Days Transcript Tuesday 11/11/03

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 11/11/03--Canada; 11/12/03--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Bernadette

Lucas: I can't believe it.

Kate: It's true. I was a prostitute.

Lucas: And you worked for Stefano Dimera?

Kate: Lucas, if you could just understand how desperate I want to give you a better life. Sweetie, it was the only way.

Sami: The only way? Are you kidding? Have you ever heard of waitressing? Of course, you were a waitress just recently, weren't you? But I guess back then, you were young and attractive, and you certainly made more money to sell your body.

Kate: Oh, god, shut up.

Sami: I'm not done. This latest tidbit gives you plenty of motive to kill Maggie, 'cause let's face it -- Maggie knew everybody's business. So if she found out that you were Stefano's whore, would you kill her to keep her quiet?

Kate: You bitch. You better shut up, or else I'll kill you!

Lucas: Mom, mom.

Sami: So you're not just a hooker. You're a murderer, too.


Hope: You don't have to do this, uncle Mickey.

Mickey: [ Sighs ]

Hope: Maybe you should go home. I could handle it for you.

Mickey: No, no, no. Thanks, thanks... it comforts me to know that I can fulfill Maggie's last request. She... wanted to be buried in this special dress. She wanted her last -- her funeral to be held at St. Luke's along with Abe and Jack.

Hope: It's going to be a very difficult day for so many people. Thank god Rex is behind bars, though.

Mickey: Yeah. Yeah, the police did a good -- good job in catching the killer, but it -- it's too late for... Ma-Maggie, for my... precious, precious Maggie.

[ Sobs ]

[ Sighs ]


Rex: This incarceration may be the best thing that could have happened to me.

Cassie: What do you mean?

Rex: If someone else gets killed while I'm in jail, the cops won't have a case against me.

Cassie: I don't understand what you're trying to say. Are you telling me that you're innocent, or that you want me to kill for you to make you look innocent?

Rex: Look, sooner or later, the events will clear my name.

Cassie: I don't get it, Rex. What are you trying to tell me? What do you want me to do?

Rex: Security camera. Look, we can't give the cops more evidence against me. Now, we have to do whatever it takes to clear my name of being a serial killer. Do you understand that?

Cassie: Whatever it takes. I understand.

Shawn-D: So do I, Rex. I know exactly what you're up to now.


Roman: Listen, um... last night was incredibly tough on everybody. Maggie's death was such a shock.

Caroline: Yeah. I still can't get over it. I can't believe she's gone.

Bo: Yeah, well... it was pretty late when I questioned you last night. I didn't want to upset you any more than you already were. That's why I didn't hassle you for the -- for the truth. But today, we need some answers.

Shawn: Look, your mother isn't any more rested than she was last night. Now, I mean, she didn't get a wink of sleep. None of us did.

Roman: Look, I'm sorry. I know this is tough, but it can't wait. We have Rex Dimera in custody, but the investigation is ongoing.

Bo: I told you, ma, your fingerprints are on that whiskey bottle.

Roman: The one that was used to kill Maggie.

Bo: It's a fact we can't ignore.

Roman: Ma, we got to know how your fingerprints got on there.

Shawn: What is the matter with you two? Treating your own mother like a suspect.

Bo: No, we're not -- pop... we need answers.

Roman: Ma, come on. You've got to tell us. Listen to me -- this is very, very important. Where were you when Maggie was killed? Do you have an alibi?

Caroline: No, I don't, so go on -- arrest me.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.


Shawn-D: Twins stick together, don't they, no matter what?

Cassie: Rex is innocent.

Shawn-D: Cassie, I need to talk to you for a minute alone.

Cassie: Well, I have nothing to say to you.


Shawn-D: Come on. I saw that look on your face in there. What did Rex say to you?

Cassie: Just that he's innocent.

Shawn-D: Would you look at the facts, Cassie? Rex has these headaches. They cause violent mood swings and fits of rage. Not to mention the fact that we found Maggie's blood on his shirt. How much more evidence do you need?

Cassie: My brother would never kill anyone. You'll see -- the truth will come out very soon.

Shawn-D: What do you mean by that? Rex is plotting something. He's asked you to do something to make him look innocent while he's in jail, didn't he? No, what is it, Cassie? Tell me now, before somebody else gets killed.


Caroline: Go on. Put on the cuffs. You might w well arrest me, because I don't have an alibi.

Roman: Mom, that's ridiculous. You had to be somewhere.

Shawn: Caroline, darling, just tell them where you were.

Caroline: No.

Roman: Ma, we're your sons. We love you very much, and we don't want to see you get hurt. We want to help you, but we can't do that unless you tell us the truth.

Bo: The D.A.ís breathing down our necks. It's public record that your fingerprints were on the murder weapon. Ma, you got to help us prove you had nothing to do with Maggie's attack.

Caroline: Well, of course I didn't kill Maggie.

Roman: Well, then, damn it, provide us with your alibi.

Caroline: I can't.

Shawn: Look, I don't know what's going on here, but if -- if your mom doesn't want to say where she was, then she must have a damn good reason, so you let her be, huh?


Roman: What the hell is going on here? Why do you think she's stonewalling us?

Bo: I wish I knew. You know, the only thing I could come up with is that whiskey bottle was stolen from here.

Shawn: Look, that's what I've been thinking, and, uh... I want you to look at what I found, boys.

Bo: You know what this means?



Lucas: It may not be too smart going around threatening to kill people when you're a murder suspect. They might take it the wrong way.

Kate: So now you think I'm guilty, too? What's happening with you, taking Sami's side?

Lucas: Get out of here.

Kate: What?

Lucas: You heard me. Get out of this apartment! I don't want you near me or my son! Go!

Kate: Lucas --

Lucas: Go! Now!


Kate: I can't leave you alone, Lucas. I wonít.

Sami: What the -- oh. It's you. Great. This apartment is really going downhill, allowing hookers to hang out in the hallways. What's the problem, Kate? Lucas doesn't want to talk to his whore of a mother?

Kate: You know, you are really responsible for all of this. You always wanted to create a rift between my son and me, and now you've done it.

Sami: I didn't tell Lucas about your sordid past. He overheard me. You told my father.

Kate: You promised Victor that you would keep this a secret. You gave him your solemn vow that my past would remain a secret.

Sami: You're the one who didn't keep it a secret, Kate.

Kate: You know something? Breaking a promise to Victor Kiriakis is a very dangerous thing to do.

Sami: I didn't break anything, okay? It is not my fault that Lucas found out the truth. It's yours, and now you're going to have to deal with the consequences.

Lucas: What's with all the racket out here? Can't a guy get some sleep?

Sami: Lucas, you're drunk.

Lucas: Am not.

Sami: And you smell like the alley behind Cheatiní Heart.

Lucas: What?

Kate: Look at him. Look what you've done to him!

Lucas: Don't you blame her. Why don't you think about it? She told me the truth. Good old Sami.

Sami: Lucas, get a grip. God, you are trashed.

Lucas: Maybe. But you liked it. I could tell. Go ahead, admit it. Admit it, honey, you were turned on big-time, weren't you, Sami?

Kate: Lucas, shut up, just shut up. Let's get him in here.

Lucas: Well, she was.

Kate: Help me get him in here.

Sami: Here, you have to pull yourself together, Lucas, because we have to go to the funeral.

Kate: This is just great. I'm going to make some coffee.

Lucas: You know, I'm not going to no funeral today. I got other plans.

Kate: What other plans?

Lucas: Can't let myself sober up, all right? So I have big plans. I made big plans. I penciled it in. I'm drinking myself into oblivion, all day long.

Sami: Okay, Lucas, listen to me, all right? Maybe your mom can take you to an A.A. meeting, okay? You need help.

Lucas: I'm not going to an A.A. Meeting. Maggie was my A.A. sponsor, all right? I could call her any time, day or night. She was there for me. And now she's gone. So nobody can help me, all right? Nobody can help me, so just get outta here. You're throwing me off my damn schedule.

Kate: Lucas, please. Please don't do that. Don't!

Lucas: You know what? I don't have to listen to you anymore. You know why, mom? Because I'm a big boy. So you two -- outta here now! Both of you, get outta my apartment. I mean it. Go. Go. Just let me drink. Damn it.


Sami: That is it. I am not going to let my son see him like this. As soon as the funeral's over, I am calling the lawyer, and I am getting sole custody.


Kate: Oh, I can't let you do that, Sami. I am going to stop you once and for all. I'm going to make you pay for what you've done to me and my son.


Bo: Pop, are you sure this is the right invoice?

Shawn: Yes. Yes, it's from the last shipment.

Bo: Well, according to this, a bottle of whiskey is unaccounted for.

Shawn: Well, not only that, but, I mean, this was the first time I ordered a particular brand. It just arrived last night, only hours before Maggie was attacked.

Roman: Mom, the whiskey bottle that was used to kill Maggie came from right here at the pub. We need to prove that somebody stole it.

Bo: Rex.

Roman: Very likely. Maggie's blood was on his shirt.

Bo: It's very important you try to remember everybody who was here last night.

Roman: Anybody who could have had access to your liquor.

Shawn: So many people came in and out --

Caroline: It was Halloween, and that's one of our busiest nights.

Roman: I know, but please, please think.

Shawn: Uh... Lucas and Sami -- they were here. Kate stopped by to see Will. Oh, and Nicole -- she stopped by. She had a martini, and... you know, but I was out, you know, for the rest -- or a good part of the evening, you know, and it's possible other suspects dropped by, as well.

Bo: You never saw Victor?

Shawn: Well, actually, Victor did stop by. When was that -- late, very late? It had to be after Maggie was killed -- for sure. But I guess -- I guess he could've come by before, too.

Roman: Why the hell was Victor here? Not for the Halloween chowder.

Shawn: You'll have to ask your mother.

Caroline: Me? Well, how should I know why Victor does anything? I have better things to do than stand here and chat.


Hope: Thank you, Mr. Milbauer, for making all the arrangements. I'm sure it'll be lovely, just as my aunt Maggie would have wished.

Mr. Milbauer: If you will excuse me, I'll go prepare for the service.

Mickey: It just doesn't seem real.

Hope: No, of course not. It doesn't seem real to me, either.

Mickey: What makes it harder is that... I should've stopped it. I...

Hope: Uncle Mickey, you listen to me. You had no idea this could happen, and that's why you couldn't have prevented it. It's not your fault. It's not.

Mickey: It can't happen again. Not again, Hope. We have to make sure nobody else -- nobody else goes through this.

Hope: Uncle Mickey, you looked the killer right in the eyes. Were those the eyes of Rex Dimera?

Mickey: All I know... I'm sure that I saw pure evil in those eyes. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Sorry, Hope, I can't -- can't say for sure that it was Rex, but... god, if it could be him, I want it to be him, so this can be over. I want that monster off the streets forever.


Cassie: Of course I would do anything to help my brother. Just as you would do the same to help someone that you love, like Belle.

Shawn-D: Belle isn't a cold-blooded killer.

Cassie: And neither is Rex. You see, the cops have the wrong guy, Shawn. The killer is still out there.

Shawn-D: Or so Rex would like us to believe.

Cassie: Of course he wants us to believe that, because it's the truth.

Shawn-D: You know, you've already clued me in to what Rex's next step is going to be.

Cassie: What do you mean?

Shawn-D: I mean, I know exactly what he's planning.

Shawn-D: Of course. The only way for Rex to be exonerated is if someone else would die while he's behind bars. That's why he's planning another killing. Obviously he can't commit the crime, since he's locked up, so that's why he's asked you to help him out. Come on, am I right?

Cassie: No, actually, you're nuts.

Shawn-D: Am I? Well, Rex may be your twin, but loyalty should only go so far, Cassie. 'Cause he is going down. Don't let him take you with him.


Rex: Damn! My head's going to split open. But I can't let it stop me. I have to -- I have to work through the pain and focus on the next victim. I have an idea who it will be.


Kate: Victor, I need to talk to you.

Victor: How did you get in here? Where is Henderson?

Kate: Oh, I told Henderson I'd show myself in.

Victor: You have not been mistress of this house for quite me time, Kate. You have no business ordering my servants around.

Kate: I don't have time for these formalities, Victor.

Victor: What is your problem?

Kate: Sami.

Victor: You know, this ongoing feud between you and Sami is really getting to be a bore.

Kate: We had a bargain, and I need you to hold up your end of the deal.

Victor: A bargain, huh?

Kate: Yes. Sami opened her big mouth, and she told Lucas all about my past with Stefano.

Victor: I see. So now your son knows that you're a prostitute.

Kate: Victor, you promised me that if Sami ever revealed the truth about my past, you would destroy her. Well, I need you to hold good to that. I need you to wipe that bitch off the face of the earth, and I need you to do it now -- today.


Sami: Wow. You're a pathetic loser.

Lucas: You know, I used to think that Billie and Austin had it tough 'cause they had Curtis for a dad, and he always used to... beat them up and treat them like crap. But he was there. My old man -- bill Horton -- he wasn't there when I was growing up. And like you said -- bill Horton's probably not my father, right? I'm probably not even a Horton. Well, here's to you, mom. Here's to you, you hooker.

Sami: Lucas, stop it!

Lucas: No, no, wait. You know what? This'll be good. It will. I can have my own reality show now -- "Name My Dad." "Yeah, sure, you send in your DNA, and we'll see if it matches mine. Great."

Sami: Lucas, stop it, okay? You don't know what you're saying. You're just drinking too much. You don't understand --

Lucas: How did you keep it from me, huh? How did you keep the truth? What, did it burn a hole in your tongue, you just fight coming out with it, right?

Sami: Lucas, stop it. Give it to me. I want you to stop drinking. The last time you went on a bender like this, you almost died in that fire, okay? Don't do this to yourself.

Lucas: Why not?

Sami: Because I need you.


Hope: Hey.

Bo: Hey. What are you doing here? Not that I'm not glad to see you.

Hope: I was helping uncle Mickey with the funeral arrangements for Maggie, and then I dropped him off at Gran's house.

Bo: You should have stayed there. The family needs you now.

Hope: I want to help with this investigation.

Bo: I know you do --

Roman: Hey, listen.

Bo: Hmm?

Roman: Pop remembered something. Shortly after Rex and Cassie came to Salem, they stole a bottle of wine from the pub. Last night, Mimi and Shawn came in looking for Rex. Apparently, he was M.I.A. They asked Lisa if he'd been in. She said she wasn't sure whether he'd been in or not, because basically most of the people were wearing masks.

Bo: So, Rex could have stolen that bottle of whiskey.

Hope: The one that killed Maggie?

Bo: Yeah. We traced it back to here. That's probably why ma's fingerprints are on it.

Roman: Yeah. Well, I think I'm going to go to the jail, have a little chat with Rex.

Bo: Mm. Good luck.

Roman: Yeah. Bye.

Hope: Bye.


Caroline: Bo?

Bo: Yeah?

Caroline: I'm sorry. I mean, just when it seems things couldn't get worse...

Bo: Yeah, I know.

Caroline: You know, I didn't bartend last night, so I -- my prints couldn't be on that bottle.

Bo: I believe you, ma. I believe you.

Caroline: I never touched it.

Bo: I -- okay. Okay. It's all right. We'll get to the bottom of this. Believe me. All right?

Caroline: Thanks.

Bo: Okay.


Hope: Bo, I have a theory...

Bo: Hmm?

Hope: About how Caroline's prints got on that bottle. They were transferred.

Bo: That's a tricky business.

Hope: But not impossible.

Bo: Why ma's fingerprints?

Hope: I know you don't want to think this, and neither do I, but how can we not?

Bo: Are you thinking that maybe the killer...

Hope: Is setting Caroline up to be the next target.


Lucas: You need me?

Sami: I meant I need you to be there for Will.

Lucas: Right. But you know what? So what if Will thinks his dad's a drunk, huh? So what? He already thinks he's a murderer -- you and me. We're Bonnie and Clyde, right, Sami?

Sami: Will does not think that either one of us is guilty.

Lucas: Yeah, well, his friends at school think we are, and if it's not us, it's his grandma -- his grandma the hooker. Boy, this guy's having a great childhood, isn't he?

Sami: Well, it's going to get a whole hell of a lot worse for him if his father goes back to being a drunken loser.

Lucas: You know what? Why stay sober? Why stay sober when your life's going down the tubes? Why?

Sami: Lucas, stop it. Give me that. Feeling sorry for yourself -- stop it.

Lucas: Me? I'm not feeling sorry for myself. You're the self-pity queen of Salem.

Sami: You are such a damn coward.

Lucas: Shut up! That -- get out of my face!

Sami: Go to hell!

Lucas: You go to hell! Hell wouldn't be a place without you. If you're there, it makes it home.

Sami: Oh, stop it, okay? God, I don't know what I ever saw in you.

Lucas: I'll tell you what you saw. You saw a sperm donor.

Sami: What?

Lucas: That's right. I was just a one-night stand to you, wasn't I, Sami? A one-night stand and a cheap night of sex. Now we have to deal with each other for the rest of our lives.

Sami: You bastard.

Lucas: Get out of here and let me drink in peace!


Bo: No. Not ma. Why would you even say that? Aren't we in enough agony as it is?

Hope: Bo, please, listen to me. I know how much you love your mother. I love her, too, which is exactly why we cannot be in denial about this. We need to explore this new twist in the case from every angle.

Bo: She's got an alibi. I know she does. I'm going to find out what it is. Ma?

Caroline: Yes?

Bo: I don't know what your reason is for with holding evidence, but it's not a very good one. You have to be honest with me. You -- you got to tell me where you were when Maggie was attacked.

Hope: Caroline, listen to me. If you don't tell us, the Dimera lawyers are going to have a field day with you in court. They'll use the fingerprints on the murder weapon as evidence against you, and then Bo will be forced to arrest you. Please, don't put us in that position.

Bo: Well?

Caroline: I'm truly sorry, but I can't tell anyone... ever.


Shawn-D: The truth. Are you going to help your brother take down another victim while he's in jail to help get the suspicion of him?

Roman: What's going on here?

Cassie: I came here to visit my brother, and Shawn has been badgering us both.

Roman: All right, I'll handle this, buddy, okay?

Roman: All right, you can wait out there.


Roman: Hello, Rex. I think you and me need to have a little chat.

Rex: How about you chat with my lawyer?

Roman: Well, I'm looking forward to your dream team of lawyers coming in and doing their song and dance, but right now, I just got a few simple questions. You think you can manage that alone?

Rex: I told you, I have nothing to hide.

Roman: All right, all right, well, now, I'll tell you what. Let's start with the fingerprints we found on the murder weapon.

Rex: That's not a question.

Roman: How'd they get there?

Rex: Oh, my best guess would be the murderer left them there.

Roman: Really? Abe died, no fingerprints. Jack died, no fingerprints. All of a sudden, the murderer gets sloppy. I don't think so.

Rex: You know, if the blood on my sweatshirt got me arrested, then the prints on the bottle should do the same for your mom. Hey, you know what? Why don't she and I get adjoining cells?

Roman: Hey, you know what? You're a punk, and you planted that evidence to incriminate my mother.

Rex: Now, how would I be able to do that?

Roman: You're the damn genius! You tell me.

Rex: Why don't you stop yelling?

Roman: Oh, my, my, my. I am so sorry, Rex. Is this better? You tried to set her up -- good, honest woman who never did anything but help people, and you're out to get her, aren't you?

Rex: No idea what you're talking about.

Roman: I know that you know exactly what I'm talking about, Rex, and I'm here to warn you that you better not be planning anything else to hurt her.

Rex: From jail? How could I?


Lucas: Thanks.

Sami: For what?

Lucas: For not leaving.

Sami: Well, it's not because I enjoy your company.

Lucas: It's because you're worried about me, right?

Sami: Right, 'cause I'm worried about my son's father turning into a disgusting drunk.

Lucas: I'm worried about my son's mother being a murderer.

Sami: Don't you dare start with me.

Lucas: What, I can't insult you, but you can insult me? That's fair?

Sami: Well, I didn't call you a murderer, did I?

Lucas: I know you have your suspicions about me and my mom.

Sami: Well, of course I do. I mean, please. Let me tell you this -- if it turns out that you did do it or you're covering for your mother, I am going to get sole custody, and then I will make sure that you never see your son again.

Lucas: You wouldn't dare.

Sami: Lucas, what are you going to do now, kill me, the way you did the others?


Roman: Rex, I'm going to prove that the bottle that was used to kill Maggie was stolen from the Brady pub, which will account for my mother's fingerprints.

Rex: I suppose it could.

Roman: And how are you going to account for Maggie's blood being found on your sweatshirt, the very same sweatshirt you were wearing the night she was killed?

Rex: Let's see. How about this -- I went out jogging a couple weeks ago, turned the corner, and ran into Maggie, gave her a bloody nose. I felt terrible, so I gave her a tissue to try and stop the bleeding. Must have got some blood on my sweatshirt.

Roman: And it stayed there for two weeks.

Rex: Oh, come on, detective. You know guys my age. We never do laundry.

Roman: Oh, Rex, come on.

Rex: Ever since I moved out of the Dimera mansion, it's just been piling up.

Roman: That's a crock, and you know it.

Rex: I'm sure my lawyers will be able to plant enough doubt in the jury's mind keep me from being convicted. The burden of proof is on the prosecution, isn't it?

Roman: I'm going to bring you down, Rex, I swear, and when I do, it'll be the beginning of the end for your whole damn family.


Shawn-D: Rex is like a caged animal. He's more dangerous than ever. You know, he's starting with my grandma. He planted her fingerprints on the bottle that he used to kill Maggie with, and it's -- this is just the beginning, 'cause he's going to be coming after all the Bradys, and you know what I say? I say bring it on, Rex, 'cause the Bradys are ready to take on the Dimeras any day of the week.


Kate: I love my grandson with all my heart. You know that. And if his mother was anyone other than Sami, well, I would want her to get together with my son for the sake of their child. But Sami is so vindictive, she is such a lowlife. She would use Lucas -- she'd use her own son to -- to destroy me.

Victor: I can sympathize.

Kate: Can you?

Victor: Yes, I'm having a similar situation with my soon-to-be ex-wife.

Kate: Ex-wife. Ah, you and Nicole are divorcing?

Victor: That's the general idea, although she's not being terribly cooperative.

Kate: I see. What does she want, more alimony?

Victor: Alimony's not an issue. I'm afraid that she'll use my grandson to hurt me. My grandson is a very noble young man, has a good heart, but he's very naive. I'm afraid she'll use that good heart to trap him. I can't let that happen.

Kate: So... what are you going to do to stop him?

Victor: I will take care of Sami for you, but in return, you have to promise to take care of Nicole for me. Now, I want her out of my life, but more importantly, I want her out of Brady's. Can you do that for me?

Kate: Well, aside from Sami, Nicole is my least favorite person in the world. It would be my pleasure to make her life a train wreck.

Victor: Then we have a deal. I'll destroy Sami for you, you destroy Nicole for me.

Kate: Deal.


Lucas: You will not take my son away from me!

Sami: Let me go. You think I'm going to just stand by and let my son be raised by a drunk and a whore, you can think again. I'm outta here. Aah! Oh, my god! You could have killed me, Lucas. That's exactly how Maggie -- what a perfect weapon for an alkie to use. Maybe you were so drunk that you don't even remember killing your own aunt.


Roman: You know what, Rex? This conversation's over.

Rex: This conversation was a waste of time.

Roman: Guard!

Rex: Next time you want to talk to me, you talk to my lawyer.

Roman: You have a nice day, Rex.

Cassie: Can I just say goodbye to my brother?

Roman: Make it fast.


Shawn-D: He didn't say anything useful, did he?

Roman: No. No, not really.

Shawn-D: All right, well, I'm going to keep my eye on Cassie, 'cause in her own words, she said that she'd do anything for her brother, and am I not going to let Rex pull a fast one from jail.


Cassie: I wonder if Roman knew he was your father, he'd still want to put you away for life.

Rex: That's not going to happen. The cops are incompetent. And who knows? While I'm still in jail, there could be another murder. I mean, this is a serial killer. There's no reason to think he or she is going to .

Cassie: Listen to me. Shawn thinks you want me or Tony to kill someone else to clear you.

Rex: It would clear my name if another murder takes place while I'm behind bars. Yes. Another killing while I'm in here would definitely throw suspicion off of me.

Shawn-D: So what were you two talking about? What were you plotting together?

Cassie: I can't talk to you. I have to find Tony.


Shawn-D: So, Rex... planning your next murder? I understand that you're enlisting your sister in your sick plans.

Rex: Shawn, Shawn, Shawn. You are so melodramatic.

Shawn-D: Well, whatever the hell you're up to, it's not happening. Do you understand me? I am not going to let you get away with it.


Lucas: I can't go to this funeral. The whole Horton family thinks I'm guilty. They think I'm the sick bastard who killed Abe and -- and Jack... and aunt Maggie. I need a drink. Damn it. I know I have a bottle here somewhere. I stashed a bottle for emergencies special occasions. Oh, come on. Damn. Oh, yes. Here's to aunt Maggie. She couldn't drink while she was here... so here's to having plenty of booze in heaven. Now she's free from here... free from this hell on earth.


[ Telephone rings ]

[ Ring ]

Sami: Hello?

Kate: I'm just calling to warn you, Sami, you stay away from my son or you will be sorry.

Sami: Your son is a useless drunk. Thank god Will has never seen Lucas as trashed as he was today, and he never will see him that way. I swear to god, I will do anything to protect my son, even kill.


Kate: My god, Sami. You are a killer, and you must be stopped before you go after me or my son. You will be stopped.


[ Knock on door ]

Will: Dad, are you home, dad?

Sami: I can't let Will see Lucas like this.

Will: Dad?


Roman: Hey.

Bo: Hey.

Roman: So, hitting a brick wall with mom?

Bo: Oh, yeah. It's frustrating.

Hope: We just can't understand why she's not telling us where she was when Maggie was attacked.

Bo: Hope thinks that ma may be the next victim.

Hope: Roman, I'm sorry. I- I don't want to alarm anyone, but it -- it just seems obvious to me with this pattern. I really think we need to face the facts, just in case it is a possibility. We need to give her as much protection as possible.

Roman: I think you're right. I think you're right, Hope.

Hope: Listen, I've got to get going. I need to pick up uncle Mickey and gran for the funeral. I'll see you both at the service?

Bo and Roman: Yeah.

Hope: See you later.

Roman: All right. I'm going to try again with mom.

Bo: All right.


Roman: All right, mom.

Caroline: All right, dear.

Roman: You got to listen to me, okay? We love you way too much to let you jeopardize your safety. Do you understand that?

Caroline: I am busy, Roman.

Roman: Busy? Mom, listen to me. Maggie Horton was murdered, and you don't have an alibi. Now, I know you've got your reasons for withholding information, but I got t tell you, as your son and as a police officer, they are not good enough, okay? So talk to me. Tell me where you were when Maggie was killed.

Caroline: I told you, I canít.

Roman: Why the hell not, mom?

Victor: I can answer that.

Shawn: Victor, this is none of your business.

Victor: That's where you're wrong. I heard that Caroline's fingerprints were found on the weapon that killed Maggie Horton, and I'm here to tell you she didn't do it.

Bo: She doesn't have an alibi, Victor.

Victor: I'm her alibi. She was with me.


(On the next Days of Our Lives)

Shawn-D: Rex Dimera is a murderer.

Mimi: There's still a chance he didn't even do it.

Shawn-D: He did it, all right, and what's more is that he's getting ready to kill again.

Cassie: It's Rex.

Tony: Oh, sweetie.

Cassie: He wants me to kill someone for him.

Hope: "The next death comes within the hour." That means when the clock hits zero...

Bo: Someone else is going to die.

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