Days Transcript Thursday 11/6/03

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 11/06/03--Canada; 11/07/03--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Bernadette

[ Distant horn honks ]

Brady: So this is where you disappeared to.

Nicole: Brady.

Brady: I've been looking for you.

Nicole: Really? Uh, I was -- I was just taking a walk. I needed some air.

Brady: Thought you might burn a few things in the process?

Nicole: Burn?

Brady: I saw you throw something into the fire. You care to share with me what it was?


Jennifer: Aunt Maggie, you said that you knew who the killer was. Can you tell us?

Mickey: Should -- should we putting this kind of pressure on her? I mean, it's too much for her right now, isn't it?

Lexie: Mickey, it's obvious that she wants to talk. We have to let her try.

Hope: Lex.

Lexie: Hi.

Hope: How's Maggie doing?

Lexie: She's conscious. Where's Bo?

Hope: Still at the crime scene. Has she say anything about the killer?

Lexie: Yeah, she says she can name the murderer.

Hope: Thank god.

Lexie: Yeah.


Mickey: You just hang in there, darling. Hang in there, okay?

Hope: Hi.

Maggie: [ Mumbles ]

Hope: You're all right. Nobody's going to hurt you now. But, Maggie, please, you have to tell us -- who was it? Who tried to kill you?

Maggie: [ Whimpering ]


Mimi: Rex? Sweetie? Rex?

Shawn-D: Damn it!

Mimi: What?

Shawn-D: My dad's cell. It keeps going straight to voice mail.

Mimi: You tried your mom?

Shawn-D: Yeah. She's not picking up, either. I think it's 'cause she's at the hospital.

Marlena: Is he all right?

Mimi: Dr. Evans, how did you know?

Marlena: Cassie left me a message. Rex? Rex? Rex, can you hear me?

Shawn-D: Marlena, I don't know if Cassie told you, but you need to know that he is the one.

Mimi: Shawn!

Shawn-D: No, she has to know that he is the killer.

Mimi: You have no proof of this, for god's sake.

Shawn-D: Listen, I'm really sorry that you have to hear this from me. I know you don't want to think of your son in a bad light, but when we came here earlier, we found him asleep. We woke him up and asked him if he knew why we tracked him down. He said he did. He said that he knew that Maggie had been murdered, that she was dead.

Marlena: Dead? How could he know that?

Shawn-D: Well, I immediately called him on it, because I know the only way he could know is if he did it! And he realized his mistake. He shouldn't have blurted that out. And that's why he pretended to pass out again.

Mimi: He's not pretending, Shawn. You have to help him, Dr. Evans. He's been unconscious for a while now. I mean, if he were sleeping, you'd be able to wake him up. Look how pale he is, too.

Marlena: Rex? Rex, can you hear me?

Shawn-D: That's it. I'm calling my dad. I'm going to tell him to come down here, arrest Rex for the murder of Jack and Abe, and for the attempted murder of Maggie and my parents.

Marlena: No, no, don't do that. Please don't do that. Let me wake him up, see what he has to say.


Philip: Cassie, where the hell are we?

Cassie: Philip, just please trust me.

Philip: All right, fine, but why would Tony be in this basement?

Cassie: Shh.

Philip: Face it, Cass, he is M.I.A., just like all the other suspects.

Cassie: Will you please just -- could you be patient?

Philip: What is this? What is this room?

Cassie: It's a special place that my dad goes. Rex and I are under strict orders not to go in here, but Rex could be in trouble, and I know my dad would want to know about it.

Philip: Yeah, that's right, so open it. Come on.

Philip: I -- I don't believe it.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.


Nicole: You scared the hell out of me, Brady.

Brady: You're not answering my question, Nicole.

Nicole: I wanted to get out of the house. I had to, actually. I mean, this whole thing with the divorce and Victor trying to pay me off -- it caught me off guard, to put it mildly.

Brady: It is what you wanted, isn't it?

Nicole: $100,000? Victor's paid more for his cufflinks.

Brady: Nicole, please, it's what you wanted. Think about it. It's your freedom.

Nicole: That's why I came here -- to think it over.

Brady: Okay. But you're still not answering my first question.

Nicole: Which question was that? You ask so many.

Brady: What did you throw into the fire? What are you burning?

Nicole: Right. It was a Halloween mask.

Brady: A mask? Was it yours?

Nicole: Yeah. I left the house, put it on. I wanted to be able to walk around without people looking at me, wondering if I'm the Salem serial killer.

Brady: Well, how'd it go?

Nicole: It went great. Strange, though. It's that kind of night, I guess -- Halloween. You know, I... I never went out. I never went trick-or-treating. My dad wouldn't let me. He said there were too many crazies waiting to take advantage of young innocent girls like me. Ironic, huh? And here I am, a grown woman, doing things I could never do when I was young.

Brady: Well, you know, you can do anything you want if you accept Victor's offer.

Nicole: Not when I'm in prison. $100,000 doesn't get you very far when you have to hire a lawyer to defend your life.

Brady: You're not going to have to hire any lawyers, Nicole.

Nicole: Right. Right. The only thing I have to worry about is Maggie and her hypnotherapy session with Dr. Evans tomorrow.

Brady: Maggie is not going to name you as a serial killer, okay? Wait a second. You don't -- you don't think that she will, do you?

Nicole: No. No, Maggie won't name me. Not tomorrow, not any day, not ever.

Brady: And you're sure about that, aren't you?


Maggie: [ Mumbling ]

Hope: Can you tell us, Maggie? Can you tell us who it was who hurt you? You saw that person, didn't you?

Maggie: [ Mumbling ] Uh... I have to get...

[ Mumbling ] To Tuscany.

Mickey: Tuscany? Sweetheart, everything at the restaurant is taken care of. There's no need to worry about that.

Maggie: [ Mumbling ] So...much to do.

[ Mumbling ] I have to... o-open in an hour.

[ Mumbling ]

Lexie: Hope. Jennifer.

Hope: [ Sobbing ]


Jennifer: Lexie, what -- what is that? What's going on? Why did she do that?

Lexie: Uh, lack of oxygen to the brain.

Hope: Will she be lucid again?

Lexie: I have no idea. From the severity of the injuries, it's a miracle she's even conscious at all.

Hope: But that's a good sign, isn't it? I mean, that she's conscious?

Lexie: Oh, sweetie, I wish --

Hope: Doesn't that mean that she has a chance now?

Lexie: I don't want to give you false hope. It doesn't look good.


Marlena: Rex? Rex, can you hear me? Mimi, could we have some water, please?

Mimi: Sure.

Shawn-D: You're wasting your time if you think he's going to come clean 'cause you're here.

Marlena: Shawn, stop this!

Shawn-D: He's just going to keep lying like he always does, claiming that he had nothing to do with the attack on Maggie, nothing to do with any of it.

Mimi:  You have no proof he did, Shawn.

Shawn-D: How could he have known that she was attacked? If he had been asleep the whole time, there's no way he could have known! Listen, I saw him buying a mask earlier today. I told Mimi about it. Even she thought it was in bad, horrible taste. But it was the same mask that we saw on the killer on the video feed at the police station.

Marlena: What? You saw Maggie's attack? You saw it happening?

Shawn-D: Well, no, not as it was happening. It was a video feed. It was a few minutes delayed. The kid is a techno-freak. Who else would hook up a video camera and stream the attack to the police station? I'm sorry, Marlena. I know he's your son, but he is sick and demented, and this time he didn't cover all of his tracks, because Philip actually found the same black costume that the killer was wearing on Rex's floor in the closet.

Marlena: You didn't touch it, did you?

Shawn-D: No, no, of course not. I know it's evidence.

Mimi: Shawn, tons of people were wearing that costume tonight -- same mask and everything.

Shawn-D: Mimi, would you please stop defending him? I know that he's your boyfriend, and I know that he's Marlena's son, but at some point tonight, we have to start facing the facts.

Mimi: Or maybe we need to calm down and stop accusing people without solid proof!

Marlena: Oh, stop this. Stop it, both of you, for heaven's sake. How long has Rex been like this?

Mimi: I don't know. When we first got here, he was asleep, and then he woke up.

Shawn-D: And he told us that Maggie had been attacked -- "killed" is actually what he said, t I think that was wishful thinking on his part, 'cause he's going to be in for a rude awakening when Maggie is still alive and able to point the finger at him.

Marlena: Shawn, you've got to calm yourself down here. Mimi, go on.

Mimi: Well, he was awake for a couple of minutes, and then he just passed right back out a little while ago and that's when Cassie and Philip took off to find Tony.

Shawn-D: Yeah, which they won't find him, by the way, because that S.O.B. is probably behind this entire thing, and he's using Rex to do his dirty work.


Philip: Is this for real? I mean, how'd you find out about this place?

Cassie: I followed Tony down here once, but I was under strict orders never to disturb him here.

Philip: Yeah, well, he's going to want to know his son's about to be arrested for murder. Tony? Tony?

Tony: Ya!

Philip: Uhh!

Cassie: Dad, what are you doing? Philip wasn't attacking you.

Tony: You must never disturb a man in a meditative state.

Philip: I had no idea you could do something like that.

Tony: I could have reflexively killed you without even gaining full consciousness.

Cassie: We didn't mean to upset you.

Tony: What are you doing here?

Cassie: We had to find you. It's Rex.

Philip: We have proof he's the Salem serial killer.

Tony: What did you say?

Marlena: Shawn, I know you feel angry and upset right now, and you would do anything you could to stop this nightmare, but you can't accuse people with no proof. You can't do that. It only adds to all the agony we're already going through. You have got to find some way to calm yourself down.

Shawn-D: Actually, no, I can't -- not when people are being killed for no reason. How in the hell am I supposed to stay calm?

Marlena: We're doing all we can right now, Shawn, and if Tony and Rex have anything to do with these attacks, they will pay. We've got to hear Rex's side of the story first. We simply have to.

Shawn-D: Fine.

Mimi: Thank you, Dr. Evans.

Marlena: Rex, can you hear me? It's mar-- Rex, it's your mother. Honey, I'm here to help you. I want you to hear the sound of my voice and try to come towards it. Rex. We need to know where you were tonight and what you did.


Nicole: Because I didn't kill Jack or Abe. That's why Maggie won't name me.

Brady: You're leaving out Colin Murphy.

Nicole: I didn't murder anyone, and Colin Murphy's death isn't related to the serial killings.

Brady: I'm not too sure about that. Three murders, all connected to the Bradys. It seems too coincidental.

Nicole: I have to get back to the house. It's freezing out here.

Brady: Hang on a second.

Nicole: I don't want to talk about it, Brady. I know you flatter yourself by thinking you're my confidant, but right now, all I want to do is be alone.

Brady: You can be alone from this point on if you just accept my grandfather's offer.

Nicole: I said I don't want to talk about it.

Nicole: I just... want to remember what it was like tonight wearing atat mask, moving anonymously through the crowd. No one staring or whispering like they do during the day. "Oh, look, there's one of the Salem 7. Get a camera." It was swell.

Brady: Well, if it was that swell, why'd you take it off? Why burn the mask?


Mickey: Ahem. Before -- before we got into bed tonight, we were talking about our daughters -- you know, Sarah, Melissa, and... the memories. I told her there'd be so many more. She said...

Hope: What did she say, uncle Mickey?

Mickey: She said she didn't think so.

[ Sobs ]

Lexie: Mickey. Mickey, look, how about we set you up somewhere so you can lie down and get some rest, hmm?

Mickey: No, no, darling, thank you, you know, I got to --

Jennifer: What are you doing?

Mickey: Please, I'll be -- no, I want to be here with Maggie. I want to be here till she's okay, till she's better.


Jennifer: Hope, what's going on? Have you uncovered anything else with the case?

Hope: We found the weapon -- a liquor bottle.

Jennifer: What? That's sick.

Hope: Yeah, and I took a statement from Officer Kent. He was on duty at uncle Mickey and Maggie's house.

Jennifer: Well, did he see the person that attacked?

Hope: No, no, no. The killer took him completely by surprise and knocked him out before Kent could see his or her face.

Jennifer: So he doesn't remember anything about the killer?

Hope: Well, he did confirm -- he did confirm that he or she was dressed in all black and was wearing a mask.

Jennifer: What, a mask? What, like that movie? That kind of mask?

Hope: Wait a minute. There is one thing that might help us.

Jennifer: What?

Hope: The killer fed streaming video of the attack to one of the computers at the police station.

Jennifer: What, you -- you had to watch that?

Hope: It's not uncommon for serial killers to want their work appreciated.

Jennifer: This is such a nightmare. This is a nightmare. I keep thinking I'm going to wake up and all of this is going to...

Hope: Come here. We're going to get through it. We're going to get through this, Jen.

Jennifer: Yeah. What? What's wrong?

Hope: I have to go and question uncle Mickey. On the video feed, we saw him look up and say "you."

Jennifer: Wait -- wait a minute. He -- he saw someone's face. He recognized them?

Hope: That's what I need to find out. I just wish to god I didn't have to do it right now. I have no other choice. Uncle Mickey?

Lexie: Um, I'm going to go back in and monitor Maggie's condition. I'll let you know immediately if there's any change.

Hope: Thanks. Thank you. Uncle Mickey? I wish to god I didn't have to do this right now, but... I really need to ask you a few questions.

Mickey: Yeah, yeah, sure. Go ahead.

Hope: Okay. I need for you to go back and think really hard. Tell me if you saw the killer when he or she came into the room.

Mickey: I did. I -- I was kneeling next to Maggie, and then I looked up and... I saw him.

Hope: Then -- are you saying that you saw the killer's face? On the computer.

Mickey: No, I -- I didn't see the killer's face.

Mickey: You. You son of a -- how can you do this to Maggie?

Mickey: Had his mask and... had it on when he came back in the room.

Hope: But you said "you," uncle Mickey, like you knew who the person was.

Mickey: I didn't mean anybody specifically, I just meant --

Hope: You, the killer.

Mickey: Yeah. But I saw those eyes, and Maggie's -- Maggie was right. They were pure evil. It was a little fuzzy, but -- I mean, he slashed me with a scalpel, and I know I would have been killed if Officer Kent hadn't -- Kent, Kent, he -- where is -- where's Kent? Is he okay?

Hope: Yeah. He was very lucky. You both were very lucky, uncle Mickey.

Mickey: Oh, god, but... where was the luck for Maggie? She -- she's got to live.


Nicole: I burned the mask because it was a lie. I can't go through life hiding. I have to accept myself for who I really am. Don't you agree?

Brady: You know how I feel about that.

Nicole: Oh, it was great while it lasted, but I was just fooling myself. You know, I keep -- I keep thinking, what would Marlena say about the whole mask thing, right? So ripe for psychoanalysis -- my constant need to escape reality. Maybe... maybe I always wear a mask. Maybe nothing about me is real at all.

Brady: I don't believe that. Neither do you.

Nicole: I can't fool you, Brady. Never could, ever since you moved into the mansion. The only person I can't hide from is you.


Marlena: Rex? Rex. Hey.

Rex: Marlena? Mom. How long have I been sleeping?

Shawn-D: Oh, please.

Mimi: Are you okay, Rex?

Shawn-D: Don't even try and give some bogus excuse, okay, Rex? We know that you killed Abe and Jack.

Mimi: Shawn!

Shawn-D: And we know tonight that you attacked and tried to kill Maggie Horton. The only way you could have known about it is if you did it.

Rex: What the hell are you talking about?

Shawn-D: I'm talking about the fact that we got you. The mask and the costume that the killer wore is right there in the closet. It's over.

Tony: The only thing that's over is the harassment of my son.

Marlena: [ Gasps ] Cassie?

Tony: Now I want everybody except my family to leave this house now.

Shawn-D: We're not going anywhere.


Nicole: You're not saying anything.

Brady: I'm just glad to know that you're -- that you're comfortable around me.

Nicole: That's not what I said. I said I can't fool you. I can't hide the real me from you.

Brady: You've tried.

Nicole: But you won't let me. Why not, Brady?

Brady: Because, Nicole, I know that underneath that cold and cynical mask that you wear, there is a caring and generous person.

Nicole: Maybe you just saw another mask. Maybe that's not the real me, either.

Brady: Sure it is.

Nicole: Only because you want to see me that way.

Brady: No, because you are a good person, and all that -- that cynicism and that coldness, it's -- it's only because you don't know, you have no faith in yourself.

Nicole: Well, maybe I was born that way.

Brady: What, hating yourself? No. No, no one is born that way. Your father -- now, he's responsible for that.

Nicole: He always told me how special and beautiful I was.

Brady: Right, so then he could drug you into making himself proud. Even so, Nicole, you always knew what you were doing was wrong, and it made you feel unloved and unworthy of being loved, and you've been beating yourself up over this ever since.

Nicole: Isn't that pretty much the standard shrink-wrap they throw together for every criminal?

Brady: Are you saying you're a criminal? Really? What crime have you committed?


Shawn-D: We're not going anywhere, Dimera.

Tony: You're trespassing.

Shawn-D: That's right. We'll be out of your way shortly, just as soon as I get my dad down here to arrest the Salem serial killer.

Cassie: No.

Mimi: Shawn, you can’t.

Tony: Turn that off.

Shawn-D: I don't think you said please.

Tony: Excuse me --

Philip: Don't do it.

Tony: You don't want to take me on again.

Shawn-D: Again?

Mimi: What happened?

Philip: Tony and I had kind of a run- e earlier. He roughed me up pretty good when Cassie and I --

Tony: You woke me from my meditation.

Marlena: That's enough. Shawn, please hang up the phone.

[ Beep ]

Marlena: Thank you. If you hurt anybody physically or verbally, I will see that you're arrested. Rex... we need some answers now.

Rex: I have nothing to hide. What did you want to ask me?

Marlena: We need to know if you had anything to do with the attack on Maggie Horton.

Rex: No.

Shawn-D: Liar!


Lexie: No change.

Mickey: She -- she's awake?

Lexie: She's unconscious. We still have her on oxygen. Mickey... you really should get some rest.

Mickey: No. I'm not going home till Maggie goes with me.

Lexie: Okay. Um, I'm going to go back inside.

Hope: Uncle Mickey...

Mickey: Yeah.

Hope: I'm sorry, but I still need to ask you some questions.

Mickey: Yeah, yeah, that's okay. You ask me anything. I mean, we want to catch this monster, you know.

Hope: Uncle Mickey, what Bo and I still can't understand is why would Maggie shut off the alarm. When I spoke to you on the phone, you assured me that it was on.

Mickey: Yeah, we-- it was when you called. I mean, I had warned Maggie not to let anybody in the house.

Jennifer: Okay, right, so then why? Why would she have turned off the alarm and opened the door?

Mickey: Well, Maggie -- she's so trusting. I mean... she was convinced none of the suspects could really be the killer. I mean, she could have let -- she could have let any one of them in.


Nicole: I didn't commit any crime. I-I'm just saying, I mean -- isn't that the abuse excuse every criminal uses? Doesn't every murderer claim it was their screwed-up childhood that caused them to turn out the way they did?

Brady: Here. Take this.

Nicole: Thanks.

Brady: Nicole, you're a good person. You have to believe that. But most of all, you have to believe that you deserve to be loved.

Nicole: Such a cliché -- "you deserve to be loved."

Brady: Yes, it is a cliché, but it's true. You see, love --

Nicole: What?

Brady: Love is the only thing that really, truly matters in life. It's what makes everything else make sense.

[ Footsteps ]

Victor: Well, there you are, together again. Why am I not surprised? At least this time, you've got your clothes on, Brady.


Hope: Uncle Mickey. How do you know Maggie felt that way about all the suspects, that she was convinced that none of them was the killer?

Mickey: Because we -- we talked about it before she was attacked. She said all of them were people that she either knew or loved or had come into the club.

Jennifer: No, Mickey, not all of them were close friends. Like Tony, and she barely knew Rex or -- or Nicole.

Mickey: Maggie -- Maggie's heart -- I mean, it -- it -- it -- it just -- it was inconceivable to her that anybody that she knew and loved could commit murder. It just -- that's why she was attacked. She kept saying that there's no way any of these people could be the killer. The killer must be a madman. That's what she said -- "he must be a madman."

Hope: Wait. Wait a minute. Is that exactly what she said? "He must be a madman"?

Mickey: Yeah.

Hope: Oh, my god. Then that must be it. Subconsciously, Maggie knew all along that the killer was a man.


Shawn-D: Then why would you have said it? How would you have known that Maggie Horton was attacked if you weren't the one who did it?

Rex: Look, everyone is aware that Maggie Horton knew the identity of the killer and that she was going to be hypnotized by Marlena again in the morning, hopefully to reveal his or her identity. Now, it's only logical that the killer would try and keep Maggie from naming them by any means possible, including murder.

Tony: Well, that makes sense to me.

Philip: I'll tell you what doesn't make sense. Your attitude, Rex. It's like you're talking about the weather, not a woman being attacked and maybe killed.

Rex: I'm very upset. What, I mean, you want me to grieve over poor Maggie Horton while I'm being attacked myself? You know, accused of something I didn't do by people who have it in for me because I'm a Dimera.

Mimi: Besides, even under the best of circumstances, Rex isn't the type of guy who shows a lot of emotion.

Shawn-D: Yeah, that's true, unless he gets angry, in which case, he gets extremely violent.

Tony: Marlena...

Marlena: Yes.

Tony: When was Maggie attacked?

Marlena: Three, maybe four hours ago.

Tony: Really? Then there's no possibility that Rex is her attacker. My son has an airtight alibi.


Mickey: I should have realized that before.

Hope: She knew.

Mickey: Subconsciously, anyway, that the killer was male.

Jennifer: Right. Well, why else would she refer to them as a he?

Hope: Okay, so all we have to do now is figure out which of the male suspects Maggie would most likely open her door to.

Mickey: But -- but -- Maggie would have opened her door to anybody that she knew without even considering she might be in danger. I mean, she'd treat them all the same. The kind of woman she is, she never allows herself -- herself to think the worst of people, and now, because she was... so good and trusting, she... may die.


Cassie: You and Rex were together? Is that Rex's alibi?

Tony: No, but in that time frame that we've established, I heard Rex come in and go upstairs.

Philip: But you were downstairs meditating.

Tony: Yeah, so?

Philip: Well, that room's miles from the foyer and the stairs.

Tony: Uh-huh, no. I heard him before I went downstairs.

Mimi: Of course. I knew he couldn't have done it.

Cassie: Thank god we found you to set things straight.

Tony: Yes. So we can leave my son alone and now concentrate on finding who the real killer is.

Shawn-D: You know what? This story has so many holes, I should have brought my golf clubs. We checked the house. No one was here.

Tony: Oh, Shawn, we were here. You just didn't look hard enough. I was downstairs meditating. My son was upstairs, asleep.

Marlena: Can somebody vouch for his whereabouts?

Tony: No, but certainly, the question of where my son was is settled.

Shawn-D: No, not even close. The only thing that's settled here is how far the Dimeras will go to cover their asses. One of them lies... and the other one swears to it.

Tony: Hmm.


Brady: If you're upset, why don't you just say so, instead of insinuating that --

Victor: I'm not insinuating anything. I'm being very direct. The last time I saw you and my wife together, you were wearing nothing but a towel, rolling around on the lawn.

Brady: I explained how that happened.

Victor: Yes, you did. Now explain this.

Nicole: Victor, there's nothing to explain.

Victor: Alone late at night in a deserted alley?

Brady: Nicole wasn't home, okay? So I came looking for her.

Victor: And you found her here... cowering in the cold. Alone, miserable, forlorn, waiting to be rescued. What was it this time, Brady? What burning fire did Nicole want you to put out?

Brady: How can you talk to me like that?

Victor: I'll talk to you any way I damn well please. As inconvenient as it may be for you, you are still my grandson, and Nicole is still my wife, though with any luck, not for long. So have you decided to accept my terms and agree to a divorce? I'm sure Brady is desperate to know exactly when you're going to be available.

Brady: Sorry to disappoint you, granddad. I can tell that you're enjoying the intrigue. But the only reason why I want you and Nicole to split up is 'cause you make each other miserable. It has nothing whatsoever to do with my feelings for Nicole, except as a friend. I want her to be happy, and you know what? I want the same for you.

Victor: You're deluding yourself, and you're lying to me. I'm considerably older, wiser, more experienced, and considerably more jaded than you are, and I know damn well something's going on between the two of you.


Hope: I'd better call Bo and tell him our theory.

Jennifer: Wait, Hope, wait a minute.

Hope: What?

Jennifer: When -- when people are uncertain of someone's gender, don't they usually say "he"? I mean, I know it's not politically correct, but it's convenient.

Hope: No, you're right.

Jennifer: And think about it. "Madman" is such a generic term.

Mickey: So you're saying it's just wishful thinking that we could narrow it down, that the killer could still be any of the suspects.

Hope: You know what? It's ridiculous. It's ridiculous to think that we can eliminate anyone at this point.

Jennifer: I just pray -- I pray that Maggie recovers, and she can just tell us, name the person who attacked her and name whoever murdered Jack and Abe.

Lexie: Mickey, you'd better get in here now.

Mickey: Thank you.


Tony: How dare you accuse me of lying? I want this lunatic caught, probably more than you do. But the Dimera name will not be cleared until this monster is caught and brought to justice.

Philip: And speaking of monsters, what about the Halloween party, Rex I mean, you still haven't told us why you just decided not to attend, why you kept Mimi waiting. She was very worried about you.

Shawn-D: Yeah, you went to the trouble of getting the hockey mask and everything.

Philip: Mm-hmm.

Shawn-D: Seemed like you were all geared up to go.

Rex: I didn't go because I had a killer headache.

Shawn-D: Now that is an interesting choice of adjectives.

Philip: Yeah.

Marlena: All right, that's enough. That's it. We're done with this. From now on, the police will sort this out. Understood? Everybody else, stay out of it.

Shawn-D: That's fine.

Rex: What are you doing?

Shawn-D: Oh, I was just going to go in there and put your costume and the mask in a bag, take it down to the police station, check it in as evidence.

Rex: Go ahead. That's the best way to prove that you're wrong. I mean, if I'm the one who attacked Maggie Horton, there'd probably be blood all over my clothes, wouldn't there?

Shawn-D: Then what do you call this?


(On the next Days of Our Lives)

Tony: What about the other suspects? Do they have alibis? What about Sami? If there was damaging evidence against her, wouldn't you be protective of your daughter as I am of our son?

Marlena: You had something to do with the attack on Maggie?

Sami: No! I asked you to help me, mom. How could you -- how could you want to hang me for murder?

Lucas: Jen, am I too late?

Jennifer: Did you do this?

Shawn-D: If aunt Maggie dies, I will make sure that you pay.

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