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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 1/9/04 - Canada; Monday 1/12/04 - U.S.A.

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Lexie: I was having some trouble finding the heartbeat, but here it is. Strong and clear.

Jennifer: Oh.

Lexie: I'm a little out of practice. [Squeaking sound]

Jennifer: Lexie, is everything okay? Lexie.

Lexie: No, Jennifer, I'm afr -- I'm afraid there's something wrong with the baby.

Jennifer: Wrong? What do you mean? Is the baby just in a position that's making it difficult to see?

Lexie: No, no. I see the fetus clearly.

Jennifer: All right, then what is it, Lexie? Please tell me -- what is wrong with my baby?

Chloe: So, was that your way of trying to convince me to stay? [Giggles]

Brady: Chloe, we both know that you need to go and do this. It's the opportunity of a lifetime. I had to hold you in my arms again. And now I don't think I ever want to let you go.

Chloe: Well, just tell me you want me to stay and I'll call Madam Marin and tell her to find another singer.

Victor: Where the hell have you been?

Nicole: Hello to you, too.

Victor: Answer me.

Nicole: I went for a walk.

Victor: If I find out you were anywhere near Shawn, or that you contacted Philip...

Nicole: Relax, grandpa. Message received loud and clear. Stay away from all male members of your family, literally and figuratively.

Victor: I mean it, Nicole. Don't take my warnings lightly.

Nicole: Wouldn't dream of it, love.

Victor: Go ahead, give me one more reason to turn you in for Colin's murder. You and I both know you did it. And I'm becoming more and more convinced that you're also guilty of the serial killings.

Nicole: Think what you want, Victor. But you don't have any proof, and neither does anyone else.

John: All I'm saying is the last thing any of us wants is for Tony DiMera to make bail and walk again.

Woman: Mr. Black, Tony DiMera is being arraigned on six counts of premeditated murder. I doubt very much that the judge will be granting bail. You'll have to excuse me.

John: Doc. Come on, we got to talk. We can't go on like this anymore.

Hope: But Bo, it's already been decided that uncle --

Bo: What is the matter with Mickey?

Hope: It's not going to do any good to fight with the man.

Bo: How can he betray us like this, betray himself, defending that bastard?

Hope: Bo.

Bo: Mickey, what the hell is wrong with you? How can you represent the monster who killed your wife?

Marlena: Not now. The hearing is about to start.

John: Fine. Name a time and place.

Marlena: I told you I don't want to do this here.

John: Listen, I know you blame me for Roman's death because I talked you out of stopping the wedding, but for God's sakes, I'm not the guilty party here. The person responsible for murdering Roman is Tony DiMera.

Marlena: I spoke to Tony already. I told him that I would testify against him. I also told him to go to hell.

John: And what, you're hoping I end up right alongside him?

Mickey: If you'd just listen to me --

Bo: Have you thought about how Maggie would feel about this? Or my Mother, or Roman, or any of the other victims? Do you think they would admire you for defending the monster who took their lives?

Mickey: Tony is innocent until proven guilty, Bo. He deserves a fair trial.

Bo: He's a murderer, and we're going to prove it. You're gonna lose this case, and your client is going to the death chamber.

Mickey: We are going to let justice take its course.

Bo: Oh, come on, Mickey, don't give me that lawyer rhetoric. You know the history here. He has been trying to destroy the Brady family for years.

Hope: Bo, don't do this, not now, okay? Bo.

Bo: You're going down, DiMera. We got you cold.

Tony: Such a pity.

Bo: What, that you're gonna fry?

Tony: That you are so blinded by hatred to see that the real killer is still out there. I tried to warn your brother, too. He, too, refused to listen.

Hope: Come here. Come here. What are you trying to do, get yourself thrown out of here? Let's go sit down. Come on. Uncle Mickey, I think I understand why you're doing this. And I think you'll understand that I hope with all of my heart you lose this case. I believe that Tony's guilty.

Mickey: I will be happy to lose this case if it means that the serial killer has finally been stopped.

Celeste: Mickey. Mickey! Why didn't you tell Bo and Hope about my visit from Roman and Maggie?

Mickey: Well, Celeste, I --

Celeste: But he told me that Anthony wasn't the killer. Surely that would have helped to convince Bo that you're doing the right thing.

Mickey: Look, I am the only one that needs to be convinced. Try to convince everybody else. Make them question my credentials. Weaken Tony's case. He is going to be found guilty or innocent based upon the facts and the evidence.

Hope: You feeling a little better?

Bo: Nah, I'll feel better when your uncle loses his case and that maniac is condemned to death. That's the only way our family and the people we love will be safe.

Victor: Proof isn't that hard to get, Nicole -- or manufacture.

Nicole: You're saying you'd frame me for the killings?

Victor: I'm going to the hearing.

Nicole: Exciting.

Victor: Try and behave yourself while I'm gone.

Nicole: Aye-aye, sir.

Victor: And when you see Brady and Chloe, leave them the hell alone!

Nicole: While the cat's away...

Brady: Chloe, you cannot be serious. You would ask Madam Marin to replace you?

Chloe: I'm completely serious. Just say the word.

Brady: Well, you know that I would love for you to stay.

Chloe: Good. It's settled.

Brady: Hold on a second. This is the career opportunity of a lifetime. You're not gonna pass it up.

Chloe: Brady, we've been over this.

Brady: I will come and visit you all the time. You're not gonna be gone for that long. We've talked about it.

Chloe: It's not enough.

Brady: Chloe, you need to do this. You are not gonna give it up.

Chloe: But this is all I want to do all the time.

Brady: Yeah. I can't believe I'm going to say this right now, but we have to stop.

Chloe: I can't believe you said it, either.

Brady: You need to get packed, and I got to get you to the airport.

Chloe: We've got plenty of time.

Brady: Chloe, your flight leaves in, like --

Chloe: Hey, you know what? Trust me, Brady, when you've been living on the road, it is amazing how fast you learn how to pack.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh.

Lexie: I'm so sorry.

Jennifer: You know, I shouldn't have let myself be so happy. I should have waited till I knew more, Lexie.

Lexie: No, Jennifer, don't say that.

Jennifer: I mean, I was told that you should wait till you get past your first trimester, don't even tell anyone that you're pregnant in case something happens. But I suppose with Jack being gone, you know, I let myself think that this baby is a gift from Jack, and that everything would just go along so perfectly, and I would have this happy, healthy baby. Oh, Lexie. I don't -- I don't know what to do. I have to, uh, I have to be strong through this, right?

Lexie: Right, right, and we don't know anything for sure.

Jennifer: Well, just that the baby might not survive, and if I don't terminate the pregnancy, my life could be at risk. It doesn't get much worse than that, Lexie.

Lexie: Sweetie, whatever you decide to do, I'm here for you, okay? I'll support you.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. How am I going to tell Abby? How will I tell her?

Jennifer: Lexie, Dr. Bader -- she heard the heartbeat two weeks ago. You just heard it today. You said that it was strong, that it was healthy.

Lexie: Yes, yes, it is, but as I told you --

Jennifer: Lexie, look at me, and be honest. What are the chances of me carrying this baby to term?

Lexie: Not good. And if you try -- Jennifer, you have to think of Abby. She needs you.

Jennifer: So you're telling me that if I don't terminate this pregnancy, I could die.

Marlena: Tony wanted me to testify on his behalf.

John: He was serious?

Marlena: Mm-hmm. He tried to persuade me that he's innocent, and that the real killer is still out there somewhere.

John: Of course he did.

Marlena: John, he's a sociopath. He has no sense of right or wrong, no remorse for what he's done.

John: You know, you still didn't answer my question. Do you still blame tony as much as me for Roman's death?

Victor: Marlena, John.

Marlena: Oh.

Victor: I thought I'd find you two here.

Marlena: Uh, I'm going inside. Excuse me, Victor.

Victor: Any word on whether or not Kate's coming?

John: No, she's not gonna make it. I talked to Philip. He spent the night with her at the hotel. We didn't figure she'd be able to handle this, so we decided it would be better if she didn't show up.

Victor: I agree.

John: Yeah.

Tony: Oh. Are you sure you won't change your mind?

Marlena: And testify on your behalf? Not on the longest day of my life.

Tony: Hmm.

Hope: Bo, we have to believe that justice will be served, and that Tony will be found guilty.

Bo: If he isn't found guilty, if he walks, I swear --

Hope: Don't say it, please.

Man: All rise. The honorable Judge Karen Fitzpatrick presiding.

Judge: Please be seated. Good afternoon. This is a hearing to determine whether count Anthony DiMera shall be held over for trial on six counts of premeditated murder. Mickey Horton, attorney for the defense, has entered a motion that all charges be summarily dismissed for lack of evidence.

Bo: Well, that's crazy, your honor. We've got enough evidence to put that scum away for life.

Judge: Order. Order!

Chloe: I don't want to do this.

Brady: I know, Chloe. I'm sorry, but you have to. You don't have a choice. Come here.

Nicole: Yuck. Disgusting. She can't keep her hands off him.

Nicole: Oh. Well, if it isn't the two lovebirds.

Brady: Hi, Nicole. Have you seen my grandfather around?

Nicole: He's at Tony DiMera's pretrial hearing. Why?

Brady: Well, I just wanted to tell him that Chloe is leaving today.

Nicole: Really? So soon? Why?

Chloe: I got a call to replace another singer. I'm due to perform in Vienna tomorrow night.

Nicole: Well, before you leave, Chloe, I have something I'd like to say to you.

Brady: Nicole, please, no trouble, okay?

Nicole: No, no, no, no, no. That's not it. I want to apologize.

Abby: You know what? I heard the baby's heart beat when Mom was here the first time. It was the coolest thing.

Woman: It is pretty cool, isn't it?

Abby: I can't wait until the baby's born, because then can help Mom take care of her -- or him. It's good that I'm much older, because I can be a big help this way.

Woman: Of course you can. You're going to be a wonderful big sister, Abby.

Abby: I'm sure gonna try, especially 'cause my Dad's not here. My Mom really needs me now to help raise the baby.

Lexie: As soon as we have the results of the specialized ultrasound...

Jennifer: I can't even believe that this is happening, Lexie.

Lexie: I know. Jennifer, um, from what I've seen, if you don't miscarry, terminating the pregnancy may be the only way -- sweetie -- may be the only way to save your life.

Judge: Order!

Mickey: Sorry. Sorry.

Judge: Commander Brady, you've stood before this court on numerous occasions. Have you ever known me to tolerate that kind of outburst? No, you haven't! And that continues to be my policy. Nothing has changed. You will speak when you are addressed. Are we clear on that?

Bo: Yes. I'm sorry, your honor.

Judge: District Attorney Chang, you may proceed.

Chang: Your honor, I'd like to call Commander Brady to the stand so that he might detail the arrest and evidence against the accused.

Chang: Why do you believe Count DiMera is the serial killer, Commander Brady?

Bo: He was found trying to flee the scene of the most recent murder. He was dressed the way we know the serial killer to dress.

Chang: Anything else?

Bo: A weapon was found at the scene -- a samurai sword. We discovered it belonged to Mr. DiMera. It is also consistent with the wounds found on the latest victim. Prior to this, we discovered Mr. DiMera's PDA contained all the messages sent to the Salem P.D. from the serial killer. All this adds up to one thing -- he's guilty. [Spectators murmuring]

Victor: Things don't look good for your friend Tony.

Roman: Celeste, come on. I told you Tony isn't guilty. You've got to do something, damn it.

Roman: Maybe he can convince you.

Abe: You've got to do the right thing, Celeste. People we love are still in danger. Mmmm.

Nicole: This isn't easy for me... and I want to tell both of you I'm very, very sorry for the way I've been behaving. Whether you believe me or not, I was hoping my marriage to Victor would be a lifetime thing. I really was. And I guess that's something that you and Brady will never have to worry about. And I wish both of you the best. I mean, it is such great news about the opera house, and I know you're going to be a huge star, Chloe. I'm just sorry that I might not be around to see it.

Chloe: Thank you, Nicole. I hope you find a way to be happy, too.

Nicole: I won't give up until I do.

Chloe: Good for you.

Brady: Uh, Nicole, I really appreciated what you -- what you just did.

Nicole: Hey, I'm not all bad. I-I have to cut back on the booze. I will -- I'm determined. Stay right here. I have to do something before you go, okay? See you soon.

Abe: Don't bother, Celeste. You're the only one that can see us. Roman told me he spoke to you. Now, why didn't you follow up on what he said?

Celeste: I-I...

Roman: I know you told Mickey, and he's doing the right thing. But Tony could still be convicted.

Abe: Let's see what's going on.

Mickey: But if there's no forensic evidence...

Bo: We don't have any forensics evidence yet to place Mr. DiMera at any of the other murder scenes, but he still doesn't have an alibi for any of those crimes.

Mickey: Well, neither do any of the other suspects.

Bo: We caught him running away.

Mickey: Yeah, but that was outside. I mean, you can't place him in the room where the murder actually took place, now, can you?

Bo: Again, not yet. But I am confident my forensics team will come up with the evidence to prove he's the killer.

Mickey: Your lab tests for the victim's blood on the alleged murder weapon have come up negative. Is that correct?

Bo: More tests are under way, and I believe forensics will prove that my brother's blood was on Mr. DiMera's sword.

Mickey: Well, it makes sense that you'd hope for that, because without that, you have no case.

Chang: Objection, your honor. We urge the defense keep his opinions to himself.

Mickey: Withdrawn, withdrawn. Thank you, your honor. No more questions.

Bo: We still have the matter of the PDA, and I was there when Mr. DiMera threatened my brother. He said, quo, "watch your back or the killer will get you," unquote. What more evidence do you need?

Mickey: Your honor, I ask that the witness stop giving unsolicited testimony.

Judge: Your request has been duly noted, counselor. You may step down, Commander Brady.

Bo: I'm not finished, your honor.

Judge: Step down, Commander Brady.

Roman: My little brother -- kind of a hothead.

Abe: Why do you think I always had you testify in cases instead of Bo?

Roman: The D.A.'s got nothing.

Abe: She doesn't. But how could she? We both know that Tony's not guilty, and so do you, Celeste. You hold the key to naming the real killer.

Roman: You've just got to find it.

Brady: All right. Bags are in the jeep. You ready?

Chloe: Yeah, I-I guess we'd better go, then.

Nicole: Oh, hey, hey -- not so fast. Ha. Ah, airplane food leaves a lot to be desired.

Chloe: What's this?

Nicole: I, uh, I had cook whip it up for you to take on the plane.

Chloe: Thank you, Nicole. That-- that's so thoughtful of you.

Nicole: It's just A... salad and a couple of freshly-baked muffins.

Chloe: Sounds great.

Brady: Well, you know, Chloe should probably...

Chloe: Yeah.

Nicole: Okay. Well, fly safe, and break a leg, okay? Or whatever the expression is.

Chloe: That's one.

Nicole: Um... I'm glad we were able to bury the hatchet and put all the misunderstandings and ill feelings behind us.

Chloe: Yeah. And, Nicole, if you do get your drinking under control, maybe you should get some counseling. Who knows what the future holds? You know, maybe even you and Victor will work things out.

Nicole: Well, one thing I do know for sure is I'm swearing off the booze.

Chloe: I'm sure you can do it, and you'll be much stronger for it.

Nicole: Thanks, Chloe. Okay, well, uh... bye.

Brady: See ya.

Nicole: You're right, Chloe. Who knows what the future holds?

Jennifer: No, I won't do it. I will not even consider ending this pregnancy, Lexie.

Lexie: But, Jennifer, if further tests show the fetus isn't viable --

Jennifer: Viable? This is my baby we're talking about, Lexie. If there is even the remotest chance... so no, I-I will not have an abortion -- never. Never. Do you hear me?

Lexie: I'll have your grandmother come in so you can talk to her.

Jennifer: Don't tell Abby. I don't want Abby to know yet.

Lexie: No. No, no, of course not. That's up to you. Jennifer, sweetheart, if I've sounded insensitive --

Jennifer: Lexie, you're a doctor. I understand that you have to tell me the truth.

Lexie: I'm also your friend, and I hope you know my heart is breaking for you right now.

Jennifer: I do know.

Lexie: Okay. I'll get Alice.

Alice: Oh. Alexandra.

Lexie: Alice...

Alice: Now... how's Jennifer?

Lexie: Where's Abby?

Alice: Oh, she went to get a drink of water.

Lexie: Oh.

Alice: Is everything all right?

Lexie: Jennifer needs to see you. She needs you so much right now.

Mickey: Your honor, if the court please, I would like to call Count DiMera to testify in order to refute the testimony of Commander Brady.

Tony: Well, I have no idea how those messages got on the PDA that they found on me.

Mickey: You do own a PDA -- a personal digital assistant, though.

Tony: Yes, the PDA they found on me was identical to the one that I own -- I don't know how those messages got on there. I certainly didn't create them -- which I assume was planted on me in order to frame me, and as far as what I was doing at Tuscany the night that Captain Brady was so heinously butchered -- I was trying to capture the killer and thereby exonerate myself. But, unfortunately, my plan totally backfired due to the overzealous efforts of Bo Brady and his gaggle of keystone cops.

Bo: That bastard's lying.

Judge: Order.

Bo: Your honor, he's as guilty as sin.

Judge: Commander Brady, you will sit down. This is your final warning, Commander Brady. Disrupt these proceedings one more time, and I will have you held in contempt.

Abe: You've got to do something, Celeste -- now, before it's too late.

Abe: Celeste... we know you're scared. Everything's going to be all right.

Roman: Abe and I are here to help you.

Judge: Will you be calling more witnesses, Ms. Chang?

Chang: One, your honor -- a forensic specialist from the Salem Police Department. He's been delayed, but I just received word that he's on his way.

Judge: Very well. We'll take a 15-minute recess while we await his arrival.

Man: All rise.

Bo: As soon as Tek gets here, we'll have the evidence we need to make sure DiMera never hurts anyone again.

Brady: Chloe, it feels like you just got here.

Chloe: I love you so much.

Brady: I can't let you go, not even for a little while.

Chloe: You just talked me out of staying. But there's a little bit of time before the flight.

Brady: You know what, Chloe? We're going to have nothing but time.

Chloe: Yeah? When?

Brady: Right now. I've changed my mind.

Chloe: Changed your mind?

Brady: Yes, I am coming with you.

Nicole: [Thinking] Damn it, no. Brady can't go. It would ruin everything.

Lexie: Abby.

Abby: Dr. Carver.

Lexie: How are you doing, sweetheart?

Abby: Great. Where'd Great-Grandma Alice go?

Lexie: Oh, she's just in with your mom.

Abby: Oh. Can I go in, too?

Lexie: Um, soon. I just want to give your mom and your great-grandmom some time alone.

Jennifer: Gram, I just -- I don't understand. Why is this happening? Why am I being punished like this?

Alice: Now, wait until we get all the test results, and then we'll see.

Jennifer: I have a feeling I know what the results are going to be, Gram. And then I'm going to have to make the second most difficult decision of my life.

Alice: And you can do it. Whatever you decide, we're all here for you.

Jennifer: I don't know, Gram. I don't know -- I don't know if I have the courage and the strength to get through this.

Victor: Marlena must be taking Roman's death very hard.

John: Yep, she is.

Victor: You know, listening to the evidence or the lack thereof, it's quite possible that Tony's innocent.

John: Yeah, it's got to be him.

Victor: Yeah. Maybe you're thinking with your heart instead of your head -- you and Bo both.

John: What are you saying, Vic?

Victor: Come on, John. You've been a cop. You don't really have a case.

John: All right. If not Tony, then who?

Victor: I don't know. It always struck me, though, that there was the hand of a woman behind these murders.

John: How so?

Victor: Well... the various weapons, the different M.O.S, the fact that so many -- most of the killings were planned and sort of deliberate, and others were -- like Jack Deveraux's, were sort of spontaneous.

John: All right, which woman? Sami? Kate? Your wife Nicole, perhaps?

Victor: I'll leave that to the police.

John: Yeah. Oh, I want to thank you, by the way.

Victor: For what?

John: Bringing Chloe back to Salem. I don't want to speak ill of your wife, but it seems that Nicole was getting a bit too close to Brady.

Victor: Well, don't worry, John. I'm going to get rid of Nicole very soon. She won't be a problem for me or any member of my family.

Celeste: Why don't you leave me alone?

Abe: We can't, Celeste. Only you can name the killer to save the rest of our families, our loved ones.

Celeste: But I don't know who the killer is.

Marlena: Celeste... who are you talking to?

Celeste: Roman and Abraham.

Roman: Doc... you're taking my death so hard.

Celeste: I know you don't see them, Marlena, but you feel their presence, don't you? Your good friend Abraham, your ex-husband Roman -- they're both right here in front of you, darling. Look and see.

Chloe: No, Brady, you were right. There are reasons why you can't come with me. You have to stay here.

Brady: No, Chloe, I don't have to do anything.

Chloe: You know what I'm saying is right. As much as the both of us hate the idea of being separated again, it's the right thing to do right now.

Brady: Yeah, I guess it is.

Woman: Final boarding call for flight 272 for New York with continuing service to Vienna. Final call for flight 272.

Brady: I love you, Chloe Lane.

Chloe: I love you, Brady Black.

Brady: I -- I can't say it.

Chloe: Neither can I.

Brady: So I'll see you soon, huh?

Chloe: Not soon enough.

Nicole: [Thinking] Don't worry, Brady. You won't be lonely for long.

Lexie: Well, I'll go see if your mom's ready for you to go in, okay?

Abby: Do you think I can still hear the baby's heart beat?

Lexie: I'm sorry, Abby. Probably not today.

Jennifer: Did you find Abby?

Lexie: Yeah. She's ready to come in and see you. I'm going to take the tape for Dr. Bader to see, okay?

Jennifer: Lexie, I know that you said I would be putting myself at enormous risk if I carried this baby to term.

Lexie: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: Don't you understand? This is Jack's baby. This child is the way that I was going to keep Jack with me forever, so how can I give that up? How can I end this pregnancy? Tell me, how can I kill Jack's baby?

Abby: No, Mommy, no! It's bad enough that you killed Daddy. You can't kill his baby, too!

Marlena: Celeste, I'm sorry. I can't see anything.

Tek: Dr. Evans, Celeste, you'll have to excuse me. I'm running late.

Celeste: Marlena, Abraham and Roman -- they are here. They've both appeared to me.

Marlena: Why? What do they want?

Celeste: Roman and Maggie told me that Anthony is not the killer, and -- and Abraham came to help convince me. They swear that if Anthony is convicted, the real killer will kill again. They said that I know who really did it, and that it's up to me to stop the real killer before he or she kills again. But I don't know how, Marlena. I don't know how.

Tek: I got it right here.

Man: All rise.

Judge: Please be seated. Your witness, Ms. Chang.

Chang: The prosecution calls Thomas Kramer.

Chang: What evidence has your team found to place Anthony DiMera at one or all of the murder scenes?

Tek: None.

Chang: And... you recovered the murder weapon?

Tek: Yes. Yes, we did.

Chang: And, uh, the blood belonging to the last victim -- Roman Brady -- was found on the murder weapon?

Tek: Yes, it was.

Bo: Got him.

Chang: And that weapon was a samurai sword belonging to the suspect Anthony DiMera.

Tek: No. The, uh, murder weapon was the knife used to cut the wedding cake.

Bo: What the... that's impossible.

Mickey: Your honor, I move for an immediate dismissal.

Bo: No, you can't let him go free, your honor. We've got that PDA, the open threat on my brother, and he's got no alibi for any of the killings. Motive, means, and opportunity.

Judge: Commander Brady, what you say is true, but the evidence we've seen is -- it's flimsy at best. I'd be more inclined to rule if there was someone else who could speak on behalf of the defendant, either to vouch for his innocence or swear to his guilt. Do you have anyone, Mr. Horton?

Mickey: I'm afraid not, your honor.

Judge: Ms. Chang?

Chang: No, your honor.

Bo: No one would vouch for that scum.

Marlena: Your honor, if it please the court, I'd like to be heard.

Shawn-D: Your mom loves your dad. She's going to ask him to move back in before you know it.

Belle: Not if he kills her first.

Marlena: I believe Celeste. Tony has to be innocent.

Hope: This is just helping the other side. Calm down.

Bo: I'm not the one helping DiMera.

Nicole: When I am done training you, you will have Shawn Brady's hot body all to yourself.

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