Days Transcript Tuesday 12/2/03

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 12/2/03

By Amanda
Proofread by Lindsay

Philip: So you're telling me that my Mother and your Uncle Roman somehow had two kids together and didnít find you until yesterday?

Shawn-d: Right.

Philip: And not just any kids, either. We're talking Cassie and Rex -- the two genetically engineered aliens from Dimera land? Nobody has a clue how this happened, and nobody bothered to tell me. But now my Half-Sister is dead, and everyone thinks, what, my Mom did it?

Shawn-d: All right, I'm sorry. Phil, if you didn't find out it's 'cause everyone's still in shock trying to take it all in. I'm sorry.

Philip: Oh, my God. Rex is my Half-Brother.


John: I'm going to go see if Tek needs any help and try to find out exactly what the story is on Kate. It seems that all the evidence is purely circumstantial. I can't believe that she would've done this. You okay?

Marlena: Look at Rex. He's devastated. You don't think he could've killed his own Sister, do you?

John: You wouldn't think so.

Marlena: John, I-I promised to protect them.

John: Look, stop. Stop. You can't blame yourself.

Marlena: They're not my flesh and blood, but I...I carried them. I gave birth to them. I can't believe someone that I -- that I loved is capable of killing someone.

Sami: Mom, John, it's too bad you had to cut your romantic getaway short.

Lucas: When can I see my Mother?

John: As soon as the police finish questioning her.

Lucas: They said we had to stick around here.

Marlena: Why?

John: Because Tek said that Sami and Lucas were the first ones on the scene when the body was found.

Marlena: So, are they witnesses, or are they suspects?


Mimi: Rex, I know you must be in so much pain right now, and the last thing you need is having people think that your Mother's guilty. This, for sure, has to take you off the hook.

Rex: Look, I told you, Kate Roberts means nothing to me. She's just a mass of poor quality DNA.

Mimi: Why do you hate her so much? She didn't give you up. She never even knew about you and Cassie. I overheard Roman say that Cassie figured out who the murderer was. She said that the truth would hurt a lot of people. And I know that you've been putting clues together yourself, and you and Cassie had that twin thing -- that connection -- so if Cassie knew who the killer is, do you think Kate could really be guilty?


Roman: All right, Officer Ruez, thank you. I'll handle it from here all right. Forensics is analyzing the knife to see if it's the murder weapon. Also, the blood we took from your hands -- see if it matches Cassieís. Now, look, Kate, I know Lucas got a call in to your attorney.

Kate: Cameron's not going to be here. She's stuck in traffic.

Roman: All right, fine. Fine, by the time she gets here, maybe we'll have something concrete from CSI. In the meantime, if you want to keep up that silent routine you've been giving Officer Ruez --

Kate: I'm not hiding anything. I just wanted to be the one to tell you --

Roman: Tell me what?

Kate: That I don't have any idea what happened to Cassie.

Roman: You know what, Kate? I'm sorry, but I have a real hard time believing you, that you have no idea how you wind up in Salem Place just a few feet away from Cassie, holding a knife covered in blood.

Kate: Well, I donít.

Roman: All right. All right, let me get this straight. Are you saying you don't remember being in Salem Place? Did you black out? Do you think maybe you'd been drugged?

Kate: No. No. No, I was walking through the mall and -- and something fell or was tossed in front of me, so I-I bent down and I saw it was a knife. And I don't know -- there were so many children around. They were playing with that pinata my maternal instincts -- they just kicked in, and I bent down, I picked it up, and I grabbed it before they could. And then I-I looked at it more closely, and I-I saw that it was smeared with blood, and some of it got on me.

Roman: Kate, you were wandering around. You looked like you were dazed. Why didn't you come forward right away and explain what happened?

Kate: Roman, I had never seen so much blood before. Those children -- they were standing there. They were waiting for the treats to come tumbling out of that -- out of that pi—ata, and then -- then the body came down and the screams -- and then I saw that -- I saw it was Cassie. We had just found out yesterday that was our child. Then how could she be dead? I couldn't think. I just couldn't move. And my Daughter's blood -- how could you think that I would hurt my own child, our child? You know I couldn't do a thing like that.

Roman: Kate. As a man who loves you very much, yes, I can say I believe you. But as a cop, I also know that Cassie was going to name the serial killer.

Kate: I didn't know that, Roman. Don't you understand? I didn't know that. I didn't know that she called the police. I didn't even talk to her today. I am not the person who killed Abe or Jack or Maggie or your Mother. Do you really think that I'm that kind of monster?

Kate: What are you doing? Where are you going?

Roman: I'm going to call Sami.

Kate: Oh.

Roman: And I'm also going to call Lucas, because they were at the scene. And if what you say is true, if that's the way it happened, then they're the next best suspects.


John: Sami and Lucas are just witnesses... for now. So, Samantha, what were you doing at the mall today?

Lucas: Yeah, what were you doing? You're supposed to be at home, making a nice family dinner.

Sami: I was going to the bakery to get a pie, which is what half of Salem was doing if they're not shopping for Holiday sales. And I don't see the police questioning any of them.

Lucas: That's cause no one else tried to stir up a lynch mob against my Mom, Sami.

Sami: Look, Lucas --

Marlena: What?

John: Apparently, Sami created a disturbance, trying to whip up public sentiment against Kate.

Sami: Next you're going to say that I was trying to divert suspicion away from myself. The problem with your little scheme, John, is that no one else suspects me except you.

Sami: Mom, what's wrong?

Marlena: I can't take this anymore.

John: Your Mother almost died. She doesn't need you manufacturing any more stress.

Marlena: It isn't about Sami.

Sami: What? You're crying over Cassie, Mom? She wasn't even your real Daughter.

John: Biology isn't everything.

Sami: Right, you loved me like your own blah, blah, blah.

Marlena: Sami, she was your Half-Sister. Now she's dead. Don't you even care?

[ Cellular phone rings ]

John: John Black.

Roman: John, this is Roman. How is everything over there?

John: Pretty gruesome. What do you need?

Roman: You still got Lucas and Sami, I hope.

John: Right here.

Roman: All right. Bring 'em in for questioning.

John: I'll personally escort them myself. We're going to the station.

Sami: Wait a second. There's no way you're going to pin this on me.

John: On orders from your Father. Let's go.

Lucas: This is ridiculous. I can't believe this.

John: Calling your attorney, Lucas?

Lucas: I'm supposed to pick my Son up from a football game. Hoping Joseís parents can do it.

Mimi: Rex, why are you looking at John that way?

Rex: I don't know who's guilty, Mimi. I don't know anything anymore. It's like a part of me is gone, and all of a sudden I just -- I can't think.

Tek: We're just about ready to wrap things up here, John.

Marlena: I need to talk to Rex --

Rex: That's my Sister. You're not taking her anywhere. You're not touching her.

Marlena: There's nothing more that can be done.

Rex: Look, I said no!

Marlena: Oh, my gosh! John! John, be careful!

Marlena: John, please, please. No, no, Rex!

John: It's over!

Marlena: Honey!

Shawn-d: All right, that's it! That's it.

John: Get up, kid.

Marlena: Rex, nobody wants to hurt you, honey. It's okay.

Rex: Nothing is okay. What were you going to do to my Sister, huh? You're not a cop. Why are you even on this case?

Sami: That's a good question.

Rex: You've hated Cassie and me since the day we came to Salem. And you know why? Because weíre too much like you, John. We're a constant reminder that Stefano Dimera hijacked our lives and molded us into what he wanted us to be.

John: Kinda makes you wonder why I care so much, doesn't it? Don't you want to know what happened to your Sister? I know the police want to know the truth.

Shawn-d: Rex doesn't want an autopsy. He doesn't want the truth to come out.

Rex: No. You were going to put her in a drawer. Cassie spent most of her life like that -- like a rat in a cage. And she hated being locked up. I mean, do you even know how much she hated needles? And now you want to cut her open and --

Marlena: Rex, they can't hurt her anymore, honey. She can't feel anything. That -- isn't Cassie over there. That isn't your sister. Cassie --

Rex: What, what, what, what, in a better place? What -- Heaven?

Sami: More like hell.

Rex: No, because if you can't see it and you can't prove it exists, then how the hell can it possibly be real? Cassie is my twin Sister -- the other half of me -- and I just can't feel her anymore, all right? She's gone.

Marlena: Rex, my twin Sister was murdered, too. I know how much that hurts. I understand that. I can tell you that, honey, you will go on. You will go on somehow. Because you have to.

Shawn-d: Tell me this. If Rex could read Cassie's mind and she knew who the murderer is, then why doesn't he know?

Mimi: Rex didn't do this, Shawn, and we have proof.

Mimi: Rex showed this to me a few minutes ago. It's a message Cassie sent to him this morning.

John: "Rex, I know who the killer is. I know how they planted Maggie Hortonís blood on your sweatshirt to frame you for the murders. I love you, Rex, and I know that you're completely innocent. I have to make sure that this killer is exposed and stopped even if exposing this killer's identity will destroy so many lives. But I don't have a choice. For once I know I'm doing the right thing, and protecting you is the most important thing to me. Love, Cassie, your Sister."

Mimi: Rex didn't get it until it was too late. Cassie was already dead.

Shawn-d: Oh...[ Scoffs ] Rex probably planted that message to make somebody else look guilty, 'cause he knew Cassie -- since she could read his mind -- was going to go to the cops and rat him out.

John: Tek, check this out. Maybe we'll get lucky and find out what the hell really happened.


Philip: Do you believe all this?

Lucas: No, man. I thought our family was screwed-up before... now Mom, Sami, and I are lead suspects 'cause we were here when it happened.

Philip: What, and not Rex?

Lucas: I don't know. He must've came in after, I guess. Maybe he was here, and we just didn't see him.

Philip: We could say the same for Tony.

Tony: Well, Happy Thanksgiving.

John: Don't tell me a Dimera showed up for a Thanksgiving Day sale.

Tony: Well, dear God, don't tell me there's been another murder. Why, who is it this time?

Rex: Cassie. My Sister. How could this have happened?


Officer ruez: Here's the forensic report, Commander.

Roman: All right, thanks.

Kate: Well?

Roman: The blood's a match, which, I gotta say, doesn't really surprise me.

Kate: So Cassie's blood -- my Daughter's blood -- was on my hands.

Roman: There are no fingerprints on the knife, except yours.

Kate: So the killer was wearing gloves. That doesn't really surprise you, does it?

Roman: Yeah. But all the same, Kate, you probably shouldn't say anything more until Cameron gets here. Because now we are almost certainly looking at first-degree murder charges.


Tony: How could this happen? Why didn't somebody call me?

Tek: We only notified next of kin. You're not next of kin.

Tony: This is my Son! And that was my Daughter.

Rex: I'm so glad you're here.

Tony: I'm sorry, Rex. If only I'd known.

John: Apparently, Cassie had some information on the serial killings. She was on her way to share it with the police.

Tony: She didn't make it there?

John: Is that your first question? Not "what happened?" "How was she killed?" "Did she suffer?" You want to know if she squealed to the police?

Tony: You know, if I'd been at the house, she might've come to see me, damn it. But I'm Tony Dimera. I'm supposed to stop this.

John: Not the way I see it. The fact is, Cassie lived in the Dimera mansion. If she had information about the murders, where the hell do you think she got it?

Marlena: John, please --

John: No, no. Cassie and Rex -- they perpetrated a fraud on you, Tony. They took your money, and they pretended to be your beloved children, long after they knew the truth. And you said it best -- you're Tony Dimera. What Dimera worth his salt would ever put up with that, right?

Tony: We don't have to listen to this. Let's go.

Rex: I'm not leaving Cassie.

Tek: We're taking her to the morgue.

Rex: Look, you can't let them do this.

Sami: What do you want with a dead body, creep?

Tony: Listen, Rex, the police need to know the truth. The autopsy's not going to be any worse than what she's already been through. We have to know the truth. It's going to be okay. And what about you? Have you rounded anyone yet? Any more suspects? Or is all the money still on me?

John: We're questioning Kate Roberts, as we speak. And I'm getting ready to take in Lucas and Sami right now. Sami, Lucas, let's go.

Marlena: I think I should stay here with Rex.

Rex: No, you know what? Go with Sami. You're not my Mother. And I don't want you here playing shrink.

John: She's just trying to help.

Rex: I didn't ask for help.

John: Listen, the Dimeras are responsible for every bad thing that ever happened to you and your Sister since you were designed. And you have a once-in-a-lifetime chance right now to claim your heritage as a Brady. Most people would give their right arm for something like that.

Rex: So you're saying if I become a righteous Brady, then I'm off the suspect list? Huh, John? Okay, then I'm Rex Brady. Am I free to go now? No. Of course not. Just look. Here's a Brady. And God knows you don't think she's squeaky clean.

Sami: Get off.

Rex: You know what? I had a Sister, and neither you or any Brady will ever take her place. I choose to be a Dimera, and I will be forever! What do I need you in my life for? You'll be dead soon enough, anyway.

John: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Rex: The killer's already tried to poison her once. The killer will never stop, and the next time, he or she will succeed.

Tony: Oh, my God.

Rex: Why don't you just go home? There's nothing you can do for me right now.

Mimi: I don't want to leave you when you're this upset.

Tony: Mimi, would you get us some tea? I'd just like to have a word with my Son.

Mimi: Sure, I'll be right back.

Tony: Thank you. Rex, um, did Cassie tell you what she was going to tell the police?

Rex: No. I know that's why she was killed, because of what she knew. It's just I never dreamed it would be Cassie.

Tony: Okay, but one good thing will come out of this dark and tragic day. And that is you made a conscious decision to be a Dimera. And you know what that means? You'll get your revenge. I promise you that.

Sami: Dad. Dad, I'm so sorry about Cassie, but John said that you're the one who told us to get hauled down here?

Roman: Yeah. I need your statements, and I'm going to turn you over to crime lab. They need to go over your persons, your clothing, for trace evidence.

Lucas: What?

Roman: Blood.

Sami: Are we, um, are Lucas and I going in together?

Roman: No, separately. Go ahead, take their statements.

Lucas: Wait, wait, wait. How's my Mom, and when can I see her?

Roman: Later.

John: I'm going to get you home so you can get some rest.

Marlena: I want to stay here for Sami.

John: Doc, you almost died yesterday. You're not 100%. Now, I know you're not going to admit it, but what Rex said at Salem Place shook you up.

Roman: Wait a minute. What did Rex say?

John: He said that Marlena was going to be the next victim.

Roman: Rex said that?

John: Yeah, but, Roman, look, remember what he said last night at the Pub? He said that you or Bo or Hope were going to be the next victim, he sure as hell didn't ring any bells about his Sister, did he?

Roman: Yeah, well, he's either a very bad psychic, or he's very clever -- gets us looking one direction, and he goes another.

John: Yeah, and as far as the killer targeting Marlena before, I mean, come on, anybody could've eaten that poisoned dip at the Pub last night. Doc was just unlucky enough to be the first one to try it.

Marlena: And Hope was almost poisoned. Thank goodness Bo came along when he did.

John: Yeah, besides, neither one of them pose any threat to the killer because neither one of them can I.D. the killer. And Rex was just upset about his Sister. That's why he was lashing out.

Roman: You okay, Doc?

Marlena: Mm-hmm. May I see Kate?

Roman: No, sorry. No visitors. You know what? No. On second thought, Kate needs a friend. She'll talk to you. Please go in. Thank you. I'm going to give Marlena full police protection 24/7. If that's all right with you.

John: She'll never go for it.

Roman: Well, thank God she's got you -- a trained fighting machine. And I do say that with all affection and gratitude.

John: Don't worry about Doc, Roman. Nothing's going to happen to her.


Rex: Damn those righteous people. I lost my twin Sister, and they go hurling off accusations on both of us. You know, if it wasn't for Shawn putting so much pressure on me, this never would've happened.

Tony: Wait a moment. What do you mean?

Rex: Well, I wouldn't have been falsely imprisoned, and I would've figured out the truth before Cassie did. She would never have been harmed. But you're right. I'll get my revenge. Somebody is going to pay.


Shawn-d: I gotta get going. I told my family I'd be back, like, 10 hours ago with dessert. Although, half of them are probably going to be at the police station, and I'll probably have dinner there, too.

Philip: Yeah.

Shawn-d: What about you? What are you going to do?

Philip: I was going to head back to the base, but now I think I'm going to stick around so I can visit my Mom. To learn that you have a Daughter and then lose her in 24 hours, and then to be falsely accused of murder on top of that...

Shawn-d: I wish I had gotten to know Cassie a little bit better. I just wonder if she was happy ever in her life.

Philip: I can't believe she's gone.

Shawn-d: I know. She was on our side, Phil. That's why she was murdered. She wanted the killer caught.

Philip: You know, Belle always said you have the best heart of anybody she knows. She also said that's what gets you into trouble.

Shawn-d: Why -- why is everyone talking about Jan lately? I don't get that.

Philip: What? I didn't say anything about Jan.

Shawn-d: Oh, okay, well, all right, once you said it, it just reminded me of that, that's all.

Philip: Wait a second. I thought she was long gone. In Europe, right?

Shawn-d: Yeah, I think so.

Philip: Well, aren't you worried she's going to run into Belle?

Shawn-d: No, Europe's a big place.

Philip: Yeah, true.

Shawn-d: Just as long as I never see her again, we'll be okay.

[ Shutter clicks ]


John: Well, the autopsy report on Cassie ought to give us some pretty useful information.

Roman: What are you thinking?

John: I'm hoping to find out how Stefano built those twins, block by block. With any luck, maybe we'll find out why the hell he sent them there in the first place.

Roman: You do remember you're talking about my Daughter -- my Daughter and Kate's.


Kate: I feel so numb. One day, I find out Cassie's my Daughter, and the next day, she's gone. And I never have a chance to bond with her from the very beginning the way you did. From my whole chronicle of failures as a Mother, this really has to be the worst. But at the same time, the twins -- they -- they bind me to Roman in a way from so many years ago.

Marlena: Stefano was responsible for that, you know.

Kate: Just as he was responsible for bringing John into your life. It's kind of hard to fathom, isn't it?

Marlena: It seems like things are getting better between you and Roman, hmm?

Kate: Yes, they were. Do you think he's ever going to be able to forgive me?

Kate: Marlena, is this too close to you for you to be able to talk about it?

Marlena: What?

Kate: Does it bother you that Roman and I have reconciled?

Marlena: No, not at all.

Kate: I mean, the two of you had seemed much closer these last few days.

Marlena: His Mother died. His Daughter died. They were people that I was very close to. We were sharing a lot of grief.

Kate: Well, I'm glad that you're there for him.

Marlena: So am I.

Kate: I guess you'll -- you and he -- well, you'll always be a part of each other's lives, hmm?

Marlena: Yes, we will.

Kate: I just I wish I could be sure that he'll always be a part of mine.


Sami: Well, there's no blood on my hands.

Roman: Wait a minute here.

Sami: What?

Roman: Somebody's lying.


Roman: Kate was with me all night and most of this morning. The only time she was gone, she claims she went to see Will at Lucas's. Now, according to you two, Will had a football game, and you never saw Kate until after Cassie's body was found in the mall. True?

Sami: Well, we're not the ones lying, Dad.

Roman: All right. Don't go far.

Roman: Your Son and my Daughter say that you never saw Will or Lucas today.

Kate: Well, I... I know. I told you this morning that I was going to Lucas's, but, um, after I left your house, I remembered that Will had a football game, so I went there to watch him for a few minutes from the sidelines.

Roman: Now, let me guess. Nobody saw you because all eyes were riveted on the game? Kate, why in the hell didn't you mention this when you gave your report?

Kate: Because you didn't ask me.

Roman: Well, then I guess it's my fault, isn't it?

Tek: Hey, I'm sorry to interrupt, Commander.

Roman: No problem. What do you got?

Tek: The last number dialed on Cassie's cell phone -- one Kate Roberts.


Sami: Will must be wondering what happened to us.

Lucas: I can assume he thinks we're both in jail.

Sami: I hope Joseís family didn't mind feeding him Thanksgiving dinner. And my turkey's sitting in the fridge, waiting to be cooked. A turkey had to die for this.

Lucas: You're amazing. All you care about is a dead turkey? You don't even care about your own Half-Sister, do you?

Sami: Don't act like you cared about Cassie, either.

Lucas: I can't believe I actually thought you were a real human being, Sami. After watching you the last couple days with Will, seeing how upset you are over your own Grandmother... but, no, you haven't changed. You haven't changed a bit. You're still the same Sami everybody knows and hates.

Sami: Lucas, you are the one who went to the dark side again.

Lucas: What? Dark side? Are we talking about my Mother's side, is that what you're talking about?

Sami: You just can't cut the cord, can you?

Lucas: You know what? I don't blame her anymore for the past. I donít. She did that to support me. I'm not mad. She was under Stefano's power. That's right. She was under Stefano's power. There was nothing she could do. I can't hold that against her, especially when she's about to go to jail, and all you do is keep cheering her on. You want her to go to jail, don't you?

Sami: Look, if she would just stay away from my Dad, I wouldn't care what happened to Kate. In fact, for your sake, I would hope that she didn't go to jail.

Lucas: For my sake?

Sami: For Will's sake. Look, Lucas, you are the Father of my child, okay? And no matter what else, no matter how we might feel about each other, we are going to be connected for life because of that, just like --

Lucas: Just like your parents, right? Is that where you're going with this, Sami?

Sami: No, it is completely different. My parents truly love each other.

Lucas: Oh, they love each other? Oh, that's great. That's great that they love each other. 'Cause they're friends. They should love each other. But you know what? It doesn't matter what my Mom does, because Roman and Marlena are never going to get together ever.

Sami: My Dad is a great catch, but your Mom is never going to have him. Never ever.

Lucas: Listen to you. You sound like Will when he was 5 years old. Why don't you grow the hell up, huh? I'll tell you why you donít. You want me to tell you?

Sami: No, I don't want you to tell me.

Lucas: You can't handle change. You can't accept the fact that two adults -- two grown adults -- made a decision, an intelligent decision, without your guidance.

Sami: My Mom's a shrink, and she never tried to feed me this crap.

Lucas: It's not crap, it's the truth. Don't walk away from me.

Sami: Give me a break, Lucas.

Lucas: It all start when your real Dad showed up, right? When Roman showed up, John was out -- he was out of the family -- and that's when you got stuck. Yeah, you felt guilty because you loved John. You thought he was your real Dad, and you didn't even know the difference, while your real Dad was suffering the whole time.

Sami: I was just a little kid, Lucas. What about my Mom? She was an adult. She should've been able to tell the difference. And even if she couldn't, when my real Dad came back, she should've known better than to sleep with John. And you're saying I should feel guilty?

Lucas: I'm not saying you should. I'm saying you do.

Sami: Look, you're the one who should feel guilty. I mean, you're wishing an awful life on my Dad. Your Mom is a hateful person, and my Dad has had enough misery in his life. The last thing he needs is to have your Mom in his life, and if no one else is going to get rid of her, then I will --

Lucas: Yeah, what, what, let me guess -- you'll do it? I know you will. I know it. I believe it. Would you tell me this? Would you go so far as to frame my Mother for murder?

Sami: You bet your sweet ass I would.


Shawn-d: I think I was dreading this Thanksgiving just because of my Grandmother.

Philip: Yeah. I'm sorry, Shawn.

Shawn-d: I mean, could this day or this year get any worse?


Roman: Well, all right, Kate, well, I guess this is my fault, too, that I didn't ask you if Cassie called your cell phone and you had a little chat.

Kate: Well, if she called, I wasn't here, because I never spoke to her..

Roman: She called your cell we checked with the carriers. She left a message, which you received and deleted.

Kate: I didnít. I -- oh, wait.

Roman: What? Here it comes. Yeah.

Kate: Sometimes by accident, I-I press a button and then everything's gone, and that's what -- that's what must've happened.

Tek: Well, we retrieved the contents of the message. It's probably some of the words she ever spoke. "I got Roman's dinner invitation. You got to be kidding. The last person I'd give thanks for is you."

Kate: No. No, no, no. It's the truth. Roman, you have to believe me.

Roman: Book her.

Kate: No!


Philip: All right, I'll see you later, man.

Shawn-d: Listen, everythingís going to work out with your Mom. She didn't do this.

Philip: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Shawn-d: Ah...


Mimi: I'm sorry. I'm not interrupting again, am I?

Tony: I'm going to call the medical examiner, make sure that Cassie is well taken care of.

Rex: Thanks.

Mimi: Rex. I wish I knew what I could do for you.

Rex: You could leave me alone. Now you understand why I never wanted the truth to come out.

Mimi: You mean about your parents?

Rex: One day, people find out we're Bradys, and the next day, Cassieís gone.

Mimi: But that wasn't because -- that had nothing to do with the truth coming out.

Rex: How do you know?

Mimi: I donít. I don't know anything, except how sad I am that Cassie died. I can't even believe it. I guilty.

Rex: I don't want to hear it.

Mimi: I was mean to her -- treated her so horribly. But it was only because I thought she didn't like me. I mean, she always looked at me like I wasn't good enough for you. But all I ever did with Cassie was say sarcastic, insulting things. Although, it was just because she was never nice to me. But still, she was the one with the weird background who felt like an outcast. I could've overlooked how mean she was, and...and tried to be the bigger person. I just keep going on and on when you're the one that's grieving. I mean, if anything ever happened to one of my brothers, I couldn't stand it. But there you are, being so strong. Rex, I'm so sorry about Cassie. I'm so sorry it happened that way.

Rex: Are you?

Mimi: What? You think I wanted it to happen?

Rex: You hated her.

Mimi: I didn't hate her. I-I don't hate anyone, Rex. I just said how guilty I felt about not being nicer to her. My God. You think I wouldíve wanted Cassie to die? I don't want anyone to die. I wish we could all live forever and just have fun and good times and love each other, but instead, everyone's getting killed. And if they havenít been killed, theyíre worried about killed. Itís horrible-- a nightmare. And youíre making things a lot worse by looking at me like that.

Rex: Get away from me.

Mimi: Rex, Rex. Look, even though I didn't like her all that much, I know you loved her. Please you have pushed me away before. Just don't do this. Don't make me the enemy when all I want to do is help you. You know you want me. You need me to be here for you.

Rex: No, Mimi. The only person I have ever needed is Cass..and now she's gone. And I'm alone forever.


Tony: Hello, Father. It happened. She's dead. Cassie's dead. Damn it, it wasn't supposed to -- it wasn't supposed to come to this.


Roman: No. Let me do it. Kate Roberts, you have a right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you. You have the right to an attorney --

Lucas: Whoa, wait a minute. What's going on?

Roman: Your Mother's being arrested for murder one.

Lucas: It's Thanksgiving. Damn it, can I at least talk to her?

Roman: After she's processed.

Kate: Lucas, go home, and be with Will. He needs you.

Lucas: Look, Roman, you know that she didn't do this. Come on, you know that she didn't hurt Cassie. There's no way she could. The most important thing to her in the whole world is her children. It's been like that from day one. It's always been like that. You know that. Come on. She can never hurt her own flesh and blood, let alone kill her. She doesn't have it in her. It's just not possible. I'm telling you, it's not possible. Don't do this. Please, just say something.

Roman: I agree with you. I do believe you're innocent, Kate.

Kate: Oh, Roman...

Roman: And if it's the last thing I do, I'm going to clear your name.

Kate: Knowing that, I can get through anything.

ďOn the next Days of Our Lives...Ē

Sami: Grandma said that you're going to die. And it gets worse.

Marlena: It gets worse?

Sami: Your loving Husband is going to murder you.

Brady: There's no way my Grandfather's playing God with my life or with Chloe's.

Nicole: Mission accomplished.

Bo: That maniac could go after somebody at any time, and we can't let that happen.

Jennifer: You.

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