Days Transcript Monday 9/15/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 9/15/03--Canada; 9/16/03--USA

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Tony: Well, don't worry, father. This is a secure line. No one's listening. And nobody knows you're alive in salem except for bart. Well, of course I'm angry. You -- you hung up on me earlier. What? Out of line? Why, because I'm interested in what happens to the twins? They're my flesh and blood. I love cassie and rex. I don't want to see them hurt.

Tony: What are you saying? Of course they're my children! I'm their father, aren't I?

Mimi: Don't stop now.

Rex: I won't if you come to bed with me.

Mimi: Uh, wait. I'm still mad at you. Do you know how much money we spent on dinner tonight? And no one enjoyed it. Everyone had a lousy time because --

Rex: I had a great time. It couldn't have been better. Well, at first, I thought belle's idea of m mock trial was just stupid, all right? But the fact is, there's no way I tried to kill bo and hope. Belle -- she ended up being a fair judge. And her decisi was right. But do you want to know what the best part of the night was?

Mimi: What?

Rex: The look on shawn's face when belle -- his own girlfriend -- said "not guilty." That's right. Shawn was the weakest link tonight, baby! He lost his case against me, and he lost his girlfriend. Hmm?

Shawn-d: How'd you know I was up here?

Belle: It's our special place.

Shawn-d: Yeah, I thought you'd forgotten.

Belle: Why, shawn? Just because I said rex was not guilty? I know I hurt you, but I thought what I did was fair. I just have a feeling you're never going to forgive me.

Mickey: Dad? Wh-why are you here? Wh-- what are you trying to tell me?

Lexie: What did you just say?

Maggie: Mickey told me that abe saw tom horton's ghost, and that tom spoke to abe.

Lexie: No, you can't be serious. When?

Maggie: When we called you to come over to the house, the same night that alice saw tom.

Lexie: No. No, I mean, that's crazy. Abe never said anything about that to me.

Jennifer: He didn't want to scare you, lexie.

Lexie: Oh, my god. Remember what alice said? Whoever's name is called out by the spirit is doomed. Abe's going to die, isn't he?

Abe: There was an attempted murder right down the street from here.

Brady: So that was a gunshot that I heard.

Victor: Uh... there was an attempted murder down the street, and that's enough to convince you the shooter is in this room? Boy, you're not retiring any too soon, are you, commander?

Nicole: And what do you mean, attempted murder?

Jack: I'm not dead. You missed. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. Come on, get your glide on. abe told mickey that he saw tom's osost, and that tom spoke to him?

Maggie: Yes. Yes. And mickey told me that in confidence. I'm sorry, lexie. I didn't mean to upset you.

Lexie: Yeah, so am I. That means I'm starting to believe all this.

Jennifer: No, lexie, listen, you know how tense I've been about jack and his picture catching on fire, and aunt maggie was just trying --

Maggie: Yeah, I was just -- I was trying to ease her mind. And, see, that's why I was telling her that according to mickey, tom didn't ever mention jack's name. Oh, and I'm just making this worse.

Lexie: Oh, sweetie, no, no, no. Come on, come on, don't blame yourself. All right, this has been building. You know, it all started when my mom had that terrible nightmare and told us that a close loved one was going to die. And then alice seeing tom's ghost -- I mean, I thought it was just old age creeping in, but now abe actually claims that he's seen tom's ghost, too, and that tom spoke to him. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. How do ignore what alice said? Whoever's name is called out by the spirit is doomed. You know, abe's been around so much danger lately, these cases he's working on -- I mean, he's risking his life.

Jennifer: Yes, lexie, but abe does that every day.

Maggie: Yes.

Jennifer: You know that.

Lexie: No, no, this is different. Abe's updated his will. He's put his affairs in order. He knows the danger's real. I mean, his informant was just murdered. Abe's next.

Abe: I told you to stay out of this, jack.

Jack: And miss the story of a lifetime?

Abe: Story of a lifetime?

Jack: Yeah. Covering my own attempted murder. It's every journalist's dream to confront... the woman who tried to kill me!

Brady: All right, you know what? Jack, why are you accusing nicole?

Jack: Oh, victor and nicole look like they've seen a ghost.

Victor: Nonsense. What the hell is going on here, abe? Why is jack here?

Abe: Jack heard a shot. He hit the ground, he slammed his head against the curb, and he blacked out for a while. Now, what do you and nicole know about this?

Victor: What are you talking about?

Brady: See, I could have sworn that I heard a gunshot, but no one else in this house heard it.

Abe: Where exactly were you, brady?

Brady: I was just coming in from my run when I heard the shot.

Abe: Were you and nicole in the house when brady came in?

Nicole: Yes.

Victor: Yes, we were both here. Jack's probably confused because he hit his head.

Jack: Hey, wait a minute. I was just standing out by the street with my headphones on, listening to the dave matthews band, and --

Victor: Bull! You were trying to eavesdrop on our telephone line.

Jack: Oh, wait a minute. He ripped my headphones off, he confronted me and threatened me and told me to walk away and don't look back, which is exactly what I did, and that's when somebody took a shot at me.

Abe: Well, did you threaten jack, victor?

Shawn-d: Do you know how hard that was for me when you sided with rex, judging him not guilty? Belle, I feel betrayed.

Belle: I was trying to be impartial. I don't want to hurt you, shawn. I really do want you to make peace with rex.

Shawn-d: I cannot make peace with someone who I think tried to kill my parents!

Belle: I understand where you're coming from, but what I did tonight -- judging rex not guilty -- it could work out for the best.

Shawn-d: That is what I don't get. What does that mean?

Belle: Just listen, okay? If we all become friends with rex, maybe he'll let his guard down, and once and for all we'll be able to find out if you're right about him.

Shawn-d: So -- so, what are you saying, that you're setting him up?

Belle: Yes. I'm doing this for your sake, shawn. I want to help you. I love you.

Shawn-d: So this is your version of after-dinner charades, where you're taking rex's side so he lets his guard down and maybe incriminates himself?

Belle: It's a long shot, but if rex really does have an ominous agenda, he's not going to tell us under any circumstances, and so far, you haven't gotten very far by locking horns with him alththe time, so this could be a better way.

Shawn-d: Let's go for it. I am so sorry I let my macho ego get in the way. It totally blocked my view of what you were trying to do for me. I should never have thought that you were -- you were taking someone else's side like that. It's -- I'm trying to say I feel really stupid now.

Belle: Well, instead of feeling stupid, why don't you give me credit for being so smart?

Shawn-d: You are smart... and you are absolutely incredible... and that is why I love you so much.

Mimi: Shawn losing his girlfriend -- that's funny to you.

Rex: You're damn right it's funny. He deserves it. Belle's now on my side.

Mimi: You know, rex, I hate to burst your bubble, but just because belle gave you a "not guilty" verdict doest t mean you're innocent. Justice can be blind.

Rex: What are you -- what are you saying?

Mimi: Let me play witness and prosecutor here for a minute. This is what I know about you. I left you once because, frankly, you scared the hell out of me. You have these extreme dr. Jekyll and mr. Hyde mood swings -- I'm sure those killer migraines have something to do with it. You also have a tendency to be really violent. I mean, look at what happened to dr. Rolf.

Rex: Whoa.

Mimi: Look, I know it was an accident, but he's still dead as a boot.

Rex: Wait a minute. What the hell's going on? Are you doing some kind of balancing act here? Belle's on my side, so now you're on shawn's? Do you think I'm guilty?

Tony: Yes, I understand, father. You're looking at the twins on a -- on a higher scale. That's all, yes. They're not just my children. They happen to belong to the rest of the world. Yes, for a higher purpose. Yes, the next generation of dimeras. No, listen, I-I have high hopes for what the twins can accomplish, but what I'm sick and tired of is waiting for you to tell me what your plans are for the twins. Yes, abe carver is a hindrance to us. I-I'm tired of his, uh, moral righteousness. No, I think he -- he stands in the way of the very future we're trying to build for our children. Well, yes, without his interference, the dimeras will prevail, not just for our children, but also, we could get control of lexie's son. But you also understand there is a problem. She will never divorce abe. Yeah. So what do we do to get this man out of the picture? Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha. You know -- ha ha -- I had exactly the same idea. In fact... the processional cart is already before the horse. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Lexie: Abe's going to die. My mother's premonition was true.

Maggie: No, it was just a premonition, lexie, a feeling. That's what celeste had.

Jennifer: Yeah, aunt maggie's right. What abe heard -- it's an old wives' tale, lexie. It's a superstition. Don't pay any attention to it.

Lexie: Jennifer, I saw your face when maggie told you that tom called out abe's name. What if tom had a picture of jack and called out jack's name? How would you feel?

Jennifer: Probably the same way you feel right now.

Lexie: Yeah. Look, I-I need to go and protect my husband.

Jennifer: Lexie --

Maggie: Do you want us to take care of the baby?

Lexie: Yeah, if you wouldn't mind. Just pray to god that I'm able to save his father's life.

Jack: The way victor threatened me, it felt like he was angry enough to kill me. Now, would he be such a coward that he'd tell me to turn my back and walk away so he could shoot me in the back? I don't know. Maybe he could. Maybe he could just as much as nicole.

Nicole: Oh, hell, jack. Why don't you just cucuse the whole neighborhood? I mean, they see this guy wearing a telephone repairman uniform, and they get mad because you haven't fixed this -- this fiber whatsit's problem fast enough. You know what? I bet people are waiting in line just to shoot you.

Brady: Knock it off, nicole. Abe, do you really think my grandfather could have done this?

Victor: Before you answer that, abe, yes, I did threaten jack, but not to kill him. This whole thing is ridiculous. I mean, it's obvious he wasn't hit by, even grazed by a bullet. How do we even know it was a gunshot?

Abe: I've got my people out covering the area. They're searching for a bullet, a spent shell casing, whatever they can to prove that jack was shot at. And witnesses say a gunshot noise was definitely heard.

Victor: A gunshot noise. Well, that could have been a firecracker, it could have been a car backfiring -- any number of explanations. You're not going to find anything. Henderson!

Henderson: Yes, sir?

Victor: Show commander carver and mr. Deveraux out.

Abe: We're not going anywhere. I'm not through with you and your wife. There's a killer in this room.

Jennifer: No ghosts in little theo's life.

Maggie: Oh, no, just angels. And no idea of the turmoil going on with mommy and daddy.

Jennifer: Yeah, that's how it should be.

Maggie: Yeah.

Jennifer: I mean it, maggie, maybe we are foolish with -- with all of this talk about bad omens and ghosts. We're -- we're on the verge of creating mass hysteria here.

Maggie: Yeah, and not to discredit abe, but, you know, mickey doesn't believe a word of it.

Jennifer: And you know what, aunt maggie? Uncle mickey's a lawyer. He has a very keen analytical mind. That's who we should be listening to right now.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Jennifer: Oh.

Maggie: I'll get it. Ha ha. I feel so much better. Hey.

Mickey: Hi.

Maggie: Speak of the devil.

Mickey: Well, I --

Jennifer: Hey, we were just talking about you.

Mickey: I figured you might still be here. I thought I'd come over and see if everything is okay. Is there any word from jack?

Jennifer: No, no, not yet. We haven't heard from abe, either, but we're hoping that they're together.

Maggie: Yeah, yeah. Lexie was worried about abe, so she's out looking for him, and we're taking care of theo.

Mickey: Oh, I see. Why don't -- why dot I stick around until they come back? And if we haven't heard from jack, I can make sure the two of you get home okay.

Jennifer: Uncle mickey, what's going on? Why did you come over here to check on us?

Maggie: I mean, honey, we're certainly capable of getting home on our own.

Mickey: Yeah. Sure, sure, sure. I-I-I know that.

Maggie: Mickey... y-you, uh... you look pale.

Jennife u uncle mickey, you look like you've seen a ghost.

Maggie: [ Gasps ] Jennifer, don't go there. Honey... are you okay?

Mickey: No. No, I think -- I think I might be losing my mind. I-I -- tonight I saw my father's ghost.

Maggie: Oh.

Mimi: I haven't taken shawn's side. I love you, rex. And, no, I don't think you're capable of the kind of violence that shawn's accused you of, but I worry about you, and I still think that you need to go to counseling, and I keep asking you to go to marlena.

Rex: I've seen her already.

Mimi: Over a month ago. You need to go see her again.

Rex: I can'T. She's in colorado visiting her parents and her son eric.

Mimi: Okay, well, promise me as soon as she gets back, you'll go see her.

Rex: All right, fine. I promise, okay? I just -- I really don't want to talk about it anymore. In fact, I don't want to talk at all. I'I'd rather... be doing this.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Tony: Mabel, I'll get the door. Lexie.

Lexie: Hi, tony.

Tony: Oh, hi, sweetie. It's nice to see you. Come in.

Lexie: Look, um, we need to talk, okay?

Tony: Well, yes, there seems to be a -- a problem.

Lexie: Look, um, I'm ing to get right to the point. I need to know -- is my husband safe?

Tony: Well, that's a question for celeste. She's a psychic.

Lexie: Tony, I'm serious.

Tony: Well, then I don't have a clue. What's going on?

Lexie: I just heard that abe saw tom horton's ghost and that tom said abe's name. There's a saying -- whoever's name is called out by the spirit is doomed.

Tony: [ Thinking ] Oh, I like that. Are we talking about the same abe carver, a man who's always in control, by the book, "just give me the facts, ma'am," not prone to exaggeration, commander carver -- he actually admitted he saw a ghost?

Lexie: And the fact that he heard tom's voice, that -- that means --

Tony: What? What, this is some silly superstition. Just forget it. It's nothing.

Lexie: Yeah, okay. Okay. I-I've just been under so much stress lately, you know. You getting stabbe and, uh, my mom having these terrible nightmares about someone close to us dying. Tony, abe has been involved in some very dangerous cases, and as you know, his informant was just murdered.

Tony: Yes, well, I assure you I had nothing to do with it.

Lexie: Mm.

Tony: Listen, why don't I give you a nice little cognac, huh? It'll steady your nerves.

>>Lexie: Okay, thanks. Look, um, I-I have to ask you something else, and, tony, I want the truth.

Tony: Ask and you shall have it.

Lexie: Thank you. The other day, abe was in salem place, and he heard a voice call out his name. Abe didn't see who it was, but the voice said that he -- or she -- was a friend who had news, and then the voice said, "he's back."

Tony: Oh, he's back. Yes, yes. That -- that's from the movie "the terminator" that's playing at salem place. This is probably just a publicity stunt --

Lexie: No, it wasn't some damn publicity stunt, tony! Abe said that he chased whoever it was, but they got away. Abe then saw something written on a wall in red paint. "Stefano." Tony, I need to know -- is our father alive?

Abe: You're both very lucky jack wasn't killed tonight, or I'd be pressing two murder charges -- one for killing jack, and one for killing colin murphy.

Nicole: Oh, brother.

Abe: Oh, sister. I am building a very strong case in the colin murphy investigation. I have proof that the surveillance cameras in the kiriakis mansion were tampered with. Someone is obstructing justice in order to protect a murderer. It won't be long now, and I'll have all the evidence I need to make more than one arrest.

Victor: All right, this has gone far enough. I'll give you the name of the criminal in this house. I'll tell you who's committed a crime and should be arrested right now.

Lexie: Tony, tell me the truth. Is our father still alive?

Tony: Of course not. He's dead. He's cremated. His ashes.

Lexie: Yeah, I know. I-I know that. My imagination's just been running overtime lately.

Tony: Listen to me. Whatever abe thinks he heard or saw, I don't think he has anything to worry about.

Lexie: Okay. Well, I-I'm glad I came to see you.

Tony: Well, we're family. Come to me anytime -- good times, bad times.

Lexie: So then let's talk about good times. Theo's christening is tomorrow, and you're going to be his godfather.

Tony: [ Chuckles ]

Lexie: Well, one of them, at least.

Tony: I don't think I'd miss that for the world. I'm going to be a vital force in that young man's life.

Lexie: I'm glad you feel that way, but don't get your hopes up too high, okay? Abe's not going to allow you to be too much of an influence on ouronon.

Tony: Well, of course I'm going to be an influence. I'm family. Well, perhaps the circumstances will change for abe.

Lexie: Mm, that's never going to happen. I'm sorry, but I have to stick with my husband on this one.

Tony: Yes, well, I understand. No problem.

Lexie: Okay. Well... um, I love you, and thanks for your support.

Tony: Oh, anytime.

Lexie: Okay, I-I've got to go. Maggie and jennifer are watching theo. I've got to go relieve them, okay?

Tony: Yes, yes, that's fine.

Lexie: Yeah.

Tony: I understand. Thank you very much for coming.

Lexie: Uh-huh.

Tony: And I will see you tomorrow.

Lexie: Yeah. Okay, bye.

Tony: Bye, sweetie.

Tony: I'm so sorry, alexandra, but I can't share our plan with you. It's for your own good. Dead carvers, bradys, and hortons don't come back to life. Only dimeras do. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Mickey: I know I'm the last person alive who would ever claim to -- to have seen a ghost, but I -- I saw my father.

Maggie: [ Gasps ] Did he speak to you, mickey?

Mickey: No. No, he didn'T.

Maggie: [ Sighs ]

Jennifer: Thank god.

Maggie: Thank god.

Jennifer: I was so afraid you were going to say that -- that grandpa said jack's name, and you know what that means.

[ Telephone rings ]

Jennifer: Maybe lexie's calling to check on theo. Hello, carver residence.

Man: Yes, mrs. Carver, police dispatcher. I'm calling to see if commander carver needs any more information on that shooting in the lakefront district.

Jennifer: Uh, wait a minute, this isn't mrs. Carver, and commander carver's not here right now.

Man: Okay, he must be out there already.

Jennifer: Wait, do you know who was shot?

Man: Some reporter.

Jennifer: What? What? Do you -- do you know his name? Is his name jack deveraux?

Man: I don't know the victim's name.

Victor: Jack is the criminal in this house.

Jack: What?

Victor: He entered my home earlier under false pretenses, pretending to be a telephone repairman, and he put this electronic listening device in my telephone.

Abe: Let me see that.

Victor: Jack's the one who should be arrested.

Abe: I told you to stay out of this investigation. Do you want to press charges?

Victor: I don't need this kind of publicity. But don't you ever try anything like this again.

Abe: I'm curious, jack, what you heard on this bug.

Victor: Why? It's inadmissible in court.

Abe: Oh, I know that. It was just a simple question. I'm sure we'd all be interested in the answer. Well, jack, what did you hear?

Jack: As a matter of fact, I overheard victor and nicole discussing colin's killer. Morning.

Jelly into the bucke xactor

Rex: Ha ha ha.

Mimi: Mm.

[ Breathing heavily ]

Rex: [ Chuckles ]

Mimi: Can I ask you a question, rex?

Rex: Sure.

Mimi: Don't be mad at me.

Rex: Uh-oh.

Mimi: How long can you keep this a secret? You're not related to marlena and tony. They're not your biological parents. The truth is, you're a brady. You and cassie are kate and roman's kids, and shawn is your cousin.

Rex: I don't want to be a brady, all right? That's the same as being a loser.

Mimi: The bradys aren'tososers. They are great people. I would love to be a brady -- a lot better than being a lockhart.

Rex: I-I'm having a really bad reaction to all this brady talk, mimi.

Mimi: Okay, I'm sorry. I'm just -- let's just, um...

Brady: No, you know what? If you love the bradys so much, maybe you'd rather have shawn for your boyfriend.

Belle: You know, I see us as the bo and hope or john and marlena of the new generation -- partners solving mysteries together.

Shawn-d: Yeah, well, I just hope we don't get hurt and kidnapped as much as they do.

Belle: Oh -- ha ha ha.

Shawn-d: Yeah. But other than that, they're amazing role models. They always nail the bad guys.

Belle: So will we.

Shawn-d: Yeah. And my dad -- he's a little bit of a hothead, but my mom, she's the calming influence.

Belle: That's how it is with us.

Shawn-d: Yeah, I noticed. I-I relyly want to do something in law. You know, I-I just -- it's been great working at uncle mickey's office, and I love taking my criminal justice and government classes, and I really want to go to the best law school I can -- I'm sorry, I'm rambling here. Can you tell it's in my blood?

Belle: Gee, you think?

Shawn-d: Yeah, I think it's my family, and uncle roman, uncle mickey.

Belle: I get it from my dad. I'm primed for investigating.

Shawn-d: And about that -- I'm sorry about that argument before, about your dad, but your father -- I meant what I said. He's not a dimera. He is a really good guy, and you take after him and your mother. Belle, you're -- you're perfect. You're true, you're fair --

Belle: Stop, stop. Flattery embarrasses me.

Shawn-d: Yeah, I know. Ditto, ditto.

Belle: You know, I was just going to say that I think you're perfect. See what a good team we make? Oh, can you imagine what our kids are going to be like?

Shawn-d: Our kids. You know what? Lolove when you talk about us being together forever. Having kids, raising a family. I just -- I can't wait for us to spend the rest of our life together.

Belle: We don't have to wait. We've already started. I love being with you like this. I don't want this moment to ever end.

Shawn-d: It doesn't have to end.

Jnifer: Is the reporter dead?

Man: No, he wasn't shot. Minor injury, treated at the scene. He's fine.

Jennifer: Oh, thank god. Thank you. Thank you so much. All right, if the reporter was jack, he's okay. Oh, thank god. For a minute there, all these bad signs and omens -- I thought they were coming true.

Mickey: [ Sighs ]

Jennifer: Oh, gosh.

Mickey: Darling, darling.

Jennifer: It scared me half to death.

Maggie: Oh, baby.

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness.

Tony: [ Chuckles ] Mm.

Bart: Always good to catch the boss in a good mood.

Tony: Well, I just had a visit from my sister alexandra.

Bart: Oh, yeah? Hope she didn't see that thing.

Tony: Well, of course not. But I will be sending her flowers and escorting her to a funeral someday soon.

Bart: Yeah, well, when that day comes, forget it. You won't catch me there. I got a theory about funerals.

Tony: And what could that possibly be?

Bart: If I don't go

other people's funerals, then they won't go to mine.

Tony: Hmm. You're so extraordinary, but I'll be there, 'cause I want to make sure he's dead. Amazing, isn't it, that even the ghost of tom horton knows that abe carver's a dead man if he gets too close to too many important secrets.

Bart: You mean your secrets or stefano's? (Female announcer) do you getyour strength training workout

Jennifer: Oh, hi.

Lexie: I'm sorry it took so long. Thanks for watching theo. Did he wake up?

Jennifer: No, he's fine. He's sleeping like a baby.

Lexie: Good.

Mickey: Did you find abe?

Lexie: Uh, I didn't go looking for abe.

Maggie: Oh, I thought -- oh, well, where did you go?

Lexie: I went to see my brother tony, and he assured me that everything's going to be okay. Um... abe hasn't been in touch?

Jennifer: No, no. A police dispatcher called looking for him, but listen to this -- he thinks that abe went to investigate an incident at the lakeside district. A reporter was shot.

Lexie: [ Gasps ] Jack?

Jennifer: No, no, or we don't know for sure. But they weren't hurt badly. Just a minor injury.

Lexie: Oh, thank god. This seems to go back and forth with us, jennifer. First my husband's in danger, and then yours -- when is this going to stop?

Jack: I overheard victor and nicole discussing colin's killer.

Abe: Nicole, you want to explain that?

Victor: Of course we were discussing colin murphy. The man was killed right here in our home during our wedding, and the killer is still at large. You've been coming around here asking us questions about it. Don't you think it's logical we would discuss who could have done such a heinous thing?

Nolole: Absolutely.

Abe: Jack, what did you overhear on that bug? Anything incriminating?

Jack: It was all just static. I've got no concrete evidence, no smoking gun.

Brady: All right, hang on a second. Let me get this straight. You're accusing my grandfather of threatening you. Well, jack, I would threaten you, too, if you broke into my house, you bugged my phone and listened in on my private conversations. He had every right in the world to threaten you. Did he pull a gun on you?

Jack: No.

Brady: No, he didn't, yet you're accusing him of taking a shot at you. You have no bullet, you have nothing. This whole thing is completely outrageous.

Victor: Thank you, brady, for coming to my defense, which is more than I can say for the salem police. I want extra police protection on the kiriakis mansion. If someone really did take a shot at jack, it could have been colin's murderer and he's out there threatening all of us.

Abe: I can assure you, victor, I'll have an arrest in the colin murphy murder very soon.

Victor: I hope so. This has been very nerve-racking for both of us. My wife and i will be very relieved when the killer is caught.

Abe: Justice will be done. You can count on it.

Rex: Look, if you want to be happy, go, all right? Be with shawn. Don't stick with me if you want to be with a loser like shawn brady.

Mimi: Please, rex, just calm down.

Rex: No, no, no. The bradys are one notch above lower class, all right? Pub owners, cops. All right, I may not be a dimera by blood, but cassie and i were genetically engineered to be dimeras -- the next generation, all right? In my head, I'm a dimera. I was sent here to carry on stefano's legacy, and I will.

Belle: Hey, where are you right now?

Shawn-d: Just thinking about the night that you and i found rex and cassie at the top of lookout point.

Belle: We saved the twins' lives that night. Now they're here, and we don't know what they're up to.

Shawn-d: There's just so many unanswered questions, like what is in rex's blood? What did stefano put there? Why were the gemini twins created? What were they bioengineered to do? Are they a ticking time bomb? But most importantly, what if it has something to do with stefano coming back?

Belle: Why would you say that?

Shawn-d: I just have a gut feeling that stefano is still pulling the strings.

When north america's first injection site opens in this vancouver neighbourhood on monday, everyone will be there. Except those who need it. Find out why. On tonight's global national with kevin newman.

Belle: You really think stefano could still be alive?

Shawn-d: With a snake like stefano, you never know. It's happened before. People think he's dead, and they let dowththeir guard. What happens? He comes back, and no one's ready. If stefano is out there, he is up to something.

Belle: And that leads to tony.

Shawn-d: And to rex, and maybe cassie. The dimeras are always up to no good. We just have to be on our guard, 'cause I have a feeling something really bad may be coming.

Mimi: What did you just say about being sent here to carry on stefano dimera's legacy?

Rex: Look, I believe that's why I was born, why I was brought into this world -- to be a dimera, to carry stefano's mantle into the next generation. Shawn was right about that.

Mimi: You're scaring me, rex.

Rex: I'm going to scare a lot of people.

Mimi: [ Thinking ] What did stefano dimera have planned for you, rex?

Bart: Come on, boss. Your secrets are stefano's secrets.

Tony: It's one and the same. People in power don't like to be threatened with jail time by some self-righteous cop.

Tony: Abe carver. He's signing his own death warrant.

Abe: Soon as I'm ready to make an arrest in the colin murphy case, mr. And mrs. Kiriakis, you'll be the first to know.

Brady: Okay. Truth time. Neither one of you were in this room when I heard the gunshot, yet you told abe that you were. Why did you lie? Why are you keeping things from me?

Jack: Did -- did you mean what you said about making an arrest very soon?

Abe: Maybe as soon as tomorrow.

Jack: Who's ththe prime suspect?

Abe: I'm not going to tell you. I'm going to warn you to be careful. You're too close to the truth, jack. You're in danger.

Jack: That's a no-brainer. Somebody tried to put a bullet in my back tonight. Look, we both got to watch our backs, abe. You're in danger, too.

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