Days Transcript Wednesday 9/24/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday  11/5/03--Canada; 11/6/03--USA

By Eric 
Proofread by Bernadette

Philip: Look, there's no sign of him anywhere, Cass. And you know what this means don't you?

Cassie: It means we haven't found him yet. Rex has not murdered anybody.

Philip: You know, it sounds like you're trying to convince yourself. Look, Cass, I know this is going to be tough on you, but face the facts.

Cassie: The fact is, you don't have any proof.

Philip: The fact is, if Rex is the killer, he's sure to be caught.


Shawn-D: Oh, no, you are not going to get away this time.

Mimi: Shawn! Don't fight him, Rex! Please, just let Shawn and I help you!

Shawn-D: Yeah, we'll help you all the way to prison.

Mimi: Shawn, stop!

Man: Hey, look --

Shawn-D: Just shut up, shut up, shut up! Listen to me, I swear to god, you say one more word! Say one more word! You tried to kill my aunt Maggie tonight for no damn reason. You've put her through hell! Listen to me. You're done, bastard! It's over. You're never going to hurt anyone ever again.


Man: Should I get another doctor?

Lexie: No, no, I'm fine. We may have lost my husband to this monster. We may have lost Jack Deveraux but we are not going to lose Maggie. Not if I can help it.


Caroline: Honey, why don't you go on home and be with Abby?

Jennifer: No, no, she's fine. She's with grandma Jo.

Alice: Mickey.

Mickey: Hi, hi.

Jennifer: What are you doing? You should be resting.

Mickey: No, no, no, no. No, I'm fine. They stitched up my side. So what did you find out about Maggie? Is she okay?

Caroline: We're waiting, Mickey.

Jennifer: We're praying, uncle Mickey.

Mickey: Lexie? Lexie. Hey, hey, what's going on? I gotta know. Dear god. Is my wife... is she going to die?


Roman: All right, what the hell are we doing? Get that video on from the serial killer.

Man: Yes, sir.

Roman: All right, dispatch, yeah, get a CSI team over to Mickey Horton's to assist Officers Bo and Hope Brady in the investigation.

Man #2: Roger that.

Man: Sir, the video's ready for viewing.

Roman: All right. He's got enough nerve to videotape his own attack and send it to us. He's taunting us. He thinks he's clever enough to get away with this.

Roman: Son of a bitch is making himself the star of his own snuff film. But no more. You hear me, you bastard? No more. I'm coming after you, and I'm going to get you.


Sami: Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah!

Lucas: Sami! Sami, what is it? I heard your screaming all the way down the hall! Sami, you're dreaming. Wake up! Sami, wake up! You're dreaming. Wake up.

Sami: I did it.

Lucas: What? What? You did what?

Sami: I'm guilty. I killed her.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.


Lucas: Calm down. Calm down, Sami. What is it?

Sami: Oh, my god. It was everywhere. There's blood everywhere, and there she was. She was just lying there. She wasn't -- she wasn't moving, she wasn't breathing, and -- and -- and she looked so dead. Oh, god, and then she -- and then she was -- Lucas.

Lucas: Wait a minute. What are you talking about? Who looked dead? Sami.

Sami: There was blood. It was everywhere. It was all over me. It's everywhere. Help me -- help me get it off, Lucas. I can't let will see me like this.

Lucas: Stop it. Stop. Will's not even here. Stop it.

Sami: He's not here? That's right. He's with grandma and grandpa. That's good, right?

Lucas: Yeah, it is, Sami. Now wait a minute. You're all over the place. Just focus, all right? Calm down. Now, you were asleep, and you were dreaming. What is it?

Sami: I came home, and there was a note from Shawn and Mimi that they had taken Will to the pub, and -- and it was -- it was too late to call, so I --

Lucas: Sami, wait a minute.

Sami: So I went to sleep.

Lucas: What about the dream?

Sami: I was standing in Maggie's kitchen, and she was lying on the floor in this pool of blood, and -- and there was this whiskey bottle next to her head, and Mickey was there, too, and he had blood all over him. He had been stabbed with a scalpel.

Lucas: A scalpel?

Sami: They were both dead, Lucas. It was so horrible. But it -- it was just a nightmare.

Lucas: No. No, I don't think so.

Sami: What do you mean you don't think so?

Lucas: You're describing a crime scene. Sounds too real, like you were there. And if you were there, that can only mean one thing. You're the serial killer.


Mickey: Lexie? Tell me.

Lexie: Maggie suffered a subdural hematoma. We did what we could to relieve the pressure to her brain, but she lost a lot of blood.

Mickey: [ Groans ]

Lexie: We're giving her a transfusion, but her vitals are still very weak.

Jennifer: Uncle Mickey. Uncle Mickey, aunt Maggie -- she's a fighter. You know that. Think -- think of everything that she's overcome in her life. And she can still pull through this, Lexie, right? I mean, she has a chance.

Lexie: Jennifer, I don't want to give anyone false hope.

Mickey: What? Just say it.

Lexie: If Maggie does regain consciousness, there's a possibility that she could suffer brain damage.

Lexie: I'm so sorry.

Mickey: I got to see her. I want to be with her, okay?

Lexie: Yeah, yeah, I'll take you in. She can have one visitor at a time.


Jennifer: How can -- how can this be happening again? We haven't even buried Abe or my husband. How can this be happening?

Alice: Darling, darling, I'm so sorry.

Jennifer: [ Sobs ]

Caroline: It's because she knew. Maggie was on the verge of telling us who's trying to destroy our lives and put us through the worst kind of hell. That's what made her a target. The killer had to keep her quiet.


Roman: Yeah, that's right. I don't want that crime scene tainted in any way. This killer's got to slip up sometime. I want fingerprints, DNA samples, anything. We got to I.D. this son of a bitch, and we got to do it now. You understand that? All right, here's what we got now. The attacker, man or woman, was dressed all in black. He or she had on a black hooded sweatshirt, was also wearing a hockey mask. I am checking out the whereabouts of our seven suspects as we speak. Yeah, that's right. Yeah. If I hear anything new, I'll give you a call. All right.

Kate's voice: This is Kate Roberts. Please leave your name, number, and a brief message. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks.

Roman: Katie, I pray that you have an alibi for tonight.


Shawn-D: This is it, Rex! I've got you right where I want you! You're never going to commit a murder again!

Mimi: Don't ht t him, Shawn! Please!

Philip: I've got you. He's not getting away.

Cassie: This is not my brother. Unhand him.

Shawn-D: I know this is Rex, just like I know you used a scalpel to carve up my uncle Mickey. Your mom saw it, Mimi, and so did Celeste.

Mimi: This guy doesn't even have a scalpel!

Shawn-D: Okay, I'll check. You got him, Phil?

Philip: I got him.

Mimi: See, I told you!

Shawn-D: All right, fine, he ditched his murder weapon.

Philip: Quit screwing around. Take off the mask. Let's see who it is.

Shawn-D: Let's see that pretty boy face of yours, Rex.


Sami: What did I expect? Why did I even try to confide in you? I tell you about my dream, and you accuse me of murder.

Lucas: What am I supposed to think, huh?

Sami: I don't know what you're supposed to think. You weren't supposed to think. You're supposed to comfort me. You're supposed to calm me down. You're supposed to say, "Oh, don't worry about it. Don't freak out, honey. It's just a nightmare." Instead, you say, "Because you had that dream, you must be the killer."

Lucas: Well, why else would you have dreamt it, huh?

Sami: I don't know, Lucas. People dream for a lot of different reasons, and it doesn't always have to do with reality. That's why it's called a dream, because it's not real.

Lucas: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. You said it seemed real.

Sami: Well, of course it seemed real. All dreams seem real until you wake up.

Lucas: Maybe it wasn't a dream after all.

Sami: You haven't been listening to a word I said, have you?

Lucas: It's only a dream if it turns out not to be true.

Sami: Well, you know what isn't a dream, and you know what's not ever going to be true is you having a brain in your head or an ounce of compassion for anyone or the ability to reach out to someone when they're obviously upset.

Lucas: Oh, poor Sami. What, are we all going to huddle around you 'cause you had a bad dream? People are dropping like flies in Salem. Who cares about you?

Sami: Get out of my apartment!

Lucas: If I were you, I'd stop feeling sorry for myself.

Sami: Yeah, well, I feel sorry for myself because I ever met you.

Lucas: You know what? I'm not the one who had the dream. I'm not the one that had the nightmare, the very detailed nightmare.

Sami: You know what? Everything has been going wrong in Salem. Everything is bad right now, and I'm sure a lot of people are having nightmares. What are you dreaming about, frolicking in a meadow?

Lucas: You -- you dreamt about murdering Maggie, damn it!

Sami: I'm sure everyone is dreaming about Maggie getting murdered. That poor woman -- everyone thinks that she's the next victim! She's walking around with the weight of the world on her shoulders, and you just look at her and she starts to cry.

Lucas: How dare you? How dare you say that about my aunt Maggie?

Sami: Look, I'm just saying that she should pull herself together, okay? And stop crying all the time. It's not helping anybody, and it's certainly making her and everyone else feel worse.

Lucas: She's crying all the time, huh? How do you know that?

Sami: I've seen it, and my mother has told me about it. She said that Maggie is so fragile that you ask her how she is and she bursts into tears.

Lucas: Your mom wouldn't feel that way about aunt Maggie. They're friends. And how can you be so judgmental, huh? You don't know what it's like walking around, waiting for somebody to kill you.

Sami: Actually, I do know, Lucas, remember? I know exactly how it feels to have someone want to kill me, but do I get all-pitiful? No, of course not. I fight back.

Lucas: How's Maggie supposed to fight back, huh? What's that woman supposed to do?

Sami: Well, stop bawling, for one thing.

Lucas: You know, you are the meanest person I've ever met.

Sami: I don't care what you think.

Lucas: Wait, wait, wait a minute. You knew my aunt Maggie was scheduled to go under hypnosis tomorrow, right? And if that was a success, she was going to name the killer. What, Sami, afraid she's going to name you? Is that it?

Sami: I'm afraid that if my dream is really true, she's not going to be naming anyone ever.

Lucas: Aha, so you do think your dream is true. There you go.

Sami: No! No! I don't! I'm just -- have the images in my head still. Poor Maggie buying the farm.

Lucas: You better shut up about that. I don't want to hear that again, I mean it.

Sami: What? What did I say?

Lucas: You know, you have no respect for anybody, do you? No respect at all. This is no big deal to you, right? People losing their loved ones, fearing for their lives. It's all just a big chuckle to you.

Sami: A big chuckle?

Lucas: Yeah.

Sami: I was screaming in my nightmare. You heard me. I happen to be a very sensitive person, Lucas, and I do not like seeing people suffer.

Lucas: Oh, you don't like people suffering? Expect for me, my mom, John Black --

Sami: Get out, okay?! I am -- I've had enough! Get out of my apartment. I'm going back to sleep.

Lucas: All right, you go back to sleep. I'm going to use your phone. Got to make a call.

Sami: Why?

Lucas: What do you mean, why? I'm calling Mickey and Maggie. That's why.

Sami: You can't do that.

Lucas: Why not, huh? Why can't I do that?

Sami: Well, because it's late. You'll wake them up.

Lucas: Yeah, that's right. It's a bad idea.

Sami: Yeah, very bad.

Lucas: So I'll just go over there right now instead.

Sami: What? No.

Lucas: Yes.

Sami: No, Lucas, you can't go.

Lucas: Why not? I'm going over there.

Sami: No. I-I should go with you, then, and -- and make sure that -- that Maggie is okay. Just wait.

Lucas: Fine. Hurry up.

Sami: I'm coming.


Shawn-D: Who the hell are you?

Mimi: He's -- he's Elliot Snyder. He works with me at java cafe.

Cassie: I know him, too. He was in my economics class.

Shawn-D: Oh, yeah. Elliot.

Elliot: I don't know what you think you were doing, man, but you scared the hell out of me. Why are you grabbing me like this, you jerk?

Shawn-D: Because there is a serial killer running around Salem with a costume just like yours.

Elliot: So what? It's Halloween. A lot of people are dressed like this. What, are you going to attack them, too?

Shawn-D: Well, Mimi's mom saw someone dressed just like --

Mimi: I just remembered something my mom said. She said that the guy that went after her was dressed in black from head to toe.

Cassie: So look at his shoes, Shawn.

Philip: Face it, man, it's another dead end.

Elliot: If you ask me, I think you're the psycho, Shawn. Give me my mask.

Shawn-D: I was so sure.

Mimi: Yeah, well, you were wrong, Shawn -- ooh, gee, what a shock.

Philip: Well, let's not waste time, ok? We have to keep looking.

Mimi: Fine, okay, but you know what? As soon as we find Rex, I am sure he'll have a logical explanation for everything.

Shawn-D: Oh, yeah, Rex is always logical. That's why I'm going to make sure I check every place he'd be using as a phony alibi, and I know just the place to start.


[ Distant ship horn blows ]

Roman: [ Whispering ] Yeah, dispatch. This is commander Brady. I'm at pier 14. I just found a suspect that matches the description of the person who attacked Mickey and Maggie Horton tonight. I'm moving in. Send backup.

Roman: All right, you. Hold it right there. Raise your hands where I can see them. Go ahead. All right, now... turn around very slowly.

Roman: What the hell is wrong -- are you out of your mind, walking the streets this time of night by yourself?

Kate: Walking the streets? What, like the whore I am, or what?

Roman: You know that's not what I meant.

Kate: No. No, I don't know that's what you meant.

Roman: Look, I am in the middle of a murder investigation here, Kate.

Kate: Oh, and I'm your number one suspect, right? Because you think that I have the perfect motive for killing Abe and Jack.

Roman: There was another attack tonight, Kate -- somebody wearing black just like you. So if you don't have a solid alibi for tonight, yes, you are in very big trouble.


Mickey: I love you so much, red. You know that, don't you? You're my world. I'm so sorry. I knew you were in danger. I sh-sh-- should have protected you.

Jennifer: No, there's no change. Uncle Mickey's in there right now, and gram and Caroline are here. Yeah. Just if you and Bo find out anything, call me, and I'll keep you abreast of what's going on here. All right. Bye. Hey. How's she doing?

Mickey: [ Sighs ] I-I think she heard me. I told her that I loved her, and I told her to fight.

Jennifer: Yeah. I know.

Mickey: Mm. I keep thinking about when Maggie was hypnotized, she said she -- she saw dad's ghost, and that he -- he called out her name.

Alice: We need to pray.

Caroline: I'm going to the chapel right now, and I'm going to light a candle for Maggie's recovery.

Jennifer: Lexie, it's not good, is it? Oh, my gosh, Lexie. I can't believe that this is happening again.

Man: Dr. Carver, code blue.

Mickey: [ Moans ] Oh, dear god.


Mimi: It's dark in there.

Shawn-D: It doesn't look like anyone's home.

Cassie: I called earlier, and the housekeeper said that Rex and Tony weren't home, and they hadn't been there all evening.

Mimi: Well, I think we should go in the house just to make sure.

Cassie: Yeah, and if Rex is home, it will clear his name once and for all.

Shawn-D: That's not going to happen.

Shawn-D: All right, we've searched the entire downstairs area. No sign of Rex.

Mimi: [ Gasps ]

Cassie: Thank god.

Mimi: Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes.

Shawn-D: I don't believe this.

Philip: This doesn't mean he's been here all night.

Mimi: Of course it does. I'm sure of it.

Cassie: Well, let's ask him. Rex, come on.

Mimi: Wake up.

Cassie: Rex. Hey. Open your eyes.

Philip: Hey, Rex, it's Philip. We need to talk to you. Wake up.

Shawn-D: He's not moving.

Mimi: God. Is he dead?


[ Police radio chatter ]

Sami: God, there are, like, 10 cop cars in the driveway, Lucas.

Lucas: Look at the kitchen door.

Sami: Oh, my god.

Sami: It did happen.

Lucas: Guess it wasn't a dream after all. You did it, didn't you? You tried to kill Maggie Horton.


Caroline: What happened?

Jennifer: They called a code blue.

Mickey: God, god.

Caroline: Mickey, Mickey, we have seen miracles before.

Alice: I, uh... I need to pray, dear.

Caroline: I'll go to the chapel with you, Alice, and, Jennifer, you stay here and stay with Mickey and wait for news.

Jennifer: All right. Gram, say a prayer for all of us, okay?

Alice: Yes, of course I will.

Mickey: Please... you got to have a miracle.

Jennifer: Mickey, I know, I know.

Mickey: If I lose -- if I lose Maggie, I don't -- god, I don't know what I'll do.


Lucas: Go ahead, tell me the truth. What the hell did you do to my aunt, Sami?

Sami: Would you stop, Lucas? Just because it happened the way I saw it in my dream does not mean that --

Lucas: Oh, come on. You knew Maggie had a hypnosis session tomorrow. You knew she was going to name her killer. What, if she told Marlena, what were you going to do, kill your own mom just to keep her quiet, too? Come on, how far are you willing to go?

Sami: Oh, how far are you willing to go, Lucas? Maybe you're just playing with my mind right now to cover up your own guilt. Remember when I said that Maggie was about to name the killer? You said that you weren't going to let that happen.



Sami: Maggie Horton -- she is the real problem. God. You know, I am sick to death of hearing she is close to naming the killer's identity.

Lucas: Yeah, and if she names one of us --

Sami: No, I'm not going to let that happen.

Lucas: Neither am I.


Sami: You were acting pretty damn guilty then, so don't play innocent with me now, Lucas. I bet you don't even have an alibi for tonight, do you?


Cassie: Rex, open your eyes.

Mimi: Why can't we wake him up?

Philip: Cass, let me see him. His heart's beating. He's breathing.

Mimi: Then what's wrong with him?

Cassie: Rex sometimes goes into this weird trancelike state. You can't snap him out of it. He'll wake up when he's ready.

Shawn-D: What the hell are you talking about, Cassie?

Cassie: It's just the way my brother's wired. He goes into this deep sleep whenever he needs to renew himself after he --

Shawn-D: After what?

Cassie: I don't know.

Shawn-D: After he kills someone -- is that what you were going to say?

Cassie: No, of course I was not going to say that. He just gets upset or really tired, and he needs to recharge his batteries.

Mimi: Guys, he's just asleep. I mean, he probably had a really bad headache, and -- and now he's just resting.


Philip: Shawn.

Shawn-D: Yeah?

Philip: Come take a look at this.

Shawn-D: No, no, no, no, no. Don't -- don't touch that. This is the evidence I've been looking for. It's going to prove that Rex is the killer.


Roman: No, that's right. You heard me right. I don't need the backup anymore. I've got the suspect under control.

Kate: Yeah, that's what you think.

Roman: Yeah, she does fit the description. I'm going to check her alibi and decide whether to bring her in or not.

Kate: Oh, boy. You must have ice water running in your veins -- thinking the woman that you love is a cold-blooded murderer, and yet, you know, it doesn't faze you at all. It's still business as usual, isn't it?

Roman: Kate, god -- I hate this. But the killer was spotted tonight, wearing black with a hood. I find you out here on the damn pier wearing black with a hood up around your face.

Kate: Oh, I see. Well, that is just brilliant detective work. It really is. You know, I was cold. I put the hood up over my head. Is that a criminal offense now?

Roman: Somebody tried to kill Maggie Horton tonight.

Kate: Oh, my god. Maggie -- is she all right?

Roman: Why do you ask that, Kate? Are you afraid she'll survive and implicate you?

Kate: No! Roman, my god. Maggie was my friend. I care about her, all right?

Roman: I thought Jack and Abe were your friends, too.

Kate: Oh, god. Oh, so we're back to that again?

Roman: You argued with Abe right before he died. The gardener heard you.

Kate: Yes, yes, I did, and I never denied that.

Roman: And then you killed him to keep his secret away from me so I wouldn't find out that you were a paid whore for Stefano Dimera.

Kate: No. Roman, I did have the motive to kill Abe, but I did not do it.

Roman: And you didn't kill Jack.

Kate: No!

Roman: Turn to me. Look at me. Now, you didn't kill Jack because he was getting close to discovering the same truth about your past?

Kate: No.

Roman: Damn it, Kate, you have gotten awful good at covering your tracks -- up until tonight, that is.

Kate: You're right. You're right. Tonight, I blew it.

Roman: Does that mean you're going to confess?

Kate: [ Sighs ] Yeah. Yeah, I am. 


Shawn-D: Yep, there's the mask I saw him buy at the costume store.

Philip: I'm surprised he didn't try to get rid of it.

Shawn-D: He probably passed out before he could do it.

Cassie: Rex. Rex, open your eyes, it's me. Come on, wake up.


Mimi: I thought you said it was impossible to wake him up when he's like this.

Cassie: Shawn and Philip are on a rampage. They think that he's guilty, and he needs to wake up so he can defend himself.

Mimi: I hate to admit this, but what if Shawn is right? What if Rex is like this because he committed some act of violence tonight that wiped him out? What if he attacked Maggie?

Cassie: How could you say that? What kind of a girlfriend are you?

Mimi: The kind who notices when her boyfriend is acting really weird.

Cassie: I know Rex better than anybody, and I'll admit he's into some pretty bizarre stuff, but I am not going to sit around and let Shawn convince his father to arrest him when nobody knows for sure what really happened.

Mimi: What are you doing?

Cassie: We can't handle this alone. We need help.

Cassie: [ Sighs ] Mom, it's me. I need your help. Something is really wrong. Rex is in trouble. His headaches have been getting worse, and he's in this deep sleep that nobody can wake him up out of. I don't know what to do. Um, we're at dad's house. Can you please call me on my cell? Bye.

Philip: You're afraid Shawn's right, aren't you? Come on, admit it. Deep down inside, you're afraid your brother could be a psychotic killer.

Shawn-D: I can't reach either of my parents, although I know they're both going over the crime scene at Maggie's house with the CSI team.

Philip: Well, let's hope they get some hard evidence this time.

Shawn-D: Well, even if they don't, we've got all this.

Philip: Let's keep this stuff safe till your mom and dad get over here and have a look, huh?

Shawn-D: Yeah. Well, I guess there's no hurry. Rex isn't going anywhere.

Philip: Yeah.

Mimi: Cassie, you guys, he's waking up.


Kate: Of course I'm ready. I'm ready to make a full confession. I mean, why not? You're not just the police detective. You are the judge, and you're the jury, and you have convicted me. So why don't you just lock me up, huh? Why don't you lock me up? Or would you rather give me the death penalty?

Roman: Kate, you think this is a joke? Do you think this is fun for me? You think I'm getting my jollies finding you out here on a pier skulking around in black clothes looking guilty as hell?

Kate: But it's all adding up to you, isn't it? It's all adding up in that logical mind of yours.

[ Sighs ] Roman, the only problem is you don't have any proof. You dot have any proof that I've done anything wrong.

Roman: All right, Kate, then sit down here. Sit down here. Let's hear it.

Kate: What?

Roman: Where have you been all night? Give me your alibi.

Kate: I was at the Brady pub, okay? And Will was there, and the last time I checked, there isn't any crime for spending time with your grandson.

Roman: Then where'd you go?

Kate: Sami and Lucas were gone, so I decided to look for Lucas, because I thought it would be a good idea if we were together tonight so I would be his alibi in case there was another killing.

Roman: But you didn't find him.

Kate: No, nor Sami.

Roman: All right, Kate, let's go.

Kate: Are you going to arrest me?

Roman: No. You and I are going to look for Lucas and Sami tonight, together, and we are going to find them this time. Let's go.


Lucas: This is so crazy. Lurking around here makes us look guilty.

Sami: You're right, you're right. Let's just go, okay?

Lucas: All right.

Man: Samantha Brady?

Sami: Yeah.

Man: Remember me? I work for your dad.

Sami: Right, right. Uh, officer, um...

Man: Rivera.

Sami: Rivera. I was just going to say Officer Rivera.

Rivera: You shouldn't be here, miss Brady. Everyone down at the station knows you're a suspect in this latest string of attacks.

Sami: Oh, the suspect thing. That's no biggie. It's just a formality. That has nothing to do with why we're here tonight.

Rivera: And you're Lucas Roberts. Your picture's up on the suspect board, too. I'm going to have to call commander Brady and let him know you two are here.

Lucas: No, no, no, no.

Sami: You know what? You don't have to call my dad. I've already talked to him tonight, and he knows that I have an alibi.

Rivera: You do?

Lucas: You do?

Sami: Well, yeah. Um, we were at our son's Halloween party, and then we took him trick-or-treating, and then we had a quiet dinner at the Brady pub, right, Lucas?

Lucas: Yeah. Uh, exactly what kind of crime was committed here tonight, officer?

Rivera: Mickey and Maggie Horton were both brutally attacked.


Jennifer: All right, uncle Mickey, I just called everyone that I could think of and told them about aunt Maggie. I think we need the whole Horton family praying for her right now.

Mickey: Yeah, mom and Caroline are praying in the chapel.

Jennifer: I spoke to mike and my dad. And I couldn't get a hold of Melissa and Sarah, and I didn't want to leave this on their answering machine, so I told them to call me when they could. And Lucas -- I have no idea where he is

Mickey: So... he's missing again right around the time of an attack?

Jennifer: Uncle Mickey, I find it really hard to believe that he would hurt aunt Maggie.

Mickey: Oh... oh, my god. No, no. She's his A.A. sponsor. They're very close.

Jennifer: So you believe he's innocent?

Mickey: Hey, I don't really know what to think. I mean, the killer has to be somebody that she knows, somebody that she trusts. I mean, she disarmed the security system and let the person in the house.

Jennifer: I thought that she was given strict orders not to let anyone in.

Mickey: Oh, but Maggie has such a good heart. I mean, she didn't believe any of that stuff about the police department, the suspects -- that they were guilty. She had her own theory that the killer was a total stranger. Her guard was down. She --

Lexie: Mickey, Jennifer, Maggie's regained consciousness.

Mickey: Oh!

Jennifer: Come on. You got it?

Mickey: Yeah.

Jennifer: All right. Come on.

Mickey: Come on, come on.


Kate: Oh. No Sami.

Roman: Bed's unmade. She must have left in a hurry.

Kate: Hmm. Well, is this what you said the killer was wearing? I... I guess I'm not the only one who chose to wear black tonight.


Sami: Lucas and I have been so concerned about Maggie lately. She's been under so much stress, what with having the killer's identity suppressed in her subconscious and all, and, well, you know, my mom is the one who's trying to help her remember. My mom tells me everything, and, well, she told me that Maggie's in a lot of danger, and I wasn't able to sleep tonight, I was so worried about her. Lucas, too. You know what? Maggie is his A.A. sponsor. Did you know that?

Rivera: Uh, no.

Sami: Well, they're very close, and Lucas is a Horton -- a member of the Horton family. And, um, anyway, we just came here to see how Maggie was doing.

Lucas: How did it happen exactly -- the attack?

Rivera: Mrs. Horton was hit over the head with a whiskey bottle. She lost a lot of blood.

Sami: Oh, dear god.

Lucas: Just like your dream.

Sami: And Mickey?

Rivera: He was stabbed with a scalpel -- you know, the kind doctors use?

Sami: Thanks for the info, officer. Um...we'd better get down to the hospital to find out how Maggie and Mickey are doing.

Rivera: Okay. I'll let you go since you're not a suspect in this particular case. But don't go walking around late at night anymore. This city isn't safe.

Lucas: Maggie's attack happened just the way it did in your dream, right? Mickey, the scalpel -- down to the very last detail.

Sami: Shut up, Lucas. It doesn't mean a damn thing.

Lucas: Oh, yeah, it does. It means you did it. It means you must be the killer.


Rex: What's going on? Why are you all here? Where exactly is here?

Mimi: It's okay, Rex. You're in your old room in the Dimera mansion. You were just sleeping.

Cassie: Where you've been sleeping all night, right, Rex?

Philip: Quiet, Cassie.

Shawn-D: Now that you're more awake, you have any idea why we might have tracked you down?

Rex: Yeah. You're here because Maggie Horton was murdered. She's dead.

Philip: Do you realize what you just said, Rex?

Shawn-D: There is no way that you could have known that Maggie was attacked tonight if you've been asleep the whole time! You started your confession. Why don't you go ahead and finish it? You went out, you bought your Halloween costume, complete with a hockey mask, then you paid a visit over to Maggie's house, right? Why don't you go on and say it, huh? You're the serial killer!


Sami: Lave me alone, Lucas! For all I know, you're the one who attacked Maggie. You don't have an alibi for tonight.

Lucas: I didn't have a dream -- a gruesome dream about Mickey and Maggie being attacked, just like they were in real life.

Sami: Go to hell, Lucas.

Lucas: No, that's where you're going, Sami. Because you're the Salem serial killer.


Kate: See? Black clothing. Even a hood. And Sami is missing.

Roman: Kate, we both have kids who are suspects. And if one of them is guilty, I promise you I will not go easy on them, not after what happened to Maggie tonight.


Lexie: Her condition is still critical, but she is conscious. She should be able to talk.

Mickey: Maggie. Maggie, honey, can you -- can you hear me? Sweetheart --

Maggie: Mickey.

Mickey: Huh?

[ Laughs ]

Maggie: Mickey.

Mickey: You don't know how happy it makes me to hear you say my name, darling.

Maggie: What happened to your face? It's all bruised.

Mickey: Oh, no, don't worry about me. I'm fine. I'm just glad that you're finally awake. We've all been praying for you. Mom and Caroline are down in the chapel right now.

Jennifer: Aunt Maggie, do you know who did this to you?

Maggie: Yes. I do.


(On the next Days of Our Lives)

Hope: I have to go and question uncle Mickey.

Jennifer: What?

Hope: On the video feed, we saw him look up and say "you."

Philip: Tony?

Nicole: The only person I can't hide from is you.

Marlena: We need to know if you have anything to do with the attack on Maggie Horton.

Rex: No.

Shawn-D: Liar!

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