Days Transcript Wednesday 12/10/03

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday  12/10/03

By Eric

 Victor: I have a surprise for you, brady. It's going to change your life forever.

 Brady: Is it good or bad?

 Victor: Oh, I think you'll think it's good. It's what you'veeeeen longing for. Nicole, don't hide in the foyer. Come in and join us.

 Nicole: Ahem. What's this big surprise, victor?

 Victor: I'm about to raise the curtain on brady's glowing future.

 Brady: I don't believe it. What are you doing back in salem?

 Lucas: Look, I know you have every reason not to like my mother. But this isn't about you. It's about your father, right? Come on, sami, don't you even want your own father to be happy?

 Sami: Of course I do. But he doesn't need kate to make him happy.

 Lucas: What are you talking about? After all he's been through? She's the only woman who can bring a spark back into his life.

 Sami: Oh, please, that's like saying I need you to complete me. Give me a break.

 Lucas: Wait a minute, wait a minute. You sure responded when I kissed you.

 Sami: Well, you caught me by surpris

 Lucas: Yeah, but you didn't pull away.

 Sami: [ Sarcastic ] Oh, yeah, I was so turned on.

 Lucas: Yeah, you were.

 Sami: Oh, like I-I have trouble breathing when you use my shower and then strut around my apartment in that glorified washcloth you call a towel.

 Lucas: Oh, go ahead, sami. You can admit it. I know you liked it. I'm not going to think less of you.

 Kate: Lucas is no match for sami brady. And she's out to get him. In her perfect world, u u and me and lucas -- we would all be exterminated. And the frightening thing is, I don't think I have the energy to stop her.

 John: Well, I do. In fact, I have got a plan that's going to neutralize my stepdaughter once and for all.

[ All shouting ]

 Roman: All right, just hold on, all right? Hold on. Hear me out. I'm going to lay myself open to the killer. It's the only chance we have of catching this bastard.

 Marle: : How could you do that, roman?

 Roman: Simple. I'm going to let the killer get me.

 Bo: [ Sarcastic ] Oh, that's a real good idea.

 Marlena: You can't do that.

 Hope: Roman, we have already lost abe, jack, maggie, caroline, and now cassie. We certainly don't want you to be next.

 Roman: I appreciate that, hope. I do. And believe me, I hope I won't be. But it's a chance I'm lling to take to stop this maniac from taking another life. And if it comes down to it, I am prepared to die for it. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

 Nicole: Who's the babe?

 Victor: Well, stevie is hardly babe.

 Stevie: Oh, victor, please. It's all right, it's all right. At my age, I'll take it. Thank you.

 Brady: Well, you haven't aged a day since you and mom went to college!

 Nicole: How would you know?

 Brady: For your information, stevie and my mother took a lot of pictures in their undergrad years, and stevie loaned me one of her scrapbooks so I could get an idea of who mom was.

 Nicole: Oh, sweet. Well, if that's it for the big surprise --

 Victor: Oh, don't run off, nicole. I'm sure you'll be intesested to hear what stevie's latest project is.

 Nicole: Does the fabulous stevie have a last name?

 Stevie: Grossman. Stevie grossman.

 Victor: The renowned architect. Stevie designed titan tower. Her latest project was the frankfurt opera hall.

 Nicole: Opera. I see.

 Victor: Yes, I thought you might.

 Brady: You have a commission here in salem, stevie?

 Stevie: Only one of the best commissions of my life.

 Brady: And you said it has something to do with my future, isn't that right, granddad?

 Victor: Oh, I think it'll make you very happy. Stevie, why don't you show us what you've got?

 Brady: Oh, my. If this is what I think it is...

 Stevie: Voil.

 Victor: May I present the isabella toscano black concert hall.

 Stevie: Let me tell you about it.

 Brady: Amazing.

 Stevie: All right, look...

 Victor: It's just the beginning. I intend to make all of brady's dreams come true. And none of them include you.

 Stevie: The acoustics are absolutely perfect for the human voice.

 Kate: Well, you've got to have one hell of a plan, because nothing short of black magic will stop sami when she wants something.

 John: It's called love, kate. That is what's going to stop her. Look. Nothing sami pulls can outgun the love that you feel for roman. I will put my love for marlena up against sami's tricks any day.

 Kate: John. Can you really be this naive? Since when is love a match for evil?

 John: Since the beginning of time. Look, I love my wife. Nothing is going to tear her away from me -- not sami's tricks, not celeste's predictions. I choose to believe that nothing is more powerful than love.

 Kate: Well, for all our sakes, I hope that's true.

 Lucas: You know, sami, you didn't seem too grossed out when I wasalalking around your apartment in that towel. In fact, I'd venture to say you have daydreams about ripping that towel off me.

 Sami: You think a lot of yourself.

 Lucas: Just going by the hungry look in your eye. What? You want to get physical? You want to get physical right here in the cemetery? You know, as soon as my shower gets fixed, you won't see me anymore.

 Sami: It is fixed. I saw the super leave a note on your door.

 Lucas: What note? I didn't get a note.

 Sami: Oh. Maybe it fell off.

 Lucas: Or maybe you took it off. Maybe you took it off so you can keep seeing me half-naked, running around your apartment, huh?

 Roman: The killer's targeting me. Well, I'm targeting him. I'm going to try to beat him at his own game.

 Bo: Roman, there's no way you can win a cat-and-mouse game blindfolded.

 Roman: Bo, what you're saying here is this bastard is the biggest coward going. I know how to deal with cowards.

 Marlena: You are being reckless with your own life, roman.

 Hope: Marlena, I completely sympathize with how you're feeling, but you know what? What roman has in mind -- it could work. Bo, you and i could personally follow him. Once the killer has him cornered, we nail him before anything happens.

 Roman: Now you're talking.

 Bo: No, now you're jumping the gun.

 Hope: What are you talking about?

 Bo: You were almost the killer's victim there separate times. The way this thing is escalating, roman, I want you to take her off this case.

 Brady: Granddad, you realize this is going to put salem on the map culturally.

 Victor: More than the cheatin' heart saloon?

 Brady: Yeah, more than the blue note, too. Stevie, this is just an amazing design. Thank you.

 Stevie: Thank you. Thank you. Well, your grandfather wants a world-class facility, and he's willing to fund it, so... I think he's the amazing one.

 Nicole: My generous husband.

 Stevie: Listen, um, I have to meet my project manager downtown, so...

 Victor: I'll have my driver take you.

 Stevie: Thank you, victor. Always a pleasure. Thank you. Brady, your mom -- she would be so proud of you.

 Brady: Thank you. Hey, listen, if you're in town for a while, I'd like to buy you dinner.

 Stevie: I would like that. You're on. Okay.

 Brady: See ya.

 Stevie: Pleasure to meet you.

 Nicole: Sure.

 Stevie: Thank you once again. Goodbye, victor.

 Victor: Bye.

 Brady: Granddad, I'm so excited about this. You're going to build a memorial to my mother? How can I thank you for this?

 Victor: The look on your face is thanks enough.

 Brady: Just one question. Whatoeoes a concert hall have to do with my future? You said this surprise of yours would change my future.

 Victor: Well, the salem philharmonic has offered you a seat on the board of directors.

 Nicole: Uh, excuse me, as thrilling as this is, what happens to the blue note, and what about titan music? Brady isn't some retired old geezer like the rest of the people on the board. And he's already running two businesses. Aren't you spreading him kinda thin?

 Victor: Brady?

 Brady: Well, actually, it kind of works out perfectly. I'm gearing up to start the classical division of titan music. I would love to hear chloe sing in such a concert hall. I wish she could see this.

 Victor: Your wish is my command.

 Hope: Would you excuse us for a moment? I need to talk to bo.

 Roman: Doc, look at me. Don't try to talk me out of this.

 Marlena: You can't expect me to be selfless here. I don't want to lose you. Can you just think about the people who love you, please?

 Roman: That's who I'm doing it for. This killer has got to be stopped.

 Hope: What was that back there? Since when do you make my decisions for me? I am not quitting the force.

 Bo: I am your husband. You're the mother of our children. We would all like you to stay alive.

 Hope: And I want the same thing, believe me. But I also want to catch this destroyer of lives. I am just as committed to this case as you are, bo.

 Bo: I know you are. But our boys -- they need their mother.

 Hope: More than they need their dad?

 Bo: That's different. I don't know why, but it is.

 Hope: Do you honestly want me to quit the force? /I

 Brady: Granddad, I told you, I don't want chloe home for the holidays. She has a new life and a career that she's so excited about. Plus, I told myself I wouldn't put any pressure on her.

 Victor: Stop blabbing and just look at the portfolio. Do you see anything in there about the holidays?

 Brady: It says here that chloe lane is the new recipient of the artist-in-residence grant of the new concert hall. I don't know what to say. Well, I-I do know wh t tsay. Thank you. Thank you for trying to make me happy. It's not like I don't want to be happy. I can't allow chloe to make such a sacrifice. She cannot leave cecilia marin's opera company so soon. She's just not ready.

 Bo: No, hope, I don't want you to quit the force. Well, yeah, part of me does -- the part that wants to spend more time with you, spend more time with the boys, our family. Family means so much more to me now that --

 Hope: I know. Now that caroline's gone. I know. Me too.

 Bo: When she came to me in that visitation and told me I'd be without you, that'S... it's given me some nightmares, hope. I get this cold feeling in the pit of my gut every time I think about life without you. And the way things are going, that could happen.

 Hope: No. No. It won'T.

 Hope: My god, bo, when -- when I think of all the times, all the rough times that we've survived, you know how we did it? By believing in each other, by not giving up and sticking it out together -- you and me. Now, I think we can stop that killer. What do you think?

 Bo: I think married the right woman.

 Hope: I think you're right.

 Bo: Okay. Side by side it is.

 Hope: Mm-hmm.

 Marlena: So, I guess I won't get you to stop this. Maybe you will consider doing something for me, hmm?

 Roman: What is it?

 Marlena: Get somebody to help you bait the killer.

 Roman: So I can get them murdered, too? No way.

 Marlena: I'm talking about someone who is -- who is highly trained at handling dangerous situations and who has a sense of community, the same as you do.

 Roman: You want me to work with john, don't you?

 Sami: Like I would take the notice off your door. I mean, why? What do I have to get from it? Oh, of course, right. I get to feast my eyes on your ripped 6-pack and daydream about pulling the itty-bitty towel you wear off so I can check out your equipment. You know, I've had some hot guys in my life, lucas. Don't flatter yourself. You know, I've seen you look at me. Yeah, you do that thing where you lower your eyelids and you do that thing with your lips.

 Lucas: Oh, yeah? I do, huh? What about you? Yeah, you, parading around your apartment at 7:00 in the morning with your nightshirt on -- the one with the pink kitties on it.

 Sami: Oh, stop it.

 Lucas: Ooh, that's a real nice outfit, mama. That is hot. You're a real temptrs, you know it? Now we got my pamela anderson fantasy finally coming to life. It's great.

 Sami: Oh, give me a break. You think you're sexy first thing in the morning? "Oh, where's the soap, sami?" And "oh, how about some coffee, sami?" And "who stole the last jelly doughnut, sami?" Waah, waah, waah. You are a big baby, and I would be an idiot to have a fantasy about you.

 Lucas: Well, let's thank god that you are an idiot.

 Sami: I am not! Shut up!

 Lucas: Truce?

 Sami: With you?

[ Scoffs ]

 Lucas: Come on, sami, you could use a friend. I could be that person for you.

 Sami: Not if you were the last male human on the planet. Ow! Aah!

 Lucas: Sami!

 John: Did you just hear something?

 Kate: You mean sami? Well, isn't she always screaming or shrieking or complaining about something? Well, you know, I, for one, refuse to go running every time she throws a hissy fit. I mean, because after all, she just wants to see me dead, right? And I think if she was in the middle of the road bleeding, I would just drive right on by.

 John: Kate, right now we have bigger problems than sami and her fits.

 Kate: Do you really think the killer is going after roman next?

 John: Putting together rex's theory with the fact the murderer did leave a message on bo's pda, I'd have to say roman has been targeted.

 Kate: John, what can I do? Is there anything that I can do to help keep roman safe?

 John: Yeah. I think there is.

 Brady: Granddad, this is just so generous of you, and I don't mean to throw cold water on it, but... chloe is not at a point in her career where she can just take a leave of absence from cecilia marin's opera company, even if it means becoming an artist-in-residence of a new concert hall.

 Victor: Before you turn me down completely, can I at least tell you the story of how I came to fund the concert hall?

 Brady: Granddad, there's no point --

 Victor: Don't I deserve a moment to tell you a story about your mother?

 Brady: My mother.

 Victor: Yes. Well, not directly, but... do you remember when chloe was sick with leukemia and you said you felt the presence of isabella?

 Brady: Yes, she was watching over chloe.

 Victor: Yes. Isabella was capable of that kind of love and devotion. Well, it was about that same time that I was approached by the salem philharmonic about a financial gift for a new concert hall. During a meeting, they gave me the opportunity to fund the entire project in return for the honor of naming the hall. Well, I immediately thought of my dear isabella. But at the same time, I wasn't sure I wanted to make that large a donation. I mean, we're talking millions.

 Brady: What convinced you, then?

 Victor: Well, at lunch, we had a chinese buffet. And, uh, when I opened my fortune cookie, I got this.

 Brady: "Angels are near." I can't believe this, granddad. My -- my dad and I got this same sign when my mother's spirit was near. And I-got this same fortune. I hung it on my refrigerator in my old loft -- you know, the one where mom and dad lived when I was born.

 Victor: Well, I'm glad to see you're as deeply affected as I was. That fortune convinced me to fund the concert hall. I hope it convinces you that my motives are pure. Take another look at the artist-in-residence proposal.

 Brady: Granddad, I'm sorry. I've seen enough. I called your gesture generous a few minutes ago, but... I'm realizing that it's a lot more than that. This is getting into the category of -- of a bribe. What made you think that -- that chloe or I could be bought?

 Roman: Doc, I don't have to bring john into this.

 Marlena: John has skills that bo and hope would never hope to have, even though john learned them under stefano dimera. So why not put his abilities to work in finding this killer?

 Roman: All right, doc, look, don't jump all over me, okay? But we both know there's a reason why john probably shouldn't know a lot of inside information about how the P.D. Is proceeding with this case.

 Marlena: What are you getting at?

 Roman: Ma's prediction.

 Marlena: Have you all gone mad? Even if I thought that caroline had come back to life to speak to celeste, I can't believe she would imply that john would ever hurt me.

 Roman: It wasn't implied. According to celeste, it's going to happen.

 Marlena: Do you want this to happen? Is this some excuse you have for going after john?

 Roman: Doc, come on, you gotta know better than that.

 Marlena: How can I know better when you refuse to? John is not a killer. Let him prove that to you by helping find the real killer.

 Roman: All right, you listen to me, okay? What if celeste and sami are right? What if years ago, john was programmed to be in salem at this point in time to blow up all our lives? Are you willing to risk your life to prove john's innocent? I would give my life for my husband in a heartbeat.

 Bo: That's a chance you may have to take. z z aa

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 Victor: I'm not trying to buy you or chloe. I'm just trying to bring you some happiness. Do you remember happiness? I mean, we've been so devastated by the loss of so many friends around here, we've forgotten the meaning of the word.

 Brady: Granddad, I didn't mean to insult you. I'm sorry if I did. Chloe has a lot of pride. She's not going to want some residency handed to her just 'cause she's my girlfriend.

 Victor: Do you think so little of the salem artistic community? Do you know that our symphony orchestra can stand up with the best in the country? The artist-in-residence is nominated. They are voted on by a committee of the artistic council and the maestro. At no time was the subject of her boyfriend ever brought up.

 Brady: So you're saying they just simply wanted chloe.

 Victor: I thought you were keeping up with her career. Milan, berlin, vienna, paris... "the loveliness of miss lane's shimmering soprano is matched only by her exotic beauty. Chloe lane is a true find, a diva who can attract the passion and loyalty of a whole new generation of opera lovers." The maestro tried to call madam marin many times. She never returned his call. That's when he came to me. Getting chloe lane in salem would be an artistic coup. Wouldn't you like your hometown to be known as something else other than the home of the latest serial killer?

 Brady: Yes, of course, granddad, but --

 Victor: And wouldn't it make you happy to have her here?

 Brady: Yes, yes, of course, I would love to have chloe come back home again.

 Bo: I'm having trouble buying this whole idea that john's coming after you.

 Marlena: Well, it's ridiculous.

 Bo: And there's no proof, right?

 Marlena: Right, so may we move on, please?

 Bo: But we got this one problem. He was M.I.A. During all the murders.

 Marlena: Well, so were half the suspects. So was I, for that matter.

 Roman: Doc, you were in colorado visiting eric at the time of abe's murder. No one's thinking you had anything to do with this.

 Bo: So, what do you think -- we pull john into this investigation or keep him on the bench?

 Marlena: You know, in the unlikely event that john is the killer, it would mean that you've got surveillance on him all the time. And if he's not the killer, he's helping you find the real murderer. So, what have you got to lose?

 John: If you are really serious about keeping roman safe, don't leave his side.

 Kate: Oh, does this mean that you don't believe I'm the killer?

 John: Of course you're not. I don't know who is, but it's very clear to me that you're not, my friend.

 Kate: Can I ask -- never mind.

 John: No, no, come on. What is it?

 Kate: No, it's nothing. Truthfully, I don't think I want to know.

 John: Listen, kate, if you're worried about something, it's always better to talk about it.

 Kate: Do you think roman's going to die?

 John: He's a great cop. He's the best. He won't do anything stupid.

 Kate: Tell me the truth. Do you think roman's going to die?

 John: I don't know.

 Kate: Marlena and roman have been reminiscing a lot lately.

 John: Yeah, well, they find comfort in that, you know? Caroline's not around anymore.

 Kate: I read once that when you're close to death, you start recalling moments in your life. Maybe roman and marlena are going to abandon us after all. Maybe they're going to leave us for the afterlife.

 Sami: [ Coughs ] Ow.

 Lucas: You all right?

 Sami: Yes, I'm fine.

 Lucas: Well, good.

 Sami: [ Coughs ]

 Lucas: Anything you need? Anything you might want to ask me now? Like, uh, "lucas, will you please give me A..." a -- what is that 4-letter word that rhymes with "sand"? Hmm.

 Sami: Forget it. Leave me alone.

 Lucas: All right, fine. Suit yourself.

 Sami: I don't need you, lucas. I have never needed you.

 Lucas: You don't need me? You don't need me now? Are you sure? How are you supposed to get out of that pit, sweetheart?

 Sami: I'll find a way.

 Lucas: All right, fine. Suit yourself. Maybe you can scream for someone else to help you. But the only two people that are around now are john and my mother, and I really doubt they're going to rescue you.

 Sami: They are so sleazy. They're together all the time lately, just whispering, probably plotting their next murder.

 Lucas: Well, if that's true, all they got to do is throw a little more dirt on you. You could be their next victim.

 Sami: What are you trying to do, terrify me? I'm in a grave, lucas, you moron.

 Lucas: No, you're the moron if you don't understand why my mom and john are talking right now. It's 'cause your dad's life has been threatened, and my mom loves him. Yeah, that's right -- she loves him whether you like it or not. You ever think about maybe she's asking john for help to save your father's life? You ever think of that?

 Sami: John and kate don't have hearts. They're evil. They're probably just coming up with their next plan to murder my dad. I mean, you saw how cassie's dead body fell out of that piata. My god -- they're just probably coming up with something even more gruesome and weird for their next murder.

 Lucas: Stop. You are looney tunes, I'm telling you, but you know what? I think I figured you out.

 Sami: Figured what out, you bastard, you torturer?

 Lucas: I'm not torturing you. I offered to help you. All you need to say is, "lucas, will you give me a" --

 Sami: Forget it!

 Lucas: All right, fine. You know, I have figured you out. You want your mother to die, don't you? Operation red nose will explain how to get safe rides home this holiday season. That's thursday on

 Nicole: It's a given that brady would want chloe to come back to salem and perform? I -- chloe's rave reviews, awesome, but how many are there? Five, six? And how many opera houses are there in the world? Hundreds, thounds? I mean, chloe's just getting started. If she pulls out of cecilia marin's company now, she will never be a true artist.

 Brady: Nicole actually has a point here. Chloe has a lot to learn before she can become a true diva.

 Victor: I agree, and who better to teach her than the new maestro-in-residence?

 Brady: What new maestro?

 Victor: It's in the proposal.

 Nicole: Who is it, pavarotti?

 Brady: I see you don't know a lot about opera.

 Nicole: I'll take B.B. King any day.

 Victor: Granddad, is this for real? If you want to impress any opera buff, you just mention this guy's name. He's the foremost maestro in europe. I mean, he could take a -- a mere artist and transform them into an opera superstar.

 Nicole: Wait a minute. I thought cecilia marin was the be-all end-all of the opera world.

 Brady: There's no comparison.

 Victor: Oh, I should also mention the maestro is looking for a new recording label.

 Brady: Are you kidding me?

 Victor: I told you isabella was looking out for chloe and for you. She wants you both to follow your dreams, in music and in love.

 Brady: Your angels are near.

 Nicole: Angels, my ass. This is no case of divine intervention.

 Brady: You are so rude. What the hell is your problem, nicole?

 John: Kate... don't be teaeatened by doc. Yeah, she and roman, they share children together, but they have moved on to other loves, and you have roman's heart now.

 Kate: But for how long? How much time do we have together?

 John: The answer to that is the same as it's always been. You've got today. You know, judging by the look on roman's face every time he's with you, I'd have to say that man is in deep, and when roman brady loves, it's for keeps. I ought to know... on a couple different levels. In fact, there were a few years there when I thought he would never stop having feelings for doc. Well, that was then, this is now, and -- and your wives' tale about reminiscing, forget you ever heard about that, because roman is yours now, so make the most of it.

 Kate: And marlena is yours.

 John: That's a fact. And nothing is going to change that. Come on.

 Sami: That is by far the most insane thing you have ever said, lucas. I do not want my mother to die.

 Lucas: I didn't mean die literally as in stop breathing.

 Sami: Well?

 Lucas: But you know what? I think it would make your rotten life if roman found john's hands around marlena's neck trying to choke her to death, huh? That would make your day, 'cause then john would get the death penalty, and your parents could get back together. Boy, that'd be awesome for you.

 Sami: My parents belong together, d d you're on crack if you think I'd actually risk my mother's life to prove that john is the serial killer, even though I know that he is.

 Lucas: Yeah, but you still want to nail him for the murders, don't you, sami?

 Sami: Oh, yeah.

 Lucas: When are you going to let go, huh? When are you going to let go of all that hate?

 Sami: I have good reasons for hating john.

 Lucas: That's not what I meant. When are you going to stop hating yourself?

 Hope: Look, if nothing else, it'll give us all some peace of mind to prove one of celeste's premonitions wrong.

 Roman: All right, listen. There was a time when I wanted to think the worst of john black. But not anymore. John says he would never hurt marlena, and I, for one, believe the guy.

 Bo: Yeah, there's something at work here -- an intricate plan to separate us from our friends. The killer is trying to get us to turn against each other. I mean, think about it. If the killer can make us think that john is a ticking time bomb, what better way to scare us, make us think there's no one we can trust?

 Hope: That's right. They want to isolate us.

 Bo: Exactly. I mean, this killer is picking off the carvers, hortons, the bradys, one at a time. This is an ultimate mind game. Each of us becomes our own island, trapped in our own hell.

 Roman: You know what? That sounds about right. The way to beat this bastard is to stick together, so I say let's bring john in out of the cold. Let's put him right in the middle of things. Bo, hope?

 Bo: We're in.

 Hope: We're in. Come here. I want to talk to you.

 Roman: Okay.

 Hope: Excuse us.

 Marlena: Yeah. Thank you. I do think having john involved in the case might help you solve it sooner, and I'm sure it'll be good for sami.

 Roman: Oh, doc, whoa. I have just about given up any hope of sami ever changing.

 Marlena: Well, but, you know, having you and john work together to protect your families will convince her that john would never do a thing to hurt me.

 Roman: Yeah, well, don't go holding your breath thinking that girl's going to be rational.

 Marlena: Still... thanks for putting him on the case.

 Roman: I'm going to tell you this -- if it does turn out that john is the serial killer, he'll take a bullet. I will shoot to kill.

 Hope: Thank you for giving john another chance.

 Bo: Yeah. He's family.

 Hope: Mm-hmm.

 Bo: We can't turn on each other. If we do, we lose.

[ Pda chirps ]

 Who will paul martin put in charge this week? Kevin newman will be in ottawa to find out. The new cabinet on global national. Ahead tonight: How saskatchewan is making it cool to curl. Global national: It's about time.

 Nicole: I'm sure it's very comforting to believe that your mother's spiri is looking down on you sprinkling fairy dust on your future with chloe.

 Brady: Why are you always so damn negative?

 Nicole: Oh, wake up. Victor's pulling the strings. He's the one who's making this all happen the way he wants it to.

 Brady: Granddad... I ld you that I was very grateful for your generous offer, and I meant it. You can change my world any day. So where are we in the process? Has chloe accepted the residency?

 Victor: She doesn't know a thing about it yet. I told the managing director of the symphony to hold off tellg g her until you could do it personally.

 Victor: And there's no time like the present.

 Brady: This is just so incredible.

 Victor: Shall we give the young lovers some privacy?

 Victor: Now that was immensely satisfying. Aw, she's pouting. Does it hurt to see how quickly brady can rgrget that you even existed? Wait till you see how brutally I cut you out of my life.

 Brady: Chloe? Yeah. Listen... I have the most exciting news.

 Lucas: You've never forgiven yourself for thinking john's your father, right? Because you loved him. While your real father was held captive by stefano dimera for years.

 Si:I: Just shut up, okay? And get me out of here.

 Lucas: You better listen. You better pay attention. I'm talking truth here, sami.

 Sami: Don't you dare try to shrink me while I'm stuck down here. I get enough of it from my mother. Look, just give me a --

 Lucas: I'm sorry, what was that? Give you a what? Give you a what?

 Sami: A lift!

 Lucas: Fine, that's close enough. Come here.

 Lucas: [ Grunts ]

 Sami: [ Coughs ]

 Lucas: You all right?

 Sami: [ Groans ] Thank you. It was so gross, with the bugs and the dirt and the creepy...

 Lucas: You know what, sami? You should really start to think about why you have all that anger towards john.

 Sami: Because he's a pig, that's why. He stole my mother away from my father, and I hate his guts. What else is there to think about?

 Lucas: Sami, everybody knows that john was basically kicked out of the brady family. It must have been hard for you, because you loved him, and you thought he was your real dad, and then all of a sudden, you find out he's not, and that's when you got stuck. Family loyalty made you turn away from the only father you've ever known.

 Sami: My mother's the one who got stuck. John black seduced her. He trickeder to get back at the bradys. He took her away from my father, and now it's been predicted that he -- that he's going to take her life. John black is going to kill m mother.

 Lucas: No, he's not. Come on. Don't say that.

 Sami: Don't touch me.

 Lucas: S--

 Sami: I won't let john kill my mom. I'll kill him first.

 Marlena: Roman, you can't just shoot. You must be absolutely clear that you have your facts right before you do anything that would ever hurt my husband. Do you understand?

 Roman: I do understand, doc. But you understand this -- I will not let anybody hurt you. I don't care who it is.

 Hope: What does it say? Is it from the killer?

 Shawn-d: Belle said that she had some hot date with some guy, and then she just hung up on me.

 Nicole: Bring her back to salem so she can be the serial killer's next victim.

 Brady: Is that a threat?

 Marlena: I care about him.

 John: No. You love him.

 Marlena: Yes, I do.

 Sami: Door number one -- I hope the killer's left

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