Days Transcript Wednesday 12/17/03

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday  12/17/03

By Eric
Proofread by Lindsay

Brady: The CD I burned for Chloe. I want to see if I got it right.

[ Song introduction playing ]

Brady: Silent night, holy night

Chloe: All is calm, all is bright

Brady: Round yon Virgin, Mother and Child

Brady's voice: Dear Chloe, I'm writing this by the glow of the tree lights and remembering a very special time we shared during the holidays last Christmas. I miss you so much, but my heart is a little less lonely knowing that you're coming home to me.

Brady and chloe: Sleep in Heavenly peace

Brady: Can't wait to begin our life together. All my love... Brady.

Brady and chloe: Silent night, holy night shepherds quake at the sight glories stream from Heaven afar Heavenly hosts sing alleluia Christ...


Shawn d: Hey, so, uh, what are you cooking for me?

Belle: Ha ha. Nothing.

Shawn d: It's freezing in this hallway. Shawn d: I got to get you warm. Here, give me your jacket.

Belle: It is so cold outside, and we were only out there for a little bit.

Shawn d: I know. Yeah, listen, I'm sorry about the tree trimming party getting cut short.

Belle: Well, I understand how no one wants to sing Christmas carols after a bomb scare.

Shawn d: Yeah. I feel bad for Doug and Julie. They meant well.

Belle: It was a beautiful clock, and I can't believe it came all the way from Switzerland. Very cool Christmas present... unless you have a serial killer terrorizing your town.

Shawn d: Yeah, well, I guess if you have a package delivered and it's ticking, you can't help but think it might be a bomb. So much for the expensive Swiss clock, right?

Belle: Hey, your parents did the right thing.

Shawn d: And then my Dad has to get that PDA message. That pretty much killed the mood no pun intended.

Belle: Death never takes a holiday.

Shawn d: So much for spreading cheer and goodwill, huh?

Belle: Yeah, I guess it's not over. The danger's still out there.

Shawn d: Yeah.

Jan: I'm going to split those two up and have fun doing it.

Belle: Is it incredibly shallow of me to want to celebrate Christmas, even with all the bad stuff that's been going on?
Shawn d: No, you want to feel joy instead of fear. That that's normal.

Belle: How are any of us going to feel joy again? So many people we love are gone.

Shawn d: Well, that's why I'm staying with you tonight so I can keep you safe.

Belle: I love that you want to protect me.

Shawn d: All right, well, I do have an ulterior motive. I will be honest. Yes, staying with you all night is the best way to keep you safe, so... guess I'm going to have to sleep with you.


Sami: Daddy, hi.

Roman: Hey, Sami.

Sami: Merry Christmas.

Roman: Yeah. Out shopping early, huh? Spending all that money you don't have.

Sami: Ha ha. Enough about me, Dad. What about you? I heard you're being pigheaded, that Uncle Bo offered you all time police protection, and you're not taking it.

Roman: Sami, if the killer thinks I'm surrounded by a wall of blue uniforms, he won't make a move.

Sami: Dad, that's a good thing.

Roman: Sami, we got to catch this bastard, all right? And I I am the one who's going to reel him in.

Sami: Dad, you are being careful, right?

Sami: What is it? What are you looking at? No. Dad, please, no. Please tell me you are not going to make Kate's Christmas by giving her a ring. Roman: You know what, Sami? What I give or don't give my lady love...

Sami: Aw.

Roman: Is none of your business.

Sami: "Lady love"? Dad, I'm going to throw up.

Roman: You know, one of these days you're going to surprise me and grow up.

Sami: If you think you're going to get together with her tonight...

Shawn: [ Gasps ] Sami. Oh, Sami, you are a sight for sore eyes.

Sami: Hi, Grandpa. How are you doing?

Shawn: Oh, I'm trying to keep the holiday, you know? For your Grandma's sake. It's what she'd want, angel that she was.

Roman: You got that right, Pop, and we are going to make Christmas special in honor of Ma.

Lucas: Looks like my Mom and your Dad are getting along. If you're good for Christmas, maybe you'll have a new stepmom by New Year's.

Sami: No way. My Dad is not going to marry Kate. He's going to send her to prison for murdering their Daughter Cassie.


Belle: So we have this night together. What are we supposed to do to get in the Holiday mood?

Shawn d: Well, I'll tell you where we're going to start that's with some music.

[ "O come all ye faithful" playing ]

Shawn d: Huh? Huh? Belle: [ Chuckles ]

Shawn d: Okay, second thing well, we're going to have to pretend that there's some mistletoe up there.

Belle: Next... presents.

Shawn d: Presents? It's not Christmas. It's not even Christmas Eve.

Belle: Well, your girlfriend went to Paris, and all you got was this amazing gift.

Shawn d: All right. I guess I should open the card first.

Belle: Yes.

Shawn d: Okay. "For my love." Should I read this out loud? Is

Belle: I have no shame.

Shawn d: Okay. "Dear Shawn, this should tell you what I fantasized about in Paris every night. Love, Belle." Wow. Okay. I don't even know if I need the gift anymore.

Belle: Ha ha ha ha ha.

Shawn d: Okay. Let's see what we got. Oh, my gosh. This is all silk.

Belle: Yeah. I designed them myself... for my favorite male body.

Shawn d: Ha ha ha.

Belle: I cannot wait to see you in them.

Shawn d: This is very nice. I love it. What

Belle: There's more.

Shawn d: What aw. Okay. Belle: This next gift...

Shawn d: Uh huh.

Belle: Is edible.

Shawn d: Okay.

Belle: It's chocolate.

Shawn d: You know, it just so happens that I have a gift for you.

Belle: You mean like a present?

Shawn d: Yeah, like like the wrapped kind, you know.

Belle: Okay. Ha ha ha ha.

Shawn d: Got it right... here.

Belle: Shawn.

Shawn d: What?

Belle: That's a Christmas gift.

Shawn d: Well, I want you to have it right now.

Belle: Oh.

Jan: I'll give Shawn and Belle my Christmas surprise.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

Man: Delivery for Belle Black.

Jan: Oh, goody. I'll take it from here. 20 bucks enough?
Man: Ha ha ha. Wow.

Jan: The Holidays put me in a generous mood.

Man: There you go.

Jan: I'll make sure I get my money's worth... and a whole lot more.

Shawn d: I hope this gift makes tonight unforgettable for you.

[ Knock on door ]

Belle: Who could that be?

Shawn d: I don't know.


Brady: Where's the card?

Nicole: I'm having a Holiday drink. Would you like me to fix you something?

Brady: No thank you.

Nicole: I have been dreaming of a straight vodka all day. Sure you don't want one?

Brady: Fine.

Nicole: Oh, darn. I think the strap broke. I just bought this teddy. Um... you know, I can't fix this without the whole thing falling off. Help.

Brady: Nicole, what do you want me to do?

Nicole: Fix the strap for me.

Brady: You're wasting your time, Nicole. You see, I am in love with Chloe, and she's coming back to Salem.
Nicole: When the concert hall gets built, and that won’t be anytime soon.

Brady: I'll wait.

Nicole: Have you ever heard the expression "love the one you're with"? I mean, you might as well have fun while you wait, and I don't mean the good clean fun. Ooh.


Belle: Yay, our tree's here.

Shawn d: Hey, thanks for lugging it up the elevator. You can bring it right in.

Belle: Whoa.

Shawn d: Easy.

Belle: Oh, wait, hang on. We don't know where we're going to put the tree. We haven't figured that out yet.

Shawn d: It's up to you.

Belle: I don't want to pick. You pick.

Shawn d: Uh... how about right over there?

Belle: Thank you.

Shawn d: Thank you.

Belle: Okay, where were we?

Shawn d: Like you don't remember.

Belle: I like presents. I can't help it. It's my favorite thing ever except being with you, of course.

Shawn d: Okay. Belle: Oh.

Shawn d: It's for the top of the tree.

Belle: It's our snowman. It's the one we made.

Shawn d: The first time I told you I loved you.

Shawn d: It's telling you the truth, Belle. I do love you.

Belle: I guess I was wrong.

Shawn d: About what?

Belle: I can feel joy.

[ Bell dings ]

Belle: I can also feel hungry. Do you want some chocolate truffle flambé?

Shawn d: Well, you know, chocolate is an aphrodisiac, right?

Belle: I'm willing to push it to the limits.

Shawn d: Oh, the limits, huh?

Belle: Help me light the flambé, sexy.

Shawn d: Oh.

Belle: Ha ha ha ha. Yes.

Both: [ Laughing ]

Shawn d: All right.

Belle: This is hot. Be careful.
Shawn d: Hey, listen, there's an extra 20 bucks in it for you if you want to put it in the stand and light it up. Yeah, all right, well, the lights are in the teak chest right there.

Belle: Thank you.

Jan: [ Thinking ] I've got you two right where I want you.


Roman: All right. Well, I got to get back to work, so let me walk you to your car.

Sami: Dad.

Roman: Sami, don't tell me what to do. And try to be good tonight, okay? Good night, Pop.

Shawn: Good night, Son.

Lucas: I'll keep her in line.

Kate: Don't get too close.

Lucas: So I'd ask you to dinner, but you'd probably bite off my head.

Sami: I'm not Ozzy Osbourne, even if you are a freakin' chicken. Are you buying?

Lucas: Sure.

Sami: Good, 'cause I still have to yell at you some more.

Lucas: Oh, great. Lucky me.

Kate: Please don't make me leave.

Roman: You'll be a lot safer at home.

Kate: I don't care about safe. I've waited a whole lifetime for a love like this, and now that I've found it, I don't want to lose it.

Roman: Kate, you know I have got to go after that killer tonight. I want that bastard behind bars. That'll be my Christmas present to all the people I love, including you. Especially you.

Roman: [ Thinking ] Does she want a ring? Would that make her happy?

Kate: [ Thinking ] How can he give me a ring if I'm still a murder suspect?

Roman: You know... Katie... there are so many things I want to say to you, but all in good time. I want to catch that killer first. I owe it to all the people who aren't with us anymore.

Kate: Please, please be careful.

Roman: I have everything everything to live for.


Brady: Why don't you just take my jacket? All right, here, cover yourself up.

Nicole: I'm fine. Oops. Ha ha. Oh, for Heaven's sakes, Brady, just pin the straps up, or are you too scared of me?

Brady: Nicole... I would think turn around.

Nicole: Oh.

Brady: I would think that you would have more pride than to try to seduce a man that is in love with another woman. Take it.

Nicole: Pride doesn't keep you warm at night, Brady, and neither does your long distance lover. Uh... thank you.

Nicole: Well... if you ever get tired of waiting, you know where I am right down the hall. So you just have to take a few steps to get the best lovin' you've ever had.
Victor: Damn it, Nicole, he doesn't want you. Now leave Brady alone.


Shawn d: Okay. Okay, slow down. Slow down. We we got all night.

Belle: I know. Isn't it great?

Shawn d: Yeah.

Belle: Ha ha ha.

Belle: Do you think you could put up the mistletoe? I want to surprise my boyfriend.

Jan: [ Deep voice ] Okay.

Belle: You know, now's really a hard time of year to be alone. I hope you have someone to be with. Good, because nobody should be alone for the Holidays.

Jan: My God, Shawn. It's the most gorgeous diamond I've ever seen.

Shawn d: For the most gorgeous girl. Will you spend the rest of your life with me?

Jan: You mean...

Shawn d: Jan... will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?

Belle: Damn you, Jan. First you steal my loft. Now you're stealing my boyfriend?

Jan: Belle scares me, Shawn.

Shawn d: I'll protect you. It's okay. You bitch. How dare you try and ruin what I have with Jan?

Belle: Shawn, remember? You loved me.

Shawn d: Not anymore. How could I love someone so mean? And look you're scaring Jan half to death. Besides, you got blond hair, and that's gross. I've been looking for a girl with long brunette hair. That's what Jan has. So if she'll have me, I'll spend the rest of my life with her.

Shawn d: Well, thanks for putting up that tree so fast. All right, beautiful, what do you say to some eggnog?

Shawn d: Wow, that tree it looks great with all those lights.

Belle: Yeah. Merry Christmas. I hope your Holiday is full of love.

Shawn d: All righty, so... what do I owe you? $25? You did good work there. Thank you.

Belle: Thank you. Mistletoe. Ooh. Ha ha ha.


Sami: So what'd you get Will for Christmas? I'll bet you got him something educational, didn't you? You know, one of those boring nature books you're always reading him.

Lucas: What'd you get him?

Sami: I asked you first. Wait a second. It's in the bag? Let me see.

Lucas: No, get out of there.

Sami: No, I want to see it. Give it to me.

Lucas: Forget it. Sami, you bitch. Stop it.

Sami: Ho ho ho to you we got him the same thing.

Lucas: You got him a DVD player, too?

Sami: Well, he's been begging for one, and so I got it for him. I am his Mother, Lucas. He expects the best present from me. You should take yours back. Lucas: I will not.

Sami: I said take it back, damn it.

Lucas: I'm not taking anything back, damn it.

Sami: Go to

Lucas: What? Oh, hey, bud. Um, your Mom and I were just testing out some upper body strength. You know, she's strong. You're strong for a girl, Sami.

Sami: Yeah, I could kick your Father's butt any day of the week.

Will: Can you guys just shut up? I know what's really going on.


Roman: Yeah, that's right, Bo. Yeah, ever since I left the Pub. Yeah, I've had this feeling I'm being followed. Uh huh.

Roman: Well, yeah, I'm okay. I'm talking to you, right? Bo, listen to me if I wanted backup, I would have asked for it. Okay, little Brother, I promise you, I will be careful.

Roman: Aah! All right. Let me see the face. Let's see it! Oh, my God.


Will: I'm sick of you guys fighting all the time. My guidance counselor says I need more stability.

Lucas: Your guidance counselor? Since when are you seeing a shrink?

Will: Ever since Great Grandma died. And everyone knows Grandpa Roman's a target. The kids at school are making bets on him being next and which one of my relatives is going to end up in the slammer. So what's for dinner? I'm hungry. You're my parents. You're supposed to feed me.
Lucas: Look

Sami: Well

Lucas: Um...

Sami: He'll

Shawn: Listen, Will, I'll tell you, you go to the kitchen, I'll be right in there to make you a burger, huh?

Shawn: You and Lucas should be ashamed of yourselves. Now stop this fighting right now and get along for the boy's sake.


Roman: Kate, what the hell are you doing? What if I'd have fired my weapon?

Kate: I was trying to make sure that you didn't get hurt, okay? Someone has to protect you.

Roman: Well, my God

Man: Commander Brady, are you okay?

Roman: Yeah, I’m fine, Murphy. What the hell are you doing? You following me?

Murphy: Detective Brady assigned me to your security detail, sir. God, he is going to kill me.

Roman: Nobody's getting killed here, but you're going to call off this detail right now, right?

Murphy: Are you sure, sir?

Roman: Yes, I'm sure! Are you questioning my authority?

Murphy: No, sir. Right away. Roman: All right, good. Damn it, I told Bo not too do that.

Kate: Roman, why won't you take police protection?

Roman: The only way we're going to catch this serial killer is if I put myself on the line, so starting tonight, I am a walking target, so come on. Come on, killer! Come on, you son of a bitch! Come on! Here I am! Right here!


Victor: Sorry my Wife is such an embarrassment. These are for you, Brady. I had my lawyers vet the contracts for the Cuban Touring Company. Look them over... in some other room.

Brady: Yes, Granddad.

Victor: You know, I didn't think you could stoop any lower, but obviously, I was wrong. Cover yourself up.

Nicole: Brady was enjoying the view.

Victor: I enjoy a good strip show myself. Doesn't mean I bring the lady in her G string home with me.

Nicole: Brady wants me.

Victor: He'll get over it. I did. Brady is in love with Chloe Lane.

Nicole: The opera diva isn't here. I am. And it may take a while, especially if you keep interrupting, but sooner or later, I will get Brady so hot, he won't be able to resist.

Victor: That's what you think.


Belle: Don't ever stop, Shawn.
Shawn d: Don't look at me like that.

Belle: Don't ever let go of me.

Shawn d: I won't.

Belle: Please.

Shawn d: I'm going to be with you all night.

Belle: With me? Shawn... do you think it's time for us to take these rings off?

Belle: Do you think... do you want to have sex?

Shawn d: Tonight comes pretty close to my perfect fantasy. I'm alone with you, and we've got the whole night to be together.

Belle: And it's the Holidays. It's romantic.

Shawn d: I'm sure Christmas is the first time for a lot of people.

Shawn d: If we make love tonight... we might always wonder if we made that choice because it was the right thing for us... or because there's a killer scaring everybody.

Belle: Do you want to help me trim the tree?

Shawn d: Yeah.

Belle: Help me to the top?

Shawn d: Sure.

Belle: I love it. I love you.

Shawn d: I love you, too. We're so lucky.

Belle: I'm so jet lagged, I could fall asleep standing up. Shawn d: All right, well, let's get you to bed.

Belle: To sleep?

Shawn d: In my arms.


Sami: Great. Now my Grandpa thinks that I don't cook for my own kid.

Lucas: Ordering pizza's not cooking, Sami.

Sami: I've been busy, Lucas.

Lucas: Instead of arguing over food all night, why don't we try to get along, like your Grandfather said?

Sami: Hey, I can get along with anyone, anytime.

Lucas: Oh, really? Prove it.

Sami: Okay. I'll take back the DVD player that I bought for Will, and I'll get him something else that he'll like.

Lucas: You'd do that? You don't have to, all right? You shouldn't have to do something like that. I'll exchange mine.

Sami: No, Lucas, I already said that I would do it.

Lucas: And I said I'll exchange mine. Don't worry about it.

Sami: No, Lucas, I

Lucas: Sami can I have that back, please?

Sami: No, I wait a second. You got a better deal than I did... at the same store... from the same sales guy. This is discrimination against women.
Lucas: No, I know how to bargain. Obviously, you don’t.

Sami: That is not it. Look, here's what we're going to do. We are going to share the cost of the one that you bought, and then I am going to take mine back for a full refund. Better yet, I'm going to stuff that player down that ripoff artist's throat.

Lucas: Keep your eyes peeled.

Sami: Don't act like you care about me, Lucas. If I got murdered, it would make your Christmas.


Roman: Katie... Katie, now listen to me. This time, I'm personally going to take you home, and you've got to promise me you'll stay there.

Kate: I promise.

Roman: All right. Okay. All right, get behind me. All right. All right, the game's over. The killing stops. Come out of there very slowly. Drop your weapon. Put your hands on top of your head. You don't want to come out of there? Well, all right, you damn freak. I'm going to come in after you.


Belle: Shawn! Don't leave me.

Shawn d: Why, are you scared?

Belle: No, I can't stand to be away from you for one second.

Shawn d: Don't worry. I'm going to be with you all night long.

Jan: [ Thinking ] Over my dead body.

[ Twig snaps ]

Shawn d: Did you just hear that?


Brady: Nicole's right. It's going to take years before this concert hall is finished, and that means years before Chloe and I can be together.

Nicole: No man is strong enough to resist me indefinitely. Brady will get tired of waiting for the diva, and when he does, I'll be ready.

Victor: Chloe, it's Victor Kiriakis.

Nicole: What the hell?

Victor: I think you know that my Grandson's happiness means everything to me, and it's become abundantly clear that all he really needs to be happy is to have you by his side. So I'm sending my jet to pick you up and bring you back to Salem.

Nicole: You oh! Aah!

[ Groans ]


Murphy: Commander, got your back!

Kate: Roman! No!

Murphy: No, you don't!

Kate: Roman! Roman! Oh, God! Roman! Roman!


Will: Where's Mom?

Lucas: She, uh, had some business errand she had to run.

Will: You're lying. Why'd you let her go alone, Dad? There's a killer out there.

Sami: They ought to rename this "Murder Alley." I guess when your time's up, it's up. I can't be afraid all the time. Aah!


Brady: Aah! Damn it. This is not going to be easy, but I can be faithful.

Nicole: Have you ever heard the expression "love the one you're with"? I mean, you might as well have fun while you wait, and I don't mean the good clean fun. Ooh.

Brady: Even if it takes years, Chloe is worth waiting for.

Nicole: Ooh! Your lame plan isn't going to work, Victor. You're going to lose.

Victor: Listen, I know it's last minute, Chloe, but my jet will be waiting at the airport right up until Christmas Eve. Ah, that's wonderful news. It'll make Brady very happy.


Belle: All I hear is my heart beating.

Shawn d: All right, listen, I'm going to get some water. Why don't you go upstairs and get the bed warm?

Belle: I love you so much.

Shawn d: I love you, too.

Shawn d: Jan?

Jan: Are you glad to see me, Shawn Brady? I love you so much.

Shawn d: I love you, too.


Kate: Oh, Roman. Oh, God.

Roman: I'm going after him.

Kate: Roman, you were stabbed.

Roman: No, he just cut through the coat. It's just a nick. It's nothing. One good thing about this, though it proves you're not the killer.

Murphy: Commander, he got away.

Roman: Damn it! All right, you get her home, and you stay there.

Kate: No. No, no, no. You can't go. Please.

Roman: No, I'm going to get this murderer tonight, before there's another killing.

Murphy: You better stay with me, Ma'am.

Kate: Roman, I love you!


Sami: Lucas, you are such a moron. You're going to have to come up with something better than that if you're going to scare me. I mean, the old serial killer routine is getting old. Whoa! Lucas, I am so scared.


Lucas: Look, Will, don't worry about your Mom, all right? She's tough, and she's smart. She's not going to take any chances.


Sami: Oh, my, Lucas, what a big knife you have. Can you do anything with it? I bet you can't even draw blood, you loser. Whoa! Aah! Ow! Now you're going to get it, Lucas. Aah! Aah!


Roman: We have a 10 13 in progress at Salem place...

Mimi: Rex, wait, what are you doing?

Rex: I'm going after Cassie's killer.

[ Dog barks ]

Bonnie: Why do I get the feeling something very bad is about to happen?

Shawn d: You lock your door. Do you hear me?

Belle: The door is locked. I'm safe.

Jan: [ Thinking ] Safe? That's what you think.

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