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Bo: This is wrong. To bury my mother and my br-- this is just...

Hope: I know nothing I can say can make you feel better, Bo. Tony is in a cell. We've got the serial killer, Bo. I know it can't bring back the people that we lost, but at least he can't take away anyone else that we love.

Bo: Not according to DiMera. It's the last thing he said when they were dragging him away -- "Roman won't be the last to die."

Hope: He just wanted to hurt you more. He's angry he got caught, Bo.

Bo: Arrogance. If he thinks he's getting away with these murders...

Hope: He'll be convicted.

Bo: No, he don’t. I'm going to kill him first.

Victor: Your hands are trembling, my dear -- sure signs of a guilty conscience.

Nicole: Oh, shut up.

Victor: So...did history repeat itself? Did you kill Roman tonight the same way you killed Colin Murphy last New Year's Eve, huh?

Philip: Mom...Mom. Is there anything at all I can do for you?

Kate: Um, I-I'm, uh, a little thirsty. Will you get me some water?

Philip: Sure, of course.

Sami: You knew. You knew this would happen. You knew about the threats, and you knew that he would die if you married him, but you just wanted the satisfaction, didn't you?

Lucas: Leave her alone, damn it.

Sami: God. What, did you just want to get your hands on his pension? Is that why you went through with the wedding?

Lucas: I mean it, Sami. She just lost her Husband. Shut up.

Sami: Oh, she was only married to him for a couple of minutes. My Mother is the one who lost her Husband -- the man that God meant her to have forever.

Lucas: You are truly twisted, you know that?

Sami: My Mother lost the love of her life, and now my family will never get back together.

Marlena: Whatever you're going to say, don’t.

Belle: My mom really does blame my dad for Roman's death.

Shawn-D: No.

Belle: Why would she think that?

Shawn-D: She's not thinking. She's all torn up, and she's lashing out. I know exactly how she feels.

Belle: Oh, my God. Are you okay? I'm sorry.

Shawn-D: No, I -- no. My family's being destroyed one by one.

Belle: Come here.

Mimi: Rex, I want to say something to make it all go away. It's not fair that you keep losing people -- first your Sister, now your Father. I mean, the only good thing is at least Tony's behind bars now. The killing is over.

Celeste: I'm sorry, but the truth must be known.

Mimi: Oh, please, not now, Celeste. Rex is hurting enough.

Celeste: Darling, before Tony was taken off to jail, he warned that others would die, and I'm afraid that I've been getting premonitions that tell me that Tony is telling the truth.

Mimi: Oh, my God. Who's next?

Hope: I'm not letting you do this, Bo.

Bo: DiMera doesn't deserve to live -- not when my Mother and Brother are dead.

Hope: That is up to God, and your Mother would be the first person to say that, and I could just imagine what your Brother would say, Bo. He would say it was a waste of a good life for you to end up in prison for killing Tony. That is what he would say.

Bo: Every minute that bastard's alive when Mom and Roman are dead, it's -- he wasn't just my Brother. He was my friend, my conscience.

Hope: I know. I know. Thank God I still have you, Bo. I'm so grateful that I can still hold you.

[Telephone rings]


Bo: Detective Bo Brady. Yes, sir, commissioner. It is a tragedy. can I get back to you on that? Uh...I'm going to think about it, talk it over with my Wife. Thank you, sir.

Hope: Talk what over? What? What did he want?

Bo: He wants me to take over as acting police commander. I can't take my Brother's place.

Lucas: You will not talk to my Mother like that -- not now, not ever. You understand me? I'm sorry about that, Mom.

Sami: Sorry? She as good as murdered my Father.

Lucas: That's it. You're coming with me.

Sami: Let me go. Stop it.

Philip: Mom. Sami's insane. Don't let her get to you.

Kate: Before the ceremony, Roman asked me to accept his Daughter, to look out for her like family, and I said yes because...I knew he was going to be there to help me, do I keep that promise now?

Shawn-D: Look, let me take you home, okay?

Belle: I just -- I need to take care of something first.

Marlena: I need to, uh, make some calls. I've -- I've got to call Eric and Carrie, let them know that their Dad died.

John: I'll make those calls for you if it's too much.

Marlena: I think I should do it. They know how much I love them. I know how much pain this is going to cause them. They're my family.

Belle: Dad, you need to make everything okay with Mom.

John: Izzy, I don't think she can be okay right now. Your Mom and Roman they shared children together. They shared a life together for many years.

Belle: But you're her Husband now. I mean, we're her family, and I just wanted to make sure that everything's going to be okay, you know? That -- that you and Mom aren't going to break up. It's not going to come to that, is it? Are you ready, boots?

Victor: So, did you kill Roman Brady?

Nicole: Like I would tell you. Right, so you can turn me in to the cops, not to mention the boost it would give you in the divorce proceedings.

Victor: What proceedings?

Nicole: Oh, you brought Chloe back to Salem. You're building a new opera house, all in your plan to take Brady away from me so I have no hope for the future.

Victor: Oh, stop trying to sweet-talk me. We're talking about murder.

Nicole: Roman had the goods on you, too, Victor. You covered Colin's murder, so you should be down on your knees thanking me for what I did.

Victor: So you did take action. Spell it out for me, Nicole. What exactly did you do?

Lucas: I mean it, Sami. For the last time, you lay off my Mother, you got that? Go get Will, go home, and start comforting someone else for a change.

Sami: What about you? Our Son just lost his Grandfather. Don't you think he needs both of his parents right now?

Lucas: Don't you do that. Don't you make me pick between my Mother and my Son. Will knows I'm always there for him. I'm sorry, but right now my mom needs me a little more.

Sami: My Father was just murdered. Doesn't that count for something?

Lucas: Why do you always have to come first, huh, Sami?

Sami: Damn you, Lucas. You and your horrible Mother are going to get what you deserve. And I will make it happen.

Mimi: Here's your coat, babe. Let me take you home.

Rex: I want to see Kate first.

Mimi: Sure, sure. She's your Mom, after all.

Shawn-D: Hey.

Mimi: Shawn. I am so sorry that this is happening to your family.

Shawn-D: Ah, it's all right. It's even harder on my Dad and my Grandfather. They're missing Grandma so much right now, and -- and to lose my Uncle...

Mimi: And it's not over.

Shawn-D: What do you mean?

Mimi: Celeste. She's such a downer. I told her to stop, but she just goes right on, saying all this scary stuff.

Shawn-D: Saying what? What did she predict is going to happen now? Tell me.

Celeste: So much pain in their future. So many tears will be shed.

Belle: Dad, you and Mom aren't going to break up, are you? I mean, I know things are a little difficult right now, but you're going to be okay, right?

John: Hey, come on, let's not borrow trouble, as Caroline Brady used to say.

Belle: That's not the answer. And maybe Mrs. Brady would say something different right now if she could. Maybe she would say that we need to do everything we can to hold onto the people that we love. Mom.

Marlena: Yeah, honey, I couldn't get a hold of Carrie. I got her answering machine. I don't want to leave a message about her Dad on there. I'm going to try Eric right now.

Belle: Mom, can you wait one second, please?

Marlena: Honey, Eric's Dad just died. He's got to be told.

Belle: I need to be told. I need to be told that you and Dad are going to stop fighting and that you're going to stay together. Mom, please. You, Brady, and I, and Dad -- we're a family, just as much as you and Carrie and Eric and...Shawn's uncle Roman were a family.

Marlena: He wasn't just Shawn's Uncle. He was also my Husband.

Belle: Dad is your Husband.

Marlena: Belle, will you try to be sensitive to other people's needs right now, please? I've got to try to get a hold of Eric, excuse me.

Sami: Don't you get it, Belle? Your Father is the one who ruined my family. My Mom and Dad were happy together until he came along and he took her away. And, damn it, he made her a whore --

John: You shut the hell up, Samantha.

Sami: Don't you tell me what to do. You are not my Father. He is dead because of you!

Jan: Sure was smart of me to steal this key before Christmas. Belle can't give you what you need, Shawn...not like I can.

Shawn-D: What was Celeste's latest premonition, Mimi?

Mimi: I don't want to think about it, I'm sorry.

Shawn-D: All right, look, the woman has called it right every time so far. We cannot afford not to pay attention to her.

Man: The first time I bagged a samurai sword as evidence.

Man #2: Man, we could be here all night. I mean, who knows how long CSI's going to take to transfer blood evidence to slides?

Man: I know. There's a lot of it. It's a sick thing.

Man #2: Let's find out what Detective Brady wants us to do.

Man: I'm going to head to the head first. I'll meet you.


Hope: If Roman and Abe could talk to you, what do you think their advice would be to you?

Bo: Gather your family together, get the hell out of Salem.

Hope: Really? As dedicated as they were to the force, you think that?

Bo: No. They'd say, stop your whining and get the damn job done. Make Salem a safe place again. Gather the evidence, make sure DiMera's convicted so he can't kill again.

Bo: I won't let you down, Roman. I will see this thing through. To honor you, and to protect, serve, and defend the people you love.

Rex: It's beautiful. My Father had good taste.

Kate: How did you know that he gave it to me?

Rex: The look on your face.

Kate: He said it was passed down through generations in his family. I'm going to wear it forever.

Rex: As you should. You're a Brady now.

Kate: So are you.

Lucas: Is he bothering you? My Mom's been through hell, man. She doesn't need your crap right now, Rex.

Philip: What's going on here? Are you giving my Mom a hard time, Rex?

Kate: Actually, no. Rex was being very kind. are all Brothers now. You are all my Sons. And I'm really going to need my family, especially now. So, please, please try to get along. Rex, I am so sorry that you never had a chance to know your Father. Because I have a feeling that you are a lot like him. If you need anything, you call me.

Mimi: Was that okay? What did she say to you?

Rex: She said to call her if I need anything. I mean, she treated me like a mother would.

Mimi: You probably both need that. Well, come on, let me take you home. I know I'm not family, but girlfriends are good for something, too. Hey, Shawn. I'm going to stay with Rex tonight. Are you going to be across the hall?

Shawn-D: Yeah, yeah, I am going to be with Belle. Neither of us want to be alone. Hey.

Belle: Hey. You guys take care of each other, okay?

Mimi: You too.

Shawn-D: So, how did it go with your Mom and Dad?

Belle: Well, you know what? I really don't want to talk about it because I don't want to get even more depressed. But why don't we go back to my place? I just want to be alone with you right now.

Shawn-D: Okay.

Jan: I sure can fill this out better than Belle ever could. I can't wait until Shawn sees me in this.

Shawn-D: Come on.

Sami: [Sobs]

Sami: They're finally not getting along. And it's too late.

John: Doc...we've got to keep talking, baby. Come on. We can't let this thing split us up.

Marlena: "This thing"? Roman was murdered. He was my Husband. We had children together.

John: And I'm not your Husband? I'm not the Father of your child?

Marlena: Please, please. It is not the time for petty jealousies. My life changed forever today.

Sami: I hope she leaves you before you have the chance to kill her.

John: Shut up, Samantha!

Sami: Oh, what are you going to do? Are you with Celeste? All of her visions have come true. Stay away from my Mother.

Roman: All right, Tony, come on. You know damn well I'm not afraid of you. Let's go.

Roman: My God. This can't be. This can't be happening.

Celeste: [Gasping]

Bo: This isn't anything I wished for, but my Wife and I agree that I should accept this position to honor my Brother's many years of service on the force. Thank you for your condolences, sir. I'll do my best for the people and for the Salem P.D. Whew.

Hope: You're doing the right thing.

Bo: What the...

Hope: What is it?

Bo: My Brother kept a file on me.

Hope: What kind of a file?

Bo: What the hell?

Philip: Mom, are you sure this is a good idea?

Lucas: Yeah, Mom, really. You could stay at my house. It's okay.

Kate: Roman thought of everything. Rose petals. He was a very romantic man.

Philip: Listen, Mom, I called in to my captain. He gave me permission to spend the night off the marine base, so I'll take the couch in the other room, okay?

Lucas: Nah, Philip, that's all right. You don't have to do that. I'll stay.

Kate: No, no, no. No. You should be with Will.

Lucas: It doesn't matter. Will's asleep right now.

Kate: Yes, but he's going to need you when he wakes up in the morning.

Lucas: You're right. You're right. I sent him home with Sami. She's not the greatest at comforting other people -- not even her own kid.

[Knock on door]

Will: Hi, Mom. How are you doing? I put some honey in it.

Sami: Thank you, sweetie. I should be tucking you in and making you warm milk. You're taking such good care of me.

Will: You've had a real bad day.

Sami: Yeah, you did, too. I mean, you just lost your Grandpa Roman.

Will: I know. But I still have you.

Sami: Yes. Sweetie, you will always have me. I promise you that I am never going to leave you -- not ever.

Will: You better not. I need you.

Sami: [Sobbing]

Belle: You know, I wanted to wear that negligee that you got me for Christmas, but I couldn't find it.

[Tea kettle whistling]

Shawn-D: You want peppermint or chamomile?

Belle: I want you.

Shawn-D: Okay, that whistling is getting to me.

Belle: Shawn, look!

Belle: Who could have done this?

Shawn-D: Maybe nobody.

Belle: Shawn, the glass didn't just break by itself.

Shawn-D: Okay, we left the window open, and it was windy tonight, and you found that face-down on the table, right?

Belle: Yeah, but --

Shawn-D: The wind knocked it over.

Belle: Still, it's a sign, like -- like an omen, you know? The killer has destroyed so many couples -- Abe, Lexie, Jack, Jennifer, Mickey, Maggie, your Grandparents, your Uncle and Kate Roberts -- what if we're next? The killer isn't only targeting adults, Shawn. Cassie was murdered, too.

Shawn-D: All right, but Tony DiMera is in jail for those murders.

Belle: Maybe he isn't even the killer. And even if he is, murder isn't the only thing that could separate us. What if tonight is the last chance for us to be together? Make love to me, Shawn. Let's not wait any longer.

Mimi: I'm kind of worried about Belle. She's not used to her parents fighting like this.

Rex: Well, you want to call her?

Mimi: No. She's with Shawn. He's taking care of her like I'm taking care of you. How are you feeling?

Rex: Just keep doing what you're doing.

Mimi: I mean your heart.

Rex: I'm confused, I guess. I mean, I-I hated Roman Brady, and -- and he turned out to be a good guy. I loved Tony DiMera, and he turned out to be a murderer. And now I have to spend my life living with my unfairness to him.

Mimi: I'm so sorry, Rex. I think you and Roman would have gotten along pretty well if you had the chance.

Rex: People always leave me.

Mimi: I won’t. I promise, I'll stay with you. I'll do anything for you.

Rex: Make me forget.

John: I love you, Marlena.

John: I know how broken up you are over Roman's death. He was a good man. He was a great Father. But Tony DiMera is responsible for his death.

Marlena: Roman is dead because he married Kate, and I could have persuaded him to wait, but I listened to you, and I went along with your desire to see Roman move on. Well, he's moved on. And now his entire family is left to mourn for him forever.

John: So you really do blame me for his death, don't you? No, it doesn't make any sense, but it doesn't matter to you. The only thing that matters to you is that he is gone, and now you're never going to forgive me. Is that right?

Celeste: [Thinking] With the mask on, I see through the eyes of the killer.

Hope: What's in there? Roman didn't suspect you were the killer.

Bo: No, no, no. Take a look at this. It goes all the way back to when I first started on the force.

Hope: He never showed this to you?

Bo: No, I guess he didn't want me to know he was going to the brass about me.

Hope: Well, he always knew how tough it was for you to follow the rules.

Bo: Yeah. These are all...

Hope: Incredibly...positive. Listen to this. "Despite the attitude problem, Bo is probably the best all-around cop on the force."

Bo: "I'm proud of Bo as a police officer...and I'm very proud to call him my Brother."

[Knock on door]

Lucas: Will, what's going on in here?

Will: Shh. She's sleeping.

Lucas: Yeah, I know. I can see that. Will, she's supped to be taking care of you.

Will: I'm fine. But Mom's real sad. She needs you, Dad.

Sami: Daddy...

Will: Please, Dad. Help her.

Lucas: I will, I will, buddy. It's going to be okay, all right? Everything's going to be fine. You just go to bed. Come on, get some sleep.

Sami: Daddy, where are you?

Lucas: Sami. It's me.

Sami: How did you get in here?

Lucas: I have a key, remember? Will was sitting there. He was watching over you.

Sami: He made me warm milk, and...he put honey in it. It was the sweetest thing.

Lucas: He's really worried about you. He wanted me to make sure you're okay. That's why I'm here.

Sami: Oh. Thank you. Lucas, I'm...I'm really scared to be alone. Will you -- will you please stay with me tonight?

Belle: Shawn...if my life could end soon, I at least want to know what it would be like to be with you. I want to be yours in every way.

Shawn-D: You will be, but not like this, not with all this tragedy, okay? I promise you, you and I are going to have a future together. The killer can't stop that. No one can.

John: I know you blame me for Roman's death, so just say it, Doc.

Marlena: If you know it's true, why do I have to say it?

John: Is that really how you feel?

John: Do you not want me to be here? You got to at least answer me. Do you...want me to move out?

John: I'd ask if those tears were for me, but I know the answer.

John: Are you sure this is what you want?

Marlena: Yes.

John: I thought when you saw my bags packed, you'd realize this is the last thing you want.

Marlena: I need some time alone to think. I can't do it. I can't do that when you're here. I get too confused.

John: Even though Tony's in jail and the killing has stopped.

Marlena: John, please...

John: You're for sure this is what you want.

Marlena: I am.

Marlena: Oh, Roman...why did you have to die?

Shawn-D: It's going to be okay. It is.

Belle: Please don't say that. My Dad couldn't even promise me that. Neither can you. We don't know what's going to happen, Shawn. And that's the truth. There way to know the future.

Jan: [Thinking] I know the future, and Miss Belle ain't going to like it.

Kate: Life is so -- so unpredictable. We don't really even know how long -- how long we have. So you can't waste a moment. My love is...gone. It's gone forever. But alive, and she’s beautiful. And you still love her. I can see that.

Philip: She loves Brady now. He'll never let her go.

Kate: No, no, no, no, no, never say never. Because I am living proof that the unexpected can and does happen, and it sweeps away everything you thought you knew about your life. And...then you're left with nothing. And that is what happened to me tonight. Don't you be left with nothing. You go after your love.

Nicole: If I am the killer, Victor, you better watch out, or you'll be the next one to get whacked.

Victor: You're threatening me.

Nicole: I'm putting you on notice, Victor. I always get what I want, so don't stand in my way.

Sami: Lucas...

Lucas: Yeah.

Sami: I said terrible things to him.

Lucas: Come here.

Sami: I blamed him, and I accused him, and I...I was just so scared that I was going to lose him. I just wanted to protect him, and I...I wanted him to walk me down the aisle someday, and -- and I wanted everything to work out. But now he's gone. Lucas, my Daddy is gone, and I'm never going to be able to tell him how sorry I am.


Lucas: It's okay. Cry. Come on. Let it out. It's okay.

Celeste: [Gasps] Oh, my God. Anthony was telling the truth. He's not the killer. They've arrested the wrong person.

[Gasps] More innocent lives will be taken.

“On the next Days of Our Lives...”

Bo: Hey, hey. Don't worry about me, fancy face. I'll be fine.

Hope: What if Tony's prediction is true? It could still mean that no one's safe, especially you.

Belle: Oh, my God!

Lucas: Sami, don't you want your son to be happy?

Sami: I know what you're up to now. You're using Will to try to get me into bed.

Belle: I have to know, Daddy. Are you going to kill my mom?

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