Days Transcript Monday 11/3/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 11/3/03--Canada; 11/4/03--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Bernadette

[ Ticking ]

Bo: You still feeling good about coming back to the force?

Hope: Oh, yeah, definitely. At least we're doing something, trying to stop the next killing. One piece of good news -- Officer Kent reported in from his surveillance post on uncle Mickey -- everything seems to be fine.

Bo: Great. What's the bad news?

Hope: The bad news -- the suspects have disappeared.

Bo: All seven of them?

Hope: We were tracking their whereabouts, but somehow they slipped off the radar again.

Bo: Damn it! So Abe and Jack's killer -- he's probably getting ready  strike again. Damn it.


Cassie: I can't believe that this is happening.

Philip: I know you don't want to believe it, Cass. But somebody killed Abe and Jack. As of right now, all the signs...

Cassie: Point to Rex. I know.


Mimi: Aah! Aah!


Bonnie: I just love getting my cards read. It kind of perks up my whole life, if you know what I mean.

Celeste: Shh, shh, shh.

Bonnie: What? What is it?

Celeste: Will you excuse me, Bonnie? But it's urgent that I check in with my daughter.

Bonnie: Sure. Heck, nothing's more important than kids. Yeah. Kids and husbands drain the life out of ya. Heck. Celeste is the one who went to make an urgent phone call. If I want to look at my cards... I'll just look at my --


Celeste: Death is about to claim its next victim.


Maggie: Oh, hurry up and come in before we both blow away. Mickey is going to be -- he's going have a conniption because I deactivated the alarm and let you in, but it's just not in my nature to live in fear. I don't care what anybody says. The killer cannot be anyone I know. It's just not possible.

Maggie: The killer can't get in now. It's just you and me.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.


Bo: Yeah, that's exactly what -- every hour on the hour -- no excuses. Hey. I was talking to Kent. Told him to set his watch to call us every 60 minutes.


Hope: Good. You can't be too careful, that's for sure, especially on a night like this.

Bo: Right.

Hope: Damn it, Bo. Why do the media have to report about Maggie knowing who the killer is? It's like painting a target on her back.

Bo: It sure is. How's she doing tonight?

Hope: She and uncle Mickey are at home, trying to have a quiet evening, trying to be normal. "Normal" -- I don't even remember what that feels like.

Bo: Yeah. I don't remember the last time we woke up in the morning feeling good about our day.

Hope: Yeah, tell me about it. Instead of worrying that something horrible was going to happen... or that we're going to lose someone that we love. What about our boys?

Bo: What's Shawn up to tonight?

Hope: With Mimi at the loft.

Bo: Well, he better stay there. He didn't say he was going off anyplace, did he?

Hope: No, he didn't, but I'll tell you something. I'm worried about his anger, Bo. This need to take control -- I'm very concerned.

Bo: Well, it's not his place. It's arrogant of him to think it is. Getting involved with this investigation...

Hope: Wait, wait, wait a second. Come on. Don't tell me that you don't recognize yourself. I mean, he is your son. He takes after you.

Bo: Did you just call me arrogant?

Hope: Sometimes, yes. Absolutely. Especially when you insist that you're the only one who can handle things, and if you're not around to figure it all out, the whole world goes up in smoke. So, yes, you can be very self-important, and you know what? Your son is just like that, and it scares the hell out of me.

Bo: He's a brave kid.

Hope: Okay. Now that I just said that he takes after you, we've lost "arrogant," and now he's "brave"?

Bo: Actually, he gets his bravery from his mom.

Hope: That's not true.

Bo: Yes, it is. You got nerves of steel there, Mrs. Brady.

Hope: Not so much lately.

Bo: A lot lately. It's spirit -- you've got passion to go after what you want -- stand up and fight for it. I mean, I wouldn't have made it this far without you. You give me the courage to keep up the fight.

Hope: I want our boys to understand that most people in the world are kind and good and want the best for each other. My god, I want them to grow up trusting people, Bo, knowing that there is loving goodness in the world and not just this -- not what we see -- cruelty and evil.

Bo: They'll be fine, Hope. They'll be fine. In time, this will -- it'll all be a bad memory.

Hope: Do you believe that?

Bo: Yes.

Hope: Do you really think we'll ever get our lives back?

Bo: Of course I do. And there will be faith and trust -- we'll trust people again. We will.

Hope: I gave Shawn a magazine article to look at this morning, and it was about a doctor who volunteers all his time to people in need, and... I just want our son -- both of our sons -- to understand that those types of people -- they exist. They're out there. Who devote their lives to helping people and making this world a better place, Bo. I want that.

Bo: Did he read that article?

Hope: Yeah, he read it. I don't think he got it, though.

Bo: Bottom line -- he's got to stay in that loft tonight, not run around Salem trying to be some kind of hero, especially with all seven suspects AWOL.

Hope: What makes it even worse is we've been getting calls from all over the city tonight about people wearing masks pulling Halloween pranks.

Bo: Oh, man, what is up with that, huh? Halloween used to be for kids. I mean, now we've got adults running around with costumes, trick-or-treating. It's just not right.

Hope: Yeah, well, it definitely makes our job a lot harder tonight. That is for sure. We can't haul in every person wearing a mask.

Bo: Perfect opportunity for our serial killer. They can hide right there in plain sight. The next victim wouldn't suspect a thing.


Shawn-D: How you doing over there?

Mimi: Uh, yeah, I got it. Whew! This night sure was made for Freddy Krueger, huh?

Shawn-D: What it was made for is not killing.

Mimi: Don't say that, Shawn, especially since I don't know where Rex is. I'm so worried.

Shawn-D: Yeah, well, I am, too, except not for Rex. I'm afraid he's going to kill before we can find him.


Maggie: Thank goodness for chamomile tea, or I wouldn't be getting any sleep these days. My goodness, why don't you take off your gloves and have some cookies? Oh, by the way, I'm sorry Mickey's not down here. He's a little tired lately. I guess all the stress. He went to bed early. So I hope you don't mind you have me. Mickey always says when you marry a redhead, you're never going to get a word in. Oh! My goodness. Look at that wind. I'm so glad you're here. I wouldn't want to be -- wouldn't want to be alone tonight.


Bonnie: Hey, Lisa. Love the hairdo. That just-got-out-of-bed look is really hot.

Lisa: It's windy outside.

Bonnie: You know, it's windy in here, too. Every time that door opens, I get blasted. It almost knocked my cheesecake right off the table. Do I get something off of that?

Lisa: Something off?

Bonnie: Yeah. A discount on the cheesecake. It got all mushed when I was trying to keep it on the table.

Lisa: No problem, Mrs. Lockhart. Your dessert is on the house.

Bonnie: That's so sweet of you. Thank you. Celeste is never going to miss this card, and I certainly don't want it in my reading.

Man: [ Whistles ] Whoa, baby!

[ Wolf whistles ]

Bonnie: Whoo-hoo! Love that outfit! Oh, my gosh! I've got one just like it at home -- whip and all!

Cassie: Excuse me?

Bonnie: Oh, makes those boys pay attention. Ouch! Hi, Philip.

Philip: Hi. How you doing?

Bonnie: Hanging in there. Happy Halloween, kids.


Cassie: You know that woman?

Philip: It's Mimi's mom.

Cassie: Ha. That figures. Total trash, just like her daughter.

Philip: Forget about her. We have to find Rex.

Cassie: Mimi and Shawn are looking for him. Don't worry. He'll turn up.

Philip: When? And what if it's too late?


[ Scary voices laughing ]

Celeste: It's happening again.


Bo: A cop drive-by won't cut it, not tonight. Santos.

Man: I just thought the department was stretched, as it is.

Bo: There's a killer preying on the people of this city. Get down to the pier, stay there, keep your eyes peeled for anything suspicious.

Man: Right away, sergeant.

Bo: Get outta here.

Hope: You've got a message.

Bo: Well, that shouldn't be happening.

Bo: Someone claiming to be the serial killer just hacked into the P.D. server, sent me a file.

Hope: Aren't you going to open it?

Bo: I canít. It's uploading at a snail's pace.

Hope: What is that?

Bo: I don't know. Could be on a send timer. Man, come on, come on. This is not good. Okay, here's what we got so far.

Hope: This could be a clue -- just what we need to find the killer.

Bo: Come on. Quit freaking teasing us. Come on, show us what you got... before we lose another friend.


Maggie: I had such high hopes for tonight. I thought I'd give the kids, you know, their candy, and I'd have my life back to normal for a few hours. And then those first trick-or-treaters -- my goodness, they gave me such a scare. Do you know that one of them was dressed like an accident victim? I mean, can you imagine? And I thought, oh, no, here's Jack visiting me again from the grave. I hope this isn't going to be a regular occurrence -- supernatural visits from the grave. I don't think I can take much more of these shocks. I'm not doing very well. Can't you tell? Forgive me for, uh, boring you to death with my worries. I'm just so grateful that you're here tonight.


Shawn-D: The longer Rex is missing, the more I'm worried about his next victim.

Mimi: Stop talking like that about my boyfriend!

Shawn-D: Are we still on this? Mimi, when are you going to get a clue, please, before it's too late? You know how dangerous Rex is, you know. Because I know you're afraid of him. Why did you leave town? Because you were so freaked out about the way he was acting, right?

Mimi: Rex can't help it that he gets those awful headaches.

Shawn-D: Oh, and he can't help that he's killing people. Well, you know what? He's going after people that my family cares about. And I'm sorry, I can't just let that pass.

Mimi: He's not a killer.

Shawn-D: He's not? Then how do you know that?

Mimi: Do you think I would really be with a murderer?

Shawn-D: I think that you are not thinking straight right now. Because, Mimi, listen to me. If Belle was committing some heinous crimes, I wouldn't want to believe that, either. But if every time someone was killed, Belle was missing, I would start to have a few questions about that.

Mimi: You didn't used to be this mean.

Shawn-D: Okay, whoever the killer is, my mom and dad were the first intended victims, only they survived the attack at the fashion show. Jack and Abe -- they weren't that lucky. I just don't want to lose anyone else. Hey, listen, I especially don't want to lose you. And I just don't think that you're safe with your boyfriend.

Mimi: Well, I know I am.

Shawn-D: You know you are? Then why are you here with me? Weren't you supposed to be with Rex at the party? But he's not there, right? Where is he? Who knows what he's up to right now?

Mimi: I don't know! I don't have any idea about any of this!


Cassie: Will you stop worrying? I'm sure Rex is out picking up Chinese food or stocking up on birth control, because his trashy girlfriend can't keep her hands off of him. What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Philip: You're not leveling with me. A while ago, you were ready to accept that Rex could be the killer, and now you're back to protecting him.

Cassie: He's my brother.

Philip: And if he's guilty --

Cassie: He's not, so stop saying it.

Philip: You're scared it's true. All the murder suspects are missing. There's a chance the killer could strike again. And since you know Rex is the killer, you're scared out your mind.


Bonnie: Whew! No way I'm dying now. I've got too much living to do. Getting this death card was just a mistake, that's all.

Bonnie: Oh, good stuff!

Bonnie: Yeah. A definite mistake. And I'm going to find Celeste and get the reading I deserve.


[ Scary voices laughing ]

Celeste: [ Gasps ] Who will you attack next?


Bo: I need you to set up blockades around Salem Place. We've already had two murders there. I don't want to take any chances tonight.

Hope: Hey. You were right. The computer file is on a timer. The only problem is, is the guys in the tech department can't trace the killer until he logs back onto the system again.

Bo: If they log back on. This psycho thinks they have us boxed in. That's going to change.

Hope: What are you doing?

Bo: Trying to read this file.

[ Evil laughter ]

Bo: You bastard. You're not killing anyone on my watch. Kent, give me an update on the Horton surveillance.

Kent: The house is secure. I'm right outside the front door.

Bo: That's not good enough. Take a check around the perimeter. I want to make sure no one can gain access to the property.

Hope: That's right. "Death comes unexpectedly." We just picked it up. Can you trace it? Tech support's working on it.

Bo: Well, tell them to hurry up before this wacko kills somebody else.


Maggie: I haven't mentioned this to Mickey because I don't want to worry him any more than he already is, but I've been remembering things from the past -- you know, times that I haven't thought about in years. Like the night in high school when my best friend Beth and I got caught skinny-dipping in the lake. Ha ha. Bet you didn't know I was a rebel, did you? And the first time Mickey and I kissed... well, not that I could ever forget that, but it just -- I'm remembering it so clearly. You know, like where we were standing and... the sweater I wore... the smell of Mickeyís after-shave... it's like I'm right back there again. And then the first time I admitted in an A.A. meeting that I was an alcoholic. It, uh, I even remember some of the binges. It's a little unsettling. You see, I'm superstitious. And you know that saying that your life flashes before your eyes before you die. I don't mean to be freaking you out. It's just that I'm scared that they're not going to catch this person before he or she comes after me. Okay. Okay, enough of that. We are safe. You're here with me, Officer Kent's outside, and we'll let tomorrow take care of itself. And I think we need some more cheese and crackers. Definitely. All right. Cheese and crackers. And where's the knife?


Mimi: When I first started seeing Rex, I thought he was so...gentle.

Shawn-D: Well, you're one hell of a judge of character.

Mimi: No, he is gentle. He is. Most of the time.

Shawn-D: When he's not out whacking people.

Mimi: Would you stop with the killer stuff? He's not the murderer!

Shawn-D: Would you stop with the defending stuff?

Mimi: He has a temper. That's why you think he --

Shawn-D: We all have tempers, Mimi, but with Rex, it's his wiring, you know? It just short-circuits, and he just goes crazy.

Mimi: That's not true.

Shawn-D: I've seen it!

Mimi: Okay, okay, yeah, he gets worked up, and he yells, and he smashes things, and I do scared, but...

Shawn-D: He hasn't ever hurt you, has he?

Mimi: No, I told you that he never has.

Shawn-D: Well, it hasn't happened yet.

Mimi: He never will. It's just --

Shawn-D: It's just what?

Mimi: Why did he buy that hockey mask?

Shawn-D: Isn't it obvious?

Mimi: It's Halloween. He just -- he wanted to spoof the slasher movies.

Shawn-D: Oh, come on!

Mimi: I know, I know, I know. It was in really bad taste. I mean, it's not funny at all when your neighbors are getting knocked off one by one.

Shawn-D: So you agree that he could be guilty.

Mimi: I didn't say that.

Shawn-D: Well, you know what? It doesn't matter, because he is.

Mimi: No, Shawn, Rex has problems. I mean, who wouldn't after being raised like some weird science experiment? And let's not forget he has those killer headaches.

Shawn-D: Oh, yeah, it's the circuits going haywire again, right?

Mimi: He's in agony when they hit, Shawn! He's so helpless. I feel sorry for him.

Shawn-D: Sorry?

Mimi: Yes! I love him, okay? And I don't like to see him in pain. I don't know why you have such a problem with that! Why can't you be sensitive to my feelings for once, Shawn? I mean, this is my boyfriend we're talking about -- the person that I love more than anyone in the world,

Shawn-D: God, to hear you say that --

Mimi: You can't stand it, I know. You want to ruin it for me.

Shawn-D: Ruin it? Why can't you see the truth?

Mimi: Why can't you?

Shawn-D: Your boyfriend is the one --

Mimi: The person who killed Abe Carver an Jack Deveraux, yes, is a sick, vicious person.

Shawn-D: Yes -- Rex Dimera.

Mimi: No! That's not who he is!

Shawn-D: It is, Mimi. It's exactly who he is. You just don't want to accept it.

Mimi: I don't want to argue with you anymore.

Shawn-D: Why do you think I want to argue with you, okay? It's just when you're telling me how wonderful your boyfriend is, and I know he's not...

Mimi: It's just because your family hates the Dimeras.

Shawn-D: You know what? You're damn right that my family hates the Dimeras. But you know what? When people are dying, when people are losing family members, we have to stop the killer before he takes down somebody else.

Mimi: It's all so awful.

Shawn-D: I-I can't stay here. I have to go out there.

Mimi: But your mom said you're not supp--

Shawn-D: Rex has disappeared.

Mimi: But you're not supposed to go anywhere.

Shawn-D: Think about this. If I'm with him and someone is killed, then we know Rex is innocent.

Mimi: Okay, let's go.


[ Telephone rings ]

[ Ring ]

Mickey: Mickey Horton.

Hope: Uncle Mickey, it's me -- Hope. I am so glad you answered the phone.

Mickey: Yeah, why? What's going on?

Hope: We've been getting some strange calls here at the station tonight about people wearing masks, pulling Halloween pranks here and there around town. I just -- well, my mind immediately went to you and Maggie. But you're okay, right? Everything's fine?

Mickey: Yeah, yeah. I went out like a light about an hour ago. Maggie -- she must be downstairs. She was having trouble sleeping.  She has a big session with Marlena scheduled tomorrow... her mind's working overtime. Ahem. She's got high hopes she'll be able to remember whatever she's suppressing about the killer's identity.

Hope: We are all hoping, uncle Mickey. I just wish the damn media hadn't put the information out there.

Mickey: Oh, yeah, where the killer could read it. Yeah, I hear you. Yeah, but everything -- everything's -- everything's okay here tonight.

Hope: Good. Good, okay, I have an officer posted right outside your front door.

Mickey: Oh, yeah, right, right, right. And the alarm's on. The house is secure.

Hope: Okay. I'm sorry that I woke you. Have a good night.

Mickey: Thanks. Yeah, I will, I will. Yeah.


Bo: Hope, get over here. Take a look at this.

Hope: No.

Bo: The killer's playing games with people's lives. It's like a handheld camera. This bastard's making a damn home movie.

Hope: Santos. Santos, call the tech-support. The killer's sending video to Bo's computer. Tell them to trace it. Hurry.

Santos: I'm on it.

Hope: Hurry. Oh, my god. Oh, my god, look.

Bo: I think we're -- we're inside a room.

Hope: Yeah, but where? Just a little more, maybe I could recognize it.

Bo: What the hell? It's, uh, the back of a kitchen chair.

Hope: He's definitely in someone's house.

Bo: Where the hell is tech support? We're running out of time! Come on! Come on...


[ Knock on door ]

Maggie: Oh.

Maggie: Hi.

Kent: Hi. Everything okay, Mrs. Horton?

Maggie: Oh, yeah, it's okay.

Kent: Okay, good. I was noticing your lights were still on, so I thought I'd check up on you.

Maggie: Oh, well, I'm just having a little touch of insomnia. You know, it's not surprising, I guess, considering.

Kent: No, ma'am.

Maggie: Um, would you like some cheese and crackers? We were just having a little sn-- now where did --

Kent: Excuse me, ma'am. The wind's so loud, I can't hear you.

Maggie: Oh, it's nothing. It's -- it's okay. Everything -- everything is okay.

Kent: Okay, then. I'll get back to my post.

Maggie: Okay.

Kent: Try and get some sleep, if you can with this wind. And if your lights go out, don't get scared. The power's going in and out in this neighborhood 'cause of the weather.

Maggie: Oh, thanks for the warning. Good night. Whoo. Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo. Oy, what a night. Okay now. Am I getting scatterbrained on top of everything else? Where did I put this knife?

Maggie: Oh, there you are. You just missed that darling Officer Kent. He came by to check up on me. Well, there it is. I don't believe it. I have been looking for this knife. Oh, what do you got there? Is that one of those mini-cameras? Ah, Mickey and I -- I keep saying we got to get one of those things, and maybe we will once this serial killer business is over. We'll reward ourselves with having survived it. You know, I really do have to stop thinking about this. I mean, Jack hasn't -- he hasn't come back again, and that's a good thing, right? It's not that I'm afraid to die, because I'm not. I mean, I've had a good life. Just I'd like a little more. But I guess everybody would. Anyway, no one's going to die tonight -- not in this house. Mnh-mnh. No, because the officer's outside, Mickey's upstairs, and you are here, and I'm about the safest woman in the world, right? Pickles -- aah. Pickles. Where are the pickles?


Bonnie: Celeste, you've been gone so long, I thought you ditched me.

Celeste: It's happening again.

Bonnie: Nothing is happening from where I sit, except that I'm still waiting for my reading. Now come on, let's go. Whoo-hoo, Celeste! You're getting a tad spacey there, girl. What's going on?

Celeste: The killer has taken over my mind.


Cassie: My brother is not a killer.

Philip: We don't know that. He had a motive. Both Abe Carver and Jack Deveraux were getting close to naming Colin Murphy's murderer as well as the person who attacked Bo and Hope at the fashion show.

Cassie: You think they were going to name Rex?

Philip: Maybe Rex thought they were going to.



Cassie: Commander Carver cornered me just now in the hospital.

Rex: Why?

Cassie: He wanted to ask me questions about the attacks on the Bradys.

Rex: What makes him think you know anything?

Cassie: Because I was there the night of the fashion show.

Rex: So were plenty of other people.

Cassie: And I'm your sister.

Rex: So?

Cassie: Rex, you need to tell me the truth right now. Did you attack Bo and Hope Brady?


Cassie: I am so sick of my so-called friends blaming my brother. Thank you for the coffee.

Philip: Cassie, where are you going?

Cassie: I'm going to find Rex now. You know, he may be in trouble or sick. I'm going to go prove you and Shawn wrong.

Philip: Rex is definitely sick. I just hope for your sake he's not a murderer.


Hope: The killer is getting ready to show us the next victim, Bo. We've got to find him.

Bo: All right, what's the word on that trace? Do we have it yet? Come on, let's go!


Maggie: I just had a bizarre idea. If there is another murder in Salem tonight, we can be each other's alibi. Mark my word, though, the police are zeroing in on the wrong people. I just know that the killer isn't anyone that I kn-- that I know. Uh-oh. Officer Kent said this -- this would happen. He warned me. See, the wind is knocking at the power. I guess I should get some candles and flashlights or go to bed, 'cause it's getting late.

Maggie: I don't want to see the eyes again. See, apparently, I see the killer's eyes when I'm sleeping, so... so I know who the killer is, and, um... and I'm terrified, and I'm so terrified that I block it out when I awake. Well, now I definitely do need to get those candles. You know, if -- if we lose power, we won't be able to watch TV, and, uh, maybe I should get Mickey to get the generator going, because we need to watch that late, late show. Do you know there's a movie on tonight, an old Hitchcock movie? Do you know it? It's, uh, called "Rear Window." Jimmy Stewart, he's got his leg in a cast, and he starts spying on his neighbors, and he actually sees a murder committed. But let me tell you, Grace Kelly has the most beautiful Edith head outfits on -- oh. Oh, well, now, that's better. Where's your camera? Weren't you going to show me how to use it, remember?

Maggie: Where'd you get that bottle? Uh... look, I don't mean to offend you, but Mickey and I don't serve liquor in our home, for obvious reasons. I mean, do you know I'm -- I belong to A.A.? I mean, I have for two decades. Oh, no. You know, you haven't been totally honest with me. I see a mask sticking out of your pocket there. I thought you said you weren't going to any parties tonight. Your eyes... [ Gasps ] Oh. Oh, my god. It's you.


Mickey: No, Hope, donít, -- don't bother apologizing for waking me up. You're doing your job. Maggie and I are very grateful to you and Bo.

Hope: I just wanted to check in with you again, make sure that Maggie does not open the door to anybody tonight.

Mickey: Oh, no, once the last trick-or-treaters were gone, we put on the alarm, and Maggie has strict orders not to let anybody in.

Hope: Good. Uncle Mickey, I don't want to worry you any more than you already are, but since all seven suspects are missing, I want y b both to be extra careful.

Mickey: Oh, yeah. Yeah, we will be. If I see or hear anything strange, I'll call the station right away.

Hope: Okay. I'll talk to you in the morning. Okay, good night. You better have a good explanation for being here.

Mimi: We're worried about Rex. Has anyone heard from him?

Hope: No, we havenít. All seven suspects are nowhere to be found, which is exactly why I told you to stay in your apartment, Shawn.


Bo: We're getting something.

Hope: What is it?

Bo: Any of this look familiar?

Hope: Vaguely. I mean, it could be anywhere.

Shawn-D: Why are you looking at a video of uncle Mickey and aunt Maggie's kitchen?

Bo: What?

Hope: No, it can't -- it can't Ė that -- is not --

Shawn-D: Mom, it is. Look, look. I'd know that magnet anywhere. Don't you remember? That's the magnet I -- the frog magnet. See, it's right here on their -- on her fridge. She mentions it every time I go over there.

Hope: I'm going to call uncle Mickey.

Bo: Check in immediately. Kent, check in -- now.

Hope: Please don't let Maggie be the next victim -- please.

Mickey: What the hell? Maggie, apparently, you can't keep the alarm on. My god. When the power dies -- the power got to be -- that's what caused it, that power going out. That wind is all we need tonight.


Maggie: [ Moaning ]

Maggie: I was... I was so sure that the murderer couldn't be anyone I knew. I was right in a way, though. I don't know you like this. You're sick, you know that? But I can help you. If you let me -- if you let me live -- please, for Mickey. Please, please.

[ Sobbing ] You don't want to do this. It's not who you really are.

[ Sobbing ] Aah!


Bo: Kent, come in. Did you get through to Mickey yet?

Hope: No, I keep getting a busy signal. What about Kent?

Bo: Nothing, damn it. Hey, we got a detail over at Salem Place. Send them to 1313 Mockingbird Lane. Get an ambulance over there.

Shawn-D: So the killer is over at aunt Maggie's house right now? Is that what's happening?

Bo: You should not be here. Your mom told you to stay home tonight. Kent, where the hell -- what the hell are you doing here?

Philip: Cassie's worried about her brother. We thought, since he's one of your suspects, you might know where he is.

Shawn-D: Oh, I know exactly where Rex is. He's over at my aunt Maggie's house committing murder!

Bo: That was helpful, wasn't it?

Hope: Bo, come here. Look at this.

Hope: What's going on? Are we losing the feed?

Bo: I don't know. It could be, or... maybe the killer doesn't want us to see what happens next.


Bonnie: So how's it looking? Am I going to have a good year? They say the tarot cards never lie.

Celeste: [ Gasps ]

Bonnie: What's wrong? What's it say?


Mimi: The killer hacked into the police station's computer.

Cassie: Hey, Rex isn't the only person in Salem who's good with computers.

Philip: I didn't say anything.

Cassie: You didn't have to. I know what you're thinking. You're wrong.

Philip: What did the video actually show?

Mimi: All I know is that Shawn recognized his aunt Maggie's kitchen.

Cassie: Oh, my god.

Philip: I sure hope the cops get there before...

Hope: Shawn, what --

Shawn-D: I might be able to get the feed back up.

Hope: Do you want to let him do this? If he gets the feed back up, who knows what he might see?

Bo: We got a squad on the way. In the meantime, we might get a clue to the killer's identity.

Shawn-D: That's it. The picture's back up.

Bo: Thank you.

Bo: What the hell is going on?

Mimi: [ Gasping ]

Hope: Oh, my god, no.


(On the next Days of Our Lives)

Mickey: Maggie. Maggie, where are you, red? What's the door doing open? What are you doing, taking cookies out to the -- Maggie! God, Maggie! Maggie? Maggie? You all right? You all right? Maggie. What are -- it's you.

Mickey: My god, it's you.

Bo: Let's move. Shawn, you stick close to that computer. That psycho sends anything else, you let us know.

Shawn-D: Yeah, yeah. You guys be careful.

Mickey: How could you do this to Maggie?

Shawn-D: Whoever's attacking my friends and family, they will be stopped.

Bonnie: Aah!

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