before I know real love, before I know what it's like to have a real man make love to me.

 [Tiger whines]

Hope: Marlena, no. Shh! Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Marlena: Ahh! Ahh...ahh...

[Gun clicks]

[Tiger roars]

John: Damn!

Marlena: Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah!

Hope: John! Marlena!

John: Doc, come on, wake up. Wake up. Come on. Doc! Come on, wake up.

Hope: John, here.

John: Oh! What? Come on, doc. Come on, open -- that's it

Marlena: Aah!

John: No, no, it's okay. Shh, shh. It's okay, it's me. I'm not gonna hurt you. Shh, shh, shh.

Marlena: The tiger --

Hope: John saved you from it. It's the one that dad and Julie brought in. It escaped. We've got to stop it.

John: Oh, my God, you're bleeding, doc.

Hope: Oh, my God, John. If the tiger smells that blood...

[Tiger growling]

Sami: Did you see them? They were great, weren't they?

Lucas: Yeah, they all were good. He was the best.

Sami: Of course he was.

Lucas: Maybe we can get him a clown car like this.

Sami: I know. You'd be great in that clown car, wouldn't you, will?

Lucas: Not a bad car to learn how to drive.

Sami: What was that?

Tony: Before I name the killer, I'd like to take a moment to remember the dead.

Celeste: [Gasps]

Lexie: Mom, what is it?

Celeste: Oh, darling, I'm afraid it's -- your brother is going to die.

Sami: Oh, careful climbing up that, will.

Lucas: He'll be fine.

Sami: Lucas, just make sure he doesn't fall.

Lucas: He's done it before.

Sami: He's gonna --

Will: Mom, dad!

Sami: What?

Lucas: What? What's wrong, will?

Will: That.

[Tiger growling]

Sami: Oh, my God, it's --

Lucas: Now wait a minute. If you act like a wounded animal, you're gonna be dead one. We're gonna head for that clown car, okay? Will, I want you to take a couple more steps up that ladder, buddy.

Sami: Sweetie.

Lucas: I want you to stay up on that catwalk till we get you, do you understand?

Will: Yeah. I do.

Lucas: All right, now... when I say move, we are going to haul -- I mean haul -- to the clown car. Do you understand me?

Sami: Okay.

Lucas: Move. Move!

[Tiger roaring]

Will: No!

Sami: Oh, my God! Aah!

Lucas: It's all right! It's all right! It'll be okay!

Sami: [Screaming]

[Roaring stops]

Sami: [Panting] Is it gone?

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah, I think so. I'm gonna go warn the others.

Sami: What?! You can't go out there, Lucas! You'll be killed!

Lucas: So what difference does it make to you? Yeah, I thought so.

Sami: You can't go because I love you!

Bonnie: Oh... oh, how is it possible I haven't seen one living soul? Aah! Ooh! Oh! Oh... what did I trip over? Oh... oh, who cares?

Brady: Mnh, mnh.

Nicole: What? I promise you, Brady, you won't be sorry. It'll be good for you, too.

Brady: No, it won’t. It can't be.

Nicole: Because you love Chloe.

Brady: Yes.

Nicole: Look, she'll never know. I swear to you, I will never breathe a word --

Brady: That is enough.

Nicole: Brady, your mouth is saying one thing, and I feel your body. It's telling me something else. Brady, I know you want me.

Lucas: What did you say?

Sami: I said will loves you, and he wouldn't be able to go on if anything happened to you. Are you going or what?

Lucas: No, no, I’m staying here with you. We're gonna climb a ladder and get our son.

Sami: Okay, fine. Whatever. Let's just go.

Lucas: Whoa, wait, hold on. There's something I want to do first.

Sami: What?

Lucas: This.

Hope: Here John.

John: We've got to clean this wound, because if that tiger gets a scent of your blood --

[Tiger growling]

Marlena: Oh!

John: No, don't! Don't, don't don't!

Marlena: Aah! Aah! Aah!

Bonnie: Come on. Ooh... I hope this isn't the elephant tent. Oh, yuck. Oh...oh...  What on earth is this?

Tony: And now, ladies and gentleman, the name of the killer is --

Shawn-D: Look out!


Woman: That was great! Oh, my God, that was great!

Shawn-D: I have to find Mom! Stay here!

Woman: That was fantastic!

Woman #2: Yeah! Do it again!

Celeste: Dear God, no!

Hope: I'm sorry, but this gun's the only thing we've got.

[Tiger growling]

Hope: What happened? Why did he just take off like that?

John: I don't know. Something distracted it. What is it?

Marlena: Oh! Oh!

Shawn-D: It's DiMera. Someone dumped a bucket of blood on his head.

John: It's the killer.

Hope: That's why the tiger took off. He smelled the blood. We got to get out there.

John: No, I'm staying with my wife.

Marlena: You go. I'll wait outside the tent.

John: No!

Marlena: John, please, go get that tiger!

[Crowd cheering]

[Tiger growling]

Brady: It's not what you think. We were trying to escape the tiger. I need to alert my dad.

Victor: You're the one who let that tiger loose weren't you? You did it, didn't you?

Nicole: Are you out of your mind? Let go of me!

Victor: False like a lion, cold as a shark. Poor Nicole. Tony's about to tell the world the truth. If he doesn't, I will.

Nicole: I can't let that happen.

Sami: We should go get will.

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah, okay. All right, you ready? All right, come on, let's go.

Lucas: Hurry up.

Sami: Okay.

Lucas: Get up there! Get up there!

Sami: Will, we're coming.

Sami: Will? Oh, will. Thank God you're safe, honey. Oh, my God, what happened to Tony?

Lucas: Looks like he's covered in blood.


Lexie: Somebody needs to help him! Please, somebody help him!

Celeste: No, Alexandra, no! No, no, darling, darling! Please! I'm sorry, but I fear it's too late!

Lexie: No!

Julie: Oh, my God!

Doug: I want to know how the hell that tiger got out of his cage?

Julie: Well, the tiger was agitated earlier, but he -- his cage was triple-padlocked. He couldn't have broken out!

John: Get people out of here, and keep your eyes peeled for that tiger!

Belle: Dad!

John: [Whistles] Tony! Get out of the ring! There's a tiger loose! He smells blood on you, he'll attack!

Hope: Everybody try to stay calm!

Tony: What a crafty killer! But not even blood or a tiger are gonna stop me from bringing you down!

Bonnie: Oh! Oh, finally, a helping hand. I'm looking for a pair of clown glasses. I can't see a blessed thing at all. Oh -- [Gasps] Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Oh, I've always relied on the kindness of strangers. Oh... never got me anywhere. Ahh! Sanctuary.

Tony: I'm ready. Come and get me!

[Tiger growling]

[Crowd screaming]

Woman: Somebody help him!

[Tiger roaring]

[All shouting]

Celeste: Tony!

Tony: Aah! Aah! [Screaming]

[Crowd screaming]

“Next on Days Of Our Lives”

John: Hope, see if that radio's working! Alert the fire department.

Mimi: [Gasps] Aah! I'm not helpless!

Shawn-D: We have to keep you safe, okay?

[Tiger growling]

Celeste: [Gasps]

Lexie: [Gasps]

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