Days Transcript Monday 1/12/04

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 1/12/04 - Canada; Tuesday 1/13/04 - U.S.A.

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Shawn-D: Rex, is that you?

Belle: Aah!

Jan: Hey. Sorry I'm late.

Nicole: Jan spears, don't ever do that again.

Jan: Not even if I'm getting you a latte? It's just like you like it. Double shot, non-fat, right?

Nicole: How did you know that?

Jan: I heard you telling the waitress at java cafe the other day.

Nicole: Oh, really? And just how did you happen to hear that, Jan?  Hmm? You were stalking me, weren't you? Just like you've been stalking Shawn Brady. Well, that's gonna stop right now.

Lexie: Jennifer, I am so sorry. I'm going to take this tape directly to Dr. Bader.

Jennifer: Lexie, isn't there a chance that you're wrong?

Lexie: I'm afraid Dr. Bader will only corroborate my preliminary diagnosis.

Jennifer: But this is Jack's baby, Lexie. How can I kill Jack's baby?

Abby: Mom, no!

Jennifer: Abby --

Abby: No, you killed Daddy! You can't kill the baby, too!

Jennifer: Sweetie, will you please come here so we can talk about this?

Abby: No. I hate you! I hate you!

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh! What am I gonna do?

Judge: This is still America, Miss Chang. We can't lock people up on suspicion and throw away the key. Without solid evidence that Count DiMera murdered Roman Brady, I'm going to have to dismiss.

Chang: Count DiMera had no reason to be in the vicinity at this time of the crime. A weapon belonging to him was found at the scene, your honour.

Judge: Can a witness be produced to testify to count DiMera's guilt -- or his innocence, for that matter? I'll settle for either one. Mr. Horton? Anyone?

Mickey: No, your honour, I'm afraid not.

Bo: No one's gonna vouch for that maniac's innocence.

Marlena: Your honour, if it pleases the court, I'd like to be heard.

Judge: Dr. Evans, do you believe your testimony is material to this case? Will what you say help me decide whether count DiMera should be tried for the murder of Roman Brady?

Marlena: Yes, your honour, I have no doubt that it will.

[Spectators murmuring]

Shawn-D: You know… what the hell are you doing?

Belle: Me!? You could have killed me with that baseball bat.

Shawn-D: Well, I saw the door open. I called. When no one answered...

Belle: I was listening to my headphones.

Shawn-D: Okay, just in case you don't know, there's been a serial killer running around, all right?

Belle: Shawn, Tony’s in jail. It's over.

Shawn-D: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Belle: No, I'm sorry. I mean, I understand why you're freaked out. We're all going to be looking over our shoulders for years.

Shawn-D: And what are you doing with this hammer?

Belle: I just bought it.

Shawn-D: For what?

Belle: To hang stuff. Anyway, they put it in this plastic bag, and then the bag broke, and the hammer fell out, and then you came after me with a baseball bat in your hand, and, you know --

Shawn-D: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Belle: Shawn, are you mad at me?

Shawn-D: I'm not mad.

Belle: What's going on?

Shawn-D: I didn't want to scare you, but, um... I'm pretty sure that someone's been following me... stalking me.

Jan: Now, why would I stalk you, Nicole? I mean, come on, the Java Cafe is a very public place, and, well, you're a very public person. I just happened to overhear you ordering. No big deal.

Nicole: You're a stalker, spears. That's how you operate. You're going to deny that you've been following my hunky step-grandson, Shawn Brady and his pretty little girlfriend, Belle?

Jan: I am not stalking them. I'm just, you know, keeping tabs on them until I'm ready to let them know I'm back.

Nicole: Not buying it. The truth now, Spears.

Jan: You act like I'm hiding something. I'm not.

Nicole: Hmm. Okay. Then you won't mind if I give Shawn baby a call and give him the good news that Jan Spears is back in town.

Hope: You want to tell me what's going on here before the whole courtroom erupts?

Celeste: Marlena is here to testify at Roman and Abraham's request.

Hope: What are you talking about? What, is Marlena having visions now, too?

Celeste: Roman and Abraham spoke to me. They asked me to give the message to Marlena that Anthony is not the killer. I'm sorry, darling.

John: What's all that about?

Marlena: Well, my ex-husband couldn't be here himself, so I've been asked to speak in Tony’s defence.

John: What the hell are you talk-- asked by whom?

Marlena: I am fulfilling Roman's wishes.

Man: Dr. Evans?

Marlena: Yes?

Man: We're ready for you.

Marlena: Thank you.

Man: Raise your right hand. Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

Marlena: I do.

Judge: Dr. Evans, the testimony you're about to present is on behalf of?

Marlena: Count Tony DiMera.

Bo: What?

Judge: The defence? You're here for the defence?

Marlena: Yes, that's right.

[Spectators murmuring]

 [Gavel bangs]

Judge: I'm, uh, curious as to why you're here on Count DiMera's behalf. It's common knowledge that you don't enjoy a friendly relationship with the Count. Why have you come to speak up for him at this time?

Marlena: I had believed that Tony was guilty, and now I know that I was wrong.

[Spectators murmuring]

[Gavel bangs].

Jennifer: Abby's still upset that I took Jack off life support, and I don't expect her, 12 years old, to understand. It's just the one thing that was making everything better was this baby, and now --

Lexie: Sweetie, look, I'm going to take this tape to Dr. Bader, and if I see Abby, I'll try to get her to come back in, okay?

Alice: Let her be.

Jennifer: What is she runs away or does something crazy?

Alice: She won’t. She just needs a little space.

Jennifer: Yeah, you're right. I mean, since Jack died, I am Abby’s least favourite person.

Alice: Now don't say that, Jennifer.

Jennifer: It's true, Gram. It's true. And the one little thing that was making things better was this baby. This was supposed to be such a happy day. We were so excited when we saw the last sonogram. And Abby was making a list of all of her stuffed animals, and which ones she was going to pass on to her little brother or sister.

Alice: Bless her heart.

Jennifer: And, Gram, I know that life is not supposed to be fair, but isn't it bad enough that I lost Jack? Did God really have to give my baby all of these problems? And I know. I know that I am supposed to accept the will of God, but it is really hard to do right now.

Alice: Don't decide yet, darling. Listen to the doctors first. Get all the facts.

Jennifer: I know. I know that. But my mind keeps going to the worst case.

Lexie: Jennifer, um, I have a few more facts for you, and once you've heard them, we should discuss your options.

Jennifer: Well that sounds ominous, Lexie. Why don't you just tell me -- what is going on with my baby?

Lexie: Oh, Jennifer...  [Sighs] I wish to God I could give you good news.

Judge: Please enter into the record that Dr. Marlena Evans will testify on behalf of the defence. Hold it right there, counsellor Horton. Since we're going for the unorthodox here today, I think I'll question the witness myself. The record will show that Dr. Evans is a well-respected criminal psychiatrist who is a friend of the court and also has close personal ties to this case. Police commander Roman Brady, Dr. Evans' former husband, was murdered by Salem's serial killer. Until recently, Dr. Evans and Count DiMera believed themselves to be parents of Cassie DiMera, another of the killer's victims.

Chang: Judge Fitzpatrick, given the close ties you just mentioned, I object to Dr. Evans' testimony on Count DiMera's behalf.

Judge: Overruled. This is a hearing, Miss Chang, not a trial. I want to hear what Dr. Evans has to say.  Dr. Evans?

Marlena: Yes, your honour. I -- I believe that Tony DiMera is innocent.

[Spectators murmuring]

Belle: Who do you think could be following you?

Shawn-D: I saw this girl at the police station the other day. I didn't get a good look at her, but there was something about her that seemed familiar. She signed uncle Roman's condolence book, but when I went over to where she was standing, she was gone.

Belle: Well, did you check the book for her signature?

Shawn-D: Yeah. Yeah, she signed it "Mary Smith," so obviously that's a fake alias, right? Well, I chased after her, and I got as far as the Kiriakis mansion, but that's when I lost track of her.

Belle: That's really weird. What girl would be following you?

Shawn-D: I...don't know. The only person at the Kiriakis mansion was Nicole.

[Telephone rings]

Shawn-D: Hold on. Hello?

Nicole: Shawn, it's Nicole Kiriakis.

Shawn-D: Nicole, hi. Belle and I were just talking about you.

Nicole: Oh. Glad to know I'm on your mind. I think about you, too.

Shawn-D: Yeah. Uh, what's going on? What can I do for you?

Nicole: I can think of a lot of things you can do for me.

Jan: Hey! He's mine.

Nicole: Seriously, I was just calling to check on you. You know, I feel really bad that you lost your uncle Roman right after your Grandma Caroline.

Shawn-D: Thanks.

Nicole: Sure. Hey, did you ever find that girl you were chasing the other day? I'll take your silence as a no. All right, well, bye-bye, hon. Keep your chin up.

Belle: So, what exactly did your sexy step-grandmother want?

Shawn-D: First of all, I don't think she's sexy. "Step-grandmother." Listen, with Nicole, you don't need to use your imagination. She puts it all out there. I like a little mystery.

Belle: Yeah, well, I've had enough mystery for a while. Back to Nicole.

Shawn-D: What did she say? She said a bunch of stuff, and she hung up.

Belle: Well, whatever it was, it can't be good.

Shawn-D: Not her biggest fan, are you?

Belle: I don't like her. I mean -- you don't like her, either, right? Because it’s... what you just said.

Shawn-D: I am not attracted to her.

Belle: All I can think of is how when we were stranded in Puerto Rico, Chloe and Brady had to come save us from Nicole’s maniac father.

Shawn-D: Oh, yes, the wonderful Paul Mendez.

Belle: I mean, I -- I shouldn't hold it against Nicole. It's not her fault her father's a horrible, horrible person. It was so awful that he raped Jan.

Shawn-D: Well, the thing is, the girl that I saw at the police station reminded me of Jan. Yeah, she had that dark curly hair. I mean, I only saw her from the back, but...

Belle: Now I know why you were freaked out earlier. You think that the person that's following you might be Jan.

Shawn-D: I guess, yeah.

Belle: Shawn, you can relax. Penny got an e-mail from Jan a while back. I think she's living in Europe with her parents. Doing a lot of skiing, spending a lot of money. Jan Spears is never getting between us ever again.

Nicole: Level with me, Jan. Why were you running away from Shawn the other day? Now, you owe me. When Shawn started asking questions, I covered for you, so I want some help from you in return.

Jan: How do you want me to help you?

Nicole: We'll get to that. Sit down. First, why did you come back to Salem? I mean, they pretty much ran you out of town on a rail after you shot my father.

Jan: That's not true. My mother made me leave. I mean, you know, the whole buzz on Salem is how it's this really nice town where people really care about each other. Well, I never noticed anyone really caring about me. Until Shawn. I mean, he found me after your father raped me. He helped me. He took care of me. He kept my secret. Now with my parents getting killed and everything, I just -- I realized I really need him. Look, I just need a little more time before I'm ready to let Shawn know I'm back, and when I do, I'm gonna let him know how I feel. I know he's gonna be excited. He doesn't belong with that pasty-faced blonde bitch. She can't give him what he needs. I am the only one that can give him what he needs.



[Gavel banging]

Judge: Order in the court! Order in the court!

Chang: Your honour, may I --

Judge: Thanks anyway, Miss Chang, but I've got this. Well, do you have any evidence to back up that explosive statement, Dr. Evans?

Marlena: No evidence per se, your honour, but I would like to express my professional opinion.

Judge: Please do.

Marlena: I think like many people in Salem in the aftermath of all these killings, Tony DiMera was put on the defensive. And I think like everybody here, he must have considered taking the law into his own hands at some point.

Judge: So you're saying in your professional opinion, Count DiMera could not be the serial killer?

Marlena: I think the evidence will bear that out, your honour. And I would like to ask the court to let Count DiMera go free.

Hope: What?

Bo: How could you do this to Roman? He loved you, and he didn't turn away from you. You turned away from him, and now you're doing it again.

[Gavel bangs]

Judge: Order. That's enough.

Bo: They're gonna set that monster free because you came in here and threw your professional weight around. If he kills again, you'll never be able to wash the blood off your hands.

[Gavel banging]

Jennifer: So there are abnormalities. Is that what you're saying?

Lexie: That's likely, yes. Possible deformities.

Jennifer: Well, Lexie, I can't choose termination on the basis of likely or possible. I have to give this baby every chance.

Lexie: According to the notes in Dr. Bader's file, there's no way this baby will be born healthy.

Jennifer: Well, I have -- I have jack's insurance. I could stay home with this child. Lexie, if it got to be too much, I could bring in a nurse to help me.

Lexie: No. Jennifer, if we were talking about Down syndrome or cerebral palsy, I might agree with you, but this baby could very well be born without limbs. With no vital organs. With no possible hope of a meaningful existence.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. Lexie, how can this be happening? This was our miracle baby. I found out I was pregnant on Christmas Eve. This was Jack's gift to us to tell me that he was still there for Abby and me. We conceived this baby on our last day together.

Lexie: Sweetie, it's still very early in your pregnancy. It might help you emotionally not to think of it as a baby or a child.

Jennifer: Oh, well, you know what, Lexie? It's too late, because after we saw that first sonogram, we needed for it to be real so much. So even if I wanted to, I am not going to back away now.

Lexie: Yeah. I understand. I understand. I thank God every day that I have Theo.

Jennifer: And, you know, maybe it would be easier -- I don't know -- to make this decision if it were just me. But Abby is completely devastated after losing Jack. And I don't even know if she could handle losing a little baby brother or sister. I don't even know how stable she is right now.

Lexie: Well, uh, actually that's why I wanted to speak with you privately without your grandmother here.

Jennifer: Why? Is there more bad news?

Lexie: There is a better than even chance that if you don't terminate this pregnancy, Abigail could lose not only her sibling, but her mother, too.

 [Gavel banging]

Judge: Order in the court! Order! If acting police commander Brady causes one more scene in this courtroom, he will be barred from these proceedings. And I promise you, I will speak to the commissioner about your behaviour.

Hope: Bo, come on, sit down. This is just helping the other side. Calm down.

Bo: I'm not the one helping DiMera. My ex-sister-in-law is.

Judge: Now, if we're through making scenes here today, I'd like to thank Dr. Evans for coming. You've brought a very interesting perspective to this case, Dr. Evans. And given your relationship with the victim, Roman Brady, your testimony on Count DiMera's behalf is all the more striking. Thank you. I'm sure this wasn't easy for you. You may step down.

Marlena: Thank you, your honour.

Mickey: Looks as though you may owe your life to Marlena.

Tony: Well, if this case is dismissed, she will have allowed me to finish what I've started.

Judge: This court is recessed until such time as I have reviewed all of the evidence and testimony. You will be informed when I have a ruling. Until then, this court is recessed.

[Gavel bangs]

Man: All rise.

Bo: Damn it. We had DiMera until Marlena waltzes in here and saves the bastard.

Hope: Hey, hey, hey, we don't know how the judge is going to rule yet, okay?

Bo: Oh, like hell we don’t. With Marlena and your uncle Mickey, he's getting a pass.

Victor: Bo, how are you holding up, son? Sorry, I know you don't like to be reminded of the fact that I'm your father.

Bo: Well, it does come in handy now and then.

Victor: Well, what do you need?

Bo: I'd like you to put your ear to the underground. Find out what the hell DiMera's up to.

Victor: I'm afraid I can't do that, Bo.

John: Can't face me? I'm not surprised.

Marlena: Don't manhandle me, John.

John: Man-- what the hell were you doing in there just now? Testifying for Tony DiMera. Why don't you give the bastard a get-out-of-jail-free card?

Marlena: I did what I had to do.

John: Yeah, right. I know you did it for Roman, whatever the hell that means.

Celeste: John, don't blame Marlena. She's only doing what Roman and Abraham wanted.

John: Come again?

Marlena: Abe and Roman spoke to Celeste.

John: Oh, for crying out loud.

Marlena: They told her that Tony’s not the killer.

John: Hearing voices from beyond the grave now, huh? You actually believe in that?

Marlena: I believe Celeste. Tony has to be innocent.

Nicole: Look, guys don't dig chicks who are psychotic and stalking them.

Jan: I am not stalking Shawn.

Nicole: No, you just follow him wherever he goes, like a cat in heat.

Jan: I seriously want him.

Nicole: If Shawn and Belle find out, you lose this game.

Jan: I am not going to lose him this time.

Nicole: The only way to win is if you have a plan, and you don’t.

Jan: Yes, I do.

Nicole: Chasing him all over town is not a plan. It's a psychosis.

Jan: Stop saying I'm crazy, okay? I am not. Look, Shawn is the only person that has ever really been nice to me. I mean, haven't you ever known a guy who wasn't out just to see what he could get?

Nicole: Yes, I have.

Jan: So then you see why I really need Shawn. When he talked to me, when he held me, it was the only time like I ever really felt like I mattered, you know?

Nicole: Yes, I do know. You've had a pretty rough year, even for you. Your parents dying...

Jan: Well, you know, at least they died skiing - doing something they actually care about. They didn't love me.

Nicole: Well, they left you a ton of money. I can think of worse things.

Jan: The money doesn't mean anything without Shawn.

Nicole: Don't you have any aunts and uncles, cousins, family friends?

Jan: Nobody. That is why I need Shawn so badly.

Nicole: And why you want Belle Black out of the way.

Jan: Yeah.


Nicole: What?

Jan: Belle's brother Brady -- he lives at the Kiriakis mansion. You're probably close to him. I mean, I shouldn't be telling you this. I mean, he could blow the whole thing.

Nicole: Not necessarily. You promised to help me, remember?

Jan: You mean you were actually serious about that? I mean, how can I help you? You have so much experience.

Nicole: Trust me, I'm dead serious. You follow through with your promise to help me, and my experience will be your experience. I'll be your mentor, your love guru. Oh, honey, the tricks you learn from me will change your life.

Jan: Just tell me what to do.

Nicole: Well, I have to be somewhere, but this is what I want you to do first. Oh, when I am done training you, you will have Shawn Brady’s hot body all to yourself.

Bo: Are you on DiMera's side, too?

Victor: Tony and I have an agreement to stay out of each other's way.

Bo: So you're putting your crooked business deals ahead of catching ma's killer?

Victor: You didn't let me finish. Now, our agreement doesn't preclude my having a private conversation with Tony. I'll see what I can find out for you, Bo.

Bo: Okay.

Hope: I hope Victor can find something.

Bo: Yeah, before DiMera kills again.

Shawn-D: Okay, well, what is it?

Belle: I just keep thinking about my dad moving out. I mean, my mom said she needed time to think, but then my dad just left. I'm really worried my family's going to break apart for good.

Shawn-D: Come here. I'm sure it's not for good. All right? Your mom loves your dad way too much. You'll see. She's going to ask him to move back in before you know it.

Belle: Not if he kills her first.


John: Celeste, do you mind? I'd like to have a word alone with my wife.

Marlena: There's no need to be rude. Celeste is trying to use her powers for good.

John: Her powers.

Marlena: And it would be irresponsible to ignore her warnings right now, don't you think?

John: You know, there is such a thing as coincidence, doc.

Marlena: Well, we're trying to catch a serial killer. And I think in the interest of all of our safety, I've done the right thing.

John: Hmm. And what if you're wrong? What if Roman's message to Celeste somehow got scrambled.

Marlena: Oh, don't mock what you don't understand.

John: I just hope you don't live to regret your performance on the witness stand, because if Tony is guilty and he is released and he kills again, the blood will be on your hands, just like Bo said.

Lexie: Jennifer, I don't know what I would do if I were in your situation. I mean, it's -- it's so hard to know if you're doing the right thing. What are you writing?

Jennifer: Just, uh, just putting some of my thoughts down. You know, Lexie, this baby was conceived out of Jack's love for me. That has to mean something. And if I believe that he came to me to comfort me, then I have to believe what he said. And I don't know, maybe -- maybe in some way, I'm meant to be a sign of hope for other women going through this same experience.

Lexie: Mm. You know, Abe appeared to me, too.

Jennifer: I know. I know. So you agree with me, right, Lexie?

Lexie: [Sighs] Well, I-I'm not only a grieving widow, I'm also a doctor.

Jennifer: Lexie, I know that, but I became pregnant for a reason, and I thought that reason was so that Abby wouldn't have to grow up in sadness, but maybe there's some other reason that will be revealed to me in time.

Lexie: Jennifer, what if you run out of time? What if the decision that you make now out of your love for jack causes you to lose your own life?

[Pager beeps]

Lexie: I'm needed at the nurses' station. Look... I hate to leave you.

Jennifer: I'll be fine.

Lexie: Okay.

Abby: Mom... don't cry. Daddy wouldn't want the baby to die, either. Isn't there something we can do to save it?

Victor: You mind if I have a word with your client?

Mickey: He's all yours. But be careful.

Tony: Mickey Horton -- a throwback to the bygone era of decency. So what did you want to talk to me about?

Victor: I want you to hear me out.

Bo: Victor says he wants to be my father. I ask him for help, and he turns me down.

Hope: You don't think he'll get you any information?

Bo: You heard him. He said he's going to talk to DiMera. That's not going to do us any good. DiMera's not going to incriminate himself. If this judge lets him walk... it's just a matter of time before he strikes again. Might as well go ahead and order the casket right n..

Marlena: This isn't about getting revenge on the DiMeras. It's about stopping the next victim from being killed. And what good is it if the wrong person's in jail?

John: I am just trying to protect you and my family, and throwing DiMera in jail is a damn good start.

Marlena: What if he's innocent? And, John, what makes you so special? What is your plan to keep all of us safe when not one victim has been able to get away from the killer? Not one. They have all died. Look, Caroline was in church surrounded by police. She still died. And Maggie’s alarm system was working just fine. The killer got through it. Mickey was asleep upstairs. Nothing changed it.

John: All I am saying is the killer would not get by me, and you can call it training, you can call it programming, you can call it whatever the hell kind of power that Stefano branded with me all those years ago. The fact is, the killer would not get by me in a fight, and he would not harm a hair on your head.

Marlena: You're the one I need to be afraid of.

Lexie: Alice.

Alice: How's Jennifer doing?

Lexie: This is a very difficult situation, Alice. I'm afraid it doesn't look good for the baby.

Alice: Oh.

Jennifer: Thank you, sweetie.

Abby: I've been thinking.

Jennifer: You know what? Me too. What have you come up with?

Abby: Well, I was sitting out there in the waiting area, and it hit me -- we're in a hospital with doctors and nurses and specialists. My life got saved in a hospital once, right?

Jennifer: That's right.

Abby: Okay. So that's what happens in hospitals -- lives get saved.

Jennifer: Sweetie, not -- not all the time. Sometimes people don't make it in spite of everything the doctors are able to do.

Abby: But, mom, we haven't even tried yet. I bet if the doctors do research and stuff, they can come up with a way to make the baby better. Dad always said that we're not quitters, so we can't give up.

Jennifer: You know what, Abby? I am going to do everything that I can to keep this baby, but it may not be possible. There might be so many things wrong with the baby, and -- and then --

Abby: And then what?

Jennifer: Then there are options.

Abby: No.

Jan: It's going to be so good when we can finally be together, Shawn. Nicole Kiriakis -- she's going to help me find a way. Isn't that great? We're going to get dumb Belle out of the way once and for all. Aw. It won't be long, baby. We're going to be together forever.

Shawn-D: All right, damn Celeste’s premonitions, okay? 'Cause this one is way off-base. There's no way that your dad is going to kill your mom.

Belle: Every morning I wake up, and I'm afraid that it's happened.

Shawn-D: All right, look, come on. Your parents love each other way too much. Look at me. They're like mine, okay? Together forever.

Belle: I used to believe that, but for the first time in my life, I'm not sure my parents are going to make it.

Victor: Now, there's one truth between us. You know that I could take you out at any time, and I know the same thing about you. So as far as power is concerned, it's always been a stalemate. That's why we respect each other.

Tony: Mm-hmm.

Victor: And that's why I can ask you now --

Tony: If you allow me -- [Whispering] You want to know if I am the serial killer, cross my heart and hope to die if I don't tell the truth.

Victor: Yes.

Tony: I'm not the killer.

Victor: That's what I thought.

Tony: Really?

Victor: Well, I have a theory, you see. I believe that the murderer is a female.

Tony: Now that's fascinating, because I had the same thought myself. Female equals lethal equals cunning -- a woman who's well able to cover her tracks.

Victor: Exactly.

Tony: Mm. So who is she?

John: You believe I'm going to kill you? I love you, honey.

Marlena: What am I supposed to believe, John? Celeste has never been wrong.

John: Oh, damn Celeste. These -- these hands would never take your life. I'd cut them off first. Why don't you go ahead? Go ahead. You -- you go ahead, you believe it. God knows Sami's getting a lot of mileage out of feeding your doubts about me.

Marlena: Sami has lost her father and doesn't want to lose her mother.

John: Oh... hey, Celeste, come here. Why don't you turn on that crystal ball, baby? Tell me -- you still see me whacking my wife?

“Next On Days Of Our Lives”

John: Damn -- now that's drama. All right, spit it out. What are your vibes telling you now?

Celeste: I'm sorry, but it’s written. You will kill your wife.

Hope: God forbid something should happen to you. I'd want to think that you would come back to me.

Bo: Nothing's going to happen to us.

Tony: Let the killer worry about me. Hell hath no fury like the phoenix scorned.

Marlena: Hello? Hello? Who's there? Is somebody th—

Victor: You don't have the nerve to shoot me, Nicole.

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