Days Transcript Friday 12/5/03

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 12/5/03

By Amanda
Proofread by Lindsay

[ Knock on door ]

Shawn-d: Hello?

[ Knock on door ]

Philip: Hey.

Shawn-d: Did you just knock?

Philip: Yeah, that's why you answered the door.

Shawn-d: No, no, no, not just now, like a few seconds ago.

Philip: No.

Shawn-d: Well, someone did.

Philip: Well, it wasn't me.

Shawn-d: Well, was it the ghost of Christmas past?

Philip: Well, maybe you're hearing things, dude.

Shawn-d: Did you see anybody out in the hall? 'Cause, like, seriously, like, five seconds ago, someone knocked, I came out here, I looked --

Philip: Shawn, there was no one. Can I come in now?

Shawn-d: Yeah. Yeah, sorry.


Hope: You're up.

Bo: I'm working.

Hope: Bo.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: Come back upstairs.

Bo: Nah, I just got to finish this one thing here.

Hope: It isn't good for you, going without sleep like this.

Hope: Please come back to bed.

Bo: I can't -- Hope...every time I close my eyes, I see Ma's body lying on the floor of the church or in that casket.

Hope: Let me help you, please.

Bo: You know, we're cops. We're around death all the time. People brought down in the prime of life, victims of random violence -- I just -- I've never felt like this before, you know? And never thought too much about an afterlife. Just kind of, I don't know, took it for granted, on faith. But I don't know what to believe anymore. Nothing makes sense. I mean, we got Celeste with these vibes about another murder and this...crazy thing, you know -- she's talking to Ma beyond the grave? That's -- and Ma's talking to her. She's not talking to one of the family. She's talking to Celeste. And I can't believe I'm letting what she says get to me.

Hope: Bo, think about it. How can you not let --

Bo: Because I don't believe in this psychic crap. I mean, if there was ever a -- a good and holy person in this world, it was Ma.

Hope: So true.

Bo: Yeah, so... why do I get this feeling she's not resting in peace?

John: Maybe it would be best if I just moved out.

Marlena: John --

John: For everyone's peace of mind, including my own. There's an explanation behind this, and I'm going to find it. And then I'll be back.

Sami: No, you won’t. My Dad won't let you near my Mom again. In fact, Dad, maybe you should move in here so that until you can arrest John, Mom will have constant protection.

Roman: Sami, that's enough, okay?

John: I'm going to put some things together.

Roman: Doc, I'm sorry. I mean, we're out there, we hear a crash, we come in, we see the blood. But maybe it is a good idea if John moves out, at least for the time being.

Sami: No, forever.

Roman: Look... I know this is strange, and I know it's hard to believe. I'm still trying to process everything myself. At any rate, let's, uh, take a look at that hand, see what we can do about it.

Marlena: John? Wait. The last thing I could ever believe is that you would hurt me.

John: Never, Doc. Come on.

Marlena: I don't want you to leave here. I couldn't live here without you. Don't go. Please don't go.

Sami: So I guess you want to die, huh, Mom?

Roman: Sami!

Sami: Go ahead, choose him over us. You leave us again, only this time, you're not going to get another chance. This time, you'll be dead forever.

John: All right, let me see your hand.

Marlena: Oops -- ooh.

John: All right, let me get a band-aid for you. Just sit tight.

Sami: I can't believe this.

Marlena: Oh, Sami, it was an accident. I did this to myself.

Sami: He did this to you.

Marlena: I dropped a glass, I cut myself. John had nothing to do with it.

Sami: Yeah, right.

Marlena: When are you going to stop this ranting, hmm?

Sami: Mom, what am I supposed to do, just stand around and watch you die?

Marlena: Stop it now.

Sami: I didn't start it. Mom, Dad is a cop. He -- he was at that seance, and if you were there, you would believe it, too.

Roman: Sami, yes, I am a cop, and that means I'm cautious. But I think we're all a little confused right now. I mean, my God, I have lost my Mother and my Daughter Cassie in the space of a few days.

Sami: But, Dad, you believed Celeste. Tell her. Tell them.

Roman: All right, I'll say this -- I have never put a lot of stock in psychics, either, but Celeste predicted Abe's death almost to the very second, and Rex also believed that Marlena would be targeted by the killer again.

Marlena: Roman, what are you saying?

Roman: I'm just saying Celeste didn't necessarily predict that John would murder you.

Sami: Yes, she did. Dad, Celeste said John was going to kill Mom. What did that mean to you?

Roman: It means she could have been foreseeing an accident of some sort.

John: At my hand, you mean.

Marlena: Roman, do you really believe this?

Roman: Look, I have no agenda here, all right? The only agenda I got is to protect your life, and I have reason to suspect it's in danger, and the only precaution I can come up with at this point is to separate you and John, at least until the danger has passed.

Roman: Now, in the end, Doc, it's up to you, and I will accept your final decision. So what's it going to be?


Shawn-d: I don't know. Maybe I'm hearing things. Yeah, it could be that I'm just exhausted from my Grandmother's wake and all.

Philip: Well, who did you think was at the door?

Shawn-d: You know, ever since I left the pub, I've had this feeling like someone's been following me, but every time I turn around, nobody's there. And, okay, I know this sounds crazy, but the other day, celeste came over to my parents' house, and she was talking about ghosts.

Philip: Whoa, wait a second. Ghosts?

Shawn-d: Well, you know Celeste.

Philip: Yeah, uh, Lexie's Mom. The psychic friends lady.

Shawn-d: Right.

Philip: What'd she say?

Shawn-d: She says that my Grandmother has been visiting her from the beyond.

Philip: Are you serious?

Shawn-d: Mm-hmm. To warn her -- warn her that someone else is going to die.

Philip: Wait, your Grandmother's ghost?

Shawn-d: Yeah.

Philip: Shawn, is that who you thought was following you?


Hope: What do you think your Mom would say to you right now?

Bo: She'd want me to pray.

Hope: Have you tried?

Bo: Yes, I've tried. No one's there. No one's listening.

Hope: That's not true.

Bo: You know, let's not do this right now.

Hope: Bo, you're tired, and you're angry about what happened.

Bo: Oh, yeah, like that's news.

Hope: And you have every right to be.

Hope: I think when you find peace, that's when you'll realize that your Mom's at peace.

Bo: Ha ha. I think Ma will find peace when one of her Sons does something competent for once and finds the bastard who murdered her.

Hope: I'll put the coffee on.

Bo: Hope, wait. Thanks for... you know, taking the time, understanding.

Hope: I loved her, too, you know.

Bo: Yeah, I know.

Hope: We're a team, right?

Bo: Right

Caroline: Bo?

Bo: Ma?

Caroline: I'm here, Bo.

Bo: This -- this can't be. Oh, I'm dreaming.

Caroline: Are you sure?

Bo: I'm glad you're here, but why? It's because you can't rest in peace, not until you're killer's caught.

Caroline: Actually, I'm quite peaceful. I lived a good, long life. It was my time. The only thing that's painful is watching my family suffer.

Bo: They say it's supposed to get easier, but... it's hard to believe. I know a way to help everybody rest easier, and that's to find this maniac, bring him to justice.

Caroline: Bo. Bo.

Bo: What?

Caroline: I wish I could ease your pain, but... I'm afraid I've come to prepare you. It's going to get harder. There's more suffering to come.


Shawn-d: You know, call me a skeptic or whatever, but I don't believe in any ghost stories.

Philip: Me neither. Maybe when I was 5.

Shawn-d: Things -- they're so messed up right now, you can't tell me I'm not the only one who's looking over their shoulder all the time.

Philip: So Celeste thinks there's going to be another murder. Does she have any idea who it's going to be?

Jan: Another murder? Who could it be?


Marlena: We are living in a crucible here -- being terrorized by a serial killer and feeling powerless, except to protect ourselves and our loved ones. And if we keep on living in fear, the killer has won. Because we are living lives that are a mere shadow of what they were meant to be.

Sami: So you're just asking me to live my life in fear. Because it's already a shadow of what it was meant to be, just like our family. John killed our family years ago -- me, Dad, Eric, and Carrie. Mom, I won't watch him do it again.

Roman: Sami, that's enough right there.

Sami: What have I got to lose now, Dad? I swear, I am going to take care of you. I am going to make sure that you never hurt my Mom or anyone else ever again.

Marlena: Sami, did I hear you right? Did you threaten my Husband?

Sami: Oh, God, I am so sick of this. Why am I always the bad guy?

Marlena: Why don't you answer me? Why did you say you would make sure he never hurts anybody?

Sami: I meant that I am going to make sure that John goes to prison for murder one.

Marlena: What?

Sami: Don't worry. I will stop him before he gets to you.

John: You're the only murder suspect in this room.

Sami: Well, I'm sure you enjoyed pointing that out. But you're wrong, you smug son of a bitch.

Roman: Sami, shut up!

Sami: You are on that list, too. You don't have an alibi for Abe's murder or Jack's or Cassie's or Grandma's or Maggie's. And, you know, I have been wondering this whole time why you were helping the police with their investigation. I mean, you don't have any experience except for, of course, the years you spent impersonating my Father on the police force. But now I'm thinking that maybe the whole thing is designed to cover your own ass, because you're the serial killer.

John: Oh...

Sami: Don't look at me like that. It's not just my crazy idea. My Dad agrees with me.


Bo: Are you saying the murderer will never be caught?

Caroline: No. The murderer will be caught. But not before...

Bo: There's more suffering, right? Right. Celeste said there was going to be another murder. I didn't want to believe it, but... you're saying it's true?

Caroline: I can't reveal what the future holds, but I can tell you to be strong, and I know you are.

Bo: Because of you, Mom. Because of the way you raised me. And because of Hope.

Caroline: You're a lucky man.

Bo: Yeah. Beyond lucky.

Caroline: Never forget that.

Bo: I won't, I promise. And I will be relentless, Ma. I will not rest until I find your killer.

Caroline: That's not what I mean. You have to find the strength in yourself to face the future.

Bo: What do you mean?


Hope: Oh, Gran, I'm so glad I got you.

Alice: Well, Hope, dear, I was just about to call you. I was putting Zack back down when you phoned earlier.

Hope: He woke up? Bad dream?

Alice: Now, who knows why children can't sleep.

Hope: You know what? Maybe I should come and pick him up.

Alice: Oh, no. No, he's fine, dear.

Hope: Well, if he is having nightmares, I certainly know why. He feels our fear, Gran. With Bo's entire focus on finding Caroline's killer, as it should be, I just -- I mean, I think -- I know that Bo feels that everything is going to be better once that happens, but, honestly, I-I have to wonder if it really will be better. I mean, are we ever going to feel safe again?


Bo: Say something, Ma. What do you mean when you say I have to find the strength inside myself to face the future? You gotta tell me more than that. Is something going to happen to us, to the family? Ma, please. The kids? Hope? Ma, you gotta tell me.

Caroline: Oh, Bo... I'm so... so sorry.


Hope: Bo and I went back on the force because we wanted to do something more to make the world safer for our children, but... oh, God, Gran, I don't know. I mean, I realize now that things are always going to be different from when I was a kid and your lap was the safest place in the world to me. I worry. I do. I worry that Shawn and Zack will never know that kind of security.

Alice: The world is a different place. You're right. For every new generation, but... some things never change, you know.

Hope: Thank God for that.

Alice: Love of family and as a Wife and a Mother, it falls to you to guide that love. And I can't think of a better caretaker and protector than you, dear.

Hope: Thank you. Thank you. You certainly know how to make me feel better. Always. I just wish I knew how to make Bo feel better. He's my partner in everything -- everything, Gran. Usually, he shares all his worries and his burdens with me, but now... his Mom has died, and... I don't know what to do. I...

Hope: I love him so much, Gran. How do I help him?


Bo: Ma, what's going to happen?

Caroline: Bo, I-I can't interfere with the future.

Bo: You tell me. If I knew, I could stop it.

Caroline: Not necessarily. You have free will, and what you decide does matter. But you're not the one who's ultimately in charge.

Bo: Something's going to happen to Hope, isn't it? Oh, God, no, Ma.

Caroline: Bo, your future is yours alone.

Bo: What do you mean? Am I going to be alone? Is Hope not the only one?

Caroline: Keep a close eye on Shawn. That's all I can tell you.

Bo: No, Ma, I need to know more.

Caroline: What you do know will help you to be prepared. I-I wish I could tell you.

Bo: Ma, this is not enough. You gotta tell me.

Caroline: Bo, I trust you. You've never let me down. And you won't disappoint those who love you.

Bo: I already have.

Caroline: No, Bo. Never. I love you.

Bo: I love you, too, Ma.

Hope: Bo.

Hope: Bo.

Bo: I love you.

Hope: I love you, too.

Bo: Hope.

Hope: Must've been some dream you were having, because I think you just said "I love you" to someone else.

Hope: You look pale. Your pulse is racing. What's wrong?

Bo: Uh... I must've fallen asleep. I'll be okay.

Hope: Okay, hold on. Your pulse is slowing down. Was it a bad dream?

Bo: I did say "I love you" to someone else. It was Ma. But, Hope, it wasn't a dream. It was like she was really here. She was here to warn me.

Hope: Warn you? What did she say to you?


Marlena: You don't think John is the killer.

Roman: Sami spoke out of turn. I never said that.

John: But you are investigating me.

Roman: I'm a police officer doing my job.

John: So... you took your time line and you traced my whereabouts for how many weeks?

Roman: John, under the circumstances, nobody is beyond suspicion.

John: Really.

Roman: Yeah.

John: I see. So, tell me, Roman, am I the only friend or family member without a motive that you're investigating?

Sami: Oh, poor John, no one should suspect you because you love my Mom, right? That's why it's always the butler that did it -- the last person that anyone would believe --

Roman: Sami, how many times have I got to tell you that's enough?

Sami: I've been doing some reading, John -- you know, homicide statistics, cultural tendencies, true crime, that kind of thing. And you know who is almost always the first person they suspect when a woman is murdered? Her Husband.

Marlena: The only problem with that, Sami, is I'm not dead. And there's no reason that John would even want me dead.

Sami: Are you kidding? He has the best motive of anyone, and we all know it.


Shawn-d: The Bradys are finally going to bring down the Dimeras. This feud, or whatever it is that's been going on for generations, is going to come to an end. I'm just sorry that so many people had to get hurt along the way.

Philip: Is that really what you think this is about -- the Dimeras and the Bradys?

Shawn-d: It doesn't make much sense to me, but it's the only thing that comes to mind.

Philip: Come on. You cannot keep blaming the Dimeras for everything bad that happens in your life or in Salem. Like when Chloe got sick -- I mean, that just happened.

Shawn-d: Chloe?

Philip: Yeah.

Shawn-d: You two, uh, keeping in touch?

Philip: Through Belle. You know, she said she was going to try to run into Chloe while she was in Europe, so... anyway, we're both bachelors now, right?

Shawn-d: It would seem that way.

Philip: Well, then why don't we check this little box next to study break and go get about six pounds of Chinese food before I have to get back to the base?

Shawn-d: You know, it would seem a miracle that I actually have an appetite, but I do.

Philip: Well, that's called college metabolism, my friend. It kicks into high gear when you're overloaded with work like this. Let's go.

Shawn-d: Yeah, it would seem that's it.

Shawn-d: You know, Belle tried to make some healthy Chinese food a few weeks ago...

Philip: Oh, great, how was that?

Shawn-d: Oh, my gosh, it was absolutely terrible.

Philip: Ha ha ha. Well, I won't tell her you said so, all right?

Shawn-d: Uh, no, I actually told her myself. And, well, she tasted it, and she admitted it.

Philip: How's she doing?

Shawn-d: She's okay. She's anxious to get home, though.

Philip: But not as anxious as you are for her to get home, right?

Shawn-d: Oh, I can't wait to see her.

Philip: I know.


Bo: I'm not real clear on the details right now.

Hope: Oh, come on, what did you dream that you don't want to tell me? If it has you this upset, I want to know, so I can help.

Bo: I don't want to talk about this right now.

Hope: Okay. Hey. You know what I used to tell Shawn when he'd have a bad dream? I'd say, "honey, sometimes nightmares are the best way of working through our worst fears, so that way they never get a chance of coming true."

Bo: Well, I hope that's the case here. But this was so real. It didn't feel like a dream.

Hope: What did she say? What did your Mother tell you, Bo?

Bo: She said our family was going to have to face more loss.

Hope: What exactly did your Mother say? You don't need to protect me. Bo, we are always stronger if we face things together, right?

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: Okay.

Bo: I know that, and that's the thing.

Hope: What's the thing?

Bo: She said something was going to happen to us, that I was going to have to be without you.


Sami: Please, just listen to me for a second. John has been going on and on about how Rex needs to get out of your life because he's genetically engineered by Stefano to be a killer, when he's the original pawn spawn and he's never been deprogrammed.

John: Give it a rest, will you?

Marlena: We've been there before, Sami. We're not going down that road again. Just don't do this.

Sami: "You're in major denial, Sami. You're deluded, Sami." How many times have you said that to me?

Marlena: You're so different I can't even explain it to you.

Sami: Oh, God, this is so ironic. It's almost funny that you would be the one person not to believe in the supernatural. Mom, you lived through your very own, real-life exorcism. From a fake priest. John, is there anything about you that's what you say it is?

John: Why the hell are we listening to this?

Sami: He knows that you and Dad really love each other and that you belong together. Mom, he would rather kill you than lose you to Dad.

Roman: Sami, this isn't helping anybody, and it's not why we came here.

Marlena: You're right about one thing. I'm the only person here that knows about fighting true evil. And evil is in Salem right now, and, Sami, you can't become an instrument of destruction.

Sami: An instrument of destruction? Mom, I don't want you to die.

Marlena: How do you ever plan to find love if every time you see people's happiness, all you can think about is trying to destroy it?

Sami: Me? Me destroying people's happiness?

Sami: You broke your marriage vows. You slept with him. You wrecked our family. You can't say the Devil made you do it.

John: You pushed us too far. Why don't you just get out Sami? Go on.

Sami: You want to know why evil chose you to reside in? You blame Stefano, but you have to blame him. John came to this town with a plan. He pretended that he was Stefano's greatest enemy so you'd let him into our family, when the truth is, he is going to do exactly what Stefano programmed him to do all along -- which is destroy the Bradys. And you are going to fall over and let him do it.

Sami: Because of the evil that John let into our lives, you did die, Mom. That battle for your soul or whatever you want to call it -- John promised to protect you, but instead he killed you. Mom, I had to warn you all over again.

Marlena: Sami, Sami, if it weren't for John, I wouldn't be here.

Marlena: What, what, what? What's the matter?

John: You feel this?

Marlena: Yeah. Uh...yes. Yes.

John: It's raining.

Marlena: I know. It's only rain, though.

John: No. It's more than just rain, Doc. The whole time you were possessed, there was a drought here in Salem. It was a sign of the evil, it was a sign of Satan's presence. Nothing grew, nothing flourished. Even when you were dead, it continued. Because it wasn't over, but, look, it's over now! That's what the rain means. It's over. This whole terrible ordeal is over. Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! It's over! And they're rejoicing in Heaven just like I'm rejoicing here on Earth because you are back. You are back! Ha ha ha!

Marlena: It's so good to be back. It's so good just to be loved.

Marlena: Sami, I won't let you say these awful things about John. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Roman: I'm the one that should apologize here. I didn't realize this visit was going to be a litany of past wrongs.

John: It's not all your fault, Roman.

Roman: It still doesn't mean I'm not worried about you, Doc.

Marlena: You know, we all take risks in life, Roman.

Roman: I am aware of that.

Marlena: We go for walks, we get in our cars...

Roman: We are not talking about common hazards.

Marlena: We fall in love. That's a pretty risky business, too.

John: He knows that all too well.

Roman: What's that, John?

John: I'm talking about the woman you love. Kate's in jail for crimes she didn't commit. I think you have your own affairs to worry about.

Sami: Affairs? Isn't that an interesting choice of words?

John: And you better tend to yours, girl.

Sami: Don't tell me what to do, John.

John: I'll tell you this. You will never hurt your Mother like you have tonight. And that, Samantha Brady, is a warning.


Hope: Bo, whatever comes, we will deal with it.

Bo: Yeah, you say that now --

Hope: No, we are not going to let this cast a pall over our entire lives. Death -- it's -- it's inevitable. Every married couple has to face it sooner or later, Bo.

Bo: Well, I faced it sooner. Hope, I already lived my life without you once.

Hope: You know what? You're right. And you know something else? You made it.

Bo: Yeah. I made it because part of me never believed you were gone. And you weren't.

Hope: It doesn't do any good to dwell on something we can't change. We have to go on with our lives, do you hear me?

Bo: Yeah. There's something else you should know. I think Ma was trying to warn me that Shawn was in danger, too.


Philip: Ah, how good does it smell?

Shawn-d: Yeah. Kung Pao's calling your name.

Philip: After mess hall, are you kidding? This is as good as it gets, man.

Shawn-d: You heading back to base?

Philip: Yeah, I probably should.

Shawn-d: All right, well, listen, if Rex gets back, I'll have him give you a call, okay?

Philip: No, no, no. I'll deal with my Half-Brother later. What a mess this whole thing is, though.

Shawn-d: Yeah. It doesn't seem real. Jack and... I can't believe Cassie's gone.

Philip: How did Belle take the news?

Shawn-d: You know what? I haven't talked to her. I left her a message to call me back, but, um... God, I'd rather tell her in person.

Philip: Soon.

Shawn-d: Not soon enough.

Philip: Send her my love.

Shawn-d: Yeah, you got it, man.

Philip: Not that she needs it, though. She's got all yours, right?

Shawn-d: Yeah. Right, right. I'll see you later.

Philip: Take it easy.

Shawn-d: All right.

Jan: [ Thinking ] Everybody loves Belle.

Mrs. Spears: Jan, listen to me.

Jan: No, I don't care what you want. I'm going back home.

Mrs. Spears: Where, to Shawn? Jan, do you really think that he wants you there?

Jan: He is the only person that has ever really cared what happened to me. He wants me a hell of a lot more than you do.

Mrs. Spears: You're breaking my heart.

Jan: Awww... only if you had one to break.

Mrs. Spears: Jan, honey, you need help.

Jan: No, Mom, you do. Shawn and I were going to have a baby. We were going to have a life together. I'm the one who should've been a Mother, not you. You have no idea what I need. I'm going back home to Salem.

Mrs. Spears: Over my dead body.

Jan: Fine! Have it your way.

[ Thinking ] Okay, Jan, now's your chance.

Shawn-d: [ Sighs ] Belle, hey, it's me. Uh, I haven't heard from you. I'm kinda getting worried, but, um, anyways, uh, give me a call back when you get a chance soon. I'll talk to you soon, okay? I love you. Bye.

Jan: [ Thinking ] Not for much longer you won't.


Bo: Nothing?

Hope: No. I tried the apartment and his cell. Got the voicemail both times.

Bo: Maybe you should try again.

Hope: You know what? He's probably asleep.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: It's been a rough couple of days for all of us.

Bo: You know what?

Hope: What?

Bo: Despite all this, we're very lucky.

Hope: Yeah. I'm very lucky to have you.

Bo: Mm-hmm. I love you very much. I couldn't live my life without you.

Hope: You could. But you won't have to. Not for a very, very, very, very long time.

Caroline: Oh, my poor Bo.


Marlena: Oh. Ha ha ha ha. Hello. Hello.

John: Let me do it, let me do it. Come on, come on.

Marlena: Thanks, honey.

John: How's your hand?

Marlena: It's, uh, it's okay.

John: You know, you made a pretty convincing case to Sami and Roman. Just kind of wondering how -- who were you trying to convince -- them or you? It's -- it's all right. You don't have to answer. I can see it in your eyes.

Marlena: John, listen to me.

John: It's okay. I'm worried myself. If there is a chance that harm can come to you by some... stroke of fate because I am in your life --

Marlena: Stop this now. Stop it. Must you be convinced how much I love you? Must you?


Sami: What do you think is going on in there?

Roman: Get away from there. We are done in there.

Sami: They couldn't wait to be rid of us.

Roman: Look, if you keep going on like this, so help me. Look, if anybody is a threat to Marlena's health, happiness, and sanity, it is you, little girl.

Sami: Really.

Roman: Yes, really.

Sami: Dad, you are taking John's side. How can you --

Roman: Oh, my God, you are absolutely crazy.

Sami: Dad, you could've saved Mom, but you just gave up, just like when John stole her from us in the first place. You could've saved our family, but you gave up and you left. If you're not willing to play by John's dirty rules to fight for what is right, then I will. I swear to God, if it is the last thing I do, I will make sure that John is out of my Mom’s life forever.


John: I've just made yet another mess.

Marlena: No, no, no, no. Leave it. I don't care. Leave it there.

“On the next Days of Our Lives...”

Rex: Kate had a knife in her hand. Look, I saw the blood dripping off the blade -- Cassie's blood.

Mimi: So you do think she did it.

Roman: We have added a new suspect to the list.

Kate: Who is it?

Roman: It's John.

Bo: How am I supposed to act like nothing is wrong when Ma is haunting me?

Sami: If you don't get off your ass and do something, then my Mom is going to be dead, too, and it'll be all your fault!

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