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Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 1/14/04 - Canada; Thursday 1/15/04 - U.S.A.

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Tony: Aah!

Bart: Aah! Aah! Ha ha ha. Easy, sir -- I almost spilled your milk there.

Tony: How many times have I told you not to enter this chamber?

Bart: Sir, I'm worried about you. You're not eating.

Tony: I was meditating.

Bart: I know it, and I know how you like to dine light when you're into your, you know, mojo-rama-om stuff, so I, uh, brought you some cereal. Special K, or better yet, frosted flakes, for Tony the tiger -- get it? They're grr-r-reat! Ha ha ha.

Tony: Ha ha ha ha.

Bart: 'Cause that's the com-- commercial, you know.

Tony: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got it. Special K.

Bart: Special K -- excellent choice. Oh. This just arrived from the stefmeister. Anything I can help you with?

Tony: Special instructions for Rex.

Mimi: Okay, I rented comedies only, because I figured what we need at this point is just a few laughs.

Rex: Are you sure you're okay with this?

Mimi: What? Staying home and vegging out? I can't think of a nicer way to spend the evening -- sitting with my boyfriend, cocooning on the sofa, and watching some killer -- bad choice of words -- watching some cool movies.

Rex: Ha ha. Well, I know I can think of something a lot nicer.

Mimi: Oh, really?

[Cellular phone rings]

Shawn-D: Hello? Dad, hey. I don't understand. How could a judge just let DiMera walk? Yeah -- no, okay, I'm just as upset as you, all right? Just don't do anything rash, all right? All right. Later.

Belle: Tony's out of jail? How is that possible?

Shawn-D: Someone testified on his behalf.

Belle: Who would do something like that?

Shawn-D: Your mom.

Marlena: Carrie, what time are you arriving, sweetie? Oh. Well, with so many connections between here and Israel, I-I understand. Uh... honey, you don't have to be here physically to pray for your dad. You don’t. I'm okay. I'll be fine. I'll be just fine, I promise. I love you. Yeah. Goodbye.


Marlena: Oh, Roman. Is it possible you're really gone?

[Cellular phone rings]

Marlena: Dr. Evans.

Tony: Yes, hello. It's Tony. I hate to burden you again. I need your help.

Lexie: Here you go -- some nice chamomile tea.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Lexie: You're welcome. Would you like me to bring you anything else -- um, a sandwich, maybe?

Jennifer: Lexie, you don't have to wait on me. Really, it's sweet enough that you drove me home from the hospital.

Lexie: And I'm going to stay with you all afternoon, so don't even think about trying to get rid of me, okay?

Jennifer: Lexie, you need to go back to work.

Lexie: I need to help my friend.

Jennifer: Thank you. It means so much to me. You know, I really need to help my daughter. Lexie, Abby will never forgive me if I don't carry this baby to term, because, you see, in her eyes, it would be like taking her father off life support all over again.

Lexie: I know. I know this is a very difficult time for her.

Jennifer: And I am just so thankful that gram took her to a movie, because a few hours of sheer escapism is a blessing right now.

Lexie: Hmm. You could use a little escapism yourself. Would you like to watch TV? I could make some popcorn. How's that sound?

Jennifer: Uh, Lexie --

[Cellular phone rings]

Lexie: Oy. I hope this isn't Theo’s sitter.


Lexie: Oh, it's my mom. Excuse me.

Jennifer: Okay.


[Doorbell rings]

Hope: Hi. I just got your message. Are you okay?

Jennifer: Um... well, I-I've been better.

Hope: Well, how did things go at the hospital? How's the baby? Oh, honey. What --

Lexie: But all the evidence pointed to Tony.

Celeste: Darling, I tell you, he's innocent. In fact, Anthony now believes that the Salem Stalker is --


Lexie: Mom? Mom, hello?

Celeste: Our connection is breaking up, darling. Alexandra?

Celeste: The killer's growing restless. If Anthony is right, she will strike again -- soon.

Victor: You don't have the nerve to shoot me.

Nicole: Don't I?

Victor: Put the gun down, Nicole.

Nicole: I'm warning you, Victor -- hang up the phone.

Nicole: Aah!

Victor: Did you really think it would be that easy?

Brady: What the hell is going on here?

Brady: I heard a gunshot. What the hell's going on here?

Victor: Everything is under control.

Brady: Really? Doesn't sound like it. Where's Nicole?

Victor: Your guess is as good as mine.

Brady: Well, I'm going to go up and check on her, then.

Victor: Brady, just stay out of it. It doesn't concern you.

Marlena: Tony, I just testified on your behalf. I'm fresh out of favors.

Tony: With all due respect, Marlena, I didn't ask you to speak in my defense. You did that for your late ex-husband.

Marlena: Celeste told you, hmm?

Tony: What, about Roman's ghost proclaiming my innocence? Thinks better of me now that he's passed on.

Marlena: I wouldn't push this if I were you.

Tony: Marlena, I really am grateful to Roman -- really, I am. I just would like to repay the favor.

Marlena: How?

Tony: By reaching out to Rex.

Marlena: He's not your son, Tony.

Tony: I'm very well aware of that, but in the last year, we thought we were Rex's biological parents. That sense of connection doesn't just dry up overnight.

Marlena: What do you want me to do?

Tony: Well, just help me repair my relationship with the boy.

Marlena: So you can take him under your wing, make him the heir you thought you had before?

Tony: Marlena... I know you're grieving, but... can we think about what's best for the boy?

Marlena: The only person who could have helped Rex is dead.

Tony: Oh, just give me some face time. Just hear me out.

Marlena: Sorry, Tony. You're out of luck.

Tony: Wow. Hmm. I suppose now I just move on to plan "B."

Mimi: What is it?

Rex: Nothing.

Mimi: You okay?

Rex: Fine. I'm just...

Mimi: …not in the mood.

Rex: Sorry.

Mimi: No, it's okay. It's all right. We don't have to... we can just cuddle and watch the --

Rex: I just keep thinking about Roman Brady.

Mimi: His funeral's tomorrow.

Rex: I've been trying to push these thoughts away, but they just keep popping back up.

Mimi: I'm not surprised.

Rex: I mean, I used to be able to control my mind, Mimi. I could focus on anything I wanted and just shut the rest out.

Mimi: Well, he was your father, Rex, so...

Rex: You know, I just feel so bad.

Mimi: You're in mourning.

Rex: The things I've said to the guy -- you know, making fun of the fact that he worked a blue-collar job. But you know what? You know what? Everything he had, he came by honestly.

Mimi: Roman was a terrific guy, and I'm sorry you didn't have the chance to get to know him.

Rex: I could have if I hadn't spent so much time trying to be a DiMera, lying to everybody about who my parents were. Well, aren't you going to say, "I told you so"?

Mimi: Never.

Rex: You were always encouraging me to tell the truth, admit I was a Brady, and now my Grandma and my father are both gone, and...

Mimi: Rex, listen to me. You were programmed by the DiMeras.

Rex: That's no excuse. Look, if I would have come clean a little sooner, maybe Cassíe, Caroline, and Roman would all still be alive.

Shawn-D: Bad news. The charges against tony have been dropped.

Hope: Here, tell me everything.

Jennifer: Well, Lexie ran a sonogram, and... she discovered that there were some problems with the baby.

Hope: Oh, no.

Jennifer: And I may not be able to carry the baby to term, and then if I do, the baby might be born with life-threatening abnormalities.

Hope: Oh, sweetie. I'm sorry.

Jennifer: This was -- this was jack's gift to me.

Hope: If you need anything, anything at all, you just ask me. You know I'm here for you.

Jennifer: And then Abby, you know, she heard the possibility of termination, and she completely freaked out.

Hope: Poor baby. I mean, first her father, and now, possibly, her little brother or sister.

Jennifer: Right. So she's furious with me all over again.

Hope: Jen, she doesn't have the maturity to deal with this yet.

Jennifer: I know that. I know.

Hope: Honey, please... don't take her anger to heart.

Jennifer: What anger? I'm angry. I am angry. I hope that Tony DiMera rots in jail for what he's done. How could he take my husband away from me?

Lexie: Jennifer, um... I just got some news about the hearing this afternoon.

Jennifer: Well, have they set a date for the trial?

Lexie: [Sighs] I feel so awkward.

Jennifer: Why?

Lexie: The judge set Tony free. She felt there was insufficient evidence.

Jennifer: How is that possible?

Lexie: I don't know.

[Doorbell rings]

Lexie: Excuse me. I'll get it, okay?

Jennifer: Yeah. Hope, you were there. What happened?

Hope: Jen, it's a long story, but... apparently, Celeste was visited by Roman and Abe’s ghosts, and they told her that Tony is innocent.

Jennifer: You're kidding.

Hope: Celeste then convinced Marlena to testify on Tony’s behalf.

Jennifer: Hope, I-I told you that I was visited by jack's ghost.

Hope: I remember you telling me.

Jennifer: I mean, I never -- I never really believed in -- in any of that stuff. But my gosh, think about it -- if Tony didn't do it, who did?

Celeste: A woman.

Nicole: Hotel Bombay? I'd like to speak to a guest. Brandon walker. No, I don't know his room number. Fine, I'll hold.

Nicole: Victor was standing at close range. How could I have missed?

Nicole's voice: Beats me. Don't go crying to your brother. What are you going to tell him -- that you tried to plug your husband, and you failed?

Nicole: You're right. I'm in big trouble, aren't I?

Nicole's voice: Don't panic.

Nicole: Well, what's my next move?

Nicole's voice: Think. What have you done in the past to people who have threatened you?

Nicole: Maybe it's time I send both Tony and victor a little warning.

Rex: Look, all those threats the serial killer made -- they were on Tony’s PDA. How can the court just ignore that?

Mimi: Calm down.

Shawn-D: Well, you want to tell them?

Belle: Ooh, boy.

Rex: What is it?

Belle: Well, I'm sure you're going to find out sooner or later, but, um, my mom testified on Tony’s behalf.

Rex: You're kidding.

Belle: She told the judge she didn't think he could have committed those murders.

Rex: But she hates Tony.

Mimi: What made her change her mind?

Shawn-D: Well, okay, apparently, uh... Celeste saw my uncle Roman's ghost, and he said that Tony was innocent. Marlena fell for that stuff hook, line, and sinker.

Belle: Look, my mom usually doesn't put faith in all that psychic stuff. I think maybe she was just stressed out.

Shawn-D: So based on the testimony of a well-respected psychiatrist and general lack of evidence, the judge decided not to go to trial.

Rex: Come on. We have to do something.

Mimi: Rex --

Rex: No, I know Tony better than anyone. He's guilty as sin.

Mimi: Yeah, and you're the one who turned him in. Plus, you lied about being his son. I don't know. I would just be careful if I were you, because there's no telling what the DiMeras will do to you at this point.  Where are you going?

Rex: To take care of that bastard once and for all. Speak of the devil.

Tony: We need to talk.

Rex: I was just coming to find you.

Tony: The charges have been dropped.

Rex: By the judge, maybe, but not by me.

Shawn-D: Let him go right --

Tony: Don't even try it.

Mimi: Please, sir, please let him go.

Tony: Sorry. I just can't allow you to show me such disrespect.

Rex: What are you doing here, anyway?

Tony: I'd like a moment of your time alone.

Rex: Anything that you want to say you can say in front of all of us.

Tony: Well, have it your way. I want to repair our relationship, Rex, and offer you your rightful place in the DiMera family.

Brady: You know, there is a serial killer loose in Salem.

Victor: And you think it's me?

Brady: No. But I did hear a gunshot, and I think you know more than you're letting on. So I have an idea -- why don't you level with me?  Or maybe not. I'll go ask Nicole.

Victor: Salem will be rid of that murdering slut soon enough.

[Cellular phone rings]

Bart: Oh, man. DiMera residence.

Victor: It's victor Kiriakis. Put Tony on.

Bart: I'm sorry, sir. The count has left the building. You want to leave a message?

Victor: Tell him I'm ready to talk.

Brady: Nicole?  Where are you?


Marlena: Who's there?


Marlena: John?

Celeste: You know, it wasn't only Roman's spirit sitting behind me in that courtroom. It was Abraham’s, as well.

Jennifer: Okay, and they both swore that Tony’s not the killer?

Celeste: Not only swore, darling, but they insisted I do something.

Lexie: Well, this is just... amazing. A part of me is relieved to know that my brother didn't kill my husband. I mean, the very idea has been almost impossible to live with.

Celeste: Darling, I told Anthony I don't sense blood on his hands.

Lexie: Mom, another part of me is still suspicious.

Celeste: Well, Anthony believes that the killer is a woman.

Hope: When I was attacked in the evidence room by the killer, I couldn't determine the sex.

Lexie: Okay, okay, let's say it was a woman. A lot of things -- that makes sense.

Hope: Such as?

Lexie: Well, such as Abe was shot at close range. He was surprised by someone he knew.

Jennifer: Jack -- Jack was taken by surprise, as well.

Hope: Okay, okay, so in all three cases, there was the element of surprise. Obviously. Let's think about this. They never expected such savagery from a woman.

Celeste: [Gasps]

Lexie: Mom, what? What is it?

Celeste:  I just had the strangest sensation.

Jennifer: Celeste, tell us. Tell us what it is.

Celeste: It's as if... the killer is inside my mind. Oh.

Lexie: Okay, Mom, what do you see?

Celeste: So quiet. Where did all the birds go? [Gasps]  [Gasps] No! No, stop looking at me! Stop looking at me! Oh! Oh!

Lexie: She's in a trance. I'm going to try to bring her out of it. Mom, this is Alexandra. When I clap my hands, you're going to come out of your trance, and you'll find yourself right here in Jennifer’s living room, all right? Okay. Here we go.

Celeste: I can't get it off. It's stuck to my face. Oh, God, it's stuck to my face.

Lexie: No, Mom, Mom. There's nothing on your face. There's nothing there. See? See, look. Look, you're okay. All right?

Celeste: Oh, God.

Lexie: Call Marlena. Get her over here right away. She's the only one who can bring her out of this.

Hope: You got it.

Lexie: It's going to be okay, all right? Okay, just try to breathe. Just take some deep breaths, okay? You'll be okay, you'll be okay.

Rex: I'm touched. Now bug off.

Tony: Don't be sarcastic.

Rex: I'm not a DiMera. I'm a Brady. And I don't want anything to do with you or your stupid way of life.

Tony: Rex, why don't you just stop and think for a moment? Don't do something that you're going to regret.

Rex: You know what I regret? That I didn't accept who I am a lot sooner or see you for the killer you really are.

Tony: I'm not the Salem stalker.

Rex: Yeah.

Tony: And maybe in time you'll realize that truth.

Rex: Maybe in time you'll roast in hell.

Tony: You haven't heard the latest, have you? They're now saying that the Salem stalker is a woman.

Mimi: What?

Shawn-D: Who's saying that?

Tony: Oh, a number of people, including your grandfather Victor Kiriakis.

Belle: Wait -- a woman. That would mean that Celeste’s premonitions -- they're wrong. Because she said that my dad was going to kill my mom.

Tony: Well, you don't have to be the Salem stalker to kill someone.

Shawn-D: I want you to leave. Now.

Tony: Is that what you want? Rex, the DiMeras created you. You are our family. We offer you a future of limitless possibilities -- wealth, power...

Rex: Look, any debt I have run up I will pay off as soon as I get a job.

Tony: And you're rude.  Rex, you're making a big mistake, and you don't even know it.

Rex: Sorry about the intrusion. I should have this place fumigated.

Mimi: I am so proud of you.

Belle: Seriously, Rex, way to go. It takes a lot to stand up to the DiMeras.

Rex: Good thing nobody saw me shaking. Would you look at that? I put Shawn's jacket on by mistake when I went to confront that scumbag. Look, sorry, man --

Shawn-D: No, no, keep it. It looks good on you.

Rex: But this is your favourite --

Shawn-D: No, seriously, we're family, man. I'll just borrow it from you from time to time.

Mimi: How sweet.

Rex: I don't know what to say. Thanks.

Shawn-D: No thanks necessary... cuz.

Mimi: We should celebrate. How about some cold Chinese food?

Belle: Oh, I'll get the plates.

Shawn-D: I'll help you.

Mimi: See? You've got family. You're not alone. And best of all, you've got me. What?

Rex: This nightmare isn't over yet. The killer will strike again, and according to my calculations, it should be soon.

Shawn-D: And if the Salem stalker really is a woman, she may just be hitting her stride.

Victor: So, what did my lovely wife have to say for herself?

Brady: She wasn't in her room. I searched the grounds. She wasn't there, either. Granddad, I am tired. I am tired of fumbling around in the dark, and if you were in my shoes, you wouldn't tolerate it, either.

Victor: You're right.

Brady: So, what gives?

Victor: Brady, there are reasons I don't want to disclose the sordid details of my marriage to you. For one thing, I don't want to worry you.

Brady: Granddad, when I hear a gunshot, I worry.

Victor: Brady, I am trying to protect you. Whether you realize it or not, I am looking out for your future. You are doing a wonderful job with the new music division at titan. I am very impressed. In fact, one day, I think I may turn over the whole corporation to you.

Brady: Why, are you going somewhere?

Victor: No, of course not.

Brady: Then why are we even having this discussion now? And what the hell does it have to do with Nicole?

Victor: I don't want that predatory creature to interfere with your future.

Brady: Nicole and I are just friends.

Nicole: And about to get closer.

Victor: Chloe is the girl for you, Brady. Don't blow it, especially not for a nut job like Nicole.

Nicole: How dare you badmouth me to Brady?

Victor: The walls have ears.

Nicole: He's the only person in this house who's been decent to me.

Victor: Like you didn't try and sabotage his whole time with Chloe, you whore? Leave her alone, Brady. Haven't you learned anything?

Brady: Granddad, she apologized, and she feels badly for the way she treated Chloe. They made amends.

Victor: She is an actress. Let her play out her little drama by herself.

Brady: Look, I'm sorry, Granddad.

Victor: I'm not going to allow my murdering wife to turn my grandson against me.

Bart: Sir. The Greek called. Kiriakis says he's ready to talk.

[Telephone rings]

Victor: Yes.

Tony: Well, I hear we need to have a meeting. I'm on my way.

Victor: This is not a good time.

Tony: Oh. So when?

Victor: Soon. I'll be handing you the killer's pretty little head on a platter.

Celeste: [Gasping] Aah!

Lexie: It's going to be all right. It's okay. Marlena, thank God you're here. My mom's gone into some kind of a trance. I can't bring her out of it.

Marlena: What was the last thing she said?

Lexie: She said the killer was in her mind.

Marlena: Right. Celeste. Sit up for me. Celeste, sit up. It's Marlena. I'm going to count to three and safely bring you out of this. 1... 2... 3. That's odd.

Lexie: Remember when something like this happened to Maggie, you slapped her -- shock therapy.

Marlena: It isn't appropriate here. I'm going to try something else, something I haven't tried for years -- a different technique.

Celeste: Aah! Aah!

Marlena: All right. All right, it's Marlena. Can you hear me? J-Jennifer. Get us some water. Please.

Jennifer: Yeah, right away. Right away.

Marlena: What did you see? What was your vision?

Lexie: Hold my hand. I'm right here. I'm right here. You're among friends, okay? It's all right. What did you see?

Celeste: I... I saw eyes.

Nicole: [Sniffling]

[Knock on door]

Brady: Nicole.

[Knock on door]

Brady: Nicole, it's me -- Brady. Can I come in?

Nicole: Go away.

Brady: See, I'm not leaving until I see for myself that you're all right.   Are you going to look at me?

Nicole: No telling what lies my husband has been feeding you.

Brady: Granddad actually didn't tell me anything.  But I was hoping that you will.

Tony: Let's see who's the master and who's the student. Hattori sensei. It's been far too long.

Hanzo: Shame on you. You have lost your temper.

Tony: Only in jest.

Hanzo: Don't you know by now you cannot lie to me?

Tony: A thousand pardons.

Hanzo: You have become weak and vindictive. Next time you defy me in that spirit... you will die.

Mimi: [Giggling] Stop.

Shawn-D: I got to hand it to Rex. He had some cajones standing up to Tony like that.

Belle: Yeah. So, do you think Tony’s on to something? I mean, thinking that the Salem Stalker's a woman?

Shawn-D: No, I think Tony’s just trying to cover his butt.

Belle: And if he's not?

Shawn-D: Male or female, I just want to see this killer behind bars before someone else dies.

Mimi: Okay, so we've got "eight legged freaks" or "anger management." Take your pick.

Rex: [Groans]

Mimi: Oh, no, that's not what I think it is.

Rex: Another headache.

Mimi: You haven't had one in a while. I was hoping they were gone.

Rex: Obviously not.

Mimi: I'll get you some aspirin.

Belle: Hey, what's up?

Mimi: Rex's migraines are back.

Belle: I wonder if that's a sign.

Shawn-D: Of what?

Belle: Someone else is about to die.

Nicole: It would be such a relief to tell you everything, but I don't want to make you an accessory.

Brady: To what?

Nicole: Promise you won't breathe a word? Victor killed Colin Murphy in cold blood on our wedding day. He went crazy jealous, and now he is trying to set me up to take the fall, but it doesn't stop there. He wants to pin the serial killings on me as well. Brady, I'm so alone, and I need someone to protect me. I didn't know where else to turn. You're the only friend I have. Please say you'll help me.

Brady: I have to think this over.

Nicole: Brady, I'm sorry. I swore I wouldn't drag you into this, but --

Brady: No, no, no, no. It's fine. It's fine. I'll be in touch.


Victor: Am I interrupting something?

Brady: She's upset.

Victor: You've crossed me for the last time, you little bitch.

Marlena: Celeste, you're all right now. Try to focus on things in the room -- chairs and lamps. Keep your mind off your dream.

Celeste: Oh! [Panting] Oh!

Marlena: What is it?

Celeste: [Gasps] I looked through the killer's mask, and I saw eyes. Searing yellow eyes.

Hanzo: You have neglected your practice.

Tony: Not at all.

Hanzo: You were practically sleepwalking when you entered this chamber. I could have had your head.

Tony: I recovered quickly enough, didn't I?

Hanzo: Your timing is off. Your sensing is non-existent. Why? Because you are full of yourself. You are overflowing with the three poisons. In this state, you could easily fall prey to your enemies. Anthony, my dear one, you are about to face the battle of your life. It is imperative that you are prepared, because you will most certainly look death in the eye.

Marlena: Celeste, to whom do the eyes belong?

Celeste: I don't know. I don't know. All I'm sure of is... they were the eyes of a killer.

Hanzo: I received an urgent message from your father Stefano. He asked me to come and meet you, to prepare you and train your young ward Rex.

Tony: Yes, I received the same message, hattori sensei. It grieves me to tell you that Rex will not be joining us.

Hanzo: Then you must proceed on your own. [Speaks Japanese] Appear like a God, disappear like a phantom. It is time to reveal the opponent.

Tony: A tiger's tooth... his claw.

Hanzo: Instruments of a true killer.

Victor: Murder spree is over. Now it's time to pay.

Nicole: What is that supposed to mean?

Victor: I just spoke to Tony DiMera. You're going down.

Nicole: Bastard!

Victor: Well, at least I'll have saved my grandson. Brady is about to find out that you killed Colin and God knows who else.

Nicole: Ha. I just told him you killed Colin, and from the look on his face, I'd say he bought it. Mwah!  Old fool. He has no idea what's in store next.

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Kate: I'm just grateful that your Grandpa Roman married me before he died.

Sami: You are nothing to him, Kate. You never were, and you never will be.

Man: Commander Brady.

Bo: How the hell did you get in here?

Belle: What was that?

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