Days Transcript Friday 1/16/04

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 1/16/04 - Canada; Monday 1/19/04 - U.S.A.

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Bo: Someone I care about is facing death? Who? Come on. Talk to me. Is it hope?

Russell: No. No, it's not --

Bo: Well, then, who is it? Answer me.

Hope: Bo, what is going on? Agent Spector, what are you doing here?

Bo: He's here to warn us. Someone close to us is in danger.

Hope: Someone close to -- oh, my God. It's not Shawn, is it?

Russell: No, no. It's your ex-wife, Bo. It's Billie Reed.

Bo: Billie?

Russell: Well, you knew she was in Europe working for the I.S.A.

Bo: Yeah.

Russell: Well, it seems she's gone missing without a trace.

Celeste: In my vision... I looked through the killer's mask, and I saw them -- the tiger's eyes. And now you have a tiger's claw and tooth from your Zen master as a symbol of the enemy you must face.

Tony: Could only mean one thing, Celeste -- that a tiger is somehow connected to the serial killings.

Celeste: Dear God.

Tony: And it's up to us to find out how.

Marlena: It was you. You killed Roman... and now you've come for me.

[Tiger growls]

Marlena: [Gasps] The eyes. The yellow eyes I saw in the vision. The eyes of the killer. Aah!

Shawn-D: John, hey.

John: Hey, you two.

Belle: Hey. So, um, we're going to go to the Brady pub. You're coming, too, right?

John: Well, I'd like to, sweetheart. I don't know if your mother will come with me. I don't want to go without her.

Belle: I'm really worried about her, Dad. I mean, ever since we got here, she hasn't stopped looking at the tiger. She hasn't even said a word. She's just staring.

John: I know.

Belle: Maybe you should go talk to her.

John: [Sighs]

John: Hey, doc.

[Tiger growling]

John: Doc? Honey. Whoa.

Belle: Mom, are you okay?

Marlena: That's what it was. That's what it was.

John: That's what what was?

Marlena: It was the tiger.

John: Okay. We're listening.

Belle: What are you talking about, Mom?

Marlena: I was -- I had this horrible nightmare, and it was about a -- a tiger chasing me. This -- this tiger.

Belle: When I woke you up, you were pretty upset. Was that --

Marlena: It was about the dream. The tiger was chasing me, and it -- it attacked me. It killed me

Celeste: It's an omen, Anthony. I knew it the moment I looked through the killer's mask in my dream. There they were -- those glowing yellow eyes, tiger's eyes. Oh, yes, it's clearly a sign that the killer is ferocious and deadly.

Tony: Yes, it could mean that, but perhaps...

Celeste: What? Where are you going?

Tony: To the library to research the mystical implications of tigers. Perhaps, with any luck, it'll give us a clue to the true identity of the killer.

Celeste: Wait -- Anthony. Wait for me. Wait, now.

Belle: But, Mom, it's like you always tell me when I have a bad dream -- you can't let it get to you. It j just your subconscious trying to help you get rid of frightening thoughts. I mean, that's why we all have nightmares, right?

[Tiger growls]

Belle: And for you to keep looking at the tiger like that... I know you're upset about Roman and everyone else who's died. I understand that. I mean, who isn't upset? But we need to keep our perspective. That's something else you've always told me. We need to look towards the future and be grateful for the things we do have and treasure the people that we love.

Julie: Marlena -- she's not herself at all, is she?

Doug: Marlena, sweetheart, maybe, uh, it wasn't such a great idea for you to come down here.

Julie: You know, we were just trying to distract everybody with -- with this tiger, but of course you can't think of anything but Roman and your terrible loss. Well, everyone's terrible, terrible loss. Oh, Marlena, I know how difficult this is for you.

Marlena: No, you don't. How can you?

Julie: I just meant I'm so sorry for what you're going through.

Marlena: Yes, I'm -- I'm so sorry, too, for what everybody's going through, and I will make sure the person that killed Roman pays. That isn't really why I-I've been so unsettled. I-I had this terrible, terrible dream about a -- a tiger, and -- and now there's...

[Tiger growling]

Julie: Our tiger reminds you of the tiger in your dream. Is that what's upsetting you?

Marlena: [Sobs]

Belle: Yeah, it is, but it's not your fault, Mrs. Williams.

Shawn-D: So, grandpa, you brought the tiger here for the Horton circus benefit, right?

Doug: Yes, we certainly did.

Julie: Yes, well, wait till you hear how he came into our lives.

Doug: It's really an amazing story.

Bonnie: Those kids from Salem place weren't joking. There is a tiger in the park.

Mickey: Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Bonnie: Ooh, ooh. Ha ha ha ha!

Mickey: Ha ha ha ha. Oh, Doug and Julie, I didn't know you were back! Darling.

Julie: Uncle Mickey.

Mickey: Oh.

Julie: How are you doing? My heart is broken, Uncle Mickey. I can -- I can just imagine what you're going through.

Mickey: Thank you, Julie. Julie, it's been -- ha ha -- you know, difficult.

Julie: But you're with family and friends who love you, care about you. We've been getting e-mails up the wazoo about you. Everyone is so concerned.

Mickey: Well, I'm lucky. I'm lucky to have so much support.

Julie: Well, I'm just sorry that we weren't here, and... now we are, and we're going to bother you a lot, and I hope that's okay.

Mickey: Oh, yeah, that would be wonderful. Wonderful. Great to have you around. How long -- how long are you going to be staying?

Doug: Oh, Mick.

Mickey: Ha ha ha ha ha.

Doug: Oh, man.

Mickey: Ha ha. Oh, that feels good. Ha ha.

Doug: I can't believe it yet.

Mickey: Oh.

Doug: I don't know what to say. We -- we came for Roman's funeral, but, uh, we're going to stick around, at least for a little while.

Mickey: Oh. Well, that-- that-- that's good news. That's -- that's -- oh, uh... excuse me a minute, will you? Just a minute, yeah. Marlena, I -- I-I'm so sorry I couldn't be there for the funeral. It's just that, you know, going through the funeral with Maggie, it, uh...

Julie: Of course. The memory's too fresh.

Mickey: Yeah.

Julie: But we know you were there in spirit.

Marlena: I understand, Mickey.

Julie: We just feel so remiss about -- about missing Maggie's funeral.

Doug: Right, and Abe's and jack's and Caroline's.

Julie: So many gone. We were traveling, you see. We were in all these very, very foreign lands, and you can't change your visa once you're in the country. That's no excuse at all, of course. So many people gone.

Bonnie: Doug and Julie. I've heard those names before.

Julie: I'm sorry. We were just catching up.

Bonnie: Bonnie Lockhart. I'm Mimi Lockhart's mother.

Julie: Oh, sure. We know Mimi. A lovely girl.

Bonnie: Oh, she sure is. Beautiful and smart, too. Of course, she's got a lot of my good qualities and not too many of her father's, which is real lucky for all of us, let me tell you. Ha ha ha. Anyhow, I'm real proud.

Julie: I'm sure you are.

Bonnie: Well, in case you're wondering how I know Mickey, I'm actually -- I'm his housekeeper. Been cleaning house for him and Mrs. H. -- Well, the late Mrs. H. -- Since before Moses was born.

Mickey: Oh, hey, Bonnie's been more than a housekeeper. She's been a real comfort to me these past few weeks.

Bonnie: Oh, Mick. You shouldn't go on about me like that. I'm only too happy to help. You know that. Especially since I was so close to that sweet Maggie. Ah, she and I used to gossip up a storm when she was still on this earth -- raking everybody over the coals, telling all sorts of tales out of school. You know, that woman -- she had a naughty side, let me tell you. Ha ha ha. She could get down and dirty with the best of 'em.

Shawn-D: Okay, so, um, grandpa, you were actually just getting ready to tell us a story about the tiger.

Doug: Yes, I was. I certainly was. Uh, where was I?

Belle: Well, you were about to tell us how the tiger got here before the rest of the circus.

Doug: Yes, well, the reason is because the tiger does not belong to the circus.

Julie: Right. The tiger belongs to us.

Mickey: Huh.

Bo: Billie disappeared. How? When?

Russell: Two days ago in Eastern Europe, but how and why -- we have no idea.

Hope: Oh, my gosh, how terrible.

Bo: What the hell kind of assignment was she on? Undercover, what?

Russell: Well, that's the disturbing part. Her assignment wasn't dangerous at all. She was part of a security detail for a mid-level diplomat on a cultural exchange mission. One morning, she just didn't show up for duty. Well, we checked her room out, of course. Her bed had been slept in, and all her belongings were in the room, but, uh... she had just vanished without a trace.

Bo: Oh, damn. It's my fault... if she's dead. If something's happened to her, it's my fault.

Russell: Bo, I don't understand. How could you possibly blame yourself for what happed d to Billie?

Bo: You know what happened to her last time she was here in Salem.

Russell: Of course. I read the report, and I discussed it with Shane Donovan before she was offered a position with the I.S.A.

Bo: Well, then, you know I didn't want her here in Salem. I practically forced her out of town and into that I.S.A. Job.

Hope: Bo, wait, wait, wait a minute. Billie knew the risks, and you did not force her. Billie is a very strong and independent woman. Trust me, nobody forces that girl to do anything. She chose to go, Bo. And if anyone encouraged her, it was Roman.

Russell: Hope's right, you know. It was on Roman's recommendation that she was hired and sent to Europe in the first place.

Bo: All right, fine. Look, why are you here? There's no way I can help her when she's in Europe, I'm here in Salem.

Russell: That's not necessarily true. See, ordinarily, the I.S.A. would take care of this solo, but when we searched her room... we found these.

Bo: Newspaper clippings.

Russell: Of all the Salem murders.

Bo: Yeah, well, that shouldn't surprise you. She's interested in these murders 'cause people she cares about have died.

Russell: Right, but there's something else.

Bo: What's that?

Russell: Well, on the day Billie disappeared, the I.S.A. intercepted a voice message from her. It was to you, Bo.

Belle: Wow, I didn't even know someone could own a tiger.

Doug: Well, actually, "own" is the wrong word. I mean, nobody really ever owns a wild animal, but at least for the moment, we are responsible for him.

Shawn-D: Wow, that's a pretty big responsibility.

Julie: Oh, you don't know the half of it, kiddo. Ha ha. But it's very rewarding, 'cause he's such a sweetie.

Marlena: Where is he from?

Doug: Oh, let me tell you. We were wending our way through South America. We came across this tacky traveling carnival...

Julie: And of course, the tiger was the featured attraction.

Doug: Okay. We see immediately that the tiger has been terribly mistreated.

Julie: Oh, it was heartbreaking. He was in a tiny little cage, he was underfed, he was listless -- well, I cried.

Doug: Yes. Julie became obsessed.

Julie: So unlike me.

Doug: So we called the local authorities, we told them what was going on...

Julie: And they said, "Oh, that's terrible, señora. We can do nothing. Nada."

Mickey: Huh.

Doug: Nada. So we got ahold of the owner of the carnival, made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Julie: And bought the tiger. Ha ha. Like he was some big stuffed toy.

Belle: That's amazing. I can't believe that you did that.

Doug: I can't believe it, either, but there he is in all his glory.

Julie: Yes, and so then, we had him fed properly and treated and have been nursing him back to health.

Shawn-D: Well, the tiger looks as healthy as ever.

Julie: Well, he is healthy, and we're very proud of that.

Doug: Now, the plan was to send the tiger to India and set him free.

Julie: But then we talked to the animal experts, and they said no, no. He can't be allowed to go back into the wild.

Doug: That's right. They told us that since the tiger had been brought up in captivity, that there was no way that he could acclimate himself ever to living in the real jungle.

Bonnie: Does that mean the tiger is tame?

Julie: Oh, no. No wild animal is ever really tame, but this guy -- he's as close as you get. Ha ha ha. How you doing there, pussy face? How you doing, sweetheart? Ohh.

Bonnie: You are so cute. Yes, you are. Who's a good kitty? Who's a good kitty? Ha ha. Who's a pretty kitty?

[Tiger growling]

[Max barks]

Bonnie: Oh, shh, max. Quiet. Oh, he gets so jealous, this guy.

John: So, Doug, finish the story. What's the tiger doing here in Salem?

Doug: Well, we knew that Alice was having the circus perform for the big benefit, so we called up the circus, and we said, "Would you be interested in having a tiger?"

Julie: So of course they jumped at the idea. The idea would make the show so much more exciting.

Doug: So after the show, we are going to our new digs in Florida.

Julie: Don't worry. We're not going to leave our adopted tiger here in Salem.

Doug: Nope, nope, nope. We're going to take that tiger, make sure he goes down there with us. He's going to be set free to roam in a natural-habitat wild animal park.

Shawn-D: Wow. Well, there's a happy ending after all.

Doug: Well, looks like it.

Julie: Ha ha ha.

Celeste: [Gasps]

[Tiger growling]

Celeste: Oh, my God. I don't believe it.

Celeste: [Gasps]

Celeste: [Gasping] No. No, it can't be. The evil -- it's here.

[Tiger growling]

[Max barks]

[Tiger roars]

Bonnie: Oh, no. Celeste is at it again. Every time she gets that look in her eye, somebody croaks.

Mickey: Bonnie, come on.

Celeste: Anthony, this is it. This is the tiger that I saw in my premonition!

Marlena: Those eyes.

Celeste: I-I didn't realize that -- that my dream was about the tiger until I talked to tony, but now we both believe that this tiger is connected with the killer.

John: How?

Celeste: I'm not sure, John, but I am certain that it's true.

[Tiger growling]

[Max barking]

Man: That's all right, folks. It's the dog barking.

Julie: Yes, I'm sure that's just what frightened him.

Belle: The tiger was scared.

Bonnie: Max, shh. Be quiet. I-I'm really sorry, everyone. I didn't mean to cause any trouble.

Doug: It's no problem. Don't worry about it. It wasn't your fault, Bonnie.

Bonnie: Look, Mickey, if Celeste thinks there's going to be another murder, then -- hey, you know, everyone, we would love to stick around and chew the fat, but, um, Mickey and I were going shopping, so maybe we ought to get moving.

Mickey: Ha ha. Wait a second. How long are you two going to be in town?

Doug: Well, it's indefinite. We want to be here for Alice. We want to be here for Jennifer. We know what a terrible time you've all been going through. We just feel that we need to be here right now.

Julie: At least for a while.

Mickey: Oh, that's great. Mom will be so happy to have you here, not to mention hope and Jennifer and everybody.

Julie: Yes. It's good to be back.

Doug: It's so good to be home.

Mickey: Yeah. Well, we need to run along, so you take care of yourselves, okay?

Doug: Okay.

Julie: Bye, Uncle Mickey.

Mickey: See ya.

Bonnie: Bye, y'all.

Julie: Bonnie.

Man: Mr. Williams, we need to talk about how we're going to take care of this animal.

Julie: Oh, yeah, the feeding schedules, the watering. Um, before the rest of the circus gets here.

Doug: Okay, well, if you'll all excuse us for just a few minutes...

John: Certainly.

Marlena: Celeste... are you sure this is the tiger that you saw in your vision?

Celeste: Yes. But then again, I-I don't see how it can be. The animal in my vision was -- was vicious, a killer.

Marlena: Doug and Julie said that this tiger is completely docile.

Tony: Well, all animals are inherently docile until they're hungry, angry, threatened, or provoked.

Shawn-D: Yeah, just like a human serial killer. But then, you'd know all about that, wouldn't you, tony?

Tony: Why don't you get out of my face?

Shawn-D: I still think you're the one, and so does my father, and don't try and give me that crap that you think it's a woman, 'cause we all know you try to sell that theory to get the suspicion off yourself.

Tony: You're wrong, Shawn. I want this killer caught just as much as you do. Maybe more.

John: You know, doc, I understand why you're reacting this way. You're scared because you -- you feel alone and vulnerable. You're all by yourself in the penthouse with no protection, and that's just wrong, especially now. I want you to let me move back in.

Belle: I'm sorry. I know, um, this is between you and Dad, but, Mom, I just want you to know that I would feel so much better if you let Dad move back in with you. He loves you. He would never hurt you, and you know that. So please just think about it. Let Dad move back in with you, at least for your protection.

John: I'll swing by and pick up my clothes on the way to the pub, and then we can go home together. How about that?

Marlena: No, no.

John: What is wrong?

Marlena: I don't want you to move back in with me.

John: Well, now, when you say that, you mean not today or -- or ever?

Bo: Why didn't you tell me Billie had sent me a message?

Russell: It's inconclusive. It's just a scratchy audio file full of static. It came into the I.S.A. Headquarters panic line. The lab techs are working to try and clean it up now.

Hope: What did it say?

Russell: Listen for yourself.

Billie's voice: [Static] Bo. --Help. I -- [Static] Only -- you.

Hope: That's it? That's all there is?

Russell: I'm afraid so.

Bo: Why would Billie want to reach me?

Hope: Maybe it's just that she knows she can trust you more than anyone. She feels she can rely on you, Bo, to help her.

Bo: Yeah, well, I can't. Sorry.

Russell: Wait a minute. Are you saying that you won't help Billie, even though her life might be in danger?

Bo: Yeah. That's exactly what I'm saying.

Bonnie: Thank you. Here we are -- my favorite store in all of Salem. Come here, baby, sit. Good boy!

Mickey: I don't think I... ever been in here before. I just --

Bonnie: Oh, are you kidding me? You don't know what you've been missing, Mickey. They have the greatest boot selection in the whole state, maybe even the lower 48.

Mickey: Well, you know, I'm quite comfortable in these wingtips, and I just need a couple of dress shirts and maybe a few ties --

Bonnie: Mickey, Mickey, don't start getting all stuffy and boring on me. Come on, you -- your button-down oxfords are a thing of the past. You need something that's going to make you stand out from the crowd.

Man: Howdy, folks.

Bonnie: Hey.

Man: How can I help y'all today?

Bonnie: Ha ha ha!

Belle: Mom, please let Dad move back in with you. I think it'll be best for both of you.

Marlena: Belle, I'm sorry. I can't do that.

Belle: You can't think that Dad is the --

Marlena: Look, I just need some time, especially today, after -- after Roman's funeral. I've got to think. I need time alone -- that's all.

John: How much time?

Marlena: I don't know. I don't know. Just some time... I-I have to go.

John: I don't want you going off alone, not as long as the killer is still out there.

Tony: Oh, for heaven's sake. Marlena's perfectly safe. Besides, I have no intention of going anywhere right now. I'm totally enthralled with this magnificent beast.

John: Wait. Please.

Marlena: Please let go of me.

Shawn-D: I can walk you home.

Marlena: I'm -- I am fine.

John: All right. I'll call you, then.

Marlena: If I don't answer, just leave a message, will you?

Belle: What's going on with her? I've never seen her act like this before.

John: I don't know, Izzy. Your mom is, um, she's, uh... everything's going to be okay.

Belle: Can you promise me that? Because I don't think that you can.

Celeste: Anthony. Listen. This tiger arriving in Salem today -- it isn't a coincidence. It's an omen -- and a bad one. And I fear that it means there are more deaths to come.

Tony: I couldn't agree with you more. All the more reason why we should catch this killer before she strikes again.

Belle: You just referred to the killer as a she. How are you so sure that it's a woman?

Tony: Well, I can't be positive, but Victor Kiriakis believes that the killer is female, and makes quite a convincing argument.

Belle: What argument?

Tony: That all the victims were caught by surprise, except for Caroline Brady -- she was poisoned. Now, that's definitely a woman's choice of weapon. Yes, I know now you think that your father's not the killer and therefore can't do your mother in, but what if the killer turned out to be your half-sister Samantha?

Shawn-D: So what do you think is going on with her? Why do you think Marlena's acting this way?

John: The DiMeras have targeted Marlena before. This could just be another one of their plans to get to her.

S Shawn-D: You mean...

John: The killer? Exactly what I mean. I hate to even think along those lines, but God knows it's a possibility.

Shawn-D: Listen, John, I know she won't let you do anything for her right now, so how about I keep an eye on her? Would that be a help?

John: I'd appreciate that. Thanks. Just don't discuss this with Belle. She's frightened enough as it is, all right?

Belle: Don't discuss what with me?

Tony: This is a perfect weapon, isn't it, this tiger? It's strong, quiet, deadly, relentless, and virtually untraceable. If it were to maul a human, I suppose it would be written off as a freak accident. Tell me, is it possible that this is what your vision meant, that the killer would use this animal as its weapon?

Celeste: Well, it's... possible, but...let's thank the stars that this tiger is locked up and under close watch. I'll see you later.

Tony: Oh... it must be terrible being cooped up in this cage. And claustrophobic... the truly humane thing to do would be to open this cage door and let you run free.

Russell: I can't believe what I'm hearing. You refuse to lift a finger to help this woman even though you were married to her at one time?

Bo: My having been married to Billie is not the point.

Russell: Then what is? Billie's a valued agent, and the I.S.A. want her found and brought back safely. I thought I could depend on you.

Bo: Under normal circumstances, I would love to help her, but if you happened to read those newspaper clippings, you know there's a serial killer running around Salem. And this monster has already brutally murdered six people. I just buried my brother and mother. And there are more people in this city that I care about who are in danger, like my wife and son. You're going to have to find Billie on your own.

Hope: Bo, no.

Bo: What?

Hope: You can't do this. You need to help Billie. You need to go after her. Now. Today.

Marlena: Roman, you were always the one that I could turn to when I was...frightened... or I didn't know what to do or who to trust. You were always there. You were there for me in spite of the things I did that hurt you so much. You were my constant. You were my strength. I don't know what I'm going to do without you... without your love... without your courage. Oh... Roman, uh... I testified on Tony's behalf because I believed that you had appeared to Celeste and you -- you told her that tony wasn't the killer. If that's true, the killer is still out there somewhere. As impossible as it -- as it sounds, that it could be John. Roman, I need you to help me here. I need you to -- to tell me, to give me a sign. Is it possible that John could kill me?

Bonnie: Yee-haw! Ha ha ha ha! Now, hold on a sec, there you go.

Mickey: Oh, darling --

Bonnie: Just like putting a star atop a Christmas tree.

Mickey: I...think the hat might be a little much.

Bonnie: Are you kidding me? You look positively top-drawer. But don't let me be making up your mind for you. Here, you decide all for yourself. Ah, but not about the boots. Mnh-mnh. Get over here right now. Come and sit right down here. You have just got to try them on. Once you slip your little piggies into these babies, they'll feel like they died and busted through the pearly gates.

Mickey: Uh, Bonnie, I... you know, you're partly responsible for my, you know, getting that case with tony and earning a million dollars, but -- but -- wh-why don't you just, uh, pick out a few things for yourself? You know, it'll be my treat.

Bonnie: Oh, Mickey, that is so sweet of you. Look, I wouldn't want to take advantage of you like that.

Mickey: Mm, I understand. Well, if that's the way you feel --

Bonnie: But if it's pressing on your heart to buy me a little something, I did see a couple of cute things on that rack over there! Whoo!

Bo: Hope, I know why you want me to go off to find Billie.

Russell: Look, Bo, if your wife says it's--

Bo: She had a nightmare -- saw a grave with my name on the headstone. She's afraid something bad might happen to me if I stay here in Salem.

Hope: Why wouldn't I be afraid?

Bo: Look, it's a good try, but I'm not going anywhere.

Hope: If anyone could find and save Billie, that would be you, Bo.

Bo: All that nightmare meant was we're all still in danger from the killer, and the killer is tony DiMera.

Hope: Bo, please --

Bo: I am not going anywhere, hope. I'm the commander of the Salem P.D. I took an oath. And I owe it to Abe and Roman to find this killer, bring them in, and see that justice is served.

Russell: So that's your final word.

Bo: I care about Billie. I don't want to see anything bad happen to her. But my priority is right here with my family and friends and the people of this city. Nothing you can say or do can change that.

Russell: Well, I'm sorry to hear that. It looks as though I'll have to, uh, comply with your decision.

[Cellular phone rings]

Russell: Oh. Excuse me. Spector. Ahem. Okay. Can you patch it through to my PDA? Good. That was the I.S.A. Lab. It seems as though they've cleaned up Billie's message to you somewhat. They're going to transfer it through. Do you, uh, want to hear the rest of what Billie's got to say to you?

 [Tiger growling]

Marlena: Is someone there?

Marlena: No. No, please. Leave me alone! Aah! Aah! Aah!

John: It's me -- John. You are okay. You're okay, honey.

Marlena: Aah!

John: Doc. Honey --

Marlena: No! No! No! You get away from me.


Man: Hey, buddy, don't fool with that. You don't want to let the cat out.

Tony: No, no, of course not.

Man: You need to put a padlock on this cage.

Man #2: Right.

Doug: Hey, guys. Uh, we want to make sure that this animal gets absolutely the best care possible.

Julie: Particularly since he was so mistreated in the past.

Man: Sure thing, Mr. And Mrs. Williams.

Julie: Thank you. I think we told you we are taking it on to Florida to a wonderful wild animal park.

Man: Gotcha.

Julie: Thanks.

Man #2: Okay.

Bonnie: Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha. Oh, come on. Ha ha ha ha.

Julie: Uncle Mickey?

Mickey: Hi.

Julie: Uh, Bonnie.

Mickey: Hey, I just wanted to ask you when we could all get together for a dinner -- you know, family dinner?

Doug: Absolutely any time... partner.

Mickey: Ho ho ho, okay.

Julie: Uncle Mickey, you having a little difficulty walking? You have a little hitch in your gait.

Mickey: Yeah, well, these new boots are a little stiff.

Bonnie: Well, they're just not broke in. You got to keep wearing them till they're soft as a baby's bottom.

Doug: Well, say, Tex, um, just when did you start wearing these, uh, cowboy boots?

Mickey: Today.

Bonnie: Ha ha ha. Aw, they're very stylish and very practical, too, right, partner?

Mickey: Yeah, well, I hope so. Right now I feel a little awkward. My toes are kinda cramping up. No. No, no, my toes are cramping up on me.

Bonnie: I'll rub your feet when we get home.

Mickey: Ha ha ha ha.

Bonnie: Well, we'll see you two, okay, and you just let us know when you want that dinner, all right?

Julie: Okay.

Bonnie: See you around.

Julie: So long, Uncle Mickey.

Bonnie: Come on, come on.

Mickey: Let's go this way. Hey, hey.

Celeste: Anthony, we have to pray that we're wrong about this tiger and what its arrival here might portend.

Tony: Mm. We should pray for everyone's sake that it's not the means of the next death.

Shawn-D: Your dad and I didn't want you to know that we're worried about your mom. Okay? And that he went to go check on her.

Belle: Shawn, all I want is for the killer to be caught, whoever it is, so that my mom is okay and everyone in Salem is safe. And I want my mom and dad to get back together. I want that so badly.

John: Don't you see --

Marlena: Aah!

John: I figured you'd be here. I just came to check on you. You must've heard me coming, you got frightened, you tripped and fell. I was just trying to help you up, that's all.

Marlena: No, you're a liar. You're a liar. That isn't true. You're to stay away from me, you hear? Just don't come near me. No! Aah! And don't try to follow me. Don't you dare.

John: Come on, doc; are you really that afraid of me?

Marlena: Yes, I am. I know that -- that prediction was true. I-I know that you're going to try to kill me. I know it. I know it.

Hope: Why don't you just listen to what Billie had to say? Bo, it may be a clue to where she is.

Russell: The lab said it's, uh, still incomplete, but they've cleaned it up as much as they can.

Bo: All right, go ahead. Play the damn thing.

Billie's voice: Bo... [Static] I need your... help. [Static] The Salem Stalker -- I know who it is. I have proof. You have to save hope, your sons. I can only tell you, Bo. Only you.

“Next on Days Of Our Lives”

Tony: Kill or be killed -- that's the law of the wild. That's an ideal method of murder.

Shawn-D: Are you making threats?

John: He is planning the perfect crime.

Brady: What if Tony's innocent? What if the real killer is setting him up?

Victor: This town is going to throw a parade on the day of your execution. They're going to be that glad to see you dead.

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