Days Transcript Tuesday 12/16/03

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 12/16/03

By Eric
Proofread by Lindsay

Maggie: We wish you a Merry Christmas we wish you a merry christmas we wish you...

Mickey: Ahh!

Maggie: A Merry Christmas...

Mickey: I got ‑‑ I got to get out of this house.

Maggie: Glad tidings we bring to you and your kin...


Man: I brought the last one, sweet Bon‑Bon.

Bonnie: Oh, my gosh, you've got a great grip. I had no idea how strong you are. Ha ha ha. Mmm, mmm. Mmm, mmm.

Man: Hey, hey. Keep your money. I want you to make me one of your special dinners.

Bonnie: Why, you dirty little elf. Ha ha ha ha ha!

[ Max barking ]

Bonnie: Max, hush. He's okay.

Man: I'll be in touch.

Bonnie: Okay. Ooh!

[ Laughing ] What are you looking at? The profit from these trees is going to keep kibbles in your dish, and beer in my fridge. Ooh. Check this out. Excuse me.

[ Gasps ] Chuck said he got a great deal on these trees, but ‑‑ ahh! Yikes. Ahh. Ooh. You don't think Uncle Sam's going to get mad that I cut down a few of his prime trees, do you? I mean, it is in the spirit of the Holiday season, right?

[ Max barking ]

Bonnie: Yeah, I figured you'd take the side of the government. Rex.

Rex: I need your help, Mrs. Lockhart.


Belle: So, you want to spend the entire night with me?

Shawn‑d: Oh, yeah. Cuddling and kissing ‑‑ that's it. I promise.

Belle: I can do that.


[ Cellular phone rings ]

Jennifer: Oh, whoa, whoa.

[ Ring ]

Jennifer: Merry Christmas!

Hope: Same to you, honey.

Jennifer: Hey, Hope. What's going on?

Hope: Well, uh, Gran was just giving me and Zack a quick tutorial on how to make her award‑winning cookies.

Jennifer: Oh...yum!

Hope: Well, I'm not sure how yummy they'll be, since I made them. Listen, when are you a Abby coming over for tree‑trimming?

Jennifer: Oh, you know, I'm going to pick up Abby at the Pub, which ‑‑ I'm here right now, but I'm early, and, uh, you know, it doesn't look like Harold has dropped Abby off from the skating rink yet, so I'm going to run a few more errands, and then we'll be right over, okay?

Hope: Okay. Oh, listen, do me a favor. If you happen to run into Bo while you're out and about, could you please tell him he is desperately needed at home?

Jennifer: Yeah, yeah, I will do. See you later. Bye.

Jennifer: Okay, Jack, how am I going to do this? How am I going to get through the Holidays without you?


Zack: Red jelly bean.

Alice: Yes. Put it here. Look. Finish it off right there. Okay?

Hope: Hmm.

Alice : If it matches the front ‑‑

Hope: Hey.

Alice : Hey.

Hope: Major breakthrough. Major, major breakthrough. This one is not bad. I have to say, not bad at all. Gran, you have to try it. Here. Try this. Thank you. Mwah!

Alice : Thank you. Hope: Zack, you'll be proud of Mommy. Try that, honey.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Hope: Ooh, that must be Celeste. I'll be right back. What do you think? It's delicious, huh?

Alice : I told you they'd be fine, dear.

Hope: I know! Hey!

Lexie: Hey!

Hope: I knew it was you. Look at you, my little sweetie boy. Oh, my goodness!

Lexie: I love your hair.

Hope: Look at how adorable you are. Oh, I could just eat you up. Yes, I could! Oh!

Celeste: Darling, that apple cider smells wonderful!

Lexie: Ah, and somebody's baking cookies. She must be here.

Hope: As a matter of fact, she is, but don't faint. I'm the cookie baker today.

Lexie: [ Gasps ]

Hope: I know, I know, it's shocking. And they're edible.

Celeste: All right.

Lexie: Oh, good. Um, where's zack?

Hope: Uh, he's in the kitchen with Gran making a gingerbread house.

Celeste: Oh, well, let's go say hello, darling.

Hope: Okay, one more kiss.

Celeste: One more kiss. One more kiss, oh...

Hope: Oh, I love you, Theo.

Celeste: Darling, does he need this blanket, hmm?

Lexie: Yes. I'll take it. Thanks.

Celeste: Thank you.

Hope: Here you go...he looks so adorable.

Lexie: Doesn't he?

Hope: I am so happy you're here.

Lexie: Oh...

Hope: I'm so glad you're with us.

Lexie: Well, it's Christmastime, and with everything that we've gone through, we need some Christmas cheer, right?

Hope: Yes, definitely.

Lexie: So, uh, where's Bo?

Hope: Well, I'd like to know the same thing.


[ Typing ]

Bo: Okay, we got Rex Dimer‑‑ Rex Brady. He was in jail when Mom was murdered and Marlena was poisoned. Would he kill his own Sister? No. Yet...

Mimi: Here's your coffee, Detective Brady.

Bo: Hey, thanks. Pop still upstairs?

Mimi: Yes. Lisa and I decorated he Pub earlier. We wanted to show him what we've done, but he just couldn't bring himself to come down.

Bo: Yeah. Thanks for doing all that. I'll go up and see him before I leave. Hey, I hear your Mom opened a Christmas tree lot over there on main.

Mimi: She what?

Bo: Yeah.

Tek: Ho ho ho.

Bo: Hey, just the man I wanted to see.

Tek: What can I do for you?

Mimi: And what can I get you? We have the clam chowder today. It's excellent.

Tek: Uh, no, thanks. I'll just, uh, have a coffee.

Mimi: Okay.

Tek: Thanks.

Bo: Hey.

Tek: Hey.

Bo: So, what's the word on the street?

Tek: Roman Brady's a dead man walking.

Bo: Tell me something I don't know.

Tek: Okay, um, after Roman, you're rumored to be next.


Belle: Oh, hold that thought. I have a message.

Shawn‑d: Wait, no. Ignore it.

Belle: Shawn, I can't. What if it's my Mom and something happened?

[ Answering machine beeps ]

Hope's voice: Hey, you. Welcome home. What a great Christmas surprise. Listen, Bo and I want you and Shawn over here for the tree‑trimming party, and "no" is unacceptable.

Shawn‑d: Mom...

Hope's voice: So get over here, okay? Okay, love you both.

[ Answering machine beeps ]

Belle: Sounds like your Mom really wants us there.

Shawn‑d: Gee, you think? Okay, well, our night alone is going to have to wait a little while longer.

Belle: Oh, I'm not going anywhere, except with you.

Shawn‑d: All right, let's hit it. You know, since we're going to a tree‑trimming party, we might as well get you a tree while we're at it for your apartment.

Belle: You know what, Shawn? We don't have to do that.

Shawn‑d: No, no, I want to. The Holiday season, we're back together ‑‑ it's time for new beginnings.

Belle: Okay, well, since we're going to be there, we might as well pick up some mistletoe.

Shawn‑d: Oh, we're going to have to get a lot of that. We'll put it everywhere in the apartment so no matter where we're standing, we'll have to do this.

Belle: You know, it's amazing. Even with everything that's going on, I still feel a little bit of the Christmas spirit.

Shawn‑d: No, I know what you mean. I'm not going to let anything ruin our Holidays.

Belle: Come on.

Shawn‑d: All right.

Jan: I wouldn't be so sure about that.


Bonnie: Max, Max, Max, hush, hush, hush. Don't be afraid. This tall drink of hot toddy is Mimi's boyfriend Rex. So, how you doing? Oh, gosh, why am I asking that? Of course I know how you're doing. You're heartbroken, you poor thing, losing your Sister like that. Oh, I can't tell you how sorry I am, sweetie. Oh...

Rex: Thank you. Thank you. You know, it's been tough, but, uh, Mimi's been so supportive, which is why I need your help.

Bonnie: Sure. What can I do?

Rex: I need some pointers on how to make this Christmas memorable.

Bonnie: Hmm...

Bonnie: So, you want pointers on how to make your Christmas merry and bright. Hmm. Well, you've come to the right place. First, you need to know how to manipulate your mistletoe.

Rex: Hmm. Show me. Bonnie: Now put it up over my head. Remember what to do now?

Rex: Yes.

Bonnie: Mm‑hmm.

[ Chuckles ] Mmm...oh, God. Easy, huh? Let's move on. Ahh...

Rex: Ha ha. So what are we going to do now, Mrs. Lockhart?

Bonnie: Ooh, explore the north pole... or maybe the south pole. I hear it's much hotter. Mm...ha ha ha ha.

Bonnie: [ Chuckling ]

Rex: Mrs. Lockhart? Mrs. Lockhart?

Bonnie: Oh, what? What? Huh?

Rex: You okay?

Bonnie: Huh? Me? I'm ‑‑ ooh...I'm swell. Swell.


Bo: Yeah. I would be the next logical choice after Roman.

Tek: It's just speculation. Some punk we busted last night was in his cell rambling on.

Bo: And?

Tek: Well, he said that, uh, Salem's criminal underground had a wager going that after Roman, you'd be next.

Bo: A wager? Wouldn't they just love to see Roman and I out of the picture? That's not going to happen. Roman is well‑protected. Nothing's going to happen to him.

Tek: What about you? Are you really as invincible as you think you are?


Belle: I didn't know Mimi's Mom sold Christmas trees.

Shawn‑d: I know. She never even mentioned it. All right, it's cold. Let's find you a perfect tree.

Belle: Okay.


Rex: So, can you help me?

Bonnie: Of course. In fact, I've got a couple of trees along the back fence you should take a look at. I'll even give you the family discount.

[ Clicks tongue ] Come on, I'll show you. Yeah, yeah, right ‑‑ there's that one and that one and that ‑‑

Bonnie: Well, if it isn't at little bitch Jan Spears.


Bo: As soon as that punk you busted makes bail, you send him back to the Salem criminal underworld with this message from me ‑‑ they're fools if they think the Brady brothers are going anywhere. I'm gonna make sure this serial killer burns in hell.

Jennifer: Oh, hey.

Tek: Hey, Miss Deveraux.

Jennifer: How you doing?

Bo: Hey, Jen.

Tek: Come on, sit down.

Jennifer: Oh, no, that's all right. I didn't mean to interrupt.

Tek: No, no, no. Just ‑‑ I'm going, anyway.

Jennifer: You sure?

Tek: Yeah, yeah.

Jennifer: Okay. Thanks.

Tek: So, uh, I'll deliver your message at the appropriate time, all right?

Bo: All right, man. I appreciate it.

Jennifer: Bye‑bye. Hey, what was that about? Any news?

Bo: Oh, no, nothing we don't already know. Hey, you're coming over tonight, right?

Jennifer: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I'll be there. Oh, there's Abby. Hi, honey.

Bo: There she is.

Jennifer: Come say hi to Bo.

Abby: Hello, Bo.

Bo: Hey, cutie. You're coming over to help us decorate our tree, aren't you?

Abby: Yeah, I guess.

Bo: Yes, you guess. You sure are. Come on, let's get going.

Jennifer: Come on, yeah. We should get going. In fact, I spoke to Hope, and she told me to bring you home if I saw you.

Bo: Bring me home? Jennifer: Yes. Let's go.

Bo: All right. We better get going.

Jennifer: Whoo! Oh, Abby, close your jacket, honey. It's freezing.

Bo: Man, somebody turned the thermostat down.


Bonnie: Yeah, Spears, I'm talking to you! You deaf?

Rex: Hey, Mrs. Lockhart.

Bonnie: What?

Rex: I found exactly what I wanted.

Bonnie: Oh, great.

Rex: There you go. Keep the change. And don't say anything to Mimi.

Bonnie: Anything for you, sweetheart. Merry Christmas.

Rex: Yeah. You too.

Bonnie: Ahh... that is strange. If that was Jan Spears, what is she doing back in Salem?

Belle: Excuse me, we're interesting in buying a tree.

Bonnie: Well, I'm the one to sell it to you, sweethe‑‑ Belle! Oh, sweetie! When did you get back?

Belle: A few hours ago.

Bonnie: Does Mimi know?

Belle: Actually, no, I've been with Shawn the whole time.

Shawn‑d: What are you looking for?

Belle: Mrs. Lockhart, where are you ‑‑

Shawn‑d: Where is she going? She's knocking over the Christmas trees.

Bonnie: I thought I saw ‑‑

Mimi: What is the meaning of this, Mother, huh?


Lexie: Oh, they're here.

Hope: Well, it's about time. Hey, Abby.

Jennifer: We found him for you.

Lexie: Thank you.

Hope: Hey, hey, hey. Where have you been?

Bo: I have been out shopping for the perfect gift, and it's freezing!

Hope: Oh, sure.

Bo: Do I smell cider?

Celeste: Oh, you sure do, darling. It's right in on the stove.

Bo: Oh, thanks for showing up, you guys. Appreciate it.

Lexie: Thank you for having us here. And there is eggnog and Alice's famous cookies. Mmm!

Bo: Cool. Hope: Ahem.

Lexie: Oh.

Hope: Which I ‑‑ me ‑‑ little old me ‑‑ I cooked them. I made them.

Bo: No way.

Abby: Wait, Grandma's here?

Hope: Yes. Gran ‑‑ she's in the kitchen, honey, with Zack and Theo. They're making a gingerbread house.

Abby: Cool.

Jennifer: Let's go see this.

Lexie: I'll follow.

Hope: Hey, Jen.

Jennifer: Hey.

Bo: If you made cookies, I got to go test them.

Hope: I don't think so. Hold on a second.

Bo: What?

Hope: You still haven't told me ‑‑ where were you?

Bo: Yeah, I told you. I was out shopping.

Hope: Bo, come on, level with me. Has something happened to Roman that you're not telling me?


Abby: Hi, Great‑Gran.

Alice : Oh, darling. I was wondering when you were going to get here. Well, look at what my little Great‑Grandson has done.

Abby: Oh, hi, Zack. Wow, that's beautiful. Can I help too?

Zack: Yeah.

Abby: Yeah? Hi, Theo.

Lexie: Say hi.

[ Cellular phone rings ]

Jennifer: Oh, oh, Gram, that's your cell phone.

Alice : I ‑‑ yes. Will you get it, dear?

Jennifer: Hold on. Yeah. Ooh, hold on, hold on, hold on. Merry Christmas. This is Jennifer.

Mickey: Oh, hi, Jen.

Jennifer: Oh, hey, Uncle Mickey.

Mickey: Are you over at Bo and Hope's?

Jennifer: Yes, I'm here. When are you coming over?

Mickey: Soon. First, I got to pick up a tree and take it over to the children's wing at the hospital.

Jennifer: Oh, Uncle Mickey, that's really sweet. Oh, you know our housekeeper Bonnie Lockhart?

Mickey: Yeah, of course. Sure. What about her?

Jennifer: She has a Christmas tree lot down on Main Street.

Mickey: Really? She never told me anything about that. Thanks. Well, I'll get the tree over there. I'll see you soon.

Jennifer: Okay. Bye‑bye. All right, Uncle Mickey is on his way over.

Alice : Oh, thank you, dear.

Jennifer: Sure.


Bo: Roman is fine. I spoke to him a little while ago.

Hope: Then where were you?

Bo: I was at the Pub working on my laptop. Tek dropped by.

Hope: What did he want? New development?

Bo: No, there's nothing, the same old ‑‑ you know what? Why don't we focus on the Holidays, huh? Feeling that Christmas spirit?

Hope: I always feel it when I'm in your arms, Bo.

Bo: Oh, good. I love you.

Hope: I know you do. All right, come on, you can have cookies now.

Bo: Ha ha ha! I said the right thing.

Hope: You're gonna like them. They're not bad.

Celeste: [ Sighs ] Enjoy the peace while you can. Not even the fire can ward off this instant chill of death.


Belle: Mimi!

Mimi: Belle? Oh, my God! What are you doing home? I left you a voicemail yesterday. Did you get it? What are you doing here?

Belle: Well, I couldn't stay away. With everything that had happened, and it being the Holidays, I just had to come home.

Shawn‑d: And we're buying a tree from your Mom.

Mimi: I wasn't even going to get one this year. I'm just not really in the Holiday spirit.

Belle: Well, you need to get into the Holiday spirit, because I'm back.

Shawn‑d: Mimi, you should come with us. We're going to go over to my Mom's. She's having a tree‑trimming party, and then we're going to go back to belle's loft and decorate our tree.

Mimi: Oh, no. You guys should spend some time alone. Besides, I'm meeting Rex. But I want to hear all about Pierre and Claude.

Shawn‑d: Pierre and Claude?

Belle: Just pay Mrs. Lockhart for the tree and the mistletoe.

Shawn‑d: Okay, uh, is there any chance that you guys deliver?

Bonnie: Actually, I have a guy. He should be back any minute. I'll have him stop by.

Shawn‑d: All right, that's perfect. Listen, I'll give you a call when I leave my Mom's house, 'cause I don't want them just to leave the tree outside, okay?

Bonnie: Okay, I'll wait for your call.

Shawn‑d: All right. $50?

Bonnie: Oh, more than enough.

Shawn‑d: Okay. Good. Uh, Mimi, it's good seeing you. Let's go.

Belle: Bye, Meems!

Mimi: Oh, welcome home. I'm so glad you're back.

Belle: Talk to you later.

Mimi: Okay, now, let's talk about your latest scam. Christmas trees for charity.

Bonnie: Mm. Would you like some eggnog?

Mimi: [ Gasps ] Oh, this is cruel!

Bonnie: What?

Mimi: These antlers you put on Max. That's animal abuse. Who do you think you are, the Grinch? I mean, what did Max ever do to you?

Bonnie: It's time he started paying his share of the rent.

Mimi: That's from the U.S. Forestry Service. Did you cut your Christmas trees down from the nature preserve? You could go to jail!

Bonnie: Oh, you should talk. You and Jan Spears almost went to jail when you put those nudie pictures of Chloe Lane all over the internet.

Mimi: What are you dragging her name up for?

Bonnie: She back in town?

Mimi: No way. She would never show her face in Salem again, not after the way she messed up everyone's lives. Mom, what are you going to do if you get caught selling government property? I'm not a law expert, but doesn't a government crime mean felony?

Bonnie: I don't know why you're getting so freaked. It's just trees. It's not like they're not recyclable. And besides, if they don't start moving soon, I'm going to get my friend Chuck to shave them down and shape them into pine boxes. I mean, after everybody dying around this town, I could stand to make a healthy profit.

[ Max barks ]

Bonnie: [ Gasps ]


Jennifer: All right, sweetie. Here you go, honey. Be careful 'cause it's hot. Be careful with Zack, okay? You can share some with him. All right, hot cider here. Hope, for you.

Hope: Thank you.

Jennifer: Bo.

Bo: I'm...a little busy.

Jennifer: You're a little busy. Lexie.

Lexie: Yeah. Bo.

Bo: No, I ‑‑

Jennifer: All right, everyone's got cider. Gram...

Alice : Yes?

Jennifer: How are you doing?

Alice : I'm fine, darling.

Jennifer: Good. Alice: Now, are you all right?

Jennifer: Yes. Yes, I am all right. Because I really know that Jack is not very far away from me. In fact, I feel like he is here present with me...always. And I'm surrounded by my friends and my family, and I feel very safe.

Hope: [ Gasps ]

Bo: There we go!

Hope: Oh, it's beautiful.

Bo: Time for ornaments. Get over here.

Hope: Oh! Bossy!

Jennifer: When did he get so pushy?

Hope: Oh, he was pushy since ‑‑ well, since he was born.

Celeste: Here's Mommy. Here's Mommy. I think he's getting a little sleepy, darling.

Alice : You're sweet, Theo. Such a blessing.

Lexie: Yes, he is. Abe lives on.

Celeste: Come on, let's go put some ornaments on the tree.

Abby: Come on, Zack.

Celeste: Come on, darling, let's go get some ornaments. Wee!

Bo: Here you go. Here's some.

Hope: Here, Zack.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Hope: Here. Look at him.

Bo: This evening just feels right, doesn't it?

Hope: Everything we need, Bo.

Bo: Mm‑hmm.

Abby: Oh, here you go. There's one.


Shawn‑d: Belle, uh, before we go inside, you got to, um, you got to answer something for me. This ‑‑ I have to know who this Pierre and Claude were.

Belle: What?

Shawn‑d: That you were seeing in Paris and Milan .

Belle: Oh, wow, you know, I‑I was hoping you'd never find out about them.

Shawn‑d: Why? What, you weren' one of them, were you? Answer me.

Belle: Actually, Shawn, I was seeing both of them. Please don't get mad. It was all in fun, you know? And I was really lonely, and they were there.

Shawn‑d: I can't believe this. I can't believe that you lied to me.


Bonnie: Uh Mr. Horton, I can explain. I was just telling my Daughter that ‑‑

Mickey: No, wait a second. I just want you to know that I think what you're doing here is wonderful, Bonnie. I admire you, and you're a very, very generous person.

[ Max barking ]

Mimi: Hi, Mr. Horton. Merry Christmas. Mickey: Oh, thanks. Same to you, Mimi.

Mimi: Well, I gotta run. See you later. Even Max thinks what you're doing is despicable.

Bonnie: Kids.

Mickey: Oh, yeah, yeah, kids. Well, listen, speaking of which, I've come over here to buy a Christmas tree to take over to the hospital to the children's wing, okay?

Bonnie: Well, that is so sweet of you. Tell you what. You pick out any tree you like, it'll be my gift to the kids.

Mickey: No, no, no, no. I can't do that. What about your charity here?

Bone: Well, I always say, charity begins at home. Ha ha ha. You know, before you pick out that tree, I want you to sit down and take a load off. Here you go.

Mickey: Oh, thank you.

Bonnie: You poor thing. How you doing?

Mickey: Oh, okay. Thank you.

Bonnie: Would you like some eggnog?

Mickey: Oh, hey, that sounds good. Thank you, thank you. I'd enjoy that. Yeah. You know, the strangest thing happened to me earlier. I turned on the radio... some Christmas carols. And all of a sudden, the voice singing was... it was Maggie.

Bonnie: That must have made you so sad.

Mickey: Yeah, yeah, I had to get out of the house and call my Daughters Melissa and Sarah on the cell phone. They were wonderful. They were very, very, very helpful. That was ‑‑ that was nice. Oh, thank you, thank you.

Bonnie: Here you go, sweetie.

Mickey: Oh.

Bonnie: [ Hums ]

Mickey: Yeah.

Bonnie: Something wrong?

Mickey: Is there some ‑‑ I mean, is this alcohol?

Bonnie: What do you mean, alcohol?

Mickey: Well, you see, Mickey had been in A.A. for a number of years, and in order to support her, why, I didn't drink, either, so...

Bonnie: Oh, I see. But not to worry. All this eggnog is spiked with is love and kindness and a little nutmeg.

[ Max barking ]

Bonnie: Cheers. Ahh! Ha ha ha.

Mickey: It's good.


Belle: You're kidding me, right?

Shawn‑d: Why would I be kidding you?

Belle: Shawn, how could you believe me?

Shawn‑d: What, that you were ‑‑

Belle: I was stringing you along... trying to get you to think that I was cheating on you, hoping you would know me better than to think I actually was. But I was wrong.

Shawn‑d: So, what, you're telling me ‑‑

Belle: I'm telling you I'm completely committed to you, and I resent the fact that you think I would take the opportunity of being so far away in Europe to see other people. How could you not trust me?

Shawn‑d: I'm sorry. It's just...people lie. Let's face it, all right?

Belle: People lie? You know what? I don't think it's fair to generalize like that. Maybe you lie. Actually, you did lie to me.

Shawn‑d: What?!

Belle: When you were with Jan.

Shawn‑d: Oh, great. Let's please just bring Jan up right out of the blue.

Belle: What, am I supposed to forget about her? That girl nearly destroyed our lives. I can't help but think about her every once in a while.

Shawn‑d: Okay, could we just not think about her right now?

Belle: The way that girl manipulated you...

Shawn‑d: She didn't manipulate me, okay? I made the choice to help her out. Jan was raped, and that guy threatened to kill her if she revealed what he had done to her, okay? And then her Mother throws her out, so I took her in ‑‑ end of story.

Belle: You didn't have to say you were the Father of her baby.

Shawn‑d: Okay, all right, okay, let's just not do this right now, okay?

Belle: You're right. You're right. I'm sorry. I'm just relieved that she left town. And this isn't about Jan. This is about honesty.

Shawn‑d: Honesty. Okay, if it's about honesty, then I just honestly want to know who Pierre and Claude are. What?

Belle: You really want to know who Pierre and Claude are?

Shawn‑d: Yes, I really do.

Belle: Okay. Here we go.

Shawn‑d: I don't ‑‑ I don't ‑‑ I don't get it. This is some old guy and his dog.

Belle: Yeah. That old guy is Pierre . He's a friend of my father's. He's a baron, and he took me in under his wing. And that cute, adorable little dog ‑‑ that's Claude. Didn't I just string you along like a set of Christmas lights?

Shawn‑d: Yes, you strung me along. Now I'm gonna string you up like a set of Christmas lights!

Belle: No! Shawn! Please don't! Oh, my God!

[ Laughing ]

Jan: [ Thinking ] Enjoy him while you can, Belle, 'cause pretty soon, he's gonna be mine ‑‑ all mine.

[ Belle laughing ]

Belle: Shawn?

Shawn‑d: Hmm?

Belle: I feel like someone's watching us.


Rex: Ha ha ha ha. Not bad.

Rex: [ Whistling ]

[ Door opens ]

Mimi: Rex? Hello?

[ Gasps ] Oh, this is great.

Rex: Thank you.

Mimi: Oh ‑‑ ha ha. Oh, this is perfect.

Rex: You know, Santa has checked his list, and you've been a very bad girl.

Mimi: The absolute worst.


Mickey: Mmm.

Bonnie: Ahh.

Mickey: Great eggnog. Sure ‑‑ sure there's no alcohol in that, right?

Bonnie: Oh, like I said, just love and spice.

Mickey: Yes.

Bonnie: Oops, I got a customer. Got to go. Duty calls.

Mickey: Okay, look, you go ahead. I got to go freshen up my ‑‑ my eggnog here.

Bonnie: You do that.

Mickey: All right.

Bonnie: Ooh. Hey, I know you. We met at the University Hospital. You're a nurse. It's Phyllis. What can I do for you?

Phyllis: Yes, I'd like the Douglas Fir over the by the entrance.

Bonnie: Ah, yes, great choice. Good tree. That'll be $35. Phyllis: Oh. That gentleman over there ‑‑ isn't that Mickey Horton?

Bonnie: Yep. Poor soul. Still mourning his wife.

Phyllis: It's tragic. It's so sad.

Bonnie: Not that sad.

Phyllis: No?

Bonnie: He was just asking me about Viagra. Hmm. I‑I was just wondering ‑‑ you know, you being a nurse and all ‑‑ does that stuff really work?

Phyllis: Uh... yes, it does, from what I understand.

Bonnie: Mm. Ha ha.

Phyllis: Are you and Mr. Horton ‑‑

Bonnie: Shh. A lady never kisses and tells. Merry Christmas. Hmm.

Bonnie: [ Chuckles ]

Mickey: Ooh.

[ Grunts ] Mm, mm, mm. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Bonnie: There's Dasher... and Dancer... Prancer and Blitzen... and then there's Vixen. And that would be moi. Ha ha ha. Ha ‑‑ whoo‑hoo. Whoo. Ahh.

Mickey: Ha ha ha ha ha.

Bonnie: Ah. Mickey? Mickey, what's wrong?

Mickey: My heart.

Bonnie: Huh?

Mickey: Heart.

Bonnie: [ Sighs ]

Bonnie: Yeah, I'm going to have to take this one real slow. One small step at a time. Hi‑hi.

Mickey: Mm‑hmm. Mm‑hmm. Listen, Bonnie, uh... I think I'd better take my tree and hit the road, because I'm due at Bo and Hope‑‑ Bo and Hope's right away.

Bonnie: Oh, I understand. You know what? Tell you what. I'll just have that tree delivered.

Mickey: Really?

Bonnie: And hope I see you again real soon.

Mickey: Good. That'd be wonderful. Say, but thanks again ‑‑ thanks again for the eggnog, darling.

Bonnie: Oh, well, you take care now, Mr. Horton.

Mickey: Yeah, you too. You too. Mm‑hmm‑hmm. Bye‑bye.

Bonnie: Bye‑bye. Careful now.

Mickey: Mm‑hmm.

Bonnie: Yeah, you're a good man, Mickey Horton. You're going to be an even better one for me.


Belle: We're being watched, Shawn. I can feel it.

Shawn‑d: I told you I've had that same feeling.

Belle: Come on, let's go look. Belle: Oh, my God, Shawn. Look ‑‑ footprints.

Shawn‑d: They could be anyone's.

Belle: Yeah, but they're heading into the woods.

Shawn‑d: That doesn't mean anything. It's just that this killer has got us all spooked. This is what life in Salem has become. Come on, let's go inside.


All: [ Cheering ]

Bo: There you go. You did it.

Shawn‑d and belle: Merry Christmas!

All: [ Cheering ]

Hope: Welcome home! Oh, I'm so happy you're here! I bet you're happy, aren't you?

Bo: I knew you couldn't stay away.

Hope: Did you pick her up at the airport?

Bo: I'm glad you're home. I'm getting tired of seeing my Son moping around.

Hope: Oh, come on. It wasn't that bad.

Belle: I'm so happy to be home. I missed all you guys so much.

Hope: We missed you, too, honey.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Bo: Who's that?

Hope: Go check it out.

[ Ticking ]

Bo: Hope. It's a bomb.

Hope: [ Gasps ] What? Oh, my God.

Jennifer: Abby!


Mimi: It's the most perfect Christmas tree I've ever seen.

Rex: You're so beautiful.


Bonnie: That Mickey Horton could be a real catch. A little time at the gym, some plugs, a tanning bed‑‑‑‑ yep, he could be a real prize. Ha ha. Here's to the next Mrs. Mickey Horton. Ha ha. No. Me, you silly mutt ‑‑ me.

[ Sighs ]


[ Ticking ]

Hope: Look. I found this on the porch.

Bo: It's from our neighbor.

Hope: Mm‑hmm. Apparently, the mailman tried to deliver it, but we weren't here.

Bo: Aw, man. What a mess.

Jennifer: Gram, come here. Are you okay?

Alice : Yes, I ‑‑

Jennifer: It's freezing. Here.

Alice : Thank you, dear.

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness.

Mickey: Hey, hey, hey, hey. What's everybody doing outside here? Jen, Jen, what ‑‑ what's going on?

Jennifer: Uncle Mickey, you are not going to believe this, but we had a bomb scare in the house.

Mickey: A bomb scare? Wow ‑‑ my God. Well, that's dread‑‑ dreadful.

Jennifer: Uncle Mickey, have you been drinking?

Mickey: Dri‑‑ no, I just ‑‑ no‑nothing alcoholic. I had some, uh, eggnog with ‑‑ with Bonnie ‑‑ Bonnie Lockhart. Ahem.

Bo: Hey, sorry, you guys.

Lexie: Bo, what was in the box?

Bo: Um, Doug and Julie are traveling abroad. They sent us a souvenir.

Hope: A beautiful, beautiful Swiss clock.

Bo: Well, it was.

Hope: Yeah ‑‑ now ruined. Oh, my gosh. This is such madness. I can't live like this anymore.

Celeste: [ Thinking ] Someone's out there.

[ PDA chirps ]

Alice : What's that noise, dear?

Bo: It's my PDA.

Hope: What?

Bo: It's the killer.

Jennifer: Abby.

Mickey: Oh, my God.

Mickey: Look at that.

All: [ Gasping ]

“On the next Days of Our Lives”

Roman: Sami, we got to catch this bastard, and I am the bait who's going to reel him in.

Nicole: Have you ever heard the expression "love the one you're with"? I mean, you might as well have fun while you wait. Whoo. Ha ha.

Belle: Never let go of me.

Shawn‑d: I'm going to be with you all night.

Sami: They ought to rename this "Murder Alley." Aah!

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