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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 12/30/03 - Canada; Wednesday 12/31/03

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Nicole: Oh! Ooh! Aah! Oh! How could she do this to me? [ Shivers ] How could you let her do this to me, Brady?

Nicole: Don't pretend like you don't like it, Brady.

Brady: You're drunk.

Nicole: And you're horny. I can tell. I guess Chloe doesn't have what it takes to fulfill your desires.

Chloe: No, Brady is too much of a gentleman to treat you like the tramp you are, but I'm not too much of a lady.

Nicole: Oh! Aah!

Nicole: Diva bitch! Thinks she can push people around. Well, you're nothing. You don't know who you're dealing with, honey. I'll have Brady in my bed if it's the last thing I do, and then you and Victor will be history. Oh!


Sami: God, I can't believe it happened. I can't believed he married her. He married that lying whore ‑‑ Stefano's whore. Well, it's not going to last. I am not going to let Kate ruin my Father's life. Who knows? Maybe Tony the serial killer will come after Kate next. That would solve all of my problems.


Celeste: Dear god! It isn't over yet!

Roman: Ha ha ha ha! Okay, are you gonna help me out here?

Kate: I'm gonna help you out.

Roman: All right, here we go.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Kate and Roman: [ Gasp ]

Hope: Oh, my gosh. Bo ‑‑

Kate: Is that blood in the cake?

Celeste: Murder...death.

Kate: Aah!

Roman: All right! All right! Please, somebody get Kate a glass of water. Please.

Bo: Roman. Ruiz, secure the perimeter. We got a situation here.

Hope: Oh, my God.

Marlena: John, what happened? What is it?

John: I'm sure as hell gonna find out. Tek, it's John Black. I hate to interrupt your New Year's Eve, but we need your help. Roman's wedding cake ‑‑ it's filled with somebody's blood.

Sami: Get off! Let me go!

Roman: Ruiz, what's going on?

Ruiz: I found her lurking outside.

Sami: Lurking? You threw me out of the party. God ‑‑ oh, my God. What is that? Is that blood?

Kate: Oh, as if it's any surprise to you.

Sami: It is a surprise. Who knew someone hates you more than I do?

Kate: Why don't you just stop lying? You put the blood in the cake, and everyone knows that you did. You are evil, and you are sick. And I could kill you! I could kill you for this!

Sami: Aah!

Roman: Kate! No, Kate! Kate!

Bo: Anything?

Hope: Every officer's at their post and has seen nothing out of the ordinary.

Bo: John, it's Bo. Perimeter's clear. You got anything on the terrace?

John: No, no sign of anyone or any foul play.

Bo: Damn it.

Hope: We'll keep looking.

Bo: Damn right we will. Whoever did this to Roman ‑‑ they'll not get away with it.


Sami: [ Gagging ]

Roman: Kate!

Sami: God, I had nothing to do with your stupid cake!

Kate: Everyone knew you couldn't stand the idea of this wedding. No one had any idea what lengths you'd go to ruin it!

Marlena: Kate, there's no proof that Sami was involved in this.

Roman: Marlena's right. We're gonna get to the bottom of this, I promise you.

Kate: What's the point? The whole thing is ruined now, anyway.

Lexie: Mom, are you all right?

Kate: Aah! Aah!

Bonnie: Aah! Aah!

Lexie: Mom? What is it? Tell me.

Celeste: I saw it.

Lexie: Saw what?

Celeste: The evil, darling. It's near. I feel its presence closing in.


Tony: At long last, the time is near. But I must not be hasty. I must stay centered and focused... if I'm to achieve my ultimate triumph.

Brady: Are you feeling any better?

Chloe: Well, I can finally breathe.

Brady: You're shivering. Why don't you take this? Here you go.

Chloe: Thanks.

Brady: You know, Chloe, this is not exactly what I envisioned for our first New Year's Eve back together. I mean, first Nicole, and now this. I wouldn't be surprised if you were on the first flight back to Italy.

Chloe: I admit, a lot has changed since I left Salem. But one thing hasn't. I love you, Brady ‑‑ as much as ever. And I'm not going anywhere.


Hope: John.

John: Any luck?

Bo: Nah, still nothing.

Shawn‑d: What's going on? Are there any leads?

Bo: No. You know, I'm gonna head over to the station, question Tony.

Hope: You shouldn't go alone.

Bo: I can't spare any officers here.

Shawn‑d: I can just go with you, all right? Problem solved.

Bo: All right. Okay. Fine. Whatever.

Belle: Well, you're coming back, right?

Shawn‑d: Yeah. Definitely.

Hope: You guys be careful, okay?

Bo: Yeah.

John: And you ‑‑ inside right now. Let's go.

Belle: Bye.

Shawn‑d: Bye. Hey... you really think Tony's behind this?

Bo: Yeah, him or one of his minions. But getting that son of a bitch ‑‑ that's another story. Let's go.

Bonnie: This party is dying, thanks to this hideous cake. Maybe we can cover it up.

Hope: Wait a minute! Don't touch that. It's evidence. I'm taking it to the kitchen to cordon it off.

Mickey: Oh, here, let me help you.

Hope: Thanks, Uncle Mickey.

Bonnie: I'll get the door. Excuse me, sir.

Hope: Thank you, Bonnie. Careful, Uncle Mickey.

Mickey: Yeah. I got it, I got it.


Lucas: Do you believe me now? It was not Sami. It had to be Tony.

Kate: Yes. Yes, I believe you, only because it makes sense that that monster would want to wreck the most important day of my life.

Lucas: Yeah, but ‑‑

Kate: He's just like his Father. He's just like Stefano.

Lucas: Yeah, but you just had a beautiful wedding. You're married to Roman now, Mom. That's all that matters.

Roman: You know, Lucas is right. The most important part about tonight was the part that made us Husband and Wife, and nothing and no one can take that away from us.

Sami: Daddy, could I talk to you for a second?

[ Cellular phone rings ]

Roman: Uh...not now.

Sami: Well ‑‑

Roman: Roman Brady. Yeah, what about Victor and Nicole?

Roman: You have proof that Nicole murdered Colin Murphy? And that her Husband covered it up. Well, that's what we always figured. Yes! Yes, I will make it worth your while, but I need the proof. Then that's perfect. I'll be waiting.

Roman: Drink up, you two. Party's almost over.


Alice: What is it, dear? You look so troubled.

Celeste: I am, Alice. I've had so many horrible premonitions, and they all come true.

Alice: You're having premonitions today?

Celeste: Ever since that ‑‑ that awful thing with the cake, they keep coming. They just won't stop.

Alice: Then we'll make them stop. We'll reverse the curse, give Roman and Kate the happy ending they deserve.

Celeste: That would be wonderful, but how?

Alice: I'll tell you. Come here.

[ Whispering ]


Mickey: Bonnie, I don't see much reason to keep this thing going, do you?

Bonnie: I see two very good reasons. This party isn't dead yet. It just needs to be resuscitated. And as host and hostess, it's up to us to do just that.


Celeste: Oh, that's a great idea, Alice. And I'll get Alexandra to help me get them from Mickey's car.

Alice: Yes. Yes.

Celeste: Thank you.

Alice: Oh, dear.

Jennifer: Hey, Gram, what was that all about?

Alice: Well...

[ Whispering ]

Jennifer: That ‑‑ that's a perfect idea to make this day wonderful for Roman and Kate.

Alice: You think?

Jennifer: Yeah, that's perfect, Gram.

Bonnie: Excuse me. May I have your attention, everyone? Could everyone please gather 'round? Gather 'round, please. Please. Thank you. Oh, come on down. Ahem. Hey! How y'all doing tonight? I don't know about you, but that cake seemed a little rare to me. Remind me to never use that bakery again. Ahem. Okay, so it wasn't the best start. But we didn't come here for cake, did we? We came here for Roman and Kate ‑‑ to share in their special day. And I think we could still do that. We just have to lighten the mood, you know? Kick this party into gear. So what do you say? How about we all show our wonderful bride and groom that we are here and ready to get down and celebrate?

Nicole: Whee!

Jennifer: Yeah!

Bonnie: All right! All right! Now, see, that is what I love to hear. And so, without further ado, hit it, Mick!

Rex: "Mick"?

[ Country music playing ]

Bonnie: Whoo! Ha ha!

Mimi: I do not believe this is happening.

Bonnie: All right, everybody, grab a guy, grab a girl. Just grab yourself and join me out here for a little line dancing. Y'all know how to tush‑push? No? Well, let me teach you how. All right. We just start off to the right! Now come on down! To the right! To the left!

[ Cheering ]

Brooks and Dunn: My baby's like a coupe de ville

fast motor burnin'

comin' over the hill

ooh, what a ride

ooh, what a thrill

drive all night

with my hands on the wheel

my baby's like

a trip to town

radio up, top pulled down

can't get my fill

I can't get enough of

my baby's everything I love

she's all I need

in one tight package

got a spell on me

and it works like magic

I'm after her

like a hound on a rabbit

she's got it all

and I got to have it


Bo: Where's the guard?

Shawn‑d: Maybe he went on break.

Bo: Not when there's a perp in the cage.

Shawn‑d: He's gone.

Bo: What the hell?

Man: Detective Brady ‑‑

Bo: Where's Dimera? Don't tell me he escaped.

Man: No, he posted bond. He was sprung a while ago.

Bo: Why didn't somebody call me?

Man: I knew you were at the wedding.

Bo: Yeah, we were at the wedding. I got to call them and warn them.

[ Cellular phone rings ]

John: John Black.

Bo: Hey, it's Bo. Just thought you might like to know your Brother posted bond. He's out.

John: You're kidding me.

Bo: I wish I were. Listen, Shawn and I are headed back there. Is everything cool?

John: Yeah, so far.

Bo: Well, keep an eye out, will you?

John: Count on it.

[ Cheering inside ]

Marlena: Oh. Oh, there you are.

John: What the hell are you doing out here? It's freezing. Come on.

Marlena: I'm trying to dodge the boot‑scootin' boogie. What about you? You look like you're expecting somebody.

John: Yeah, I am.

Marlena: Who?

John: The killer.

Marlena: Wait a minute. I thought Tony was in jail.

John: Was in jail. Just got out on bail, and I got a feeling he's out there somewhere preparing to take his next victim.


[ Country music playing ]

[ Cheering and laughing ]

Bonnie: Ha ha! Ahh!

[ Shouting ]

[ Song ends ]

Roman: Come on down, folks.

Lexie: All right.

Kate: What is this?

Roman: Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Don't tell me. Mrs. H., did you make these doughnuts?

Alice: Yes, it's all ‑‑ I did it.

[ Laughter ]

Hope: Ah, Gran.

Roman: When? How?

Celeste: Well, now, Alice made them for the hospital's New Year's celebration.

Jennifer: And we all know Gram makes more than enough, as usual, so she thought that the doughnuts could stand in as your wedding cake.

Kate: Oh...

Alice: I know it's nothing like a wedding cake ‑‑

Kate: Oh, thank you, thank you.

Roman: Well, you know what? It's better. It is better, because we know your doughnuts are world‑famous.

Hope: Yay!

Lucas: No whistling "dixie" there, Roman.

Hope: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Wait a minute. The newlyweds haven't sliced their first doughnut yet.

Roman: You are right about that. Thank you, Mrs. H. Uh, you know what? Wait a minute. Before you do that, I want to say thank you... to Mrs. H., to all of you. To our family and our friends, thank you for being here. Thank you for staying here, even after the rocky start, and helping us celebrate this day, which just happens to be the best day of my life.

Kate: And mine.

[ Crowd aws ]

Roman: And I also ‑‑ I also want to tell you that in spite of the earlier incident, Salem's long nightmare is finally over. The madman has been caught. He's locked up. And, thank God, we can finally get on with our lives.

Brady: Yes!

[ Cheering ]

Roman: Here you go. I'm gonna give you ‑‑ this is your piece.

Kate: Oh, no!

[ Laughter ]

Lucas: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Sami: Lucas, I can't watch this.

Hope: Are you telling me Tony's out of jail?

John: He made bail. At the moment, he's a free man.

Hope: Oh, my God, I'm gonna warn Roman.

Marlena: No, no, no, no. Don't tell him yet. Not yet.

Sami: Oh...

Nicole: What's the matter, Sami? Can't stand to see other people happy?

Sami: Just shut the hell up, Nicole.

Nicole: Hey! Come ‑‑

Sami: What is that?

Nicole: Hey!

Sami: A letter from Brandon? That's his handwriting. I know it.

Nicole: So what if it is?

Sami: Well, how is he? Where is he?

Nicole: As far away from you as he could get. And as for how he's doing, well, going by this picture he sent me, I'd say he's pretty happy.

Sami: He sent you a picture? Can I see it?

Nicole: Are you sure you really want to see it?

Sami: Show me the picture, please.

Nicole: Okay.

Sami: Ho ho! Is this the girl he's with? Who is she?

Nicole: Oh, some girl he met in India. Pretty, isn't she? I think she's a pediatrician.

Sami: Is she his girlfriend?

Nicole: [ Laughing ] What do you think?

Sami: I can't believe he, um, actually already found someone else.

Nicole: Oh... poor Sami. Your day just went from bad to worse. Happy New Year!

Sami: Why? Why can't I ever find anyone who will actually love me back? Oh, God, I have got to get out of here. Aah!


Lexie: Well, thank God that horrible cake didn't spoil everything after all, huh? Everyone seems to be having a good time. Most importantly, Roman and Kate. Abe would have been thrilled to see his best friend so happy.

Celeste: Oh, no!

Lexie: Mom, what? What is it now?

Celeste: I feel the evil, darling. The killer's here.


Hope: Why shouldn't I tell Roman that Tony's out of jail? I really think he'd want to know, Marlena.

Marlena: Because Roman and Kate are just beginning to relax and enjoy themselves. Why don't we just wait until tomorrow to tell Roman?

Bo: Absolutely not. My brother needs to know tonight.


Belle: Yeah. Mmm, good.

Rex: Hey, so what's the word? What did Tony have to say for himself?

Mimi: Did he admit to putting the blood in the cake?

Shawn‑d: Wouldn't know. Didn't see him.

Belle: What?

Shawn‑d: Yeah. Tony was released. He's out on bail.

Rex: No way. They let that murdering bastard go free?


Chloe: Ha ha ha.

Brady: Granddad, we were waiting for you. We want to make a toast.

Victor: Oh, to what?

Brady: Well, to you, for making it possible for Chloe to come home, and for us to be together.

Victor: Nonsense. Your love is what made that possible.

Chloe: But you're the one who made us see that it's the most important thing.

Victor: Well, I'll drink to that.

Nicole: Laugh it up, Victor. Your whole world is about to come crashing down around you.

Roman: I couldn't have said it better myself, Nicole.

Nicole: What is that supposed to mean?

Roman: Well, I'm sorry to ruin your New Year's, but, uh, I'm about to get proof finally that you killed Colin Murphy, and that your Husband helped cover it up, which makes him an accessory.

Nicole: That's a lie. You don't have proof of anything.

Roman: I will have it ‑‑ by midnight. So, enjoy the remaining few minutes of your freedom.

Nicole: Victor, Victor, I have to talk to you now. It's a matter of life or death.

Bo: I've got some bad news. I don't know how this happened.

Roman: Well, tell me, okay?

Bo: Tony Dimera got out on bail tonight. I don't want to sound like an alarmist, but you were next on his hit list. I wouldn't be surprised if he's on his way here right now.


Sami: Okay, what? You brought me out here, Lucas. What do you want?

Lucas: I brought you out here because you need a time‑out.

Sami: A time‑out? What am I, 5?

Lucas: You're acting like you are. Why don't you just relax, Sami? Relax before you fall completely apart.

Sami: Your Mother ‑‑ my mortal enemy ‑‑ just married my Father tonight. I was accused of filling their wedding cake with blood, and then to top it off, I saw this photo of Brandon with his new girlfriend. I have not had a good day!

Lucas: Come on, Sami, it's not as bad as you think.

Sami: What do you know?

Lucas: I know if you would accept the things that you can't change, if you'd stop meddling into other people's lives, you'd be a lot better off. Sami, you have a lot to be grateful for. You know, you might even find love and happiness of your own.

Kate: It's true. I know, because I learned that the hard way.

Sami: I don't need a lecture from you, Kate.

Kate: I'm not here to lecture you, okay? So just hear me out, as a favor to your Dad.

Sami: If you wanted to do my Dad a favor, you shouldn't have married him.

Kate: Lucas, will you give us a minute?

Lucas: Yeah. Why don't you give her a chance, all right? What have you got to lose?

Sami: Nothing. Everything I ever loved is already gone.

Lucas: Good luck.

Sami: Go ahead, gloat. Okay? Rub it in. I get it. You win.

Kate: I'm not here to gloat. I'm here to offer an olive branch ‑‑ again.

Sami: Again?

Kate: Yes. I tried before when I bought you that dress to wear to the wedding, but that didn't work out. So I'm going to try one last time. For your Father ‑‑ for Roman ‑‑ because I know it would mean the world to him if his Daughter and his Wife didn't hate each other. Sami, we don't have to be friends. But can't we at least just try to get along?

Roman: That would make me the happiest man in the world.

Sami: I'm sorry, Dad. All I ever wanted was for you to be happy. But you gave up any chance of that when you gave up on my Mom and married this whore.

Roman: Sami, don't you ‑‑

Sami: My Mother loved you, and you turned your back on her, just like you turned your back on me. Now, as far as I'm concerned, I don't have a Father. You might as well be dead.

Kate: Do you want to go after her?

Roman: No. No, I don't. Um... I'll deal with her later. Right now I got other things to worry about.

Kate: What is it? What happened?

Roman: Tony Dimera posted bail. He may be coming after me.

Kate: Oh, no.


Bonnie: No way that killjoy Daughter of mine's going to ruin my 2004. Unh‑unh. Look alive, boys. Grab some champagne and circulate.

Man: All right.

Bonnie: No, wait, stop! Not that stuff, the cheap stuff. By now, no one will know the difference. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Man: The cheap stuff.

Bonnie: Thank you. It's almost midnight. Pucker up, mickey. Ha ha. Steal! Down the middle! One on one!


Victor: What is it, Nicole? This had better be life or death.

Nicole: It is ‑‑ ours.

Victor: What the hell are you talking about?

Nicole: Roman Brady just informed me that he has proof that I killed Colin Murphy, and if that doesn't grab your attention, he also has proof that you covered it up, which makes you an accessory to murder.

Victor: He's bluffing.

Nicole: I don't think so.

Victor: What else did he say?

Nicole: He said we better enjoy our last few minutes of freedom, because at midnight, he's arresting us.

Bo: What are you doing out here?

Victor: I'm sorry. I didn't realize it was against the law to get a breath of air with your Wife.

Hope: It's a security issue, Victor.

Victor: Is there another problem?

Bo: We're doing a sweep of the area. We'd like everybody to remain inside.

Victor: I understand. We'll be going right in.

Hope: Thank you.

Victor: Midnight, huh? Doesn't give us much time.

Nicole: What are we going to do, Victor?

Victor: What we should have done a long time ago.

Nicole: You mean run?

Victor: No. It's time to face the music, Nicole. It's over for the both of us.


John: It'd be faster if we split up. I'll take out back.

Bo: All right. We'll go this way.

John: If Dimera's out there, we're going to find him.

Bo: Let's go.


Kate: Roman, we just have to get you out of here right now. Right now.

Roman: Kate, Kate, please. Please calm down, all right? Okay, remember what I told you before the wedding, even before Tony was in custody. I'm not going to let anything happen ‑‑ not to you, not to me, not to either one of us.

Kate: Oh, but we're not worried about me. You're the one who's the target.

Roman: Yeah, but with all the security we got around here tonight, especially now, there's absolutely no other place I could possibly be safer.

Kate: All right, what happens after tonight now that Tony's free? Every time you walk out the door, every time you kiss me goodbye, I'm going to be terrified.

Roman: Kate... I tell you what, okay? Until we can put Tony away for good, I'll ‑‑ I'll take that extra security if that'll make you feel better.

Kate: Do you promise?

Roman: Yes, I do, all right? I promise. I have waited way too long for this. Nobody is going to take this away from me ‑‑ not now.

Kate: Oh. I have waited so long, too ‑‑ all my life. Ha ha. I don't know if I really believe we're married. It just seems like a dream.

Roman: I know. You know what? That reminds me. I got something for you.

Kate: Oh.

Roman: Your wedding present.

Kate: Oh, no. What is it? You didn't have to get me anything.

Roman: Open it up and see. That's the best way to do it.

Kate: [ Gasps ] Oh. Oh. Roman. Oh.

Roman: My Great‑Grandfather gave this to my Great‑Grandmother the day of their wedding, and my Mother, shortly before she died, gave this to me to give to you.

Kate: Oh. It's beautiful.

Roman: You really, really, really like it?

Kate: Oh, I love it. I love it. But I feel terrible, because this all happened so fast, I didn't have a chance to get anything for you.

Roman: It's ‑‑ hey, hey, hey, hey. You know what you can get for me? You know what you can get me? You know what would be the greatest wedding present I could ever have?

Kate: You just name it.

Roman: All right. Earlier tonight, when you tried to make peace with Sami, I can't tell you how much that meant to me.

Kate: Oh. You want me to keep trying.

Roman: I know it's asking a lot, believe me, but, Kate, something tells me that you can get through to her. So will you please, please give it another shot, okay? Don't give up on her just yet ‑‑ for me.

Kate: If it will make you happy, of course I'll do it. Just don't expect any miracles, okay?

Roman: Okay.

Kate: Oh.

Roman: Everything is going to work out. It's all going to work out. I know it is.

[ Cellular phone rings ]

Roman: Oh, well, I, uh... I got to take this.

[ Ring ]

Roman: Don't you move. Don't you move. Yeah ‑‑ Roman Brady. Yeah. Yeah, it's almost midnight. Where, uh, where's that evidence you promised? You're saying it's here? It's in the kitchen? Storage area. It's in an envelope. All right, I got one more question for you. Where in the hell did you get all this ‑‑ hello. Hello. Are you there? Uh, Kate... I am sorry, but, uh, something I got to take care of.

Kate: Oh. Okay, I see. Now I have to get used to being a cop's Wife.

Roman: Yes, Ma'am, you do, but I promise ‑‑ I promise I won't be long.

Kate: You better not be, because I want to ring in the new year with my Husband.

Roman: Don't you worry about that. Nothing is going to keep me away ‑‑ not from you.

Roman: You are so beautiful.

Roman: I... love you so much, Mrs. Brady. I love you so much.

Kate: I love you, too, Mr. Brady.

White house officials call the U.N. Record frightening.

14 deaths linked by a common element.

Tonight, diplomacy is dead.

Reeling from the mad cow bombshell.

Hospitals affected by the SARS outbreak.

Minus 23 degrees.

Global National. It's about time.


Belle: I am definitely not sad to see the year 2003 come to an end.

Shawn‑d: Me neither, but this coming year is going to be different. It's going to be full of happy things. In fact, I've already made my resolution.

Belle: And what might that be?

Shawn‑d: Well, it's kind of a secret, but you'll find out soon enough.

Belle: Okay, now I'm really curious, so you have to give me a hint.

Shawn‑d: All right, fine. In the year 2004, it will be the year when you and I are together ‑‑ really together.

Belle: You mean we're going to get ‑‑


Brady: Chloe, have you seen my Grandfather?

Chloe: No. Why?

Brady: I don't know. Something tells me that they may have split.


Hope: [ Sighs ] There's no sign of Tony anywhere. Maybe we're worrying for nothing.

Bo: Hold on a second.

Hope: Bo.


[ Rustling ]

John: Who's there?


Bonnie: Celeste, what are you doing out here? It's freezing.

Celeste: I, uh, I just needed some air.

Bonnie: Is something wrong? Are you feeling okay?

Celeste: Ah, yes, it's ‑‑ it's just these premonitions, you know? They've been plaguing me all night.

Bonnie: Premonitions. What kind of premonitions? Never mind. That's my cue to exit stage right.

Lexie: Mom!

Celeste: Honey, what's wrong?

Lexie: You're not going to believe it. I just heard that Tony's posted bail. He's free.

Celeste: Midnight.

Lexie: What? What about midnight?

Celeste: At the stroke of midnight, another loved one will fall.


Roman: Well... I'll be damned.

Bonnie: 10, 9, 8...

Philip: Congratulations. Look at you.

Bo: Happy New Tear.

Bonnie: 7, 6, 5...

John: I love you, Doc.

Bonnie: 4, 3, 2, 1...

[ Cheering ]

Bonnie: Aah!

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