Days Transcript Wednesday 12/24/03

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 12/24/03

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Chloe: Oh, good. I thought that maybe this was all a dream and I was still in Europe, waking up alone.

Brady: You're not alone. Merry Christmas, Chloe.

Chloe: Merry Christmas, Brady.


Victor: You know, I can't figure if you're a masochist or simply pathetic, Nicole.

Nicole: You're a pervert, snooping outside your Grandson's bedroom.

Victor: It's my house. I can walk anywhere I please.

Nicole: If you want to know if Brady's getting any, why don't you put a hidden camera over his bed?

Chloe: Oh.

[ Moans ]

Victor: I don't think that'll be necessary. Merry Christmas, Nicole. Ha ha ha ha.

***************************Will: Whoa, cool!

Lucas: Ha ha ha! You like it?

Will: A DVD player. Totally awesome, Dad. Thanks.

Lucas: No problem, man. You're welcome. It's from Mom, too.

Will: You mean, you, like, went to the mall together to get it for me?

Lucas: Uh... well, no, not exactly. But...close.

Sami: Will, I'm really glad you like your present. Um, I guess I... better go now.

Lucas: Oh, no, wait a second, Sami, hold on.

Will: Yeah, hang on, Mom. You still haven't opened your present from us.

Sami: Us? Us who?

Will: Me and Dad. We got you something.

Lucas: There you go. Well, it was actually Will's idea, but... don't lose the bow. There you go. Take it over there, come on.

Will: Dad wrapped it. Can you tell?

Lucas: Well, thanks, Will. Um, I'm not exactly Martha Stewart, but I gave it a whirl.

Will: It's not from a store.

Lucas: No, it's not. No way it's from a store. It's better than anything you can buy.

Sami: Oh, my gosh, you made me a book?

Will: Open it.

Sami: Okay. Oh, all my baby pictures. Oh, look. There's me and your Uncle Eric. Will: Yeah, and, see, here's...

Sami: My Mom and Dad... before John broke them up.

Will: Mom, are you okay?


Hope: Let me get that.

Jennifer: Do you need help?

Hope: Hey, it's some of my favorite people in the world!

Belle: Merry Christmas! Hey!

Shawn‑d: Hey, Mom.

Hope: Hi, sweetie. John, you big silly.

John: Merry Christmas.

Hope: Merry Christmas.

John: This isn't for you. It's for him.

Bo: Hey, thanks.

Marlena: The decorations are beautiful. How did you have the time with all this going on?

Hope: I have a great Husband.

Belle: Mom, Dad, did you hear Jennifer's news?

Marlena: You got some news?

John: What's going on? Hope: I think we should let Jennifer tell you.

Jennifer: Uh, well, first of all, Merry Christmas, Marlena and John.

Marlena: Merry Christmas, Jen.

Hope: Do you feel like sharing your good news?

Jennifer: I'm going to have a baby.

Marlena: Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, that's wonderful news!

Jennifer: Thank you, it is. It's ‑‑ it's so wonderful. It's ‑‑ it's like Jack's gift to Qbby and me. And instead of Christmas being an incredibly sad time for us every year, we have a reason to celebrate.

John: Wow. Little Jack Frost...

Jennifer: Can you believe that?

John: I'm so happy for you.

Jennifer: Thank you so much. Thank you.

Shawn‑d: Well, hey, I've already found out the news.

Jennifer: You already know.

Shawn‑d: Merry Christmas, Jennifer.

Belle: So, where's the big Sister? She must be so excited.

Jennifer: Uh, uh, she spent Christmas Eve with Jo and Vern, so she doesn't know yet.

Hope: I'm sure she'll be thrilled.

Belle: Well, this baby has a really good sense of timing. Jennifer: Well, that's Jack for you, huh? Ha ha ha ha.

Bo: Yeah, it is.

Shawn‑d: It's always been that way, right?

Bo: How about some eggnog?

Belle: Mom, isn't Jennifer's news the best? Mom?

Marlena: Oh, I'm sorry. What, honey? I'm sorry.

Belle: Jennifer's news ‑‑ isn't it great?

Marlena: Oh... it's just fabulous. It's just great. I was just wondering... I‑I'm sorry, honey. Bo?

Bo: Yeah.

Marlena: Um, weren't you expecting Roman? Shouldn't he be here soon?


Roman: You know...

Kate: I thought you were asleep.

Roman: I was. I was asleep. But can I tell you how grateful I am to open my eyes and see this... beautiful, sexy, gorgeous woman that I love laying in my bed?

Kate: Oh, sweetie...

Roman: You know what?

Kate: What?

Roman: You can take it back. Kate: What? Take what back?

Roman: Take the ring back.

Kate: Stop. You're not getting this ring away from me, Mister.

Roman: No. No, what I mean is this ‑‑ if you want to exchange it for a different cut or a different setting or...

Kate: Oh, no, stop. No, no. This is the perfect ring. No ring is more gorgeous, more lovely... no man is more gorgeous, more lovely...

Roman: Oh, wait a minute. Whoa, time‑out right there. Who in the hell are you calling lovely?

Kate: Ha ha ha ha.

Roman: I got a question for you.

Kate: Okay.

Roman: I know you already said this, but... I'd like to do this marriage thing sooner rather than later. Much sooner. What do you think?

Kate: Oh, of course. I mean, I think that would be great. The only thing I want to do is marry ‑‑ no, no. No, we're not getting married.

Roman: What are you ‑‑ nuts? I want to wake up to this warm, hot body for the rest of my life.

Kate: Sweetie. If we set a wedding date, that's, like, it's like putting an advertisement out there for the killer ‑‑ here's Roman Brady. Come and get him.

Roman: It's not going to be that way. It's not going to be public. It's just going to be a small affair. We're going to have close family and a few friends.

Kate: No. I don't want my wedding ‑‑ I don't want it to be a funeral for you. And as long as you're not going to have police protection... Roman: Kate, listen to me. Okay? I have police protection ‑‑ so‑called police protection ‑‑ and that's why the killer got away. You know that. You were there.

Kate: I just keep... having this... terrible thought that... you spent so much time investigating me, and if you could have had those hours and those days to search for the killer, then they'd be behind bars now. And if something ‑‑ if something happens to you, I'm never going to be able to forgive myself.

Roman: Stop. Stop. Stop right there. First of all, nothing's going to happen to me.

Kate: I pray to God that's true.

Roman:'s Christmas. We are together. And that little guy in that little red suit came through for us big‑time. And besides that, if I die tomorrow, I would die a very, very happy man.

Kate: Oh, God. Please don't say that. Don't even think that. You are not going to die.


Bo: Roman and Kate ‑‑ they ought to roll in here any second.

Jennifer: Hey, Hope. Thank you for having me over this morning.

Hope: Wait a minute. You're not leaving?

Jennifer: Well, yeah, Dr. Bader ‑‑ she squeezed me in for a prenatal appointment.

Hope: On Christmas morning?

Jennifer: Well, she delivered a baby a couple hours ago, so she's at work anyway.

Hope: On second thought, I can't think of a better way to honor the meaning of this day. Jennifer: I agree. You'll be at the party at the hospital, right?

Hope: Absolutely. I wouldn't miss it. I love you. Ooh, I love you. Good luck.

Jennifer: Thanks.

John: You okay?

Marlena: I don't know what's wrong with me.


Will: I'm sorry, Mom. I wanted to make you happy.

Sami: You did, honey. This photo album is amazing. I‑I love everything about it.

Lucas: That's one thing about women you have to learn, Will ‑‑ when they're happy, they cry.

Will: Oh. Recognize this baby?

Lucas: Ha ha ha.

Sami: Of course I do. You were the cutest baby ever. Oh, my gosh.

Will: Here's you and Dad. You guys are smiling.

Sami: Yeah, that was a long time ago. Um, a lot of things are different now.

Will: Like, your Mom and Dad were together back then?

Sami: Yeah... um, you know what, Will? I... should go.

Lucas: Where are you going? Back to your apartment to eat alone?

Sami: What else am I going to do? We agreed. I got Will for thanksgiving, and you get him for Christmas. Lucas: Yeah, well, Will and I were talking about it, and we'd like for you to join us. I mean, if you stay, we have a surprise I think you'll really like.


Brady: You always wish for snow on Christmas. And the right present underneath the tree. And if you're lucky enough, you get to share it with someone special.

Chloe: We are lucky.

Brady: I know I am.

Chloe: It's like I got on your Grandfather's jet and stepped into a fantasy where we both can have whatever we want and we never have to be apart again.

Brady: Sounds good to me, Chloe.

Chloe: But it's not real, Brady. Youíre the one who taught me to live in the real world. That's how I ended up leaving Salem when I did ‑‑ to make my dream of an opera career come true. So what are we doing now? Why are we here together? What does it mean?


Bonnie: Aah!

Mickey: Bonnie. Bonnie ‑‑ wha‑‑

Bonnie: Mr. Horton, you scared the bejesus out of me!

Mickey: You scared me. What in the world are you doing here, darling?

Bonnie: Darn me and my spur‑of‑the‑moment ideas. I wanted to pay you back for, well, saving my life the other night.

Mickey: Oh ‑‑

Bonnie: No. Now, you know you did it, and I wanted to do something to showhow grateful I am. So I decided to cook you breakfast. It's my best meal. I mean, I wouldn't walk across the street for my pot roast, but you could write a poem about my hash browns.

Mickey: Oh, my. I smell... bacon.

Bonnie: Oh, there's bacon all right. And hash browns and scrambled eggs with cheese and corned beef hash.

Mickey: Corned... corned beef hash. Oh, my. I haven't had that for years. That's my favorite.

Bonnie: Well, I know it's not the healthiest thing in the world, but what you need right now is comfort food. So you just sit on down here. Go on, don't be shy. No one deserves a delicious Christmas breakfast more than you, Mr. H. Here, I'll take that. And soy milk and bran flakes just ain't cutting it, if you know what I mean.

Mickey: Well, thank you. Thank you, Bonnie. But it's just, uh, wait a second. What's... what's this?

Bonnie: A little something for you from Santa.

Mickey: me a gift, Bonnie? Come on, you shouldn't ‑‑

Bonnie: Giving is the real spirit of the Holiday. Go ahead, open it.

Mickey: Ha ha ha ha.


Sami: I don't really like surprises.

Lucas: I think you're going to like this one.

Will: It's great, Mom. Wait'll you see.

Sami: Okay. All right. Well, I guess I should change into something nicer than these PJs. Um, Lucas, I didn't get you anything. Lucas: That's no problem.

Will: Having you here is the only present we need.

Lucas: That's right. It was, um, it was all Will's idea.

Sami: Oh. Of course.



Hope: Hey! Merry Christmas, Shawn!

Shawn: Merry Christmas.

Hope: Oh, I am so glad that you're here. Come in, everybody. Look who's here. Come on in.

John: Merry Christmas.

Shawn: Thank you for having me.

Hope: Absolutely.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Hope: Oh, let me get that. Hey! Finally! I'm so glad you're here. Come on in!

Roman: Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas, everybody.

All: Merry Christmas!

Kate: Oh, the house looks beautiful.

Hope: Thank you. I think I had a little help from my Husband. Here, let me take that for you. Oh, my... goodness. Is this what I think it is? Kate: Yes.

Roman: I asked Kate to marry me, and she said yes.

Bo: All right, way to go!

Hope: I'm so happy!

Bo: Hey, listen up, everybody. My big Brother's engaged.

Roman: Well, hold onto your hats, folks. We're going to do it tomorrow.

Hope: Tomor‑‑

Bo and hope: Tomorrow?

Bo: Oh, wow.

Hope: Wow, that's fast.


Jennifer: Oh. Abby, hi, honey. Uh, you're early. We were supposed to meet at the Christmas party, remember?

Abby: Well, if you don't want me around, then I could just ‑‑

Jennifer: Oh, no. No, no, actually, I'm thrilled. I'm thrilled that you're here. I'm just surprised, that's all.

Abby: Grandma Jo had to drop me off early, and Nurse Grace said you were in here, so... are you sick, Mom?

Jennifer: No. No, sweetie, I'm not sick. You know how you always talked about having a little brother or sister?

Abby: That'll never happen now. Jennifer: Well, guess again.

Abby: But how? You mean, you and Daddy ‑‑ oh, my gosh, you're pregnant?

Jennifer: Yes, yes! Iím pregnant. Sweetie, it's incredible. It's ‑‑ it's a Christmas miracle, really ‑‑ yours and Daddy's and mine.

Abby: Oh, my gosh.

Jennifer: Hi.

Dr. Bader: Hi.

Abby: Okay, well, um, I'll wait outside.

Jennifer: No. I want you to stay. She can stay, right?

Dr. Bader: Of course you can. Why don't you go ahead and have a seat?

Jennifer: All right. Okay, sweetie, stay right here. Let me just lift this.

Abby: So, um, what are you going to do?

Dr. Bader: Well, we're going to take a look at the sonogram. Why don't you go ahead and lie back, Jennifer?

Jennifer: All right.

Dr. Bader: Let me get you here.

Abby: Okay.

Dr. Bader: We're going to take some of this gel, and we're going to put it on your Mommy's belly.

Jennifer: Oh! It's cold.

Abby: Ha ha ha ha. Dr. Bader: Sorry.

Jennifer: That's okay.

Dr. Bader: And then we are going to take this doppler wand and we are going to move it this.

Abby: What's that?

[ Tapping sound ]

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness, baby. That's the heartbeat.

Dr. Bader: Oh, you see that dark spot right there? That's the heart.

Abby: Uh‑huh.

Dr. Bader: And there's the head. You'll see it develop more and more until pretty soon you'll be holding your brand‑new baby brother or sister if you come back to more visits with your Mom.

Abby: Oh, I'll be back. I mean, Mom shouldn't have to come alone.

Jennifer: Thank you, sweetie. You know, this baby and Mommy ‑‑ we are going to need you so much. And this really is a miracle, isn't it?

Abby: Oh, my gosh.


Bo: Wow.

Roman: Well, we both know that there are a lot of reasons to wait. We know that.

Kate: Yes, like half of our children are in other states.

Roman: Or other countries. Hope: True.

Roman: And it sure would feel a lot better to get married knowing the killer was behind bars, or better yet, dead, but, uh, who knows when that's going to happen?

Kate: And we just can't wait to be Husband and Wife.

Roman: So why wait? We're going to get married tomorrow.

Hope: All right! Congratulations.

Bo: There you go.

Shawn: Oh, bless the two of you for giving this family so much to celebrate this Christmas.

Kate: Thank you.

Shawn: Oh... and, uh, on behalf of Caroline and me, welcome to the Brady family.

[ Telephone rings ]

Hope: Oh, I'll get that.

Kate: Ah, thank you. Thank you so much.

Bo: Congratulations, you dog.

Roman: Here.

Bo: Oh, is this for me?

Hope: Hey, it's Kayla and Kimberly. Who wants to tell them the good news?

Roman: Wait a minute. It's my news. It's my news.

Bo: I'm telling. John: Way to go, Roman. You're a lucky man.

Roman: Thanks, John. It means a lot. Appreciate it.

Belle: Hey, Mom, Zack wants to open one present, and Shawn said he thinks that we should wait until Bo and Hope are watching. Do you think it's okay?

Marlena: I think you should ask his Mom, but you be sure and give him that.

Belle: Okay. Hey.

Marlena: Hey.

Belle: Take it, Zack.

Marlena: Just kidding.

Belle: Ha ha.

John: Ahh... I knew it was gonna work out. I'm happy for you, Kate.

Kate: I know you are. And I really, really appreciate the support you gave me.

John: Now if we can just get this killer caught and go on with living our own lives again.

Kate: So, how are things with you and Marlena?

John: I think they're going to be okay now.

Kate: I'm glad.

Shawn‑d: Ha ha.

Roman: Merry Christmas, Doc.

Marlena: Oh. Merry Christmas, Roman. Congratulations. I'm very happy for you, and for Kate. Roman: Thank you. I'm glad. Um, I better get over there to the phone before my Father blows the news to my Sister, so... catch you later, okay?


John: Hey.

Bo: Hey.

John: Great news about Roman and Kate, huh?

Bo: Yeah, it's the best.

John: Yeah. So, any new word from the killer?

Bo: No. But I know that bastard's not taking a holiday.

John: No. And the clock's ticking on your Brother.


Jennifer: So how does everything look?

Dr. Bader: Like a normal pregnancy.

Abby: Is it going to be a boy or a girl?

Dr. Bader: It's too early to tell.

Abby: I bet Dad knows.

Jennifer: Yeah, I bet he does.

Dr. Bader: I want you to call my office in about four weeks to schedule your next appointment, Jennifer, okay?

Jennifer: All right. Thank you. And thank you so much for squeezing me in today. Dr. Bader: Are you kidding? It made my Christmas.

Jennifer: Oh, well, that's great. Thanks.

Dr. Bader: Bye‑bye.

Jennifer: Bye.

Abby: You know, Daddy used to tell me the story of how he delivered me when I was born. Did he really, Mom?

Jennifer: Yes, he really did.

Abby: And how he was the one throwing up and stuff.

Jennifer: Yeah. Daddy decided to take over the morning sickness for me.

Abby: Well, I don't know about the barfing part, but if you want me to, I can help you with all the other stuff, Mom. I love you.

Jennifer: I love you, sweetie, and you know what? Having you here with me is the best Christmas present ever. Oh, thank you, Jack.


Brady: Ha ha. I know you're glad to be back with me, Chloe.

Chloe: Yes... but I'm surprised, too. When I left Salem, I was furious with you. I said I was never coming back.

Brady: Well, that's the female prerogative. You get to change your mind.

Chloe: I haven't been with anybody else. What about you? Have you been with another woman?

Brady: No.

Chloe: Really? You waited for me? Brady: Well, I never stopped loving you, Chloe.

Chloe: God, I was hoping you'd say that.

Brady: So there's no questions about us anymore?

Chloe: No questions, and no doubts. I'm back home where I belong.

Nicole: Oh, and what a wonderful home it will be.



Mickey: Hey, that's a CD. That's great. I love music. What kind of ‑‑

Bonnie: All these years, I have been dusting your record collection ‑‑ your tapes, your CDs. And I have never once seen anything by a Country‑Western artist. No Merle, no Dolly, no Tim McGraw. And I thought to myself, "you poor soul, there's a whole world of music you've been missing out on."

Mickey: Yeah, yeah, but "Rhinestone Cowboy"? Wh‑wh‑what ‑‑ I mean, did you download this from the internet with this ‑‑

Bonnie: Oh, gosh, no. That'd be illegal. No, my Son Connor put it together for me. He's a techno whiz. I swear, that boy was born with a mouse in his hand. Oh, and I mean a computer mouse, not a rodent. Buh‑dum‑bum! Ha ha ha.

Mickey: Say, shouldn't you be at home with Connor and Mimi? I mean, this is Christmas morning. What the hey?

Bonnie: Oh, please, the boy is a preteen. He won't be up till noon. And my Mimi has a boyfriend. Enough said. So you just enjoy your breakfast, and I am going to straighten up in the living room.

Mickey: Now... what do I do?

********************Lucas: I got the garlic powder, and what else is in there? Oh, man.

Sami: Hi.

Will: Wow, Mom, you look awesome.

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah, you do. Um, Will, your Mom is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

[ Clears throat ]

Sami: What about you? What's with the apron? Are you actually cooking?

Lucas: Yes, I'm actually cooking. We invited you for dinner. That's what I do. I cook.

Sami: Well, I know, but I thought you were going to get the turkey and the trimmings from Piggly Wiggly. You know, they do deliver.

Lucas: Piggly Wiggly. We don't do that here, do we, Will? No, no, no. We're going to have a nice home‑cooked Christmas dinner.

Sami: What are you trying to prove?

Lucas: I'm not trying to prove anything. Our Son wants us together, all three of us, for a nice family dinner. That's what I'm doing.

Will: Like a normal family, with a Dom and a Dad.

Lucas: Right. Right. And since, you know, Thanksgiving didn't work out, I thought we'd give Christmas a whirl.

Sami: Okay. Okay. Are you sure that turkey's going to be edible? I do have store‑bought lasagna in my freezer.

Lucas: Store‑bought lasagna? No, we got turkey. Put your hand in there. Yank out some guts. That's the good part. Sami: Ew! Yuck! No way!

Lucas: Come on.

Sami: I, um, I am impressed.

Lucas: Yeah? Good.

Will: Mom, you said you were staying.

Sami: I know.

Will: Do you think she's coming back?

Will: Dad, is that us?

Lucas: Is what us, buddy?

Will: Don't you smell smoke? It's coming from the door!

Lucas: All right, hold on, hold on, don't panic. Wait a minute. Uh, here, look out, look out. I got it all under control. Look out. Oh, man. Will, it's coming from your Mom's apartment!

Sami: Aah!

[ Spits ]

[ Choking ]

Lucas: Sorry.

Sami: That was the dessert, Lucas.

Lucas: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. You all right? Here, come on. Come in here.

Sami: Thanks a lot. Lucas: Well, I'm sorry. Let's get you cleaned up with one of those new dish towels you got. Oh, man.

Sami: [ Choking ] Oh, my G‑‑

Lucas: Here.

Sami: You know, you should have your own TV show ‑‑ "The Bachelor Gourmet," and your gimmick is that you go around spraying your guests with a fire extinguisher.

Lucas: Oh, I'm sorry, Sami.

Sami: Hey, you're getting kind of personal. Jeez.

Lucas: Well, I'm sorry. You've got this stuff everywhere. Baking cookies for the whole world, or what?

Sami: Well, I think they would have been really good. It's just that I turned the heat up 'cause I wanted them to bake quicker. I guess I misjudged.

Lucas: You, misjudge? Sami, you did that? No way.

Sami: Give me that. You want to get dusted? I'll dust you.

Lucas: That kind of feels good. I like that.

Will: Hey, this is fun, you guys.

Sami: Fun? It's a disaster.

Will: No, it isn't. All right, focus on the green stuff ‑‑ mistletoe. Come on, you guys, you know what to do.


Hope: Hey! Shawn‑d: Hey.

Bo: Hey, there you are.

Hope: Hi, sweetie. Merry Christmas, honey. Hey, how about a hug for your Mom over here? Hey, sweetie. Mwah! Zack was waiting for you.

Shawn‑d: Was he?

Hope: Yeah.

Shawn‑d: What's up, bud? Merry Christmas.


Kate: Oh, do you realize that in 24 hours, I'm going to be Mrs. Roman Brady?

Roman: I do. Just practicing.

Kate: I wished on a star that you would be under my Christmas tree, and I got my wish.

Roman: I did, too. I did, too.

Belle: [ Laughing ] Shawn, do you remember when Chloe read the Christmas Story last year?

Shawn‑d: Yeah.

Zack: I'm going to go hang it from the Christmas tree.

Shawn‑d: In a second, bud. Kind of gives you hope that these kids are going to get better, too.

Belle: I wonder who's going to read the story this year.

Kate: [ Laughs ] Shawn‑d: Go head over to that tree. Here we go now. Let's go.

Jennifer: Oh, hey. Hello.

Hope: Merry Christmas, sweetheart.

Abby: It really is.

Hope: Yes, it is.

Jennifer: Hi.

Hope: Hi. Oh, I knew she'd be happy.

Jennifer: Yeah. You know, for the first time since Jack died, I think Abby and I are going to make it. I feel like my faith is coming back ‑‑ not that I ever lost it in my heart. But it's just been so hard.

Hope: I know it has, honey. Listen, when I talked to Gran this morning, she said she had an idea about who should read the christmas story to all the kids this year. And she asked me to think about the true message of the story, about how Mary faced such hardships to bring her child into the world ‑‑ a child that would bring hope and faith and light to those in need. So, Gran thought ‑‑ and actually, I couldn't agree with her more ‑‑ that you were exactly the right person to read the story this year. What do you think? Would you do it?

Jennifer: Yeah.


Chloe: Merry Christmas, Nicole.

Nicole: If you say so.

Chloe: Hi.

Victor: Ah. True love and Christmas ‑‑ they really do go together. Brady: Merry Christmas, Granddad.

Victor: Merry Christmas to you, Brady. Chloe, may I?

Chloe: Merry Christmas, Mr. Kiriakis.

Victor: And the Merriest of Christmases to you, Chloe. I'm delighted that you're here. Can you tell?

Brady: Not half as delighted as I am.

Chloe: Thank you so much again for everything you're doing for Brady and me. Being with him is the best gift I could have.

Victor: Well, do you think you could stand one more present?

Chloe: But you've already been far too generous.

Victor: This isn't from me. Go ahead, open it.

Brady: Granddad, those are my Mother's pearls. I mean, I've seen her wearing them in pictures.

Victor: I gave those pearls to my dear Isabella when she was just a little younger than you are now, Chloe. I'm sure that she would want the woman that her Son loves to have them. Brady, why don't you help Chloe put them on?

Brady: I have all the easy jobs. Come on.

Nicole: So the diva gets the pearls? What do I get?

Victor: There's only one present you want to unwrap. I'm going to see to it that you don't get the chance. You're never going to get your hands on Brady, except in your x‑rated dreams. And by the way, did you find your stocking? I stuffed it with the coal you so richly deserve.

Nicole: Merry Christmas to you, too, you Grinch.

Victor: [ Chuckles ]

Brady: As I turn it around and you look through this window, that's where I'll be sitting ‑‑ in my private box. And I'm going to have the perfect view of you performing at your debut.

Chloe: The opera house of my dreams and the man of my dreams. How did I get so lucky?


[ Telephone rings ]

Lucas: Excuse me. Hello?

Kate: Merry Christmas, darling.

Lucas: Well, you sound happy.

Kate: Well, I have a very good reason. The very best reason.

Lucas: Wow. So it's official.

Kate: Yes, Roman and I are engaged.

Lucas: Way to go, you guys.

Kate: Lucas is very happy for us.

Roman: Well, ask him if he's seen Sami today.

Kate: Roman's been trying get a hold of Sami, but there's no answer.

Lucas: Yeah, that's 'cause she's with Will and me. We're having a family Christmas dinner. Sami, your Dad's on the phone. Do you want to give him a Christmas shout‑out? Sami, it's the right thing to do. Sami: No. Never.

Lucas: Um, I tried, Mom. I'm sorry, okay? I love you, and I'm glad you're having a great Christmas.

Lucas: In the spirit of the day, couldn't you have at least wished your Father a Merry Christmas?

Sami: No!

Will: Mom.

Sami: Hey. Will, do you have some eggnog? I want to toast the wedding that's never going to happen.


Roman: Can you imagine what Sami's going to do when she finds out the wedding's tomorrow?

Kate: Please don't let her spoil our happiness.

Roman: Absolutely no way she could.


Marlena: Are those your new pajamas?

[ John laughs ]


Bonnie: I know what's it's like when you're used to sharing your life with a person, and then, in the blink of an eye, that person's gone. It's hard, especially around the Holidays.

Mickey: Whew. Maggie sure loved coming to this party every year. Bonnie: Well, she'd be happy knowing you're keeping up old traditions.

Mickey: Yeah. Thanks for talking me into coming here. This is just where I was meant to be today.


Jennifer: Merry Christmas, everybody.

All: Merry Christmas!

Jennifer: Wow! That was wonderful. Let's see. Um, where should we begin? I will start by telling you my name. My name is Jennifer. And my Grandma is Alice Horton, and I'm sure all of you know Alice Horton. And she wanted me to read the Christmas Story this year, and I consider that a great honor, because every year I love to hear this story with my family ‑‑ with my Husband Jack and my Daughter Abby. So, here we go. "Joseph was a descendant of King David. And he had to go to Bethlehem in Judea, and that was David's ancient home. He took with him Mary, who was obviously pregnant by this time. And while they were there, the time came for her baby to be born. And she gave birth to her first child ‑‑ a Son. And she wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and ‑‑" you know, my Husband ‑‑ Jack ‑‑ was an award‑winning newspaperman, and I remember he would always tell me that it all starts with the word. So before we go any further, I'm just going to read you one more verse out of John 1 that starts with the word. "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. All things came to be through Him, and without Him, nothing came to be. And what came to be through Him was life, and this life was the light of the world. And this light ‑‑ it shines in the darkness. And the darkness has never overcome it."

[ PDA beeps ]

Roman: Be right back.

Jennifer: And I just want to thank all of you for being here, and I pray, and I wish you peace and joy and love always. Okay, now it's present time. And cookies. And juice. Everything.

Shawn‑d: All right. Yeah, who wants them? Jennifer: [ Laughing ]

Shawn‑d: All right. All right.

Bo: What does it say?

Roman: "You won't live to see your honeymoon night."


John: So talk to me. Tell me what's wrong.

Marlena: If Roman marries Kate, it's going to be his death sentence.

Kate: Roman, we are doomed.

Sami: God, please forgive me, for I am about to sin.

Nicole: Let's make some noise, huh?

Rex: You killed my Sister, and now you're gonna die.

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